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  02x15 - A Hot Piece of 'A'
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars:" ��� ����������� ��������� Dolls? This is the police! Stay where you are! They set us up! I wish I could see those bitches right now.

There's nothing left to link us to that night.

What I want is for you to forget about me.

If you really want to worry about somebody, why don't you worry about your sister and that cop boyfriend of hers.

I'm in love with your daughter.

This was going on while you were her teacher? You are gonna leave this house right now.

Dad! We're moving back to Rosewood-- Me, Isabel, Kate.

I want the box that Jason gave Aria.

Well, you're not gonna get it.

We're not gonna be making any kind of a deal with "A.

" "A" took the bait.

"Want to make a deal?" You're afraid we found something, something in this box.

No! Emily! That's "A's" cellphone! How hard did you hit him-- her-- it? Didn't run like a her.

I thoug it was an animal.

It was.


Okay, where is the box? You guys, this phone is locked.

And where were you guys? I thought we were supposed to meet up here.

Wasn't that the plan? - I'm so sorry, Em.

I-I dropped a huge bomb at home.

My parents won't let me go anywhere.

I had to crawl through Mike's window.

And Toby came in and totally cornered me with all of these questions about why I was acting this way, and he would not leave without any answers.

Kate's moving to Rosewood.

What?! Yeah.

Yeah, my dad and Isabel got married, and now they're looking for a house here in Rosewood.

So now I have more than one monster in my life.

Okay? I win.

No, you don't! I was almost killed! These are not highlights, Hanna.

This is glass in my hair! You guys, can you talk to me for a second? I'm holding "A's" phone in my hand.

What are we doing with it? - Something, before "A" knows we have it.

Stand still.

Hanna, call Caleb! - Why? He's the best way that we can get information off of this.

Leave him out of this.

But he's our best shot at tracing this back to "A.

" There are other people.

We'll take it to the phone store tomorrow.

The-- the phone store?! Well, then, call technical support! We can have someone in Pakistan do it! Hanna! This can't wait until tomorrow.

Once "A" realizes it's missing--! I get it, okay? But this phone is connected to Jenna and officer Garrett.

Caleb already has bad history with her and the police.

We're not going there! Okay, but if he can find something that finally nails the two of them together-- at least consider it.

Hanna, come on, think this through.

I am.

Okay, you done thinking? 'Cause we're running out of time here.

Wait, is Caleb still crashing with Lucas? Where's Lucas' house? - I'll go over right-- - Spencer, stop giving us orders! We're not your winged monkeys! Guys, stop! There's got to be a way that we can get Caleb to help without-- Answer it.

Answer it.

Answer it! Why me? I've got glass in my hair! I'll answer it! What do you want me to say? Should we tell them that we have the phone? They'll know that when you say hello.

It's blocked.

I've got Caleb's number! I'm calling him! Go! Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save.

♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave.

♪ If I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said.

♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

♪ What's that number? Tells me how much data is currently loaded on the phone.

It's a lot.

You mean like photos, videos? Definitely more than angry birds.

And how long will it take to download? We're not there yet.


Hm? You all right? Yeah.

All right, can somebody tell me whose phone this is? We can't.


The less you know right now, the better.


Well, then, can somebody at least tell me why Emily smells like a bag of mulch? Wait.

Something just came up.


What does it say? Phone got bricked.

Translate, please.

The owner shut down the phone from their computer.

So we lost everything? - We never had everything.

I have some files, but they're locked and they're probably corrupted.

I can try and retrieve what I have, but it's gonna take a while.

Are you sure you want me to work on this? Yes! Yes! Yes! Hanna, are you all right with this? 'Morning.

Um, where are you going? School.

Wearing that? Yeah.

What are you talking about? Well, that's not appropriate for school, so change your clothes.

Since when have I had a dress code, dad? Since we became aware of who you might be dressing for, so change your clothes.

Okay, well, what am I supposed to wear, a down parka? Byron, I've-- I've got this.

If I were you, I'd pick and choose my battles.

Since when did wearing knee-highs become a battle? Today is not the day to question your father.

Why? He, of all people, coming down on me for an inappropriate relationship? Aria! I'm sorry.

