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  02x16 - Let the Water Hold Me Down
 Posted: 01/18/12 12:02
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Previusly on PLL ��� ����������� ��������� Is there any way I could take this on Monday? What about after school tomorrow? I can't.

I have community service.

It's a community crisis hotline.

This is a transcript of a call that came in last night.

"I almost got caught tonight.

"it's gone and I can't get it back.

I might as well be dead"? I never wanted to hurt anybody, but now I have to.



I really needed to hear your - I know.

But you can't call here anymore.

Oh, my god, that's awesome! Surprise party at the lake house.

I just need your help.

Caleb's probably never even had a birthday party before.

I don't know this emily.

I think you'll like her.

I want to make sure she still likes me.


We thought you guys were still overseas.

Oh, yeah, we just got back last week.

Holden! Look who's here? Hey, how's it going? Good.

Please don't do something you're gonna regret, lucas.

Hanna! Do not answer that.

Forget the fireworks.

Forget everything! This is not about the stupid fireworks, hanna! Aah! Aah! Where's lucas? Is he still out there? how'd it feel to get it off of your chest ♪ was it burning deep within you ♪ Here's some aspirin.

You want me to make you some soup? Thanks, but I'm not hungry.

You want a blanket? Sure.

Here's your bag.

I think caleb called.

Your phone was making noise.

Han? Now, I know that you might not be ready to talk about this, But the sheriff said that they're gonna drag The lake first thing in the morning.

Lucas isn't in the lake.

He didn't come up to shore.

We waited.

He knows how to swim, all right? He's out there somewhere.

I can feel it.

I-I still can't believe that lucas would help "a.

" Why not? Jenna did the same thing with caleb.

"a" knows lucas is close to hanna.

No, I-I get it, I just Don't Really see lucas as being that violent.

He can be.

Lucas was the one who destroyed alison's memorial.

I found out the night I got out of the hospital.

Why didn't you tell us? Told me to keep a secret.

Why? To protect him.

He's been through a lot.

Alison really tortured him.

Maybe it's time to start protecting you.

I have a headache.

Hanna, don't drink that! Aria: That's lake water.

Too late.

How did that get in there? The bag was outside in the car.

But all of us were in here.

Yeah, lucas wasn't.

Maybe he just wants to finish what he started.

No fun chugging lake water, is it? Choke on this, bitch.


" got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ Okay, thanks.

Lucas called his parents today.

And he's still not home? they must be going out of their minds.

Did he say where he is, where he's been? Was there drinking at this party? No.

Did he argue with someone? Hanna! I don't know.

I should call them.

Can you give me their home number? No, why do you have to call them? Because my daughter hosted a party That their son has yet to return from.

I should at least take some responsibility for that.

Look, I know you're upset and frustrated That your friend is going through something And he ran off instead of turning to you for help.

I'm sure when he's ready what's going on with him.

Uh, we should go to spencer's.

Aren't you gonna see her at school? We have a group presentation, And we need to run it one more time.

"a" was definitely in my lake house.

You found these in the attic? The picture caleb decrypted off "a" cell phone of the dolls, That was taken at the lake house.

Looks like "a" got pretty cozy.

Well, my family never uses that house after labor day.

It's the perfect place to set up an evil lair.

And look.

Just look at the date on this.

Wait, that's around the time caleb and I went up there.

"a" was in the lake house when caleb and I were "fraternizing" on my nana's sofa.

Okay, who told? It doesn't even matter.

There are, like, four bedrooms up there With actual beds in them.

Did you guys see anybody, hear anything? Em, we were kind of busy.

Yeah, you were gettin' busy.

Okay, so, wait.

You said that lucas went Up in the attic like he knew his way around? He was probably trying to clean up After garrett and jenna.

And look.

There's an address.


801 hyperion street.

Wait, smitty's what? Restaurant? Bar? Hyperion street.

Isn't that in philly? Do you guys want to go after school to check it out? Okay.


