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Previously on AMC's

The Walking Dead...

Get down, now!

Hide in there. I'll draw them away from you.

She was gone by the time

I got back here.

How could you just leave her out here?

I chose to stay.

I saved your life.

I'm not your little girl and I'm sure as hell not your problem.

No, no, no, no!

[Indistinct chatter]

I know that look.

Then you get really quiet.

So, are you gonna tell me?

We had a fight this morning.

It got ugly, hurtful.

I'm sorry, hon--

Men can be jerks.

Thing is, if we're being honest, he wasn't the asshole.

Ah, got ya.

He was trying so hard to be reasonable.

It just pushed my buttons all the more.

God, I sometimes wish he would just have it out with me...

And blow up, tell me I'm being a bitch, if that's what I'm being.

Instead, he's just so...

Don't beat yourself up.


You can't tell me that being pissed at your husband because he doesn't yell at you is even close to being rational.

That's one problem

I don't have with Tom.

But you still love him.

Sure, I do--

Might as well.

We're lifers.

I admire your pragmatism.

You still love Rick?

I've been asking myself that a lot, and-and I-I think the answer's "yes."

It's just, I'm trying to remember how that works.

Maybe the only real problem we have is we got married so young.


[Siren blaring]

Excuse me.

Is he alive?

He's in surgery.

[School bell ringing]


There was a radio call that said that there was two suspects in a car, but there was a third man.

Somebody screwed up.

I screwed up.

I ju-- I did not see him in time-- Lori, it's my fault.

I-I don't believe that.

What do I say?

How do I tell my son his father's been shot?

You don't have to do it alone.



Sync and corrections by n17t01

[labored breathing]

[Grunts] Come on.

Hey, you move, dickhead!

Come on, get us there! How far?

How far? Another half mile, that way!

Hershel, talk to Hershel--

He'll help your boy.

I'm sorry.

Let's go-- Come on!



Was he bit?

Shot, by your man.


He said find Hershel.

Is that you?

Help me-- Help my boy.

Get him inside-- Inside!

Patricia, I need my full kit.



Painkillers, coagulates--

Grab everything.

Clean towels, sheets, alcohol.

In here.


Is-is he alive?

Pillowcase, quick.

Is-is he alive?

Fold it--

Make a pad.

Put pressure on the wound.

I've got a heartbeat--

It's faint.

I got it--

Step back.

Maggie, IV.

We need some space.

Your name?



I'm-I'm-I'm Rick.

Rick, we're gonna do everything we can, okay?

You need to give us some room.



He's alive--

He's still alive?


It's okay.

You got blood, man.


I'll take it from you.

Where is he--

Is he okay?

You know his blood type?


s-same as mine.

That's fortunate.

Don't wander far--

I'm gonna need you.

What happened?

I was tracking a buck.

Bullet went through it.

Went clean through.

The deer slowed the bullet down, which certainly saved his life, but it did not go through clean.

It broke up into pieces.

If I can get the bullet fragments out...

And I'm countin' six.

I never saw him.

Not until he was on the ground.

Lori doesn't know?

No, she--

My wife doesn't know--

My wife doesn't know.

[Indistinct whispering]

You still worrying about it?

It was a gunshot.

We all heard it.

Why one--

Why just one gunshot?

Maybe they took down a walker.

Please don't patronize me.

You know Rick wouldn't risk a gunshot to put down one walker, or Shane.

They'd do it quietly.

Shouldn't they have caught up with us by now?

There's nothing we can do about it, anyway.

Can't run around these woods chasing echoes.

So, what do we do?

Same as we've been.

Beat the bush for Sophia, work our way back to the highway.

I'm sure they'll hook up with us back at the RV.

I'm sorry for what you're going through.

I know how you feel.

I suppose you do--

Thank you.

The thought of her, out here by herself...

It's the not knowing that's killin' me.

I just keep hopin' and prayin'

she doesn't wind up like Amy.

Oh, God!

That's the worst thing

I ever said.

We're all hoping and praying with you, for what it's worth.

I'll tell ya what it's worth--

Not a damn thing.

It's a waste of time, all this hopin' and prayin'.

