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In the woods

An unidentified person carries a dead roe dear through the forest, holding it by its legs.

In the courtyard of the prison

The walkers in the courtyard are attracted by the smell of the animal. Someone throws rocks at them to get their attention. They turn around, and see the roe dear lying on the floor of the courtyard. They begin to eat it. The dear is cut in half. The other half is hanging in the prison corridor, of which the door is opened. The same unidentified person comes out through another door of the prison, and opens the door leading to the courtyard with an ax. He then puts the dear’s heart on the floor next to the open door, to attract more walkers towards the prison.


In the prison’s yard

Rick, Carol, Daryl and T-Dog are getting the cars inside the yard. Carol is inside one of them and is driving in.

Rick: Alright, let’s get the other cars in. We’ll park ‘em in the west entry of the yard.

Daryl: Good. Our vehicles camped out there look like a giant “vacancy” sign!

Rick: After that, we need to load up these corpses so we can burn them.

T-Dog: It’s gonna be a long day…

Carol: Where’s Glenn and Maggie? We could use some help.

Daryl: Up in the guard tower.

Rick: Guard tower? They were just up there last night!

They all look at the top of the guard tower.

Daryl: Glenn! Maggie!

Glenn comes out of the tower, he has no shirt on and is buttoning his pants.

Glenn: Hey! What’s up guys?

The others laugh at the sight of Glenn.

Daryl: You comin’?

Glenn: What?

They keep laughing.

Daryl: You comin’? Come on, we could use a hand!

Glenn: Yeah, we’ll be right down!

Carol, Rick and Daryl walk toward the cars, still laughing, but T-Dog sees something.

T-Dog: Hey Rick!

Rick stops smiling immediately when he sees the two prisoners Axel and Oscar out of their cell block, walking towards them. He goes to see them.

Rick: (to the others) Come with me. (to the prisoners) That’s close enough. We had an agreement.

Axel: Please, mister. We know that, we made a deal. (Glenn and Maggie arrive) But you gotta understand! We can’t live in that place another minute, you follow me? All the bodies, people we knew! Blood, brains everywhere! There’s ghosts!

Daryl: Why don’t you move the bodies out?

T-Dog: You should be burning them.

Axel: We tried! We did!

Oscar: The fence is down on the far side of the prison. Every time we drag a body out, those things just line up. So hump in a body and just running back inside.

Axel: Look! We had nothing to do with Thomas and Andrew, nothing! You trying to prove a point? You proved it, bro! We’ll do whatever it takes to be a part of your group, just, please, please, don’t make us live in that place!

Rick: Our deal is not negotiable. You either live in your cell block, or you leave.

Oscar: (to Axel) I told you this was a waste of time. They ain’t no different than the pricks who shot up our boys. You know how many friends’ corpses we had to drag out this week? Just threw ‘em out like… Those were good guys! Good guys who had our backs against the really bad dudes in the joint like Thomas and Andrew. Now, we’ve all made mistakes to get in here, chief, and I’m not gonna pretend to be a saint, but believe me… we paid our due. Enough that we would rather hit that road, than to go back into that shithole.

Rick looks at Daryl who says no with his head.

At the entrance of the prison

Daryl locks the prisoners outside the prison.

Axel: Come on, dude!

He joins T-Dog, Rick, Carol, Glenn and Maggie who are debating on what to do with the prisoners.

Rick: (to T-Dog) Are you serious? You want them living in a cell next to you? They’ll just be waiting for a chance to grab our weapons, you want to go back to sleeping with one eye open?

T-Dog: I never stopped. Bring them into the fold. If we send them off packing, we might as well execute them ourselves.

Glenn: I don’t know, Axel seems a little unstable.

Carol: After all we’ve been through? We fought so hard for all this, what if they decide to take it?

Maggie: It’s just been us for so long… They’re strangers. I don’t… it feels weird all of a sudden to have these other people around.

T-Dog: You brought us in.

Maggie: Yeah, but you turned up with a shot boy in your arms, didn’t give us a choice.

Glenn: They can’t even kill walkers!

Carol: They’re convicts, bottom line!

T-Dog: Those two might actually have less blood on their hands than we do.

Daryl: I get guys like this. Hell, I grew up with them. They’re degenerates, but they ain’t psychos. I could have been with them just as easy as I’m out here with you guys.

