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  02x02 - Gone Sis
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[Jazzy pop song playing]

[Thunder cracking]

[Thunder rumbling]

Ever the f*ckin' gentleman.

That's me.

[Woman scoffs]

[Panting, moaning]

It's been a while, Rich Boy.

Thought you forgot about me.

You're still with Davy.

Even got married.

[Woman on TV moaning]

I thought you liked my bruises.

[Woman sighs, moans]

[Heart beating]

[Woman grunts]

What the f*ck?

Not tonight.


I'm not interested in damaged goods.

Since when? Huh?

Hey, you still owe me the money.

Davy! I got a problem here.

Rich Boy don't wanna pony up.

Oh dear.

He got all sensitive and shit, the way you treat me.


Pussy gets in a trick's car, pussy gets paid.

Darling, could you watch the front desk for me, please?

Is there a problem?

No problem.

Changed my mind, that's all.

The fee is nonrefundable nevertheless.

It's not the money, trust me.

We can happily apply the amount to another lady of your choosing.

I'm all about customer service.

Mandy enjoys anal, giving and receiving.

Regina's just had a cancellation so she's got an extremely full bladder at the moment.

Not my dealio.

I have an underage runaway that needs to be turned out.

How about someone who's a type A?

Clarice can be very aggressive.

Definitely a type A.

I meant blood type.

But hey, A, B, O-negative... I'm not picky.



[Gags, sighs]

[Davy gagging]

[Eerie, melancholic theme music plays]

[Thunder rumbling]

[Rock song blaring]

[Singing along]

[Phone beeps]

[Computerized voice] You have three new messages.

- [Man] I'm outside your door...

And no one's home.

[Computerized voice] Next message.

- [Man] You owe me. Now open up.

Or you'll blow my house down?

[Computerized voice] Next message.

[Man] I mean it, Miranda, we're not gonna do this again!

Damn straight.

[Rock song blaring]

[Engine rumbling]

Dude. Get off my ass.

[Engine revving]


[Glass shatters]

[Tires screech]

[rock song blaring]


[turns off rock song]

[classical music playing softly]

[music echoing]

[engine revs, tires screech]

[thunder rumbling]

[doorbell rings]

[doorbell rings]

[doorbell rings]

Hi. I'm so sorry to bother you at this time of night, but um...

I was just in an accident... right there, right outside your house, and, uh, and my phone's dead, and I don't have a charger.

And I really should have a charger for the car, but I...

I just, um, I'm... well, someone hit me, actually, someone came out of the dark and, and just, um... and... can I come inside and make a call?

I'll call 911.

No, no, no, no 911. Please.

I don't have insurance, and cops hate that.

Um, a towing company would be great.

[door lock clicks]

[thunder booming]

Come on.

Don't get blood on the carpet.

Please, call me back as soon as you get this.

So much for 24-hour towing.

It's almost daylight. I'm... I'm sure they'll call back soon.

Here, let me.


Nice place.

It's a work in progress.

I can tell your parents have killer taste.

It's mine.

Really? You... you live here alone?

Pretty much.

Did you pick this out?

Expressionism's my favorite.

It's so violent and dark.

Um... anyway.

Uh, thanks for letting me use your phone.

You can wait in here, if you like...

It's no problem, really.

[wings flutter, thuds]



[chuckling] Peter!


I drove all night to get here.

Nothing like the smell of Rumancek in the morning, huh!

Who is making you wear this greasy jacket?

Got a job.

Ah, Peter, life's too short for jobs. Eh?

We'll discuss this later.

I've come to seek my Destiny. Where is my beautiful Creamsicle?

I thought maybe we'd hang out for a couple days.

You thought you needed a place to crash.

Yeah, to shipwreck between your thighs and sink into your briny depths...

[man] Name?

Peter Rumancek.

Here to see...?

My mother.

She got a name too?

Lynda Rumancek.

Looks like Mom's had her visitation privileges suspended.


