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  1x13 - We Are Grounders (Part 2)
 Posted: 06/13/14 08:10
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Previously on "The 100" - Mom? - You're being sent to the ground.

All 100 of you.

Prisoners of the Ark, you have one job stay alive.

To do that, you must locate mount weather immediately.

Nothing we've tried will save the Ark.

Have you tried not saving it? We've really gotta do this bring the Ark to the ground.

You started a war that you don't know how to end.

You have no idea what your people have done.

We had to stop the attack.

The mountain men, they'll come and they will kill us all.


Murphy shot her.

Get her into the dropship.

We need to leave.

There's an army of grounders coming for us right now.

If we stay here, we will die tonight, so pack your things.

Just take what you can carry.


That should stop the external bleeding.

I don't understand.

How did Murphy get a gun? Long story.

We got lucky.

If Murphy hit the fuel tank instead of me, we'd all be dead.

Wait, there's rocket fuel down there? Enough to build a bomb? Enough to build 100 bombs if we had any gunpowder left.

Let's get back to the reapers.

Maybe they'll help us.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Not this enemy.

We saw them.

Trust me, it's not an option.

There's no time for this.

Can she walk or not? No.

We have to carry her.

The hell you will.

I'm good to go.

Hey, listen to me.

That bullet is still inside you.

If by some miracle, there's no internal bleeding, it might hold until we get somewhere safe.

But you are not walking there.

Is that clear? I'll get the stretcher.

Can't run away fast enough, huh? Real brave.

Dying in a fight you can't win isn't brave, Bellamy, it's stupid.

Spoken like every coward who's ever run from a fight.

All right, that's enough.

It's time to go.

If they follow? It's a 120-mile walk to the ocean.

Look, we're wasting time.

If he wants to stay, he can stay.

No, he can't.

We can't do this without you, Bellamy.

What do you want me to say, Clarke? I want you to say that you're with us.

Those kids out there, they listen to you.

They're lining up to go.

They listen to you more.

I gave them an easy choice.

But 5 minutes ago, they were willing to fight and die for you.

You inspire them.

I'm afraid we're gonna need that again before this day is through.


You did good here, Bellamy.

You did good.

You know the first thing I'm gonna do when we get to the beach? No.

What? I want to go surfing.


Keep your eyes open.

No more woods.

A view of the ocean.

No more damn trees, just pale, blue water.

What is it? Why are we stopping? I don't know.

I don't see anything.

Grounders! Move, move, move! I don't see anyone! They're right behind us! Go, go, go! Behind the wall! Shut the gate! Shut the gate! Where are they? Why aren't they attacking? Because we're doing exactly what they wanted us to do.

What are you talking about? Lincoln said the scouts would be the first to arrive.

If it's just scouts, we can fight our way out.

That's what Lincoln would do.

We're done doing what that grounder would do.

We tried it and now drew is dead.

You want to be next? That grounder saved our lives.

I agree with Octavia.

For all we know, there's one scout out there.

One scout with insanely good aim.

Clarke, we can still do this.

Looking to you, Princess.

What's it gonna be? Run and get picked off out in the open, or stand and fight back? Clarke.

If we're still here when Tristan gets here Lincoln said "scouts.

" More than one.

He said, "get home before the scouts arrive.

" Finn, they're already here.

Looks like you've got your fight.

Ok, then.

This is what we've been preparing for.

Kill them before they kill us.

Gunners, to your posts.

Use the tunnels to get in and out.

From now on, the gate stays closed.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You're not a gunner.

No, I'm not.

Like you said I'm a grounder.

All right, let's get to those foxholes.

So, how the hell do we do this? We've got 25 rifles with 20 rounds each, give or take.

Roughly 500 rounds of ammo.

While you two were gone, we made some improvements.

Thanks to Raven, the gully is mined.

Partially mined.

Thanks to Murphy.

Still, it's the main route in.

If the grounders use it, we'll know.

She also built grenades.

It's not many.

Again, thank you, Murphy.

We'll make them count.

If the grounders make it through the front gate, guns and grenades should force them back.

And then? Then we close the door and pray.

And pray what? That the ship keeps them out? Because it won't.

Then let's not let them get through the gate.

All foxholes, listen up.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Inflict casualties, as many as possible.

You can hold them off long enough to make them turn back.

That's the plan.

That's always your plan, just like the bomb at the bridge.

Damn right.

You got a better idea? It can't be that simple.

You said there's fuel in those rockets, right? Enough to build 100 bombs.

I also said we've got no gunpowder left.

I don't want to build a bomb.

I want to blast off.

