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  02x23 - Eye of the Beholder
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" I just can't ever picture Alison wearing this.

A picture of Vivian Darkbloom.

They offered me the job.

What'd you say? - My dad, is he your father too? - Who told you? - It's really none of your business where he is.

Oh, it's my business.

I just didn't know that until recently.

Ezra's taking that job in New Orleans.

What job? - The job that dad set him up with.

I want to understand what this is.

What's wrong? - It's Spencer.

Before you and she got together, she was seeing someone else.

He's back now.

If you're not gonna give me any answers, I'm gonna have to go looking for them myself.

Give me your phone.

Hanna! Vivian? Wake up wake up the stars are out ♪ Well, he recognized the coat, but when he saw it first, he thought it was Alison Vivian.

When we noticed you didn't come back, he was gone.

He was cute from the back.

So was his front, under different circumstances.

He's been in Florida for, like, a year.

What did you tell him exactly? Uh, I told him that I was a friend of Vivian's and that I hadn't seen her since she gave me the coat.

Can I see that number again? - Yeah.


Duncan Albert? He said he met her in Brookhaven? Yeah, in a bookstore.

Couple places down from that creepy doll hospital.

Well, whoever Duncan is, he's connected to Alison and what she wanted in Brookhaven.

How do we know that he wasn't just some guy she flirted with in a bookstore? I don't think Alison wasted Vivian on flirting.

When she put that wig on, she wanted something.

She was looking for "A".

Duncan was part of that trail.

I'll call him.

Aria, you don't have to.

Any one of us could've been wearing that coat.

But it was me.

Hanna: She had the operation.

Aria: Spence? Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ I'm not being unreasonable, I'm being your Mother.

No, you are cutting me off from the world.

I'm not the one who ruined your phone, you are.

And since you were okay about doing that, I guess that means you don't need a replacement.

I can't go around without a phone.

It's like going around without a brain, or shoes.

Phone is a privilege, not a right.

Suppose there was an emergency.

I'm sure Emily would let you use your phone in an emergency.


I mean, well, yeah.

Okay, no.

Emily and I only have one class together.

I need my own phone.

Today is about what I need.

I need to know more about what's going on in my daughter's life.

When you decide to talk about that, we can discuss a new phone.

I'll see you both at dinner.

It's really old, like six months.

But it works pretty good for an antique.

The number bills to my acccount.

Your mom never has to know.


Mona, you are a life saver.

Well, what's the point of doing something for someone if it doesn't make you look good? I'm already number one on the speed dial.

Ciao! If only we could harness Mona's sense of entitlement, we could light the Eastern seaboard.

Yeah, well, I don't care.

I got a new phone and didn't have to go through Caleb.

He's safe in Montecito.

Did you get through to Duncan yet? Yeah, he's coming after school.

I'm gonna meet him in the Courtyard.

That sounds safe.

( Bell rings ) Yeah.



( Phone chimes ) _ ( Exhales ) Hello.


You're back.

And-- uh, obviously, you're back.

You are.

Yeah, we're back.

Are you okay? Fine.

Uh, Jenna's eye.

She got the surgery.

Yeah, she did.

Just the one eye? They do it in one eye at a time.

How did it go? Well, we don't know yet.

I was a little surprised to see you guys together.

Why? I don't know.

Yes, I do, actually.

You went through so much to get away from her, and now you're back to just guiding her around.

Not for much longer.

Besides, she's my sister.


She's been through a lot.

Worse than any of us.

That's coming to an end.

Better get used to that idea.

Toby I've been thinking a lot about us.

It's a little late for that, isn't it? ( Door opens ) Toby? I'm ready to go.

Spencer, is that you? Yeah.

I thought so.

( Sighs ) So, were you looking for Vivian in Brookhaven? Can I ask you a question first? Sure.

Is Aria your real name? What? Yes.

Of course it is.

Why would you ask that? Because Vivian's real name wasn't Vivian.

And if you're her friend, you'll know her real name.


We have a winner.

So where is she? Duncan Alison's dead.

I'm-- I'm sorry.

She disappeared Labor Day weekend year before last.

Disappeared? What happened? Look, I-- maybe-- What happened to her? She was killed and They didn't find her body for a year.

Do they know who did it? No.

The cops must have some ideas.

Yeah, we-- we don't really trust the cops.

Who's we? Me and some of Alison's friends.

You're the one who kept the journals.

The writer.

She talked about you.