If it means you're not going alone, Then count me in.

Is it okay if I pass? I still have the taste of lake water in my mouth.

I could've sworn that my mom caught me.

Told her I was making a date with holden.

Holden strauss? I thought he was in portugal.

Wh - and why were you calling ezra from your own phone? Because I couldn't think of a good excuse To get out of the house and use yours.

Not that it really matters.

Ezra's stopped answering.

Dad threatened to turn him into the police.

What? Aria, I'm so sorry.

I thought that my parents Would understand, or at least try.

They both know how great of a guy - hey, holden.

Hey, aria.

Spencer, hey, good to see you.

Yeah, how was your year abroad? Uh, my dad was studying algae in a river delta.

I spent a lot of time in hip waders, Which was Really lame.

Anyway, so, uh, I was wondering If you wanted to go out tonight.


I-I can't.

But thanks.

It's just that I'm grounded.

Really? Your dad said it wouldn't be a problem.

Oh, our parents talked? Did my mom call to set us up? No, I-I called to ask permission.

What? Who even does that anymore? My parents have been pushing this whole "return to kinder, gentler traditions" agenda.

No, I'm not saying that it's- Laugh now, but I'll be sending you A handwritten thank-you note for letting me interrupt your conversation.

I'm just kind of confused.

Is this a date? Is that weird? No, uh It's just we've known each other since preschool.

Is it the whole glue thing? 'cause if I remember correctly, you dared me.

Okay, no, that was not a dare.

I was just misinformed.

I thought that if it looked like ranch dressing Well, now we're both old enough to know the difference, so Dinner, a movie? Paste-free, I promise.



It'd be great to hang out.

I'll think of something fun to do.


Whatever you want.

Just text me the details.

Yeah, will do.

Um, how weird is that? I use him as my alibi and now he actually wants to go out? It's not that weird.

He likes you.

No, we've known each other forever.

You're cute, and he likes you.

He says it was for chem lab, But noel was on the phone with someone All night at caleb's birthday party.

Did you notice him acting sketchy at all? I don't know.

I was kind of busy with other things.

What, lucas? Who care? First lucas ruins caleb's birthday party.

Then he gets everyone in a tizzy because he's pretend-missing.

Need attention much? He is so lame.

Mona Can we veer back on topic? I think I'm losing noel.

I had to take him skinny-dipping that night Just to get his full attention.

Then we got into this huge fight on the way home.

Hanna! Where are you taking that? Storage.

No, that's supposed to be hanging in the south lobby.

The principal said to take it down.

You didn't hear this from me, But the administration doesn't think tiaras And orange jumpsuits are a good fit.

She's not giving up the crown! So, what do you think? Am I just being paranoid? Hanna, are you even listening to me? Yeah.

Yeah, sure.

What did I just say? You can't even tell me, can you? I listen to every drawn-out whiny detail When you have a problem with caleb, And you can't even bother to nod your head And pretend like you care! I'm sorry! Okay, I have a lot going on right now.

So do I.

I just poured my heart out to someone Who cares more about her homecoming photo than her friend.

Could you be any more selfish? Hello? I have a problem.

Who's calling.

You work for the crisis line.

Don't I get to stay anonymous? Uh, this is a private number.

Private? So, I can say anything I want, Even something Dirty? Maya? Inappropriate, I know.


Well? Aren't you gonna say it? Say what? Something dirty.

I'd rather whisper it in your ear tonight.

We're still on to see that band you like, right? Sure thing.

We just- Oh, hold on a second.

Someone's on the other line.

Do you have to take it? It can go to voicemail.

Listen, you don't have a fake I.


, do you? I never use it, but yeah.

Do you have two? My parents ransacked my room After I got shipped off to sober camp.

Guess what they found.

I think I can get you one.

That was Easier than I thought.

Anything else I can help you with? Nope.

I get to see my girl tonight.

Problem solved.

see you later.

Hello? Hey.

