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  3x02 - Sick - The Walking Dead Transcript
 Posted: 03/31/13 10:10
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In the cafeteria

The five prisoners are still standing behind the wall. Daryl, with his crossbow pointed in their direction, walks towards them.

Daryl: Who the hell are you?

One of the men: Who the hell are you?

Rick: He’s bleeding out, we gotta go back! (to Maggie) Come around here. Put pressure on the knee! Hard! Hard! Push, push!

Daryl: (to the prisoners) Come on out of here. Slow and steady.

The prisoners come out.

Thomas (one of the prisoners) : (about Hershel) What happened to him?

Daryl: He got bit.

Thomas: Bit?

Thomas takes his gun, T-Dog threatens him with his gun.

Daryl: Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy now. Nobody needs to get hurt.

Rick: (to Maggie) I need you to hold this. As hard as you can.

Maggie: …Yes..

Glenn goes in the room where the prisoners were before.

Glenn: You got medical supplies?

Big Tiny (another prisoner) : Wow, where do you think you’re going?

The walkers are still trying to come in the room.

Thomas: Who the hell are you people anyway?

Axel (another one of the prisoners) : Don’t look like no rescue team!

Rick tries to carry Hershel, who’s still unconscious.

Rick: If a rescue team’s what you’re waiting for, don’t!

Glenn takes a table to carry Hershel.

Rick: Come on, we gotta go! Now! Come on, I need a hand here! (Glenn and Rick put Hershel on the table) One, two, three, go!

Axel: Holy Jesus!

Rick: T, the door!

Oscar (a prisoner) : Are you crazy? Don’t open that!

T-Dog: We got this.

T-Dog opens the door, and kills a walker that comes in. The others get out of the room, carrying Hershel on the table.

Rick: Daryl! Daryl!

Thomas is still pointing his gun at them, and Daryl his crossbow.

T-Dog: Let’s go.

They go back to their cell block, leaving Hershel’s leg behind.


Corridor in the prison:

Rick, T-Dog, Maggie, Glenn and Daryl try to go back to their cell block, pushing Hershel on a table.

Rick: This way! Go, go, go, go! Back, back! Daryl!

Daryl kills a walker.

Daryl: Come on! Go, go, go!

In the cafeteria

Thomas leaves the room to follow Rick and his group, and the other prisoners follow him.

Corridors in the prison

Rick: Stop, stop!

They turn around and see Thomas and his group following them.

Andrew (one of the prisoners) : Follow the flashlight, come on let’s go!

Rick: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Daryl opens a door, they’re almost at their cell block. Maggie is still putting pressure on Hershel’s knee.

Maggie: He’s losing too much blood!

Rick (to the others in their cell block): Open the door! It’s Hershel! Carl, come on!

Carl opens the door, they come in the cell block.

Carol: Oh, my god!

Beth: Daddy!

Rick: Go, go, go, go! In there!

Glenn: Turn it, turn it, turn it!

They turn the table around and go in a cell.

In one of the cells

Rick: Get him on the bed! He got bit.

Beth: Oh, my god, he’s gonna turn!

Lori: Did you cut it off?

Rick: Yeah.

Lori: Maybe you got it in time.

Rick: Ready? Okay. One, two, three!

Carol, Lori, Glenn and Rick carry Hershel to the bed.

Lori: Oh, God!

Carol looks at Hershel’s wound.

Carol: Oh, I need bandages!

Glenn: We used everything we had!

Carol: Well, get more! Anything!

Lori: Carl, go get the towels from the back, right next to my bed!

Beth: Is he gonna die?

Lori: No, no, no, he’s gonna be okay.

Lori holds Beth crying in her arms.

Rick: You think you can stabilize him?

Carol: I need to keep his leg elevated. Get some pillows!

Maggie: He’s already bled through the shits!

Glenn: We can burn the wound to clot the blood. I can start a fire.

Beth: Oh, god, no please don’t do this!

