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  Brendan Answers Questions!
 Posted: 08/20/05 20:27
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And Jen gets all excited and squeals at 1:30 in the morning... :lmfao :grin


August 17, 2005

Clarity - About CSI Miami--the sites described Dan Cooper as a skateboarding hottie, that exudes sex but doesn't know it. Did you go with this characterization? Did you have any input into what Dan is like and does, besides his job? Any personal touches that you added to Dan, like how he talks or walks, or plays golf or hockey instead of skateboard, or do the show's producers/writers dictate what you say and do as Dan?

Dan doesn't walk, he sits at a computer and gets no credit for solving these cases. It's just such an injustice. But seriously folks. Well, it's a great gig but it really just is 1 scene a show where I talk through or help the others with a piece of evidence or info. You don't get to know him really and what I have tried to do with the description they've given is to just keep it light and fun. I keep him stress-free and stuff like that. I'm wearing a labcoat for all scenes but we have him in brighter colors shirts underneath with button up shirts over top, open, that have some color and patterns as well. He's wears Nikes and no socks (that's my surfer, Cali-touch I suppose). And the writers dictate what I say cause that's the script. I don't wanna write the damn things. They've been pretty cool and not that I've changed anything really but I think they're at least satisfied with my take on him. Plus I don't know what the hell I'm doing till I see it anyways so…

Fallenskyy - I was curious of the "motivation" behind choosing to portray the character of Butch in Sugar...I am assuming that this role wasn't just one you took light consideration in and how long did it take you to decide that you indeed wanted this role? ...and on that note to settle an ongoing conversation in prior posts...You talked about how after meeting and talking to people that lived similar lives to Butch and how you fell into your own little hole afterwards. What was your resolve to that, how hard is it when your faith and acting don't exactly coincide? Are you more prepared to separate yourself from the character's now after playing such a challenging role?

Well and maybe I'm justifying it or maybe God allowed something good to come from something He didn't agree with but I feel in some weird way they (faith/film) did coincide. Maybe just to me and maybe no one else sees it which could be the case but I became a better person for this and saw things I hadn't before and got a new take on people and choices and their lives. It was very beneficial and eye opening. And I had done a lot of praying that if I wasn't supposed to take the role that the door would be shut. I could always break it down I suppose against the will (He doesn't like robots) but it's interesting what He allowed me out of that. My holes are never very deep, at least the ones I recognize, so that lasted all over two days after filming (and the film itself but work kinda overrides that). I have to see something positive come out of what I do and the film itself. I have to have some sort of justification in order to do a character that I think God would approve of. That's what I look for and I can get caught up in looking at it through “crappy” eyes I suppose but as long as I'm asking questions and open to answers I gotta believe I'll end up in the good.

HeavyMetalQueen - I was just wondering if what you think of the other people you are working with & well I was meaning more of "David Cursso"(sp?) It's just a lot of people except me , like him so I was wondering about your opinions about him .If he's as "Big shot", like "everyone " thinks he is( except me of course ).& quite demanding person.

I've just had one scene with him and he was very gracious and I quite enjoyed it. He has his process which I just caught a glimpse of but I was quite entertained by it. His passion for the show and character I film is unmatched from what I've seen which again is very little.

Maryann - You learned to smoke for Sugar, do you ever smoke now?


emmylala2003 - If someone were to make a movie about your life, what would it be called? and who would be the ideal actor you'd choose to play,!

I hope no one ever does a movie of my life. I would feel silly. Let's just say I wouldn't think I'd give permission for an authorized one.

humiliatedgrape - My question is: I live in Washington state, I have now for 12 years and well, I've never been to Canada. The opportunity (and money) has never presented itself, but this summer is THE summer. I was wondering where you would recommend going. This winter I also have a chance to go to a Canucks hockey game and was looking for a little info on that. The price and what I should 'expect' about the environment. I have only been to Spokane Chiefs games and that's just for Washington so I'm assuming there are some differences.

I'm assuming your talking about going to B.C. I'd visit Vancouver and do the Stanley Park thing and take the ferry over to the island. But if you can I'd go and take a drive to like Harrison Hot Springs. Not much to do there really but it's a nice drive and you can lay out on the beach, kinda a beach. Well it was one when I was a kid. But it's the stuff like Suicide Creek that make that area fun. Not big touristy stuff cause I never did that but jumping off waterfalls and bridges is the best. You need a friend or someone to enjoy my tour but it's cool. The Fraser Valley is the most beautiful to me. I love it but I am biased.

Raven Wing - There are so many things that define us as people. Whether it's a hair style, the clothes we wear or music. I'm a strong believer that everyone has a song that defines them, who they are, what they want, how they feel. Having said that now, I was just curious as to what song you would say best defines you and why?

You know I'm going to say something from Metallica even if it's not even close just cause it's them so I'll skip the geekiness of myself.

Naimah - Hi Brendan number 1 fan here well I have a question What do you think of the shameless ploys of some of your fanatics to get you to know where they live and what Christian stores they shop at , and do they scare you ok, ok what I really want to know is does it ever work and do you enjoy these shameless ploys.

Whoever accused me of thinking?

Sue - Are you still playing hockey and [if so] how has your team done this year... are you number 1 goal scorer?

We lost in the first round of the playoffs and I was about 3rd in scoring this season. I had a bad year. I got no finish. It's getting bad.

m&mlust - Do you watch any of the shows featuring your former co-stars -- Lost, Grey's Anatomy, or CSI: Miami?

Sometimes. I actually watch Miami cause I enjoy it, at least when I catch it. I couldn't tell you what day it's on but when I skip by one I'll support it for 10-15 minutes or so.

Lisa - Read any good books lately? What was your favourite summer movie?

Reading “How to be Like Christ”. Very slowly though. I gotta get my butt in gear. And will start another soon. Who knows what'll be. Haven't seen a movie in the theatres in a few months so nothing really. Lame I know.


God, he's so... what's the word... fan-fucking-tastic? ;) :lol Really. And the man doesn't smoke... I mean, hey, that's definitely a good thing :thumbsup

I liked this answer -

Whoever accused me of thinking?

*so* Brendan. I :love it :drink

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