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  02x24 - If These Dolls Could Talk
 Posted: 03/13/12 23:25
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars": You need to give me your phone.

Hanna! It's really old, like six months.

Have Maya's parents heard from her? I have.

Are you gonna tell her parents? She asked me not to.

If your relationship is in so much trouble, why not just let it go? Toby, you can not let Jenna back into your life again.

I am not taking the job, and I don't want you to have that kind of power over me.

Where do you get the nerve to talk to me this way? Toby said that you were the one that dragged me out.


Why? Did you guys get that text from 'A'? Yes, and now Melissa is threatening to kill our parents.

My sister is not 'A.

' Spencer, I hired a private investigator to look into her disappearance.

I was worried about your sister.

Where is she? "It's my turn to torture you.

" Take this home and burn it.

Is it page five? Who's Vivian Darkbloom? I'm pretending to be someone else.

I've got some of Alison's things.

We were looking in the bag for clues when we should've been looking at the whole bag as a clue.


Don't scream, please.

I needed something from the bag.

What? You're really mad at me, aren't you? Not telling you about Jason.

Alison - Things would have been so different if I'd spilled.

I mean, Jason's your brother, too, and that practically makes us sisters, right? You deserve a decent sister.

Qu'est-ce que c'est? Ooh, painkillers.

Mind if I take a couple for the road? What road? You're still hiding out as Vivian? Alison, Aria met Duncan, he took her up in his plane, and he told her that he flew you back from Hilton Head that day.

He talks too much, but I'm glad you guys haven't given up.

Maybe now that you've got this Why? What's in there? What should I be looking for? Can't tell you.

But don't get hung up on the details and miss what's parked right in front of you.

I miss you, Spence.

I miss that fierce look you'd get in your eyes when you had to know the answer, had to win the game.

But this isn't yahtzee, sweetie.

This is some seriously messed-up stuff.

But here's the good news-- you're getting warmer.

Spencer? Spence? Jeez, it's freezing down here.

Was that door open all night? Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ Spencer, you're overthinking this.

Then why was the door open? You're taking two different medications.

You probably got up in the middle of the night-- She was in my living room, Emily.

I could still smell her creme rinse after she left.

You think I'm losing it, don't you? No, I don't.

I've been there.

After I got locked in that barn, I woke up and she was leaning over me.

That conversation felt more real than you and me talking in this car.

So, wait, what are you saying, that she actually was in my house this morning? I didn't say that.

I just think that Ali is like Holding all of our brains hostage, and we won't be able to sleep until we find out what really happened to her.

I should go talk to these people.

We'll be late for school.

_ - Where's Emily? - She already left.

She had to go to her house before school to talk with the tenants before they move out.

Have we heard anything more about the fire at the DiLaurentis house? What do you mean? Do they know how it started? Do they think someone set it intentionally? I really don't know.

What was that? What was what? That.

Your purse is ringing.


Hanna? No, this is her mother.

I don't know what you're calling her on, Caleb, because Hanna doesn't own a phone any more.

It's not my phone.

It's Mona's.

She gave me her old one.

She needs to be able to reach me at all times.

Why? You pulled one girl out of a burning building.

It doesn't make you Rosewood's new fire chief.

Mona's in a crisis.

I need to be there for her 24/7.

What's the crisis? Okay, Hanna, there is no more room for secrets and lies in this house.

It's already way too crowded.


Thought you were gonna honk.

Let's go.

Mona If you need round-the-clock counseling, you're more than welcome to stay here for a night or two.

But no using phones.

Is that clear? Got it.

So sorry.

Ooh, is that an egg white omelet? You are just amazing, Mrs.


You make Martha Stewart look like a slacker.

Mona, move.

♪ - Hey.


What are you, uh? My dad's at a conference in Vermont.

Just thought we'd celebrate.

You know, most people celebrate getting a job offer, not turning it down.

Well, you're definitely not most people.


Plus, that wasn't a real job offer.

That was my dad trying to control our lives.

And you showed him that he can't.

Did I? You know, 'cause ever since I got back, it's been a bit chilly.

The Dean is not pleased with me.

Look, we knew that there'd be fallout.

But that's just the Dean.

Your dad's not even back yet.

