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  1x14 - Brother's Keeper
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STEPHEN: My name is Stephen Jameson.

I'm one of the Tomorrow People.

They call our powers the three T's.

Telepathy CARA: Stephen? STEPHEN: Telekinesis And teleportation.

There is a shadow war going on between us and Ultra No! the secret organization that hunts us.

The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father.

And the only way to do that is by working for the enemy.

Previously on The Tomorrow People You overrode my leadership in front of everyone.

If you're gonna threaten to kick me out every time I step out of line, You should just do it already.

Pack your stuff.

Our kind can't even kill.


But you are one mutation away from acquiring that ability.

Activate the clean-up unit tailing Astrid Finch.

You made a promise.

It's already done.

CASSIE: Stephen, they're going to kill your friend.

Get down.

Under the table.

Now! No! No! No! I'm sorry.

I should have told you sooner.

NYPD! Can you hear me? I'm coming in.

It's a lot of bullets for no bodies.


Mom! Where are Astrid and her dad? I dropped them at the bus stop.

They paid cash, like you said.

What is that? Get a bag for you and Luca.

Pack only the essentials.

No, Mom.

We need to talk.

No, we need to pack.

As many questions as you have for me, I have for you.

But now is not the time.

Mom! Does Jedikiah know about you? No.

Your father kept me away from Ultra.

But Mom, all this time, you made me think I was all alone.

I know.

Honey, I'm sorry.

It's the only way I knew how to help.

Why didn't you just talk to me? I'll stop them.

Get Luca.


Get him out.


I'm your mother.

I protect you.

How? By lying to me all these years? JEDIKIAH: Hold it! Stephen, you're okay.

Marla, I'm sorry for barging in here.

I just thought you were in trouble.

Armed men just shot at Astrid and her father.

Wait for me in the car.

Guns down.

Wait for me in the car.


Let me have a moment alone with Stephen.

If you think I'm gonna leave him alone with you, you're crazy.

Mom, Mom, it's okay.

STEPHEN: I will take care of this.

I think he can help us.

Five minutes.

What just happened, Stephen, wasn't me.

The Founder ordered that hit.

So I trust you see now how dangerous it is to make an alliance with him.

You're saying this was my fault? Revealing your powers to Astrid put her in jeopardy.

It is an honest mistake.

I'm willing to offer you a clean slate if you do the same for me.

You ordered my father's death.

I think it's time you finally knew the truth about what I did and why.

I wasn't sure you'd be alone.

I don't want to hurt you, Roger.

I've done everything in my power to prevent that.

Wow, you look good, kiddo.

You, too.


You ever think our two species could live together in peace? You evolved to replace us.

We have no choice but to fight.

You gonna do that by allying yourself with a paranormal madman.

Oh, God damn it.

Come on.

Do we have to go through this again? How many times do I have to tell you? The Founder is committed to helping my species.


Oh, come on.

Don't be naive.

The Founder's after power.


And what are you gonna do about that? How do you expect to beat him? He's too strong.


The least I can do is try.

And what about Marla? And the boys.

You know if you do this, Roger, he's gonna make me come after you.


You do whatever you have to do.

Oh, Roger, come on.


I'm begging you.

Good to see you, Jed.

Thanks for the drink.

I tried to warn him, Stephen.

But he was stubborn.

My mom wants us to run.

That would anger The Founder.

And there's nowhere you can hide.

Here, I can help you.

So what are you offering? Come back to work for me.

And I promise you that you, your family and Astrid will be safe.

Says you or says the Founder? Trust me.

If I do this, my friends, my family, my home, they are off-limits.

I see one blacked-out SUV, I am gone.

You have my word.

Are you sure we're safe here? The Bratva has ears and eyes.

We're safe.

I would feel more comfortable with a Marshal who didn't have stains on his shirt.

I gotta take a whiz.

If you need anything, Ron and Larry are on the door.

Hello? You there? Ron? Larry? Hello, Alexe.

Please, I have a family.

There's nothing in this world more important than family.

So you kicked him out? A kill squad almost took out my mom and Astrid.

Now, more than ever, we need to be watching each other's backs.

John wanted to leave.

And he defied my judgment in public.

I had to set an example.

"He wanted to leave.

