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  4x05 - Internment
 Posted: 11/11/13 13:07
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Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

The fence keeps bending in like that, those walkers are coming over it.

That veterinary college...

The drugs are the same we need.

Bags, tubes, claps, connectors.

Everything on the list.

All right, let's roll.

I can't let you do this.

There are people in there suffering.

( coughing )

Did you kill Karen and David?


I won't have you there.

You're gonna survive out here.

( coughing )

Henry, I need you to calm down.

We're trying to help.


( air bag hissing )

( coughing )

Drink some of that. Both of you.

( coughing )

Some council meeting, huh?

We're two members short.

Hershel: I think we should make some new rules before they get back.

I hereby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday.

First we have to find some spaghetti.

You okay to take over?

Every five to six seconds, squeeze.

You start feeling lightheaded, grab somebody else to take over.

We'll take it in shifts.

You want to help me go on my rounds?



How long will that keep him alive?

Just as long as we're willing to do it.

As long as it takes.

( coughing )

( hisses )

( scattered coughing )

( whispers )

No. Not here.

Help me get him on this.

Okay, but in a couple of hours when Henry's dead--


How are we gonna get his body down the stairs, across the cell block and through those doors without anyone noticing?

If that happens-- if-- you're gonna help me.

And what if I'm gone?

Shut up and help me get him on this.

What are you doing?

We're taking Mr. Jacobson to a quieter place.

Go get my copy of "Tom Sawyer" from my room.

I want you to read it by tonight.

We all got jobs to do.

( coughs )

That one's yours.

I won't finish it.


It's gonna get too dark.

Well, give it your best try.

( coughing )

And drink some tea.

You haven't had to do this yet, have you?

There was one late last night.

Sasha did it.

People don't need to see it.

I don't want them to.

( grunting )

( theme music playing )

( door opens )

Where's Glenn? He said he would meet me.

He's resting.

Is he okay?

He was helping me and he got tired, that's all.

If you need help, I can help you.

I don't.

I was just keeping him occupied.

Keeping his mind on helping people.

I can come in there and help you.

No, you don't need to.

You can rest, dad--


How's Bethy?

She's okay.

Daddy, you look so tired.

I am.

( chuckles )

But I'm fine.

They could return any minute now.

It's hard in here.

But we're holding it together.

We're gonna make it.

Don't you believe that?

Of course.

Just hold it together a little longer.


I love you, honey.

I love you, too.

Thank you for stopping her.

We need someone out there taking care of things.

If she saw me, couldn't keep her out.

I know you didn't want to lie to her.

I wasn't lying.

Look at you. You're resting.

( chuckles )

I'm almost done down here.

Why don't you go lie down?

( growling )

( gate creaks )

Carl, Judith, are they okay?

Yeah. Where's Carol?

Glenn, Hershel, Sasha?

Yeah, it's bad, but they're fighting it. Daryl's not back yet.

Rick. Rick, where's Carol?

It was her.

She killed Karen and David.

She was trying to stop it from spreading.

Tyreese is gonna be back here soon, so I didn't think she should be here.

And I couldn't have her here.

She has a car, supplies, she'll figure it out.

I'll tell your dad. Don't tell anyone else yet.


Would you have brought her back?

She said she did it?


Then you were right to send her away.

I don't know if I could have.

You could have, Maggie.

You've done harder things.

Don't doubt yourself. We don't get to anymore.

Rick, the cluster's getting bigger than the one that took the fence down.

We need to do something.

We will.




You okay?

I was gonna ask you that.

We're fine.

No one's sick?

You didn't have to do anything?

Haven't had to use my gun, Dad.

And Judith?

She's with Beth.


Found some food on the run.

There's a bunch of fruit leather in there.

Have everybody brush their teeth after.

Can we come out soon?

Not just yet.

Dad, I was around you when you were in the middle of it.

And I was around Patrick.

I didn't get it. I can help you.

Thanks, but I need you to stay here.

I will.

