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Previously on Pretty Little Liars I came over to apologize.

I hope that you and your mom are okay.

I have a message for you.

Ali wants to meet me tonight.

Did you tell anyone about this? I can't believe you followed me here.

What's the deal with Mona? We met in a group at school.

There's a new counselor and he's actually cool.

Mona is the devil, and I would really appreciate it if you didn't encourage them being together.

It's time to share, Andrew.

I want some of your study aid, the kind with the child-proof cap.

Dad! - I'm coming, baby.


Who eats pie with beer? Mr.

Fitz? A boysenberry pie and beer, that's what you ordered? The police used dental records to prove that body was Alison's and we know it wasn't.

I was at the dentist and I think that I got treated by "A.

" One of you just please look inside my mouth.

"I told you.

Dead girls can't smile.

Stop looking.


'" I need it.

There's no other choice.

I know I told you to avoid her but you'll have to get in touch with her.

And when you do Yes.

That is exactly what you say, nothing more.

She can't know yet.

Do you think you can get to it? I'll be careful.

I'll call you back on this phone and tell you where to take it.

Your friends just walked in.

Shana? Shana, tell me you can get it.

I have to go.


Have you heard her from since? Can we trust her now? If Ali does, I guess that means we should try.

Shana has too many faces to trust.

I've been keeping count and running out of fingers.

We all got a finger you can use.

It's not the nice kind.

So is your dad going to be okay? They'll monitor his heart for a while to make sure, but in the long run, he should be fine.

Except the part where Shana gave him a heart attack.

It wasn't a heart attack.

The doctors said his chest pains were caused from anemia.

Besides, I don't think it was her.

I mean Shana led me to Ali.

Why would she turn around and punish me for trying to find "A"? And we know that "A" is a dude.

Maybe Shana's helping this dude.

Wasn't she seen sneaking around Wren's apartment shipping boxes to Melissa? Sure, but let's say it's not Shana, you know.

Could be somebody else? Maybe it's somebody who's working on the play with Mr.


I was the first crew member he brought on.

And he asked you to meet him after school, right? Yeah, he asked me to copy audition scenes while he was out running an errand.

He said he'd come by if he could.

What about you, Aria? What about me? I was just wondering if maybe since you and Jake broke up Yeah, that doesn't mean we're back together.

Look, look, I've been taking some time for myself.

Ezra and I haven't talked in a really long time.

Do you think you could ask him? - No.

No asking, no following, no taking a look.

"A" gave us an order in my mouth.

I'm just trying to help Emily figure out who was chasing her.

Yeah, but Emily already said that Ezra wasn't there.

I don't know what kind of help he would be.


You're right.

I'm cutting you off.

You're over-caffeinated.

What? It's herbal tea.

Spencer, I'm about to have a breakdown, okay, and your floppy foot is gonna push me over the edge.

So go sit over there, okay.

We're all really tense.

Tense? "A" knocked me out, shot me up and played post office between my teeth.

"Dead girls can't smile.

" If we don't keep trying to help Ali, she'll never be able to come home.

Yeah, and the longer that she's out there on her own, the easier it is for "A" to get to her.

We're not doing anything.

We're just gonna wait for her to contact us again.

Yeah, if she contacts us.

I mean I might have biffed that one permanently.

We don't know that for sure.

Can we just all agree on this to keep us safe? Yeah, of course.

Yeah, absolutely.

Good morning.

Is Dr.

Griggs in? This is Veronica Hastings.

Thank you.

A break-in? Like with robbers or something? No, no, nothing was stolen.

But I got a chance to chat with the sheriff's office last week.

They said it was most likely a vagrant looking for shelter or kids looking for a place to party.

I mean it's an empty cabin.

What do you expect? So I have to go up there this weekend.

Can you get away? Come with me? It's been a while since we've been up there.

My dad's going up to Syracuse and I can't leave Mike.

Is there any way your brother could stay with a friend? Maybe we could drive back and check on him? Just tell him and my dad that I'm staying at Hanna's or something.

Aria, I really need to save the whole weekend.

And I thought we were going to actually be able to use this cabin.

