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  02x21 - Breaking the Code
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Wilden: We have your daughter on tape shoplifting a pair of sunglasses.

Ashley: I'm taking care of it.

My dad-- is he your father too? Who told you? Melissa doesn't know either.

How could you not tell her? We've got to talk about that interview.

This is a huge opportunity for you.

Copies of a particular page of Alison's autopsy report have been stolen.

This is from a security camera outside the morgue.

Just making sure you're in as deep as I am.

She's coming upstairs.

That's Alison, about to walk in and find them.

Vivian owes you money? - Two thousand.

And she had a friend named Alison who was getting texts from somebody.

She was looking for someone.

Who? I think that I can find that out, but I'm going to need you to trust me $2,000 worth.

We're giving him all of it? $2,000 is a lot of money! Emily, if he can finally tell me who "A" is, I would hand over a million.

Yeah, and not ask for change.

How'd you get the money so fast? What? Um I have a relative.

Which one? I promised that I wouldn't say.

What time did Jonah say to meet him? Six, but, um, look, not all of us are gonna go.

It's just me and Spencer, so we'll meet up with you afterwards.

Why just you two? Because I'm the face that he knows, and she's the bank.

If we crowd him, he's gonna think something's up.

Something is up.

We're finally gonna find out who's been torturing us since Ali's funeral, and, hello, I kind of wanna be there for that.

Volume! Mona: Hey, ladies! ( Unenthused ) Hey.


Um, Hanna, can I borrow you for a sec? Hanna: What's up? - Can you drive this afternoon, to the mall? - I thought I had wheels, but my mom - Wait, that's today? Yes! You said you were gonna help me pick out something for this party.

Please don't bail on me.

What's the deal? Did something more important suddenly pop up? No, no.

It's just my mom wants me home.

Could we do it tomorrow? Tomorrow is about the accessories.

Forget it.

Look, I'm sorry, Mona.

I totally spaced.

Han? We're gonna go to lunch.

We'll meet you there.

Don't hold up your friends, hon.

It's no biggie.

I'll just find someone else.

No, we'll just cut out after lunch tomorrow.

( Cellphone chimes ) What's up? Who texted you? Mona, what's wrong? Nothing.

Some idiot just got the wrong number.

All right, well, we'll talk soon, okay? ♪ Got a secret ♪ can you keep it? ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ Afternoon, Ashley.

( Sighs ) What do you want? Well, you're not returning any of my phone calls.

I need to talk to Hanna.

You ever hear of a doorbell? I thought you wouldn't want your neighbors to see a cop on your doorstep again.

What's he doing here? - Hey, Hanna.

I just have some follow-up questions about your dress-up day at the morgue with your friends.

Coming here like this is harassment.

I'm just trying to get to the bottom of things.

Unless you're charging my daughter with something, we have nothing else to talk about.

I thought it would be nicer to talk here, but If you prefer the station That's fine.

I'll see you there.

You've told me everything, right? Yeah.

Of course.


We have nothing to worry about.

Why would mom go along with this? It wasn't easy for her.

She's angry too.

She feels betrayed.

Don't protect her.

She lied to us.

Mom's had to watch Jason every day since he was a little kid.

I'm sure somewhere in her heart, she knew.

We should have known too.

It's like we don't even know who mom and dad are any more.

Yeah, tell me about it.

We have to rethink everything they've ever told us.

I'm pretty sure Alison knew.

Really? Why? I don't know, just Little things she'd say.

Does anyone else know? No.

I don't think so.

Then let's keep it that way.

Our family has suffered enough humiliation for ten lifetimes.

I don't want to be here when Mom and Dad get home.

Um I'll call you later, okay? Yeah.

Spencer - Hmm? We'll get through this.

Woman: you're trying to reach is unavailable.

( Beep ) Why aren't you calling me back? If silence is your way of breaking up with me, then I'm really starting to feel like-- ( beep ) Looks good.

Just don't sit Coach Fulton anywhere near Mr.


I'm gonna walk around town later, try to get store owners to buy some ads for the program.

You wanna come? I'm not really good at asking people for money.

Please, you're the star of the team.

Who could possibly turn you down? Besides, now that the season's over, what else do you have to do? All right.

Count me in.


So, I know we're both violently opposed to poly blends, but this made me a believer.

It's cute.

Cute? Mittens are cute.

This is fabulous.

And this Cost more than my mother's car, but, hello! Raw silk, you can't go wrong.

Yeah, they're both cute.