We're gonna locate that little girl.

She's gonna be just fine.

Am I the only one zen around here?

Good lord.


We are gonna have quite a collection of spare parts, I tell ya.

Shouldn't they be back by now?

It's still light.

Let's not worry, just yet.

How are you feelin'?


I asked you how you were feeling just now.

Please don't blow that question off.

It really, really hurts.

It's throbbing something awful.

Oh, let me see.

Ah, don't-don't touch it!

I'm sorry--

I'm sorry.

Listen, your veins are very discolored.

You got a hell of an infection there.

You could die from blood poisoning.


Oh, man.

Wouldn't that be the way?

World gone to hell...

The dead risen up to eat the living...

And Theodore Douglas gets done in by a cut on his arm.

Yeah, that would be-that would be stupid.

I-I've been saying since yesterday, we gotta-we gotta get you some antibiotics.

We've been ransacking these cars the whole time.

I can't believe that we have not found some ampicillin, or-or something in the-in the whole place.

Can you? Seems like there would be.

Well, that's what I think.


We, uh, we haven't been thorough enough.

So, let's look some more.

Why'd I let him come with us?

I should've sent him with Lori.

You know, you start that, you never get that monkey off your back.

Little girl goes missing, you look for her.


You said, "call it--

Head back."

Doesn't matter what I said.

Carl got shot because

I wouldn't cut bait.

It should be me in there.


You've been there, partner, right?

And you pulled through--

So will he.

Is that why I got outta that hospital?

Found my family for it to end here, like this?

This kind of s-sick joke?

You stop it.

Just stop.

A little girl goes missing...

You look for her--

It's plain and simple.

[Door opens] Rick...

He needs blood.

[Carl crying]

You, hold him down.


I got him.


Almost there.


Stop-- You're killin' him!

Rick, do you want him to live?


He needs blood.

Do it now!


[Crying stops]

Wait-wait, hey.

He just passed out.

One down...

Five to go.

[Air pumping]

[Air hissing]

Pressure's stable.

Lori needs to be here.

She doesn't even know what's goin' on.

I got-I gotta go find her, bring her back.

You can't do that.

She's his mother!

She needs to know what's happened.

Her son's lying here, shot.

And he's going to need more blood.

He can't go more than

50 feet from this bed.

Hey, hey.

Come on. I'm all right.

I'm all right--

I got him.

He's stable, for now.

Lori has to be here, Shane--

She has to know.

Okay, I get that.

I'm gonna handle it...

But you've gotta handle your end.

My-my end?

Your end is being here, for your son.

Even if he didn't need your blood to suRVive, there is no way I'd ever let you walk out that door.

Man, I-I'd break your legs if you tried.

I mean, you know that, right?

If something happened to him and you weren't here...

If-if he slipped away while you were gone, you would never forgive yourself for that, and neither would Lori, man.

You're right.

When was I ever wrong?


You know, when...

When you were in that hospital, the one you were never supposed to leave, man...

You should've seen Lori.

She was like--

The strength of that woman...

You can't imagine it.

See-see, that's what you gotta have now.

I mean, Carl, he needs that from you.

So, you wire yourself tight, my friend.


You hear?

You've got the hard part.

You just leave the rest to me, okay?

All right.

All right.

[Door opens]

He's out of danger for the moment, but I need to remove those remaining fragments.


You saw how he was.

I know, and that was the shallowest one.

I need to go deeper to get the others.

Oh, man .

- There's more.

Tell me.

His belly's distended, his pressure's dropping, which means there's internal bleeding.

A fragment must have nicked one of the blood vessels.

I have to open him up, find the bleeder and stitch it.

And he can't move while I'm in there.

I mean, at all.

If he reacts the same as before, I'll sever an artery and he'll be dead in minutes.

To even try this, I have to put him under.

But if I do, he won't be able to breathe on his own.

Same bad results.

What'll it take?

You need a respirator.

What else? The tube that goes with it, extra surgical supplies, drapes, sutures.

If you had all that, you could save him?

If I had all that, I could try.

Nearest hospital went up in flames a month ago.

The high school. That's what I was thinkin'.

They set up a FEMA shelter there.

