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  11x19 - Mr. Brightside Pt. 2
 Posted: 08/30/11 06:10
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Adam: You're gonna wake up

mom and dad!

Did you have another nightmare?

That would only happen if

I got to sleep, so no.

Simpson shut the weight room down

'cause Katie wrote

something in the paper.


Who would talk to Lois Lane?

What, did she give you a polygraph?

No, I was just an idiot.

She wanted me to talk to her,

and I liked telling her stuff

'cause she's cool and kinda tough.

Plus, she's cute.

The honey trap -

classic spy lady move.

Yeah, part of me was even

thinking of asking her out.

But then I---


Blew it.

I flipped over a chair.

Adam, I basically lost it.

I can't even get through a day

without flipping out, Adam.

So you figure out how

to fix yourself first.

I don't know if that'll ever happen.

Well, not if fistfights

are all you're trying.

Look, if Katie wants you

to open up to her,

that's gotta be worth a try, right?

Maybe you're right.

♪ Whatever it takes ♪
♪ I know I can make it through ♪
♪ and if I hold out ♪
♪ I know I can make it through ♪

♪ be the best ♪
♪ the best that I can be ♪
♪ whatever it takes ♪
♪ I know I can make it ♪
♪ I can make it ♪
♪ I can make it through ♪
♪ oh oh-oh--- ♪

I can make it through

(Oh oh-oh---)

♪ I can make it through ♪

(I can make it!)

♪ Whatever it takes ♪

I know I can make it through

I hope you take sugar.

What's this?

Apology coffee.

Can we please forget that I

lost it on you yesterday?

That wasn't me.

I could have hidden the

details better in my article.

I didn't mean for Simpson to

shut you out of the weight room.

You were just doing your job.

And speaking of which, I hear

you need a sports reporter.


You're serious?

I've been looking for

something less intense to do.

Maybe I'd be good.

I've been in your English

classes and, um---

Hey, I can write about

stuff I care about.

If it means you're forgiving me

for accidentally narc'ing

you out to Simpson,

I'll let you try out.

Try out.

That's generous.


That's me, super-generous.

The assignment meeting's right

after school today, okay?

Okay, I'll bring my a-game.

Look, I'm sorry, but I wish you

wouldn't have run off last night.

Well, actually, that wasn't me.

That was David who

apparently likes cricket

and loose leaf tea.

I just wanted my parents

to think you were great

so we can spend way

more time together.

I thought you were happy

about being honest with them.

I am.

So then why make me lie?

Look, if you weren't

ready for your parents

to meet your boyfriend, that

woulda been fine with me.

I would've just dealt

with your curfew.

Okay, wait.

Stop, let's baaaack it up here---


And start all over again.

Dave Turner, do you

wanna meet my parents?

Okay, sorry, I just

wanna get this clear.

Who exactly are you inviting?

Actual Dave.

Come crack a few jokes

my parents might not get.

Heck, you could pick the raisins

out of my mom's baking,

if you want.

Can I be your boyfriend also?

I'll talk to my parents about that.

(Sighs heavily)

Julian: I found us another

one of those clubs

that don't exist.


Oh, good!

Now that pretty boy got us

locked out of the weight room.

My cousin's friend holds MMA

matches a couple nights a week.

For real?

Was I talking to you?

Come on, guys,

I'm sorry that I blabbed to Katie, but

you can't freeze me out like this.

(Sighs) All right.

I found us some action

she can't shut down.

After school today we're

gonna go check it out.

You in?

I can't.

Why not?

I passed on everything

I've been taught,

and you're better than me.

You're good.

It's not that.

It's just I'm joining

a different club.

What, chess?


(Bell rings)

I'll send you the address for

when you change your mind.

Thanks for meeting me again.

I shouldn't have ambushed you

by asking you for a kidney.

And you were reasonable

to expect some kind of compensation.

You weren't being selfish; I was.


I guess I'm just---

asking for a second chance

at a first impression.

You don't need to ask

for a second chance, Holly J.

Are you okay?

I'm just gonna wait for a kidney---

Like lots of other people do.

Look, I just really wanna

stop saying kidney now.

I want to help you, I really do.

I'm trying to figure

out how to find a way

to make the transplant happen.

You don't have to, Dawn.

Oh, I do.

No, really, I had no right.

That was--- a strange

and super intense way

to meet the daughter

you gave up for adoption.

I've always wanted to meet you.

I feel like that's the secret

good part of all of this.

Now we can just meet, talk.


So, um---

my grad's coming up.