T-Dog: So you with me?

Daryl: Hell no! Let ‘em take their chances out on the road, just like we did!

T-Dog: What I’m saying, Daryl…

Rick: When I was a rookie, I arrested this kid. Nineteen years old, wanted for stabbing his girlfriend. The kid blubbered like a baby during the interrogation, during the trial, suckered the jury. He was acquitted due to insufficient evidence, and in 2 weeks later shot another girl. We’ve been through too much. Our deal with them stands.

In Woodbury

Michonne checks out the military vehicle that the Governor and his men took after killing all the soldiers. She sees bullet holes on the truck, traces of blood as well. The blood isn’t dry yet. She climbs off the truck and walks away, when the Governor talks to her.

The governor: Pretty amazing. If we had more ammo, we could cut down a whole pack of biters. I hear you and Andrea are leaving today. That’s a shame, we could use a soldier like you.

Michonne: You seem like you’re holding your own. Even the National Guard was overran.

The governor: No amout of training can prepare you for the world today.

Michonne: You’d think one soldier would drive away, especially against something so slow.

The governor: Those men were heroes, not the kind to leave anyone behind. If only we’d gotten here sooner, and you were with us…

Michonne: Lots of bullet holes. You think biters figured out how to use weapons?

The governor: (laughs) They must have encountered bandits weeks ago. It’s ugly out there, but then, you know that better than anyone.

Michonne: It’s too bad what happened to Wells.

The Governor: It is. Doctor Stevens couldn’t revive him. Merle put a bullet in his brain.

Michonne: And no funeral?

The governor: We cremated him, quietly. These people have been through so much, I figured, thank God, at least no one knew him.

Michonne: Thank God.

In the prison’s yard

Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, T-Dog and Carol are walking in the yard, still trying to organize life in the prison.

Rick: Move the cars to the upper yard. Point them facing out. They’ll be out of the way but ready to go if we ever need to bail. (to T-Dog) We’ll give the prisoners a week’s worth of supplies for the road.

T-Dog: Might not last a week.

Rick: Their choice!

T-Dog: Did they really have one?

Rick: Hey! Hey, whose blood would you rather have on your hands? Maggie’s, Glenn’s, or theirs?

T-Dog: Neither.

The others are moving the cars to another place. Daryl takes his motorbike. Axel looks at it.

Axel: Twin cylinder, is that a Triumph?

Daryl: Don’t even look at it.

Axel: Didn't want it bored out? Sounds like it could use a tune-up, I'm pretty handy with the grind! Heads are leakin'! I know my bikes!

Daryl leaves.

Oscar: (to Axel) Man, will you just stop? Have some balls!

Axel: Just sayin’.

In the group’s cell block

Carl is sitting on the stairs of the cell block, finishing to build crutches for Hershel. Lori and Beth arrive. Beth and Carl exchange a smile.

Carl: Alright!

In Hershel and Beth’s cell

Carl arrives in Hershel’s cell, in which Hershel is lying on the bed. He sits down with difficulty. They show him the crutches, he immediately wants to try them.

Lori: Just take your time.

Beth: Daddy, don’t push yourself.

Hershel: What else am I going to do? (he tries them) I can’t stand looking at the bottom of that bunk. (it’s a little hard for him at first, but Lori, Beth and Carl help him) Whoa! (he manages to walk a little) You know? I can go pretty steady.

Lori: That’s a good start. Want to take a rest?

Hershel: Rest? Let’s go for a little stroll.

At Michonne and Andrea’s place in Woodbury

Michonne and Andrea are getting ready to leave Woodbury.

Michonne: If we leave soon, we’ll get a few hours on the road before dusk.

Andrea: Where are we headin’?

Michonne: I'm thinking the coast. We have the water completely on one side, maybe we find a boat. Best thing we can do is find an island.

Andrea: And if the coast isn’t safe?

Michonne: Keep moving.

Andrea: Let’s say the coast is safe. Then what do we do? Grow old, live off the sea… by ourselves?

Michonne: I’d rather take my chances out there than stay here.

Andrea: Because your gut tells you there’s something off about this place, about the Governor?

Michonne: It’s kept us alive this long.

Andrea: That’s true.

In one of the prison’s courtyard

Glenn, after giving the prisoners supplies, lock them up in their old cell block.