I'd like to spend some time alone with you.

Okay, you know what, I'll figure something out with Mike.

When do you want to leave? Okay, this is the last of it.

Where do you want it? I want what's in them.

I checked.

Everything that we seized from your house has been accounted for.

I've missed you.


I helped an old lady find her missing cat once.

I don't think she was half as happy.

I finally feel like I have feet again.

So how did those books work out for you? You finish the one about the teeth? You know, they kind of creeped me out.

I mean, I feel like I have to floss like crazy so I don't have to go to the dentist anytime soon.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Well, if you're looking for another Actually, I'm giving up on mysteries for a while.

You know, I was gonna sell them back to the store used, but you can have all of them if you want.

No, no, I'm up to my holster in all things CeCe Drake these days.

Funny thing about fugitives, they generate a lot of paperwork.

Can't skip to the end, can you? I wish.

Interviews, official reports, even a false sighting, it's all worth going through with a fine-tooth comb.

You get details about habits and routines, personality traits.

"It's the little things that are infinitely the most important.

" Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said that.

Was it her on the phone last night? I don't know what you're talking about.

How is she? Is she okay? If she wanted to give you an update, she'd reach out to you.

Oh, wait, she did and you screwed it up.

Hey, can we not do snide, Shana? I want us to help each other help Alison.

How? Start a "Friends of Ali" club? Make collages and write fan fiction? I'm going to be late.

Next time you talk to her, can you tell her that I'm sorry? I'll see what I can do.

So what's up with Spencer? Did you notice her last night? All jittery and caffeine bug-eyed? That's pretty much Spencer most days.

She's probably just studying for something.

She was drinking herbal tea.

That girl is strictly espresso.

She's not studying, she's investigating.

Sounds like you're investigating.

I'm just observing details.

I was talking to Gabe and Who? Holbrook.

And he was telling Wait, wait, wait.

Detective Holbrook? Are you guys, like friends now? Friends? No.

Okay, I didn't even know that he had a first name and now you're calling him Gabe? Is he into fashion or something? No, Aria.

Well, I'm just trying to figure out what you two would be connecting on.

We're just like book club buddies without the monthly meetings.

Anyway, he just told me something that I think Spencer might be Hanna, she asked a few questions.

She was trying to figure out who went after Emily that night in school.

She's not telling us the truth, Aria.

Can we just spend some time with her this weekend? Talk some sense into her before she pisses "A" off? Um, I'm visiting my dad.

He's lecturing in Syracuse and he wants me to look at the campus, so Well, he goes there like every weekend.

Can't you just say next time? Well, I kind of need a break from Mike and Mona too.

They're just a constant barrage of slow jams and lip balm.

I'm sorry, Hanna, I really wish I could, but Don't worry about it.

I'll figure it out.

I'm so sorry.

Bye, guys.

Hey, Brenda, can I grab you for a second? So my dad's away on business and the prescription is in his briefcase.

You're still taking them, right? Indeed I am.

Just two, are you sure? You know what, I should probably make it five.

Just in case he forgets on Monday and then, you know, I have got a couple of these tests coming up, so It's 50.

I mean, I was just kind of hoping you could spare them.

Don't haggle, Spencer.

It's tacky.

Fifty for first-timers, repeat customers get a discount.

Like at the hoagie shop? Do I get the tenth one free? Fifty? Okay, I can do that.


Come see me next week if you need more.

You know, in case your dad forgets.

Hey, Spencer.

You got a minute? I just finished reading your essay on Shirley Jackson's short story.

Is something wrong with it? It's sub-par.

It's unusual for you.

In fact, you've practically lifted an entire paragraph from Wikipedia.

How bad is the grade? It's not about the grade.

I'm just wondering what's been keeping you so busy lately.

I've just really been swamped.

What, you thought you'd take a shortcut? And more importantly, you thought I wouldn't figure out what you've been up to.

I'd like to see you after school.

No normally I wouldn't make this exception, but I think in your case I'll take the grade.

You sure? - Yeah.

You know, Spencer, sloppy work leads to consequences.

I'd hate to see you suffer.



Oh, sorry.

You were just on your way out.