I remember mine like it was yesterday.

And prom?!

That was one of the

best nights of my life.

Maybe I'd be more excited

if I could find a dress

that I actually liked.

I'm not sure we're making the

strongest choice editorially.


Well, what about

a split-page debate?


That's a lot of column width.

Can't we afford the real estate?


We'd have to pull the sudoku

and that might lead to mutiny.

In the staff room, anyway.

(Katie's voice fades out)

Drew: (Panting)


Please don't kill me.

(Kicking grunts)



Drew? You okay?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to bore you.

Can I get some kind of sports

opinion column tomorrow?

Sorry, I gotta go.


Okay, last pin---

Think I have a career

as a human mannequin?

It looks way better on

you than it does on me!

It's yours.

I'll go shopping.

Hey, I think I might meet up

with Dawn again.

Maybe next week.


Well, I knew you could do it.

I finally get her.

We're connecting.

So thank you for making me try.

Oh, I wanted to show you something.


Holly J! Pointy pins!


You ready for a prom time machine?

Dawn's prom pictures---

She said it was

the best night of her life,

and she still has the dress.

Oh my God!

That's it!


Your birth mom's dress

is stunning; I want it.

Do you think Dawn would sell it to me?

I don't know, she

seemed pretty attached.

I mean, yeah, it's hard to

put a price on vintage---

Plus sentimental value.

I'd say---

Fi, no---

Twenty thousand,

give or take?

I can come up with the cash.


So what'd you guys think of Dave?

Dave's a very nice young man.

It's always nice to meet your friends.

Yeah, about that, I have a confession.

Dave isn't my friend.

David's your tutor?

He's a boy---

And he's a friend,

and if you put those

two words together,

you get---?

He's your friend-boy.

Really, mom?

You know we don't like

either you or Sav dating;

it's a distraction.

You should focus on-

school and good friends.

But Dave is my good friend

and I'm doing well in school,

and we're good people.

I still do not like this idea.

But I'm being honest!

I'm telling you the truth

so I don't have to run

around behind your back.

We're glad that you're

being honest with us.

I guess it was bound

to happen at some point.

So does this mean I can---

Maybe have Dave come over again---

as my friend-boy?









That's it!


Okay, not going in there.

All right, let's get outta here.

Hey, guys, you ready to do this?

No, we are not ready

to do this, actually.

We're going.


No, no, no.

I just got here.


Who's next?


Yeah, right here.


Drew! Drew!


(Shouting and whistling)


C'mon! Yeah! Let's go!


Come on, guys! Bring it on!


(Cheering and shouting)

(Grunts) Ungh!



Hit 'em, man!

Come on!


Come on!

Come on, man!

Come on!

Roll, man, roll!

All right, he's done!

Lee, he's done!


Get outta my way!


Hey, hey, hey!

Look at me!


Drew! Drew!

Owen: Snap out of it.

Come on.

Julian: You don't

take a break, do you?


I just need to get stronger.

He had you in a triangle hold!

I'm surprised you're still alive.

Well, here I am.

Seriously, bro?

You got a death wish or something?

I left myself open for a choke hold.

Stupid, I know.

But I want to beat him.

No. You're done.

Club's over.

Julian, c'mon.

Look, weren't you joining

something else anyway?

I did; Newspaper.

Well, stick with the paper.

Get the girl,

stop using your fists.

You'll get yourself killed.



It's nice to see you again, David.

I prefer Dave.

David never stuck.

Of course.

Um, what about you, Mr. B?

How you been?

If you don't mind,

I prefer Mr. Bhandari.


(Laughs) Of course, of course.

Anyways, I want you guys to know

that I really care about Alli.

She's awesome.

Would you like some tea?


Um, not for Dave.

Yeah, I'm not a big tea guy.

Yeah--- whew!

Anyways, you guys wanna

play a game or something?

An intellectual game,

maybe, like scrabble?

Or cards?

Mrs. Bhandari:

Oh no, we don't-

I don't think

we even have a deck of---


But you have to watch out, David.

I have to warn you, my friends

and I played for hours

between classes at university.

I tried to teach Alli years ago.

Yeah, I know.


Dave and Mr. Bhandari:

How can you say that?

I thought I'd shake up our

meetings with a little fresh air.

Thanks for letting me buy

you the non-dairy latte.

It's quite a treat, actually.

Okay, um---

This might sound weird, but

my friend Fiona wants to buy

your prom dress.

She's a nut for vintage.

Well, that's sweet, but

I can lend it to her.