What did I say about that word? Did I catch you in the middle of a nap? ( Cellphone chiming ) This is getting really boring.

What's going on? I'm getting texts from that same freak who sent me the one about your liposuction.

What? Wait, Mona, when did this start happening again? Few days ago.

It's so creepy-- like I'm being watched 24/7.

What do the texts say? First it was dumb stuff-- accusing me of stealing this necklace.

Did you? D'uh! Yes! But why is it their business? Like I'm gonna be scared into returning it.

Guess again.

Maybe you should return it.


Then you have to return half the things in that closet.

Mona, are there texts about me too? More about your mom.

Ready for this one? This "A" creep expects me to believe that your mom slept with this goon to save your ass.

( Scoffs ) Okay, no, Mona, this is totally photoshopped.

I figured.

People have way too much time on their hands.

Does this "A" person want you to do something with that picture? No.

What if he or she starts threatening you? Oh, please.

If I could live through Alison DiLaurentis and her nonstop torture, I can handle some radioactive texting.

Screw it! I'm going with the raw silk.

What time is it? Okay, what time is it now? Aria, it's still 5:58.

He's coming.

Who's this? I'm the money.

She is.

She's the money.

So where is it? Unh-unh.

Not until you hand over the info.

No way.

I've already been burned once.

It's not gonna happen again.


Hear from Vivian yet? You don't owe me answers But she does.

This is it.

Hey, wait! No! Whoa! Wait! There's no name.

There's no number.

This is just an address.

Where's the rest of it? The text came from a burner phone.

I was only able to trace the location.

I-I don't believe this.

That's all I gave Vivian.

She was happy with it.

We're not, okay? You need to give me back half the money 'cause we only got half the information.

That was the money that was owed to me.

The way I look at it, you got the address for free.

( Indistinct complaint ) At least we got something.

( Scoffs ) It's 20 minutes from here.

How long do you think he's been there for? There's no way th we're going to that address right now.

( Cellphone plinks ) _ ( sigh ) Hey.

Need help with dinner? Sure.

Grab a box of pasta? You know, I thought it was a little weird, the way that Wilden stopped by today.

Totally unprofessional.

It reminded me of when You know.

I thought we agreeded to never talk about that again.

No, I-I know.

I just couldn't help but think about it today.

I've always wondered what would happen if people ever found out.

Where is this coming from? Did he call here today after he left? - Did he say something to you? - No.

If it did get out Hanna, please.

could you lose your job? I could lose you.

If your father decided to sue for custody, this would be all he would need to get it.

What time is your interview? Uh, I'm heading in there now.


Well, can I see you tomorrow? My flight gets in at noon.

I'll just call you when I get in.

Hey, maybe we can ( Soft knock at door ) ( Laughing ) Yeah.

Okay, Em.

Yeah, all right.

All right.

I'll see you tomorrow.


What's up? - How was school? It was fine.

Look, I know things have been tense between you and your dad lately, but, um, there are other reasons why he's so worried.

What are you talking about? Somebody left this on his car.

_ Do you have any idea who sent it? No.

You know, there was a time when you would share everything that was going on in your life with me, and who was in your life.

Mom! Come on, you know everybody that's in my life.

Do you think Ezra would know someone who would want to--? No.

Do you remember that letter I got last year, about Dad's affair with Meredith? It was signed by "A" too.

I had just assumed that Meredith wrote it, but now Don't worry.

Your dad and I will look into it.

( Laughter ) Fiddler's Cafe, a hundred.

Benny and Eddie's Pizza, fifty.

We make a good team.

( Cellphone rings ) Hey, Mom.

I'm still at school, just finishing up with Emily.

No, mom, she's just a friend.

I'll be home in an hour.


"Just a friend"? I came out to my parents.

You did? How did they take it? They freaked out, a little.

Some tears, some screaming, but Nothing like I thought it would be.


That's so great.

I mean Not the screaming part, but Great.

I have you to thank for it.

Me? What did I do? You handled coming out so well, just made it seem possible for me to do it too.

I don't know about that.

I do.

I've watched you.


I'm glad you were able to talk to your parents.

Me too.

I just Wish I'd done it sooner.

( Cellphone plinks ) Um Um, I'm sorry.

I gotta go.

Is that Maya? No.


I'm really happy for you.


So that's why you were never charged with shoplifting? Okay, you know what? Please, no jokes, no judging.

All of this was over a pair of designer sunglasses.

