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  04x14 - Who's in the Box?
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars - It's Mona.

"Hanna won, so Mona loses.

" Mona might be safe, but that doesn't mean she's not on on this.

We're dropping the charges against you.

You're free to go.

I think that the Red Coat that I was chasing might have been Ali.

And this is what Ali wanted us to see.

They're having a celebration tonight.

And Board Shorts thinks that Ali's gonna be there.

I think "A" is a guy.

You need to leave Ravenswood.

We're crashing a party.

I don't like the idea of you guys being there alone.

I'll get on the next bus.

What's your name? - Caleb.


Are you running away? - It's complicated.

You need to be careful.


I will.

One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most.

Help her go find her uncle.

And then find me when you get home.

I love you, Hanna Marin.

You're not leaving, are you? - Not tonight.

What's your last name? - Rivers.

Alison? It was you, wasn't it? In Ravenswood.

I wanna come home.

But you have to help me.

Who are you afraid of? - Aria? - Shh.

Where has she been hiding all this time? - I don't know.

Do you think she's been hiding right here in Rosewood? Why would she be hiding? Why couldn't she just come back? - I don't know.

You keep saying that.

Because I don't know.

Okay, what do we know? Somebody tried to kill Ali.

They buried her in her back yard.

Right, and then Grunwald pulled her out.

Yeah, like a carrot.

Well why didn't she just call the cops? Which cops was she supposed to call? Wilden? Garrett? Ali not calling the cops is the only thing I do understand.

You guys, we just found out that Ali is alive.

She's really alive.

Why am I not insanely happy? Thought it was just me.

It's not.

Look we can figure out how we feel about this later.

The fact is that Ali's alive.


And she's been hiding out this whole time.

Maybe it was in Rosewood.

Maybe it was in Philadelphia.

Maybe it was in Nova Scotia.

Okay? But the sooner we can make it okay for her to come back, the sooner we can sit her down in a chair and ask her what the hell is going on and why she would do this to us.

Ali always liked games.

What? Like she's been playing with us? Chasing us around the game board Like she was "A"? - Tell me you've never thought that yourself.


That's crazy, isn't it? Well, we have to consider every possibility, don't we? Not the ones that make you want to hide in the closet with a quart of ice cream.

There's someone Ali is so afraid of she can't come back.

Who? Toby said the only thing that Shana was guilty of was selling Jenna's car to Mona.

And Cece's been busy running from the cops 'cause she killed Wilden.

What about Board Shorts? We don't even know if that's a real person.

It was a real person who came after me in that house.

So Caleb didn't find anything in "A's" apartment when he was in Ravenswood? Nothing.

It was completely cleaned out.

Guys, I wonder if Ali reached out to anybody besides us.

Such as? Such as her brother.

Maybe we should be talking to Jason.


W we all agreed that it was too dangerous to tell anybody.

Whoever tried to kill Ali's still around.

Okay, but suppose Jason already knows she's still alive.

At least then we wouldn't be the only ones in charge of a secret.

Okay, I've been thinking, and I have a theory.

You have what? A theory.

Do you want to hear it or not? Guys, don't don't fight in the crypt.

Hey, look Ali's not in the box.

She's alive somewhere.

But somebody is dead.

At that somebody must have been buried in the back yard after Ali was pulled out but before the men came to set up the "gaze-boh" - and pour the cement.


" Whatever i it still means that there's a girl missing somewhere.

And that girl went missing around the same time that Ali did.

So, we figure out who's really in there and connect them to someone that we do know, then that would solve the whole thing.

Yeah, but the body that was in the box was identified as Ali.

How how did that happen? - I don't know how, but it was.

Yeah, so, why? Because it was important to somebody that we think it was Ali.

You're right that's an actual theory.

Apology accepted.

Knock knock.

Who's there? ____ Still change the sheets? Fresh linen keeps her room from getting musty.

What did you want to ask me about Jason? Uh, I I tried calling him, but his voicemail's always full.

Do you know where he is? People react to stress in their own ways.

I'm sure you can understand why Jason needed some time by himself.


He told me he was gonna drive across the country, maybe stop and visit some friends in Montana.

He didn't have a set plan.

But I can reach him in case of emergency.

Is this an emergency? No.

No, ma'am.

Just if he calls, tell him that I said "hello.

" Certainly.

I think it's time that I change this comforter, don't you? Yeah.


No, I understand.

But the interview's already set up.

Why don't I come in anyway? No, it wouldn't be inconvenient at all.


I appreciate that.

Thanks for the call.


Do you think the bank is telling people not to hire you? They don't have to.

People watch the news, read the papers.