There are four of you, right? She talked about us? Yes.

She talked about you guys a lot.

Did she ever talk about anyone else? Someone that she might've been afraid of? Look, maybe we shouldn't be talking about this here.

Did you only meet her in that bookstore? No.

No, we spent a lot of time together that summer.

In Brookhaven? Near Brookhaven.

Well, I-- I could meet you there.

I'll call you.

The weekend you said she disappeared I saw her that weekend.

Spencer: Duncan saw Ali that weekend? Are we sure we believe him? He-he was all torn up when I told him she was dead.

He couldn't have been faking that.

Em, you okay? Sure.

( Engine starts, revs ) ( Tires screech ) Why is Garret in such a hurry? ( Phones ring and beep ) "Where there's smoke, there's payback, 'A'" Wait, what's going on? I don't know.

What are they talking to the fire department about? They're talking about that night.

The Jenna thing.

Are you serious? What could Toby be telling them? I did such a good job of screwing him up, he might say anything Jenna wants him to say.

That we were the ones who blinded Jenna? Alison and us.

( Inaudible ) Remember that old movie about the blind lady who got her sight back? I don't remember.

She filled her room with all the beautiful things she owned so she could see them when she opened her eyes.

I'm gonna do that.

Before they take the bandages off, I'm gonna fill my room with the things that I love.

You'll be there too.

That woman in the movie was a mean old bitch.

I thought you said you don't remember.

( Background chatter ) I hope you didn't take that cast off by yourself.

I was out of town.

I saw another doctor.

Well, don't favor it.

Did they give you exercises? Yes.


I'm Jenna, Toby's sister.

Hi, Jenna.

I'm Dr.


I helped your brother when he had his accident.

I remember.

Does Spencer know you're back? Yes.

Nice meeting you, Jenna.

Thank you for looking after my brother.

Glad to be of service.

So that's Spencer's personal physician? That's him.

I bet even a lie would sound good in that accent.



You okay? I don't know.

You thinking about Toby? Is it my fault? Did I make that happen? You broke off with him to keep him safe.

Yeah, I wanted him safe, and he ended up back with Jenna.

It's like out of the frying pan and into the volcano.

I made you help.

What are friends for? Have you heard from your dad? He emailed me on a layover in Germany.

Are you okay? You never get used to it if that's what you mean.

My mom's gonna be back here next week.

Have Maya's parent's heard from her? No, they haven't.

I have.

What? - Yeah, she's all right.

Where is she? She hasn't told me yet.

Are you gonna tell her parents? She asked me not to.

But I keep thinking how my parents would feel if I was missing.

You know, I don't know.

( Bell rings ) Better go.



Hey, I'm so sorry that I haven't called you back.

My reserves have been really depleted, and-- This isn't about-- Um, I've got some of Alison's things.

I've been through them, but, I'm not really sure what to do with them.

What kind of things? They're in a bag that was left in the house when we moved out.

Your friend Maya said her family found them.

She said that they packed up some of Ali's things by accident.

Maya dropped them off at the house.

Maya did? Did you talk to her? The bag was on the porch.

And then I saw in the paper Maya was missing.

Is that true? Yeah.

So the bag has Ali's stuff in it? Yeah, some of the things from her room.

I just thought you guys might wanna have a look.

( Knocking ) Yeah? Can I interrupt? Yes.

Come in.

( Grunts ) I could offer you chocolate milk or an apple.

Thank you, but no.

I was thinking about the conversation we had in your apartment.


I've never had a conversation like that before.

Neither have I.

So, I wanted to make sure I didn't leave you with the wrong impression.

Just because I wanna talk about this does not make me an ally.

I know, compared to my husband's attitude, it may look that way.

But I'm not.

The only person I care about here is my daughter.

So you-- you want me gone too.

Out of sight, out of mind.

That's what Byron is thinking.

That's why he engineered that job offer for you, but I don't really have an opinion on that.

Yes, you do.

Yes, I do.

Ella It does actually matter what you think of me.

Has Aria ever mentioned someone bullying her? Um, bullying is not the right word.

Do you know of anyone who would use this situation to hurt her? Not-- her, not intentionally.

What about you? Is there someone who would want to hurt you intentionally? There might've been, but not any more.

Frankly, I'd love to take that cane and whack her like a piñata.

Mona! - Just kidding, sort of.

But she poached Noel Kahn right out from under me.

And she did that blind.

What's Jenna gonna be like if she gets to see again? I can't even think about it.

