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Previously on Pretty Little Liars That's what you got from from Ali's claim ticket? - Check it out.

What is that? - It's a phone number.

Let's call it.

I don't want to do this on the phone.

Will you meet me? Holden: Are we still on for Saturday? I just don't know if I can handle it if you're hurting yourself.

What does the DiLaurentis family have on us? It's complicated.

My dad, is he your father too? - Let's go home.

Where's home? That's a joke.

You just gotta stop working on these videos.

They're dangerous.

Especially since the people that we're talking about are in this town watching me.

Take this home and burn it.

Is it page five? There's nothing left that could link us to that night.

( Chatter ) Our championship Rosewood Sharks are running a little behind but they'll be here any minute.

I thought you couldn't get online in this cave.

I've got a hotspot in my pocket.

Yeah, I know, but what does that have to do with computers? I am the WiFi.


Where are they? I told my mom we'd be studying at the library so that's covered.


You sure you wanna do this tonight? Yeah, are you kidding? We have to find out what this guy knows about Ali.

And why his number was in Ali's-- Vivian's coat.

And we finally got this meeting set, so it's gotta be tonight.

Look, we're gonna have your back the whole time.

I know.

So my mom talked to your mom.

You know it wasn't just one sleepover, Spence.

It's been a whole week.

My mom just wants to know why you're not going home.

I just-- I can't deal with my family right now.

Can I help? ( Cheers and applause ) Yeah! Yeah! Hi.

I know, the sign's kinda nerdy.

The sign's beautiful.

Way to go, champ! - Hey! Em, my mom said that we could have the team party at my house.

That's great! - Yeah.

( Chatter continues ) Caleb Rivers? ( Computer whirrs ) I got a court order here to impound your laptop.

What for? Someone's been hacking into secure school files.

I traced them back to your IP address.

You think if I did something like that I'd be stupid enough to leave a trail? We'll find out.

Come on.

Hand it over.

Any passwords we're gonna need? Court order says you can take the machine.

It doesn't say anything about what's in my head.

What was that about? Don't worry about it.

"Don't worry about it?" He took your computer.

They couldn't get into it with a can opener.

( Sighs ) Be right back.

What just happened? Garret took Caleb's computer.

Court order.

( Four phones beep ) ♪ Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save.

♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave.

♪ If I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said.

♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

♪ Why aren't you more freaked out about this? Because I think you're freaked out enough for the both of us.


I didn't do what they think I did.

They're just fishing.

They made it up.

There's nothing on my laptop.

What about the information from the phone we gave you? I keep it on flash drives.

Ii back it up online.

Besides, if there was shady stuff on my computer, it still wouldn't matter.

Yes, it would.

It does.

No, they couldn't get through my firewall.

Not without my help.

Caleb, you know how I was worried about something bad happening to you? If you kept decoding the stupid phone? Yeah.

Well, this is it.

Someone broke into your computer and put those stolen files on your hard drive where you wouldn't be able to find them.

And I think that someone might be Garrett.

How do you know that? I just do.

So can't you just go online and do that magic thing where you remotely hack into your computer and erase all the scary, bad stuff? It's a real thing, right? Yeah.

Yeah, I can do that.

Holden, I told you.

I can't cover for you unless I know what it is that you're doing and why it involves these baggies filled with-- I do Tang Soo Do.

What? It's a martial art.

It's Korean.

I compete, and my parents don't like it.

They forbid me to keep training.

Are we talking, like, basements and naked light bulbs, people missing all their teeth? No.

Everyone's got teeth.

Holden, I'm serious.

That bruise was pretty intense.

All better.

Those pills were just some pain meds I never even used.

It's really not a big deal.

And there's a tournament coming up.

It's a big one, and tomorrow night's the qualifiers.

I-- I can't miss it.

So, please.

This is really important to me.


All right.

It's a date.

( Typing ) All the letters are initials of cities where I grew up in the order that I lived there.

So, Seattle, Wilmette, etc.

I also alternate capital letters.

( Typing ) Nothing.

Just a number.

It's good to use numbers in your password.

Just a number? There was an exclamation point after it.

Yeah, well, it's good to use punctuation too.

Once I'm logged in, I can search and destroy all of the files I want.

Crap! What? What's wrong? I can't connect.

Well, don't you have your hot thing? Spot.

Yeah, but the problem is on the other end.

Either they haven't even tried to mess with my computer yet, or they're smart enough to keep it off line.

Why are you having drinks with Noreen? Why do you think? Aria needs a ride into the city.

Holden? - Mmm-hmm.

