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  02x19 - The Naked Truth
 Posted: 02/08/12 22:01
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Holden, that's a serious bruise! The ulcer's completely under control.

I'm totally okay to swim again.

It's not my call.

I have to talk to the principal.

Looks like somebody made a new friend.

Didn't expect to see those two hooking up.

Jason's parents begged me to change the date on the former will.

They didn't want their son to look like the number one suspect.

I've seen Ali with dark hair before.

I'm pretending to be someone else.

Maybe Ali found a way to fly under his radar.

By being someone else? Brunette on the I.


"Vivian Darkbloom" is a pseudonym for Vladimir Nabokov.

You didn't just send it to us-- you sent it to everybody in your address book.

I didn't do this! Mrs.

Marin? - Yes.


That's what you got from Ali's claim ticket? That's what they gave me.

So, basically, you picked up her dry cleaning.

I just can't ever picture Alison wearing this.

Well, picture Vivian Darkbloom.

So now we're saying this Vivian darkperson had her own wardrobe too? This is so weird.

Can I touch it? Yeah, it's a raincoat, Aria, it's not a mummy.

Where's Hanna? She and her mom had to meet with Tamborelli before school.


Kate's mom printed out that naked picture and she's threatening to sue.

She wants blood.



Probably mine too.

I'm the one who told her that Kate used to be called "boil n' baggies.

" Who told "A"? Who tells "A" anything? That plan was probably in motion the moment Kate walked into school.

Guys, check it out.

What is that? - It's a phone number.

Whose? Uh there's no name.

Let's call it.

Okay, stop.

Now I feel like we're in a bad place.

We're in my living room, Emily.

We are holding a coat.

Yeah, that belongs to someone who's no longer alive.


How can we not call this? Okay, whoever this is may have some answers, like why on earth did Alison need to be this Vivian person? Yeah, and who was Vivian meeting, and why? You think we're gonna find that out from a number in a pocket? Well, it's probably easier than hiring the fat lady with the tube top at the farmer's market who's gonna tell you your fortune, but if you're too scared-- I'm not scared! Yeah, I don't know about our fortunes But that lady with the tube top makes really good apple butter.

Hello? 'Kay, what if we know this person? What am I supposed to say? The mobile subscriber at 215 It went to voice-mail.

Man or woman? - It's a computer.

Is unavailable.

Uh Give it to me.

Just! Hi, um this is a friend of Vivian's.

Can you just give me a call back on this number today? It's really important.


I know that teenagers make mistakes.

It's their biological mandate to screw up.

This was no mistake! This was intentional! She set out to sabotage my daughter in her first week of school.

Hanna said she didn't do it, and I believe her.

Oh, really? Then who did? It was sent from her phone! Hanna's resume speaks for itself.

She is malicious, she is resentful, and I want to see her punished for this.

And she will be.

Rosewood High has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, and sending a photo like this is a very serious offense.

She will not be let off the hook.

She's been off the hook for some time.

There's no guidance.

Her mother is never home.

Her mother is a divorced woman who works full time because her husband left her for you! Ladies, ladies, look.

Under normal circumstances, she would be expelled for this.

However, given the unusual circumstances here, I think everyone here would be better served by a different approach.

Being expelled works for me.

What were you going to suggest, Mr.

Tamborelli? Until the school board figures out how they're gonna handle this, I want you ladies to work through it.

So in tomorrow's event, you're gonna be put in the same group.

What event? What is this? Our school sponsors "Truth Up" day.

It's a guided workshop.

The goal is to break barriers, forge new connections, and own up to bad behavior.

Everyone who participates stays overnight.

And this is supervised by? Teachers and parents.

Would either of you care to volunteer? I'll be there.


Well, you'll be expected to bring a sleeping bag, a toothbrush, and a change in attitude.

* Got a secret * * can you keep it? * * swear this one you'll save * * better lock it in your pocket * * taking this one to the grave * * if I show you then I know you * * won't tell what I said * * 'cause two can keep a secret * * if one of them is dead * Wait.