I just thought maybe at least - You would - That I would what? That I would give my teenage daughter and Mr.

Fitz my blessing? Your father and I are in agreement here because we were lied to for a really long time by you and by a colleague.

Well, I didn't tell you guys because I was scared that you would react-- react like this.

Yeah, well, evidently you know us a lot better than we know you, but that's gonna change 'cause you're gonna be spending a lot more time with your family and a lot less time with your friends.

What does Ezra have to do with my friends? And you're gonna be cutting him off completely, and that means not even saying goodbye.

Is that clear? Do you like him? What? Do you like him? I did.


Hey, could we talk? Can we do it someplace a little bit more private? Look, I know that you want answers, and I'm close, I'm so close to giving them to you, but it's It's just still not safe.

Then why did you come here? Because I missed you.

Shutting you out is killing me.

So you came here to tell me you can't be here.

Hey! Hey, you.

What are you working on? You and your friends gave me homework, remember? You're doing that here? Nobody knows what I'm working on.

So, uh, when do I get inducted into this secret society? Hey, I like playing Mission: Impossible as much as the next guy, but, uh, I'm starting to feel like somebody doesn't trust me.

Who? Me? Caleb! Come on, I trust you.

But not with this.

We have gotten naked together in more ways than one, Han.

Why are we suddenly strangers when it comes to a stolen phone? It wasn't stolen; We found it.

Why don't I believe that? Oh, hey, Lucas! Are we still on for after school? Oh, um You know, I might be Please don't bag on me.

Okay, if I don't get at least a B-plus on this test Please.

Please please.


I can give you, like, an hour.

You're a good man, Lucas.


So, can we talk about this phone stuff later? Maybe.

See you at lunch.

I don't-- I don't get it! I don't understand, Jenna! Hey, hey! Can we not do this on the phone, please? Please, I'm outside your house.

Stop punishing me and just open the damn door! Please! What is going on? It's been like Fight Club since last night.

They were arguing on the porch.

She slammed the door in his face.

This started last night? - I think it's nerves.

Jenna plays it cool, but she's freaking about having the eye operation.

Yeah? Well, that's what happens when it's not just the two of us.

No, no, the mistake was pulling in somebody else.

Asking him to help us was a bad idea, Jenna.

It was a bad move.

No, no, I warned you.


It was your idea.

This doesn't sound like it's about an eye operation.

Who is "he"? Who are they talking about? Just-- can you-- can you wait just a second? Jenna, don't hang up.

Answer the door! Uh Jenna, no, wait.

Just wait a second.

Don't hang up, just come to the door.

Jenna? Jenna? Damn it! Emily, you've got about five more minutes.

Is there any way I can take this on Monday? I didn't have time to finish the last few chapters.

It's a makeup test, Emily.

The class has moved on to another book.

What about after school tomorrow? I can't.

I have community service.

They gave me additional hours for Um fighting with Spencer.

Are you still picking up trash? Phone calls.

It's a community crisis hotline, and today is my first day.

Well, you girls seem to have a lot of experience with crises.

Maybe you can help someone learn how to avoid them.

How 'bout after school on Monday? Emily.

What else do I not know about my daughter? I don't know what you mean.

Wasn't fair of me to ask that.


Aria's the same person she's always been, someone you can be proud of.

Nothing's changed.

Hey, there, it's Ezra.

Can't talk, but you can, soon as you hear the Hi, it's me.

Um, I'm using Hanna's phone 'cause I'm scared my dad's gonna start combing through my phone bills.

It's still pretty intense, but But that doesn't mean it can't change.

They're gonna come around.

I-I know that they will.

I love you so much.

I hate not being able to see you.



How was your test? I'm doing a makeup of a makeup.

I've got to run.

Community service starts at 4 P.


, sharp.


Yours is today? I was hoping you'd be able to come snoop around Jason's house with me.

Jason's? Why Jason? Well, if Jenna and Garrett have a helper, and it's a he, where does your mind go? It's going to community service.

Ask Aria.

I did.

She's under house arrest.

And besides, she really believes that Jason's been out of town for weeks.

Then ask Hanna.

Hanna spent all of chem class drawing pictures of me in a pointy hat and a wart on my nose.

She'll get over it.

