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  1x12 - Expecting
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Angel: “You’ve had vision.”

Cordy: “Boy! Howdy! – Doyle kissed me just before he died and he passed it on to me!”

Cordy in her new apartment..

Cordy: “I’m not giving up this apartment!”

Angel: “It’s haunted!”

Cordy: “It’s rent controlled!”

Cordy talking to Aura in the phone: “Yeah, I have a room-mate, but it’s cool. I never see him. (Her can of rootbeer slides across the end-table and Cordy covers up the receiver) Hey! Phantom Dennis, put that back!”

Night, the office. Cordelia is putting on some lipstick using one of the lobby windows as a mirror.

Angel: “You look nice.”

Cordy jumps and spins around, then looks back at her reflection in the window. There is a streak of lipstick from the corner of her mouth halfway up her cheek.

Cordy pulls out a tissue: “And now I look like the Joker.”

Angel: “Sorry.”

Cordy fixes her lipstick: “Hopefully I’m still too young and carefree for a heart attack. Would it kill you to hum a little tune when sneaking up on people?”

Angel looking at a file: “I don’t hum. I’m confused here. Why is Mrs. Bensen filed under ‘P’?”

Cordy: “That’s not a ‘P’ that’s an ‘F’. Or is it an ‘R’?”

Angel: “I don’t know. Maybe we can be a little less - young and carefree with the filing?”

Cordy: “Oh, it’s an ‘F’. I remember now.”

Angel blinks and scratches his neck: “All right, so... (Chuckles) Why is it Mrs. Bensen is filed under ‘F’?”

Cordy: “Because she is from France. – Remember what a pain she was?”

Angel: “Yeah. It made me what to drink a lot.”

Cordy: “Well, that’s the French for you.”

Wesley walks into the office: “Hello. I was just in the neighborhood, patrolling with my new Bavarian fighting axe (Holds up an axe), when I suddenly thought ‘perhaps Cordelia has had a vision’, perhaps you need my help in the battle against evil.”

Angel: “We seem to be evil free at the moment.”

Wesley: “I also packed along a ‘Word Puzzle 3-D’ if either of you has the nerve to take me on.”

Cordy: “Gee, Wesley, I’d love to, but unlike you, I’m not in my 80s quite yet.”

Wesley: “If shaking your booty at the latest trendy hot spot is your idea of a life, then call me... (Two glamorous girls walk in) ...sick with envy.”

Sarina to Wesley: “Hi. I’m Sarina. Nice axe.”

Wesley laughs: “Uh, ah, no, this old thing...”

Wesley swings the axe around and embeds it in the wall beside him. Angel looks at him, then over at Sarina, but doesn’t say anything.

Sarina to Cordy: “We’re late. Wilson practically had to have phone sex with the manager at Lounge La Brea to get us in.”

Cordy turns around: “Okay, okay. How do I look?”

Sarina: “Like you always do. Wilson won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.”

Angel: “Who’s Wilson?”

Sarina: “Christopher.”

Angel looking at Cordy who turns away: “Christopher Wilson.”

Emily: “Wilson Christopher.”

Wesley: “No. The ethno-archeologist from Brandies?”

Sarina: “The fashion photographer from LA who’s been seeing Cordelia. Third times the charm. (Turns towards Wesley) And that Hugh Grant thing is really starting to work for me.”

Angel walks over to Cordy: “So, ahem (chuckles) You’ve been seeing someone. How come I didn’t know?”

Cordy: “Because I’m ashamed of you. Not to mention how you’d embarrass me by giving him the third degree.”

Emily: “Your boss could give me the third degree anytime.”

Sarina to Emily: “You’re a sucker.”

Cordelia puts a hand to her forehead and drops to the floor behind the desk. Angel quickly knocks some letters to the floor: “Ah, Cordelia, grab that file. Sorry.”

Wesley runs over and starts to gather the letters: “Oh, not to worry. Heh, heh, whoopsie.”

Angel turns to the two girls standing between them and the desk: “So, La Brea. Sounds like that could be an evening (Wesley straightens up and stands next to Angel) with all sorts of evening type... I - I heard the bands there are...”

Sarina: “They don’t have any bands.”

Angel: “Which I like. Because if it’s too loud...”

Emily amused: “Want to come?”

Angel: “Oh, I think I may be busy.”

Cut to Cordy writhing on the floor. We get a flash of her vision.

Angel: “Beside, ah, I, uhm, I don’t lounge all that well.”

Wesley laughs: “Good one! Oh, yes. No, he’s ah, he’s no lounger (puts an arm around Angel) this one.”

Sarina to Emily: “The good ones are always gay. (Wesley lets go of Angel) Cor, tick, tock.”

Cordelia pulls herself back to her feet and Angel turns towards her.

Angel: “So, that client I’m supposed to be meeting tonight, what’s he like again?”