Carol: No, the shock could kill him. It’s not gonna stop the arteries from bleeding. We need to keep it dressed and let it heal on its own.

Lori and Carol try to stop the bleeding, and Maggie’s in shock. Lori checks Hershel’s pulse.

Cell block

Daryl aims at the door with his crossbow, the five prisoners enter the room.

Daryl: It’s far enough.

Thomas: Cell block C. Cell four, that’s mine, gringo. Let me in.

Daryl: Today’s your lucky day, fellas. You’ve been pardoned by the state of Georgia, you’re free to go.

homas: What you got going on in there?

Daryl: Ain’t none of your concern.

Thomas pulls his gun out of his pocket.

Thomas: Don’t be telling me what’s my concern.

Big Tiny: Chill, man. Dude’s leg is messed up. Besides, we’re free now! Why are we still in here?

Daryl: Man’s got a point.

Oscar: Yeah, and I gotta check on my old lady.

Thomas: Group of civilians breaking into a prison you’ve got no business being in, got me thinking there ain’t no place for us to go!

Daryl: Why don’t you go find out?

Axel: Maybe we’ll just be going now.

Thomas: Hey, we ain’t leaving!

T-Dog arrives with his gun aimed at Thomas.

T-Dog: You ain’t coming here either!

Thomas: Hey, this is my house, my rules, I go where I damn well please!

In one of the cells

Beth: What was that?

Rick: Prisoners, survivors. It’s alright, everybody stay put. (to Glenn) Do not leave his side! If he dies, you need to be there for that. Think you can do this? Maggie will be there.

Glenn: I got it.

Rick: I can bring T in..

Glenn: I got it.

Rick: Good.

Rick goes talk to the prisoners, Carl closes the door.

Cell block

Rick’s group is fighting with the prisoners.

Daryl: There ain’t nothing for you here, why don’t you go back to your own sandbox?

Rick: Hey, hey, hey! Everyone relax, there’s no need for this.

Thomas: How many of you in there?

Rick: Too many for you to handle.

Thomas: You guys rob a bank or something? Why don’t you take him to a hospital?

Rick: How long have you been locked in that cafeteria?

Thomas: Going on like ten months.

Big Tiny: A riot broke out. Never seen anything like it.

Axel: Attica on speed, man.

Andrew: Ever heard about dudes going cannibal, dying, coming back to life? Crazy.

Thomas: One guard looked out for us, locked us up in the cafeteria, told us to sit tight, threw me this piece, said he’d be right back.

Big Tiny: And that was 292 days ago.

Axel: 94 according to my…

Thomas: Shut up!

Big Tiny: We were thinking that the army or the national guard should be showing up any day now.

Rick: There is no army.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Rick: There’s no government, no hospitals, no police. It’s all gone.

Axel: For real?

Rick: Serious.

Big Tiny: What about my moms?

Oscar: My kids, my old lady! Yo, you got a self-phone or something so we can call our families?

Daryl: You don’t get it, do you?

Rick: No phones, no computers. As far as we can see, at least half the population’s been wiped out. Probably more.

Thomas: Ain’t no way.

Rick: See for yourself.

In the courtyard of the prison

They all go out of the prison and in the courtyard, they see all the dead bodies on the floor.

Oscar: Damn, the sun feels good.

Axel: Good Lord, they’re all dead.

Thomas: Never thought I’d be so happy to see these fences.

Andrew: You never said. How the hell did you get in here in the first place?

Daryl: Cut a hole in that fence over there by the guard tower.

Andrew: That easy, huh?

Daryl: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Andrew: Easy for you to say.

Big Tiny pokes one of the bodies with a stick.

Big Tiny: So what is this like a disease?

Rick: Yeah, but we’re all infected.

Axel: What do you mean, infected? Like AIDS or something?

Daryl: If I was to kill you, shoot an arrow in your chest, you come back as one of these things. It’s gonna happen to all of us.