" You went along with this? Hell, no! What happens if Ultra tracks him down? John can take care of himself.

You willing to bet his life on that? How about another drink? I think maybe you've had enough.

Stephen? Hey You remember John? He needs a place to crash.

Tonight? Where have you been? I feel like maybe I should leave.

You are staying.

STEPHEN: I'll make up the couch.

Stephen, kitchen.



Absolutely not.

Mom, he needs a place to stay.

He's stuck.

Not our problem.

He is one of us.

He has nowhere else to go.


It's just not good timing.

We need to leave tonight.

Honestly, Mom, you lost your right to make decisions when I found out you spent a year drugging me.

Hey, that is not fair.

I was protecting you the only way I knew how.

I protect this family.

I have been protecting us for months.

How? By working for your uncle? You don't understand.

I just need a little bit more time.

I am getting close to something big.

Like what? Dad.

He is not coming back to save this family.

It is just us.

You're wrong.

John can stay tonight, but that's it.

Tomorrow, we are leaving.

I had two men at the door.

I was in the can, what, 20 seconds, and then I hear this noise.

Suddenly the door's locked from the outside.

I wouldn't beat myself up if I were you.

It's a professional hit.

There's nothing you could have done about it.

But it just doesn't make any sense.

The killer must've been a ghost.

MARSHAL: Wait, who are you? Oh, I'm sorry.


Jedikiah Price.

What kind of doctor? The kind who tracks ghosts.

Talk to me, mama.

What's happening? I couldn't get close.

Stephen and his Ultra gal-pal were crowding the scene.

But what do you think? Did a breakout actually bump someone off? Clearly Jedikiah thinks so.

It doesn't make sense.

How? We can't rule out the possibility of an evolutionary mutation.


You think Mother Nature created, like, a Tomorrow Person 2.

0? A Day-After-Tomorrow Person.

There's nothing new and improved about killing.

Well, even Mother Nature can brain-fart.

Unless it wasn't nature at all.

And what if he's another one out of The Annex Project, like Like that other guy that used to hang out around here? Blond hair, blue eyes, about yay tall.

John's gone, Russell.

Poor guy's probably dumpster diving for lunch.


Oh, man.


Horseradish? It's in the mustard.

This is beyond a sandwich.

Honey, some lunch? I need to talk to John.

All right.

Well, John, good luck wherever you end up.

Don't worry, you're staying.

Okay? We're all staying.

It seems like she's got her mind made up.

Well, it's not really her choice.

Go easy on her, huh? The Annex Project, you said there were no survivors.

Other than me and Killian.

Hey, what about after you? I'm tracking a breakout who can kill.

Maybe Ultra rebooted the project.

What does your boss say? Jedikiah denies knowing anything about it.


Which he would in any event.


So how will I know what I'm up against.

You won't.

Until he tries to slit my throat.

That's why your uncle was so hell-bent on weaponizing our species.

We are the ultimate killing machines.

I was about two minutes away from sending a tac team out after you.

Not funny.

Not joking.

Where are we? Nowhere.

No signatures matching our killer.

The guy's under a rock.

Sure about that? No teleports within the last 12 hours.

Try changing your search parameters.

Why would he use that much energy to teleport? Because that's how much he used last time.


What Did I break it? It was five minutes ago.

Hillary, what happened? HILLARY: This place is owned by the guy our dead witness was testifying against in some mob trial.

Maybe our hit man is here to collect his money.

With his lethal gene unlocked, he's gonna have a leg up on us.

Well, there's one of him and two of us.

Did you feel that? Yeah, he's here.

We should split up.

Stay on channel.

Give me a heads up if you spot him.

Whoa, dude, you should see your face.

What are you doing here? Same as you.

Tracking a breakout.

Why didn't you tell me your partner was hella fit? Damn, girl.

I have a deal with my uncle.

I stay in line, he keeps my family safe.

I'm bringing that guy in.

You have a family to protect, I have a species.

HILLARY: It's all clear.

I'm coming back.

No, no, no, wait.

I'm coming to you.

HITMAN: Call me if you ever have another problem, I can solve it.

That's him.

It's too crowded.

We can't use our powers.

I got this.

CARA: I'll head him off.