Cordy: “Like a big baby (flash to her vision) hatching from a big egg with really large hands, in need of a manicure. (Writes an address on a piece of paper and hands it to Angel) You’re meeting him here. Okay.”

Sarina as the three girls leave the office: “Are my girls ready to party?”

Wesley as Angel goes to get his coat: “I don’t suppose you need any help, slaying the big baby creature, do you? Not that an evening alone with word puzzle isn’t plenty exhilarating in it’s own right. (Angel passes him and hands him the address. Wesley looks at it a big grin spreading over his face) Right.”

Wesley hurries after Angel then turns back to sling his bag over his shoulder and try to pull the axe from the wall. Angel watches from the lobby through one of the windows as Wesley pulls the axe free, falling to the floor in the process.

Cut to Wesley looking at the address on the paper, 23 Cabrillo. He lowers the paper to reveal a mail box with that address. Angel pulls out a sword and Wesley has the axe in his right hand and a loaded crossbow in his left as they walk up the steps to the door. Angel nods at him. Wesley kicks in the door and jumps through it weapons held at the ready. Angel tries to follow but bounces off an invisible wall.

Wesley to an older couple sitting watching TV: “Don’t move a muscle. – Demon spawn! (The man blinks at him) Cowards, don’t make me thrash it out of you. Where do you lay your eggs? In the cellar?”

Angel looks over at the neighboring house and sees the thing from Cordy’s vision hatching through one of the windows: “Wesley...”

Wesley: “In the bedroom?”

Angel: “Yeah, that’s right, termites lay their eggs anywhere, such as next door.”

Angel motions to the next house. Wesley backs up and looks out through the door, weapons still trained on the older couple, who are just sitting there looking at him.

Wesley lowers his weapons: “Oh.”

Angel: “And we fight termites, where ever they may roam.”

Angel and Wesley leave, then Wesley turns back to the older couple: “Sorry about the door.”


We see the bedroom window from the outside. There is orange slime spattered on the glass. We hear the demon baby scream and the sounds of Angel’s sword and Wesley’s axe. We see shadows of Wesley and Angel fighting the thing. One of them gets thrown against the wall next to the window and the plaster on the outside breaks. Camera pans over to the closed door and we see Wesley flying through it with a scream. He picks himself up, axe still in hand and runs up the stairs and back in through the broken door.

Wesley: “You’ll pay for that.”

More sounds of fighting, then Angel steps through the door spattered with gore, sword in one hand, sheath in the other. Wesley follows him, looking disheveled, and also spattered with gore.

Wesley: “That was bracing.”

Angel wipes his sword off on his sleeve: “Yeah. Baby just hatched. Wouldn’t want to run into him when he grows up and gets his drivers license.”

Wesley laughs: “And thank you very much, Cordelia, for sending us to the wrong house. Another five minutes and that thing would have been loose in the world.”

Angel sheathes his sword: “Huh, well, it all worked out.”

Wesley: “This time. (Looks back at the broken door) Maybe we should clean up...(turns back to Angel) You think a Tahval demon leaves a hefty security deposit?”

Angel turns to go: “I’m sure of it.”

Wesley: “Well, it’s not my place, Cordelia works for you, but she doesn’t seem to be paying attention to her duties lately.”

Angel: “She’s had a lot to deal with. I mean, Doyle’s death, inheriting his visions, she’s young. She’s still trying to find her way in the world.”

Wesley: “But we’re not in the world. Demon hunters like us have a higher calling.”

Angel motions with a finger to his cheek: “You, uh...”

Wesley mirrors his motion and wipes some gook of his cheek: “Thanks. I mean, no one is more fond about Cordelia than I, but if she wants to go gad-abouting with those doxies...”

Angel walks past him with a smile: “I think they liked you.”

Wesley follows him: “Really! I – I didn’t mean doxy in the sexual promiscuous sense, exactly. I – I... You don’t think sticking the axe in the wall put them off?”

Angel as they walk by a lady in a bathrobe with curlers in her hair: “That was charming.”

Wesley: “What about the fact that they thought we were gay?”

Angel: “Adds mystery.”

Cut to the La Brea Lounge.

Bartender hands Sarina a drink: “Here you go.”

Sarina: “Thanks.”

Bartender: “Don’t mention it.”

Sarina: “I won’t. But I’ll tip for it. (Turns to a guy) Jason, mullah.”

Jason smiles at her and hands her a bill. Sarina hands it to the bartender.

Jason: “I’m not saying it was worthy of a kiss.”

Sarina kissed Jason as Emily comes over.

Emily: “I’m bored.”

Sarina: “Emily, do you know what it takes to get in here?”

Emily: “Still bored.”

Sarina: “Well, Cordy’s not.”

Camera pans to show Cordy and Wilson sitting on a couch talking.

Wilson: “So you left Sunnydale and came to LA. What was that like?”

