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Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

I don't know if you can hear me, I found my wife and son.

You take care of your daddy for me, all right?

And the little brother or sister, you take care of them.

You don't have to do this.

I love you!

So we're trapped in here.

There's barely any food or ammo.

I'm seeing Lori...

I know it's not really her.

I patch you up, and then you are gone.



Hey! Slow down! Slow down!

Slow ... I'm begging you! No!


Cover your ears.

Yeah, this'll work.

Tell me when.


Put something under the car like this with a little gravel and sticks.

It gives you traction.

Wouldn't have to do it if she didn't get us stuck.

It was an honest mistake.

Why'd you let her come?

She took you to Woodbury and you said she just split on you.

And Oscar died and you guys ...

It wasn't that simple.

I asked her to come today.

I didn't want to leave her at the prison if I wasn't there, not with Merle.

That and we got common interests.

For right now, we have the same problems.

So maybe we can work on them together.

Just for right now?

Yeah, just for right now.


Help me!

I'm begging you! Don't leave!



Don't leave!


Let's go.

I'm okay!



Help me!


You got any other police stations in town?

I was the police here.

Me and a few other guys.

It ain't a big town.

There's other places to check.

May not have as many guns as were in here, but ...

We need as many guns as were in here.

Ammo, too.

Yeah, we do.

But right now, I only got a line on a couple.

There's a few places out on the main street ...

bars, a liquor store.

Owners had a gun or two behind the counter that people didn't know about.

I did. I signed the permits.

They might still be there.

Do you have a problem with that approach?

No, Rick. I don't have a problem.


What is it?

I don't know.




It looks like someone's already make this theirs.

Doesn't mean they found what we're looking for.

Couple of the places are just up ahead.

Let's get in and get the hell out of here.



A shotgun and two handguns.

License issued to Tyrell Debbs.


She'll get caught.


Now you drop what you got and you go.

Your guns, your shoes,

and that sword.

All of it.

10 seconds.

Run for the car now.



We need that rifle.



I think I can get up there.,


- Carl, go.

You okay?


I told you to run for the car.

I didn't want you to have to do that.

I had to.

He's wearing body armor.

He's alive.

Do we care?


Keep an eye out for booby traps.

Looks like he's gotten pretty creative so far.

I thought we were just gonna get in and get the hell out of here.

I'm not leaving him on the street.

Look, I know you said he helped you ...

He saved my life.

He wasn't like this then.


Jesus, he has a son.

You think he's in there?



You said booby traps.

Thank you.

Let's just get him inside and go.



Carl, watch the wire.

I showed him that weapons locker last year.

And it had all of this in it?

No, not even half.

He's been busy. The cot.




We're gonna wait for him to wake up.

Make sure he's okay.

He tried to kill us.

He told us to go. He didn't know who we were.

He tried to kill us and we didn't leave him for the walkers.

He's had a good day. He doesn't need half of these guns.

We do.

We're waiting for him to wake up. That's it.

Have you taken a look around this place?

The axe, the spikes, the walls.

You think he's crazy?


I think he's dangerous.

I know him.

He wasn't

like this then.

We're gonna wait for him to wake up.

What do you see?

It's our neighborhood.


It's gone.

Is that why you wanted to come?

To see the house?


I just wanted to come.

We're eating his food now?

The mat said "Welcome."

I'm going on a run.


I thought maybe the one thing people didn't loot was cribs

and there's that baby place

that Mom's friend Sara ran.

It's just around the corner.

- Carl.

Dad, it's just around the corner.

And there's all those walker traps.

You're gonna need some help carrying the box.


If you're gonna get a crib, you have to get the box.

It's big and heavy.

You're gonna need help carrying the box.

You are getting a crib, right?

That's what I said.

Then I'll go with him.

Right there, that's the deal.

You get into trouble, you holler, okay?

I'll hear it from here.

- Okay.

You don't have to come with me.

I can handle it.

I told your dad I'd help you.

Yeah, okay.

Guess we should take care of that.



What the hell was that?

I want to do this on my own.

You just passed the baby place.

I'm getting Judith something else first, okay?

I'm sorry this happened to you.


Do you know who I am? Do you see who I am?

People wearing dead people's faces.

Morgan, listen to me.

No, I don't know you!

You do know me I don't know you!

You saved my life, Morgan!

You know me.

Look at me.

You don't clear, man.

You turn.

You just die.

You know me!

I don't know anyone anymore!

You don't clear!

You know me.

You crazy son of a bitch.


Please kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me.

Just kill me. Just ...

just kill me.

You found me last year in my front yard, Morgan.

You and ... you found me.

You fed me. You told me what's happening.

You saved me.

My name is Rick Grimes. You know me.

I'm not wearing a dead man's face.

I gave you this.

I said I'd turn it on every day at dawn so you could find me.


I know you.

Oh, man. Damn it, I ...

I know you. I know who you are.

You said you'd turn yours on at dawn.

That's what you said.

I mean, I hadn't worked up to it yet, and ...

then I did.