Thomas: Ain’t no way this Robin hood cast’s responsible for killing all these freaks.

Andrew: Must be fifty bodies out here.

Thomas: Where do you come from?

Rick: Atlanta.

Thomas: Where you headed?

Rick: For now, nowhere.

Thomas: I guess you could take that area down there near the water. Should be comfortable.

Rick: We’re using that field for crops.

Thomas: We’ll help you move your gear out.

Rick: That won’t be necessary. We took out these walkers, this prison is ours.

Thomas: Slow down, cowboy.

Andrew: You snatched the locks off our doors.

Rick: We’ll give you new locks, if that’s how you want it.

Thomas: This is our prison. We were here first.

Rick: Locked in the broom closet? We took it, set you free, it’s ours, we spilled blood.

Thomas: We’re moving back into our cell block.

Rick: You’ll have to get your own.

Thomas: It is mine. I’ve still got personal artifacts in there, that’s about as mine as it gets!

Thomas pulls his gun out, Daryl threatens him with his crossbow.

Axel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, maybe let’s try to make this work out so everybody wins!

Thomas: I don’t see that happening.

Rick: Neither do I.

Thomas: I ain’t coming back into that cafeteria for one minute.

Axel: There are other cell blocks.

Daryl: You could leave. Try your luck out on the road.

Thomas: If these three pussies can do all this, the least we can do is take out another cell block.

Big Tiny: With what?

Thomas: Atlanta here will spot us some real weapons. Won’t you boss?

Rick: How stocked is that cafeteria? Must have plenty of food, five guys lasting almost a year?

Daryl: It sure as hell don’t look like anybody’s been starving.

Thomas: There’s only a little left.

Rick: We’ll take half. In exchange, we’ll help clear out a cell block.

Andrew: Didn’t you hear him? There’s only a little left!

Rick: Bet you’ve got more food than you’ve got choices. You pay, we’ll play. We’ll clear out a block for you, then you keep to it.

Thomas: Alright.

Rick: Well, let’s be clear. If we see you out here, anywhere near our people, if I so much as even catch a whiff of your scent, I will kill you.

Thomas: Deal.

In one of the cells

Lori and Carol are still trying to save Hershel, but the bleeding continues.

Lori: It has to stop eventually right? It slowed down quite a bit already.

Carol: If we can get him through this…

Lori: When we get him through this.

Carol: We’ll need crutches.

Lori: Right now, we could use some antibiotics. Pain killers, some sterile gauze. There’s gotta be an infirmary here.

Carol: If there’s one, we’ll find it. You gotta be worried sick about delivering the baby.

Lori: Look at me. I look worried?

Carol: You look disgusting.

They laugh.

Lori: So do you. (she looks at Hershel) We’ll get through this.

In the cafeteria

Thomas leads Rick and his group to the cafeteria to check out how much food is left.

Thomas: Pantry’s back here!

T-Dog: You never tried to break out of here?

Oscar: We tried to take the doors off. But if you make one peep in here, then those freaks will be lined up outside the door growling, trying to get in. Windows got bars on them that he-man couldn’t get through.

Axel: Bigger than a 5*8.

Big Tiny: You won’t find me complaining. Doing fifteen. My left leg can barely fit on one of those bunks.

Oscar: Yeah, they don’t call him Big Tiny for nothing.

Thomas: You’re done jerking each other off? I’m getting sick of waiting back here.

They go where the food is kept, there’s still a lot.

Daryl: That’s what you call a little bit of food?

Thomas: Goes fast.

Daryl: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: You can have a bag of corn, some tuna fish.

Rick: We said half. That’s the deal. (he shows a door) What’s in there?

Big Tiny: Don’t open that.

Rick opens the door, and the smell in the room is so bad he almost vomits. Thomas and his group laugh.

Thomas: You wanted to know!

Axel: Can’t wait for my own pot to piss in.

