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Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead You're growing us enough food so we won't need to do runs soon.

We need this prison.

We can all live together.


No! Judith

Don't look back.

Carl, just keep walking.

(walkers snarling)

(fire crackling)

(snarling continues)

(snarling heard in distance)

(growling turns wilder)

(blade zings)

(body thuds)



(blade splattering)

Rick: Carl, slow down. Carl, stop! We need to stay together. We got to find a place with food, supplies.

(breathing heavily)

Rick: Hey. We're gonna be..

(crows cawing)

(door creaks)

Rick: Wait outside, okay? Keep watch.

Carl: You keep watch. You can barely stand. I'm not gonna let you go in there alone.

Rick: Excuse me?

Carl: We've done this before. I'm gonna help you clear it. You should just let me do it myself.

Rick: Let's go.

(door creaks and pounds against the wall)

Rick: Kitchen's clear.


Rick: That might be all that's left.

(snarling continues)

Carl: I can get it from here.

Rick: No.

Rick: No, it's weak. I'll draw it out. Stay back.

(furnitures rumble on the floor)

Rick: Damn it. Don't.


Rick: I said not to.

Carl: You couldn't do it with the ax.

Rick: I had it.

(breathing heavily)

Rick: Every bullet counts. What if you needed that one later? See what you can find. Then let's move on. Kitchen wasn't empty after all. My haul. You?

Carl: I win.

(walkers snarling quietly)




That one's as good as any.

(door bamming and creaking)

Rick: Carl.

Carl: I got it. All the doors down here are open.

Rick: Just stop!

(pounds wall)


Carl: Hey, asshole! Hey, shitface! - Hey--

Rick: Watch your mouth!

Carl: Are you kidding me? If there's one of them down there, they would have come out.



(DVDs clatter hitting the floor)


Carl: I tied the door shut.

Rick: We don't need to take any chances.

Carl: You don't think it'll hold?

Rick: Carl.

Carl: It's a strong knot. Clove hitch. Shane taught me. Remember him?

Rick: Yeah, I remember him. I remember him every day. There something else you want to say to me?

(couch rumbles on the floor)


Rick: This'll have to do for the night. You gonna have some? You should eat.

Carl: We should save it.

Rick: Hey.

Carl: I don't want any.

Rick: Eat it. Now.


(wheezing continues)

Listen, I'm just being honest. I thought it was a bit pedestrian.

(laughs) Pedestrian?

As in lame.

And played.


Where have you seen anything like it before? Tell me that.

I've never seen a gorilla drive a car before, but if you put it in a museum, I'm not gonna call it art.

(jazz music playing)

Mike, would you please talk some sense into your lover?

Michonne: Oh, my God. You did not just call me that.


I agree with my lover.

I mean, the whole thing was--

Very lame.

And very played.

Oh, wait, wait, wait.

No, no, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't start finishing each other's sentences, man. It's just gross.

I was going to say that the whole thing was like a monument to someone trying too damned hard to be different.


Listen, I'm glad I saw it even though I did not love it.

(child giggling)

Hope we're not boring you, peanut. Come here.

I don't think that we should stay at the camp. No. I'm not taking my son out there. I don't know if this place will work out, but I know it won't if we go out there.

Does it even matter anymore? Are we just kidding ourselves?

(taking breath)

Okay. All right, I see what this is.

Really? What is this, Michonne? I mean, you've gotten good with a sword.

You know how valuable that is now?

You know what that makes you?

For what? What are we going for? Where's the happy ending here? This isn't life. This isn't anything close, okay? Not for me, not for us. And for our son.

What's the answer here? Well, what is the damn question, Mike? Why?

Okay. That's good. Now I have a question. Who's gonna open the wine?

Carl: No. No.


Carl: No, no, no, no.


Carl: No. No!


Carl: No! No! No! No!

(screaming loudly)

Carl: No!

(gasps, panting)

(walkers snarling)


Carl: Dad? Dad? Dad, wake up. Wake up. Come on. Dad, wake up. Wake up.

(loud voice)

Carl: Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

(thudding at door, snarling)

(door handle jiggles)

(snarling and thudding continue)

(thudding at door)

(snarling and growling)

Carl: Hey, you! Fresh meat right here. Come and get it. Let's take a walk. Keep up. That's it. Keep coming. Very good. Come on, keep coming. Come on.

(walker snarling)

Carl: Right here, look at me. There you go. Come on. That's it. Just a little farther. Come on.

(incoming walker snarling)

Carl: Oh, shit.

(walkers growling wildly)









(coughing, vomit splashes on the ground)

Carl: I win. Cool.


Carl: I killed three walkers.


Carl: They were at the door. They were gonna get in, but I lured them away. I killed them. I saved you. I saved you. I didn't forget while you had us playing farmer. I still know how to survive. Lucky for us. I don't need you anymore. I don't need you to protect me anymore. I can take care of myself. You probably can't even protect me anyways. You couldn't protect Judith. You couldn't protect (sighs) Hershel or Glenn or Maggie. Michonne, Daryl, or Mom. You just wanted to plant vegetables. You just wanted to hide. He knew where we were and you didn't care! You just hid behind those fences and waited for (sighs) They're all gone now. Because of you! They counted on you! You were their leader! (sniffles) But now you're nothing.



(food bags rustle)

Carl: I'd be fine if you died.



Carl: Damn it.

(door squeaks)

(floorboard creaks)

(door creaks)





Carl: Oh, shit. Come on. Come on. Come on. (grunts) Come on.


(walker pounding)

(Carl panting)

(door handle jiggles)

(walker snarling)

(blade zings)

Carl: No! No. No.

(blade zings and splattering sound)

Carl: No! No! No! No!


(breathing heavily)


(raspy breathing)


(breathing heavily)

(hammer clicks)

(raspy breathing)

(bowl clatters)


(crying continues)

Carl: I can't. I was wrong. Just do it.

Rick: Carl.


(weak and muffled voice)

Rick: Don't go outside. Stay safe.

Carl: I'm scared. (crying) I'm scared. (sobbing) I'm scared.

Michonne: Mike. (crying voice) I miss you. I missed you even when I was with you. Back at the camp. It wasn't you who did it. (sighs) You were wrong. Because I'm still here. And you could be, too. And he could be. (sighs) I know the answer. I know why.



Rick: You shouldn't have risked it, going out there like that. It's dangerous.

Carl: I was careful.


Rick: It's good that you found more food.

Carl: I found even more. But I ate it.

Rick: What was it?

Carl: 112 ounces of pudding.


Rick: I know we'll never get things back to the way they used to be.What? I only clung to that for you. For Judith. Now she's gone. And you you're a man, Carl. You're a man. I'm sorry.

Carl: You don't need to be.




(cocks gun)


Carl: What?

Rick: It's for you.

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