Spencer is lucky to be finished with Toby and the House of creeps.

Okay, she is still hurting here.

Look, Spencer's really smart.

She said some things to me when Noel was slicing up my heart that really helped.

I get that they're broken up, but you shouldn't hate her.

I just wish there was a way to get Toby away from Jenna for at least five minutes.

Are we scheming? I think so.


Thanks so much for meeting me here.

My schedule's just been really stacked.

Are you sure you wouldn't want something a little easier to handle? Oh, no, it's not for me.

I told you, it's for my cousin.


He's going through this really big rockabilly phase.

So, I told him I'd keep an eye out for appropriate transportation.

Oh! Look, a cassette player.

How de-classe.

Your cousin's gonna have to find another truck.

Just give me five minutes.

He's all yours.

We have to talk.

We've got nothing to talk about.

I get how you're mad at Spencer.

But you're so mad, you don't see what you're doing.

Toby, you can not let Jenna back into your life again.

What you need to do is shut up about my sister.

If you're doing this to hurt Spencer-- You have no idea what I'm doing.

Or why I'm doing it.

Okay, fine.

I don't know anything.

But what about you? Did you forget everything Jenna did to you? No.

Did you forget what you did to her? Maya said this was in the attic, like it was hidden.

Have you looked inside? Just enough to know it's Alison's.

( Knocking ) - Hey.


Okay, so Duncan just called back and he wants to talk.

Is that Alison's bag? Yeah, that's it.

Come take a look.

I can't.

I told Duncan I'd go meet him.

Where? A place called Hallow Acres.

He said he used to go there with Alison.

Okay, just give us a call as soon as you can.

I will.


Hey, Em.



( Fur Elise plays ) She had that when she was a kid.

If there's anything you guys find in here you wanna keep, take it.

Should bring the bag back to the house when you're done.


If I'm not there, just drop it on the back porch.

Thank you, Jason.

Did he ask to come here? No.

I invited him.

Don't ever do that again.

We don't need to complicate things.

I'm trying to un-complicate them.

Well, don't.

Leave it alone.

There's nothing for you to fix.

So, what? We're just supposed to go back to the way it was before we all knew? Further, if possible.

( Plane engine revs ) Hi.

You're late.

Yeah, it kinda took me a while to find you.

You and Ali came here? On the days, I took her flying, yeah.

Flying! In a plane? Usually.

You have, like, a license or something? Not like a license, an actual license.

Pilot since I was 16.

So, you're ready? I'm sorry.

Ready for what? To talk about Alison.

( Sighs ) I thought we'd find something.

Me too.

I don't know why, but I did.

It's just stuff.

Disconnected stuff.

How often did you take her flying? On and off that summer.

As often as I could.

Can I ask you something else? Was I in love with her? I could've been, if somebody hadn't gotten in the way.

Another boy? That's what I figured.

At least I had her all to myself up here.

It made her feel safe.

Safe? Yeah, nothing could get to her.

She had control.

Do you wanna try it? Do I wanna what? Take the yoke.

No, thanks.

You wanna understand your friend? What she was looking for? Take control.

All right, you got it? I got it.

How does it feel? I don't know.

She'd sit in that seat, I could just see her face change.

No masks, nothing to hide from, or be afraid of.

They couldn't get to her.

Who's they? Maybe a stranger.

Maybe some boy she knew.

Maybe a friend.

( Turbulence, gasps ) Keep it level.

Okay, I-- I don't wanna do this any more.

Just a little bit longer.

I've done some reading since we talked.

The papers said a man named Ian Thomas confessed to killing Alison before he committed suicide.

Left a note and everything.

The note-- the note was fake.

We-- we don't think that he did it.

We think that he-- ( Gasps ) We think that he was trying to protect somebody.

Look, Alison called me from Hilton Head Sunday that Labor Day weekend.

She wanted me to fly her from South Carolina to a field outside Philadelphia.

You flew her from Hilton Head? Picked her up that morning.

She was different that day.

She figured something out.

Wait, if Ali was with you, she was in town six, seven hours before we thought she got there.

( Background chatter ) I got a message you wanted to talk to me? Yes, I do.

I got another call from Professor Schaffer about the associate Dean position in New Orleans.

He wants my decision.

Oh, it's a choice assignment.

It is, and I'm gonna call him in a few minutes.

But, I wanted to tell you first.

Why me? Well, because you were so instrumental in my being considered.