They still think you sent that picture? Yep.

At least you weren't suspended, Han.

This is gonna blow over.

Yeah, until "A" gets hungry again and takes another bite out of my ass.



We thought we had all the power because we had "A's" phone.

Well, guess what-- now "A's" using our phones against us.

Guess it could have been a lot worse, right? Tamborelli's a jerk.

Hit the wall with him last week.

Wait, is he the one who's keeping you off the swim team? Totally.

He's got some major sponsor on the hook and doesn't want anyone in the pool who might tarnish the team's image.

What?! God, talk about bullies! How much longer are we gonna have to pay for picking up that stupid shovel? Hey.


What's everybody doing? Uh, some kind of project for "truth up" day.

Wanna help? Sure.

So, how's that bruise doing? Fine.

Help me with this, would you? Um It only works if you pull on the end.

It's not really fair, you know.

I agree.

Next they'll be asking us to paint the school.

I'm talking about our arrangement.

How come you get to know who I'm meeting, but I don't get to know who you're meeting? Because that's our arrangement.

You know enough.


I'll go get some thumbtacks.

I'll be right back.

Spencer? Hey.

What are you doing here? Just had to drop off some old forms-- kids that I counseled after school.

Were you out of town? Yeah, yeah.


We're still trying to fix up my grandmother's house.

It needs a little work.

Hey, can you, uh, do me a favor? Um, what do you need? Give your father a message for me.

Tell him he owes me a call.

Why? - Just give him the message.

I'm back, and he can't keep dodging me.

Jason! Hey, Jason, sorry to interrupt.

That's okay.

We were done.

How you doing, Ella? - Frazzled.

I volunteered to recruit supervisors for tomorrow's event, and I am still short on staff.

Are you by any chance free? I don't think so.

Well, it was worth a try.

Please tell me your parents are still on board, because I need bodies.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

What's the event? Maybe, uh Maybe I can be there.

Really? - Well, yeah.

I mean You know, if you're desperate enough to ask me, then, sure, count me in.

Come in.

Doing your homework? Yeah.

What's up? I was just reading some material on this "truth up" day.

Figure if I'm going to supervise, I You really don't have to go.

I mean, it sounds pathetic.

No, I want to go.

I need some answers myself.

Hanna, I don't care what it says on your driver's license.

To me, you are still my baby girl, and I will crush anyone who tries to hurt you.

You know that, right? Maybe I've made some mistakes, cleaning up your messes - Mom.

Not forcing you to talk because I wanted to respect your privacy.


We don't have to talk about this.

Yes, we do.

This is not the first time you've told me someone framed you.

Who would do that? Why can't you give me a name? There is no name.

Hanna, you came very close to getting kicked out of school this morning.

This is potentially a criminal charge.

Who do you think sent that picture from your phone? Look, I'm stuck here.

I've given you every opportunity to confide in me.

I'm just gonna ask you, did you Send that picture out? I didn't do it.


You guys, Tamborelli's telling kids to turn off their cell phones.

Otherwise, he's gonna have to confiscate them.

They can't do that, can they? Those are the rules.

Turn off the digital spigot, or they will.

Wait, what's a spigot? It's-- Never mind.

I really don't care.

Are there any messages from that number in Ali's coat? No.

People, please, Pick a line.

any line.

And it does not matter which one.

You will be given your group assignments, and they will tell you where to go, but, please, just pick a line.

What's up? Hey.


Must be weird to have your mom here.

If she patrols the halls at school and at home, I can see why you need to sneak out now and then.


What happened to your voice? Does this have something to do with what fell out of my bag yesterday? Did you tell your mother? No.

No, I would never do that.

That doesn't mean that I'm okay with it, though.

Okay with what? Please don't make me say it out loud.

Holden, if you are hooked on something, or if you're dealing-- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You're kidding, right? No.

That bag wasn't filled with Flintstones vitamins.

I'm not stupid.

No, but you're way off.

We've set up another table.

Start a line over there.