In the cell block C

Maggie gets out of the cell where Hershel is, and goes hug Glenn.

Maggie: It was stupid of us to let him go. We cleared this whole cell block, just the five of us.

Glenn: Could have happened to anyone.

Maggie: What are we gonna do without him?

Glenn stops hugging Maggie to look at her.

Glenn: Hey, stop it. Alright, stop it. He’s still here.

Maggie: What if he does wake up? Then what? I mean, he can’t even walk… All we do is run.

Glenn: Hey. This won’t break him. He’s got you, and Beth.

Maggie: Am I the only person living in reality here?

Glenn: We’ve been through so much already.

Maggie: You’re expecting it too.

Glenn: I’m not expecting, alright? I’m just preparing. Why don’t you go check on Beth? Go on, I’ll watch him.

Maggie leaves.

In Beth and Hershel’s cell block

Beth is cutting Hershel’s pants.

Maggie: What you doing?

Beth: He’s gonna have a hard time walking around with one side of his pants dragging on the ground. You know, he could trip or something.

Maggie: There’s a good chance he won’t wake up.

Beth: Why are you so eager to give up on him?

Maggie: I’m not giving up on him.

Beth: Sure sounds like it!

Maggie: I don’t want you to get your hopes too high. We’re not equipped to deal with something like this.

Beth: We have Carol.

Maggie: She’s not a doctor. Dad taught her a few things to help with the baby.

Beth: She stopped the bleeding. (showing the pants) These will do just fine.

Cell Block

T-Dog and Rick arrive with some food, Carl opens the door for them.

T-Dog: Food’s here!

Carl: What you got?

T-Dog: Canned beef, canned corn, canned cans! There’s a lot more where this came from!

In one of the cells

Rick: (to Lori, about Hershel) Any change?

Lori: Bleeding is under control and no fever, but his breath is labored, his pulse is way down and he hasn’t opened his eyes yet.

Rick: Take my cuffs, put them on him. I’m not taking any chances.

Glenn reluctantly takes Rick’s cuffs.

Cell Block

Rick and Lori get out of the cell while T-Dog and Carl carry the food in one of the cells.

Lori: So what about the prisoners?

Rick: We’re gonna help them clear out their own cell block and then they’ll be there, and we’ll be here.

Lori: Living beside each other.

Rick: I’m not giving up this prison.

Lori: Do they have guns?

Rick: Only saw one. I don’t know if it’s gonna work…

Lori: Well, what are your options?

Rick: Kill ‘em.

Lori: If that’s what you think is best.

Rick: (laughs nervously) You say this now but…

Lori: Look, I know that I’m a shitty wife, and I’m not winning any “mother of the year” awards, but I need you to know that not for one second do I think there’s malice in your heart. You’re not a killer, and I know that. I know that so… so do whatever you gotta do to keep this group safe, and do it with a clear conscience.

Rick nods and leaves.

Cell Block C

Rick’s group give the prisoners some weapons to fight walker.

Thomas: (showing one of the weapons) Why do I need this, when I’ve got this (showing a gun) ?

Daryl: You don’t fire guns. Not unless your back’s up against the wall. Noise attracts them, really riles them up.

Rick: We’ll go in two by two. Daryl will run point with T, I’ll bring up the rear with you (showing Andrew). Stay tight, hold formation, no matter how close the walkers get. Anyone breaks ranks, we could all go down, anyone runs off, they could get mistaken for a walker, end up with an axe to the head.

Daryl: And that’s where you aim. These things only go down with a head shot.

Thomas: Ain’t gotta tell us how to take out a man.

T-Dog: They ain’t men. They’re something else.

Rick: Just remember, go for the brain.

In one of the cells

Glenn handcuffs Hershel to the bed, when Maggie arrives.

Maggie: What’s going on?

Glenn: We had to.

Carol: It’s just for precaution.

Maggie: You think maybe I could have a minute alone here?

Glenn: Yeah, do you want me to…

Maggie: No, just… by myself.

