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Previously on AMC's

The Walking Dead...

Yo, is someone in there?

We're just looking for a friend.

Get out of here!

We gotta go! Roamers are everywhere!

I'm sorry!

We can't leave him!

We give him a canteen, take him out to the main road, send him on his way.

He knows where we are.

He's not a threat.

James thinks I'm his. He thinks the baby is his. He is dangerous.

Sync and corrections by n17t01

I thought we were going further.

We are.

18 miles out.

So why are we stopping?

I wanted to talk.

Been waiting a week till we were gonna do this.

I just wanna talk.

We don't need to.

We do.

No man, we don't.

We're doing this. I get it.

He was passed out when y'all brought him back, doesn't know where the farm is.

That isn't what I need to talk to you about.

I heard what really happened at the school.

Was it to survive?


One of us wasn't gonna make it out.

It had to be him.

One shot to the leg, Carl lives.

Reality is...

He had no business being here--

There. Whatever.

You don't think

I would've done it?

No, man, I know you wouldn't have.

You don't think I can keep

Lori or Carl safe?

I didn't say that.

Or my baby?

Is it gonna have to be me too?

Rick, you can't just be the good guy and expect to live.

Okay? Not anymore.

I'm not the good guy anymore.

To save Carl's life, I would've done anything-- anything.

Now Lori says you're dangerous, but you're not gonna be dangerous.

Not to us, not to me, not anymore.

How about you look at me?

You and Lori--

I get what happened.

When I figured it out-- and I

figured it out pretty quickly--

I wanted to break your jaw, let you choke on your teeth.

But I didn't.

That wasn't weakness.

It took everything.

That is my wife. That is my son.

That is my unborn child.

I will stay alive to keep them alive.

You don't love her.

You think you do, but you don't.

Now the only way you and me keep on...

Is that you accept everything I just said right here, right now, and we move forward with that understanding.

When it started it was just--

It was a couple of weird stories on the news.

Then-- then it was so quick.


It just happened.

Two weeks later, I'm in the hospital and there were soldiers shooting people in the halls.

They were shooting people, man, not walkers.

Then the walkers came through.

You know, I tried to get you out, I tried, but we weren't gonna make it.

Man, there was no way and I knew it.

But I couldn't live with it.

I couldn't live, knowing--

But I had to.

I didn't keep Lori and Carl alive, man.

They kept me alive.

I want you to know that I

didn't look at her before that.

Brother, if I could take it all back, I would.

I wanna check the ropes.

It's all good.

Rick say anything to you about Glenn when they got back from town?

Just that it had gotten pretty bad.

He's not the same.

Says he froze.

Blames me. Says I got inside his head.

He came back--

that's what matters.

Men have to do certain things--

You know that--

And they're either gonna blame the little woman as the reason they do 'em or the reason they don't.

I'll tell you something-- what happens out there happens out there.

And we--

we're just trying to keep it together till they get back.

Things were good. Maybe I--

Glenn's a big boy.

He makes his own choices, and then you--

do you have anything

to apologize for?

Tell him to man up and pull himself together.

Just don't say

"man up."

It never goes well.

Let me just get this to Beth.

You go on--

I got it.

We've gotta start using our knives more.

If there's one walker, we use our knives.

We keep things quiet. We save ammunition.


We need dry goods

ahead of the winter--

Warm clothes... fuel.

Maybe we get a break.

You gotta think

the cold affects them.

If it doesn't kill 'em,

it's gotta slow 'em down.

The second week

of January last year,

we got all that snow and ice.

My cousin got stuck

on 85 for 24 hours.

Sitting in his car

with a birthday cake

for his girlfriend

at Georgia tech.

He just sat

and ate birthday cake

and listened to the "Lord Of

The Rings" book on tape.

We get lucky, we get the same winter as last year.

By December, it's a different world.


Maybe we find some snowmobiles to make runs.

That sounds good.

Knock knock.

How about this--

You, uh--

You eat up all your food, we'll get you up and out of here and go take a walk.

What do you say?

It'll do good to be outside.

You're pregnant.

How could you do that?

Uh, I don't really have a choice.

You think it'll make a difference?

Of course it will.

You eat something.

It's more than 18.

Yeah, I'm looking for a place.

A place for what?

Give him a fair shake. A shot.


This'll do.

We'll leave the boy here

and scavenge some supplies.

Over there.


Like I said.

Gun's quick, easy, but other ways to do this.

One more. Your turn.

Hey, Rick.

I don't see any bites.

Gotta be scratches then--

This one's hand, other one's cheek.

They had walkers here--

burned bodies down the hill.

I guess it gotta be scratches then, huh?

Couldn't eat a thing, huh?

You're gonna--


I know how hard it is.