She insists she couldn't.

She said it's extremely valuable.

Well, it's nice, but-

she wants to pay you

twenty thousand dollars.

That amount sounds familiar.

Fiona can't help having fabulous

and expensive taste in gowns.

And this won't get us into trouble?

She'll pay cash.



Hey, Mr. Torres.

Been looking for you all day.

Just trying to lay low.

That's what writers do

when they blow deadlines.

Where's my piece?

I'm trying to do it.

But I can't, I'm sorry.

You need to find someone else.

So I guess I'll never find out, huh?

The big mystery?

What is Drew Torres afraid of?

Is that for your next article?

I'm not asking as a journalist.

♪ Stand tall and proud ♪
♪ you're a steep bow ♪

(Sighs heavily)

I have nightmares,

and the only answer is fighting.

So the rumours about what happened

after spring break are true?

I got jumped---

By a bunch of guys.

Katie, I thought I was going to die.

Why didn't you just say that?

Because being scared is weak.

Everybody's scared of something.

Have you ever thought about trying

some other form of training?

Something structured?

Maybe we could do something together?

♪ But it's okay ♪

♪ 'cause I fall asleep

with dignity--- ♪


I'm sorry, that was wrong.

No, that wasn't a stop sign.

No, I can't do this to you.

I'm just gonna mess

everything up like last time.

Where are you going?

Don't follow me.

All right, two pair.

Show 'em.

Three of a kind,

Scarlet ladies are going to a show.

Um, I think I have a royal flush?


I raised a cheater.

Come to mama!

Ha! Beginner's luck!

Look, I've had enough,

but I demand a rematch.

Any time, Mr. Bhandar-

Dave: Oh!

Mr. Bhandari: Watch!


Almost stepped on a heart.

Yeah, be careful you don't.


I'm having so much fun!

I know.

I told you, parents love Dave.

(Sighs of relief)

This is such a relief.

I mean, do you know how awesome

our summer's gonna be?

We can spend a whole

lot of time together.

I know, it's gonna be

just you and me, girl.

(Sighs) Thank you

for being so nice to me

through my parent insanity.

You're a prince.

Yeah, you're my princess.




Announcement over P.A.:

Dr. Swan to O.R. .Dr. Swan to O.R. .

I hurried over as soon

as I got your message.

Is everything okay?

Better than okay.

Dawn's donating her kidney.


I'll give her a call to thank her---

Or we'll send her flowers.



Oh! Fiona!

Dawn's donating her kidney!

Really? (Gasps)

That's the best news ever!

Mary Kate:

And what's that?

Oh, I just picked up

my prom dress.

Let's see!

(Gasps) Oh!


Suddenly I'm excited for prom!

We should book that limo then.

Have I mentioned how

much I love you guys?


(Cheering and shouting)


Sorry, princess.

I don't need no homicide charge.

You got lucky last time.

Let's go.


(Shouting and whistling)


You know the rules!

Now fight!


(Crowd cheers and shouts)




(Hard thump)


Ref: That's it!

He's tapped!

He's done!

Get off!

Let's go!

(Punching grunts)






C'mon, that's enough!



That's enough!

Get this guy outta here!

You won't see him here again.

I thought I told you not to come.

I guess you can't tell me what to do.

I got you.


Dinner on Sunday!


When's he moving in?

Ha! Yeah, right.

(Sighs) I just can't

wait for summer, y'know?

Being together for days on end---

That's what the summer's all about.


Mr. Betenkamp:

Miss bhandari, may I see you?


You remember that spalding

science program you applied to?

Like forever ago?

Yeah, well, this came for you.

Agh! Enough suspense!

You got in!

Looks like someone's gonna

be spending the summer

in our nation's capital!

I have to go away for

the whole summer?

Yeah, it's exciting.


Good for you!

So much for the summer

of Alli and Dave.

I'm glad you came.


Sorry I'm late.

It's the first time I've

geared up for Tae Kwon Do.

Love the belt;

white's your colour.

Hey, why do you get a green one?

Oh, you'll see.

I get the fighting, you know.

When you're scared,

learning to defend yourself

builds confidence.

But it takes discipline,


inner calm.


You ready?

Do you want to conquer your fears?

Thanks for not giving up on me.

Uh, there's still time.

I'm not gonna make it easy.

Good to know.

Whoa! Ungh!

How'd you do that?

It's not my first rodeo.

Don't mess with me.


I knew there was a reason I liked you.

♪ Yes I wonder ♪
♪ will you always love me--- ♪

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