Probably gonna get worse.

My dad is not that powerful.

It'll pass.

Come here.

He's three states away.

You can at least lean into it.

Jenna, what are you doing? - I can't wait till after school.

Let the doctors do that.

I couldn't even sleep last night, Toby.

I'm too excited.

But you shouldn't-- I'm fine.

You don't need a degree to take off a bandage.

Would you rather be alone? I want yours to be the first face that I see.

Jenna? I'm so sorry.

Guys, I figured it out.

Alison took out a classified ad asking 'A' to meet her in Brookhaven, and 'A' responded.

This was going on for like a month.


"Dear 'A, ' what's it gonna take to end this?" You need to stop.



" "Hey, desperately seeking silence, who says I wanna end this? 'A.

'" - Let me see that.

What's this one? It's the last paper before Labor Day weekend.

Alison was set to meet 'A' at 235 Spruce Street.

Why do I know that street? Because we walked on it.

The creepy doll hospital? Guys.

She took off the bandage.

She's not using the stick.

Why is she still wearing the shades? Hanna, stop staring.

Are they all here? Yes.

Thanks, Toby.

I'll meet you inside.

Sorry to interrupt.

Can you see or not? Hanna.

Wait, the surgery didn't? No, it didn't.

I went in knowing the odds, so I can't be shocked.

The funny thing is, I woke up this morning and, uh I could see clearly.

Just not with my eyes.

You could've left me in that smoky room, Hanna, but you You didn't.

Instead, you You saved my life.

And it made me realize that That people can grow.

So now it's my turn, and that's why I'm here.

I'm here to To apologize and to let go of the anger that's been holding me back.

So can we just please Move on? What exactly are you apologizing for, Jenna? For holding a grudge and, uh For hating you.

We've all done things that we're not proud of.

I know what you think of me.

But you're wrong.

I've never been the person you really need to fear.

♪ Please don't tell me you bought that.

I kinda did.

Guys, if that surgery didnt work, there's no way she hates us less.

I still believe she had something to do with that fire at Jason's.

So you think she set the fire and then just walked into it? Yeah, I've heard of cutting off your nose to spite your face, but that's-- Cutting off your whole face.

Well, if Jenna isn't 'A, ' then who is she talking about? Garrett? Melissa.

Hanna, Melissa openly admitted to sending Ali angry text messages.

If she was 'A," why would she do that? I don't know.

I don't have the answer.

I think Vivian did.

I think she found out.

That's why she's not sitting with us.

So what? What do we do now? We retrace Ali's steps, go back to Brookhaven.

We're too close now to back off.

Guess who just got "hext" again.

What? - "Break up Hanna and her hottie "or you go back to being a junior high nottie.

Don't test me.


'" 'A' just sent you this? Why are you confused? This is typical a-wipe behavior, right? Pushing me to break you guys up.

Did you get a text, too? I'm phoneless, remember? Damn, I forgot.


Check and see if you were hit.

I haven't received anything since the fire.

Then Jenna came in this morning all sorry and Kumbaya.

Hold it.

Jenna Marshall is sending these? God, I thought that blind "beyotch" only stole boyfriends.

I didn't say that, all right? Mona, I've gotta go.

Hanna, wait.

Who do you think is sending these? Honestly, I have no idea, but maybe I'll get more information after Brookhaven.

What's in Brookhaven? - Hey.


Sorry about this morning.

Did you get in trouble? I'm always in trouble.

So are we still on for tonight? Yes, um Mona's sleeping over, though, so maybe she can join us? Oh, great.

Actually, I can't.

Got a paper due.

But we're still on for our slumber party.

See ya.

Can you at least pretend not to hate her? I thought that I was.

_ _ He couldn't run Ezra out of town, so now he's shipping me off.

What did Ezra say? Well, he's not really surprised.

My dad's turning this into a war.

So what are you gonna do? Look, can you just hurry up and figure it out? Because Vermont is like Iceland the sequel.

Wait, there's no 235.

You guys, look.

Um, hi.


Um, sorry.

Excuse me.

We're not open.

Oh, well, we've tried to call you, your shop a couple of times.

We just want to ask a few questions.

You can ask, but it don't mean I'll have the answers.