So as soon as I'll download this train schedule, we'll be good to go.


Worst reception out here.

What are you doing? Oh, buying tickets to the rangely playhouse.

Weren't you supposed to go there with ezra? Wait, how are you getting better service than I am? Wait, switch places.

Come on.

Yeah, well, now I'm going with holden.

What happens if ezra's there.

That's the point.

Ezra bought his tickets, like, two months ago, And he loves arthur miller, So I'm pretty sure he's looking forward to it Holden said that we could do whatever I wanted.


So, if ezra just happens to be there And you happen to see him And maybe we have fate on our side.

I just wish I didn't have to use holden to figure that out.

Ugh! Oh, come- You're not- Next train is in 20 minutes.

We should probably get going.

What? Lucas called again this morning Before I left for school.

Man, staying there the last couple days Has been so awkward! Did you talk to him? His parents said he didn't want To talk to me, or that he wouldn't.

I think we should just go look for him.

Did they tell you where he is? Staying at his cousin's house.

Said he didn't want to come home, That he had something to work out.

So I called his cousin.

It's pretty obvious the guy's covering for him.

I know a lie when I hear one.

Lucas definitely isn't there.

Well, there's not many places he'd go, right? I mean, for all we know, he could be back in rosewood.

Why would you say that? Have you heard from him? No.

I was thinking about checking out Spencer's lake house.

You know, maybe he went back up there.

Whatever it is that he's going through, I just - I want to help.

Caleb, when he's ready to talk, he'll talk.

I don't know that he will.

Look, are you gonna come with me or not? I don't know, I just don't think that we Should go out in the middle of nowhere.

You don't want to find him.

Why? I just don't think it's a good idea To push him right now.

Hanna, what happened in that boat? I already told you what happened.

Not the whole story.

There is no story.

You're not being honest with me.

Are you calling me a liar? Just stop, okay? Tell me what you know.

We have always told each other the truth.

If you want to go find lucas, then go.

No one's stopping you.

Caleb Ugh.

This would be so much easier If we actually knew what we were looking for.

Are you sure that we got off at the right stop? Yeah.

The map says it should be right around here.


But this Can't be right.

It says smitty's right on the sign.

Yeah, 803's right there.

Well, is there anything else on the receipt That would say what "a" or its helper was here for? No, it's just magazines.

Well, there's a toy store down the road.

Maybe "a" sent lucas down here to pick up That four-pack of chucky dolls.

Your parents work in the city.

Maybe they just stopped here for some gum and magazines.

Yeah, maybe, but what about those cell phones? Those didn't look like they belonged to my parents.

Wait, isn't melissa's condo, like, ten blocks from here? I'm starting to think this is kind of a bust.

Do you want to grab a coffee? Mm, I can't.

I promised holden I'd meet him at 7:30.

Am I doing the right thing? Yes! I mean, you're taking a chance, But you're being bold and romantic.

You call me later to let me know how it turns out? I will.



The calls come in on this line, And I log the numbers here.

And this manual has all the emergency numbers And organizations that we can refer people to.

I think it's so cool that you're helping people.

They're lucky they get you on the other end of the line.

I need to run home and change, And we can grab dinner before we go out.

Sounds like a plan.

It's me.

Everything okay? Yeah, yeah.

Actually, I'm sorry, I sort of have to deal with this.

Yeah, no worries.

I need to go sign out.

Um, would it be okay if I caught up with you later? Sure.


I will get dinner and meet you back at your house.

Can I help you? Um, I'm not sure.

I've been away for a few years, And I was just trying to locate a former friend of mine.

She was a patient here.

Her name's jenna marshall.

Patient records are confidential.

I don't need her medical information.

I just know that she went to a school for the blind in philadelphia, So I thought it might be this one.

I can't even tell you which chair she used to sit in.

Something else I can help you with? No.

I guess that's it.

Excuse me.

You're looking for jenna? I know her.

Hey, hanna.