Hey, did you know she was gonna be in this group? No.

If I did, I would have given myself a fever this morning.

Excuse me, where's 206? Right there.



Nice to see you.

Are you part of this? - Yeah, this is my group.

I'm helping out for the day.

Is Peter here too? No, Mr.

Hastings is out of town.

Of course he is.

I'm sorry? Nothing.

Uh after you.

You've got to be kidding me.

What, you know that guy? Yeah.

It's Alison's brother.

I can't do this.

I don't think you've got a choice.

Besides, with everybody spilling their guts today, some of us might have a lot to say.

I know I do.


Take a step forward if you'd rather not be here.

How about we skip this step and just jump out the window? Let's start with a step 'cause I'm sure some of you would rather not be here.


Take a step if you feel you've ever been mistreated by a student of a faculty member of this school.

Um, Emily, one step at a time.

Take a step if you've ever felt the school was an unsafe or unwelcoming environment.


One step is not enough.

It's not safe or welcoming.

For some of us, it gets worse every day.

What do you mean by that? I used to enjoy going to school, being a part of a team and all that.

But now you make one mistake and you're tarnished, never to be trusted again.

Emily, can I see you for a moment? Okay, uh, take a step if you've ever lied to your parents about drinking alcohol.

If you're feeling unsafe and unwelcome, maybe it's because your behavior has made your teammates and other students at this school feel the same way.

Now, you're not helping your cause by attacking me.

I wasn't attack-- You're no Saint, Emily.

Maybe it's time you take a look at what got you to this point.

Many of you are afraid to talk about things that could bond you to strangers.

This exercise is about discovery Discovering yourself and discovering your classmates.


Forgot to turn it off.

* I want to go back to my old school.

Uh, hot tubs in the courtyard.

Half day on Fridays and no trig.



Let's use this game to talk about what we could reasonably change.

A hot tub in the courtyard does not count.

Now, Kate, you mentioned liking your old school.

What do they have that we don't? Nice people.

Yes, well, we have some of those here, and I am sure you will find them.

Is there anything else? I think students should have more of a say.

If someone's messed with you, you should be able to decide their punishment.

Hey, now.


What? Toss me the ball.

I'm just saying, if somebody pulled that kind of stunt on me at a new school, I'd go postal.

On the other hand If I were you, I'd rent a billboard.

Noel, let's drop the bad boy act and just get real.

Bad boys got nothing on mean girls.

Guys have a fight, there's a punch, it's over.

Girls don't fight fair.

They gang up, they keep secrets, they plot.

They can cut you down with a look.

You know what? Give me the ball.

Hanna! No, it's my turn.

Where does he get off calling other people out? He is the worst, smug, blackmailing son of a-- Hanna! Miss Montgomery, how long have you known me? Do you think I'm the person he's describing? Am I a bully? You know what? Don't answer that because I already know what everyone here thinks of me.

How was break? Did you see Hanna? How's she doing? Okay, I guess.

I mean, it's hard.

People really think she sent that picture.

People are toads.

Mona, I know you heard what Tamborelli said to me, and I'm not proud of the stuff that went down when Alison was still here.

She treated you badly, and I I let her.

I never tried to stop her, and I should have.

I'm sorry.

Oh, honey.

That was, like, two personalities ago.

I am so not holding on to that.

What gets me is how Tamborelli is treating you.

He's toad of toad hall.

I mean, if you were a guy, you'd already be back on the Sharks.

What do you mean? Do you have any idea how much slack he cuts for the football team? "Offensive line" doesn't begin to describe what they get away with.

How do you know this? I used to work in the VP's office during home room.

I know a lot And you should too.

Okay, everyone, break's over.

Feel free to write down anything you want.

It's anonymous.

Jenna, if you need help, I can-- No, thank you.

I'll pass.

Well, I'm sorry, but that's not really an option.

If you'd prefer Jason, he'll be back in a few minutes with the flashlights, or if there's someone else you trust.

I don't trust anyone around here.