They would have everything we need.

Place was overrun last time I saw it.

You couldn't get near it--

Maybe it's better now.

I said, leave the rest to me.

Is it too late to take that back?

I hate you goin' alone.

Come on.

Doc, why don't you do me a list, draw me a map.

You won't need a map--

I'll take you there.

Ain't but five miles.

Otis, no.

Honey, we don't have time for guesswork and I'm responsible.

I ain't gonna sit here while this fella takes this on alone.

I'll be all right. Are you sure about this?

Do you even know what any of the stuff he's talking about looks like?

Come to think, no.

I've been a volunteer EMT.

I do.

Now, we can talk about this

'till next Sunday, or we could just go do it real quick.

I'll take right quick.

I should thank you.

Wait 'till that boy of yours is up and around, then we'll talk.

I'll gather some things.

Where is she--

Your wife?

We'll lose the light before too long.

I think we should call it. Let's head back.

We'll pick it up again tomorrow?

Yeah, we'll find her tomorrow.


Just get what you need and get out of there.

You stay strong, all right?

That's a fine weapon, Rick.

I'll bring it back in good shape.

Only one I got.

Man, this turned into one strange day.

Didn't it, though?

Let's check on your boy.

Found some more batteries, a bottle of very trendy pink water, an excellent new machete, and I thought Glenn might like this guitar.

Maybe he plays.

No drugs.


Yeah, ibuprofen and these.

What are we doin'?

Pullin' supplies together.

No, I mean...

What are we doin'?

People off in the woods, they's looking for that poor girl and we're here.


'Cause they think we're the weakest.

What are you, 70?



And I'm the one black guy.

Realize how precarious that makes my situation?

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm talking about two good-old-boy cowboy sheriffs and a redneck whose brother cut off his own hand because I dropped a key.

Who in that scenario you think is gonna be first to get lynched?

You can't be serious.

Am I-- Hey, am I

missing something?

Those cowboys have done all right by us.

And if I'm not mistaken, that redneck went out of his way to save your ass--

More than once.

And don't forget about Andrea.

Kills her own sister.

She was already dead.

Then wants to blow herself up.

Yeah, she's all there.

She's havin' a tough time.

What is wrong with you?

The whole world's havin' a tough time.

Damn, man--

Open your eyes.

[Raising voice]

Look where we are--

Stuck in this mess here!



Let's just go.

Let's just take the RV.

You've gone off the deep end.

I mean it, man.

Why are we on the side of this road like live bait?

Let's go, you and me.

Let's go before they get back.

Oh, my God!

You're burnin' up.

Give me that.

Come on.

Here, take these.

We've got to knock that fever down.


Where the hell are they?

How much farther?

Not much...

Maybe a hundred yards as the crow flies.

Too bad we're not crows.



As the crow flies, my ass.

[Low growl, groaning]

[Andrea screaming] Andrea?


No-no-- Oh, no!



Lori grimes?


I'm Lori.

Rick sent me--

You've got to come now.


There's been an accident--

Carl's been shot.

He's still alive but you've gotta come now.

Rick needs you--

Just come!


We don't know this girl.

You can't get on that horse.

Rick said you had others on the highway, that big traffic snarl?


Backtrack to Fairburn road.

Two miles down is our farm.

You'll see the mailbox--

Name's Greene-- Hi-yah!


Shut up.


What do ya mean shot?

I don't know, Dale.

I wasn't there.

All I know is this chick rode out of nowhere like Zorro on a horse and took Lori.

You let her?

Climbed down out of my asshole, man.

Rick sent her.

She knew Lori's name and Carl's.

I heard screams--

Was that you?

She got attacked by a walker.

It was a close call.

Andrea, are you all right?

[Door slamming]

This place is beautiful.

Been in my family 160 years.

I can't believe how serene it is.

How untouched... You're lucky.

We weren't completely unscathed.

We lost friends, neighbors.

The epidemic took my wife, my stepson.

I'm sorry.

My daughters were spared.

I'm grateful to God for that.

These people here, all we've got left is each other.

Just hoping we can ride it out in peace till there's a cure.

We were at the CDC...

It's-it's gone now.