Cordy: “Like skydiving without a parachute (Wilson chuckles) except for the smashing your body to bits part. - Actually, no, it was like that, too. Oh, and that guy that was supposed to be here when you arrive...”

Wilson: “The guy?”

Cordy: “With the big bag of fame and fortune.”

Wilson: “Oh, that guy.”

Cordy: “So, what happened to him?”

Wilson: “He comes and goes. He’s sort of fleeting that way.”

Cordy: “Well, if you see him will you tell him to fleet my way?”

Wilson laughs and nods: “Thank you.”

Cordy: “For what?”

Wilson: “For making me *not* hate dating. – Sarina is really something. I’m going to send her flowers (Cordy looks at him) for introducing you to me.”

Cordy: “I knew that. (Laughs) God, for the first time I like LA. In high school I knew my place and, okay, it was a haughty place, and may be I was a *tad* shallow.”

Wilson: “Oh, hey, nobody feels like they belong here. I mean that’s the point of LA to make you feel as insecure as possible.”

Cordy: “You don’t feel that way.”

Wilson: “Sure I do.”

Cordy: “Right. You’re doing what you came to LA to do. You’re photographing all these gorgeous, famous people. Where is the insecure?”

Wilson: “In the pictures, which are further proof that everybody is having a real life, except me. I’m the guy behind the camera, watching and recording life, not – living it - each and every moment – like you.”

Cordy: “Wow, I’m living life? Look at me.”

Wilson: “Look at you.”

Cut to Cordy unlocking the door to her apartment.

Cordy: “Well, here we are. (Turns around in the open door) Thank you for the club, and for driving me home, and listening to my entire life’s story. I think I may have left out a couple of weeks in early 1987, but...”

Wilson: “I had a great time, and you didn’t talk too much. I want to know everything about you.”

Cordy: “Me, too. I mean, about you, not... because I already know (Wilson steps over the threshold) about me...”

Cordy trails off as he kisses her.

Wilson: “Call you tomorrow?”

Cordy: “Uhm, you don’t have to...”

Wilson laughs: “Call you?”

Cordy: “Go home? I mean, right away? It’s still early (Wilson looks at his watch) in Australia. (They laugh) Will you come in?”

Wilson walks in and looks around: “Nice.”

Cordy closes the door and dims the lights: “Yeah, compared to my old apartment, it’s Buckingham Place.”

Wilson: “You live alone, right?”

The lights go bright again.

Cordy goes to turn them back down: “In the sense that I’m the only one living here that’s actually alive.”

Wilson: “That was a yes, I think.”

Cordy as the lights brighten again: “Wiring. Old buildings.”

Wilson: “Well, no worries. Besides I – I like looking at you.”

Cordy: “Look the truth is that my dating game skills are kind of rusty. You’re the first person I’ve had over in a long... well, - ever. (They laugh) So, I’m open to suggestions.”

Wilson: “Music?”

Cordy: “Right. Music.”

She turns the radio on but it switches from the mellow music that was playing to some rousing Polka.

Wilson: “That’s some jaunty Polka.”

Cordy laughs as she reaches back to turn the radio back off.

Wilson: “Oh, I know, I know, the wiring.”

Cordy laughs: “How about some tea?”

Wilson: “That be great.”

Cordy: “Okay.”

Cordy once she gets into the kitchen: “All right, Dennis, *knock it off*! This is the one guy, I’ve actually liked in a long time, and if you keep killing the mood, I’ll kill *you*! (Gets the teakettle) All right, empty threat, you being a ghost and already dead and all. (Fills the kettle with water and sets it on the stove) But I’ll do something *worse*! I’ll play ‘Evita’ around the clock. (Puts her hands on her hips) The one with *Madonna*!”

Wilson walks up behind her: “Who are you talking to?”

Cordy spins around: “ ghost. I have a ghost. He’s jealous. (Grimaces and laughs) Kidding. The apartment’s great, but things are always breaking and, uhm, and I have no one to complain to, so sometimes *just* to keep myself company I talk to myself.”

Wilson leans forward and kisses her. When he pulls back Cordy stares at him for a moment then leans in and kisses him.

Cut to the darkened bedroom and more kissing. Then they are laying on the bed and we get still more kissing and a glimpse of a bare back.

Cut to Cordy waking up the next morning.

Cordy turns around: “Wilson?”

The bed beside her is empty and she reaches for the alarm clock. It’s 10:47 am.

Cordy pushing herself up: “Uh-oh, somebody is going to be late for work.”

She pushes the blanket aside and stares at her hugely pregnant belly.

Cut to Cordy sitting up dressed in bed.

Cut to Angel and Wesley walking up to Cordy’s door (they are under some kind of roof, so no direct sunlight).

Angel: “What time is it?”

Wesley: “Quarter past noon.”

Angel: “I left two messages, she should have called back. (Bangs his fist on her door) Cordelia!”