She got herself tossed into ad-seg this morning.


Administrative Segregation.

She's in the hole.

I know what ad-seg means.

I bet you do.

Why's she there?

She's on a 47-93.

Assaulting a corrections officer.

My mother's not like that. Someone in there is f*cking with her.

You got a problem, you need to talk to someone in the warden's office.

I do have a problem, I'm talking to you. I want to see my mother!

Hey, there's other people waiting.

F*ck you, asshole!

Come on!

Don't touch me.

I dreamed about Roman this morning.

He was a little boy again.

He asked me if that was blood on my shirt. I... I told him no, it was red frosting from the birthday cake I made for him.

One side effect of the injections I've been giving you is mild stimulation of the anterior insula cortex, that part of the brain responsible for empathy.



What a quaint waste of time.

Isn't there something you can give me to make it go away? Ow.

Think of it as a refreshing departure from your normal sociopathy.

Good. Down...


Does he look like he's been feeding?

Roman? Probably.

Any sign of... detritus?

Not that I'm aware of.

At least, not that law enforcement is aware of.

He's being careful then.

Or lucky.

He's still been wholly uncooperative.

I'm worried he's going to start asking questions about the source material for your treatments.

I should have told him sooner about all of it, but he was unprepared.

Now that we share the cravings, the hunger, I'll speak to him.

Now, my concern is that his dislike for me is eclipsed only by his hatred of you.

I'm the only one who knows what he's going through.

He needs me.

No, I've already been on hold.

I want to talk to the dimwit that knows exactly what's going on with my mother.

And I don't wanna be put on hold again!

No, no, just don't... don't put me on hold!

Brand-new hire and you're already on asshole time.

It won't happen again.

Why don't you go over there and give the bad news to the pretty lady.


So, what's the damage?

Uh, well, the good news is, it's not totaled.


How much is it gonna set me back?

Uh, let's see here.

We're gonna have to straighten out the front quarter panel.

The frame's okay, you lucked out there, but you'll need a new front axle, power-train coupling, fender, bumper, and floor extensions.

So with parts and labor, it's gonna come to 3,200.

Miss Cates?

Uh, Miranda?

The whole car's not worth 3,200.

That f*ckhead!

That motherf*cking... asshole! He came out of nowhere!

The guy who creamed you?

Yeah, he did it on purpose.

Yeah, people around here can be a little aggro.

Uh, we can file this with your insurance.

You know, we just need an ID number...

Yeah well, that's where I'm the asshole.

I don't have insurance.

You know what?

Let me look into used parts.

It's way cheaper, and then I can rework the estimate.

[Roman] Beautiful Dreemer...

[man] Congratulations, Mr. Godfrey.

I wanted to bring her to you myself.

She's magnificent.

With all the foreign money flooding into the market these days, 1.2 million's gonna look like a steal in six months.

[horse knickers, stomps]


Yeah, she's got spirit.

Something you want in a champion.

Are you gonna race her?

I haven't decided.

Ah, it'd be a shame not to.

You could pick up where your old man left off.

Did you know him?

Almost rode for him back when I was a jockey. Hi Hopes in the Governor's Cup... but I broke my collarbone the week before.

I remember Hi Hopes.


My dad put me on her when I was three. Bucked me right off.

[chuckling] Hey, see?

A champion...

So, uh, whatever happened to all his ponies?

Thought maybe we could talk stud fees.

My mom had 'em slaughtered.

No shit! You're a gypsy?

Did you travel around in caravans or something?

Right. With bandannas and gold earrings, looking into crystal balls, and stealing small children?

[Miranda laughs]

I did travel a lot with my mom though.

We lived, uh, out of a car off and on.


Yeah, she'd enroll me into school, and then three months later, you know, we'd be on the road again.

All the other kids had the same friends, parents all had jobs, they went home to the same house every night.

You must have missed that.

Hell no.

I loved running around with my mom.

Where's your mom now?