But, Dad, you can't keep me from it.

From what?

From what always happens.



But I think it's my job to try.

( door closes )

Thank you.

No problem.

( raspy breathing )

Let's have a look at you.

Doctors make the worst patients.

Not everyone gets to live.

( sniffles )

End stage is a point that no one comes back from or they-- or they can't.

That's where I am.

No, you need to focus on the ones that can make it.

I made some more IVs.

If you're not ready to lose one, you're gonna lose them all.

It's like turning off a light-- it'll happen one after the other.

And they don't just die.

We can hold on.



After what happened in the other cell block, when I came in here, I brought these.

Get back in bed now. We're not that bad off.

When we are, it'll be too late.

You don't understand.

You have a chance.

This is it after this.

I'm not giving up on anyone.

Not yet.

Just make sure everyone's doors are shut.


Just make sure!

( coughing )

Caleb, you've got to let me look at you.

Okay, Hershel.

Have a look.

Drink the tea I left you.

Gonna be back to check on you in an hour.

( coughing, gagging )

( gurgling )

( gurgling stops )

( distant coughing )

Everyone, get back in your cells.

Go on, get back in your cells.

Let's get him on this.

( grunting )

( panting )

Go rest.

Can you make it to your cell?

♪ Go your way ♪

♪ I'll take the long way around ♪

♪ I'll find my own way down ♪

♪ As I should ♪

♪ And hold your gaze ♪

♪ There's coke in the Midas touch ♪

♪ A joke in the way that we rust ♪

♪ And breathe again... ♪

( crunches )

Rick: Hershel.

Third one we've lost.

We're burning them behind the blocks.

Burning them.

That's what it's come to.

Are you okay?

I talked to him yesterday about Steinbeck.

He told me a quote.

"A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ."

That's exactly why I didn't want them all to see what happens.

I know they know, but I didn't want them to see it right now.

They're seeing you, Hershel.

They see you keep going.

Even after all the choices keep getting taken away.

When we get past this thing... it's not gonna be like how it was, is it?


Was that denial?

Not seeing things for how they were?


You just caught a break.

You needed some time. You got some.

You got lucky.

We all did.

I still think there's a plan.

I still believe there's a reason.

You think it's all a test?

Life was always a test, Rick.

I need to talk to you about Carol.

( rattles )

( rattles )

Come on.

Come on, Sasha.

You know how to fight.

Just hold on.

Just hold on. Don't give up on me, now.

( growling )

I just talked to your dad.

He looks good, all things considered.

If Carl were sick, would you be up there with him?

If I thought I could help.

You don't think I can help?

( yelps )

( grunts )


I'm just glad you're out here with me.

Welcome back.

I passed out?

You were dehydrated.

Being a hero takes a lot out of you.

You should know.

I thought you were an idiot to come in here.

I mean, I was sure you were just gonna be a dead foolish man.

I can't tell if that's a compliment.

I don't know what I'm saying.

I must have hit my head.

I don't believe in magic or luck.

I do the math and I don't gamble.

But I don't know if I'd be here right now if you weren't so damn stupid.

You know what?

I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

( hissing )

( air hissing )


( coughs )


( coughing )

( retching )

( rattling )

I'll check on you in a little while.

How is he?

He's sleeping.

You should get some rest yourself.

I don't want to leave him in case he wakes up.

( rattling )

Want me to take a look at him?


Just let him sleep.

( wheezing )

( growling )



( growling )

Everyone stay in your cells.


( crunches )

( woman screams )

( screams )

( gunshot echoes )


The fence is more important. We need to keep it standing.

I got this.

You can't do this alone.

I know. Go.

( gunshot )

( screaming )

Lizzy: Just follow me, Henry.

Down here, away from Glenn. Come on.

Come on, Henry. Here we go. This way.

( growling )

( snarling )

Come on, boy. Come on, Henry.

Just a little more.

Keep coming.

Come on, boy. Let's go. Come on.


( softly )



I heard gunshots.

