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Previously on AMC's

The Walking Dead...

Now, I want to know where your camp is!

Come on!


You guys, go ahead. I'm gonna lay down some cover fire.

I'll be right behind you.

You wanted your brother.

Now you got him.

Kill 'em! Kill 'em!

Kill 'em! Kill 'em!

Let me go. Let me go.

You can't go.

Let me go. Philip.

Stay out of this.

He's my friend.

It's not up to me anymore.

The people have spoken.


I asked you where your loyalties lie.

You said here.

Well, prove it.

Prove it to us all.

Brother against brother.

- Yeah.

Winner goes free.

Fight to the death.

Philip, please. Don't do this.

Don't do this.

- Let's go, Merle!

- Come on, Merle!

- Yeah, Merle!

- Yeah!

Y'all know me.

I'm gonna do whatever I got to do to prove... that my loyalty is to this town!


You really think this asshole's gonna let you go?

Just follow my lead, little brother.

We're getting out of this right now.

Philip no, stop this! Philip, stop this!

Come on, little brother.

Stay close!


Merle, come on.


Let's go.


Let's go. Go.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

They're all at the arena. This way.

You're not going anywhere with us.

You really want to do this now?

Come on, man.

Rick, come on. We've got to go.


A little help would be nice.

We ain't got time for this.

Let's go.


Rick. Rick.


Oh, thank God.

Now we got a problem here. I need you to back up.

What the hell is he doing here?

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, put it down!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Put it down!

He tried to kill me!

If it wasn't for him--

He helped us get out of there.

Yeah, right after he beat the shit out of you.

Hey, we both took our licks, man.


Hey, shut up.


Hey, hey, relax!

Put that down now!

Get that thing out of my face!

Man, look like you've gone native, brother.

No more than you hanging out with that psycho back there.

Oh, yeah, man. He is a charmer, I got to tell you that.

Been putting the wood to your girlfriend Andrea.

Big time, baby.


Andrea's in Woodbury?

Right next to the Governor.

I told you to drop that!

You know Andrea?

Hey, do you know Andrea?

Yep, she does.

Her and blondie spent all winter cuddling up in the forest.

Mm-mmm-mmm. Yeah.

My Nubian queen here had two pet walkers.

No arms, cut off the jaws, kept them in chains.

Kind of ironic now that

I think about it. - Shut up, bro.

Hey, man, we snagged them out of the woods.

Andrea was close to dying.

Is that why she's with him?

- Yeah.

Snug as two little bugs.

So what you gonna

do now, Sheriff, huh?

Surrounded by a bunch of liars, thugs, and cowards. - Shut up!

Oh, man, look at this. Pathetic.

All these guns and no bullets in them.

Merle, shut up!

Shut up yourself! Bunch of pussies you roll--


You can take those stitches out yourself in a week or so.

Thank you.

Pretty nice having medical training.

It'll only get you so far.

You were bit?

How old is the baby?

Barely a week.

To be honest, we never thought we'd see another baby.



How are you feeling?

She's not mine.

Where's the mother?

I'm sorry.

Man, you people have been through the mill.

Haven't we all?

It's only getting worse out there.

Dead are everywhere.

And it's only making the living less like the living.

You're the only decent folks we've come across.

You've been out there all this time?

Our neighbor Jerry, he was one of those survivalist nuts.

Everybody on the block thought he was crazy.

Always preparing for the end of the world.

Who knew?

Jerry knew.

He had a bunker under his shed in the backyard.

Sasha and I stayed there until we ran out of supplies.

Allen and Ben were the first two people we ran into when we finally crawled up out of that hole around Jacksonville.

Used to be a bunch of us.

25 at one point.

Our camp was overrun six, seven weeks ago.

And-- and Donna,

she, uh...

We'll see that she has a proper burial.

I appreciate you taking care of us.

For a while, we didn't know who we were dealing with.

Neither did we.

We've had our problems with people.

I must be the first brother in history to break into prison.

Makes me the first white boy that didn't want to break out.


Like I said, we have a much larger group.

A close-knit group.

I wouldn't get too comfortable here.

We wouldn't be a problem.

It's not up to me.

Then who?

Please, you can see what kind of people we are.

It won't work.

It's gotta.

It'll stir things up.

Look, the Governor is probably on the way to the prison right now.

Merle knows how he thinks and we could use the muscle.

I'm not having him at the prison.

Do you really want him sleeping in the same cell block as Carol or Beth?

He ain't a rapist.

Well, his buddy is.

They ain't buddies no more. Not after last night.

There's no way

Merle's gonna live there without putting everyone at each other's throats.

So you're gonna cut Merle loose and bring the last samurai home with us?

She's not coming back.

She's not in a state to be on her own.

She did bring you guys to us.

And then ditched us.

- At least let my dad stitch her up.

- She's too unpredictable.

That's right. We don't know who she is.

But Merle, Merle's blood.

No, Merle is your blood.

My blood, my family is standing right here

and waiting for us

back at the prison.

And you're part of that family.

But he's not. He's not.