Glenn: There’s enough food in there to last you guys a week. Cut you loose when we get back.

Axel: Thank you, bro.

Glenn: Sit tight. (he leaves)

Oscar: Thank you bro?

Carol gets into one of the cars.

Around the prison

The group is trying to clean and organize the surroundings of the prison in order to be more comfortable living there. Glenn, Rick and Daryl get out of the prison by a hole in the fence. Glenn sees a walker.

Glenn: Should I take her out?

Rick: No. If that armory hadn't been picked clean, we could spare the ammo.

Daryl: I’ll start making runs, the sooner, the better.

Rick: We’ll throw as much wood as we can in the dog run.

Glenn: Won’t the fire attract walkers? Maybe we should bury ‘em.

Rick: We’re behind a fence. It’s worth a one-time risk to get rid of the bodies for good. I don’t want to be planting crops in walker-rotted soil.

In the courtyard of the prison

While the others are parking the cars, Beth, Carl, and Lori are helping Hershel to take a walk in the courtyard.

Lori: (to Hershel, supporting him) I got you here if you need it.

Beth: Just take your time on those steps.

Hershel: You cleared all those bodies out? It’s startin’ to look like a place we could really live in.

Lori: Hey, you watch your step. Last thing we need is you falling.

Around the prison

Daryl opens the fence for Glenn and Rick who are carrying wood inside. He sees Hershel walking.

Daryl: Looky here.

They throw the wood on the floor.

Glenn: He is one tough son of a bitch. Alright Hershel!

Daryl: Shh… Keep your cheers down.

He shows the walkers behind the fence.

Glenn: Oh, man, can’t we just have one good day?

In the courtyard of the prison

Hershel is still walking with the help of the three others.

Beth: You’re doing great Daddy.

Carl: Ready to race, Hershel?

Hershel: You give me another day, I’ll take you on.

All the others see Hershel walking. Maggie laughs, everybody’s smiling. Rick and Lori even exchange a smile. Suddenly, a herd of walkers appears behind Carl. He hears them and turns around.

Carl: Walkers! Look out!

Rick and the others see the walkers. Rick runs toward the courtyard but is forced to go around the fences.

Rick: No!

Lori shoots a walker, while Hershel tries to run away. Glenn has to close the fence before running to the courtyard too. Rick and Daryl are going as fast as they can.

Rick: Get out! Get out of there! No! Lori!

Maggie, Carl and T-Dog are also shooting as many walkers as they can.

Rick: Carl! Come in here!

Beth and Hershel are going inside the prison. Beth opens the door. Hershel has trouble walking up the stairs, when a walker arrives behind him.

Beth: Daddy, behind you!

Hershel pushes the walker with one of his crutches. Glenn is done closing up the fence and starts running as fast as he can towards the courtyard. The entrance of the courtyard is locked and Glenn has the key, Daryl and Rick are blocked.

Daryl: The lock! Hurry up, the lock!

Rick: Keys!

Glenn throws Daryl the keys, who throws them to Rick. At the courtyard, the group is defending themselves against the many walkers.

T-Dog: That gate is open!

Maggie opens one of the doors leading to the prison. She wants to get a pregnant Lori and her son to safety.

Maggie: Lori! Here!

Lori closes the door behind her, Maggie and Carl, while Carol and T-Dog are still shooting walkers. Rick tries to open a gate.

Rick: Come on!

Maggie, Lori and Carl are walking inside the prison. They’re about to go in their cell block, when Maggie sees another herd of walkers coming out of there. They go back, Maggie leading the way.

Maggie: This way!

She closes a door behind them, stopping the walkers from pursuing them. Rick, Daryl and Glenn arrive at the prisoners’ cell block, but they’re just passing by to use the gate leading to the yard.

Rick: (to the prisoners) Get out of my way!

Rick tries to open the gate.

Daryl: Come on! Come on, come on!

Back in the courtyard, T-Dog tries to close a gate to stop some walkers from coming in. A walker arrives behind him. Rick manages to open the gate. With Glenn and Daryl, he runs towards the courtyard.

Axel: Hey, bro, what about us?

The prisoners follow Rick. Back in the courtyard, T-Dog gets bitten.

T-Dog: Aaahh!

