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  03x22 - Will the Circle Be Unbroken
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PLL - Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Either you shut Hanna up, or I will!

Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

I drove by the accident on my way home.

His car was gone.

Told you it would sink.

Malcolm, this is Aria.

Nice to meet you.

It is so nice to meet you too, Malcolm.

Am I just crazy to think that this could work?

Toby is "A".

Who's "E. Lamb"?

That's what Toby called himself to get in and out of Radley.

So, what does this mean? Is Toby dead?

Maybe he just wants us to think that he's dead.

Either way, Spencer needs to know about this.

Where is Spencer?

I was hoping she'd be here, but she isn't.

Do you think Spencer just didn't get your S.O.S.?

Maybe, but she must have gotten one of the other twelve messages we sent.

Okay, you guys, she has ditched school before.

All right? It's not a big deal.

Yeah, you're right, I guess.

Okay, we just need to get through today.

If she doesn't call or show up, we'll go to her house after school.

Girls, good, you're all together.

I think you know Spencer's sister, Melissa...

Have you seen Spencer?

Have you talked to her?

Not today.

Is something wrong?

Spencer didn't come home last night.

She's not answering her phone.

I was hoping she was here with you.

Which is why I came here before I went to the police.


I understand Spencer's been a little "distracted" lately.

Was there something on her mind that she shared with you?

Anything about her plans?

No, Mr. Hackett, um...

She hasn't said anything to us.

You're her friends. She must have said something.

You can, uh, call the police from my office.

Thank you.

Let me know if you hear from Spencer.

Yes, sir.



I'm Eddie.

I'm Jane Doe.

Least that's what it says on my chart.

Hmm. I've met some of your relatives.

I come from a long line of Does.

Just gonna check the dressing on those bandages.

Check away.

What's a three-oh-two?

I heard someone say that's what I am.

It's a law that lets paramedics send you for a psych evaluation instead of throwing you in jail.

Mm, lucky me.

You are lucky.

If the County psych ward hadn't been filled, you wouldn't have been diverted here to Radley.

So, this is luxury?

Compared to County, this is Vegas.

What happens next?

You get a doctor visit to evaluate your mental state.

What's the matter with me?

Just curious.


You're supposed to have amnesia.


Well, if I do, I certainly don't remember it.

Try to get you some extra tapioca.


No trouble.


Melissa must have the police looking for Spencer by now.

I do not need more police in my life.

Yeah, none of us do.

Okay, the only thing that counts right now is finding her.

Now, are you sure that Spencer didn't say anything about what she was going to do?

Just that I should stop looking for Toby.

What are we supposed to do, just sit in our rooms and do our homework?

We look for her.

We look where the police won't look, because we know her better than them.

Like that bookstore that she likes.

Or that crazy lab theater at Hollis.

We look, we keep talking, and we check in with Melissa in case she hears anything.

Mom, you're not gonna find anything in the paper.

If Wilden took time off, he's not missing yet.

I just wanna see if anyone's found anything. Like a body.

"Like" a body?

Or his car.

Hey, well, if they had, there'd be somebody at the front door long before you'd read about it in the paper.

Where is he?

And what the hell does he want?

It's Ted.

Answer it.

I can't.

Ashley Marin's social secretary.


Yeah, she's right here, she just has her hands in some bread dough.

Are you still down for coffee later?

No! No, no, no!


Great, I'll tell her.

Okay. Bye.

Why did you do that?


Nothing is wrong, and...

We have to act like we believe it.

God, I want a pretzel.

Just put some salt on it.

You need some help?

You know what I hate about arithmetic?

You can't charm your way through it.

Well, I'm sure that if anyone could, it'd be you.

Coffee. Coffee solves everything.

I thought that things were going okay with the new ghost-writing job.

It was, and then...

Things changed.

Well, do you have a plan?

I need something more than freelancing, that's for sure.

I was actually thinking about teaching again.

I liked it. I'm good at it. I'm just...

Not sure.

I know things haven't been fun for you.


Look, you're the one who went from zero to daddy in sixty seconds.

God, I miss you.

Why? I'm right here.

No, I know, but I...

I still miss you.


Olli, olli, oxen free.

Good morning, Ted.


Hey, Hanna.


I thought I'd come along. But I'll pay for my own coffee.

Don't worry about that, I owe you both at least a cup of coffee.


For connecting me with Jamie Doyle.

He's been great.

The steeple's coming along.

Oh, and we should get the bell back from the foundry tomorrow.

That's wonderful.

Well, let me grab my jacket and we'll go.