Wesley: “Maybe she unplugged her phone. Or she slept somewhere else. (Wesley turns to go) Well, I guess we should... (Angel turns the knob, breaking the lock and walks in) break down her door and trespass.”

Angel looks around the apartment: “Cordelia? -I’m getting a bad feeling here.”

Wesley closes the door: “I thought it was just me.”

Angel: “This isn’t like her.”

Wesley: “Avoiding her responsibilities? Lately it seems quite like her. (Angel opens the bedroom door) I’m sure it’ll all work out once we...(The door swings open and we see them stare at Cordy sitting up in bed) Mother of God.”

Cordy not looking at them: “Angel?”

Angel comes in: “It’s alright. We’re here.”

Cordy: “I’m ready to wake up now. I - I don’t seem to be - waking up. - Help me.”

Angel sits down on the edge of the bed: “We’re going to. What do you remember?”

Cordy close to crying: “Well, we went to the club. And Wilson and I just sort of hid out on this couch and we talked and talked and then he drove me home and I asked him in. – He was really nice. And we ah, - you know? - It was normal. He was normal and it was safe, it was - it was all really safe!”

Angel: “Shh, shh. It’s okay. Have you talked to Wilson?”

Cordy: “No. I haven’t talked to anyone. What would I say to him? ‘I had a really great time. I think you left something at my place’? I don’t think this is right.”

Angel reaches for her cordless phone and holds it out to her: “What ever is happening to you, he may have some answers.”

Cordy: “I can’t.”

Angel: “Just dial his number and I’ll talk to him.”

Cordy takes the phone and dials: “Oh, God. I’m being punished.”

Wesley: “You’re certainly not being punished. This is... We’ll get to the bottom of it.”

Angel takes the phone and hears: “The number you have reached has been disconnected, there is no new number at this time.”

Angel hangs up: “He’s not answering right now. I want you to rest, and we’re going to handle this. Hey! You’re not alone.”

Cordy looking at her belly: “That’s sort of the problem, isn’t it? (Angel and Wesley look at each other) Could you - just leave me alone for now?”

Angel gets up: “We’re going to be right outside.”

He and Wesley leave and close the door. The box of tissues floats up from the night stand and one of the tissues floats over to Cordy who takes it, blows her nose and blots at her eyes.

The blanket moves up to her neck and Cordy sighs.

Cut to Angel hanging up the phone: “Thanks.”

Wesley: “Any luck with your contact?”

Angel: “Wilson’s home and business phones have been disconnected, no unlisted numbers, no forwarding addresses, no criminal record.”

Wesley: “Well, that’s something.”

Angel sighs: “I’m guessing it’s some kind of procrea-parasitic demon.”

Wesley: “Hmm, a demon who can only reproduce by implanting a human woman with its seed. Yes, I’ve heard of such entities. - The human mothers...”

Angel: “Rarely survive labor, and the ones that do, wish they hadn’t.”

Wesley: “If she’s that pregnant in one night, she could give birth at any moment.”

Angel: “We have to move fast. You’re gonna have to see what’s inside her.”

Wesley shocked: “I beg your pardon?”

Angel with a smile: “Pre-natal exam, Wesley.”

Wesley: “Oh, of course. And what about you?”

Angel: “I’m going to find Daddy.”

Cut to the La Brea Lounge. Angel walks up to the bar and clears his throat.

Bartender: “I didn’t see you.”

Angel: “I get that a lot.”

Bartender: “What can I get you?”

Angel: “I need some help.”

Bartender: “I’m kind busy.”

Angel: “Yeah, I know. I won’t take much of your time. A friend of mine was here last night. Her name is Cordelia. Big smile, really pretty?”

Bartender: “Yeah, we get a lot of that.”

Angel pulls out some money and lays it on the bar.

Bartender: “What’s this?”

Angel looks down at the bill under his hand then back up at the guy: “Probably an insult. I’m guessing that you’re serving drinks day and night to jerks that think that they can buy anything.”

Bartender comes around the bar: “Yeah, that be a good guess.”

Angel: “One of those jerks hurt my friend. I need to find him, fast.”

Bartender: “Who was it?”

Angel: “Wilson Christopher. (Bartender nods) Look, I want to know who his friends are, where they hang...”

Bartender: “Pretty much where ever Sarina tells them to.”

Angel: “Sarina.’

Bartender: “Yeah. You know her?”

Angel: “Yeah.”

Bartender: “They travel in packs. The guys have the money, the girls have the pretty. The girls decide what club’s the flavor of the month and Sarina rules the girls.”

Angel turns to go: “Thanks.”

Bartender: “So, you’re her boyfriend?”

Angel: “No. I’m family.”

Cut to a hospital by Pershing Square. Cut to the waiting room.

Pregnant woman to Cordy: “Do you know what it is? (Cordy looks at her in shock) Boy or girl?”

Wesley comes to sit down next to Cordy: “Shouldn’t be long. (Leans forward and whispers) I told them that it was rather urgent.”