I tried for days to reach my mom, and get her on the phone.

I can only assume--

It's just so pointless.


You have Maggie, and your father, Patricia and Jimmy.

And you've gotta stay strong for them.

I wish I could promise you it would be all right in the end.

I can't, but we can make now all right...

And we have to.

Thank you.

I'll be right back. We'll go take that walk.


You give it to me, sweetheart.

You don't wanna do this.

Andrea, have you seen

Maggie or Hershel?

I haven't seen Hershel, but I

saw Maggie and Glenn walk by maybe 20 minutes ago.

Could you find her for me?

I've gotta get back to the house.

Of course.



The hell is this?

Oh, come on, don't be stupid.

I owe you guys.

I can help protect

what you've got.

Why would you save my life just to kill me by leaving me here?

One guy-- one guy can't make it alone.

That's why I was with those dudes-- I was alone.

Don't be stupid! I'm not like them!

I'm just some guy!

I used to watch football and screw around on the Internet.

I lived with my mom!

I lost her like you lost people.

I went to school with Maggie for God's sake!

I went to church.

I rode the bench on varsity baseball.

You went to school with Maggie?

You go to school with Maggie?

Answer the question!

Did you go to school

with Maggie?

I-- it--

she didn't know me.

Didn't even know I existed.

I mean, I knew her.

I knew who her dad was.

There is no way

I would ever do anything to hurt her or her family.


Or you--

or your people!

I'm not like the guys

I was with!

He knows where the farm is, Rick.

Where we are--

he knows.

Say he finds his way back to his people...

Shane, no!

Not now-- just not now!

Well, when, Rick? When?

When I've had a chance to think about it.

Don't let him kill me. Please don't.

Shut up!

We're going back. It's a man's life.

I need a night to think it through.

You're gonna bring this piece of garbage--

this piece of garbage who--

he shot at you, Rick.

He ran with men who tried to kill you.

You gonna bring him back to where Lori sleeps?

To where Carl sleeps?

He'll be locked up in the barn, unless you bust it open.

Oh, don't start that shit.

I'm taking the night.

Man, you take that--

you think on it, Rick. Keep struggling with it.

It ain't hard, man.

The right choice is the one that keeps us alive.

It's always the same with you.

It's like the first moment-- it's whenever you're put to the test.

Stop acting like you know the way ahead, like you know the rules.

There are no rules, man. We're lost.

No-no-no, man. I know exactly where I am.

You don't know shit anymore.

I don't think you can do it, Rick.

It's my call, man.

I don't think you can keep them safe.





Get off me, man.

You're not doing this!

You don't get to make these calls anymore.

I won't let you.

Are you crazy? What if dad finds out?

What's he gonna do? Kill me for committing suicide?

Stop being such a brat.

He'd die.

So would I.

This isn't just about you.

We all lost mom.

We'll lose each other and I couldn't stand that.

So you give up?

Come on, bitch. Let's see what you got.

Where's Hershel?

He doesn't want to find out yet.

It's a family affair. We'll let them work it out.

That's working it out?

When Beth stops fighting, that's when it's time to worry.

You are being so selfish!

This could've been handled better.

How so?

You shouldn't have taken the knife away.

Excuse me?

You were wrong, like Dale taking my gun. That wasn't your decision.

She has to choose

to live on her own.

She has to find her own reasons.

Want me to tie a noose for her?

If she's serious, she'll figure out a way.

Doesn't mean I can't stop her or let her know that I care.

That has nothing to do with it, Lori.

She only has so many choices in front of her, and she believes the best one is suicide.

That's not an option.

Of course it is.

She doesn't need to be yelled at or treated like a child.

She needs a loaded gun, right?

You'll understand if

I don't send you in there.

I came through it.

And became such a productive member of the group.

Let Maggie handle this her way.

I contribute.

I help keep this place safe.

The men can handle this on their own.

They don't need your help.

I'm sorry. What would you have me do?

Oh, there's plenty of work to go around.

Are you serious?

Everything falls apart, you're in my face over skipping laundry?

Puts a burden on the rest of us, on me and Carol, and Patricia and Maggie.

Cooking, cleaning and caring for Beth.

And you-- you don't care about anyone but yourself--

You sit up on that RV, working on your tan with a shotgun in your lap.

No, I am on watch against walkers.

That is what matters, not fresh mint leaves in the lemonade.

And we are providing stability.

We are trying to create a life worth living.

Are you kidding me?

Look, I went after Rick. I took down two walkers.

After crashing Maggie's car.

Don't act like you're

the only one who can take care of herself. - Ever apologize for that?

Crashing her--

You're insane.

No, you are.

And you're the one that's self-centered, the way you take it all for granted.