Haven't you washed that already? Four times? Yeah, but it still smells wretched.

Where's maya? She's meeting me later I think.

Maya's keeping something from me.

I mean, she keeps getting these calls And these text messages, And I can tell it's making her upset.

I should just ask her about it, right? I mean, I'm a part of her life again.

I should know what's going on, shouldn't I? God, why isn't anyone allowed to have a damn secret? Because the calls, the texts? I'm starting to worry That it's "a" going after her.

Em, just because we want to throw up Every time our phone rings, Doesn't mean everyone else is living in fear.

You think I'm paranoid? I think that maya could be bugging up For a hundred different reasons That have nothing to do with "a.

" And besides, if she is keeping something from you, Maybe it's for your own good.

Okay, hanna, promise me that you never Take a job at a crisis center.

I'm sorry.

It's just caleb and I got in a fight, And I'm just trying to protect him.

But it sucks being the girlfriend who knows too much.

Yeah, well, it sucks just as bad Being the girlfriend who doesn't know enough.


Do you like real sugar or fake? Real.

I'll get it.

Just tell me - tell me what time it's at.

Oh, uh, 11:00.

Neat trick, huh? Yeah.


Feel the difference? Yeah, the grains of sugar are bigger.


So, you went to school with jenna in rosewood? Uh, no.

I knew her from before.

When she moved to rosewood, We kind of lost touch.

You and jenna got here around the same time? I was here a while before jenna showed up.

I have a genetic condition.

I've been going blind slowly since I was born.

Literally saw it coming.

When the lights went out, I wasn't ready.

I got angry, depressed.

Meeting jenna pulled me out of it.

She helped you? She was so focused.

No, determined.

I think she learned more in a year Than most people learn here in four.

I guess she was motivated to get out of here.

For, like, field trips? It's not like we're in jail.

And they encourage us to get out on our own And practice or whatever.

It's nice to have a change of scenery.

It's a joke, spencer! You can laugh.

No, I'm sorry.

Uh, I- I guess I was just wondering where she went.

Did she ever tell you Where she went or who she met? She kept saying she had things She had to do back home.

I haven't talked to her in a while.

Whatever it is, I hope she did it.

So, when do you get out of here? Oh, I'm done with rehab now.

I help out in the art studio a couple times a week.

If jenna hadn't dragged me in there, I might've lost myself.

Now I have some of what she gave me to give back.

Electronic voice: It is 6:14.

That would be my next class about to start.

Um, it was nice meeting you.

Yeah, you too.

Is everything okay? Your pulse is kind of racing.

No, I just don't want to miss my train.


The pulse thing Is another little trick jenna taught me.

She's full of surprises, that one.

I know.

I think that's part of what makes her so special.

She's really good at reading people.

Have a good one.

You too.


Hold on, miss.

You need to sign in.

Uh, I was just leaving.

You sat.

You had coffee.

That makes you a visitor.

What does that sign say? All visitors must sign in.

Jada! Can you come back here? Good night.

Yeah, thank you.

Have a good evening.

Don't you have your own fake I.


? We all got new ones together.

It's for maya.

I look nothing like maya.

You're 5'2" and brunette.

So is she.

It's the best I can do on short notice.

Besides, we're going to the bluebird in camden.

Oh, jersey? Yeah, that'll totally work.

Okay, so all the windows and doors are locked.

You can still call mona, See if she'll sleep over.

She's mad at me, too.

Well, maybe caleb will calm down And come over later.

How bad was your fight? Bad.

He thinks lucas needs our help.

Well, caleb won't believe lucas is dangerous Until he knows what lucas did to ali's memorial.

Yeah, well, I can't spill that Without, like, spilling a million other beans.

Meanwhile, I'm home alone and lucas Is out there waiting for me.

You know what? I'm just gonna call holden and cancel.

Maybe maya can go with someone else.


No, my mom will be home before you and maya leave, And, aria, don't cancel just for me.

You sure? Yeah.