Woman: “You’re carrying low. I bet it’s...”

She reaches over towards Cordy and Cordy jumps in her chair freaked: “Shut up! Don’t touch me!”

Cut to the doctor examining Cordy: “You’re what, eight and a half months along?”

Wesley aside to Cordy: “Feels like only yesterday, doesn’t it?”

Doctor: “Well, I see you left a lot of blanks on the patient information form. It would help to have the name of your previous doctor.”

Cordy: “You’re the only doctor we’ve been to...”

Wesley jumps in: “in California. We just moved here from England.”

Doctor: “Lovely country. So, how are you feeling?”

Cordy: “I’m as big as a house, everything hurts, I...”

Doctor: “That’s all normal at this stage. And once your little one comes out, which will probably be in no time, you’ll feel a lot better.”

Cordy: “God, it’s a nightmare.”

The doctor and the nurse stare at Cordy.

Wesley takes Cordy’s hand: “Hold on.”

Doctor: “All right, Mrs. Penborn, why don’t you lie back and see what’s baking in the oven?”

Cordy lies back with a sigh and the doctor and the nurse start the ultra sound.

Doctor: “Have you folks settled on a name yet? It’s the hardest part for a lot of people. (Wesley standing next to Cordy giving her a reassuring smile. Doctor looks at the monitor) Hmm, looks like somebody is having twins.”

Cordy and Wesley: “Twins?!?”

Doctor still looking at the screen: “No, there is a third heartbeat.”

Nurse stares: “There is another one.”

Wesley goes to look over the doctor’s shoulder.

Doctor: “Five... six (Cordy stares at her belly and shakes her head) oh, my God!”

Cordy: “What is it? What’s wrong?”

Doctor: “I – I’m sure it’s nothing. But I - I’d like to withdraw - a little of the amniotic fluid just, just to make sure that everything is, ah... shipshape. (Cordy narrows her eyes at him) So, nurse, if you would prep Mrs. Penborn right away?”

Wesley stares at the screen then looks over at Cordy.

Cut to Angel stepping out of an elevator in to a dimly lit hallway. He walks up to a door and knocks.

Angel: “Sarina?”

Sarina: “Just leave it outside.”

Angel: “Sarina, it’s Angel, Cordelia’s friend. Can I come in?”

Sarina: “Okay.”

Angel walks in and looks around: “Sarina?”

The apartment is dark lit only by some candles. Angel walks further and sees Sarina with her back to him lighting another candle.

Angel: “Sarina?”

Sarina still with her back to him: “The light hurts my eyes lately.”

Angel: “I know the feeling.”

Sarina: “I thought you were the liquor store. (Lifts a bottle to her lips) I’m almost dry. (Drinks) I know what you’re thinking. I shouldn’t, right? (Turns around. She is as pregnant as Cordy) It’ll hurt the baby? (Looks at her belly) I hope!”

Cut to the clinic.

Doctor syringe in hand: “I need to tell you that there is a point 5% chance of miscarriage from the procedure. Now, it’s a very small risk...”

Cordy: “I’ll take it.”

Doctor: “Now, you’ll feel a pinch. Just count backwards from five, and we’ll be done.”

Cordy: “5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1!”

The doctor withdraws the needle and stares at the fluid: “All done. (Hands it to the nurse) Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Now we’ll just run a few tests...”

The nurse turns back around staring at the syringe in horror: “Dr. Wasserman?”

The syringe cracks and the nurse drops it and jumps back with a scream.

Doctor looks at the syringe on the floor as the fluid starts to eat through the floor: “This is, uhm... (he and the nurse leave the room) Excuse me.”

Wesley bends down to get a closer look at the hole in the floor then looks over at Cordy, his mouth hanging open.

Cordy: “You saw what’s inside of me?”

Wesley: “I think we should find Angel.”

Cordy: “Wesley, please just tell me!”

Wesley doesn’t look at her: “Cordelia...”

Cordy: “Do they look healthy?”

Wesley stares at her.

Cut to Angel and Sarina.

Sarina: “It’s like it’s not real, but it is. Right? It’s really happening?”

Angel blinks: “It’s real. It’s happening to Cordelia, too.”

Sarina: “Oh, God. - I can’t reach Jason. He’s gone.”

Angel: “So is Wilson.”

Sarina sits down on a couch: “I didn’t know this would happen.”

Angel: “But you knew something.”

Sarina: “Yeah, I knew, I knew, I knew the guys, - Jason and Nick, and then Wilson wanted to meet Cordelia. I don’t know. (Sighs) I knew something wasn’t right. Their money...”

Angel: “What about their money?”

Sarina: “It’s stupid. It kind of - smelled. (Sighs) I mean, *really* smelled. And sometimes the guys were like - jumpy. But this town, - you know? Everything is fake. Things are weird and you stop asking questions. - You sure this is really happening?”