Had enough? Where is he? I'll take that.

No, not this time.

Later, Stevie.

Shoulda been a hit man.

Caviar palooza! This briefcase is bait.


What up, Mom? Are we purging the basement again? Oh, don't toss my Star Wars figures.

They're worth serious coin.

Wouldn't dream of it, baby.

I'll throw together dinner.

Oh, already thrown.

John hooked us up.



I thought Stephen was going to talk to him about leaving.

What's this? Dig in.

Luca already ate about half a cow.

I'm guessing you guys don't get a lot of proper family dinners.

I try.

But lately I've been lucky to get a glimpse of my family these days.

It seems like Stephen just comes home to change his clothes.

Well this looks great.

You know, I I can't even begin to imagine how hard it's been for you.

And Luca.

I can tell you this, When Stephen's gone, he is out there protecting paranormals.

What do you mean? I thought he was just an intern.

Don't Ultra study the Tomorrow People? Ultra hunts the Tomorrow People.

What? Stephen has been acting as a double agent To help us stay one step ahead of Jedikiah and his lunatic partner.

That we're even surviving is pretty much thanks to him.

He's a hero.

Just like his father.


Your husband was, umm Very important to me.

You knew Roger? So I know how much Stephen takes after him.

Carrying the world on his shoulders.

Doing the right thing.

No matter what the cost.

I pay the cost, every day.

Right here.

So does Stephen.

Family is everything to him.

Which is why you got to understand that if you leave, If you force Stephen, He would be leaving his other family.

And we need him just as much as you do.


My God.

They've gotten so big.

It's been four years.

I keep trying to lose track of the time, I figured it would You know Make missing you hurt less.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? No.

You were right.

I brought nothing but danger to your doorstep.

I know we've said our share of goodbyes, but This is it.

I love you.

A woman? I ask the questions.

Who are you? See? That was a question.

Are you getting the hang of this, yet? The hit man you hired.

The one you gave the money to, how do I get ahold of him? What hit man? Was that a question coming out of that pretty little Russian mouth of yours? Uh I have a number for you.

Good boy.

If you can hear this, we have the briefcase.

We mean no harm.

Talk about a fishing expedition.

This fish lost a million bucks, he's out looking for it.

Only a matter of time.

If you can hear this, we have your briefcase.

Get up.

What are you doing? Have you ever heard of pajamas? Oh, excuse me.

Wasn't expecting company.

An Ultra agent is always prepared to dispatch at a moment's notice.

Read your handbook.

We gotta go.

Where? I found him.

Our breakout assassin.

How? The owner of the club is being indicted on racketeering charges.

He was the one who ordered the hit on his main witness.

The motel murder victim.

I've got the hit man's number.

So what are we gonna do with it? Not we.


You're going to hire him to kill a guy.

It's under "H", for hit man.

Let me grab my "P" for pants.

You the guy? I'm the guy.

Have a seat.

You seem Young.

Well you're not exactly what I was expecting either.

You know, you come highly recommended from a friend, but maybe he was wrong.

Look, I gotta ask.

Are you affiliated with a law enforcement agency? Reminding you it would be entrapment to lie about said affiliation.


I'm just looking for a permanent fix to a real problem, you know what I mean? You mean Murder? The murder you had in mind is gonna cost you a million dollars.

Seems a little steep.

Plenty of guys could do it for less.

But I'm the best.

I can get in anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hands on the table.

Bad idea.

STEPHEN: Thanks, partner.

No problem.


Sorry, Cara.

It's over.

That's funny, I was just about to tell you the same thing.

What are you talking about? We just brought the breakout into Ultra.

Oh yeah? Then why did he just walk onto my subway car? Hate to break it to you, but you got the wrong guy, Stephen.

Yeah nice try, Cara.

You wanna see what I'm seeing? Be my guest.

There's two of them, how They're twins.

Didn't your mother teach you not to steal? Didn't yours teach you not to kill? I never killed a soul.


How is he able to kill? He's human.

That's impossible.

Only a paranormal could have pulled off those hits.

We've felt him teleport.

The large Tele-signatures.

He has a partner teleporting him.

Where are you pulling this out of? Wait! Who? Someone with powers.

A twin.

A paranormal twin.