Um, we just wanted to know if you keep a record of all of the customers who purchase your dolls.

We don't sell much.

It's mostly repairs.

Oh, um, well, you do sell some dolls, because a friend of ours might have received that one as a gift.

We never sold those.

That was left here and never picked up.

Could you tell us who might have left it? I couldn't tell you what I had for lunch.

Y'all better come inside.

Seth, baby, turn on the light, would ya? We got guests.

My late sister did the books.

I've been trying to sell the shop.

No takers.

Kids these days only like things they can Google.

Which doll was it again? So many faces in here, they start to blur.

Uh, it was a small one, kind of folksy and burlap-y.


They mean the voodoo doll.

There was another girl came in asking about the same one.

When was that? Summer before last.

I can't make heads or tails out of this.

Let me check that stack over there.

This girl who came in What was she asking? She wanted to know who bought it.

Was this her? That's her face, but she had dark hair.

Lots of it, like that.

Um, did you ever figure it out? The person that she was looking for? No, but I told her to stop looking.

Why? There are people who wanted to hurt her.

A man and a woman.

Seth, hold your tongue.

What is he talking about? When did these people come into the shop? They didn't.

That's something he saw in his mind.

He sees things-- things that haven't happened yet.

He's gifted.

This couple who was after her What did they look like? Dark hair, like yours.

Um, was she wearing sunglasses? Did she have a cane? - Is she blind? - Oh, no, she can see.

Seth, baby, why don't you take the groceries up to the kitchen, hear? Sorry about what happened to her.

Must have been awful, breathing dirt into your lungs.

I don't even like sand in my mouth.

Seth, baby, go.

You said enough.

You think this will be enough to split? Guys, seriously, he's nine years old, he's never seen the sun, and he probably lives in a cupboard with like 600 dolls.

Okay? So you don't need to get all freaked out over a newsflash from Casper the friendly host.

Aria, he remembers Alison.

Okay? He warned her that something bad was gonna happen.

Well, if it wasn't Jenna and Garrett, who was the couple he saw in his head? - Melissa and Ian.

Can you let it go? No, he said the girl wasn't blind.

Yeah, well, that doesn't mean that we have to go back there.

Yeah, we do.

My parents thought that Melissa could've killed Alison.

Say that again.

They hired a detective after Ali disappeared.

What did the detective find? I don't know, but Melissa tried to convince me that my father wanted to see Ali dead.


Melissa accused your father of wanting Alison dead.

Why? Why would he want that? Because Alison knew that my dad My dad is Jason's father, too.

She would drop hints and make weird jokes about how close our families were.

And then Jason figured it out and he told me Recently.

So your father and Did Ali rub this in Melissa's face, too? All I know is that Melissa hates Alison's guts.

She worked in the next town over and she probably drove past that creepy doll shop every day.


I'm gonna leave these for you to put away.


Was everything okay at school today? Yep.

Have you spoken to dad? Yeah, he's enjoying his conference.

Really? He didn't miss too much of it? You know, taking tours of boarding schools.

What was the plan, mom? Were you gonna haul me off kicking and screaming in the middle of the night? - We were just exploring options.

Oh, what a relief.

Wow, you're only exploring the idea of ruining my life.

Aria, calm down.

How am I supposed to feel? One minute you're processing the idea of me and Ezra, and then the next I'm being exiled to Siberia? That is not why I'm considering this.

There is something going on in your life.

I know you're being bullied.

The only people bullying me right now in my life are you and dad.

I am just trying to keep you safe! Okay, you might be.

Dad's trying to punish me.

Okay, and that's really unfair because I forgave him for what he did.

If I had wanted to hurt him, I could've done something about it.

I still could.

And what do you think would happen if the Dean found out dad was having an affair with one of his grad students? Where do you think they'd send him? Oh, good, you're home.

I could use your help.

Um, with what? Thank-you notes from the baby shower.

Who sent me something from Florida? Oh, it must be Aunt Joyce.


I think they're still open, but I'm too tired.

I'll go tomorrow.


Whose bag is that in your room? Why were you in my room? I needed Lizzy Farren's address.

Why are you being so jumpy? I just--I didn't sleep very well last night.

Um, the bag is Alison's.