When did that happen? About 15 minutes ago.

Well, I hate Noreen.

I know, that's why I didn't invite you.

That one goes to the book fair.

You know, if you were open to letting Aria take the train, I wouldn't have to find ways to kill time in Philadelphia.

Or, Aria and Holden can just do something right here in town.

Byron, when are we gonna loosen the leash a little? Hasn't she won back some of our trust? I mean, she stopped seeing Fitz, she's dating a nice kid we've known since pre-school.

Second guessing her every move is starting to feel a little extreme.

No, dating your English teacher is extreme.

All right? We are being parents.

We're being-- I'm sorry.

I'm just not ready yet.

Okay? I'll come back for the other box.

( Street noise ) ( Girl laughs ) ( Inaudible dialogue ) ( Clears throat ) I've been looking for you.

Your office is closed.

Yeah, I only work a couple hours a day.

Getting the place up and running again.

Did your father send you? No, I haven't talked to him.

You still don't believe it.

I believe it, that's why I haven't talked to him.

I haven't talked to anybody about this.

Well, you better talk to your dad.

No, I'm talking to you.

( Sighs ) Look, I didn't come back here to get between you and your father.

Well it's a little late for that.

I'm sorry.

I really am.

This was never about hurting you.

Well, what is it about? Please, Jason.

You left town the night that I was arrested.

So what made you come back now? It was another one of those boxes Ali liked so much.

I found it under the floorboards of a room at my grandmother's.

Why hide things that stay hid? Something Ali used to say.

There were letters to my mom from your dad.

Love letters? Couple of those.

Then I'm born, and he starts sounding like a lawyer.

"In light of recent events.

" "Under the current situation.

" That's my dad.

There was something else in that box.

$15,000 in cash.

In envelopes.

$5,000 in each one.

Where would Ali have gotten that kind of money? Think about it.

She found those letters and figured out what they meant and then she blackmailed my father to keep from blowing up both families.

I know.

It's hard to believe when you say it out loud.

Yeah, but if anybody had the nerve to do something like that it was Ali.

( Background music ) ( Bell rings, chatter ) So, you're a friend of Vivian's.


How much money does she owe you? Vivian owes you money? She owes me a lot more than money.

She owes me a job and she almost owes me a girlfriend thanks to you calling that number.

You said that she cost you a job.

What did she do? I worked at Allegheny Cellular.

Human resources.

Your friend came in asking for a job, but she didn't want a job, she wanted information, and she said she'd pay for it.

What kind of information? I get it.

You're Alison.

Vivian told you about Alison? She said she had a friend named Alison that was getting texts from somebody.

The number was blocked and she wanted to know where they were coming from.

She'd pay to find out.

Did you find out? Yeah, I found out.

Then I made the mistake of telling your pal before I had the money in my hand.

She dropped off the map and I got fired for accessing restricted information.

What did you find out about the person that was sending those texts? Are you listening? I did not get paid.

I want what she owes me.

How much does she owe you? $2,000.

$2,000 dollars? That's the price today.

But it could go up depending on market conditions.

Don't ever use that number again.

If you wanna do business, call me here.

Oh, who do I ask for when I call? Tell 'em you wanna talk to Jonah.

I think he felt I was Ali.

That means he doesn't know she's dead.

And if he finds out there won't be enough money in the world to make him talk.

If this Jonah had real information, Ali might've known who "A" was.

And that's why she was killed.

We have to find out what he told her about those messages.

What are we supposed to do? Throw a bikini car wash? Even if we talked Prudence Finn into a tube top, we wouldn't raise enough money.

Spencer? My account's been on lock down since we were arrested.

So where are we gonna get the money from? Do have any idea when I can get the thing back? Because I'm a high school student.

I've got papers to write and homework to do.

Plus, they cost a lot of money.

Plus, it's mine.

( Scoffs, beeps ) Caleb, was that the cops? What'd they say? They said I could get my laptop back today.

Really? Yeah, if I cooperate.

What're you going to do? ( Exhales ) So, we're on for tonight.

I worked things out on my end.

Good, 'cause we really gotta talk about that interview.

I need to get back to Shaffer tomorrow at the latest.

Yeah, we'll talk about it.

I know this is a huge opportunity for you.

No, that's not what matters.

It's what your dad thinks if I don't take it.

Yeah, well, maybe he should just move to New Orleans.

( Laughs ) We should have this conversation face to face, but I just don't really know where.

I do.

There's this tiny, hole in the wall vegan place that just opened up, center city.

Wait, a restaurant? Lower your expectations.

It seats two.