Just about to get a refill.

It can wait.

What's going on? You were right.

I might be a little bit angry but it's not at my brother.

I think the truth is I'm just angry at myself.

Is it okay if we talk? Hey, Spence, me and Emily are outside your house.

Open up.

Hey, Hanna, I'm at the library.

No, you're not.

I can see your car in the driveway.

I walked.

Um, look, so the police gave me back my shoes finally and I was wondering if you could come over and help me make my closet all neat-freaky.

I would really like to, but Fitz is making me redo this essay, so Well, come over later? Yeah, maybe.

I really got to go.

Mike's experiences with Mona, they are different than mine.

So I have to respect that, I guess.

I guess I'm just confused.

When you came in here, you said you were angry with yourself.

Did you want to get into that, or ? Yeah, yeah, it's I mean, I just don't even really know who I can talk to anymore.

I'm lying to my boyfriend.

I'm lying to my friends about my boyfriend.

Sounds lonely.

You want to start with the boyfriend? Well, this guy and I, we've had a really long history.

So my friends just might not be very supportive if they knew that we were back together.

And why do you feel your friends would disapprove? You know what, my brother doesn't have practice today.

I just realized that.

I'm sitting here talking to you.

Okay, well, I'm glad you stopped by, Aria.

Yeah, thank you.

Well, he's probably waiting, so This feels like a stakeout.

Well, there are no coffee or donuts.

Ergo, no stakeout.

It's not the menu, Hanna.

It's the fact that we're parked outside Spencer's house trying to figure out what she's doing and why she just lied to you.

What if she really is at the library? Well, did she take her grandfather clock? I could hear it clanging through the phone.

Is that Shana? What is she doing at the DiLaurentis' house? Get down.

Okay, this right here, this feels like a stakeout.

This doesn't make sense.

Last night at the Brew, I'm pretty sure Shana was talking to Ali.

And the next day, she gets in touch with Alison's mom? Does Mrs.

DiLaurentis know everything? Does she know whose bones are in Ali's grave or was Shana over there telling her? Or they were they talking about peaches and parasols and Scarlet O'Hara.

You said they knew each other from Georgia.

I know I said we should trust Shana, but I think we should follow her.


We are not following anybody.

"A" said that But it's okay if it's one of us? Should we stop by Aria's next and dig through her trash? Maybe you were right, Hanna.

What if Shana really is manipulating all of us? I don't give a flying crap about Shana.

I care about you.

So if you think this has anything even remotely to do with Alison, just please leave it alone.

Let's get out of here.

And this is not the teacher's lounge.

Man, I keep doing that.

Two doors down to the right.

Jesse Lindahl? Student counseling office.

We haven't met yet.

I'm Ezra, English department.



I'm still making the rounds, putting all the names to faces.

I hope I didn't interrupt you.

No, no, I was just pulling a file.

I'm having an academic issue with one of my seniors.

Just hoping to get some background.

Well, if you want to get to the bottom of it, you've got to get them talking, you know.

Do they talk? Yeah.

You'd be surprised how much students are willing to reveal about what's going on in their lives, especially when they feel like they have no one else to talk to.


It was great meeting you, Jesse.

You too.

See you around, Fitz.


I need your help.


How can I help you? Not here.


If you want my help, you're gonna have to answer some questions.

I'm an open book.

So what about Paige? Was that on purpose? Did you date her to get to me? When I met her at swim camp, I didn't know you were the one she was still mooning over.

When I got to town, I put it all together.

You've always acted like you want to come between us.

I saw a button and I pushed.

It let me know what I needed to know.

Which is? You're loyal, fiercely protective, emotional but not a fool.

Just like Alison said.


So you were spying on us too? For Alison? Not spying, just taking a look around, trying to get to know you.

Is that what you were doing in Wren's apartment? Trying to get to know him? He placed an ad.

Hired me to ship and pack some boxes in a hurry.

When he found out I go to Rosewood High, he asked me to be discreet.

Be careful with that.

It's it belonged to Alison's grandmother.

Ali said it was a gift for someone special.

Wouldn't tell me who.

Now I know.