There is no cure.

I don't believe it.

When aids came along, everyone panicked.

One boy in town came down with it, and some parents pulled their children from school, so they didn't have to sit in the same room.

This is a whole other thing.

That's what we always say--

"This one's different."

Well, this one is.

Mankind's been fightin'

plagues from the start.

We get our behinds kicked for a while, then, we bounce back.

It's nature correcting herself, restoring some balance.

I wish I could believe that.

[Hoof-beats galloping]

I'm sorry.

My baby boy.

Baby boy.

It's okay.

Mama's here.

Mama's here.

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

We're gonna make you okay.

Slow... slow.

How many transfusions?

Two-- Only two.

You know he wanted to do the same for you when you were in the hospital.

I had to talk him out of it.

Thank you.

Okay, so I understand, when Shane gets back with this other man--



The idiot who shot my son.

Ma'am, it was an accident.

I'll take that under advisement later.

For now, he's the idiot who shot our son.

Lori, they're doing everything they can to make it right.

Okay, as soon as they get back you can perform this surgery?

I'll certainly do my best.

Okay... I mean, you've done this procedure before?

Well, yes, in a sense.

In a sense?

Honey, we don't have the luxury of shopping for a surgeon.

No, I understand that.

But, I mean, you're a doctor, right?

Yes, ma'am. Of course.

A vet.

A veteran--

A combat medic?

A veterinarian.

And you've done this surgery before on what?

Cows... pigs?

I-- I have--

I have to sit.

Completely in over your head, aren't you?

Ma'am, aren't we all?



Okay, let's take a look.

[Groaning, snarling]

You see that big mobile medical trailer across the way?

That's where we gotta get to?


I won't do it.

We can't just leave.

Carol, the group is split.

We're scattered and weak.

What if she comes back and we're not here?

It could happen.

If Sophia found her way back and we were gone, that would be awful.


We gotta plan for this.

I say tomorrow morning is soon enough to pull up stakes.

Give us a chance to rig a big sign, leave her some supplies.

I'll hold here tonight, stay with the RV.

If the RV is stayin', I am too.

Thank you.

Thank you both.

I'm in.

Well, if you're all staying then I'm--

not you, Glenn--

You're going.

Take-take Carol's cherokee.


Why is it always me?

You have to find this farm, reconnect with our people and see what's going on--

But most important, you have to get t-dog there.

This is not an option.

That cut has gone from bad to worse.

He has a very serious blood infection.

Get him to that farm.

See if they have any antibiotics.

Because if not, t-dog will die, no joke.

Keep your oily rags off my brother's motorcycle.

Why'd you wait till now to say anything?

Got my brother's stash.

Crystal, x--

Don't need that.

Got some kick ass painkillers.


Not the generic stuff neither.

It's first class.

Merle got the clap on occasion.

[Soft hissing, snarling]

[Door creaking]


[Flares fizzing]


[Snarling, hissing]


Pressure's dropping again.

We can't wait much longer.

Take some more--

Whatever he needs.

Then I'm gonna go.

Go-- Go where?

He said five miles.

They should be long back by now.

Something's gone wrong.

Are you insane?

You're not goin' after them.

Rick, listen to your wife.

If they got into trouble--

You're in no condition to do anything about it.

You've given too much blood.

You're barely on your feet.

You wouldn't make it across the yard.

Something happened, I have to go.

No, your place is here.

If Shane said he'll be back, he'll be back.

He's like you that way.

I can't just sit here.

That's exactly what you do!

If you need to pray or cry or tell God he's cruel, you go right ahead, but you're not leavin', Rick.

Carl needs you--


[Softly] And I can't do this by myself.

Not this one.

I can't...

I can't.


Oh, here.

Endotracheal intubator, baby, for my new respirator.

'Atta boy!

Come on.

[Groaning, clanging]

Come on!

Damn it.

Come on--

Stay with me!

[Snarling, grunting]

No-- No-no-no-no!

Come on!


Come on-- come on.

In here!


Stay back-- stay back!

[Rifle clicking]

[Groaning, metal rattling]

Damn it!

[Snarling, fence rattling]

Sync and corrections by n17t01

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