I'll be fine if someone's around.


Well, I should probably get going, then.

I'm gonna go upstairs and get changed.

Scream if you need me.

You know what I mean.




, okay? Yeah.



I thought your parents were driving you here.

Oh, well, I convinced my mom to drop Me off at the corner.

It's progress.

Sounds tough.

What'd you do to bring on the parental wrath? It's a really long story.

Brought you something.

Oh! Gummy bears? Yeah, when we were little you'd always smuggle some into our playdates.

Oh, that's right! Yeah, when your mom was in her no-sugar phase.

My mom's had a lot of phases.

Anyway, I figured I owe you.


Thank you.

I'm gonna go grab the tickets.


Two for montgomery.


Um, are there two for fitz? Oh, no.

They're not mine.

I just thought that my friend would be here by now.


Look who I found! Oh, mrs.




Hey, I didn't know you kids were arthur miller fans.

You know, view from the bridis one of my favorites.

What's it about? You've never seen it? Oh, I don't want to ruin it for you, But let's just say it's got a lot of misplaced passion.

Well, we should probably go find our seats.

Hey, ezra, when did you get here? Spencer? H-hi! How random! Were you just on the train in from the city? Yeah.

I didn't see you.

I know! We could've sat together.

So, what took you downtown? Um, just running errands.

I was just doing a little shopping.

A little? It was therapeutic.

Especially since I can't get in touch with hanna.

She's fully awol.

Sorry, I haven't seen her since school.

Well, if you see her, could you just You know what, never mind.

Do you want me to give her a message? It's no big deal.

It's just Noel broke up with me, and I don't even know why so I hit these amazing sales Thinking I could just shop the pain away.

And I bought, like, five cashmere-blend sweater sets.

Have you ever seen me in a sweater set? No, because I don't wear sweater sets.

Or blends.

I think he broke me.



I don't that you didn't ask me, But I think that you can raise the bar a little bit.

I know that there are plenty of guys - Do you know how hard I have to work To get a guy like noel kahn to go out with me? Well, if you've become the mona you want to be, Why are you letting noel kahn tell you That you're not good enough? You cannot let him send you spinning backwards like that.

You're, like, smart smart.

I always thought you were just book smart.

You want a sweater set? Cashmere blend.

Um, I'm cool, thanks.



It's so nice to see young people enjoying live theater.

Most of your peers are probably watching their youtubes right now.

You'd be surprised to find that some of us Are able to actually connect with the real world.

So, what brings you here? Uh, oh, a friend of mine had an extra ticket.

Holden, you probably missed him while you were abroad, But, aria, you remember mr.

Fitz, don't you? Oh.

Is he here? No, I just feel terrible about it.

He had to leave about ten minutes in.

Said he didn't feel well.

Caleb, call me back when you get this.

I made you some.

It's on the counter.

Take a bath.

Is everything okay? Yeah.

You know where to find me.


It's me again.

I'm sorry we argued earlier.

Now it's getting dark, and And I'm getting worried.

I just don't think that you should be Out there by yourself looking for lucas.

So, can you just call me or something So I can at least know that you're okay? I get it.

You're still mad at me.

Just Can you at least text me? Ashley: Hanna, what was that noise? Uh, just the wind, mom.

I think the latch is broken.

What? The latch on the back door.

I think we need to fix it.

Did you bring an umbrella? line's moving.

just hope it doesn't rain.

Maya? Is someone bothering you? Do you want me to answer it? No, no.

I just- Um, I should probably turn my phone off, right? Emily You don't have to explain.

Whatever it is, just tell me when you're ready.

I hooked up with someone When I was away.

Remember when you called and I was sort of distant? Yeah.

You didn't want to talk to me.

I was lonely.

It didn't last very long, And I ended it.

You didn't have to be scared to tell me.

We were apart.

Yeah, but I should have said something.

I mean, we promised to get to know each other again, And that can't happen when I'm not telling the truth.