Oh, so it's bigger than your apartment.

( Laughs ) What's it called? Chez Mirabelle Vegan Bistro.

French food? Wow, you must really like me.

Aria, it's French vegan food.

I must really love you.

( Giggles ) ( Background chatter ) ( Phone ringing ) Tempting, isn't it? ( Chuckles ) The I.


guys say not to open it.

It could connect to the wireless.

Your, uh, your guys have any luck getting in? Not yet.

Might have to send it to Pittsburgh.

I-- I bet we could get the kid to talk.

So, Alison DiLaurentis murder investigation turned up a new piece of evidence.

It has to do with the missing page of the autopsy report.

Tell me what you think is going on in this photo.

( Car alarm beeps ) ♪ Can't we get him a lawyer or something? ( Phone rings ) I know you wanna help.

But Caleb's got a family now.

If he needs legal help-- He won't ask them.

He doesn't want them to know.

He's barely talking to me about it.

Hello? ( Pop music plays ) I come bearing fruit.


Something wrong? Um, can we talk? Sure.

I'll be down in a minute.


Hey, Maya.


Put down the icing.

We've been invited to the police station.

What do you mean it was an old joint? Old, as in, pre-getting busted and packed off to camp straight and narrow.

Where did your mom find it? We've been getting stuff out of storage.

Boxes from when we lived in the DiLaurentis house.

I even found a box of Ali's stuff.

It was in junk from my dresser.

Half an old, dried-up joint.

You explained that it was from before, right? They don't believe me.

Em, my folks are gonna send me back to True North.

We'll go talk to your parents.

We'll explain it.

I mean, they can't just ship you off again.

Emily-- - No! I'm not gonna say goodbye to you again.


How you been, Ashley? Fine.

It's been a while.

Doesn't feel that way to me.

I called you in to talk about Alison's murder investigation.

Copies of a particular page of her autopsy report have been stolen.

We've been looking into it.

And we found this.

This is from a security camera outside the morgue.

Anything you can tell me about that photo, Hanna? Okay.

Almost have them giving me my own parking space.

And why weren't Emily and Spencer and their parents called in as well? Hey.

You may not have to answer his questions, but you're sure as hell going to answer mine.

What were you doing in those outfits? We put them on as a joke.

A joke.

We dared Spencer to go in the morgue.

I didn't know there were files in there.

( Phone ringing ) I already told you I know when you're lying.

We did not take that page.

( Phone ringing ) Mom said that Spencer just left.

She go home? No, to Hanna's.

Em's throwing a victory party for the swim team.

So, where are you and Holden headed off to this time? Some new arcade.

They're supposed to have all these really cool vintage games.


PacMan, Pinball Oh, that sounds fun.


And, uh, what time is Mom taking you? Uh, now-ish.

And you'll be home? At 11:00, Dad.

You meeting any other friends there? Nope.

It's just me and Holden.

And some nerdy gamers with very creative facial hair.

Are you holding her up? No, she's-- she's all yours.

Um, So maybe it's time you and Holden started hanging out a little closer to home.

Holden just likes going into the city.

There's a lot more to do there.

Museums and street fairs.

There's more than just one restaurant.

Yeah, but from the way his mom talks, I mean-- I'm surprised they're okay with him being that far away all the time.

Far away? It's an hour.

You know what I mean.

She's worried about him.

And if something happens-- What? Mom, what would happen? Honey, he has a heart condition.

He's talked about that with you, hasn't he? Yeah.

No, yeah, yeah.

Of course he has.


Well, you know.

Think about it.

( Party chatter ) The cops called them down there? Which cops? I don't know.

There was a note on the counter when I came downstairs with Maya.

( Sighs ) I'm going upstairs trusting you to keep an eye on everything down here.



What's going on with Caleb? I don't know.

That's not why we were called down there.

Wilden's back.

He still thinks we had something to do with Ali's murder.

There's a photo of the three of us outside the coroner's office looking for page five.

"A" was following us? No.

Security cameras.

There's an investigation going on; He said the copies of that page are missing.

Copies? As in every copy? If the cops don't have it then it had to have been an inside job.


Officer two-face is gonna open that laptop.

I mean, what if Caleb goes to jail? It's gonna be all my fault.

It's not gonna happen.

What're you doing? Jonah knows something that could help us figure out what really happened to Alison.

Wilden is just gonna keep on coming after us.

So we need to find out who killed Alison so we can prove it wasn't us.

Okay, unless you found $2,000 while I was out-- Where are you going? Home.

( Distant sirens wail ) There was some weird energy in that car.