( Sighs ) Well, I wouldn't say instrumental.

I mean, I might've mentioned your name.

It was very generous of you.

That's why I don't want there to be any misunderstanding when I tell you that I'm not taking the job.

( Chuckles ) Well, I-- I think you're making a mistake.

Possibly, but it's not the mistake you think I'm making.

You need to reconsider this.

Seriously reconsider it.

I know it is a spectacular job that will put my career years ahead of schedule, but if I took it, I'd never be completely sure why I took it.

And I don't want you to have that kind of power over me.

Where do you get the nerve to talk to me this way? After what you've done to my family? I'm sorry about that.

Well, I don't accept your apology.

You need to go.

For the sake of everyone involved, you should simply leave.

It's like this, Byron.

You think I'm the kind of man who would take this way out.

And I know I'm not.

Well, we could've resolved this and moved on, but apparently, ego is going to get in the way.

Whose ego are we talking about? ( Phone beeps, rings out ) Aria, it's me.

Call me when you can.

I love you.

So then my friend ♪ you're in the deep end ♪ well, it's never good ♪ Maya: "I'm fine, don't worry.

I won't take chances, because I'm not as brave as you think I am.

You are the brave one.

No, I'm not.

Maya: "You know what else I love about you? You know how to be still.

In the middle of everything, at a swim meet with all the craziness and pressure, I look at you and you're still.

I wish I could do that, but I'm impatient.

I shouldn't have come back.

I should've just left and we'd always have had that last night instead of this mess.

I guess goodbyes are the only perfect things we get.

Don't tell my folks.

I'll talk to them when I'm ready.

-- Maya.

Let it ♪ play out ♪ I hope that the sun ♪ I hope that the sun finds you now ♪ Is he coming back for that? No, I'm taking it over.

Don't go in the house.

Just give it to him and come right back.

Mom, we can't go on like this.

You have to deal with what's happened.

This is how I choose to deal with it.

By ignoring it? Maybe it'll just go away? That's not going to happen.

Look, we each know little chunks of the truth and we have to share what we know, otherwise this is all gonna come apart.

Come apart.

It's gonna blow apart.

Do you think that that boy has this family's interests in mind? Do you? That boy is my brother.

He's the one who wants to blow things up.

That's what they've always wanted.

Your father and I, we've been the ones who have kept things together.

( Sighs ) Do not listen to Jason.

Did dad tell you that I thought he was being blackmailed? What'd you say? Yeah, Jason found money.

Ali had it and he thought it was because she knew that dad was his father and she was blackmailing him that summer.

You talked to your father about this? Yes.

And what did he say? He denied it.

And I believed him.

And then I didn't believe him.

And then I looked in the checkbook and I thought that it was true and he told me that he used the money to pay for a detective.

A detective? Yes, because he thought that Meliss-- Do you see? Do you see how this all just spins and feeds on itself? Mom? The detective wasn't your father's idea.

It was mine.

Wait, so he wasn't there when you dropped it off? No, the house was dark, So I just left it on the back porch.

Then I came back here and I found you lurking in the hydrangeas.

Okay, I was not lurking, I was just working up the nerve to tell you about Toby.

( Scoffs ) Did I mess it up even more? I don't see how that's humanly possible.

I guess there was nothing important in that bag? I don't know what we though we'd find.

Just a bunch of kid stuff.

Man, times are tough.

Michele Obama wore this same blouse two years ago.

Wait, where did you get this? I was sitting on it.

That stuff in the bag was wrapped up in newspaper from July, 2009.

So? So we thought Maya's parents wrapped that stuff but Ali did.

Before she disappeared.

Spence, look.

Yeah, this one's highlighted too.

Wait, Hanna, go through the back yard and take that bag off of Jason's porch.

I'm gonna call Aria and Emily.

Did something just happen? We were looking in the bag for clues but we should've been looking at the whole bag as a clue.

You were trying to buy him off.

How did you think he would react? You sound very close to defending him.

I'm not defending anyone, believe me.

But I don't know what you thought you were going to accomplish by strong-arming him.

Strong-arming? A dream job with housing? That's what you call strong-arming? You should've known what he was gonna do.

When I talked to him-- - Wha--? Wait, you talked to Ezra? Yes, I did.

It is possible to communicate with something other than threats.

So he was getting mixed signals from us.

This family invented mixed signals.

Well, he's talked to Schaffer by now and turned him down.

It's out of my hands.