We need to capture him as soon as possible.

My brother's not going to like this.

He'll come after you.

And when he does, it won't be pretty.

So how does this work? You teleport him in.

He does the dirty work.

Tell us what happened at the hotel.

If you need anything, Ron and Larry are on the door.

Hello, Alexe.

Please, I have a family.

There's nothing in this world more important than family.

Hey! Guys! Larry, open the door! MARSHAL: Ron! Larry! MARSHAL: What the hell is going on? So you're the executioner? Your brother's the getaway ride.

What can I say? We make a good team.

You're as powerless as a mewling kitten.

You wouldn't say that if I had a wire around your neck.

Really? Textbook overcompensation.

The fact of the matter is, your brother was born with gifts that would make the gods jealous.

But by some horrible twist of fate, You were born with nothing.

You're wrong.

Who do you think sets up the hits? Manages the money? Huh? My brother needs me.

Because you're shrewder than he is.

Nature's Pathetic attempt at balancing the scales, but let me tell you something, kid.

One day your brother's going to realize he doesn't need you.

You're weak.

You're a burden to him.

An albatross around his neck.

He doesn't need you.

But what if I could help you? What if I could help you get the powers that are your birthright? Make you your brother's equal.

How? Mmm.

Well I would need a donor, first.

Your twin.

The answer's no, Stephen.

Cyrus may not be able to kill, but he's an accessory to murder.

Let me take him in.

It is my duty to protect the Tomorrow People.

All of them.

What about the other criminal breakouts we've given to Ultra? Cyrus was being manipulated by his brother.

If you want to punish someone, it should be the brother that you've got.

But no.

You and Jedikiah are too busy scheming to make Nathan sell out his own twin.

Are you reading my mind? Since you've become your uncle's lackey, yeah.

I am.

You're supposed to be our inside man.

And you're supposed to help me protect my cover.

I don't want to argue with you, Stephen.

I'm sorry, I just don't have it in me.

This place is falling apart without John.

Oh, this is ridiculous.

Cara is so Stubborn? Fearless? Beautiful? In over her head.

First kicking out, then refusing to let go of Cyrus, she's just making one mistake after another.

She does have a point.

Really? You're going to defend her? Jedikiah is going to use these twins as guinea pigs.

I thought that was just a ploy.


It's real.

Trust me.

Power transplants are the Holy Grail for Jedikiah.

Well, has he ever succeeded? No.

I saw one once myself.

The human is forced to watch As the paranormal is strapped into this medieval looking chair That harvests their stem cells.

Every time, The paranormal dies.

In pain.

Imagine if that was you and Luca.


I get it.

So, like I said, maybe Cara's right to want to hold on to him.

Look, uh, obviously murder is wrong, but How do you and your brother spend all the money? Are we talkin', uh, models and bottles in Dubai? Savile Row tailors? Holidays on the Riviera? Paint me a picture.

Uh, we bought a house.

Uh, in Connecticut.


Uh, it's big, it's got two washer-dryers NATHAN: Cy? Where are you? I need you.

Cy, they're hurting me.

Dude, are you okay? Nathan's in trouble.

I can feel it.

They're hurting him.

Cara? Please.

Take off the cuffs.

I have to help my brother.

Cyrus, listen to me.

It is a trap.

Your brother's been captured, and he's trying to manipulate you into turning yourself in.

No, I can feel him.

He needs me.

Your brother has been using you for years.

This is finally your chance to be free of him.

No No, I have to get to my brother.


No, I will not let you He's my family.

You must have someone in your life you'd sacrifice everything for.

I thought your offer to give Nathan powers was a trick.

But it's real, only the procedure will kill his brother.


I wonder where you got that little piece of information? Not many of our agents know about our transference protocol.

Well, you're right.

In the past the donor has typically expired.

But that's science, Stephen.

It's success built upon decades of failure.

And besides, we've never tried the experiment on twins before.

And you never will.

Cyrus isn't gonna fall for your little trap.

The guy's sitting on a million bucks.

He's probably out of the country by now.

CARA: I hope you're happy, Stephen.

Cyrus is turning himself in.

You okay? You're looking a little dyspeptic.

I'm unarmed.

I don't want any trouble.

Well, well, well.