I was scared that telling you Would get in the way of this.


Well, it doesn't have to.

You said it was over, right? Ugh, it is, but It looks like he won't take no for an answer.

Taxi! It's about to get crazy out here.

You wanna grab a coffee or something? Oh.


We can do that.

Only if you want to.

Or Maybe you went out with the wrong person tonight.

What? No.

I - I'm guessing your parents don't approve.

I saw the way you looked at him before the show, And the look on your face When you found out he'd gone.

I'm sorry.

Look, when my mom gets here, Can you not mention this to her? Aria, we're not five anymore.

I don't have to tell your mom anything, As long as you promise to do the same.

You're not the only one who's got stuff They wanna keep from their parents.

So, how long have you been seeing each other? A while.

Hey, I'm so sorry.

This This was a mistake.

Maybe it's an opportunity.

You busy next Friday? Ashley: Hanna! Where did you put my bath salts? Did you find them by the hand towels? Found 'em! Lucas! I never wanted to hurt you, hanna.

Where's caleb? What did you do to him? Just listen to me, hanna.

No, no! Don't come any closer! Hanna.

Who'd you just call? No one, I swear.

Give me the phone and listen to me, hanna! I can't let you leave this room.



You're here.

Are you okay? I'm fine.

Lucas, what's going on? Where were you? I don't know how emily found out that it was me On that crisis hotline, But I knew that she was going to tell you If I did it, so I took you out onto the lake So we could be alone.

I needed your help.

Yeah, well, it didn't seem like that.

Probably because of was scared myself.

I was just afraid about how you would react, And I need you to soften the blow when I tell caleb.

When you tell me what? Your money Is gone.

What money? When I left to go visit my mom, I left a bunch of cash stashed around.

I asked lucas to put it in his checking account Until I got back.

So, wait, all of it? And most of mine, too.

How much? $4,000.

That's a lot of money, lucas.

It took me a long time to make that.

It was supposed to be a sure thing.

A sure thing? I was just betting on a basketball tournament.

What? What were you thinking? It was just for fun at first, A bunch of math and probability stuff, Seeing if I could figure out a formula to beat the odds.

I was so sure that I would win your money back.

The team got disqualified, Threw my bracket off.

The payoff never happened.

And then suddenly you were just back from california And I had lost everything.

Is that why you didn't come back after the lake? You were just gonna run away? I just want to make things right.

It's not everything, but it's Where did you get this? I was driving around to different comic book stores Here, downstate, and in new jersey.

Sold a bunch of my collectibles.

I know it's not everything, but it's a start.

I'm really sorry, caleb.

We'll work it out.

Hanna? Please say something.

You're not who I thought you were.

So wait, somebody else showed up at the greenhouse When we set that trap for "a"? It wasn't lucas? What about the water bottle? And the stunt with the rowboat? No, lucas wasn't even in rosewood.

He was driving around all night trying To sell his collectibles to pay caleb back.

Spence, what did you want to show us? Oh, yeah.

Hey, did you order dumplings? Two orders.

What is this? This is the sign-in book from jenna's blind rehab center.

This is the day before alison went missing.


Jenna said that alison came to visit her that day.

I don't see ali's name.

Wait, so that story she told us, that was a lie? Well, who knows, but that's not all.

Look who did visit.

Garrett reynolds.

He was there for, Like, what, 20 minutes that night? And not only do guests have to sign in, They also keep track of when the patients leave.

Garrett signed jenna out at 10:15 p.


And there's no time that they signed back in.

She could've been gone all night.

Can we just look at this later? If I don't eat something, my head is going to explode.

Aria, would you please pass those plates? Yeah, sure.

Jenna said that alison blackmailed her And that she stayed in rehab Until the day of alison's funeral.

So where was she the night ali went missing? She could've been anywhere.

How much do you want to bet she was in rosewood? oh, my god! Oh, I'm gonna be sick.

"this is what live bait looks like.

Now we're even, bitches.


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