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  04x15 - Love ShAck, Baby
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

Spencer: There's someone Ali is so afraid of.

She can't come back.

It's in everybody's best interests that we just stay untangled from the DiLaurentis family.

I'm going to work for Mrs.


Take me with you.

I can't.

Is this about Miranda? The girl I told you to look after? No.

Radley sanitarium has to admit my mom wasn't a suicide.

Toby doesn't want your help.

Oh, I think he does.

I put that envelope in your locker.

I know your mom's innocent.

We could have this place.

It could be our secret.

It was Ali's.

Where did you find it? I took it from the lair in Ravenswood.

Why didn't you show this to us before? Because of what's in it.

I don't understand.

I I don't recognize any of these names.

Because she changed them.

She was changing stories, too.

You just have to know the real stories in order to recognize the fake ones.

Sounds like Ali.

The truth bored her.

So it's like creative non-fiction with pseudonyms? I don't know what that means, but sure.

I can't believe that you held onto this since Ravenswood.

We knew that Ali had journals.

What's so bad about this one? Because the stories in there, they're they're personal.

Personal about Ali? About Ali and us.

There are things in there that we may not know about each other, and things from the past that we want to forget.

So you thought you should get to read it, and we don't? I just didn't see the point of bringing all that up again.

We're supposed to be focused on finding Ali.

That's not your call to make.

I know.

I made a mistake! - And it took you till now to realize that? - Em, I said I was sorry! - Did you? - Okay! Guys All right.

The most important thing is that we have this now.

Okay, Hanna, you said that there are stories in here about Ali.

What about "Board Shorts" or someone else who might have been after her? There might be.

I don't know.

I just couldn't put all the pieces together on my own.

So this is what we do.

We each take turns, we'll weed out the stories about us and see what's left over.

Who goes first? I do.

Got a secret, can you keep it swear this one you'll save better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave if I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead Alison? Emily You have no idea how much I've missed you.

Missed me? I've been here the whole time.

You're the one that's been gone.

Please don't be mad.

You chose this.

You chose this for you, you chose this for us I know you're upset.

I know I hurt you the most.

But I want to explain.

But you can't.

But I can.

I have to.

I owe that to you.

You have no idea what I've been through.

You're right, I don't.

And you have no idea what we've been through, either.

I saved your life.


I risked everything for you.

You destroyed me, okay?! I thought you were dead! But I'm not.

Aren't you glad that I'm not? I remember writing this.

You and me at the kissing rock.

I thought I was being smart, locking it all up in a journal.

But they took everything, didn't they? Who, Ali? Who took everything? Who's after you? I don't know.

I bet you're wondering which one's real the girl in front of you or the one who wrote that.

So am I.

That's why I need you.

You always saw the best version of me the person I want to be.

I don't see that anymore.

You still wear it.

(Alarm clock ringing) - My God, you're up.


Thought I was going to have to drag you to school by your sweat pants.

Well, no sweat pants.

I see that.

So, it's your first day at your new job.

Are you excited? Relieved.

So you're okay? Did you talk to Caleb? Yeah, we talked.

And? No matter what happened, what you had was real.

I know it was.

Nothing changes that.

You know, when your dad left, it was completely Mom.

I really have to get ready for school.

I'll make us some eggs, okay? (TV on) Housekeeping! Hey.

Shouldn't you be dressed? I thought you were meeting my dad soon.

He canceled about an hour ago.

Said he's in litigation all day.

What, Spencer? Nothing, I just I'm I'm glad that he canceled.

I don't know, I don't think it's such a good idea, getting him involved.

You heard what your dad said.

If this happened to me, then this has happened to others.

Radley should be shut down.

Yeah, and that might be true, but that's not why he's helping you.

There's something that we don't know.

There's a lot that we don't know.




How to make flan.

I'm being serious.

So am I.

I want to do this.

I need to.


I'll talk to my dad.

What are you doing? It just so happens that my morning's all freed up.

Oh Mmm.

I do know how to make flan.

Why am I not surprised? Okay, let's go.

Was I just the lookout? Did I tell you to whistle if you saw something? No.

No, you were not the lookout.

How are things going in the, uh, romantic lit department? All right, that department's been shut down.

I was just returning a pen.

Really? Yes, really.

He's very picky about his pens.

I I borrowed one last week, so I thought that I would return it.

What's his brand? - Hello, third degree.

It's a fisher ballpoint pen with a custom nib.