She's, uh...

She's in trouble.

I gotta get back to work.

I'll call you when your parts are ready. See you later.

[melancholy classical music playing]

Desk of Roman Godfrey. Mr. Godfrey is behind closed doors.

[elevator dings]

May I take a message?

Yes, no, the Cotillion Handicap is in his calendar. Uh-huh. Yep, um...

Excuse me, ma'am. Sorry, Mr. Godfrey is behind closed doors.

Out of my way, you twitchy little maggot, or I'll have you cremated.


I'm sorry to surprise you like this, darling.

[intercom beeps]

Whatever dumbf*ck told you I am a patient man is a dumbf*ck.

I know you are a busy man.

[door opens]

I'm so proud of you, continuing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Godfrey name.

Why is this liver cooked?

Never mind, I'll eat it anyway.

You need to let Pryce do his work. It's important to us.

What is his work, exactly?

Better to show you than try to explain.

Then show me.

I'm not sure if you're ready.

Always a game with you.

Lies, secrets, veiled threats.

What is it you and your lackey have been up to all these years, exactly?

Johann's work...

Well, I'm alive because of it.

I knew there was a reason why I hated everything about him.

Is that filling you up? Or are you still hungry?

You are hungry, aren't you?

Right now you think it's something you can control, that you're like normal people.

You, Roman, are anything but normal.

That's why you went to Hawaii, right? To get away from it?

But the thirst came right along with you. There's no running from it.

You've probably convinced yourself by now you're actually doing the world a favor: going after the dregs of humanity, people no one will miss... or that you can feed without killing, bask in the flush of your own willpower.

Your hunger will only grow deeper.

Bodies will pile up and eventually lead back to you.

Been on the run for centuries because we couldn't hide the victims of our appetite.

Until now.

Until I married us into the White Tower.

At least you admit you've f*cked and finagled your way through the centuries.

I did it all for you, Roman.

You're my flesh and blood.

What about Shelley?

Have you even thought of her once since she disappeared?

You think I haven't grieved?

What about my family?

You wanted me to kill my own daughter.

I knew you'd never do it.

It was the only way for you to progress.

I don't want to progress. I want to be human.

That was never an option. I am Upir, I am your mother.

I would give anything... anything... not to be your son.

You will become more bloodthirsty with each passing day.

Before you f*ck things up for all of us, come to me.

[tableware clattering]

[speaking Russian]



[grunting, squishing]

Mrs. Godfrey.

Excuse the sudden visit. I came by to check out the inventory.


Dr. Pryce has authorized this?

We've been trading calls.

I cannot here allow you without his permission.

Oh, right. You're new.

Uh, you may not know I own this lab.

You used to... is my understanding.

[door opens]

Dr. Pryce. Mrs. Godfrey is here.

Johann, I spoke to Roman.

Were you able to get him to listen to reason?


Why don't we discuss it over a snack?

There's an intake on seven.

Organ donor.

[Marie] Keeping a stash of hooch in the office...

Isn't that one of the 20 warning signs you might have a problem?

Before ingesting, consult your physician.

So, basically, I look in the mirror and self-medicate.



[Marie] Your message was cryptic.

[Norman] I understand you're suing Godfrey.

I was going to tell you.

Do you know what you're getting yourself into?

You of all people know what happened to Letha wasn't right.

You were there.

I don't know that anyone could have done anything different to change the outcome.

They're withholding records. Pryce f*cked up and they know it.

Look, I'm no fan of that narcissistic little prick, but he's protected by the company and they will come back hard.

The lawyers, they'll tie it up for years.

Because they're hiding something.

Because that's what lawyers are paid to do.

Why are you opposed to this?

They will put Letha on trial.

They will say hateful, awful things about her to save a few bucks because that is how it works.

Are you sure you're not protecting Godfrey Industries?

I've got no skin in this game. I sold my shares, I'm out. You know that.

I'm concerned for your well-being.