My husband is out there for the hundredth time.

My son was shot.

Don't you dare tell me

I take this for granted.

You don't get it, do you?

Your husband came back from the dead, your son too. And now you've got a baby on the way.

The rest of us have piled up our losses--

Me, Carol, Beth-- but you just keep on keeping on.

We have all suffered.

Playing house, acting like the queen bee, laying down rules for everybody but yourself.

You know what? Go ahead.

Go in there and tell

that little girl

that everything's gonna be okay, just like it is for you.

She'll get a husband, a son, baby, boyfriend.

She just has to look on the bright side.

Mom would be ashamed to learn she raised such a coward.

What about dad, Beth?

He's clueless.

He had us waiting for a cure.

He knows he was wrong.

When has dad ever admitted he was wrong?

He's just telling Rick's group what they want to hear.

And Jimmy?

We went out for three months and now I'm married to him?

And me?

You could do that to me?

I can't take another funeral.

You can't avoid it.

What are we waiting for?

We should both do it.


At the same time. Help each other.


It's hard to do it.

No one wants to but--

No, please don't.

We can do it so it's peaceful, easy.

Stop talking like that.

Our choice, and then it would be over.

Or we'll be forced to do it when the farm and this house is overrun.

No one can protect us.

That's not true.

Who, Glenn?

I heard what happened.

Rick will save his family, the others too.

We're alone.

You, me, Patricia, with only dad and Jimmy against a whole world of those things.

I don't wanna be gutted.

I wanna go...

In this bed, tonight...

With you beside me.



You want some of that?

Oh shit.


You can't sit on top of her.

I can't leave her by herself.

You're gonna have to.

You're exhausted.

Go get some air. I'll sit with her.

Go ahead.

Wash up, get something to eat.

I got it.





Aren't you gonna say something?

Is this what you want?

The pain doesn't go away.

You just make room for it.


Holy shit.

Where the hell do you think you're going?

What did you expect me to do?

Please, just let me go, man.

That's what you came here for.

I'm not gonna tell anyone anything.

Shut up.

You wanna stay here?

Help the guy that just tried to bash your head in?

There's 10 roamers there.

You think you can take them on?

They don't see us. We can get out of here.

Oh, come on. Fine!

But let me have a gun.

I'll help you.

I'll show you.

I can. I know it.

Let's go.


He did this.

We're going.

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Rick... no, man.

Come back, man.


Beth? Beth?


She's in there. I heard glass.

Beth, you all right?

Don't do this, Beth. Don't do this.

Open up, please.

God, I left her with Andrea.

Where's a key?

I don't know.

Beth honey, please open the door.

I'm not mad. I'm not mad, Beth.


Hang on.

I'm sorry.

T's okay.

Stay there.

Yeah, you like that?



Go for the back door!

Come on!

Come on, get in!

Go, man, go! Come on!

Whoo-- Yeah! Hell yeah!

You see that? You see what we did?

Just keep driving.

Where were you?

I heard. Is she all right?

She would be if you had stayed with her. Where were you?

How bad is she?

It wasn't deep.

She wants to live. She made her decision.

She tried to kill herself.

No, she didn't.

My father is stitching her wrist right now.

She'll live.

Stay away from her.

From both of us.

Don't you dare step foot inside this house again.

I'm not gonna say she was right, but Beth has made her choice.

She wants to live and now she knows it...

And sometimes you have to cross the line.


If you wanna kill me, you're gonna have to do better than a wrench.

Probably gonna have to kill that boy, but I am gonna think about it a night.

It can't be that easy, killing someone, killing anyone.

You know that.

That is my wife.

That is my son.

That is my child.

If you're gonna be with us, you gotta follow my lead, you gotta trust me.

It's time for you to come back.

♪ I am nothing ♪

♪ without pretend ♪

♪ I know my thoughts ♪

♪ can't live with them♪

♪ I am nothing ♪

♪ without a man ♪

♪ I know my thoughts ♪

♪ but I can't hide them ♪

♪ I don't need another friend ♪

♪ when most of them ♪

♪ I can barely

keep up with them ♪

♪ perfectly able

to hold my own hand... ♪

♪ but I still... ♪

Sync and corrections by n17t01

On the next episode of AMC's The Walking Dead...

I didn't do anything! - You shot at my boys, tried to take this farm!

And you're trying to tell me you're innocent?

He has got a gun and

I'm looking for my friend.

You're just gonna kill him?

People are scared!

They need to be safe! I owe them that.

Rick's the leader of this group.

We all chase that.

If we do this, the people we worded, the world that we knew is dead!

Now three episodes left this season.

A special look at a scene from next week's The Walking Dead will be revealed during the first commercial break of Comic Book Men.

Next on AMC.

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