Emily, I saw you and Hanna today at Alison's house.

I figure you're probably going to ask about that too, so why don't we just lay it on the table? Okay.

Could you sit? You're making me nervous.

I was trying to get something for Alison, but I never got a chance.

Her mother was so happy to see me, I never got a second alone.

Does she know Ali's still alive? No.

Are you sure you didn't tell her? Alison doesn't trust anyone but you.

What were you there to get? That's where you come in.

There's a poster in Alison's room, some French thing with twins.

Hi, it's Aria, leave a message.

Hey, Aria.

I know it's early, but something's been going on and I really have to tell somebody about it.

I really have to tell you about it, but if I'm right then, then that would just break your heart, and if I'm wrong then you're gonna hate me forever.

And that would really, really break my heart.

So if you could just give me a call when you get this message If you're satisfied with your voice message, please press 1.

If you'd like to re-record your message, press the star key.

Hi, it's Aria, leave a message.

Coffee smells great.

How long have you been up? I didn't really sleep so well.

You want a cup? No.

Ezra, I think that you need to take me home.

Are you still nervous about being up here? No, I'm not nervous.

I'm tired.

You didn't sleep well last night.

No, I am tired of lying to my family and my friends.

I don't even know how many different tales I had to spin just to come up here to be with you this weekend.

Look, I know that you have to stay up here, but is there a bus station or a train nearby that ? Aria, have you ever thought that maybe this feeling you have of being torn between me and your friends is maybe not such a bad thing? Is it supposed to be a good thing? Maybe.

I know it feels like you're growing away from them, but maybe this feeling is you and me growing closer.

Right, but I want to be able to share that with my closest friends.

And I agree with you.

And I think we're past the point in our relationship where we have to hide.

But if what we have is going to last, you have to start thinking me as the person you're closest to, the person that you want to share everything with.

And I have to do that with you.

Maybe this was a bad idea.


starting again and bringing you up here.

I'm so sorry I didn't mean to put any pressure on you, Aria.

No, you didn't.


Why don't you think about it while I take a shower? And if you still want to go, I can drive you.


No, I want this.

Yeah, I really want it to work.


Hanna, I'm sorry, I'm just Hanna, come on.

I know you were home yesterday.

I heard that stupid clock.

Why are you ignoring me? I'm sorry, okay.

It was wrong of me.

I just - Whatever it is that you're - It's nothing.

It doesn't look like nothing.

It looks like you haven't been sleeping.

I just really have a headache, okay.

And so and we were out of aspirin And you're lying again.

I just saw you coming down that street, okay.

You did not go to the pharmacy.

I was just in there earlier.

God! Lying! Hanna, would you back off me? Hey, you two always fight like that? No, not really.

I got the impression she was the levelheaded one.

She usually is.

This is the last place I remember seeing it.

It was a stud in a white gold setting.

I've dusted in here weekly since you and your mother left.

I haven't come across a diamond earring.

I borrowed it from my mom without asking.

Why don't I go check the guest bathroom? Don't worry, dear, we'll find it.


I found it.

Oh, thank goodness.

Now your mother will never have to know it was gone.

Oh, you're back.

I didn't think you'd be gone so long.

Yeah, I just took a walk around the cabin, took a couple of pictures.

Mmm, what smells so good? A vegetable tagine minus the actual tagine.

And there's no lamb in it.

I'm actually using chickpeas.

Oh, a night in Tunisia.

So exotic.

Dammit, I forgot the chickpeas.

Oh, I can run down to Seymour's.

Are you okay? I mean, it's like an hour there and back.

Yeah, yeah.

I actually wanted to take some pictures of that covered bridge on the way.

Keys? By the door.

Bye, babe.

I can't come to you, okay? I'm at work.

What time does your meet start? Half an hour.

Do you have it? It's money, Shana, a lot, and a piece of paper.

You weren't supposed to look.

Well, I did.

Where does it lead? Look, we don't have time for this.

Do you have a locker, some place it will be safe? No, I mean we keep our stuff under the counter.

Don't just leave it sitting around for someone to steal.

Where am I supposed to hide five grand? I'm gonna come by after my meet.