I'm sorry, I'm just still processing.

God, if my mom knew that I told you guys this-- We'd never judge her! She took me in.

She's amazing.

My mom would have driven me to the station and offered to take the mug shot.

The real question is, why is "A" suddenly going after Mona? What, we're not enough? "A" knows we're getting closer.

They can't turn us against each other, so they're using our friends to hurt us.

How much did you tell Mona about "A"? Nothing.

I didn't say anything.

I feel like I should.

We all know what "A's" capable of.

Yeah, that's exactly why the less Mona knows, the better.

Guess you're right.

I just feel bad lying to her.

Where you going? I haven't eaten anything all day.

I'm starting to get a twitch.

When you go down there, could you look outside and see if Garrett's car is still out front? Yeah.

He followed me home.

"A" sent my dad a letter, trying to get him to catch me and Ezra, and now my mom's on the hunt to find out who "A" is.

Wait whoa Wait.

Back up.

Why would "A" send your dad a letter like that if you weren't still seeing Ezra? Because I am.

Still seeing him.

Guys, I-I'm sorry, okay? I really wanted to tell you.

I just I thought it'd be dangerous.

We understand.

No! Speak for yourself! Didn't we have, like, multiple conversations where we talked about how heartbroken we were over losing Toby and Ezra?! I didn't God, you deserve an Oscar for that performance.

Look, I'm sorry, okay, but if it's any consolation, my dad is doing everything he can to make sure Ezra's out of my life and Rosewood for good.

Hanna: You guys! Come down here! Caleb sent me an e-mail.

He told me to open the attachment immediately.

Can I do it on your laptop? Yeah.

What is this about? Did he crack more of "A's" phone? If he did, I want $2,000 back.

What are we supposed to be looking for? Girl: She's coming upstairs.

Are we about to see Alison get killed? ( All gasping ) Where is she? Oh, my God.

It's Melissa! Guys, we need to give this to the cops like, right now.

I agree! - Yeah, me too! No! Why? I-I need to talk to Melissa first.

We need to find out what she was doing in Alison's room.

Isn't it obvious? She was a part of that night.

They-- they were all after Alison.

You don't know that.

She-- she just-- she could have just been looking for Ian.

Look, okay, I know that Melissa had her issues with Alison, but I'm not about to turn in my pregnant sister.

I will.

Watch me.

Hanna! You just asked me not to be so quick to judge your own mother, and now you're ready to throw my sister behind bars! Spencer! Melissa has lied to you so many times.

Why do you think she's gonna tell the truth now - Huh? - Because I haven't always been so honest with her either.

But maybe if I come clean and I tell her what we saw She'll come up with a bigger lie! Not if she knows what's at stake! Please, okay, just Give me this one night to talk to her.


Fine, go to Melissa, okay, and we'll try to figure out where "A" was sending those texts from.

Spence, talk to her.


( Indistinct chatter and music ) ( Music playing ) Something to drink? Uh coffee, please.

You lied to me! Mona, where did you get this? Another gift from "A.

" It was in my mailbox when I got home today.

A police report for shoplifting? Really? Anything you want to tell me? I'm sorry I lied to you, but This isn't something that you advertise.

Well, that's exactly what "A" wants me to do.

What do you mean? ( Sighs ) I have to give the picture and the police report to the Rosewood Observer, or I'll be filling out one of these myself.

You know I love your mom, but if this gets out, they could press charges and I could go to jail, and that cannot happen.

( Music playing ) ♪ ( Sighs ) Well, I say this is fate, bumping into you here like this.

( Chuckles ) You do work next door, and I live a few blocks down the road, so I wouldn't really call it fate.

It's just a small town.

Are you drinking alone? Hopefully not any more.

I would invite you to sit down, but Melissa should be here any minute.

Probably out of the question for the three of us to have a meal, huh? Yeah.

( Chuckles ) Oh.

Wren: Speaking of.

Melissa! ( Horn honks ) What the hell just happened? Not very sisterly of her.

Why would she get in the car with Garrett? She hardly even knows the guy.

She knows him better than you think.

I saw him with her at a doctor's appointment last week.

That can't be true.

I wouldn't forget that.

People don't usually bring a Glock to the OB/GYN.

( Cellphone plinks ) ♪ Maybe it's just some kind of sick joke.


Take it from me, the threat is real.

What do you mean? I've gotten texts from "A" before too.

What? And so have my friends.

Why didn't you tell me sooner? Because the less you know, the better.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? - Do you know who's doing this? - No.

