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[breath trembling]

[chains rattling]



[eerie, melancholic theme music plays]

[panting, grunting]

[shovel scraping]

We're killing now?

We should have made them dig their own graves first.

That's dark.

F*cking sun will be up soon, we're getting nowhere.

Hey, how about a little help?

I'm getting these treatments. Makes me feel like shit.

You're all right?

No. Something I gotta do.

I'm getting gene therapy from Pryce.

It's supposed to make my DNA... normal.

When you say "normal", you mean... ?

Normal. Human.


You got a couple hours to kill? Pull up a chair.

My husband can't even talk no more.

You gotta arrest this guy!

Can you describe the assailant?

The rich boy.

His daddy used to own the town or some shit.

Roman Godfrey did this to him?



I'll get the car.


You don't need to go there.

I'm all right.

I got it handled.

Maybe I should get the car.

[man gasping]

Is he alive?

[Peter] F*cking shit.

Help me.

What the hell are we gonna do?


We gotta turn her in to Chasseur.

You're kidding?

What else can we do?

Not implicate ourselves in that.

They're serial killers. We acted in self-defense.

We get dragged into this, it means a trial, reporters sniffing around stuff that's none of their business.

We're already hip deep in this.

Not if we don't tell anyone.

You're not proposing... that we kill her now.

Shit... And you thought I was dark.

What if there are more of them? She gets a message out.

They show up at my front door looking for payback.

Baby's there, man.

Let's just find out what she knows first.

Fine. All right.

Qubits are fully entangled.

An apparent diffusion coefficient in the white matter regions.

Check the epigenic neuron states.


Did it work?


We've uploaded your neural networks to the server.

Now what?

Well, I need you to do one thing.

I need you to take a long, relaxing bubble bath when I begin Phase Two, the download to the replacement anatomy.

It'll have my brain?

Not your physical brain. Your mind, your thoughts, memories, your personality.

Will it like Brussels sprouts?

[chuckling] Not if you don't.

It will become you.

Now, we will observe this replacement anatomy for 36 hours, to ensure that no corrupt data has entered its... your system.

What's Phase Three?

That's when we jettison the host anatomy.

You mean me.

No, what's you is that mind that I love so dearly.

You will live on.

This broken body is just a chrysalis.

You will soon be the butterfly.

But this me would be safe here.

It would not.

The authorities will get a warrant to search the White Tower.

It would be better for the police to find your old anatomy out in the woods somewhere.

That way, they'll close the case once and for all.

You'll just drift off.

I'll hold your hand.

The last thing you'll see is my face.

I've thought about this a hundred times as your doctor, your benefactor and, dare I say, your friend.

This is the prudent thing to do... Shelley.


[clears throat] Let's begin Phase Two, shall we?

Who are you?

What's your f*cking name?!

[woman whimpers]

What are you? How were you a wolf and now you're...

No, you answer, you don't ask!

My name is Sarah... I think.

You think?

[panting] Is he really dead?


I'm Sarah Chase. 813 Auburn Lane, Valencia, California. I'm Sarah Chase...

I haven't said that in ten years.

Thank you. Thank you...

Who is that?

He made us call him "John Bone".

He kidnapped me from my bedroom while my parents were sleeping.

He had a group in the desert, in Utah.

Some of the others were kidnapped too.

He thought killing families would bring the Apocalypse... and that God would come down from heaven...

You could have run away any time you wanted, even here in the forest.

He would have killed me!

He killed so many of us.

He made the rest watch.

I really don't feel good.

Our car is parked just up the road.

Can I ask you one thing, please?


If I die... will you tell my mom... I was sorry?


[Roman] She knew all the names, addresses, all those details.

[Peter] So could anyone else. It's all on the Web.

[Roman] It looks just like her.

This... group, or whatever they are, they know what they're doing. They obviously have a plan.

This is part of it? Look at her.

You think she's capable of running game on us?

She's a mess.

I don't care how crazy these f*ckers are, it was still her choice to murder.

That twisted f*ck became like a father to her.

When someone's tapped in that deep, and they tell you to do something terrible... whatever... it's not a choice.

OK. I'll go get her car, she says it's close.


She f*cking killed my wife.

She f*cking killed my wife. Marie died right here.


And dragged her body to the upstairs bath.

Everything she's done... everything I've allowed to happen ends now.

We got her.

We got nothing.

Well, what more evidence do you need? All this blood in her house.

This is not blood.


Yeah. Look at the wipe marks.

Smell it. It's bleach.

Bleach lights up under luminol, same as blood.

What's scarier is I didn't spray the luminol.

It was already here. Means it was done by professionals, cleaners you call in after a hit.