Man, y'all don't know.

Fine. We'll fend for ourselves.

That's not what I was saying.

No him, no me.

Daryl, you don't have to do that.

It was always Merle and I before this.

- Don't.

- You serious?

You're just gonna leave like that?

You'd do the same thing.

What do you want us to tell Carol?

She'll understand.

Say good-bye to your pop for me.

Daryl, are you serious? Daryl!

Hey. Hey.

There's got to be another way.

Don't ask me to leave him.

I already did that once.

We started something last night.

You realize that, huh?

No him, no me. That's all I can say.

Take care of yourself.

Take care of lil ass-kicker.


He's one tough kid.


Come on, bro.

We patch you up and then you are gone.

Where'd they say we could bury her?

Back of the field near the other graves.

Hey. Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Losing my grip here.

Come on, put her down.


Golden opportunity.

For what?

Little kid and a woman.

Ask them for a hand, get a hold of those weapons.

What? - We do it quick, they'll never know what hit them.

No. Whoa, whoa.

We're out here to bury Donna.

And we will, after.

Shut up.

Look at this place.

It's secure.

These are good people.

This will be easy.

A little kid, a woman, a girl and a one-legged old man.

Don't forget about the convict.

You gonna smash the baby's head with a rock?

What is your problem?

How about a little common decency?

This isn't what we do.

You're living in the past, Ty.

So are you. This is survival of the fittest, plain and simple.

In here we live, out there we die.

And I am not waiting around for the rest of their group to roll in here and throw us out on our asses.

Not a chance.

How do you know that's gonna happen?

Got some tools for you.

It's much appreciated.

Yeah, we'll take it from here.

You don't need no help with the body?

No, we'll manage.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you.

Get the brakes.

I got it.

You didn't kill him.

That's not why we went back.

No. That's right. You went back for Daryl.

And now he's gone again and the Governor is still alive.

Daryl was the priority.

I should have been there with you.

You were in no condition.

But my girlfriend was?

Glenn, this isn't about us.

I should have been there.

Hey, hey, you didn't come back with us 'cause you could barely walk.

What about her?

What about me?

Do you know what he did to her?!

Leave it alone!

Do you know?

Let's go.

After all that effort, all the risk we took, Daryl just takes off with Merle?

Well, he had his reasons.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Rick.

Doesn't change the fact that we're up to our necks in shit.

You want me to turn the car around, beg him to come back?

Throw down a welcome mat for Merle?

This is the hand we've been dealt!

Let's just get this out of here and get back.

Get some rest. We can talk it out there.

No, you guys do all the talking you want. I'm done.

How many injured?


Stevens has it covered.

So where is he?

In his apartment.


He wouldn't open the door. Said he was in the middle of something.

It's all going to hell.

Open the gate!

Calm down, people.

Back away.

It's not safe here. We want to leave.

There's biters out here, lady.

Let us out.

Get back!

I told you to get back.

Nobody leaves.

Hey, Martinez, we got biters.

All right, take them out.

Everybody calm down.

We can't stay here anymore.

This place is crazy. Please, you have to let us go.

Karen, you don't want to go out there. It's too dangerous.

Yeah, well, we'll take our chances.



Hey, knock off the horn.

Knock off that horn.


Get out of the car.

Put the gun down.

Get out of the car.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Don't hurt him. Don't hurt him.

Hey, I don't take orders from you.

These people are scared. Shoving a gun in their face won't help.

Where's the Governor?


There's a riot out here.

You're making things worse.

I am?

What the hell?


Get back, get back!

Oh, my God.

Help him.

Somebody, please?


Do something.

It's so quiet.

It's easy to forget how loud the world used to be.

I used to complain about it all the time.

Traffic, construction, car alarms, noise pollution.


What I wouldn't give for the sweet sound of a jumbo jet.

It'd be even sweeter if we were all on it.

Your mom was proud of you.

For what? Being mean to her?

No, you can't think about that.

It's all I think about.

Please be them.

It's them. Hurry.

Drive 'em up. I'll meet you there.


Thank God.

Where's Hershel?

He's in the cell block.

Where's Daryl?

It's all right. He's alive.

We ran into his brother.

They went off.

He left?

Daryl left?

He's gone?

Is he coming back?



And Oscar?


What the hell was that?

You put a round in a man's head in front of all those people and just take off?

You have to talk to them.


They're panicking. They were ready to charge through those gates.

So let 'em.

Those people won't last a day.

Those people have had it easy.

Barbecues and picnics. That ends now.

Don't blame them for the mess that you created.

They're scared.

Well, I'm through holding their hands.

We're at war. I should have seen that.

So why was Daryl here?

Was he part of the assault?

Why? Why would he do that?

He came for his friends.

The other people you know.

Glenn and Maggie.

Merle scooped them up on the run.

Was holding them to find out where his brother was.

My-- my friends are still alive and we're shooting at each other?

You're trying to execute them?

Your friends killed six good people.

Crowley, Tim, Gargulio, Eisenberg, Bob Adams.


That man out there, Rich Foster, he makes seven.