Draw them in close.

Fire the rockets.

A ring of fire.

Barbecued grounders.

I like it.

Will it work? The wiring's a mess down there, but yeah.

You give me enough time, I'll cook them real good.

Here's how we bring the Ark to the ground.

Stage one: Separation from go-sci.

Series of explosions sever the ring that we're now standing in from the rest of the Ark.

Now, once we have separation, all port thrusters will fire and our orbit will begin to degrade.

Stage 2: Reentry.

Reentry will be violent and it will be very, very hot.

Friction will break the Ark back into its original stations.

Some of the stations and we can't predict which will explode.

And some of us will be on those stations.

Which brings us to stage 3 landing.

All starboard thrusters on the surviving stations will fire.

Acting as landing rockets, they will slow the impact even further.

Now, our target speed for impact with the ground is 70 miles per hour.

In all my simulations, anything above that is not survivable.

No one said that this will be easy, ladies and gentlemen.

Just that if we don't try it we all die.

So, how close are we gonna land to the kids? As close as we can.

Finn, do you see it over there? No.

Raven, we can't find the ignition system.

Raven? I can't feel my legs.

Ok, hold on.

We're coming.

Ok, let me see.

That bad, huh? Oh, Raven.

The bullet's in your spine.

You're bleeding internally.

We better do this fast then, huh? Get back down there.

What if we can slow the bleeding? Would that help? Well, of course it would help.

Can you tell me how to do that? That stuff the grounders had coagulant.

You said that Lincoln had some, too.

Yeah, it's in the box with the antidote, but I I'm betting that there's more of it in his cave.

If I can get there - Wait a second.


I can make it.

Clarke, tell him he's being an idiot.


What? I'm not gonna let you die to save me.


If you won't let me save you, how about we save everybody else? You're the only one who can fire those rockets.

If you die, we all die.

I'll be right back.

Finn, wait.


Clarke, I need to do this.

I can't lose you again.

You won't.

Hydro Station is good to go.

Mecha Station, good to go.

is good to go.

Aero Station, good to go.

is good to go.

Chancellor Jaha, all stations are prepared for launch.

In peace may you leave this shore.

In love may you find the next.

Safe passage on your travels.

Until our final journey to the ground may we meet again.

May we meet again.

May we meet again.

May we meet again.


Yes, sir.

Take us home.

Taking us home, sir.

Initiate go-sci separation In 5 4 3 2 1.


Sir, remote detonations failed.

We are negative for go-sci separation, negative for launch.

Can you fix it? Not from here, sir, no.

Someone will have to launch manually.

What are you doing? Someone has to stay behind, Abby.

There has to be another way.

I can go back and reprogram the system, but it'll take time.

We'll miss the window for the eastern United States.

We won't land anywhere near the Hundred.

Then we'll wait till it comes back around again.

The Ark will be out of air by then.

Salvation comes at a price.

How much air will he have? A week.

Two weeks at most.

We're away.

We've launched.

How? Godspeed, my friends.


Thelonious, where are you? Right where I'm supposed to be.

Hold on tight, Abby.

You'll see your daughter soon.

And I'll see my son.

They're here.

Where's Octavia? She left 5 minutes ago.

Didn't say where to.

She thinks she's a damn samurai.

You see anything? No.

What the hell are they waiting for? The longer they wait, the better.

This is about buying time for Raven.

I see them.

They're moving! I count two, 3, no, wait, there's more.

I don't know, man.

There's too many of them.

Who was that? - Sterling, I think.

South foxhole.

South foxhole, report now.

Yeah, yeah.

We're ok.

They didn't attack.

It's like it's like shooting at ghosts.

There! I see them! Stop! Stop.

Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Reload.


Those were our last clips.

We should we should fall back.


If this position falls, they'll walk right to the front door.

I don't see anyone.

They're too fast.

I hit I hit them.

I think I hit them.

Do you see it or don't you? No.

It's a mess down here.

It'll be orange.

Look harder! You have to find the wire that connects the manual override to the electromagnet.

It's not rocket science.

It is rocket science, actually.

Guess we finally found something you're not good at.

I used to be picked first for everything.

Earth skills, zero-g mech course.

First every time.

So, how the hell did I end up here? Raven? I'd pick you first.

Of course you would.

I'm awesome.

Hey, I found it.

Orange wire.

About time! Now follow that wire to the override panel.

Raven? It's fried.

Totally useless.

Tell me this isn't as bad as I think.

You know how to splice a wire? - No.

Then it's worse.

Hey, stop.

Just talk me through it.