I never told you how sorry I am.

I know you're a peacenik, Norman.

And I know you wanna move on.

But I need answers.

Yeah. So do I.

You've got to be kidding me.

Why? You know this guy?

OK, well, I really appreciate, um...

Are you sleeping here?

I'm not sure where I'm sleeping.

Because, I mean, I would have to ask my cousin, but if you need a place to stay...

Thanks, that's sweet, but, um, I'll figure it out.

I just want to make sure that you're... good.

I'm better than I was.

Talking to you made things significantly less shitty, so... Thanks.

Yeah, anytime.



Just watch yourself, okay?

What's he gonna do? Eat me?

[rumbling sound]


[Miranda] Well, are you sure?

Could you run it again?

Yes, yes. Nine-zero-one-zero.

Miranda Cates. C-A-T-E-S.

Ugh, well, can you...

can I try another one?

Here, uh...

This is MasterCard. Um, six-zero-one-four-five...

[classical music playing]

[baby crying]

You should hold her.

Make her stop.

She's been crying all day.

Maybe she's hungry.

She won't take the formula.

Try a different one.

I've tried them all.

Where is she getting the energy to cry this much?

I used to ask the same thing about you.

Never happy.

Your entire family.

Maybe it's some kind of curse.

And why each of you seems to end up alone.

That... was... amazing.

The treatments are more potent when they're fresh.

I feel alive again.

Thank God.

I need to ask...

How did things go with Roman?


You told him, then?

Mm! Everything.

How my health used to depend on bringing transients to the Mill.

How you protected us, Johann, disposing of them, recycling them, so we no longer have to be afraid. He got it.

Threw his arms around me.

I hope the treatment didn't induce dissociative euphoria.

I'm telling you, Johann. I feel like I have a son again.

That's good.

That's excellent.

Oh, hi! I, uh... just booked a room at a hotel, and, um, cab's on its way.

So, it's all good.

I can't thank you enough for letting me stay here while this all gets sorted out. Um...

I'll come get the rest of my stuff when my car's ready, if that's okay?


And, um, I'll look you up if I ever become a rich and famous author and start collecting art.



Don't lie to me.

You have nowhere to go.

Yes, I do.


That's none of your business.

All you have to do is ask.


Just ask if you can stay.

You're being a weirdo.

I'm sorry.

I'm not good with... hospitality.

If you don't have a place to go, please be my guest tonight?

I'd love you to join me for dinner.

You want to know what your dream means, right?

So we're going to the source of all things.

The human race is deeply f*cked if "the source of all things" is in your bathroom.

One of the images from your dream, the snake in a rushing torrent of water... gives us a place to start.

In a bathtub?

All water is connected.

Spit, please.


This is your consciousness we're exploring here... spit.

Thank you.

Ah! No! No!

Relax. We're cousins.

What is it?

A psychoactive smoothie I whipped up.

To stimulate my root chakra.

Stepping away...

[moaning softly]


What's happening?


Oversharing there, coz.






Come on.

Come on.

Come on! No!


Hey... Hey.

You okay?

Did you figure something out with your car?

I figured out this whole trip to California thing is a complete disaster.

Like "The Curse of the Fu Manchu".

But at least the guy from the body shop is helping me out.

Helping you how?

He's looking for used parts to help knock down the bill.

Otherwise I'd be stranded forever in Hemlock "Groove".

Or take a bus back to Bangor.

Why'd you leave?

A breakup.

I didn't want to do winter alone.

How old are you?


Eighteen and already Lord of the Manor?

My father passed, my mother is sick, and my sister disappeared.

So everything's been left to me.

Wait, your sister... is that the Godfrey girl they're looking for?


Someone in town said...

Don't believe everything you hear.

My dad passed, too.

A couple of months ago.

He got IED'd in Afghanistan.

My dad stuck a gun in his mouth when I was four.

I found him.

Brains all over the floor.


[door closes]

What was that?