Jason gave me some of her things.

Give them to charity.

It's morbid holding on to that kind of stuff.

Melissa Hmm? Can you explain this? She's coming upstairs.

Where is she? How do you even have this? Did you steal it from Ian? What were you doing in Alison's bedroom the night of her disappearance? - I thought we were beyond this.

I'm concerned.

Mom and dad were, too.

That's why they hired somebody-- - Look, they suspected you.

Of what? I just wanna help you, Melissa, because if you did something-- I didn't do anything.

I was in that house looking for Ian.

Okay, so why didn't you tell anybody that you saw Garrett and Jenna there? Just because they wanted to see Ali dead doesn't mean they killed her.

Half this town wanted that girl to disappear.

I don't think that I can hold on to this.

I think that the police need to see it, and I don't mean Garrett.

I'd be careful, Spence.

You turn that in, there are other videos out there that might surface.

I've seen some stuff that makes you and your friends look pretty bad.

Like what? I never asked questions about what I saw, but I'm guessing that the police will.

She's bluffing.

That's a pretty big hand to play with no cards.

That's what happens when you have nothing.

You play big and you psyche everybody out.

Okay, but what if Melissa is telling the truth? What if there was a camera on us the night of the Jenna thing? You know what? Enough is enough.

If we have to trick Melissa into sending a text message to prove that she's 'A, ' then that's what we'll do.

You're kidding, right? Is this some kind of test? - Please? - Okay.

Cracking the code to a cell phone is one thing, but now we are crossing over to like Fear Factor territory.

You know how I feel about Mona.

I know, but I also know there's someone out there trying to split us up.

Did something happen since-- It's not about what this person's already done.

It's about what we can get them to do.



Mom Did you make that call to the Dean? No.

Well, I talked to your father, and the boarding school idea has been shelved for the moment.

Oh, thank you.

No, don't thank me.

Look, you have to understand, you guys pushed me into a corner.

Your threat had nothing to do with our decision.

Why would we send you to another state when you are already a million miles away? I don't even recognize the kid who would turn on her own family.

You can't ask me to turn on Ezra either, mom.

You know, when I found out about you two, I was angry and I was confused.

But I have never been ashamed of you until yesterday.

If you could've heard the silence on the other end of the phone when I told your father what you said I don't even know how to get back to who we once were.

So should we put the dome light on? Or is that too weird? I think we passed weird about two blocks ago.

What are you doing? - Unbuckling.

Why? - The car stopped moving.

We're parked.

Caleb, look, I'm not an idiot, okay? I know you'd like to see my head on a stick.

You know what? Let's just not go there.

We have to, okay? 'Cause we both love Hanna, and that's why we're here.

After Alison disappeared, me and Hanna got really tight.

Junior high was hellacious.

We both needed extreme makeovers, and we got 'em.

Everything changed.

And then You.

You know, Hanna found this great guy, and I was like serial dating the lacrosse team.

I admit I was jealous.

_ It's showtime.

Caleb, don't stop.

We're doing this for Hanna.

Are you sure that Melissa went-- Positive.

Emily followed her there.

I don't know how you got him to agree.

He loves me more than he hates Mona, that's how.

Believe me, I'm not digging this either.

Who's it from? Hanna, let me see.

_ Do we need any more proof? It's been Melissa all along.

"Spence yours sister's 'A.

" I can't find my phone so we'll have to phone through my laptop.

Wait, who? The police.

Are you driving or me? Hanna, this is my sister! What am I gonna tell my parents? They tried to protect her! Yeah, so did you! For way too long! We should've turned her in the second that we knew she texted Ali.

Mom? Where have you been? I drove Caleb home.

He told Mona he wanted to walk.

He doesn't get why we aren't trapping Jenna and Garrett.

To him, that's the enemy.

Well, he's wrong.

We have proof now.

No, we might need more.

More? I just forced my boyfriend to make out with my best friend from junior high.

What's next? Hiding in Melissa's closet? Rubbing her belly until the baby confesses? - Hanna, Jenna and Garrett-- - No, Emily! Stop confusing us! We know who 'A' is now! No, Hanna! We're still just guessing! What if we show that kid the video from Alison's room? - Let Seth tell us which couple-- - Have you lost your mind? We are now going to ask a nine-year-old sideshow to tell us who's been torturing us? Hanna, he remembered Alison.