They're everywhere! Harper, get down! We need backup! Raven, our mines actually worked! Jasper can splice.

Jasper, we need you in the dropship right now.


We can't give up the west woods.

The west woods are mine, Bellamy.

The grounders just figured that out.

Jasper, get in here.

I see one! There! There! They're drawing our fire.

Damn it.

I'm all out.

They want us to run out of ammo.

All gunners, listen up.

The grounders are not attacking.

They're making us waste bullets.

Don't shoot when they're running laterally.

Jasper's right.

Don't fire until you're sure it's attack.

Repeat, do not fire until you are sure.

West foxhole pulling back.

That's for not telling us about the minefield.

What do we do now? Now we attack.

Here they come! Fall back! Get back here! Bellamy! Admit it.

You want one.

No! You're hit! Miller, fall back, now.

Can you walk? O.


Hold on to me.

Let me get you behind that wall.


You're alive.

I told you to leave.

We tried.

The scouts were already there.

I'm out of ammo! - What is that? - Requesting backup, now! Sterling.

Sterling, do you copy? Why are you not there? Raven was shot.

We need medicine to slow the bleeding.

You came to save one life? I don't have time to explain.

Do you have the medicine or not? I have it.

I see them.

I saw no, stand your gr if they take the gate, we're all dead.

I'm going with you.

Let's go.

Wait! The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Finn, let's move! How far did the reapers chase you? They'd still be chasing me if I didn't lose them.

Why? I have a really bad idea.

Hey, Raven, tell us again how this is gonna work.

Told you 5 times.

Current flows to the electromagnet.

That opens the poppet valve.

Rockets fire.


Got the good wire ready to graft on.

What's next? Raven? Raven! I don't see anyone.

Is she - Not yet.

But soon.

They've broken through! There's hundreds of them! They're heading for the gate! Game over, man! Finish it.

Current to magnet to valve to barbecue.

Current to magnet to valve to barbecue.

There are too many! Everybody to dropship now! No! We need more time.

Gunners, stay at your posts.

The rest of you, inside.

Come on, move.

Is that from the Ark? That is the Ark.

I'm coming, Clarke.


When they get here, they won't find anyone alive.

Take down the gate! Reapers! What did you do? I kicked the hornet's nest.

You brought the reapers? I just bought us some time.

How's Raven? She's not good.

And the rockets aren't ready yet.

Jasper's working on them now.

Jasper? What's plan B? Jasper was plan B.

What the hell is that? I don't know, but they're distracted.

Let's move.

We'll never make it.

Leave me.

I'll find another way.

I'm not going anywhere without you.


Lincoln? You did this? With Finn.

It's deep.

I can help you, but you have to come with me now.


Let him help you.

No way.

I have to see this through.

You can't walk and I can't get you back to the dropship.

He's right.

This fight is over for you.

O, O, listen to me.

I told you my life ended the day you were born.

The truth is it didn't start until then.

Go with him.

I need you to live.

Besides I got this.

I love you, big brother.

May we meet again.

May we meet again.

Keep her safe.

Now to the wall! Clarke, they're taking down the gate.


Because I did it I think.

I'm closing that door.

Wait! We've still got people out there.

Bellamy's not back yet.

Use the grenades! All right, Jasper, get everybody, get inside now! There he is! He's never gonna make it.

Bellamy, run! He's killing him.

Give me that.

Stop, Finn, no! Oh! No! Clarke, you can't save everybody.

Let's go! Let's go.

Jasper, now.

Anya, you can't win.

Kill her! Stop! She's already down.

Raven says current flows to the magnet.

We just need a current.

No! Stop! We're not like that.

Get back.

Get back.

She deserves to die.

No! We are not grounders.

This is Earth Monitoring Station, Earth Monitoring Station hailing all Ark survivors.

Please come in.

Earth Monitoring Station.

Earth Monitoring Station, hailing all Ark survivors.

Please come in.

Hello? Is someone there? Keep talking so I can lock you in.

Mecha Station is on the ground.


Mecha Station is on the ground.

Abby, it's so good to hear your voice.

Yours, too.

We made it, Thelonious.

Any word from any of the other stations yet? No.

Just you so far.

Can you see any sign of them? Going outside now.

Stand by.

Tell me what it's like.

It everything I dreamed.

So much green.

There are trees everywhere.

And water.

And the air.

The air smells sweet.

It's so beautiful.

Thelonious, you should be here.

Abby, look.

There's smoke in the distance.

That might be another station.

We'll check it out.

You do that.

Find the rest of our people, Abby.

Find Clarke.

This will have to do.

May we meet again.

What the hell? Mountain men.


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