Did I pass? The correct answer was, "I don't know.

It's a stupid pen.

" You still love him.

Whether I do or I don't, I'm just trying to figure things out with Jake.

So let me help you.

You like Jake.

You love Ezra.

I'm working on it.



Is it a page-turner? Yesterday I could barely make it through the first story that was about me.

What changed? - I want answers.

From Ali, from this book I'll take 'em anywhere I can get 'em.

I'm green, you are blue, you are purple, Hanna's pink, Ali's yellow, and white is for whenever we don't know who the story's about.


That is so neat of you.

Actually, it's so Pam Fields of me.

I'm becoming my mother.

So, how bad is it? It's weird.

There's one story where she says I'm so desperately in love with her I'd rob a bank for her if she asked me to, and then another where she says I always put my friends first and she wishes she was more like me.


What's going on? Emily has a system.

How much have you read? Enough to need a break.

Who's next? Purple or blue? Spencer.

She's better with the clues.

So, you haven't told us.

How's Caleb? - Fine.

Did you guys know that Ali wrote poetry? When do we get to see him? You don't.

He left already.

What do you mean he left? I mean he got in his car and he drove away.

To where? To Ravenswood? - Yeah, when's he coming back? - He's not.

We broke up.

Oh, my God.

Are you okay? - Oh, yeah, no, I'm totally fine.

I just you know, we just needed to move on, and we decided to make a clean break.

You both decided this? - Hanna: I don't know if I've read this one.


"I used to go there when I was little, back then the bumblebee was bright, neon yellow little fellow, now he's lost his light.

" I don't know what she's talking about, but rhymes okay.


Yeah, it's, uh, - it's not bad.



Give me that.


Ali's describing the Busy Bee Inn.

I used to go there like a million years ago with my family.

We'd go to that aquarium in Killingworth, and then we'd have dinner at the bed and breakfast.

"Broke the latch and left it hanging, don't think the keep will mind, no one there to make repairs, the perfect place to hide.

" It's the perfect hideaway an empty bed and breakfast, she left the door unlocked, ready for her return.

The Busy Bee Inn has been closed for years now.

The building's still there, sign and all, but We have to go there today.

I don't really think that one poem is enough to go on.

It is when it's all you've got.

You heard Spencer.

She could be hiding out there.

Uh, yeah, then I think we should go check it out.

I finish work at six.

Aria? Yeah.

No, that works for me.

Tara: Em, Bev's behind you.


Thanks, Bev.

Tara, I have to leave early.

Can you cover my shift? Thank you.

(Typing) Hey.


What are you working on so intently? Uh, nothing.

It's the end of a story.

It's not ready for public consumption yet.

I got your note.

Uh, about tonight I can't now.

Something came up.

Is everything okay? Hanna and Caleb, they broke up, so Emily just thought it'd be a good idea for us to get out of town for the night and kind of get her mind off of things.

And I couldn't tell them that I had plans.

Oh, no.

No, of course not.

Um, you're all going? Yeah.

Anywhere special? Emily's making a reservation somewhere.

And I I have a stack of papers to grade, anyway.

So tomorrow? About last night, it didn't feel like there was anyone else.

It felt right.

I know.

This isn't fair for either of you.

Or you.

(Door opens, closes) Ali on tape: You still can't see who's threatening me? Look, I need to figure out where to go, I need to make a plan, some sort of escape, I don't know, a way to not be Alison DiLaurentis anymore.

Can you please help me? Secret hidden underneath it trying hard to keep it safely out of reach creeping, I can feel it breathing coming to the surface find me in my dreams oh, sweet despair feel you devour me oh, oh, silently oh, won't you carry me home ooh, I surrender ooh, I surrender Yeah, could you remind my dad to call Toby Cavanaugh when he gets out of his meeting? He'll know what it's about.

Jessica: That's what I said.

Peter: I don't understand.

Does Jason know? No.

He doesn't need to.

Actually, Desi I can just tell him myself.



Didn't expect you home yet.



Uh, do you have everything you need? Yes.

Thank you.

And what doesn't Jason know? Ken and I are getting a divorce, and I'd like to tell Jason in person.

I go to court next week, and so your father was kind enough to lend me some of his legal expertise.

Well, I should probably get to the post office before it closes.

Thanks again.

I'll uh, walk you out.

You look like you want one.

It's on me.

Oh, no thanks.

One leads to a dozen.

How are you? - I'm good.

Low on jet fuel.