Mom, you did not kill Wilden.

You're innocent.

Yeah, well people make a distinction between "innocent" and "not guilty.

" Don't worry.

There are plenty of jobs that won't consider me a public-relations train wreck.

Call your father.

He wants an answer.

I'm not going with him and Isabelle.

It would be a lot of fun.

Australia is a long ways away from all that's been happening here.

Well, Isabelle thinks if she gets me below the Equator, I'll be freed from your influence.

Not much chance of that.

And besides, the water in Australia runs backwards, and I cannot deal with that.

She still changes the sheets on Ali's bed? That's a new dimension in awkward.

And she wouldn't tell you where Jason was? She said he wanted his private time.

What's the difference between that and hiding out? Well, yeah.

What's he got to hide from? Well, that's what I want to ask him.



said she could reach him in case of an emergency.

Somebody's gotta know where he is.

Yeah, but we haven't heard anything since that night at Spencer's.

From who? "A" or Ali? Take your pick.

No, I I'm just saying that Quiet just makes me a little nervous.



I think you should probably hold me right now.

Otherwise I'm going to explode, and you will have to explain that to the custodians.

You can't leave for that long again.

It's just a week.


It was more like two.

Did you get any answers about your mom? Some.

Not enough.

There was a time Mona would've driven right over us.

She must be making progress.


She's working on her aim.

I got off the blocks really strong.

Good eight feet before I hit water.

It would've been perfect if I had just waited that half-second for the heat to actually start.

I'm sorry.

Sorry for what? Talking about swimming.

I'm the one that should be sorry.

My head's just been somewhere else.

I've noticed.

What are you thinking about? Nothing you need to worry about.

I like worrying.

I'm very good at it.

It's okay.

Don't want you trying to fix me.

I'm not trying to fix you.

I just want to make you feel better.

Just let me feel what I'm feeling right now.

Okay? All right.

Hello, stranger.


I thought you might want a ride in my new wheels a victory lap in Jenna's Mustang, since she won't be needing it anymore.

Kind of creepy, don't you think? Creepy is as creepy does.

I'll think about it.

You're shutting me out again.

I can understand the others, but not you.

I thought we moved on after what I did for you.

That's just it, Mona.

I don't know if you did do it for me.

Now You all know the plot to Jekyll and Hyde but you don't know the story.

That happens with great writing.

It gets turned into clich├ęs, and we lose the raw power of the original.

But the original, in this case, is amazing.

Stevenson was so caught up with his own story that he wrote the draft in three days.

Well, listen.

Clear your mind of all the knockoffs and make sure you're ready to discuss.

Miss Montgomery? Can I see you for a moment? It's weird seeing her talk to Ezra, you know, when we know she's seeing Jake.

Well she can't see Jake when he's in Harrisburg.

Well, if Aria wants to talk about it, she can.

But I'm too overstocked on weird.


Show us what you got.

All right.

So they found this girl over in Courtland named Sara Harvey.

She went missing the same time Ali did.

She's blonde.

Same age.

Her parents think she ran off with a boy.

And her friends set up a tribute site.

Why did you pick this girl? Well, I narrowed it down.

I mean, she's sort of Ali's size, the timing is right, and it's not too far away.

I don't remember Ali ever saying anything about Courtland.

Well, she never said anything about Brookhaven or taking flying lessons, either.

Should we talk to her friends? Oh, already did.

I sent them an e-mail.

What did you say? "We think your friend is in our friend's grave"? Yeah, Spencer, that's exactly what I said.


No, I just said that we have some things in common and we should talk.

It could be like a support group thing.



Hanna, you're two-for-two.

Who did that? School is an important place for every boy and girl.

It's where you and your friends come to learn what you'll need to know in order to prepare for life and work.

You don't just learn math and history at school.

You learn how to be good citizens.

And being a good citizen is something you learn not only "Ali, Ali, oxen-free?" "Whoever finds her gets to keep her.

" in the hallways and cafeterias because being a good citizen is a full-time job.

Did we just get dared? Double-dog dared.

into adults.

Tells everybody what kind of American you are.

I wanna say something, and I'm I'm saying this with no expectations.

I put you in an impossible position with Malcolm.

I thought I could make all the pieces fit.

And I did that because I didn't wanna have to give you up.

That was incredibly selfish.

I'm sorry.


This is my apology.

One way or another, I think my days are numbered here.


Mine, too.

I know I've probably used up all my chances with you, but after you graduate and we both leave this place, I would like to try and be the person you think I am.

What makes you think I'd know where Jason is? He is your son.

He's my half-brother.

Please don't be sarcastic, Spencer.