Servants. As befits the "Lord of the Manor".


You wanna see something brilliant?

Hey, Beautiful Dreemer.

Do you ride?

Dirt bikes.


When my family was stationed in Germany, I'd, um, sneak off-base, find a Vespa to hotwire, blast around for a couple hours.

Ever get caught?


My little secret. Everybody's got 'em.

I'm an open book.

Au contraire... You're a full-on Byronic Hero.

I have no idea what that means.

A major business tycoon and you've never heard of Lord Byron?

OK, I admit to a few gaps in my otherwise extensive knowledge of pretty much everything...

He was a poet who invented a whole type of literary character: arrogant, cunning... cold on the outside, but on the inside burning with rage.

I should probably get some sleep.

Of course.

It was wonderful to meet you, Beautiful Dreemer.

[Norman] Hello, Doc.


I was waiting outside, but some folks here, the janitor at least, are still glad to see me.

What can I do for you?

Well, we need to talk about Letha's death.

Not much to talk about.

She died of a pulmonary embolism.

I wanna see the medical report.

We sent them to your wife. Ex-wife.

You sent her the admissions sheet and the death certificate.

If Letha had an embolism, you'd have run an EKG, a D-dimer test...

And a pulmonary angiogram, yes. But she was gone before we could do any of that. Surely you remember...

My daughter was brought here to die.

Look, this is an emotional topic.

Why did you cremate the bodies before doing an autopsy?

You authorized it. You signed the papers...

I was out of my mind with grief.

I'm sure I would sign anything you stuck in front of me, but as the doctor in charge, it was your responsibility to, well... unless of course there was something you needed to cover up.

I am sorry about Letha.

Her complications were rare and tragic.

But they happen.


Oh, Marie and I, we're filing a wrongful death suit.

Thanks to my stock sale, I can match you lawyer for lawyer.

So get ready for a subpoena shit storm.

You, Mr. Pryce, are gonna have to account for everything around here.

I just wanted to let you know that I thought of you today.

I know I haven't... been the best...

Well, whatever. Things are so different now.

There's so much more time to think.

I told myself a lie today about Roman.

I... I convinced myself he still loves me.

Maybe... maybe it will come true. Maybe, when he realizes how alike we are, he'll come back to me.


Good night, Norman.

God, I'm such an idiot.

[Destiny] I'm serious, Peter.

You need to forget about these dreams.

How am I supposed to forget about 'em?

Somehow. Drop it.

Just... stay as far away from this as you can.

You still haven't told me what the hell happened in there.

I'm not sure.

But I felt some big... bad... shit that you do not want to be a part of.

How do you know?

You always say you can't see into the future.

I experienced it.

Whatever it is, it's out there... and it's really f*cking bad.

Oh my God...

Stop it!

No, Peter! I want you to promise me to let this go!

I can't help my dreams, Destiny.

Ignore it!

Banish it from your mind!

[door opens]

Just give me...

I almost died in there.

[door closes]

[Andreas] What's up, guys?

Long story.

I'm gonna go take a shower, get this snake smell off of me.

I'm not done with you.

I had to run an errand in Kirkwood.

They've got this bakery... best blintzes you've ever put your mouth around.

Gone Sis?

You Gypsy dog.

You know what this is?

The Wagoneer Oasis.

It's a... trailer park for horny truckers.

Letters on the sign burned out, so all it says is, "Gone Sis".

The concrete blondes there were known as the "Gone Sisters".

Thanks, man.

Any time.

And tell Destiny...

Never mind. "Never mind". I'll give her the message.

♪ I pushed her in where ♪
♪ She would drown ♪
♪ Lord, I watched her floatin' down ♪

[men chanting in Latin]

[chanting grows louder]

[chanting continuing]

[man] Hey.



[audio slows]

[heart beating]

[horse screaming]

[water trickling]

Thirsty, aren't you?

[horse grunting]

[electronic rock song playing]

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