Angel sits down on the edge of the table in front of her: “Do you have someone you can call?”

Sarina: “I Call?”

Angel: “Family.”

Sarina shakes her head: “No. No one. The guys seemed like they liked that. Wilson asked about Cordelia and I told him that she didn’t have anybody either.”

Angel: “Sarina, where can I find...”

Sarina bends forward and screams. Blends into Cordy leaning forward and screaming. Wesley holds her as they ride down in the elevator to Angel’s apartment.

Wesley leads her out: “It’s all going to work out. You’ll see, everything’s going to be just fine.”

Cordy: “I know it will be.”

Wesley leads her into Angel’s bedroom: “There’s a brave girl. I’m sure Angel won’t mind if you rest in here. Just relax, get comfortable, well, ah, ha ,ha, as comfortable as is possible at any rate. (He covers her up with a blanket) Should you need anything, anything at *all*... I’ll just...”

Cordy looks hard at him: “You’re afraid.”

Wesley: “What?”

Cordy: “You’re afraid of what’s inside of me. You think it’s horrible. You think that I won’t be able to handle it. That if I find out, I’ll do something - bad.”

Wesley: “Cordelia, the truth is I haven’t yet formulated a theory. I need time to analyze the ultrasound and weigh the data, and - and the moment there is anything concrete to report...”

Cordy rubbing her belly: “There is 7 of them. There is 7 of his children – growing inside of me. They are talking to me. They’re talking all at once. (To her belly) I can’t understand.”

Wesley sits down on the edge of the bed: “Cordelia, I know how difficult this must be for you...”

Cordy: “No! You don’t know.”

Wesley: “All right.”

Cordy whispers: “You don’t know what it’s like to be a partner in creation.”

Wesley: “I - I – I just meant...”

Cordy: “Wesley...”

Wesley: “Yes?”

Cordy whispers: “They’re not human.”

Wesley whispers: “I imagine that’s true.”

Cordy: “But, I mean... that could be okay, right? I mean, look at Angel. He’s not human. And Doyle, he wasn’t either...”

Wesley: “Shh. Shh.”

Cordy: “I mean, not totally. (Whispers) He was good.”

Wesley blots her forehead with a handkerchief: “Shh. Shh.”

Cordy sinks back into the cushions and closes her eyes with a sigh. Wesley pulls the blanket up to her chin, looks at her for a moment. He turns away to find Angel standing in the door to the bedroom. They look at each other for a moment then Wesley follows Angel into the main apartment.

Wesley: “Any luck locating Wilson?”

Angel: “Not yet. But I did find Cordelia’s friend Sarina. She’s a victim, too. As big as Cordelia. Wilson’s rich buddies are in on it. (Starts flipping through a phone book) Four of them, maybe more, I don’t know how many women they’ve impregnated.”

Wesley shows him a piece of paper: “And it’s worse than you know. The ultra sound results. Seven heartbeats, at least, maybe more. And with multiple pregnancies…”

Angel: “Someone is raising an army.”

Wesley: “An army of what?”

Angel: “Good question. We need to find the demon fathers.”

Wesley sees what section of the yellow pages Angel is looking at: “Gun clubs? Guns can kill them? Well, I say, that makes it easier.”

Angel: “Sarina said Wilson and his buddies hang out at some private gun club. Guns and Cigars. She doesn’t know where exactly. While I find them you should be narrowing down the species. Maybe we can figure out a way to terminate this without hurting her.”

Wesley: “And if we can’t?”

Angel rips out a page and sighs: “Then we need to know what to do once they’re born.”

Wesley follows Angel out of the living room: “Yes, well, it mustn’t come to that. The odds of her even surviving are...”

They stop as the enter the kitchen area and see Cordy standing in front of the open refrigerator gulping down blood out of a clear container. Some of it runs down her chin.

Angel swallows: “I don’t think I ever realized just how disgusting that was. Get her back to bed.”

Wesley: “Yes.”

Angel: “Maybe order her a pizza or something.”

Wesley: “Good idea.”

Angel: “Uh...”

Cordy puts the half-empty container back in the fridge, wipes the blood on her mouth on her sleeve and walks past them.

Cordy: “I was hungry.”

Cut to Wilson shooting a pistol at the gun club. He takes his ear protection off and turns to find Angel standing behind him.

Wilson takes off the safety glasses: “You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that in here. (Drops out the empty magazine and puts in a new one) That’s how accidents happen.”

Angel: “Speaking of accidents. I’m a friend of Cordelia Chase.”

Wilson: “This is a private club. Featured word – ‘private’.”

Angel: “You don’t talk to me, I’ll kick your ass. Featured word - ‘ass’.”

Wilson: “Angel, right? Her boss? (Turns and points his gun at Angel’s neck) She told me all about you, man.”