Well, keep in mind that this day is about opening up to new possibilities, and you'll be expected to-- To what? To forgive all the classmates who've mistreated me? I'm not big on group hugs, Mrs.


I don't need a special flashlight to know what people around here are hiding.

This school's filled with phonies and liars.

They're everywhere.

In what way have you been mistreated? How much time have you got? Oh, should I-- should I start with the day that I was cornered in the girls' bathroom and smacked? Is she talking about Hanna? Did you ever report this? - Well, she couldn't.

Wait! Caleb! No because if she had, she would have to admit that she threw the first punch.

Isn't that right, Jenna? So, just to clarify, we are telling the whole truth today, right, not just the part we want to remember? By the way, this is Caleb speaking, in case you were confused.

Jason! I heard that you and my mom are leading a group.

How weird is that? Yeah, it is.

I was hoping it would be your dad, though.

Why? Why is it so important that you talk to him? Jason, look, I know about the will.

I know that my dad risked a lot to protect you, I just don't know why.

Was there something that happened between our families? Just talk to your dad when he gets back in town.

He's not out of town, and I've already asked him.

He won't tell me.

Caleb went after her? What did Jenna do? Nothing yet.

Caleb thinks he knows who he's dealing with, and if Hanna was worried about him before Where is Hanna? I don't know.

No one called back.

What? The number from Ali's coat.

Well, we should have said we were Vivian, not her friend.

That message would have been returned.

Call back.

Say you're Vivian.

Well, I can't do it.

He knows my voice.

You do it.

Me? I don't even know what a Vivian sounds like.

A lot like Alison.

You know what? Give it to me.

I'll do it.

Hello? Hello? Uh, hi.


Um I-I left a message yesterday.

I'm a friend of Vivian's.


Who gave you this number? No one here knows anyone named Vivian.

Don't call here again.

Oh, she totally got our message.

Or she's just tired of a stranger clogging up her voice mail.


Maybe it is what it is-- just a number in a pocket.

Attention, please.

Will Emily fields please report immediately to the vice principal's office? What's going on? Long story.

Catch up with you later.


Bet your grub's better than mine.


You wanna find someplace to sit and eat? Oh, um ac-actually, I was just gonna go meet some friends.



Hey, are we still on for Saturday? I was kind of counting on it.

Look, holden-- I'm just-- I'm starting to feel really weird about covering for whatever it is that you're doing.


No, I-I like your parents And I like you a lot.

I do.

But I just don't know if I can handle it if you're hurting yourself.

So what, the deal's over? Don't you need me? Who's gonna cover for you? I don't know.

I Haven't figured that out yet, but I will.

I'm sorry.

* Could tell you why * thought I could almost see * * the other side * of something Come on, you have to eat something.

* Real My mom thinks I sent that picture too.

No, she doesn't.

Only four people in this whole town who don't think I live in the sewer.

I tried that.

Believe me, the roof is much better.

Maybe we should just go to California.

They have high schools there.

We're not going to California.

Give me your cellphone.

I can trace an IP address.

What was that? Just the plastic.

Are you sure we're the only ones up here? I'm positive.

Nobody comes up here.

I found it when I was squatting in the school.

This was, like, my patio.

* Thought I could almost see * Where's your cell phone? * The other side - Just let me help you.

Just hold me.

Okay? That will help me.

* I wanted to feel * like I * could tell you why * thought I could almost see * * the other side * the end is here What took you so long? Gotta get you back in that pool, Em.

You're out of shape.

Mona, how did you get in here? And where's Mr.

Tamborelli? Probably on his second beer at the smokehouse.

I saw him sneak out.

Shut the blinds, would you? Was that you who called me down here? I didn't recognize your voice.

Yes, I know.

It's a gift.

What are you looking for? Evidence.

Here we go.

He changed his password, but I'm in.


You're really gifted at this too.

Freshman year, I lived in this office.


T's secretary was, like, my only friend.

Look, hon, if you're too paranoid - What? - If you want me to stop No.


I'm just Locking the door.

Is it empty? Not yet.