Afternoon, padre.

Detective Wilden.

Ashley. Hanna.


Looks like you're getting a lot of work done.

Uh, yes...

Sorry I missed the bell coming down.

I had a couple of days off, went fishing.

Catch anything?

No. But that's the way fishing works.

Sometimes you just have to be patient.

Now it's back to work.

Well, maybe you'll have better luck there.

Maybe... I'll be just a minute.

They called me to evaluate a "Jane Doe" the park rangers found wandering near a camp ground.

Why didn't you tell them who you are?

I lost my bag with my wallet and my phone.

And then I knew what would happen if I did tell them. So I didn't.

It's been very nice not being Spencer Hastings.

Even if for only a couple of hours.

What happened in the woods that made you not want to be Spencer?

Toby Cavanaugh is dead.

I saw his body in the forest.

Somebody killed him.

If this is true...

It is true. I saw it.

Why didn't you tell the park rangers?

Because that wouldn't bring him back.

If someone killed Toby...

Somebody did kill Toby, but I am the reason that he's dead.

I'm gonna call your family, and then I'm going to call the police.

Do you understand?



I'll be right back. Stay here.

Where have I got to go?

Dad? Hey, can I talk to you?


Dad, I need to talk to you about Ezra.

And he doesn't know that I'm telling you this, and I really probably shouldn't...


When I talked to your mom, she told me about Ezra.

About the woman in Delaware. And the boy.

She thought that I should know.

Don't be angry at her for telling me.

I'm not angry at her. Although I should be.

How are you with all of this?


Mm, not okay, just... Okay.

Look, that's only one of the reasons that I needed to talk to you.

Ezra is taking on these big responsibilities.

And he's just trying to do the right thing.

And it's hard, you know, he, he needs money.

And he needs a job.

A job.


It's, it's what he knows how to do, and he'd probably still be a teacher at Hollis if...

Things had worked out a little different.


So, is there something that you can do about this?

I don't know.

You don't know, or... you don't know if you're willing to do it?

I talked to mom and dad.

They're trying to get a flight, but the weather's bad.

Everything is grounded from London to Spain.

Wow. Spain too.

They'll get here as fast as they can.

Meanwhile, I will try to get you out.

Don't bother.

Don't bother?

It's a -hour evaluation.

It'll be over by the time they get here.

Spencer, what happened?

How far back do you want me to go?


I'm on a psych ward, and you're the one crying.

I'm responsible for you.

It's okay, Melissa.

No, it's not okay, none of this is okay.

Then it's not okay, it's all screwed up.

Does that make you feel better?

Stop it.

I'm sorry.

All this time, I just thought you were being cruel.

I never thought that you might be...


That's a big relief for both of us.

Melissa wanted me to know that Spencer was in Radley, so she came in on her way out there.

Dr. Sullivan called her.

What's Sullivan have to do with this?

Sullivan found Spencer at Radley.

That's where the rangers sent her.

What? Where was she?

Melissa said that Spencer was in the woods all night.

Wait, she was just wandering around in the woods? Why?

Was she looking for Toby?

I don't know.

You guys, we have to go there.

We have to talk to her.

Family visits only.

It's some kind of mandatory evaluation.

I don't like the idea of Melissa being the only one that's able to get in there.

I know. That's why I left Dr. Sullivan a message.


What am I taking?

Shotgun antibiotics to knock out any infection.

No tranquilizers, nothing like that?

No, they need to do a mental evaluation.

Can't do that if you're under the influence.

Down the hatch.

"E. Lamb"?

That's me.

Eddie Lamb? Your last name is Lamb?

Yep. Somewhere in the past, I had an ancestor with a flock up some mountain.

My shift's over.

Hang in there.

At least you know you're not Jane Doe anymore.

Night. Night.

Why did they take her to Radley?

We don't know.

They found her at a campsite.

And she's not allowed visitors because they're doing some sort of evaluation on her.

I'm canceling New York.

Wait, you're not gonna go to the seminar?

Mom, you have to go.

It's not a good time for this.

It's exactly the right time.

Hanna, it's not just a promotion.

I told you, we'd have to relocate, move to New York.

Get out of Rosewood.


Which means, get away from Wilden.

It can't be that easy, just leaving.

Well, I'm a big fan of the easy way.

We can't just run away.

Just go to the seminar. Please.

And then we'll decide what to do later.

I don't want you alone in this house while I'm gone.

I'll just stay at Emily's.

Mom, it's only for a few days.

Dr. Sullivan.

Oh, Emily. How are you?