Carol: Of course.

Glenn: I’ll be right outside.

Carol and Glenn leave, Maggie sits down on Hershel’s bed, holds his hand, with tears in her eyes.

Maggie: Dad? You don’t have to fight anymore. (she starts crying) If you’re worried about me and Beth, don’t. Don’t worry about us. We’ll take care of each other, we’ll look out, me, Beth and Glenn we’ll look out. Go ahead, dad, it’s okay. Be peaceful. You don’t have to fight! If it’s time to go, it’s okay. I just want to thank you. For everything, thank you.

She kisses him on the cheek, and puts her head on his chest.

Corridors in the prison

The prisoners and Rick’s group are trying to clear out another cell block for the prisoners to live in. They’re walking slowly, in order to see if walkers arrive.

Big Tiny: Man, it’s too damn dark in here!

Daryl: Gotta hold it up high out in front of you. You’re gonna hear ‘em before you see ‘em.

Axel: It’s coming!

Daryl: Shhh!

Two walkers arrive. Before Daryl, Rick and T-Dog can do anything, the prisoners run towards the walkers, screaming, and start to attack them by aiming somewhere else than in the head.

Axel: You wanna taste me?

Axel stabs the walker in its stomach. Rick, Daryl and T-Dog look at the prisoners failing to kill the walkers.

In one of the cells

Glenn holds the watch that Hershel gave him in his hand, while looking at Hershel, unconscious. Everyone is in the cell, waiting for Hershel to open his eyes. Carl arrives with a bag.

Glenn: Thought you were organizing the food.

Carl: (smiling) Even better! Check it out!

Carl drops the bag, Carol and Lori open it, it’s full of medical supplies.

Lori: Where did you get this?

Carl: Found the infirmary. Wasn’t much left, but I cleared it out!

Carol and Maggie put new bandages on Hershel’s leg.

Lori: You went by yourself?

Carl: Yeah.

Lori and Maggie look at him, they are shocked.

Lori: Are you crazy?

Carl: No big deal, I killed two walkers!

Lori: Alright, (showing Hershel) do you see this? This was with the whole group!

Carl: We needed supplies, so I got them!

Lori: I appreciate that, but…

Carl: Then get off my back!

Beth: Carl! She’s your mother, you can’t talk to her like that!

Lori: Listen, I think it’s great that you want to help but…

Carl leaves the cell running.

Corridors in the prison

Daryl: It’s gotta be the brain! (he shoots an arrow into a walker’s head) Not the stomach, not the heart, the brain!

Another walker arrives.

Axel: I hear you, the brain.

Oscar stabs the walker in the head, but others arrive.

Oscar: Like that?

Daryl: Uh-uh.

Axel and Rick kill two walkers.

Rick: Stay in tight formation, no more prison riot crap!

There begins to be a lot of walkers, everyone fights, except Big Tiny, who’s afraid, and goes behind the wall to hide. But walkers start coming towards him. Rick stabs one of them, and the other one bites Big Tiny before getting shot by Thomas. Rick sees that Big Tiny was bitten.

In one of the cells

Carol puts new bandages on Hershel’s wound.

Carol: These bandages will help prevent infection.

Glenn: That’s good. It’s good that he taught you all these stuff.

Carol: He didn’t teach me everything. (to Glenn) I need your help with something.

Glenn: Now?

Carol: Yeah, now.

Glenn: What is it?

Carol: Not here.

Glenn: I can’t leave Hershel.

Carol: This is important.

Glenn: Carol, I can’t.

Lori: Go on, we got it.

Glenn: No way.

Beth: We’ll be fine.

Carol: We’re not gonna be gone long.

Glenn: Rick said for me…

Maggie: We’re fine.

Glenn: …Alright.

Glenn leaves reluctantly with Carol.

Corridors in the prison

Rick looks at Big Tiny’s shoulder which was bitten.