So what? He reads the paper.

It doesn't mean that he can bend a spoon just by staring at it.

He knew how she died.

That was never in the paper.

Hey there.

So did it work? Did you guys get a text? No.

No, not yet.

What's in the bag? Shower gel.

I need to scrub off ten layers of shame.

Well, um, I'm gonna go shower.

See you before lights out.

You can't tell her everything.

Hey, this is Spencer's family.


We'll show Seth baby the video.

That's the only stop we're making before the police station.


I thought you were working late tonight.

Turns out I didn't have to.


Well, um, I got some good news.

They're pulling the plug on boarding school.

Do you know what changed their minds? Yeah, I had to dig up some pretty ugly stuff that I'd definitely rather keep buried, but, hey, you gotta fight one battle at a time, right? Right.

Well, we may have just lost the war.

What are you talking about? I got fired today.

Next Monday will be my last class.


There's dinner if you're-- No, I'm gonna eat later.


What's that about? He just sits in his car now and watches our house? - Who? - Garrett.

What does he want? I don't know.

Close the curtains.

I'll be in my room if you need me.

Actually, Toby, wait.

Can I show you something? _ How do you have this? Garrett asked me to keep it safe for him.

He said it was important.

Do you know what this is? No, I don't.

That's why I gave it to you.

It's a page from an autopsy report.

What? Jenna, why would he give this to you? I don't know.

But I think the police should have it, Toby.

Will you take me there? Do you think it's too late? Yes.

They could be downstairs.

Hello? Hello? Martha? Are you down here? Why's the light on? Looks like somebody just left.

You guys, let's just go.



She said she didn't sell these.

She did.

Martha? Um, I'm sorry.

We're down here.

Okay, let's just come back when they're open.

That would be 1979.

Just find a light switch.

Let's not and just leave.

End up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Follow me, end up like me.

Hanna! - No, wait, my laptop! Follow me, end up like me.

End up like me.

End up like me.

End up like me.

Basically, they said they no longer offer my class.

But they'll probably just re-name the course and hire somebody who your father likes to teach it.

I swear to you, if I knew that my dad was gonna do this-- Aria, stop.

You're not gonna break up your family to keep us together.

That's not a choice.

What are you gonna do? I'll Probably head up to my folks' place for a while, regroup, send out resumes, make cold calls.

When will you be back? Aria If I can't teach high school in this town, or college, what's left? It's what I do And I need to find a place where I can do it.

Look, wherever that is, they're really lucky to have you.

Do you have any idea how much I love you? No, I don't wanna fall in love ♪ this world is only gonna break your heart ♪ No, I don't wanna fall in love ♪ this world is only gonna break your heart ♪ with you ♪ No, I ♪ What all should we take? Wait, put that in the duffel bag.

We have to give them everything.

What are you looking for? I have no idea.

This feels really weird, giving them all of Ali's stuff.

Well, maybe there's something in here that the police can use.

Alison even said there was.

What? When? Yesterday.

In a dream.

Okay, why am I just hearing about this now? You want this in the barn? It's heavy.

No, it's not.

I'll be fine.

I don't want you carrying any more than you already are.

Do you want a beer? You're off duty.

Um, I'll just take a soda if you got one.

Is someone else here? I don't think so.

Are you sure your sister didn't - Stop worrying.

I've been scaring her since she was born.

There's no way she or her friends are turning in that video.

Trust me.

Officer, hi.

Um, is something wrong? Neil.

Well, what, uh, what's going on? We're here on official business.

Officer Reynolds, will you please surrender your weapon? What? What the hell is this? Why are you doing this? What has he done? Garrett Reynolds, you're under arrest.

For what? The murder of Alison DiLaurentis.

My heart is jumpin' ♪ and you started somethin' ♪ with them there eyes ♪ oh, they're gonna sparkle ♪ they're gonna bubble ♪ they're gonna get ya in a whole mess of trouble ♪ you're overworkin' 'em ♪ there's danger lurkin' ♪ in them there eyes ♪ I know what our deal was, but this is a lot more than I bargained for.

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