The way we left that last session...

We heard about Spencer.

She's all right. She's safe.

When can we see her?

Not while she's under observation.

What happened to her?

Did she say why she was out there all alone?

Emily, Spencer said she saw a body in the woods.

She thought it was Toby.

Oh, God...

The police and the rangers have been looking, but they haven't found anything.

Do you think she was lying?

I think Spencer was in an agitated state when they found her.

I'm not certain what she saw.

The police have been trying to contact Toby's family, to find out if he's all right.

Do you know where he is?

No, I don't.

I thought the toughest thing we were gonna have to deal with senior year would be her prom dress.

And that is still coming up.


What are we supposed to do about Ezra and his situation?

Uh, are we supposed to do anything?

Aria wants us to.


Push comes to shove, and she goes to her parents.

Yeah, and we're not... useless.

Not yet.

Mm. I'm the one who got him fired. I could...

Talk to the Dean.

Do you want to?

Well, he is a good teacher.

Other aspects of his character are debatable, but yes, he is a good teacher.

Something else.


If we helped him stabilize this new family, he might end things with Aria.

I suppose that's true.

But is it a reason to help?

No... No...

No, that's not right.

I know what I saw, he's dead.

Spencer, why don't you want to believe that he could be alive?

Because I know what I saw!

The body, did you see the face?


No, but I know that it was Toby!

Spencer, I think you took a lot into that forest with you.

I wanna see my friends.

Please, when can I see my friends?

Not during the evaluation. After that...

After that, what?

After that, you'll either be released or further treatment will be recommended.

I can call Emily, if you have a message for them.


Tell them that I miss them.

I'll be back tonight.

Thank you.


You made it.

Can't stay long. But, uh, you wanted to talk?

I wanted you to meet someone.


Emily Fields, Missy Franklin.

Missy, Emily.

So, Shana was telling me that you swim?

Hello. Yes. I swim.

I met Missy at the airport in Colorado.

No way I wasn't introducing myself.

She's headed for Philadelphia, I thought it'd be fun if you two met.

Sit down.

What do you want? I'll buy.

Um, g-green tea.

So, does Rosewood have a good program?

Yeah, pretty good.

The Sharks, right?

Right, Sharks...

Oh, God, um... congratulations.

It's not too late to say congratulations, is it?

No, it's never too late to say congratulations. Thank you.

You ever lose one of those badges?

Not if you want to keep your job.

They have a chip, right?

That's how they work with the doors and stuff?

You're asking the kind of questions I'm supposed to report.

I'm just curious.

Seventy-two hours.

That's not long.

You can do that standing on your head.

Then you're out.

What if I really am crazy?

You're not crazy.

There was some trouble with the old badges.

They had to change the whole system.

What kind of trouble?

What kind do you think?

People getting out? People getting in?

You want tapioca or vanilla tonight?

Surprise me.

I can't stop thinking about Spencer in that place.

We'll get her out.

Shouldn't we have seen it coming?

Okay, I have to split myself between disasters.

It's after three, so I'm thinking about my mom.

Hey, if Wilden wants to come after you, he will.

It's not like New York is in some other country.

New York is on another planet.

I don't know if she'll get the job, but...

I want her to have the option in case things get worse.

So, what did Wilden tell people about his car?

Emily said he reported it stolen.

Don't you think they'll find it?

I mean, don't all cop cars have GPS?

No, it doesn't work under water.

It doesn't?

Nothing works underwater, it's a scientific fact.

You actually think you'll go to New York?

If it's to keep my mom safe from Wilden, then...

I'll make the sacrifice.

Yeah, I... Hear it's awful primitive out there.

Say cheese!

Let me take one of you two.


I have to get going, but send me the video of your meet.

I will. And I'm gonna try what you said about the cross-over turn.

It works for me. Bye, Shana. Bye, Emily.



I didn't know you swim.

Paige didn't tell you?


Wonder why she never mentioned it.

Don't forget to send me those pictures.

You've got my e-mail.

What makes you think this kid stole my I.D.?

Because I saw it. I saw your I.D. with his picture.

W-what would he need it for?

To see somebody in here.

Somebody that he couldn't just visit because...

He was doing things for her.

Out in the world.


Yeah, the patient's name was Mona Vanderwaal.

Do you remember her?

She's hard to forget.

And the boy.

His real name was Toby.

You haven't touched your pudding.

Saving it for later.

Delayed gratification. Shows discipline. Patience.

I'm not so patient.

Wasn't just the badges.

They had a problem with the visitors' passes.