Big Tiny: I’m telling you! I don’t feel anything, it’s just a scratch!

Rick: I’m sorry man…

Big Tiny: I can keep fighting!

Andrew: You cut that old guy’s leg off to save his life!

Rick: Look at where the bite is!

Big Tiny: Guys, I’m fine! Just… I’m fine. Look, look at me, I’m not changing into one of those things.

Oscar: Look, man, there’s gotta be something we can do, we could just lock him up!

Axel: Quarantine him!

Andrew: We gotta do something! Why are you just standing there, we gotta save him!

Rick: There’s nothing we can do.

Andrew: You son of a bitch!

Big Tiny: I’m al…

Thomas stabs Big Tiny in the head, and continues stabbing him with a hammer. His face is full of blood, and he walks away.

In the prison’s yard

Carol and Glenn are behind the fence, the walkers start coming towards it. Carol shows Glenn a female walker.

Carol: That one.

Glenn: Everything you’re saying is completely sane, you wanting to use a walker for practice is a sane thing, I mean it. Okay? I’m just, trying to wrap my mind around it.

Carol: Lori’s overdue. She had Carl by C-section, she’s probably gonna have to have this one the same way. Hershel had a little bit of experience with this kind of things, but he’s not gonna be able to do it anymore. I need experience! And we have plenty of cadavers.

Glenn: Uh, well… Like I said it’s completely sane.

Carol: I need to learn how to cut through the abdomen and uterus without cutting the baby.

Glenn: Why not?

Glenn is about to kill the walker, but Carol stops him.

Carol: I’ll do it.

She stabs the walker in the head. Glenn then tries to draw the walkers in his direction so Carol can take the body.

Glenn: Come on, hey follow me! Come on! That’s right, there we go! Come on!

Corridors in the prison

Daryl: (to Rick, about Thomas) You see the look on his face?

Rick: He makes one move…

Daryl: Just give me a signal.

Entrance of the cell block

They arrive in a room which contains a set of two doors, probably leading to the cell block where the prisoners would live. Daryl gives Thomas the keys.

Thomas: I ain’t opening that.

Rick: Yes, you are. If you want this cell block, you’re gonna open that door. Just the one, not both of them. Because we need to control this.

They hear the walkers behind the door, Thomas picks up the keys.

Thomas: You bitches ready? (he tries to open the door, but it won’t open) I got this.

He opens both doors, walkers come in.

Rick: I said one door!

Thomas: Shit happens!

Everyone kills the many walkers entering the room. When stabbing a walker, Thomas almost stabs Rick too, on purpose. He then sends a walker on Rick, who falls on the ground.

Daryl: T, mind the gap!

Daryl stabs the walker and saves Rick’s life. They killed all the walkers.

Thomas: (to Rick, about the walker) He was coming at me, bro!

Rick: Yeah… Yeah, I get it. I get it. Shit happens.

Ricks stabs Thomas in the head. Thomas falls down on the floor, dead.

Andrew: No!

Andrew tries to attack Rick with a baseball bat, but Rick kicks him, and Daryl threatens him with his crossbow.

Daryl: Easy now.

Andrew runs away, Rick follows him, while Daryl and T-Dog stay in the room with Axel and Oscar.

Rick: I got him!

Daryl: (to Oscar) Hey, get down on your knees!

Oscar knees down.

Axel: We don’t have no affiliation to what just happened! Tell him, Oscar!

Oscar: Stop talking man.

Corridors in the prison

Rick runs after Andrew in the prison. Andrew opens a door, and winds up outside, in a courtyard full of walkers. Rick doesn’t enter, and closes the door behind Andrew, leaving him in the middle of walkers.

Andrew: Let me back in, man! Let me back in! Open up, man, open up!

Rick: You better run.

Andrew starts running to escape the walkers, Rick leaves and hears Andrew scream behind the door, then there’s silence.

In one of the cells

Maggie is watching over her father, who suddenly stops breathing. She’s too much in shock to do anything.