Is your mom starting to wonder? No.

No, they're clueless.

Okay, well I'm this way and I'm gonna be late.

You know where you're going? Yeah.


This tournament, is it dangerous? I get it.

You're still on that bruise.

Don't worry.

I got a rematch against the guy who gave it to me.

It's gonna be epic.

Wish me luck.

( Silently ) Bye.

( Door closes ) Spencer? I'm glad you came home.

Your mother and I were both getting our Degrees.

She was in Boston.

Ken and Jessica had an apartment on Willoughby.

Then what happened? What happened is, I made a series of very poor decisions.

You make it sound like a business deal.

This wasn't a bad investment.

You cheated and you got somebody else's wife pregnant.

That's what happened.

( Inhales ) Yes.

And she kept the baby.

She kept the baby.

She lied to her husband, they moved to Atlanta.

I married your mother.

Just like nothing happened.

Then they moved back.

Yeah, right next door.

You were five.

First time I saw Jason, he was in front of that house.

Just riding his bike.

And how did that make you feel? Why did they come back? I never asked.

I was afraid she might tell me.

Jason thinks that Alison knew about you long before he did.

I guess that's possible.

I don't know.

Really? You sure that you don't know? What's that supposed to mean? It means that Jason found some money and letters from you.

So did Ali ever ask you for money? For what? To keep her quiet? Spencer, wai-- Look, I know I don't have a lot of credibility with you right now.

But you have to listen to me.

I never gave money to anyone in that family for any reason.

( Crickets chirping ) Um, do you mind if I sit over there? Thanks.

Thank you.

I hope your mom got Paige coming off the platform.

She was like a rocket.



You okay? I guess I'm not in a party mood.

Oh? Can we go someplace? After the party? Sure.

Girl: Em! You're missing it! Go ahead.

I'm okay.


What? And you believe him? Yes, I do.

He must've been really convincing.

I think that he was telling me the truth.

If he didn't give Ali this money, then who did? Well, where is it now? The money.

Does he want you to get it back? No.

I already told you he didn't give it to her.

Just because you believe him doesn't mean I have to.

If Ali was blackmailing somebody-- Not somebody, Spencer.

It was your father.

Well, what if it wasn't? It has to be him.

You don't want it to be someone else.

You want it to be him so that you can keep on being angry.


You were raised by lawyers.

( Door opens, closes ) Maya? Hey! Where are you? I thought you'd be here an hour ago.

That actually might be a while.

Well, where are you right now? Police station.

What, you're going to talk to them? I don't think I have any choice.

So you said Garrett knows how to get in anyway? I don't know.

I think so.

Hanna, listen to me.

I'm in a really hot spot right now.

I know, Caleb.

Hanna, I need your help.

This way.

( Beep ) Coach: Right! Left! Come on! ( Background chatter ) Yah! What're you doing here? What's wrong with your heart? Excuse me? My mom says that you have some kind of condition.

What're you doing? Is this some kind of death wish? Just keep your voice down.

Now what exactly did your mom tell you? It doesn't matter.

I wanna hear it from you.

Okay, I wanna know exactly what I'm supposed to say when you don't make it back at the end of the night because somebody kicked you in the chest.

That's not gonna make my heart stop, Aria.

I have an abdominal aortic aneurism, okay? Wh-- tell me what that means.

It means that I gotta live with it.

It could rupture whether I'm out doing what I love or I'm at home playing apples to apples with my parents.

I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life sitting in front of a TV.

Especially when there's a decent chance it's gonna be shorter than everyone else's.

But not telling your parents that you're doing this, it's really, really messed up, Holden.

Okay, and I know that I'm lying to mine too, but it not's like I'm taking my life into my own hands.

Look, sometimes what people believe is best for you is not what is actually best for you.

Ref: Gentlemen, line up.

Turn, face the table.

Ref: To your positions.

Fight stance.

( Martial arts yells ) We're glad we didn't have to contact any of your family in California.

I know that would've been hard on you the way this sort of thing looks.

You don't have to call them.

I didn't do anything wrong.

You asked me to come in, here I am.

I wanna watch you login.

Make sure there's no funny business.


You sure you want me to show him what's on here? Start typing.

( Knocking ) Hey.

I got your SOS.

What's wrong? Please tell me you know how to hack into computers.

Uh, no.

That's what Caleb was for.

Well, Caleb is at the police station right now cooperating with this whole investigation.

Unless we figure out how to hack into his hard drive and delete all the files "A" planted, he's screwed.


Do you know his password? ( Sighs ) I did.