They lit this place up to make sure they didn't miss anything.

Well, maybe they missed a spot.

Guys like this don't f*ck up.

We're not gonna find any of Marie's DNA.

But... I mean, just the fact that they cleaned this place out, doesn't that prove something?

Yeah, that she cleans her house.

Look, if you go to the cops with this, all it does, it gives Olivia the heads-up. Then you'll be in her crosshairs.

I'll handle it myself.

Walk away, Norman.

She's not even a human being.

Her DNA tests prove it.

You have no idea what you're dealing with.

I grew up around Santeria.

No matter how much Eleggua oil you wear, the brujas will get you dead if you cross 'em.

What do you suggest I do?

Turn the other ass cheek and spend my golden years with that monster?

Tell her you need some time.

Letha, the baby, Marie... it's all hitting you.

Let some time go by, then... break it off, start a new life.

Just don't ever let on you know.

Who are you looking forward to seeing, huh? Your parents?

They're gonna hate me.

They'll understand.

My mom was pregnant. I don't even know my sister's name.

There you go. You're gonna meet your little sister.

That'll be the best day of your life.

I'm thirsty. Can I have a pop?

Who the f*ck are you?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I'm Sarah...

Bullshit! Who are you?


She's not from California, she's not from Utah! She asked for a pop, not a soda!

Only people from the Midwest say that.

Chill out! Jesus!

Maybe her best friend from the cult was from Omaha. Relax!

Peter, you're sick, man, from turning.

Shut up!

Calm down, OK? Let her go.

Let her go. Let her go.

Let her go!

It's affecting your judgment. You're not yourself.

You stabbed her over a f*cking soda?!

She was reaching for something. What was it?

Get down!

The Caul.

You can't stop us.

What if you'd been wrong about the grenade?

I wasn't.

[siren chirps]


You should be kissing our asses!

We delivered you a couple of serial killers!

You could get a ticker-tape parade down Hemlock Avenue!

On your knees, hands behind your head.

Is this why you want to get me out of town?

I came to you about these people. Look at them. Why would they wearing masks?

Have body armor? Have a car filled with weapons and explosives?

On your knees.

What are you doing?

This didn't happen, understand?

Either of you breathes a word, you end up like these two.

Damn it!


And that's why we don't touch things we're not supposed to.

Mind if I take a shower?

Mi casa and shit.

I gotta make a run to the White Tower.

Work stuff.

[crying quietly]

The baby, where is she?

She took her.

My mother?

The girl, Miranda.

Where did she go?

Why didn't you stop her?

I dozed off. They were gone when I woke up.

Maybe she just took her to the doctor.

With diapers and toys? She's gone.

I warned you about her. You wouldn't listen.

It's voice mail.

We need to find her, Peter.

We need to find the baby.

Yeah. We'll figure it out.




[Nadia continues crying]

Oh, um, I'll have the pancakes.

Wait! Um, no, I'll just take a coffee.

Coffee's on me. Pancakes too.

Is it my sweater?

However unpleasant they are as people, the Norwegians are skilled at managing their animal warmth. May I?

My wife, the architect, she gets to stay on the slopes a few more days while I head back to the planet Earth to heal the sick and raise the dead!

[Nadia crying]

So, the famous baby.

Can I hold her?

I can't get her to stop.

[Nadia tops crying]

[laughing] Wow! I'm impressed.

I have an uncanny ability to put people to sleep with my personality.

Useful with infants, but not so good at dinner parties.

What are you running away from, Miranda?

Excuse me?

You've been crying, you've ditched your veganism for comfort food along with a boatload of cholesterol.

And you're, you're far away from home with a baby that's not your own.

How can I help?

No, no. Really, um, I'm fine.

Yeah? I'm also a living, breathing lie detector.

I don't know what you're going through, but there's got to be someone you can call.

Talk this out with them, whatever it is.

Human beings are not designed to function in isolation.

Really, um, I'm fine.

Actually, I, uh, I'm late for something.

So, uh, I gotta go.

Dr. Spivak?

You need to come in to the office for a follow-up, OK?

Call Pearl, get something on the books.

Sure, sure. Yeah, tomorrow morning first thing.

[Spivak] OK...

[door opens]

Honestly, there's no need for all this rigamarole.

You won't be saying that if you broke a rib.

Probably sprained something because my immunity is down.

Why the hell is it taking so long for me to get back to normal, Johann?

We've been through this any number of times.

And we'll keep going over it until you do something about it.

It's just a mild contusion, but the costophrenic angle is clear.

Well, that's not what I expected.


[speaking Russian]

Stop talking in that horrid language and get me out of here!