On the roof, every morning for days, for weeks, me and my boy.

And then...


Just static, though. Nothing but static.

And then nothing but nothing.

You weren't there. You were never there.

I was.

No, not when I tried.

I mean, you said you would turn on your radio every day at dawn.

Morgan, I ...

You said that you would turn on your radio...

I did!

...every day at dawn and you were not there!

I kept getting ... I kept getting pushed farther out.

I had to. I didn't have a choice.

I found my wife and my boy.

I had people.

I had to keep them safe.

We kept getting pushed back deeper into the country.

I swear to God I didn't have a choice.

You can have your radio back

'cause it looks like I finally found you.

You found your wife and your son.

That's what happened, right? You found them.

And did they ...

Did she ... did your wife ...

did she turn?

No, she died.

So you didn't have to see that, then.

Of course not.

Not like me.


Not like me. Not like my wife.

You remember what happened to her?

You remember what she was?



You gave me the gun.

You tried.

What did I try, Morgan?

What did I try?

You tried to get me to do it

'cause I was supposed to do it.

I was supposed to kill her, my Jenny.

Knew I was supposed to, but I let it go.

Let it go like there wasn't gonna be a reckoning.

We was always looking for food.

You know, it always came down to food.

And I was ...

I was checking out a cellar and I didn't want Duane to come down there with me.

And then when I came up...

she was standing there right in front of him and he had his gun up and he couldn't do it.

So I called to him and he turned.

And then she was just ...

just on him.

And I see red. I see red.

Everything is red. Everything I see is red.

And I do it.


Finally was too late.

I was supposed to.

I was selfish.

I was weak.

You gave me the gun.

Hey, your boy ...

is he dead?



He will be.

See, 'cause people like you, the good people, they always die.

And the bad people do, too.

But the weak people, the people like me...

we have inherited the Earth.


You think I was gonna let you go in there?

I just think it's none of your business.

You don't know me. You don't know my dad.

I came out here to help.

You came out here for common interests.

We have the same enemy and the same problem.

And that's why you're here. That's it.

This is important.

I'm going to do this.

And I know how I can.

You can't stop me.


I can't stop you.

But you can't stop me from helping you.


I've got to go back in.

Where is it?

We have to go back. We have to. I have to.

I think it's the only one left!


Not like this.

I don't know you. I get that.

But can you do something for me?

Wait here.

I can help.

No. And no more bullshit.

You wait here.

That's how we get it done.


I just ...

I just thought Judith should ...

should know what her mom looked like.

Thank you.

I was gonna go back in anyway.

I just couldn't leave this behind.

It's just too damn gorgeous.

I'm not going to kill you.

I don't think that's what's supposed to happen.

I think you're supposed to come back with us.

After all that?

After me trying to blow your head off, stab your heart out, happily ever after together?

You couldn't kill me, I couldn't kill you.

I'll take that as a sign.


We found a prison.

The fences can keep 'em out.

Is that where your wife died?

Just go.

Don't go back. Don't stop.

Just get yourself

some more time.

Look, I can help you.

You can come back with us. You can heal.

You're taking a lot of guns, Rick.

No, I'm just saying that that all is a lot of guns.

Why do you need the guns, Rick?

'Cause if you got something good, that just means that there's someone who wants to take it.

And that is what is happening, right?

We're gonna win.

You can be there. You can help.

You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets.

You and your boy.

Your people, but not me.

Because I am not gonna watch that happen again.

Man, you take the guns.

You know there's a chance. That's what you can't square.

That's what hurts.

You know there's a chance!

I don't think you heard a damn word that I said!

We both started out in the same place.

Things went bad for you, things went bad for me.

But you're not seeing things right.

I don't blame you, what you've lost, what you've been through.

You're not seeing things right, but you can come back from this, I know you can.

You have to.

This can't be it.

It can't be.

You got to be able to come back from this.


Morgan, please.


I have to clear.

That's why I didn't die today.

That's the sign.

I have to, man. I have to.

I have to clear.


I was just about to look for you.


It's all right.

You're here now.

Oh, it's nothing.

Thank you.

He's okay?

No, he's not.

Wait. Hey.



I had to shoot you.

You know I had to, right?

I'm sorry.

Hey, son.

Don't ever be sorry.

Everything okay with her?

I think she might be one of us.


Everything went okay.

Hop in. I'll throw this in the back.

You see something?

I know you see things.


I used to talk to my dead boyfriend.

It happens.

You want to drive?



I see things.

♪ O Lord,

live inside me ♪

♪ Lead me on my way ♪

♪ O Lord,

live inside me ♪

♪ Lead me on my way ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ O Lord,

in the darkness ♪

♪ Lead me on my way ♪

♪ O Lord,

in the darkness ♪

♪ Lead me on my way ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ O Lord,

heaven's waiting ♪

♪ Open up Your door ♪

♪ O Lord,

heaven's waiting ♪

♪ Open up Your door ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ Lead me home ♪

♪ Lead me home. ♪

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