Offer her your lake house.

She needs some serious face time with Caleb.

My lake house? I've already made some memories on that couch in the living room.

She-- she didn't tell you? That was my Nana's couch.

So, who ditched the Union first? South Carolina? Did we make a card for them? Georgia, Alabama Hello? What's going on? Um, sorry, I was just Uh, thinking about Louisiana.

Please don't check out on me.

Okay, I need you.

I can't even spell "Louisiana.

" Is that Caleb? Spencer.

Why don't we have a card for Maryland? Border state-- didn't secede until after the war began.

What was that about? Uh, she offered me and Caleb her lake house.

And you're not interested? Oh, I'm interested, but if I wait an hour, she might throw in maid service, and if I wait two hours, she might send a helicopter to take us there.

Um I'm gonna make a new card for Virginia.

Or if I waited three hours, she might let me have Caleb's birthday party there.

Oh, my God, that's awesome-- a surprise party at the lake house! Oh, look.

We have two cards for North Carolina.

Lucas, you could help me.

We could do it together.

No, no, you don't need me.

Of course I need you.

You're, like, his best friend.

You're roomies.

You're like Patrick and Spongebob.

Look, Hanna, if we're not gonna study, I really need to get going.

That lake house is perfect.

It's secluded.

There's a dock, a rowboat, a pier, and, you know, we could hang a big sign there.

That sounds really fun and pricey.

I'm not really in a position to pitch in.


No, I'll pay for everything.

I just need your help.

Caleb's probably never even had a birthday party before.

And if we do this, it would mean a lot to him.

You'll find a contract in the back of the packet.

Every volunteer must sign it.

This protects you and the caller.

There must be anonymity on both sides of the phone.

You look overwhelmed.


None of you will be answering any calls until you've had some training.

Keep in mind, most of the time they really just need someone to listen.

So, who wants to read with me? Emily? Here.

Help me out.

This is a transcript of a call that came in last night.

Ready? Um "Crisis hotline.

Can I help you?" "I need to talk to someone.

"I'm in a bad place, and I don't know what to do.

I almost got caught tonight.

" "Well, calling here is a good start.

Uh, let's talk this through .

" "I was asked to do something important, and I tried my best, but I screwed it up.

" "Okay.

But maybe we can figure this out, and the situation--" "You don't understand.

It's gone, and I can't get it back.

All I could do is shut it down.

" "Shut what down? Can you tell me exactly what you've lost?" "They're never gonna forgive me.

"They're gonna make my life a living hell.

I might as well be dead.

" Did this person call here last night? And was it a man or a woman? Not relevant.

Let's continue.

Emily You okay? What? Oh.


May I come in? Ella and I once went to a party in this building, back in grad school days.


Do you want some water, or a-- a beer? No, no thanks.

I, uh, I've been thinking a lot since you came over to our house.

Yeah, yeah, Byron, I-- No, let-- let me get this out.

I've been teaching for 17 years.

I know how tricky it can be to navigate some teacher/student relationships, and I have made some bad choices that I later regretted, though it didn't involve a minor.

And I also know that my daughter went through a very traumatic year And that you were there for her In a way her parents couldn't be.

But that doesn't make it okay.

So, before I leave here tonight, I want your assurance that this was a mistake, and that it's over, and that you will never see Aria again.

Look, as soon as I realized she was my student, I knew it was wrong.

It couldn't go on.

Which is why I took the job at Hollis.

You giving that to me was an incredible gift, and I Has she been here? Sorry, what? Is this where you spent your time together? Byron, as I said-- I heard what you said.

I don't think you heard me.

You're never seeing Aria again.


And I will make sure that the police see to that.

Okay, so, clarification: Is our invitation coming by snail-mail? What? Did you send it to my address or hers? Oh, uh I didn't think you'd want to come.

To a rockin' party at Spencer's lake house? I can see where you'd be confused.

We'll be there.

Yeah, um, it's a surprise party.

For Caleb.

Surprise! He and I are friends now.

All is forgiven.

"I almost got caught tonight.

"It's gone, and I can't get it back.

I might as well be dead.

" Tell me that does not sound like "A's" helper.

They let you keep this? - No! They don't know I have it.

Okay, so I have good news and I have bad news.