Carol: Noooo! (T-Dog punches the walker with his elbow and shoots him, but it’s too late. Carol opens the door to the prison) Hurry!

In Woodbury

Andrea is talking to Merle. She gives him a map.

Andrea: I circled where you can find that farm I was staying at with Daryl.

Merle: Ah, yeah, you were right off Route 9 right before it becomes Dahlonega Highway. And you're saying that the farm is only about a day's walk from there?

Andrea: Give or take. (she points at somewhere on the map) This is where we looked for Sofia, even made it up around here.

Merle: How come we never hooked up?

Andrea: You called me a whore, and a rugmuncher.

Merle: (they both laugh) Got a way with words, don’t I?

Andrea: Yeah…

Merle: Mmm… Why are you doing this?

Andrea: I’d want the same thing if it was my family out there.

Merle: Sure you don’t want to come with me? You ain’t curious about the old gang? Oh… Oh yeah, you really was cut loose weren’t ya?

Andrea: I’m sure they came back! I didn’t stick around to find out.

Merle: Ain’t that all a big old pig sack? We got somethin’ in common, blondie. We got left behind by the same people, and saved by another.

Andrea: Have you ever thought about leaving this place?

Merle: Never had a reason to.

Andrea: So the Governor’s a… a good man?

Merle: Let me just put it this way. I wasn't in the best of shape when he found me. He should have just kept on going. Yeah, he's a good man.

Merle leaves.

In the courtyard of the prison

Rick, Daryl and Glenn finally arrive in the courtyard.

Glenn: Let’s go!

Daryl: Pull it!

They open the gate and kill some walkers. Hershel and Beth are behind another closed gate.

Rick: (to Beth) What the hell happened?

Beth: The gate was open!

Rick: Where’s Lori, Carl, everyone else?

Hershel: Maggie led Lori and Carl into C block!

Beth: And T was bit!

Rick: Anyone else?

Beth: I couldn’t tell.

Rick: Stay put!

Glenn cuts a walker’s head off, while Daryl and Rick shoot some.

Glenn: Those chains didn’t break on their own. Someone took and ax or cutters to ‘em.

The two prisoners arrive at the gate. Rick looks at them.

Glenn: You think they did it?

Rick: Who else?

Suddenly, the alarm of the prison goes off, attracting the walkers.

Glenn: What’s that?

Daryl: Oh! You gotta be kidding me!

Lots of walkers arrive near the fences of the prison.

Rick: Daryl!

Rick starts shooting at every speaker there is in the courtyard. Glenn and Daryl do the same.

Hershel: Kill it!

Rick: (to Hershel and Beth, Rick is about to shoot in a speaker near them) Back up! (he runs to the prisoners and points a gun at them) How the hell can this be happening?

Oscar: Whoa, whoa, whoa, it has to be the backup generators!

Rick: Well how do you turn those on?

Oscar: There's three that's connected to a diesel tank, okay? Each one controls a certain part of the prison. The hatch shut them all off when the prison was overrun!

Rick: Can someone open up the main gates electronically, with full power?

Oscar: Well, I only went in there a few days, I… I guess it might be possible.

Rick: Come with us!

Glenn: Let’s go!

They all start running to the prison.

In the corridors of the prison

Carol and T-Dog, who was bitten, are trying to avoid the walkers in the corridors. T-Dog has trouble running.

T-Dog: There’s a set of double doors that will lead to a corridor that will lead you back to your cell block!

Carol: No, you should stop!

T-Dog: I’m getting you there!

Carol: You should stop!

T-Dog: Why? Sit here, and wait to die? (he’s in pain) Aah!

Carol: I’ll do what I have to, you’re not becoming one of those things!

T-Dog: I can’t ask that!

Carol: It’s the pact, remember?

T-Dog: This is God’s plan… He’ll take care of me, always has. He’s gonna help me lead you out of these tunnels.

Somewhere else in the corridors of the prison

Maggie, Carl and Lori are walking in the corridors, when Lori starts to feel pain. She leans on the wall and grunts from the pain. Maggie goes to support her.

Maggie: Can you keep up?

Lori: Something’s not right…

Carl: Are you bit?

Lori: No, no, no, no, no. I think the baby’s coming!

Carl: Mom?

She is in more and more pain, when a herd of walkers arrive on one side. Carl is about to try to shoot them.