That wasn't an old joint your mother found.

It wasn't a new joint, it just wasn't that old.

Why would you lie to me? I'm a guest in this house and my teammates-- Oh, God, please.

No more about the teammates.

What's wrong with them? Nothing, nothing.

They're perfect.


You're better at fitting in than I am.

I thought you didn't care about that.

Yeah, well, I'm pretty convincing.

Listen, we can still talk to your parents.

I won't go back to True North.

We'll work it out.

No way I'm going back there.

I've got friends in San Francisco.

You can't just run away.

You could come with me.

I can't do that.

Not even for me? No, I guess you couldn't.

Not with the team counting on you.

( Street noise ) ( Phone chimes ) ♪ Okay, it's the first initials of every city he's ever lived in.

Seattle, Wilmette, Salt Lake, Denver, Allentown, Rosewood.

In that order? Yes.

Oh, and he alternates capital and lower case letters.

Wow this is almost as mmplicated as my password.

Any punctuation? Yes! An exclamation point after the last four numbers.

Last four numbers? There are four more numbers? Okay, what are they? Ref: Ready.

Go! ( Crowd cheering ) That is point this side.

Ready-- ( beeps, whirrs ) Stand over there.


What else could it be? I don't know! We only have one more try until we're locked out of the system.

Just think, Hanna! - I am thinking! This is me thinking! And molting! You said, That is not helping! Is it a-- a code? Is it a date? Or part of a phone number? Is it a birthday? Is it an anniversary? Or-- ( gasp ) Oh, my God! We're in! We did it! - Hanna? - Yes? What do we do now? ( Martial arts yells ) Ref: Break! Break! Go on.

Fall! Point, this side.

Ready, go! ( Crowd gasps ) Hanna: There are million files on here.

It's like looking inside of his brain.

Which one is it? It's gotta be hefty.

That bitch.

( Beeps ) This is it.

Ssocial Security number, credit card information.

Student records.

Spence, how much is on here? Somebody who really wants Caleb out of their way.

( Martial arts yells ) Break! Break! Break! I said break! All right? Judges' call, right hand.

( Beeps ) The folder's clean Try the next one.

( Beeps ) Be sure to check out my video selection.

We're taking too long, Hanna.

Just Control, A.

I'm going as fast as I can! It's not fast enough, Hanna! Just Control, A.

Control, A! What the hell do youthink I'm trying to do? No, hit Control, A on the keyboard! (Beeps, whirring) - Why are the files disappearing? - What'd you do? Nothing! I just clicked on it! You must've done something.

Typed in a code, or, or-- I told you.

I was hacked.

Probably got a virus or something.

( Martial arts yells) ( crowd cheering ) Ref: Back to the line.

Ready, and bow! Winner, red side! You stayed.

Didn't you have a date? We rescheduled.

I'm not used to having an audience.

It's nice.

Maybe you can come to the next-- No.

Thank you.

You were amazing.

I still think you're an idiot though.

Look, I get not wanting to rot in front of the TV, but this This can't be what the doctor ordered.

No, he recommended gardening.

This is better.

( Phone rings ) Dad.

Hey, what's up? Yeah, yeah, I'm just at the arcade with Holden.

Yeah, I know, sorry.

It's kind of loud in here.

Um, sure.

He wants to talk to you.

Hi, Mr.


Yeah, I-- I'm sorry to bother you.

Ella just thought she lost your mom's number.



Yeah, you too, Holden.

( Pop music plays ) Did it.

What? You couldn't have just told me that it was the night that we-- you know.

Hanna, there's an exclamation point.

Let's get out of here.


Let's throw it in his face a little longer.

( Knocking ) He's not here.

I know.

I checked for his car.

I wanted to talk to you.

( Distant train whistle ) Look, if I screwed up before, I am sorry.

I don't really have an etiquette book for how people in our situation are supposed to treat each other.

I'm the one who's sorry.

You are? Because you were right, Spencer.

I don't wanna find out Ali was blackmailing someone else.

I want it to be him.

Because? Because that would make things so much easier.

But there's really nothing easy about this, is there? No, not so far.

You know why we act like this, don't you? Why the two of us always seems to be facing off? Because we're wired the same.

I think I know why Ali needed that money.

At least a part of it.

Why? She was looking for someone.

Someone that she was afraid of.

Who? I think that I can find that out, but I'm going to need you to trust me, a lot.

A lot? $2,000 worth.

( Answering machine beeps ) Maya, we have to fix this.

I feel sick about fighting with you.

Please call.


Don't do anything until we talk.

I love you.

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