Have you seen this? - Are you kidding? I woke up to it.

Emily taped it to our bathroom mirror.

We knew that it wasn't Jenna in the greenhouse, but now it looks like it wasn't-- it was her drone.

Okay, I think that we should all be working at this crisis hotline.

I mean, if "A's" helper calls back, we can-- NnnnNo.

I can't work at a hotline.

I'm on lockdown.

I can barely even pee without a chaperone.

Wait, you're coming to my surprise party, right? Nope, not unless you're throwing it in my closet.

Hey, guys, you got a minute? I finally cracked one of these files But I'm guessing that wasn't what you were looking for.

What are you looking for? - No, this is-- this is really great.

Could you please forward this picture to all of us? I really have to get to class.

Thanks, Caleb.

Yeah, thank you.

Hanna, what else happened when I was in California? You, your friends, everyone's acting really strange-- even Lucas.

No one's looking me in the eye.

Well, I'm looking at you, and I'm wondering what to get you for your birthday dinner.

We can get takeout, just for the two of us.

What do you want? How 'bout a big, steaming plate of the truth, starting with this found phone.

No, Caleb, I didn't lie about that.

I just can't say any more.

And you don't think that's a problem for us? No, it's not a problem.

We don't have a problem, do we? We do if you're holding back the important stuff.

That's not the important stuff.

This is the important stuff.

I mean, he actually stood there in front of me justifying his behavior.

You should have been there.

Yes, I should have.

Well, I followed an-- an impulse, Ella.

What are you looking for? An aspirin! How did this family go from a happy Christmas card in Europe to this fractured, deceitful mess? Ella, don't give me that.


You know, "greetings from dysfunction junction.

" That one can't go to school because he's too depressed, and this one only goes so she can date her teacher.

All right, that's it.

I'm calling the police.

No, you're not.

Why not? Because we have a daughter whose reputation will be ruined just as much as his.

She just got done doing community service last week! - Ella, I really think-- - No! Stop! It is hard enough for her to walk through this town.

The bell tower, and then the shovel.

Do you really want to subject your daughter to more police scrutiny? Do you want to see him get away with this? Of course not.

But before we pick up our torches and pitchforks, let's take a moment and figure it out.

I want to protect Aria.

We raised her to be independent and open-minded, and we don't get to be shocked if that is now who she is.


Fitz? Hanna.

What are you doing here? Oh, I picked up a birthday cake from the bakery around the corner.

Actually, could you please leave that open? Um Yeah, sure.

Look, I know what's going down with Aria's parents, and I just want to say that the rest of us don't feel the same way.

Two people who love each other that much should be together.

Crisis hotline.

Can I help you? Yes, we did.

How are you today? I'm glad you reached out again.

Has the situation gotten worse? Much.

I'm in way too deep.

I had to do something.

I-I don't have a choice.

We always have choices.

No, no.

I should have known better.

I just I just got sucked in, and it made me feel like like I finally had some power, and now I-I just can't make this go away without That's Lucas! I never wanted to hurt anybody, but now I have to.

Take a breath.

Maybe I can help you come up with a solution.

No, there is only one solution, and it's not gonna be pretty.

I know what I have to do.

I just hate to do it.

Hanna This is more important than a perfect bow.

Just listen to us.

We both heard the voice.

It was definitely Lucas on the other end.

No, you both heard what you wanted to hear.

Lucas may be able to get his hands on illegal firecrackers, but that don'n't mean he's "A's" evil elf.

Hanna, you don't know that, okay? Lucas hated Alison just as much as Jenna did.

She could have easily recruited him.

It wouldn't take a whole lot of persuasion.


He has been an incredible friend to me.

He brought Caleb back to town.

He's now helping me throw this party.

So he can play you.

So he can gain your trust.

I mean, for all we know, he still sees Alison whenever he looks at us.

No, he's over that.

Okay, well, maybe "A" is pressuring Lucas just like "A" did with us.

I mean, if "A" has something on him-- Did you record this conversation? Do you have any other proof? No, of course not.

Well, then, drop it.

Hanna! It was Lucas that was in the greenhouse.

That's who dropped the phone.

That's who you hit with your car.