So, did you want something, or you just gonna stand there? Uh, stand there.

Yeah, I was looking for my friend who works here, but she must have gone home already.


Can I get a medium coffee? Thank you.

So did you hear the latest? - About Cece? Yeah, it just broke on the news.

Apparently someone saw her at a train station in Maryland.

By the time the cops showed, she was gone.

But they have a trail now.

And it was definitely her? They have the security footage and everything.

Do they know why she did it? Apparently Cece was pretty hard on cash.

Then she made a few big deposits before his death.

Wait, they think that someone paid her to kill Wilden? Lots of people wanted him dead.

Thank you.

Um, well, thanks for letting me know.

How are you? How's your mom? She's good.

She just started a new job today.

And the bank, well, it turns out people still read the papers.

And Caleb? He's fine.

Um, I should go tell my mom about Cece.

Yeah, yeah, of course.

Well, it was good to see you.

You too.

Spencer: Three days ago you literally banned me from talking to her, and now I find you alone with her in this house while mom is away on business! Were you with her all day? Is that why you canceled on Toby? No.

And I don't like what I'm being accused of.

Do you think I like it?! Jessica's husband is lawyering up against her.

She was upset.

She needed some legal advice.

Oh, what, and you're the only barrister in town? - Hey, Spencer - Yes, father? Okay I canceled on Toby because I heard from Radley - and I didn't know how to tell him.

Tell him what? His mother's death was an accident.

No one was at fault.

What? But I thought that you said that Yeah, I know what I said.

That's before I had all the information.

Marian was on the roof.

She slipped and she fell.

But there was another patient there.

They covered up the truth to protect that patient.

Apparently they're fragile.

What? Marian's death wasn't a suicide, but it wasn't a murder, either.

Hello again, Spencer.

Everything all right? I don't know what's going on between you and my dad, but you need to stay away from him.

Spencer, honey, I think you have a very wrong impression There are plenty of other lawyers in this town.

Find one you haven't slept with and keep my family out of it! - Emily: Hey.

Spencer: You're late.

Yeah, sorry.


Hey, Han.

(GPS beeping) GPS: Calculating distance to the Busy Bee Inn, Killingworth.

Spencer: Hey, did you guys hear the news? We got it from Hanna.

Cece's in Maryland.

Haven't we found anything in the book about Cece? - Not yet.

Well, forget Cece, I want to know who put her on the payroll.

Book, please.

Thank you.

How are you doing? Great.

I mean about Caleb.

So do I.

Hanna: Hey, where were you? - Emily: When? When I was at The Brew and you weren't there.

I had to run an errand for my mom.

I get that when you get carsick.

So sorry to bother you at home.

Must be important.

Is Hanna here? No, she's out with friends.


Well, I could come back.


Fitz, what's going on? Well, I was hoping to say this to the both of you, but perhaps this is better.

I made a mistake.

I knew that Hanna was having a hard time here at home, so I gave her an extension on her schoolwork.

But now we're at a place where if she doesn't hand in some of that schoolwork, she might fail the class.

I had no idea.

I'm happy to stay with her after school, and a few hours every week could really help.

Um - (Phone rings) But she could really stand to have some extra encouragement at home.

(Phone continues ringing) - Maybe we could set up a schedule.

Whatever I can do to help.

I'm sorry, that's my new work phone, and Oh, please, go ahead.

This might take a minute.

Oh, that's okay.

I can entertain myself.

DiLaurentis properties.

Um, sure.

Which unit are you in? What kind of leak? Okay, um Okay, can you tell where the water's coming from? I'm looking for it right now.

Let's see On the second floor, unit B.


GPS: Continue to exit 48.

Okay, "Human cheat sheet" has gotta be Spencer, but who is "Suzy Clueless"? (Weakly) Let me see.

You know you do not get to throw up on me, right? (Turns on radio) Can you turn it down? I thought this was a road trip.

To find our no-longer-dead friend.

This isn't spring break.

Ali's friend's dad is having an affair, but the girl Suzy Clueless doesn't know.

Okay, well, eeny-meenie-miney-mo.

It could have been any one of us.


Mystery solved.

It's me.

Why, what does it say? "Despite her freakish pink hair dye, I have always admired Suzy for her great sense of style.

" Huh.

How touching.

Purple me.


Em, did did you read this? "The cradle robber"? When did Ali have a secret rendezvous with a younger guy? God, I love this song.