That's sort of like the native tongue in this house.

Have you asked anyone else where he is? No, not directly.

Have you asked anyone indirectly? Yeah.



You drop that right now.

I just wanna talk to him.

Suppress the urge.

Spencer, if you think about it, you'll realize that it's in everybody's best interest that we just say untangled from the DiLaurentis family.

Dad, Jason is more than just a "tangle.

" Why is it so important to talk to him? Because nobody has even heard from him since he left town.

I mean, I I wanna know if he's all right.


If I can find out where he is, will you promise me you'll stay away from Jessica DiLaurentis directly and indirectly? I promise.

Was all right there in the visitors' log where Dr.

Palmer lives.

He's a popular man.

I found the names of six people who worked with him at Radley.

What made you think to look in the visitors' log? I tried to think like you.

Good answer.

Did you track these people down? Most of them.

And most of them wanted to talk as long as I didn't get them into trouble.

Wait, so these people knew your mother didn't jump, they knew about Wilden, and yet they never said anything? Well that's because Radley is owned by a big health care company: Declodyne.

That's who pays their pensions.

Okay, but why would an accident be more damaging than saying a patient committed suicide? And what makes this worth bribing a police officer? Did you try this Declodyne place? Legal is run by this woman named Mainway, but you need an appointment to make an appointment.

Why does everything always lead back to Radley? 'Cause Radley is where everyone goes to leave their secrets Wilden, Mona, Cece.


But at this point, I would just be happy if someone would officially say my mom didn't kill herself.

Did you ever see that Mythbusters where they proved that a mouse can scare an elephant? Okay, so, I talked this girl Tina well, on the computer, and she wants to meet us.

Us? All of us? Yeah.

As many "us" as we can get.

I don't wanna do this alone.

Well, you should have thought about that before you hit "send.

" Em, what's the matter with you? There's nothing the matter with me.

Wait Have you forgotten that Ali's alive and she's counting on us to make Rosewood safe for her to come back? That's right.

Ali's alive.

She's been alive the whole time and didn't tell us.

She talked to us but she never told us she was alive.

Hey, you're not the only one who feels like she's been playing "hide and seek" since junior year.


I mean, sometimes I imagine her wet and scared in a cardboard box by some train tracks.

And, other times I see her in a penthouse, dripping diamonds and laughing at us.

But we don't know which one's the truth.

None of us do.

So we have to bring her back.

You got prettier while I was away.

I'm saving it all up for you.

God, I'm glad you're back.

I'm so glad to be here.

You know I said I would come to you.

I know.

I just me coming here is less complicated.

Less complicated how? I'm sort of keeping multiple promises to people right now.

Trust me, it's less complicated.

Well, is everything okay? I mean, how's Miranda? She's good um, under the circumstances.

Just the family stuff with her, it's, um, extremely complicated.

Well, you fixed them, right? I'm trying.

The thing is, Hanna, um the reason I came back I missed you.

I missed touching you.

And I missed kissing you.

I missed watching you walk barefoot across the kitchen floor.

I thought I'd go crazy missing you.

Let's get out of here.


Mainway? You're a hard woman to see.

That's because I'm very busy.

Too busy to save your company a couple million dollars and a lot of bad press? Is your name Cavanaugh? Yes, it is.

Sara, Claire, Avery, and me.

When Sara disappeared, it was like all of a sudden, the center was gone.

We know what you mean.

Yeah, Ali was sort of the middle for us.

Sara was the reason we were all friends.

There's always this one girl who just seems to be everything and have everything.

And out of nowhere, she decided to talk to you.

She makes you special.

Avery thinks Sara's still out there somewhere with amnesia or something.

One day she'll just show up out of the blue, walk back into our lives, and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Avery couldn't make it today.

She had to do something.

Did the four of you guys ever go to Rosewood? You've got that funky little movie theater.

We went there a couple of times.

It's like she kept us all on hold when she disappeared.

Left us dangling.

That sounds like she did it on purpose.

She didn't.

Something happened to her.

That's what everybody thinks.

Except Avery.

She's the one who saw her last.

On Labor Day? Day after Labor Day.

The day after? The first day of school, Avery saw Sara riding on her bike out to the big park we have.

The found the bike but not Sara.

Is it different knowing she's dead? It's different.

But it's not easier.


Fitz! Hi.

You always have a book in your hands.

Oh, d it just seems that way.

I wanted to tell you I'm having a lovely time with Jekyll and Hyde.


It's just so gruesome in a really good way.

Oh, I'm I'm happy you're enjoying it.

I'm happy you're back teaching.

So am I.