Maggie: No, there’s no time!

They try to walk as fast as possible, with Maggie supporting Lori, in pain. Walkers arrive on the other side of the corridor. Carl sees a door.

Carl: In here!

They go in the room, and Carl tries to close the door, which won’t close fully.

In a room of the prison

Lori is leaning on the wall, while Carl looks out for walkers. The walkers walk in front of the room without entering it. Lori is really in pain. Carl and Maggie look very worried.

At the gates of Woodbury

The Governor is playing golf on the gate, he’s trying to hit the walkers. Merle comes up to talk to him.

Merle: (he whistles) Pretty good!

The Governor: We should visit Augusta. Take only the woman and let them play. It’ll be historic.

Merle: And break decades of tradition.

The Governor: Absolutely.

Merle: I don’t know, some things are worth holding on to. You know, I was thinking of taking Tim and Martinez out on a scouting mission later on this week.

The Governor: For what?

Merle: Blondie. She said my brother was still alive.

The Governor: Eight months ago. You can track with the best of ‘em, it’s like a needle in a haystack.

Merle: She told me uh… where I can find that farmhouse they were hold up in.

The Governor: (still playing) He could be anywhere.

Merle: I know my brother. If he’s out there, I’ll be able to find him.

The Governor: What if someone gets hurt during this search, huh? We almost had in the Crowley last time.

Merle: Then I’ll go on my own.

The Governor: I get what you’re feeling, I really do, but I can’t risk it, I need you here. This whole place would fall apart without you.

Merle: This is my brother.

The Governor: (he stops playing to look at Merle) I’ll tell you what, huh? You get more concrete information, I’ll go with you myself. Alright?

Merle nods, and the Governor goes back to playing.

In cell block C

Rick, Daryl and Glenn are looking for a way to stop the alarm, while looking for the rest of the group.

Rick: Lori! Carl!

Daryl, Glenn and the prisoners arrive.

Daryl: We just took down five of ‘em in here!

Rick: There were four in here, but no sign of Lori or anyone!

Glenn: They must have been pushed back into the prison!

Rick: Somebody is playing games! We’ll split up and look for the others. Whoever gets to the generators first, shut ‘em down!

Daryl: Let’s go!

They leave the cell block to go find the generators.

In a room of the prison

Lori is still in pain.

Lori: What are those alarms?

Maggie: Don’t worry about that.

Carl: What if it attracts them?

Maggie: Lori, let’s lay you down.

Lori : No, the baby’s coming now.

Carl: We have to go back to our cell block to have Hershel help!

Maggie: We can’t risk getting caught out there, you’re gonna need to give birth to this baby here.

Lori: Great.

Lori is panting in pain.

Carl: What is she doing, can’t she breathe?

Maggie: She’s fine. Come here, let’s get your pants off.

Lori: Okay… Okay…

Maggie: (while helping Lori getting ready, to Carl) You’re gonna need to help deliver your baby brother or sister, you up for it?

Lori: (still panting) Okay…

Carl: Do you know how?

Maggie: Dad taught me, but trust me, it’s my first time. (she tries to examinate so she can know what to do) I can’t tell…

Lori: I gotta push.

Maggie: Okay.

Lori: I gotta push, I gotta…

Lori stands up to be able to push more. She starts pushing, so she’s in a lot of pain. Maggie supports her.

Lori: Somebody! I’m okay, I’m okay… I’m okay.

Maggie: You're doing great, Lori. Just keep doing it. Your body knows what to do. Let it do all the work. ( Lori yelps ) You're doing great. ( she grunts ) Lori, stop, don’t push, something's wrong!

Lori screams, and when Maggie gets her hand out, it’s covered in blood.

In the corridors of the prison

Carol is supporting T-Dog while trying to escape from the walkers.

T-Dog: We’re almost there.

Some biters arrive on one side of the corridor, and Carol is out of bullets to shoot them. Carol wants to run the other way, but T-Dog doesn’t.

Carol: Go back! Oh shit…

T-Dog: No! We’re close.

He runs towards the walkers, and Carol doesn’t manage to stop him. He screams while pushing the walkers up against the wall behind them.

Carol: No! No!