Beth: What’s happening?

Beth tries to reanimate Hershel, but he doesn’t breathe.

Beth: (to Maggie) Do something! Somebody help! Somebody! Please, help!

Lori arrives running, she doesn’t hear a heartbeat. She tries to reanimate him, while Beth and Maggie are crying.

Lori: Come on! Come on!

Hershel suddenly grabs her, but Maggie pulls her out. Hershel’s awake, he falls back asleep, but he begins to breathe normally again. Carl has his gun pointed at Hershel.

Entrance of a cell block

Axel and Oscar are on their knees. Rick and Daryl are threatening Oscar with a gun and a knife, whereas T-Dog is pointing his gun at Axel.

Oscar: We didn’t have nothing to do with that.

Rick: You didn’t know? You knew! Daryl, let’s end this now!

Rick points his gun at Axel’s face, and Daryl puts his knife on Oscar’s neck.

Axel: Sir, please, please listen to me! It was them that was bad! It wasn’t us!

Rick: Oh, that’s convenient!

Axel: You saw what he did to Tiny! He was my friend! Please! We ain’t like that! I like my pharmaceuticals, but I’m no killer! Oscar here, he’s a B and E and he ain’t very good at it neither! We ain’t the violent kind, they were! Please! Please, I swear to god! I wanna live!

Rick goes back to threatening Oscar by pointing his gun at his head.

Rick: What about you?

Oscar: I ain’t never pleaded for my life. And I ain’t about to start now. So you do what you gotta do.

In the prisoner’s new cell block

Rick, Daryl and T-Dog push Axel and Oscar in their new cell block. There are bodies everywhere.

Axel: Oh man! I knew these guys, they were good men.

Rick: Let’s go.

Oscar: So you’re just gonna leave us in here? Man, this is sick!

Rick: We’re locking down the cell block. From now on, this part of the prison is yours. Take it or leave it, that was the deal.

Daryl: You think this is sick? You don’t wanna know what’s outside.

Rick: Consider yourselves the lucky ones.

Daryl: Sorry about your friends man.

T-Dog: Word of advice : take those bodies outside and burn them.

Rick, T-Dog and Daryl leave.

In one of the cells

Rick arrives in the cell where Hershel’s still sleeping.

Carl: Hershel stopped breathing, mom saved him.

Glenn: It’s true.

Lori: Still no fever.

Hershel opens his mouth, Maggie sits next to him. Everybody looks at him. He opens his eyes.

Maggie: Daddy?

Beth: Daddy! Daddy!

She laughs, Lori, Rick and Maggie smile. Rick takes Hershel’s cuffs off. Hershel grabs Rick’s hand. Beth and Maggie hug, and Carl smiles. Lori leaves the cell, followed by Rick, who puts Beth’s hand in Hershel’s.

Rick: (to Beth) Come here.

In the prison’s yard

Carol put the walker’s body on the floor. She uncovers the walker’s belly in order to start practicing the C-section. She takes her knife and starts the procedure. Someone is watching her behind a tree.

On a bridge between two cell blocks

Rick joins Lori on the bridge.

Rick: We’ll start cleaning tomorrow.

Lori: Yeah. Yeah, we’ll give Carl a safe place to… do whatever he does these days.

Rick: For the record, I don’t think you’re a bad mother.

Lori: Well, wife is a different story. For better or worse, right? I mean, what are we gonna do, hire lawyers, get divorced and split our assets? (they laugh) We have food, Hershel’s alive, today was a good day.

Rick: He’d be dead if it weren’t for you.

Lori: You’re the one that acted fast, if you hadn’t done what you did then… I thought maybe you were coming here to talk about us. Maybe there’s nothing to talk about anymore.

Rick puts his hand on Lori’s shoulder, but still keeps his distance.

Rick: We’re awful grateful for what you did.

He goes back in the cell block, leaving her sad.

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