Spencer and Emily think you're the best.

So does Aria.

I'm a little envious.

"Envious"? Of the other girls.

The support they get, how they depend on you.

Makes me think how much better I'd be doing if I found the right mentor.

Someone at Radley thought this should be covered up.

And they got a police officer to do it.

That's a great deal to assume based on one document.

Well, there's more where that came from.

What is it that you want, Mr.

Cavanaugh? I want everybody to know my mother did not commit suicide.

Well, I I don't really know how we could help you with that.

Someone at a sanitarium you own paid Detective Wilden to alter his report.

Radley is just one facility in the Declodyne family.

Well I bet it causes more trouble than most.

A loss like this - closure's difficult.

Look, you need closure, too.

Preferably before your next stockholder meeting.

Meaning what? Meaning if we're here, you probably have more problems with this place.

Maybe even worse.

It's all conjecture.

You can't prove any wrongdoing with what you have.

Well we don't need to prove anything.

We just have to go on the Internet and say it.

The dates don't work.

What do you mean they don't work? Someone saw this girl Sara after they poured the cement.


Yeah, "crap" is right.

Hey, we'll talk later, okay? - Right.


Hello, Hanna.

Everything okay? I think so.

I'm going to work for Mrs.

DiLaurentis in the real estate office.

You are? I need someone in there.


I will get you the copy of my real estate license.

You made my mom so happy.

When I found out that she wasn't working at the bank anymore, I figured it wasn't her choice.

People in this town can be very intolerant.

Well, thank you.

It wasn't my idea.

Alison suggested it.

Wait Ali did what? She still shows up in my dreams.

She wanted me to help.

Such a great comfort, seeing her.

You shouldn't sell yourself short, Mona.

You're a strongly motivated student.

I've had to be.

I mean, I've had a rather Dickensian life up until now, full of folly, and grudges, and false imprisonment, people thinking I'm one thing when I know I'm something else.

But you know all about that sort of thing.

What makes you say that? Just a feeling.

Maybe it's the books you have us read all the masks and secret identities.

That reading list is very revealing if you know what to look for.

And what are you looking for, Mona? What did the Count of Monte Cristo want? Do you think you're entitled to that much revenge? You're in that school every day.

You've seen what's happened to me.

And I know about some of the things you've made happen to others.

"He who is without sin," Mr.


Let me tell you what I've learned about Rosewood High: is that fear is the number-one motivator.

And I wish it was love of knowledge, but it's not.

It's fear fear of failure, fear of being discovered, fear of liking the wrong person.

You figured that out, and somewhere along the way, you dumped all that fear.

And that's what makes you special.

"Special"? Moi? But it also makes you vulnerable.

See, fear can be a very good thing, Mona.

It can keep you from underestimating people and keep you from making mistakes about how far you can push someone before they push back.


Well, I knew I could count on you for good advice.

Well feel free to talk to me any time.

She said she talks to Ali in her dreams.

Maybe she does.

No, it can't be real.

I mean, she's talking to herself, isn't she? I, uh I'm not as quick on the draw as I used to be when it comes to reality.

What do you mean? It's complicated.

You know, you've been saying that a lot lately when you don't want to answer a question.

"It's complicated.

" Well things are complicated.

May not want them to be, but they are.

All kinds of things happen that we're not expecting.

It's hard to explain.

Try me.

Ravenswood turned into more than I thought it would.

Yeah, I know.

That's why I'm glad that you're out of there.

Hanna, I might have to go back.

What do you mean, "might"? I have to go back.

No, you don't.

I do.

I told you I made some promises.

What kind of promises? And don't say that it's complicated.

Just some stuff that I have to take care of.

That's all.

You ever think about being a lawyer? Only in my worst nightmares.

How do you feel about this? I feel like I should tell my dad.

You should.

I will.

Got more important things to do right now.

Oh? Hey, dad.





Your mother's wall-to-wall depositions, so we're on our own tonight.


Your daughter is very smart.

I know.

I mean, she's a genius.

Radley sanitarium has to admit my mom wasn't a suicide.

It was a cover-up.

"An exhaustive internal investigation found oversight issues.

Appropriate actions will be taken.

" You should've seen her.

This is Declodyne.


Radley's bad for their image, so this gives them cover to clean up.

If they're admitting this much, there must be a lot more.

Yeah, there is.

But this is all we really wanted.

Mmm, this is good.

Spencer got them to blink.

But if she were a real lawyer, she would've explained the sort of opportunity you have there.

You'd do a lot of damage with that.

Could shut the whole place down.

Close Radley? Once and for all.

Did you hear that? Yeah.

I did.