It looks like my little trap paid off.

Take him to the lab.

Prep them both for the procedure.

Nathan, don't do this.

What are you doing? If you try and take away his powers, Cyrus will die.

I've seen my share of death.

He's your brother.

What are you doing? Even if this procedure works, which it never has, he dies.

Are powers really worth that much to you? So easy for you to say.

You don't know what it's like to be born without them.

Step aside.

STEPHEN: Cara, my uncle's gonna kill him.

No, he's not.

What did you do? No.


JEDIKIAH: I don't know about you, but this is very exciting.

You're gonna do well.

You're gonna do well.

May I say goodbye first? Indeed.

You ready, brother? If you think it's for the best.

I do.


STEPHEN: Get down! CYRUS: Nathan! Forget him.

Let's go! Hold your fire! What are you doing? Nathan! Finishing the job.

STEPHEN: No, you don't wanna do this.

I could think of one million reasons why I do.

We've gotta jump, let's go! No.

NATHAN: You thought You thought you could convince me to betray my own brother? What do you know about the bond of blood? No, no, no, no, no! No.

You've carried me long enough.


You let him get away.

Why'd you let him go? You let him get away.

Saving my life earns you free entry.

No knock required, Stephen.

Saved your life a few times, now.

Well, it goes both ways, right? I trust Astrid is getting over her trauma.

What was so important about those twins? I've, um, never seen you like that.

You must forgive me for losing my composure.

It's just the perfect case study.

Two specimens, almost identical, offers us the chance to study the gene that makes you so special.

Any scientist would've killed for the chance to study them.

Perhaps a poor choice of words.

Or maybe a scientist who himself had a paranormal brother.


Well, I'm sure my own personal history probably fueled my interest subconsciously.

I think it's a little more than that.

Meaning? When I asked you what happened to my father's body after he was killed, You said you cremated him.

I did.

Why? You are so excited about the possibility of transferring powers between siblings.

You're telling me that you didn't wanna study your own brother? See if it was possible to gain his powers? I value my humanity, Stephen.

And he was my brother.

Not a lab rat.

I shouldn't have to explain those feelings to you.

You have something for me? I'm not sure you earned it.

You didn't finish the job, Cyrus.

Your boy, Stephen, got in the way, and now my brother's dead.

So, yeah, I'd say we earned it.

JOHN: Has it really come to this? Hiring contract killers to do our dirty work? What'd you do, give him my gun from the lair? You know, I have always admired your resolve.

But this time, you've gone too far.

I had a chance to take out Jedikiah.

I took it.

Would you listen to yourself? You still care for Jedikiah.

Or else you'd see I'm right.

Cyrus asked me something.

If there was anyone in my life I would sacrifice everything for.

It's you.

You're my family.

Come back with me.

So that you could have an assassin at your disposal? No thanks.

No, John, that's not what I I miss you.



What are you doing up? Waiting for you.

Is everything okay? You tell me.

Yeah, everything's fine.

For now.

For now is about as good as we can hope.

John told me what you're doing at Ultra.

The war that you're fighting.

After everything I did to try to keep you safe.


I always resented your father for choosing the fight over our family, but Maybe I was wrong.

Mom, everything that I'm doing is for this family.

I know.

And I'm proud of you.

You're a born leader, just like your Pain-in-the-ass father.

So we can stay.

And you can keep working at Ultra.

Because I know it's important.

But I can't stop being your mom.

I need to provide some semblance of a normal life for you and Luca.

I know.

Luca needs it.

So do I.

But the days of burying my head in the sand are over.

I know you're in danger.

At Ultra.

So every night, when you come home, I'll be waiting.

Because I won't be able to rest until I know that you're safe.

I'm safe.

For now.

That's gonna have to be good enough.

Good night, Mom.

I was so close.

So close.

I had the perfect two candidates, and somehow, I just let 'em slip through my fingers.

Well, you know what that means.

You and I are going to have to put our plans on hold.


I'm so sorry.

Oh, yeah, you know, I forgot to tell you.

Your son.

Sharp kid.

He's looking for you.

He's getting closer every day.

You'd tell me if he tried to contact you in any way, wouldn't you? You know what happens when we keep secrets from each other.



Good night, little brother.

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