In your anterior mediastinum, you have a two-by-four-centimeter round mass.

Mass? What kind of mass?

Hard to say.

Make it go away.

There's gotta be something you can do about the mass.

About everything.

I'm referring you to an oncologist.

Good man. Extremely competent.

We don't get cancer.

[engine turning over]



We should go to the White Tower.

It was in the dream.

[doorbell ringing]

[Norman over intercom]

Roman, I need to talk to you.

[Roman]: I'll get rid of him.

I just saw this DNA test on Olivia.

I'm worried about you, Roman.

Listen, there's this, um... European folklore thing... behind it.

Something real, I guess.

It's all true.

Does, does that mean that, that...

I am, too.

Was Marie... ?

Did Olivia kill her?

I don't know.

Is she capable of it?

What do you think?

Anyway, f*ck her!

I just want her to leave me alone.

You're not.

Alone, I mean.

Look, I really don't have the bandwidth for this.

I'm... I'm your father, Roman.

What's it like to finally say that out loud?

I wasn't sure...

I wasn't sure.

And yet, I always knew.

Denial, cognitive dissonance...

[chuckles] ... adaptive traits in our family.

We'd all go f*cking crazy otherwise...

Oh! And none of us are crazy now?

I should have admitted it to you a long time ago.

That you f*cked your brother's wife?

Dumped Marie? Destroyed your own family? What?

I should have been a father to you somehow.

My father was a great man...

A visionary.

He saved this town, probably the county.

And I knew he always loved me.

He did love me, you know?

So me not knowing?

You did me a favor.

You OK?

Actually, yeah.

[cell phone ringing]


You stupid f*cks better get the f*ck over here right f*cking now.


[Michael] Found this on one of the bodies.

It's not possible.

My sister had that same symbol on one of the rings she wore.

Looks a lot like this thing.

Somebody trying to look like us.

That's not helpful.

We don't operate death squads.

Every organization has its dissidents.

I'll handle it, I promise.

I'll contact you as soon as I know something. Anything.

Clean yourself up.

[speaking latin]

Now put the f*cking chancellor on the phone.

[cell phone ringing]

[woman with French accent] Hello, Francis.

How are you?

[Francis] Not well.

I think we have a rogue element in the OOD, linked to a series of murders throughout the Northeast.

I doubt that very much.

You know as well as I do there are extremists in the organization, and you know who they are.

People are entitled to their views, Francis.

Not if people are killing children.

Now, you will do something about this or I...

I'll look into it.

Do not patronize me.

I don't care how much you outrank me;

I will go to the FBI if I have to.

I'll need specifics.

Dates, times, and whatever sources you may have.

I'm sending an envoy right away.

[line clicks]




You sound...

Like you? You sound like me.

What's it like?

It's beautiful.

Can I?

Of course.

[both] Beautiful.

You don't have to do this.

You could stay in the White Tower on the tippy-top floor, like our favorite...

This isn't the Plaza Hotel.

I'm not Eloise.

I could come visit all the time. We could be like sisters.

I mean, even closer than sisters have ever been.

I'm a chrysalis.

Don't just repeat what Uncle Johann told you.

You'll be gone.

Not if you're here.

You've never seen yourself from the outside.

I have.

Everything Mom always said, it wasn't true. You're beautiful.

In a different way, but...

I've seen you now too.

I'm not going back.


Can I? Just for a little bit?


[both] I love you.

So, you eat blood?

It's not "eating" per se, it's, uh, it's sort of a feeding...

Oh, God, listen to yourself.

And you maul people to death?

No, I don't actually. I was defending myself.

And what neither of you know is that Roman hates the way he is.

He's getting treatments.

[Nadia whimpering]

You stay away from that baby!

Excuse me?

You killed two people. Why?

They were from the dreams!

I KNEW IT! I told you to stay away!

Will you put the knife down?

You're not going to stab us.

Don't push it.

Miranda, you had the dream too. So you recognized the house, right?

The kid? The guy in the mask?

The bees? We had to do it. Tell her!

They really tried to kill that little boy?

Killed at least six that we know about.

So far.

Who are they? I mean, why am I even having the same dreams as you?

We don't know. And I'm sorry that I lied.

But we're getting these dreams for a reason.

You're not gonna give this up, are you?

We can't.

Then you're an idiot.

And so am I.

So you're gonna help?

Well, I don't see that I have any other choice under the circumstances.

So, the dream was, um, clearest when we were with Miranda.

OK, I can use that.

Hold on. What do you want me to do?

I'm freaking out here.

Well, it's about to get a lot freakier.

So if you want out, now is your chance.

We need you. Please.

The Femeia Inecata might work.

Come on.