So that's what your friends did.

Why didn't you tell me they were here?

You kept that from me while we were...

You're just a visitor here.

Just passing through.

So why should I tell you?

Don't do that.

Don't drive me out. Not now.

What is it?

The whole town is out on the street.

It could get ugly again.

Take your sister inside.

Go on.

You came through, like always.

Sounds like we have a new problem on our hands.


You get a good look at him?

He had Daryl and Merle pitted against each other.

A crowd cheering for them to fight to the death.

What kind of a sick mind does that?

The kind this world creates.

What's wrong? The baby?

No, the baby, she's healthy.

Eats like a horse, sleeps like a rock.

So what is it?

Not exactly a chatterbox, is he?

Be patient.

When he's ready, let me do the talking.

She kind of has Lori's eyes.

Don't you think?

Everyone, if I could--

if I could have your attention.


All right, everybody shut up!

Thank you.

The biters on the perimeter have been dispatched.

The fences have been repaired.

For now.

Where's the Governor?

His-- his condition is...


The wound he suffered--

Our friends were killed, man.

He shot Richard.

I mean, we've all suffered. We want answers.

You're right, Karen. You're right.

Every one of us has suffered.

We don't even have funerals anymore because the death never stops.

We're never gonna be the same.


So what do we do?

We dig deep and we find the strength to carry on.

We work together and we rebuild.

Not just the fences, the gates, the community, but ourselves.

Our hearts, our minds.

And years from now, when they write about this plague in the history books, they will write about Woodbury.

Yeah, they will.

- Woodbury.

We persevered.


Thank you.

You've got a knack for that.

Just trying to do my part.

Sophia used to wake the neighbors.

3:00 AM. Like clockwork.

Ed stayed at a friend's most nights till she calmed down.

I always wanted a child.

She wouldn't have made it if Daryl hadn't been here.

He couldn't stand to lose anyone else.

Sounds like him.

I don't see why he had to leave.

Merle sounds like a jerk.

Men like Merle get into your head.

Make you feel like you deserve the abuse.

Even for Daryl?

I'm hardly the woman

I was a year ago, but if Ed walked through that door right now breathing and told me to go with him, I'd like to think

I'd tell him to go to hell.

You would.

It doesn't matter.

We're weak without him.

We'll get through this, too.

Tyreese and his friends seem capable.

I'm pissed at him for leaving.

Don't be.

Daryl has his code.

This world needs men like that.

Oh. Hello.


She fits perfect.


Wait. You cozy in there?


You got worked over good.

Surprised no bones were broken.

It's courtesy of Daryl's brother.

You two all right?

Thanks for looking out for her.

If anything...

I'll go check on her. You need something else?


Same thing goes for you.

If anything worse than this had happened to you...

You're like my own son, Glenn.

You got something

needs looking at?

Is Glenn all right?

Go see.

You two seem to be holding something back.

You want to tell me what happened?

I rest easy knowing you can handle yourself.

You've got your mother's spirit.

And her stubbornness.

You hungry?



Don't disappear on me.

She's out like a light.

Must be days since she slept.

You look pretty shot yourself.

How long before she can travel?

Have to keep an eye on her.

Pretty sure she has a concussion.

Couple of days if she's up.

Whenever Tomas went off, Oscar always stood up for me, you know?

He was my friend.

He went out fighting.

So what now?

You think the Governor will retaliate?


Let him try.

Sounds like he's got a whole town.

We're outnumbered and outgunned.

We could use some reinforcements.

I'm Tyreese.

Sasha, Allen, Ben.

How'd you get in?

Fire damage to the administrative part of the prison.

Wall's down.

That side's completely overrun with walkers.

How'd you get this far?

We didn't. We lost our friend Donna.

They were lost in the gyms.

You brought them here?

- He had no choice.

I'm sorry about your friend.

We know what that's like.

Hershel said you could use some extra hands.

We're no stranger to hard work.

We'll go out and get our own food, stay out of your hair.

You got a problem with another group, we'll help with that, too.

Anything to contribute.



It's like "10 Little

Indians" out there.

It's just us now.


Let's talk about this.

We can't just keep--

We've been through this.

With Tomas, Andrew. Look what happened.

Axel and Oscar weren't like them.

And where's Oscar now?

I can't be responsible.

You turn us out, you are responsible.


You've done so much for us.

I appreciate that. We all do.

We owe you our lives.

We've done everything you asked without question.

And I'm telling you, you're wrong on this.

You've got to start giving people a chance.


No, no.

No, no, no, no.


No, no, no, no, no.

Why are you here?

What do you want from me?


Why are you-- no.

I can't help you. Get out!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Get-- get out!

Hey, come on. Whoa, it's all good.

What are you doing?

Hey, easy, Rick. There's no need to--

You don't belong here! Get out! Please!

Relax, brother. Relax.

Get out! Get out!

We'll leave.

We're going.

Okay? Ain't nobody got to get shot here.

We're going.

What are you doing here?!

Okay, we're going.

Just go! Go! Go!

Come on, come on.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

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