T-Dog: Go! Go! Go! Go!(Carol starts running to the closest door.) Go, I’m dead! (Carol is hesitating to go, when one of the walkers bites T-Dog in the arm) I’m dead! Aahh! (the other one bites him on the neck. Carol runs away, with tears in her eyes.)

In the Governor’s apartment

Andrea pays a visit to the Governor, before she leaves.

The Governor: Sorry to see you leave. This place isn’t for everybody.

Andrea: Thank you for everything.

The Governor: Where are you planning to go?

Andrea: The coast. (they sit down) Michonne thinks it’ll be safer.

The Governor: What do you think? (she doesn’t know what to answer) Well… her vigilance has kept you both alive.

Andrea: (when he’s about to pour her a glass of liquor) Uh, I haven’t had hard liquor in a while, my tolerance is probably close to nil.

The Governor: Well, lucky you. Merle told me you provided information about his brother’s whereabouts.

Andrea: What I could. It wasn’t much.

The Governor: Well, it’s given him hope. If you ask me, I don’t think he’ll find him.

Andrea: But he’s (the Governor says the same words at the same time) gotta look. (they smile.)

The Governor: What about you? Think you’ll find what you’re looking for?

Andrea: I’m sorry?

The Governor: You still got family out there?

Andrea: I lost my family. My parents, my… sister.

The Governor: I’m sorry. Lost my wife, car accident, eighteen months before all this. Just my daughter and me.

Andrea: (raising her empty glass) To better days.

He pours her a drink. They drink.

Andrea: Aah… This is good. (They laugh) Truth is, I don’t know what I’m looking for. For the longest time, it was all about survival, nothing else mattered. So much so, I don’t know what matters now.

The Governor: Pay off the car, work 50 hours a week, get married, buy a house, that was survival for me not long ago.

Andrea: A lot’s changed.

The Governor: The scenery has, the landscape. But the way we think…

Andrea: I better go, but I appreciate the drink.

The Governor: Sure. Merle will see you out and he’ll have your weapons waiting for you. Remember, if it gets tough out there, you’re always welcome here.

Andrea: That’s very kind. Thank you, Governor.

The Governor: Phillip.

Andrea: I thought you never told anybody your name.

The Governor: Someone recently told me never to say never so… (they smile)

Andrea: Well… take care.

The Governor: (opens the door) Goodbye.

Andrea leaves, he closes the door.

In the corridors of the prison

Daryl, Rick and Oscar are running in the corridors, trying to find a the generators, and escape the walkers. They arrive at a door.

Rick: Daryl, get the door!

They enter in a room, and close the door before the walkers can get in. Rick observes the generators while Daryl and Oscar try to keep the door closed.

Rick: How do you shut these down?

Daryl: (to Oscar) Go help him!

Oscar: I got it! (Oscar runs to look at the generators, and shows something to Rick) Right here.

Suddenly, Andrew arrives behind Rick and tries to hit him with an ax. They fight with the ax for a while, until Rick tries to shoot him. His gun falls on the ground. At the door, Daryl is forced to let the door open, because the walkers are pushing it too hard, but he manages to kill two of them and close the door again. Oscar throws something at Andrew when he tries to attack Rick again. Rick gets up to see Oscar pointing the gun at him. Andrew gets up behind him.

Andrew: (to Oscar) Shoot him! We can take back this prison. What you waiting for, do it! It’s our house, shoot him!

Oscar shoots Andrew, and gives Rick the gun. Rick shuts the generators down, the alarm stops.

In a room of the prison

Maggie lays Lori down on the floor.

Carl: Mom? Mom, look at me, look at me, keep your eyes open!

Maggie: We have to get you back to Dad.

Lori: I won’t make it.

Maggie: Lori, with all this blood, I don’t even think you’re fully dilated yet, no amount of pushing is gonna help.

Lori: I know what it means, and I’m not losing my baby. You’ve gotta cut me open.

Maggie: No, I can’t.

Lori: You don’t have a choice.

Carl: I’ll go for help.

Lori: No!

Maggie: Look, Carol’s the one that practiced that, Dad only taught me the steps Lori, if I…

Lori: Please…

Maggie: I have no anesthetic, no equipment…

Lori: Carl has a knife.

Maggie: You won’t survive.