Remind me why we volunteered for this event.

Well, I think the truth is overrated.

I could stand to hear some more.

Well, for what it's worth, I don't think Hanna did what she's accused of.

It could very well just be someone trying to make her look bad.

Why? To what end? I don't know.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like something's happened to our girls.

I've tried to protect Hanna, but when she lost Alison That's why we went overseas.

It was just to give Aria something else to think about besides that.

I don't think the moment was when they lost Alison.

I think it was when they met Alison.

Go back to "Spring training.

" I think I saw something.


Now open up the expense reports for April.

Well! Baste me in bling and call me Bulgari.

Mona, wh-what are you seeing? How Ryan Giraldo got back on the team after he was caught tagging.

Where are you seeing that? His father owns that Danish furniture store.

The fancy chair you're sitting on retails for two thousand.


T turned in a receipt for $29.


She shoots, she scores.

Okay, wait.

So Tamborelli took the chair as a bribe? Yes, ma'am, and now we can use it to get you back in the Sharks.

Mona, stop.

I can't blackmail a school official.

Honey, you can't be a shark if you're toothless.

Same number, same house.

You know where to find me.

I just left your husband a message.

Turns out he's not out of town.

You're right.

But it's really none of your business where he is.

Oh, it's my business.

It's always been my business.

I just didn't know that until recently.

Jason, this day is about forging new connections.

Are you sure that this is the right approach? Well, that depends on how you look at it, Mrs.


It's also about coming clean and owning up to the truth, but, hey, if you want to stay in denial, go for it.

I'm not going anywhere.

So, are you ready for this? Some dude in Germany went on a dating website and advertised for someone he could kill and eat.

Shut up.

I'm serious.

And got, like, 220 responses.

Why does every woman think that she can change a guy? Ali, are you even going to take this test? We've been neighbors for 15 years! What's going on with your mom and dad? Are they splitting up? No.

Do they do this every night? No, my dad's just upset.

Your brother gave Melissa a ride home from Philly, and They got caught making out in the car.

Seriously?! Open the door.

Ali, stop.

I don't want to hear this.

I do.

Jason and Melissa? That's juicier than the guy that eats his dates.

My dad is freaking out over nothing.

Melissa's obsessed with Ian.

She doesn't even like Jason.

A kiss.

I think you're overreacting.

She'd better not.

Why not? Let's just say it would be a match frowned upon by the gods.


We tried texting you.

Caleb has my phone.

Are those salted? Please say yes.

Come on, let's-- let's go somewhere else.


I'm fine.

Your attention, please.

After the dinner break, all students must attend the film being screened in room 109.

Again, room 109 at seven P.


Thank you.


Why did Tamborelli call you down? She has a birthmark! Okay.

Em, do you still have it-- that photo from the locker room? Yeah, I think so.

Why? Han, what-- what's going on? There wasn't a birthmark in that photo! Where is it? - What?! - Look! Look, there's no birthmark! It was photoshopped! Y-you think she stuck her head on somebody else's body? Yes.

Why would "A" go to all that trouble to Photoshop her body? If-- if she was trying to embarrass her, why would she improve her? What if it wasn't "A" who took that photo and sent it from my phone? Well, who did? If this is about an apology, the damage has already been done.

I didn't snap that picture of you, Kate - But I think I know who did.

Who? Let's just say I'm no stranger to the magic of Photoshop.

I mean, I spent all of ninth grade trimming my thighs.


And I care because? Because, you know, I'm starting to think that someone put your head on a much better body.

Excuse me? Well, for one, your chest was definitely enhanced.

Guess again, Hanna.

Some of us don't have to work as hard as you do.

So, you didn't enhance.

You just erased.

The birthmark above your waist.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

You know, next time I'd be a little bit more careful when you're taking a sweater off in public.

Why would you do that, Kate? Why would you take a photo--? What was I supposed to do? Wait for your stuck-up BFF to download hideous pictures of me from riding camp.

Like I couldn't see that coming! You know, maybe it's time I really took a picture of you, Kate.