(Turns up radio) - GPS: Construction ahead.

Please wait for re-route.

Seriously, Han? - (Turns radio down) - Aria: Do you think that this could be about Ali? We've been looking for an older guy, but what if she lied? What if the guy was younger? In one-quarter mile, turn right.

(Ashley on phone downstairs) Yeah, I see unit 5D but no unit 5J.

Oh! I must have misheard you.

Um, can you tell where the water is coming from? Yeah, I'm gonna get you the name of the super.

Ashley: He's in unit B.

We all set? Okay.

Um the smoke detector? All right, these complaints are really something you should tell your super.

Yes, I can get you that phone number.

(Ashley continues on phone downstairs) (Tapping on keyboard) (Thunder) When I said I could use a pit stop, I didn't mean in an actual pit.

I was following the GPS.

I must have missed a turn.

Okay, well, just get back on the highway.

We can't.

There's construction.

No, not according to my phone.

Are you turning around? - No.

(Beep) Are you stopping? - No.

I'm not doing anything.

The engine stopped working.

Hanna: Do you see what the problem is? I can barely see it.

Okay, there's the radiator, uh, there's the dipstick, - there's - Let's just hypothetically say you could figure out what's wrong with the engine.

Would you even know how to fix it? Probably not.

That's good to know.

Guys, what are we gonna do? Toby thinks I'm at a study group.

Same with Paige.

Well, I texted Travis.

He has a tow truck, and he doesn't know enough to ask questions.

We are about ten minutes away from a complete downpour.

(Thunder) - (Cell phone chimes) It's Travis.

He can get us, but it'll be two hours.

I'm definitely gonna have to pee before then.

(Tapping smartphone pad) I know a place we can wait.

Where? - A cabin.

It's my uncle's.

It's close by.

Does it have a bathroom? - And a fireplace.

Lead the way.

Okay, great.



I'm sorry that took so long.


No, no problem at all.

Never leave home without one.

Aria: Did I just feel a raindrop? - Are you sure your Uncle's cabin is this way? - I'm sure.

(Thunder) Anyone else lose cell service? - There's a page missing - In the story about the cradle robber? - Do you think "A" took it? - Maybe.

Were all the pages in the book when you took it from his apartment? Uh, I I don't know.

You didn't notice that there was a whole page torn out? I've got other stuff on my mind, Spencer.

Things that you don't want to talk about.


No, not really.

I'm entitled to my own privacy.

Not when it affects us.

Or Ali.

What are you saying? - Did you take the page out of this book? - No! And it's not gonna bring us any closer to Alison, everyone knowing who did what behind whose back.

(Thunder) - Emily: This it? - Aria: Yeah.

Just let me go find the key.

Got it.

Come on.

Where's the bathroom? There.

This place is great.

You should bring Jake here.

Which Uncle is it who owns this cabin? It's my mom's brother.

The orthodontist? He paints? Yeah.

In his free time.

No, no, no.

Don't touch that.

Put it down.

Just just be careful about moving anything, okay? Okay.

Anybody want tea? - Uh, sure.

So what's the plan? We get a tow back home and give up on the B&B? - What if Ali's still hiding out there? - That's a pretty big "if.

" We don't really have a lot of options right now.

We're kind of stranded.

Why don't we wait and ask Hanna? Who knows what she's got up her sleeve? Why are you being so hard on Hanna? She's keeping something from us.

She's upset about Caleb.

It's something else.

Well, if she's hiding something, maybe it's because she knows we wouldn't understand.

Okay, now I'm wondering what you're keeping from us.

Nobody's keeping anything from anyone, all right? Chamomile or hibiscus? Hanna.

It's not about Ali "The cradle robber.

" It's about me.

And Mike.

Mike? As in my little brother Mike? Oh, my God.

Aria is gonna die.

Will you keep your voice down? They're all upstairs.

What would have happened if I didn't come down? You know what? No, don't tell me.

It's too gross.

That's Aria's baby brother.

He's two years younger than us.


Look, Ali, I'm not like you.

I don't have ten guys after me at all times.

I'm not skinny or perfect like the rest of you.

Oh, honey.

That doesn't mean you have to settle for being a cradle robber.

He was nice to me.

Oh, please.

He just wanted to feel your boobs.

And you let him.

(Crying) Ali, please.

Please just promise me that you're not gonna say anything.


I won't tell Aria that you hooked up with her brother.

But that's only because she would never forgive you.

And I just don't want to see that happen to you.