Angel grabs his gun hand, making him drop the gun, then twists him around and wraps one arm around his throat: “Yeah, well, somehow, I doubt that. (Angel throws him against the wall) You’re human. Then you can’t be the father. (Wilson tries to get past Angel) So you and your friends are just a link. (grabs Wilson by the front of his shirt and pushes him up against a pillar) Huh? How does it work? Those things come to term, she’ll die. You do know that?”

Wilson: “So? I’m not telling you anything.”

Angel: “Was so hoping you’d say that.”

Angel hauls back and hits Wilson with a hard right. Wilson hits back, Angel blocks and hits him again, knees him in the stomach, then drops him on the floor with a left hook. Wilson’s buddies come in just as Angel gets down to pull Wilson up and hit him again.

Nick: “Hey! Uhmm, - someone’s mommy didn’t teach him to play nice.”

Wilson picks himself up: “You have no idea what you’re dealing with.”

Cut to Wesley comparing the picture from the ultra sound to some engravings of a demon in one of Angel’s books using a magnifying glass.

Wesley: “Eeesh!”

He jumps when he looks up to see Cordy standing next to him.

Cordy looking at the engraving: “That’s him, isn’t it?”

She picks up the book to get a closer look.

Wesley: “I ask that you not overreact. Keep in mind that oft times these 16th century engravers tended to exaggerate. (Looks worriedly at Cordy’s face) Cordelia? I - I know it seems dire, but now that we’ve identified the species, there is every chance that we will be able to stop what’s happening to you. (Cordy looks at him) That’s right. We mustn’t lose hope.”

Cordy closes the book and slams it against the side of Wesley’s head. He staggers against the table.

Cordy: “ You’re not going to hurt my babies. (She hits him again and he drops to the floor) No one is going to hurt *my* babies.”

Cut to Angel and Wilson’s buddies at the gun club.

Angel: “You know, I’m starting to get the big picture here. You guys proxy for big daddy demon, he imbues you with his life force or whatever it is you’re implanting in these women.”

Jason: “He’s trouble finding his own dates. We just - help him out a little, that’s all.”

Wilson: “Shut up, Jason.”

Angel: “And you get what in return, fame, money, success? That’s it, isn’t it? How else would losers like you get ahead? I mean, you’d have to become procreative surrogates for a vile demonic entity.”

Jason with a smirk: “Well, mostly, I do it for the sex.”

Wilson: “Welcome to Los Angeles. There are worse things to be in business with.”

Angel gets right into Wilson’s face: “Where is he? Where is this demon you worship?”

Wilson smiles as Nick pulls a gun from under his sweater: “Even if we did tell you where to find him, it wouldn’t matter, since you’re about to have an accident.”

Wilson pushes Angel back, catches the gun Nick throws him and shoots Angel three times in the chest. Angel doubles over groaning. The guys’ smirks disappear when Angel straightens up in vamp face.

Angel kicking the gun out of Wilson’s hand: “I really don’t like it when people shoot me.”

Angel proceeds to beat the crap out of the four guys. At the end he kicks Wilson backward through a glass door then steps through after him and puts his foot on his face.

Angel: “Now you’re going to tell me what I need to know.”

Cut to Cordy walking into a deserted warehouse. The other pregnant girls are coming as well. They look at each other while we hear the sounds of their babies talking to them.

Cut to a phone booth. Cut to the phone ringing in Angel’s apartment. Wesley pushes himself up off the floor holding his head. Cut to Angel in the phone booth digging bullets out of his chest with his fingers while he is waiting for some one to answer the phone. Cut to Wesley picking up the phone.

Wesley: “Hello?”

Angel: “Yeah, Wesley, it’s Angel.”

Wesley picks his glasses off the floor: “Oh, Angel, thank God.”

Angel: “I found Wilson. Whatever it is Cordelia is carrying around inside her, he’s not the father.”

Wesley: “I know. It’s a Hacksaw beast, an inner earth demon. Oh, this is all my fault.”

Angel: “How is that your fault?”

Wesley: “Cordelia ran off. I tried to stop her. She became insanely protective when I identified the Hacksaw as the father of her – her, ah, (picks up the open book) I fear she may have gone off to rendezvous with it.”

Angel: “She has. Miliken Industrial Park in Reseda.”

Wesley: “What?”

Angel: “That’s where Wilson and his friends built their shrine.”

Wesley flipping through the book: “How does Cordelia know that?”

Angel: “She’s telepathically linked to its unborn. That’s how it’s controlling Cordelia.”

Wesley: “Of course, a psychic umbilical cord. The Hacksaw’s telepathic connection is what’s sustaining its unborn spawn.”

Angel: “So, all we have to do is cut the cord.”

Wesley: “We slay this demon and poof! No more evil pregnancies. Well, this is good news. We can end this without harming the women. There is just one tiny problem.”

Angel: “What’s that?”

Wesley reading through book: “Well, I don’t wish to use the words ‘impossible to kill’, but fire won’t kill it, decapitation won’t, - and it’s really huge.”