I'm I'm sorry for calling you like that.

No problem.

Can we go someplace? I know somewhere, if you don't mind a drive.



I don't mind.


Claire? I remembered you said you worked here.

Uh do you want some tea? And I check on it for my friend when he's out of the country.

I write here when I can.

No cell service.

No Internet.

It's it's close to town, but it's not too close.

So it's kinda perfect.

It's kinda like the place that we talked about once.


It is.

But by the time he offered me the cabin, things had changed.

Ezra, I have to ask you a question.

What do you want? Right now a time machine.

We could start over and I could avoid all the mistakes.

Somebody might say that we were the big mistake.

I don't buy that.

I'm seeing someone.

I know.


Hackett watches me like a prison guard.

I've noticed.

And I swear I would strangle Maggie if I ever got the chance.

It's it's not just that things have changed.

They're all just inside out, and I I wake up and I have to lie there for a couple minutes just just trying to remember what's real.

We could have this place.

That's real.

For how long? I don't know.

It could be our secret.

I wanted you to know why Avery wasn't there today.

You said she was busy.

Busy sleeping.

Mostly that's what Avery does now.

They keep adjusting her meds.

It just gets worse the longer Sara's gone.

I'm sorry.

I'm sure Alison was a great person.

But Sara wasn't.

She was pretty, and poised, and perfect.

And everything she gave you, she took two things away.

I I can't talk like this to the others, but I'm saying it to you.

Why me? Seeing you today made me so jealous.

"Jealous"? That your friend is dead.

I'm sorry.

I'm terrible.

But that's what I keep thinking.

You're done.

You've you've got your life back.

Not us.

She's gone but she's not gone.

And we can't get away from her.

And I'm so tired of being Sara's friend.

Just sucks the life out of you.

I understand how you feel.

No, you don't.

I wished Sara was dead before she disappeared.

I told you I'm a terrible person.

I have to go.

No, you don't.

It's time.

No! It's not.

Your watch is broken.

It's late.

Well then take me with you.

I can't.

Then I'll follow you.


Is this about Miranda? It's not like that.

Like what? Like what you're thinking.

What am I thinking? I mean, i is this about the girl I told you to look after? She needs me.

But it's not like that sounds.

You say that, but what am I supposed to think? I I can't tell you what to think.

I don't even know what I'm thinking.

All I know is that I have to go, and you have to say.

It's best for the both of us.


Please don't do this.

Do what? What am I doing? I I'm standing in front of my own door in my own house.

I'm sorry.

I have to go.

Why am I supposed to make this so easy for you? This is not easy.

God, I gave her to you.

I'm so stupid.

You are not stupid.

That is not what happened.

Well then what happened? Tell me what happened.

I can't.

Is this how it works? They just leave? "It's not you; it's me.

" And then they're just out the door.


What are you doing? Just trying to help.

Toby doesn't want your help.

No, I think he does.


Why are you suddenly so interested in closing down Radley? Mmm, actually been thinking about it for quite a while.

Place is outdated and dangerous.

Toby's mother probably isn't the only victim of that place.

You figured that out.

It's why you were able to leverage that letter out of them.

So what do you get out of this public service? Spencer, I saw you in that place.

You can't tell me you wouldn't like to see it taken apart brick by brick.

So you're doing this for me? I'm touched.

I always do what's best for my family.

Ali let me kiss her once.

I'm not so sure I want to hear this.

I'm not so sure I want to tell you, but I have to say it out loud.

She let me kiss her, and I thought it was this incredible gift.

Now I know it wasn't.

What changed your mind? I realized it didn't mean anything to her.

I don't think she ever loved anybody.

I don't think she knew how.

She just collected love from other people.

She's been gone so long, and you're still thinking about her.

Because she broke my heart.

I mean, really like, I I could hear it crack inside me.

I hate her for being so mean to you, so cruel.

Cruel would mean she cared what she was doing.

I don't think she did.

Is this how you finally start to say "good-bye" to her? I guess it is.

Look, whatever happens, I'm not gonna let that be the way we say "good-bye.

" Bye.



You'd forget your head if it wasn't attached.

I'm not gonna forget anything.

So we still don't know who's in there.

We just know that it's somebody.

Somebody's daughter.

Somebody's friend.

Rest in peace, Jane Doe.

Guys Are you okay? No.

What is that? It was Ali's.

She showed it to me.

It's sort of like a diary but more like a journal where she wrote things.

Where did you find it? I took it from the lair in Ravenswood.

Wh what? Y you've had it this whole time? Why didn't you show this to us before? Because of what's in it.

Because of what she said about us.

All of us.

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