I don't, but I also know "A" isn't playing around.

What has "A" done to you? Mona, if I told you everything, we'd be here till graduation.

So what do we do now? I don't know.

But I'll figure something out, okay? You'd better hurry.

♪ She still isn't answering.

Apparently whatever she had to talk to Garrett about was more important than talking to me.

Do you want me to give you a lift home? Home is the last place I want to go.

( Sighs ) ♪ This is it.

There's no way we're gonna get in here.

Now what? Let's look around.

( Both scream ) Emily: Aria! ( Alarm blaring ) That's definitely not "A"! Come on, let's go.

You really dodged a bullet, not marrying my sister.

I'm sure she'd be happy to hear that.

I'm serious.

My family is so screwed up that Dr.

Phil wouldn't even take us on.

Hey, my family has issues too.

Oh, really? Like what? ( Imitates English accent ) Did somebody butter their bread with a steak knife? Hey, just 'cause we don't play "high-low" at the dinner table doesn't mean we're not just as screwed up.

And, for the record, I'm looking, and I can't find anything wrong.

( Chuckles ) I am plenty messed up.

Enlighten me.

Uh, for one, I have an obsessive need to be the best at everything.

I even have to win at yoga.

All right, that's a quirk, not a fault, and I have plenty of those too.

Like? - Like? Um All right, I'm a touch what you'd call OCD.

Every book on my bookshelf has to be in alphabetical order or I can't sleep.

Then what is Aristotle doing on the bottom row? ( Chuckles ) It's okay.

Aristotle is exactly where he should be.


Remind me to never run backwards on a porch ever again, please.

FWL law firm.

Have you heard of it? No, it's a dead end.

I don't think so.

I'm gonna Google it.

So what? What, "A's" a lawyer now? Give me a break! Everybody that works here has got to be over 30.

Found it.

It closed down three months ago.

Where is Emily with our food? I'm so hungry.

Here's a list of employees.

"Charles Lang.

" Isn't that, um, Crystal's father? No.

Crystal's last name is Lee, not Lang.

Hanna, face it, we got scammed.

So that's it? "A" wins? Either my mom goes down or Mona does.

Look, I'm sorry.

( Scoffs ) Spencer: I remember The first time I saw you, and I just thought "Damn.

" ( Chuckles ) Just ( Chuckles ) - Spencer? - Yes? You're pissed.

Pissed?! Snookered.

( Laughs ) I'm snookered? Drunk.

( Laughing ) Totally! I am smashed! What? Thought you were really into me.

I am.

Very much so.

And that's why I can't.

Not like this.


( Laughing ) ( Laughing ) Thanks.

Maya? Maya, is that you? Sorry, I thought you were someone else.

Ohh! Emily! - Hey.

Hi! Hey.

Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.

No, you're not.

What's wrong? Em, talk to me.

Maya and I got in a fight the other night at the party, and I haven't talked to her since.

I don't know if she's breaking up with me or if she wants to work it out.

I don't know anything, 'cause she won't call me back.

Don't you see, Em? This is who she is.

When things get tough, she bails.

I know you really care about her, but what you really need is someone you can count on.


What are you doing? I No, I-I'm sorry if I made you think-- No, I'm I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to.


( Sighs ) ( Indistinct remark ) - Hey.


I know it's past the deadline.

I'm sorry I couldn't figure things out, but look, I just want to let you know that I don't blame you for what you had to do.

I went to the jewelry store this morning.

You did? Why? To bring back the necklace.

What'd they say? - Um, thanks, and Have a seat while we call the police.

Mona I know.

And I offered to work it off, but instead, they contacted my mom.

We made a deal.

Looks like I'll be serving slop to the homeless.

God, Mona, I am so sorry.

I can't believe you would do that for me.

What was I gonna do, hurt my best friend and her mom? All I know is, they'd better not make me wear a hairnet.

Are you going to work? Nope.

Just finished my rounds.

What? Wait, what time is it? Ohh! I'm late for school.

I'm really sorry about last night.

Um ( Coughs ) I never meant to impose on you.

You weren't imposing.

I'm sure I said or did something stupid.

Other than a bit of drool on my favorite pillow, you were fine.

You're welcome to stay on my couch any time.

Judging from the way things are going at home, I might actually take you up on that.

I hope you do.

I'll call you.


Have you heard from Ezra? Yeah, his plane lands in an hour.

_ Everything okay? Mona, where are you going? I'll take the rest of the day off.