What it's out of your hands? I know how you feel about the way I'm handling this situation.

Yeah, it's complicated.

Well, maybe we're making it complicated when the answer is really simple and right in front of us.

It will not be so simple if she runs away or elopes.

I don't want Aria with him any more than you do, but if you back him into a corner, nobody will end up happy.

( Clanking, rattling ) ( Panting ) Jenna! ( Coughing ) Hanna! Hanna! ( Coughing ) You okay? Fine, just get her down.

I got it.

Toby? - I'm here.

A hospital? - You're okay.

Was there a fire? Do you remember where you were? Um, I-- I got a text.

I listened.

It was from Jason.

He said he had to talk to me.

You were gone, so I took a cab.

I rang the doorbell, someone opened it, and That's all I can remember.

Did Jason's house catch on fire? Yes.

( Gasps ) I woke up in that place.

And-- and I couldn't see.

And there was smoke in my throat.

How did I get out, Toby? Did Jason get me out? No.

It was Hanna Marin who got you out.

Wait, so he flew her on a plane? From Hilton Head to an airstrip outside Philadelphia.

What about the bus ride from her grandmother's? We never actually saw her get off the bus.

We only saw her get out of the cab.

She could've been in Rosewood hours before that.

Doing what? Hanna! What happened? Are you all right? No, I'm fine, I just need to wash my hair.

I'm all smoky.

( Soft groan ) Did you get this in the fire? There was something that I needed on the porch.

And there was glass.

Well, you're not gonna need stitches.

So, I just clean this up, put a dressing on it, and send you home with some antibiotics.

Thank you.

How's Melissa? Um, she's in Philadelphia.


I see that the carpenter is back.

And his sister.

She's not what I was expecting.

What was she doing in that house by herself? I don't know.

Spencer, I hate to break this to you, but you have a very complicated life.

( Laughs ) Is that your medical opinion? Yes.

Yes, it is, actually.

Well, the condition is hereditary, so there's really not much I can do about it, I'm afraid.

All right, well, don't be so certain of that, 'cause modern medicine's made great advances in this field.

You have to agree, fate keeps shoving us into the same path.

Don't confuse fate with just Really bad luck.

As much as I hate to do this, I have to ask you a direct question.

Do you want to agree that certain things between us never happened? No.

I wouldn't take back anything.

What was Jenna doing in my house? Don't you know? No.

I was halfway to Scranton then I got a call from the police saying there had been a fire.

How bad was it? First floor is pretty much damaged in the back, but I won't really know much else till morning.

I'm so sorry.

I should probably go talk to Spencer's mom.

( Inaudible ) So it didn't go to plan ♪ it's hard to understand ♪ that now I know this is just our story ♪ I will set out on my way ♪ you're never in one place ♪ and now I can learn to walk ♪ Hi.




It's Emily.

I wanted to talk to you about Maya.

I know you're worried and I think she's okay.

No, but I heard from her.

I got an email.

We can throw the past away now ♪ 'cause we don't need it any more ♪ one day at a time ♪ 'cause I still believe ♪ that it's ours for the taking ♪ Spencer, Jenna wants to talk to you.

All of you.


Are you all right? ( Sighs ) I think so.

One day at a time ♪ Jason was miles away when the police called him.

He didn't send you that text.

Somebody did.

Any one of us.

You can't blame this on us.

( Sobs ) I don't.

( Sobbing continues ) You should go.


Hanna, are you there? I'm here.

Toby said that you were the one that dragged me out.

Is that right? Yeah.

That was me.

Why? You're welcome.

Emily: There all from that summer.

Spencer: There's gotta be some kind of key.

We're the key.

Ali said we know more about what happened than we think we do.

Who tricked Jenna into that house? If it was anybody but Jenna, I think it'd be "A".

Garrett can't be happy that Toby's back in that house with Jenna.

She was supposed to die in there, wasn't she? ( Chime plays, stops ) That's everything.

No, it's not.

Does anybody recognize this? Is there anything on the back? Yeah, number 1.

It's just half a postcard.

How do we find out where it's from? Yeah, where's the other half? Wait, this isn't from July, it's from the end of August.


It's-- it's Labor Day events from Philadelphia, Brookhaven and Rosewood.

When did Duncan say he left Ali at the airfield? Before noon on Sunday.

Well, is this where she was when we thought she was on that bus? Spencer: Who did she plan on meeting? ( Fur Elise plays slowly )

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