Look at me.

Someday someone will love you for exactly who you are.

It just might take you longer than the rest of us, that's all.

Aria: Hanna you don't have to say anything.

I know it's awful.


I I admit that it's weird, but You didn't really think that I'd stop being your friend just because you You know, did stuff with my brother? Honestly, I'm just a little shocked that he kept his mouth shut this whole time.

Well, Ali made him.

Trust me, he was probably more embarrassed than I was.

No, that is not true.

He used to have a huge crush on you back then.

Hanna, you can't be this upset over something that happened that long ago.

Han what happened? Between you and Caleb.

He met someone else.

He left me.

What do you mean he met someone else? Who? You know what, I really don't want to talk about this right now.

No, we're your friends.

We're here for you.

I'm actually gonna go outside to see if there's any service so I can see where the hell Travis is.

Emily: Han.

Hanna, wait up.

Could you just leave me alone, please? (Distant rustling) Did you hear that? Yeah.

It was probably just some wild animal or something.

"Just" some wild animal? Fine.

You can stay.

We should get some blankets or something for when they come back.

Where does your Uncle keep his linens? - What is going on? - Nothing.

Are you afraid I'm gonna steal your Uncle's light bulbs or something? No.

Right there.

These aren't blankets, but they'll be fine.

(Door slams, locks) Hanna?! Emily! I'm still not getting any service.

Okay, it's freezing out here.

Can we please go back? We gave Travis the address, he's gotta be close.

(Gasps) What is he doing? Did he follow us here? Oh, my God.

I don't know.

But we have to get out of here.

How? We can go through there.


Hanna! - Emily! Help! Did you hear that? Hanna! Emily, please help! (Clatter) (Glass breaking) (Both whispering) (Door knob rattling) Ohh.

Oh, thank God.

Are you guys okay? What the hell happened? - Where did he go? - We heard screams and we tried the front door but it was locked.

Yeah, we broke the window to get in here.

Did you see him? - See who? - "A"! - "A" was here? - Yeah.

How did he get out? - I don't know.

Guys, Ali's book is gone.

(Banging on wall) Hey.

Your friends were so quiet in the car.

You too.

It's been a long night.

Did you guys see a bear or something? You guys looked pretty freaked out.


Yeah, something like that.

Uh, there was a raccoon that got into the cabin and it was kind of like a fight-to-the-death thing.

(Laughs) So, what do I owe you? - Uh, for what? - The tow.

It's not like that.

Like what? - Like I'm your employee.

I'm your friend.

Besides, I think I ruined your mom's hand towel, so Well, I guess we're even, then.

Seriously, I gotta give you something.

You drove all that way, so Can't I just be a nice guy? (Sighs) I'm sorry I couldn't call you back earlier.

I was in a mediation all day.

Yeah, the Mortali case.

I just got home.

No, Spencer's here.


Why don't you get some rest and I'll talk to you tomorrow? Love you too.

Mom says hi.

Mediation? Litigation? How do you keep it all straight? What exactly were you thinking talking to Mrs.

DiLaurentis? I was just trying to protect this family.

One of us has to.

You promised me, Spencer.

I told you not to talk to that woman, and you disobeyed me.

Now, you keep pushing it, and you will be the one to ruin this family.

Understood? - No.

I don't understand.

What is going on between the two of you? Why are you lying to mom? As long as you live under my roof, you will stay away from her.

Do you hear me? Ezra: So, how's Hanna doing? Is she okay? Um, yeah, yeah, she will be.

Well, it's good you got out of town.

So, how are you? Did you get all of your work done? Yeah, things took a little longer than I expected, but I got everything done that I needed to.

That's good.

See you tomorrow? Yeah.

I love you.

I love you too.


(Sighs) Was that Jake? It's no fun lying to them, is it? No.

(Knock on door) - Hey.


Did you talk to your dad about Radley? Yeah.

I did.

Mind if I stay here for a while? She came in through the window.

She wanted to apologize.

To explain.

I was so mad at her, and that's why it felt so real.

Em, I wish you would have told us.

I know.

I just can't believe you tried to go meet Ali all on your own.

I thought that's what she wanted.

(Cell phones ring) "Looks like I'm winning.

" "Thanks for the tip.

" The journal.

The post-its, the notes we were decoding it story by story.

Oh, my God.

We gave Ali to "A.

" "Whoever finds her gets to keep her.

" Come on.

(Typing on keyboard)

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