I'm not gonna be a sitting target.

Just come eat with us.

I'm not sure your friends-- - Trust me.

They're cool.

Come on.


Emily: Hey, Mona.

How's it going? I don't know how you sleep at night.

Nice to see you too, Ashley.

Did you really think you could intimidate my daughter into confessing to a crime she didn't commit? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Really? What's this? Where did you get this? Found it in Hanna's things.

Ashley Why would I give this to Hanna? If this came out, I could lose my job.

Well, if you didn't, who did? Hey.

It's me again.

I just want you to know that I'm not angry, I'm just confused, and I miss you like crazy.

Please call me back.

I love you, Maya.

I'm so sorry my dad made you go all the way down there to do that.

Well, it wasn't that bad.

Actually, I like the campus and the professors.

Yeah, well.

I'm just glad it's all over with.

It's not.


They offered me the job.

They did? - Mm-hmm.


Of course they did.

They'd be crazy not to.

What did you say? Uh I haven't given them an answer yet.

Yet? Aria, your dad is clearly onto us.

He showed up at the restaurant the other night.

Well, yeah, of course he's suspicious, but he doesn't have any proof.

This job is an incredible opportunity for me, and if I don't take it, he will know what's keeping me here.

We'll figure out a way around it, like we always do.

I used to think that, and I'm not so sure any more.

What are you What are you saying? Are you - Giving up on us? - No.

No, no.

But we've been trying to make this work for a long time, - and - And what?! What?! And-- and as much as we love each other, I think we are deluding ourselves into believing that it can.

Female vocalist: Falling in love ♪ with you ♪ I've got class in a few minutes.

I'll call you later.

Take ♪ my hand ♪ and take ♪ my whole ♪ life ♪ too ♪ 'cause I ♪ can't ♪ help ♪ falling ♪ in love ♪ in love with you ♪ 'cause I can't ♪ help ♪ falling ♪ in love ♪ with ♪ Honey, what's wrong? Go away.

Did something happen--? Mom, go away.


No, I'm not gonna go anywhere until you tell me why you're so upset.


Ezra's leaving, so dad got his wish.

Are you happy now? What are you talking about? He's taking that job in New Orleans.

What job? - The job that dad set him up with.

( Sighs ) When did he do this? Don't pretend like you don't know, Mom.

You may have gotten rid of Ezra, but guess what-- you lost me too.

Do you want me to heat that up for you? I'm not really hungry.

You gonna bother unpacking it? - Aria.


I mean, how soon do they want you down there? If it's just a matter of a few days-- I'm not leaving right away.

It already feels like you have.

( Knock on door ) Whoa.

I don't believe this! Did you follow me over here with handcuffs, or are you just gonna yank me up by my hair? I'm not here to bring you home.

I came to listen.

( Indistinct noise ) Mom, is that you? Dad? It's just me.

Where have you been? I've been trying to call you for the past 12 hours.

It's a long story.

I know that you lied to me.

I saw you get into the car with Garrett.

I'll explain everything, but just not here.

Why not? - Because Mom and Dad will be home any minute and I can't say what I need to say in front of them.

Well, what do you need to say that you can't say in front of Mom and Dad? Do you remember the night of Ian's funeral, when I tried to tell you something? Well, I need to talk to you about it now.

Are you coming or not? Yeah.


Do you take milk in your tea? No.

Okay, what exactly are we doing here? 'cause I-I really don't feel like having a tea party with the two of you.

Well, this is not exactly how I planned to spend my evening either.

I want to be very clear: I don't condone this relationship, but I'm also afraid of what may happen if I take the same stance as my husband.

Sorry, so where does that leave us? I want to slow things down.

Before anybody goes moving away or running away ( Draws deep breath ) I want to understand what this is.

( Tea kettle whistles ) ( Clears throat ) Excuse me.

Nice to see you cleaning your room.

Where have you been? I thought we were eating dinner an hour ago.


My board meeting ran late.

I left you some Thai takeout in the kitchen.

Hang these up? Where did you get this? It came in the mail by mistake.

That's odd.

It's addressed to the firm I used for the divorce.

You used FWL Law Firm? - Yeah.

Why would you pick a firm all the way over in Wallingford? Did you know someone who worked there? Yeah.

Melissa Hastings.

Spencer's sister? She was an intern there that summer.

( Doorbell rings ) Emily Fields? - Yes? - We need to talk to you.

About what? Maya St.


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