I need your help.

Lizzie: Come on. Down here, Henry.

Keep following me. Come here.

A little further.

Henry, come on--

( gasps )

( screaming )

You okay?

I called him nice.

He didn't scratch Glenn. I thought maybe he listens.

Lizzy, where is Glenn?

His cell.

( panting )


Dad! Open the door!

( thumps )

( clanks )

( screams )

Get back in there.

You two stay put in here.

( rattles )

( gasping, wheezing )

Hold on, Glenn. Hold on.

( snaps )

( woman whimpers )


( snarling )

Caleb. Caleb, we need the gun.

( growling )

( cracks )

( rattles )

Think they're okay?

If things were going bad, we would have heard more shots.

Maggie would have gotten us.

We have to do this.

Let's do it.

I got it.

Let me help.

All right, set it down.

All right.

( fence rattling )

( creaking )



Dad, come on! Come on!

( growling, snarling )

( walkers growling, snarling )

Dad, what do we do?

Maybe I could back the bus up against the fence.

Will it hold?

( fence rattling )

Come on.

( growling )



Got it?


( fence creaking )

All right, listen to me.

Carl: All right.

Magazine goes in here. Release is here.

Make sure it latches.

Pull back the operating rod

and rounds feed up.

( clicks )

Keep squeezing the trigger for rapid fire, okay?

All right.

You shoot or you run.

Don't let 'em get close, okay?

( rattling )

( gunfire rattles )

( clicks )

( snarls )

( tapping )

( gunfire continues )

Back off!

( pops )

( gunfire rattles )

( panting )

( crashing )

( snarling )

( shotgun clicks )

( gunshot blasts )

( shotgun clicks )

( blasts )

( shotgun clicks )

( gasping )

( Hershel slapping )

Hold on, Glenn.

We have something.

( Glenn wheezing )

We still have it.

Son of a bitch.

( snarling )

( gunshot )


( Henry snarling )

( groans )

No! You could hit the bag. We need it for Glenn.

( gunshot )

Where is he?

He's up here. Cell .

( Glenn gasping )

He's turning blue!

Clear his airway. I'm on the way.


Roll him on his back.

( gasping )


( gurgling )

Hold his arms down.

Come on, son.

Come on. You know how this works.

Just relax.

Stay with us.

Stay with us...

stay with us.

( gasping stops )

You're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be okay.

I didn't want you in here.

I know.

I had to.

Just like you.


I told you to stay put.

Is it over?

I hope so, honey.

( growling )

( growling )

( growling stops )

( faint snarling )

( faint snarling )

( panting )

( car approaching )

Dad... everything's gonna be okay.

( gate creaks )

( screeches, rattling )

Sasha? How's Sasha?

I don't know. I'm sorry.

Daryl: Well, get in there. We got this.

( wheezing )

( footsteps clanging )


They're back now. Go rest.

( music playing )

♪ Go your way ♪

♪ I'll take the long way around ♪

♪ I'll find my own way down ♪

♪ As I should ♪

♪ And hold your gaze ♪

♪ There's coke in the Midas touch ♪

♪ A joke in the way that we rust ♪

♪ And breathe again ♪

♪ And you'll find loss ♪

♪ And you'll fear what you found ♪

♪ When weather comes ♪

♪ tearing down... ♪

( sobbing )

( rumbles, bangs )

Need some help with that?

No. Do your thing.


You didn't wake me up.

I thought I'd let you sleep in.

I should help.


I've got to go talk to Daryl.

Right now?


Soon. Soon.

How's Glenn doing?

He made it through the night.

He's breathing on his own now.

Maggie and Bob are with him.

He seems stable enough for me to get some air.

He's a tough son of a bitch.

He is.

You're a tough son of a bitch.

I am.

How about Carol?

She up in A block with Lizzy?

No. Talk to Rick about her.

She's okay, just talk to him.

You heading out?

You want to come?

Hell, yeah.

( engine starts )

The End

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