What, the bathtub again?

Yeah, but this time, it's a little different.

You have to drown me.

So, Pryce tells me it's a thymoma, which has a good chance...

It's not. It's an acute lymphoma.

Which means what?

It's a form of cancer that affects...

What I want to know is... how do we get rid of it? What's involved in curing me?

We don't speak of cures.

Remission is a more useful term.

Five-year survival rates...

Just... just put it in terms I can understand.

A number, odds, whatever.

Well, given the stage, I'd say... 20 percent.

That it could get worse?

There's a 20 percent chance you'll survive.


I don't want to get your hopes up unreasonably.

Treatment involves a surgery, chemotherapy, radiation.

We're doing some very interesting work with bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

I'm going to, uh, admit you for further testing.

You, uh, might want to pack an overnight bag...

You're the envoy?

I am.

So all the rumors about the crimes... must be true.

Calling them "crimes" tells me you've already lost faith.

You're the arbiter of faith now?

I see you've given yourself quite a promotion.

Put down the gun, Francis.

And give up the only leverage you people understand?



You didn't come here... looking for converts.

Rather than spend the rest of my life trapped in a marriage with the wrong person, I have put together a 47-step plan to renovate my wife's personality to be more compatible with my own.

Now, I have divided the steps into four phases labeled: one, two, C, and D...

[chuckling] ... which I find hilarious.

[voice fading] I thought we could spend the rest of the session going over it, since you're the people expert.

Is that your wife?


[sighs] No.


Have you done this before?

I've read about it.

You've read about it? We're talking about drowning, right?

Water connected me to whatever was out there before.

I need it inside me this time.

It almost killed you last time.

Hand me what it is that touched them.

It's all about electrical impulses.

The circuit between us can't be broken.

You cannot let go.

Whatever I do, you have to hold me under.

I will be fine, even if it doesn't look that way.

You promise me?




[up-tempo music playing]

Is this supposed to happen?

We have to hold her down!

I can't do this! She's drowning!

She knows what she's doing!

No, I can't.

Don't let go!

[men speaking quietly]


It's OK! Hey, hey, hey, hey...


They're looking for... a child, one in particular.

Slaughter of the innocents?


It's... it's the story of Herod. He heard a child was born.

It was a threat to his power. He murdered a whole generation trying to find the one.

How many more are they gonna kill?

Photographs of babies with something on their faces like a membrane or...

A caul.

[Peter] What?

The Caul.

The girl was saying it as she was dying. I just didn't realize.

And how do you know what that is?

Nadia was born with one.

[Nadia crying]

They're after the baby.

Listen to me. That doctor is worse than cancer.

Oncology is last medieval form of medicine.

Chopping out organs, poisoning with chemo.

Radioactive for bombs, not people.

If you're here to preach kale juice or wheatgrass enemas, I'm not in the mood.

I have theory. Would have published research paper, but department chairman was discovered homosexual, which in Russia is not permitted.

Get to the point.

The unique structure of her protein chains, the base pairing anticodons: not a complete cure, but assimilating her erythrocytes via digestion could restore immune response.

What are you talking about? Her, who?

Plasma broth you've been drinking... you think Dr. Pryce developed it for upir happy hour?

He would never tell you this, but organic matter in that tank are plasma discard.

Pryce's 30 years, not able to create genetically perfected human.

Until now.

Pryce has been feeding me his failed experiments.

Pryce serves you horse soup.

Prycilla is unicorn.

Eat the unicorn.

Thank God.

Missed the major arteries and vital organs.

You could last awhile.

These guys are cold.

I'll help you find them.

They are not my primary concern.


Your sister was getting too close to her.

I only knew afterwards. Clementine was like a daughter to me.

What kind of father protects the monster who killed his daughter?

There was a pact.

I was trying to stop it.

The White Tower... new technology... will kill them all.

I don't give a shit about the pact or other upirs, just the bitch who killed my sister.

Please. Take mercy on me.


It'll be quicker this way.



How's Miranda?

Not great.

But... that's what tranqs are for.

We gotta finish this, you and me, find the warehouse.

What Destiny said, it's gotta be the one near the river bend.

And when do we do this?




We haven't slept.


They're gonna figure out where the baby is.

How? They don't even know she's alive.

I can't risk it.

How are you gonna fight 'em? You're gonna grab your battle-axe from above the fireplace? We need a plan.

Let me think on it.

Just a minute.


Tonight, then.

We'll go check out the warehouse and come up with a plan.

When he wakes up, tell him I'll call him.

[up-tempo electronic rock song playing]

[electronic rock song continuing]


[arrows thud]

[Peter screams]


[Spanish ballad playing]

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