They traced it back to someone on the staff.

Who? Who was it?

I like my job.

I've been here since I got out of the Navy.

One of the ways that you keep your job is by keeping your mouth shut.

Eddie. It seems like we're a little bit past that point.

Maybe. Maybe not.

She was here.

Mona Vanderwaal.

This was her room.

♪ Will the circle be unbroken ♪
♪ By and by, by and by ♪
♪ There's a better home awaiting in the sky, in the sky ♪
♪ Will the circle be unbroken

♪ By and by, by and by ♪
♪ There's a better home awaiting ♪
♪ In the sky, in the sky ♪

Okay, what do you suppose loser Mona was doing in there?

Praying for bigger boobs?

Why do you even bother going to church?

I like to cover my bets.

What is that?

You were writing in it all during service.

It's my diary.

Since when do you keep a diary?

Since forever.

Let me see.


No, you're gonna have to wait till after.

Till after what?

After I'm dead.

Ew, don't be so gruesome!

I'm not being gruesome, I'm being mysterious.

Forget it. I don't want to read your stupid diary, anyway.

Yes, you do.

I'm writing them for you.


They're beyond scandalous.

You're gonna need them if you're gonna carry on after I'm gone.

Carry on with what?

Fresh muffins at the bakery. Come on!

Here you go.

Thank you.

Please, have a seat.

I didn't send her to ask for any favors.

No, I know that.

I-I didn't swear her to secrecy about what's going on, but I never told her to ask for help.

I don't want you or Ella to think that I would do that.

W-we know that you didn't.

And I'm sorry she put you in that position.

Oh, don't be angry at Aria. She wanted to help.

Oh, no, I-I'm not angry with her, I couldn't be.

There are just things about this situation that I haven't been able to explain to her.

Well. Pride is a tricky thing.

Why did you come here today?

I talked to the Dean.

I wanted to see if there was room in the department for you.

And, uh, I'm afraid that there isn't.

But I still want to help you, if I can.


Could just be habit.

I have reached a point in my life where I spend a great deal of time trying to make some kind of amends to someone for... Something.

There's no shortage of bad judgment in this world.

Tell me about your son.

You got all kinds of secret talents.

I don't play so much anymore.

My sister and I used to play four-handed pieces.

But that was a long time ago.

Toby's not a name you hear everyday.

No, it's not.

I've known one Toby in my life.

Nice kid.

I met him when his mother was a patient here.

My Toby's name was Cavanaugh. What about yours?

Be a hell of a coincidence if it was the same Toby, wouldn't it?

Yes, it would.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Not as much as I used to.

Excuse me...

Hi there. What's the number on file for the...

Keep practicing.

Just a minute, and I'll get it for you.

We could just say that we're Spencer's cousins.

Hanna, nobody's ever gonna believe that.

We have to find out why she's so sure Toby's dead.

Well, they have to let her out after hours.

No, they don't have to let her go at all if she's really...

You know...

What are you saying?

I'm saying, "A's" been turning the screws so long, one of us was bound to snap a string.

Just never thought that it would be Spencer.

I did.


Because there's a downside to being too smart.

You were never the weak link, Emily.

Spencer was.

So, where's the fourth musketeer?

Haven't seen her today.

If you mean Spencer, I think you know exactly where she is, she's in Radley, and you're the reason why.


Don't play dumb, Mona.

Could've gotten through senior year and been finished, but you wouldn't leave it alone.

Listen to me...

No, you listen.

If Spencer doesn't get better, and she doesn't get out of Radley, you're gonna wish you broke your neck when you fell off that cliff.


Aria Montgomery, report to the Principal's office.

Aria Montgomery, to the office.

This is completely informal conversation.

I want to make sure that we avoid any...

Misunderstandings or miscommunications.


Ezra Fitz has applied to the school district as a substitute teacher.

If his application is approved, he will probably, at some point, be assigned to cover a class here.

It's come to my attention that...

Since Mr. Fitz left Rosewood High,

you have seen him.


In a social context.


The school has no interest in the...

Personal lives of pupils.

But under the... unusual circumstances, I feel that I have to ask.

Are you currently seeing Ezra Fitz?

Seeing him socially?

No, I'm not.

I-I saw him...

After he left Rosewood High. Socially. A few times.

Um, I suppose it might have looked like something that it wasn't.

Which it wasn't.

There was never any question of it...

Being anything serious.

I'm glad you both realized that before things...

Went too far.

Yeah. It's definitely a good thing.

Otherwise, it might have been a little...


Yes. Very awkward.