Lori: My baby has to survive… Please… (she’s breathing heavily) My baby, for all of us… Please, Maggie! Please. (Maggie’s eyes water, and she says no with her head) Please…

At Michonne and Andrea’s place in Woodbury

Michonne: I thought we had an agreement.

Andrea: We can always leave tomorrow, or the following day.

Michonne: The following day?

Andrea: We don’t want to walk into trouble that we can’t get out of.

Michonne: Tell me about it.

Andrea: Michonne, it is just a day or two.

Michonne: I heard you… the first time.

In a room of the prison

Maggie looks at Lori’s stomach. There’s a scar.

Lori: See my old C-section scar?

Maggie: (starting to cry a bit) I can’t.

Lori: You can. You have to. Carl? Baby, I don't want you to be scared, okay? This is what I want. This is right. Now you-- you take care of your daddy for me, all right? And your little brother or sister, you take care…

Carl: You don't have to do this.

Lori: You're gonna be fine… You are gonna beat this world, I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave! And I love you.

Carl: (crying) I love you too.

Lori: You gotta do what's right, baby. You promise me, you'll always do what's right. It's so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. (she starts crying) So don't… so if it feels wrong, don't do it, all right? If it feels easy don't do it. Don't let the world spoil you. You're so good! (Maggie’s crying too) You're my sweet boy! The best thing I ever did! I love you! I love you. You're my sweet, sweet boy, I love you. Okay… okay, now. Okay. Maggie, when this is over, you're gonna have to…

Maggie: Shh…

Lori: No, you have to do it, it can’t be Rick. (Maggie breathes to try to calm down, so does Lori) Alright, alright, it’s alright. It’s alright… (Carl gives Maggie his knife.) Goodnight, love.

Maggie: I’m sorry…

She cuts Lori open, who starts screaming from the pain.

Carl: What are you doing to her?

Lori’s head falls on the ground, and her eyes close, she dies. Maggie tries to get the baby out.

Maggie: Carl, give me your hands. Carl, please. Keep the site clean, okay? I cut too deep, I’m gonna cut the baby. Okay… Okay, come on, I see it, I see the ears. I’m gonna pull him out. I can’t tell if this is the arm or the leg. Okay, I’m gonna pull the baby out.

Carl: Okay. Okay.

Maggie pulls the baby out, Carl looks at it while crying. The baby doesn’t move or scream. Maggie tries to tap him to revive him. Finally, it works, the baby starts crying. Carl gives Maggie his vest, to put on the baby.

Maggie: We have to go.

Carl: Well, we can’t just leave her here, she’ll turn.

Maggie tries to get her gun out while holding the baby.

Carl: No... (he shows Maggie his gun)

Maggie: Carl…

Carl: She’s my mom.

Maggie leaves with the baby, Carl looks at his mom’s body. He remembers a moment he passed with Rick.


Rick and Carl are sitting on the balcony of the barn at the Greene’s farm.

Rick: No more kids stuff. People are gonna die. I’m gonna die, mom. There’s no way you can ever be ready for it.


Carl gets on his knees next to Lori, he cries. He hugs her one last time. Maggie opens the door, and sees walkers in the corridor, so she goes back in. She hears a gun shot.

In the corridors of the prison

Rick, Daryl and Oscar are joined by Glenn and Axel. Together, they walk carefully in the corridors. They see two walkers eating a human body on the floor, it’s T-Dog. Daryl picks up a scarf on the floor, it’s Carol’s. They’re speechless.

In the prison’s courtyard

They get out of the prison into the courtyard.

Rick: Hershel!

Hershel: You didn’t find ‘em?

Glenn: We thought maybe they came back out here.

Hershel: What about T, Carol?

Daryl: They didn’t make it.

Glenn: That doesn’t mean the others didn’t. We’re going back! Daryl and Glenn, you come with me…

They hear the baby cry. Rick turns around. Maggie opens the gate and enters in the courtyard with Carl and the baby. She’s crying, unable to say a word. Rick moves towards them, dropping his weapons, he starts to understand.

Rick: Where is… where is she?

He tries to go back in the prison, but Maggie stops him.

Maggie: No, Rick, don’t!

He starts crying, and looks at Carl.

Rick: Oh no…. No! No!

Glenn tries to comfort Maggie by holding her, but she keeps crying.

Rick: Aahh! No… (he lets himself fall on the ground, and cries).

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