Angel: “Wesley, can you shoot straight?”

Wesley: “Beg your pardon?”

Cut to the girls changing into white robes. Led by Cordy they walk up some steps, then down into a big vat filled with some yellow-brown liquid.

Wesley steps around a corner and sees them: “Cordelia!”

He walks up to the edge of the vat: “Come out of there this instant! (Looks at the other women) All of you please!”

Cordy: “We don’t expect you to understand.”

Wesley: “I understand. (Walks up the steps to stand on the wide concrete rim of the vat, and crouches down beside Cordy) You’ll die unless you come with me, and that is the most vile smelling filth I’ve ever had the displeasure of inhaling. Now don’t make me come in there after you.”

Cordy: “We serve our master.”

Wesley: “Please come before...”

The ground begins to shake with thundering footsteps. They all look at the huge Hacksaw demon stepping through a hole in the wall.

Demon: “Who is the interloper to think you could disturb the birth of my children? Who are you?”

Wesley stands up: “Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, rogue demon hunter. (Puts up his fists) And I’m here to fight you, Sir, to the death, - preferably yours.”

Demon: “You?”

Wesley: “As a heathen I wouldn’t expect you to be familiar with the biblical story of David and Goliath. But I assure you it’s of particular relevance to this situation.”

Demon: “You said you came here to do battle, then lets fight and be done.”

Wesley looks around then slowly inches closer to the demon on the rim of the vat: “Yes, well, - as a point of courtesy, - I like to get to know my opponents, before I engage them in mortal combat. Do you, ah – do you have any hobbies?”

Demon: “Enough talk. I’ll come to you.”

Angel rolls a gas tank down a ramp drawing everyone’s attention.

Angel walking down the ramp: “Sorry I’m late to the baby shower. Brought a little gift.”

Angel picks up the tank, spins and throws it like a discus up at the Hacksaw, who catches it easily out of the air. We see a label ‘Liquid Nitrogen’ on the front of the tank.

Wesley pulls out a gun and shoots a hole in the tank. The Hacksaw drops the tank and a stream of liquid nitrogen shoots out of the hole up at him. The demon screams in the fog. The women in the vat scream, their bellies slowly deflating. Wesley and Angel stare as the demon turns into a Popsicle. The girls stop screaming. Cordy looks around then walks up the steps out of the vat. She walks up to Wesley, who backs a couple steps away from her, then grabs a big pulley hanging on a rope and swings it into the Hacksaw demon, shattering its frozen body.

Cordy: “I really hate dating.”

Cut to Angel’s office. Wesley is dusting Cordy’s desk and computer. The board above the coffee machine has ‘Welcome back Cordelia’ written on it. Angel walks in and drops some magazines on her desk.

Angel: “She likes magazines. I got a few, you know, for when she comes back.”

Wesley picks them back up: “Excuse me, I did just neaten this up for her.”

The door opens and Cordy come in.

Angel: “Cordelia. Hi. You look great.”

Wesley: “Marvelous!”

Angel: “I mean it’s only been two days. You didn’t have to come in so soon.”

Wesley: “Yes, if you need more time, Angel can manage. I’ve been helping out a little... (Angel rolls his eyes up as Wesley bends over the coffee machine) ..Someone forgot to close the filter again.”

Angel leans towards Cordy: “Of course if you’re ready to come back...”

Cordy smiles: “I’m fine. I had this great audition today for Max Crax, you know, the little crackers?”

Angel: “That’s terrific.”

Wesley: “Yes.”

Angel: “Because, you know, a cracker is something everyone can..”

Wesley: “Eat.”

Angel: “Eat.”

Cordy with a big smile: “This producer was so nice. He said that I’m his first choice. - We’re going out to dinner tonight.”

The guys look at each other.

Angel: “Uh-huh, tonight?”

Cordy nods without looking up from her desk.

Wesley: “Well, best to get back on the horse, I suppose. If he seems...”

Cordy gushing: “He is so sweet. He says that all I have to do is let him impregnate me with his demon master’s seed, and I’ve got the part. (Looks back over her shoulder and smiles at the guys, who look at each other then back at her) Guys, I appreciate all the concern, but I’m *okay*. I mean, it was an ordeal, but I got through it, - and I’m a lot stronger than those loser demon surrogates thought.”

Angel: “I’m starting to learn that.”

Cordy: “I learned something, too. I learned, uhm, - men are evil? Oh, wait, - I knew that. I learned that LA is full of self-serving phonies. No, - had that one down, too. Uh... sex is bad?”

Angel with a smile: “We all knew that.”

Cordy: “Okay. I learned that I have two people I trust absolutely with my life. - And that part’s new.”

Wesley takes a deep breath, then looks away dabbing his handkerchief at his eye: “Uh, some, uh – allergies.”

Cordy smiles at Angel, who looks back at her trying not to laugh.

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