I'm sorry if this was embarrassing, but, uh...

I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask.

No, I'm glad that I could clear things up for you.

And you have.


Small world, isn't it?

Well, they call it training, but it's more of an assessment.

To see if you can do the job.

I'm sorry to cancel so late, but...

The bank only does this twice a year.

Nah, that's okay. It's, it's important.


And I'll only be gone a couple of days...

This time.

This time?

Yeah, if it works out, I will be... taking Hanna to New York with me.

So the promotion wouldn't be here.

No, it's in New York.

Well... When would you go, if they offer it to you?

I'd have to make the decision pretty quickly.

Miss the great unveiling...

We can come back for that.


I should wish you luck.

But I don't think I can right now.

Wouldn't feel honest.

I like seeing you.

Right here.

I like seeing you.

If there was some other reason.

For you leaving, besides the promotion...

Would you tell me about it?

This is the only reason.

"If." Would you tell me?

Because maybe I could do something about it.

I'd like to try. If you'd want me to.

There's nothing you have to worry about.

Are you sure you don't want a cookie?

No. Thank you.


I brought them for Sybil.

She was my favorite nurse. Very kind.

It's important to reward kindness.

I bet you were surprised to see me.

You're taking a big risk.

Coming here. Talking to me.

Just visiting a friend.

Why did you kill Toby?

What did that get you?

That's an interesting question.

If it were true, if I killed him, why would I want to talk to you?

Look at all that's happened since you turned me down on our little drive up the mountain.

All the pain and disappointment and loss, because you were stubborn.

But I believe in second chances. I'm a generous person.

No, you're not.

You wouldn't be here if you didn't need something.

Whatever it is, Mona, the answer's no.

Ali was never pregnant.

She thought she was, and she panicked, but it was a false alarm.

No way you can be sure of that.

Ali told me.

I have her diaries. Remember?

I don't have all of them, but...

I have most of them.

And I know where the rest of them are.

I have the answers, Spencer.

I have the answers to questions you haven't even thought of.

Leave me alone.

You have all these bits and pieces.

You're trying to put together a jig-saw puzzle, but you've never seen the picture on the front of the box.

You need me.

Otherwise, you'll never really know anything for sure.

Go away!

Before I start choking you again.

Mona, I've got nothing left to lose.

They already think that I'm crazy.

You're not crazy.

You're as sane as I am.

Your mom should have the contact info.

I will call you as soon I get to the hotel.


Don't worry, mom. I'll be fine, we'll be okay, Mrs. Marin.

I love you.

I love you.

Geez, did you pack enough for three days?

If I forgot something, I can always go back.

Ignore him.

Hanna, you don't have to talk to him.

You know what, Emily?

Sometimes you poke the bear, and other times, the bear pokes you.

It's from a movie.



Are you following me? Me and my mom?

Why would I do that?

I don't know.

I'm just wondering if you are.

No, I'm not following you.

Well, then go away.

I went away.

Right. You went fishing.

That's right.

And now I'm back.

And while I was away, I did some thinking.

You, me, and your mother. It's complicated.

I don't think any of us have been completely honest with each other about things.

Honesty is tough.

Yeah, but you could make that easier on everybody, Hanna.

And how could I do that?

The car, Hanna.

The car?

Just give me the keys, and tell me where you left it.

That's all you have to do.

And then there's no more trouble from me.

All I want from you and your mother is that car.

I knew who I was when they found me.

And I knew that my family and friends would be worried.

But I just...

I wanted to fold up and stop.

I didn't, I didn't wanna think anymore.

You were overwhelmed.

Yeah, well, I wasn't Spencer Hastings for almost a whole day, and...

Nobody else showed up to take the job, so...

Guess I'm stuck with it.

Because you're the only person in the world that can be you.

You don't have to rub it in.

I'm sorry, this can't be very entertaining.

I mean, there are people here with real problems.

Just like you.

Yeah, just like me.

I, uh...

I fell down in the woods.

When I was running.

I fell down, and I looked at the ground, and I...

Saw my hand, and my sleeve, and...

The little button on my sleeve.

And some dirt, and an old acorn, and I said to myself:

"Okay, if this is the last thing that you ever see," I can handle that.

I'm done.

"I've had enough."

But it wasn't the last thing that I saw.

I just kept going.

How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened?

What do you have to change inside to survive?

Who do you have to become?

I'm sorry, I don't expect you guys to understand.

You don't know me.

I'm sorry, but that's true.

You don't know who I am anymore.

And you can't count on me.

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