Aria, can I borrow your phone? Yeah, in a minute.

I'm using it, though.

To record this conversation.

My mom has got to hear this.

I can't believe Kate would send that out herself.

I mean, that's psycho.

No, it's genius.

The first week of school, she takes down Hanna and makes every girl pity her and makes every guy want to pounce on her.

Okay, not every guy.

Caleb wants to strangle her.

You need to tell him to stop.

Stop him from what? From trying to crack my phone.

He still thinks Jenna did it.

You have to tel him to quit.

But why me? - Because you're in the same group.

Now, go check the music room.

What if he's not in there? - Well, then, check the rooftop.

Look, I don't want Jenna sniffing out what he's doing.

She's got eyes everywhere.

Now, go.

I have to find my mom.

* * * * * * Looking for somebody? Um yeah.

I-I just thought Caleb was in here.

He's not.

Is he missing? Hope so.

Maybe somebody threw him out with the rest of the garbage.




Um Well, if-- if he comes back here-- He'd better not.

Were you awake for that? Caleb? Caleb, are you up here? Caleb.

* Jason I have to ask you something.

Just hear me out.


Did you Are you back because My dad Is your father too? Who told you? Ali.

A long time ago.

I just I didn't hear it until tonight.

Caleb? Hello? Oh, damn it! Can anybody hear me? Can anyone please open this door? Hello? Crap! Who is that? Is somebody up here? Oh, my God.

Aah! Let go of me! Let go! - Where's your pal Caleb? - Get away from me! Aria, come on down.

What the hell's wrong with you, idiot? I wasn't attacking her! You okay? Wh-where did you learn to kick somebody like that? And don't you tell me that you picked it up in Portugal, okay? Wait.

Is this part of the secret? Your bruise-- did somebody jump on you like that? Come on.

Let's get away from here.


What do you mean, done? Does he know we were in his office? We didn't get to that part.

I just told him football players talk a lot when they're not on the field.

Okay, Mona, he cannot know that we were - He won't.

Congratulations, hon.

You're back on the team.

If I had a pom-pom, I'd shake it.

Uh why would you do this for me? It was fun.

That's what friends do.

But now you've got to help me.

What do people wear to a swim meet? If I show up in my wedges, are they gonna get mushy? - Do you know where my mom is? - Uh, no.

Where's Kate? She and Hanna are inside.


Tamborelli wanted to speak to the girls before he included us.

What's going on? What, did Hanna pick another fight? No, but she may have ended this one.

In the future, Isabel, before you point fingers, you may want to take a whiff of the rotten fruit under your family tree.

Why am I the last to know? You're not.

Melissa doesn't know either.

What?! How could you not tell her? How could you be okay with this? How can you go on living next door to them for all of these years? I didn't know.

I didn't know until Jason was nearly an adult, and by then, your father and I, we discussed it.

You discussed what? How he was gonna tell his daughters that he was going on a father-son fishing trip with the kid next door? Look, I understand that you feel angry and confused and betrayed.

Believe me, I did too, and sometimes I still do, but I've had to get past it.

How?! Spencer, every family has secrets.

If I had known before, then I would have made a different decision, and you wouldn't be here.

Honey, please, let's go home and talk to your father.


I don't want to talk to him.

I don't even want to look at him.

Spencer, this doesn't really change anything.

No, this changes everything! Honey, please.

Let's go home.

What is home? That's a joke.

* when you're weary * and haunted * there is no sign * we'll ever cross * you should know now * that I feel the loss Spence? What time is it? * Hurt too Oh, my God.

I got, like, six missed calls from that number.

What's going on? What-- what number? Where the hell am I? The number in Ali's raincoat.

Who's calling now? The same number.

Do I answer it? Yes, answer it.

Hello? Hey, is this Vivian's friend? Y-yes.

Yes, it is.

What do you want? I was calling because we, um I had a few questions.

Yeah, well, I have a few myself, but I don't want to do this on a phone.

Will you meet me? Yes.

I will.

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