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  Michael spottings
 Posted: 11/23/02 19:58
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Have you guys seen him on any other shows recently? Reruns of other shows? Movies on TV?

This is where we can give each other a heads up if he's going to be on, because who would want to miss out on the chance to see him more than just once a week? :lol


Today I was lucky and caught his guest appearance on an old episode of Friends. He played the son of Tom Selleck's character. He was hilarious. :lol

  Michael spottings
 Posted: 11/24/02 05:28
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I missed it! Dang it!

But The Curve is suppose to be on tonight on TMC...The Movie Channel! Hopefully, you all have it! I loved this movie. This is the movie I first saw and fell in love with MV! :love

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