Excuse me? Hi.


Refill? Hey, Mrs.

Hastings, is Spencer home? She's just not answering her cell.

Did she say where she went? No, no, no, um, she just borrowed some nail polish and I need it back.

Could I stop by? Great.

Thank you.

Thanks, Mrs.


I'll just be a minute.

Ezra in Ravenswood? Where are you going with this, Spencer? Hello.


I have a flower delivery.

Spencer, you shouldn't be here.

Look, I don't want to fight.

Are you on drugs? What? No, I'm not.

You've got to be on crack if you think Ezra is "A.

" I went through your computer.

You should really use a password if you want to keep things private, especially when you're following some crazy theory.

Look, one of Alison's stories kept on sticking in my brain and I finally figured it out and I went to "The Hart and Huntsman" and Ezra was there and he was eating the pie.


You're not making sense.

The pie and the beer, Hanna, from the story, okay.

It's called "Board Shorts Ale.

" And that's exactly what Fitz ordered when he was there.

And don't you get it? That's where Alison must have got the nickname.

Everything's all jumbled up in Ali's stories.

What if you're connecting the wrong dots? Well, come inside.

Either I prove it or I'm wrong.

Are you coming? If Ezra comes home and finds us here I've been watching the place all day.

He hasn't been in or out.

I think he must be out of town.

What are we even looking for? Primarily, a key.


I think Ezra may have rented that apartment in Ravenswood.

If I can find something that puts him there, I'll have proof.

You're really serious about this, aren't you? Wait, let's just say that you're right.

If there's anything that ties him to Ravenswood, he's not keeping it here.

Walk away, Spencer.

You know, you're probably right.

That was easy.

I think we're being watched.

Don't look.

Just follow my lead.

Yeah, I have not been sleeping well lately.

With all this stuff about Ezra in my head, I don't even know what I was thinking.

Ezra? Ezra? Sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Where were you when I woke up? I forgot to lock the back door.

Were you up late reading? Yeah, yeah, for a little bit.

What's wrong? Why couldn't you sleep? Are you worried about us? I know that I was in a strange place earlier.

And you were right about this not working unless we tell the truth.

Hey, are you okay? Yeah.

I'm just really glad you stayed.

Me too.


He has a surveillance camera? What if the building manager put it there? It was hidden.

And most honest people put up a sign saying you're being recorded.

Who else do we know who likes to hide cameras and spy on people? But Mr.

Fitz? Mr.

Fitz isn't You're saying that you think he's "A"? I know.

My head feels like it's full of hot ice cubes.

I mean, he was so sweet to me when my mom was in jail.

He helped me with my college essays.

He was probably trying to get close so we'd let our guard down.

Have you called Aria? We have to call Aria.

No, not yet.

I don't think we should tell her until we're 100% sure.

Well, she's in Syracuse with her dad.

So she's safe for now.

Oh, thank God you brought coffee.

Here, do you want me to make some? Yes, but not with that.

That's for Shana.

What does Shana want with a bag of beans? And why are you still talking to her? She needed me to help her with this.

Shana give you this? No.

It belongs to Alison.

Shana was supposed to meet me at the Brew, but she never showed up.

There's contact information there, maybe for other people who are helping her or places to stay.

All I know is that Alison's running out of money and Shana's the only one who knows how to reach her.

If she can't deliver it Ali can't keep on the move.

And she's vulnerable.

When was the last time you talked with Shana? This afternoon.

Why? You said that Ezra never came home today.

Do you think he's got her? I think maybe he wants Shana to lead him to Alison so he can finish what he started.

Alison? Hi.

Shana, do you have it? I was I'm Shana, do you have it? Do you have the money? Shana? I don't I'm not sure where I am.

Shana? - I have to hang up now.

What do you mean? I'm sorry I have to go.

Shana, what happened to the money? I don't have it.

What am I supposed to do? I have to go.

Maybe you did it, maybe you didn't.

Sam says you didn't kill her, and I've known Sam a long time.

I've got a lot of faith in Sam.

That's why I took this job.

If I had thought you were a professional killer, I wouldn't have any part of it.

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