Really? Did you see bruises through the telephone too? Lucas has had my back for a long time, okay? He may have had an axe to grind with Alison, but which one of us didn't? - Hanna.


Just leave it alone.

He's too easy of a target.

Hello? Ezra.

You shouldn't be calling here.

No, I-I know.

I really needed to hear your-- I know.

Me too.

But you can't call here any more.

Was she alone? Was there anybody else in that car going to Boston with Jenna? I have no idea.

That was supposed to be me in that car with her.

What happened? I don't know.

She turned on me, Toby.

She does that.

All I ever did was everything she asked me to do, and one day, she decides that's not enough.

When Jenna doesn't need people any more, she gets rid of them.

All I said was, this town is not good for her, and I just wish we could get out of here-- y-you know, move on.

Maybe she's having too much fun settling scores.

Hey, your stepsister's been through a lot, all right? If it were me and I had to learn everything all over again, I'd be curled up in some corner.

She makes the rest of us look like cowards.

I never questioned her strength, just how she uses it.

Yeah, well, you don't understand her.

You're right, I don't.

But it looks like she found some new friends who do.

Oh, yeah? Who are her friends? You could just walk away, Garrett.

I did.

The difference is, I'm in love with her.

And if I have to keep proving that to her, I will.

Are you sure they're up here? Yes.

My mom bought, like, a zillion tiki torches for my dad's 40th, so they've got to be up here somewhere.


Is it worth taking a second shower for? What is all this stuff? Well, the furniture is my Nana's, and the spiders, they came with the house.

That's the food.

Keep looking, I'll be right back.


Hanna? Oh, my God.

"A's" been up here.

Hanna, is that you? It's me.

What are you doing here? Looking for some tools.

Why? To hang the birthday banner.

Yeah, but Why up here? How did you even know to come up here? I just figured they would be stored up here.

You know, some people Some people like to store their tools in the attic.


We don't.

Did Mike need us to pick him up? No.

Gavin's mom was gonna take him home.

They were gonna stop and get a pizza.

You know what? We'll eat somewhere else.

Byron No, there are other restaurants.

Aria, come on, we're not staying here.


Let's just go somewhere else.



Come on, we're walking.

I'm glad you called.

I'm here if you need to speak again.


Did you sign up for an extra shift? I could use the help.

No, I'm on my way to a birthday party.

But I got your message about a missing transcript page, and turns out I did stick it in my folder, by accident.


Wow, I'm glad you found it.

Can I ask you something? Crisis hotline.

Can I help you? Can you speak up, please? Crisis hotline.

Can I help you? I-I called there yesterday.

Were you the person who I spoke to? Yes.

Well I've made a decision, and-- and I'm not waiting.

I have to take care of this tonight.

But I just Keep seeing her face and how hard it's gonna be to lose her forever.

Lucas! Are you up there? We will find somewhere.

It's a small town, Byron.

Where do you want us to go for a bowl of pasta, Delaware? Listen, if you would let me go to the police, we could eat anywhere we wanted to.

Can we not have that conversation right here on the town square? Byron? Ella? - Hey! - Hey, Ron! - How are you? - Hi.

We thought you guys were still overseas.

Oh, yeah, we just got back last week.

The kids have been craving cheesesteaks ever since we hit the tarmac, so Boy, Aria, you-- you've really grown up! No.

Well, apparently not that much.

Holden, hey, look who's here.


How's it going? Good.

At least say it in Portuguese.

Pretend you learned something.

Oh, no, he doesn't have to impress us.

You taught Aria how to ride a bike.

That's plenty.

Uh no, he didn't teach me, actually.

True, I broke her training wheels and then she figured out the rest.

Hey, would you guys like to come over for dinner next weekend? We can all cook together.


That'll give Aria and Holden some time to get caught up.


Hanna! Oh, um, Han, did you really order green peppers on 'em? No.

Why? - That's what you got.

And Noel's allergic.

Caleb's almost here! He's early! Who comes to their own surprise party early? I haven't even hung the banner yet! Hey, I'll do it.

Hanna, will you please just look at this picture.

"A" has been here.

"A" has been in this house.

I can't deal with this right now.

Why is this phone not working? The dolls were up there! My attic might be "A's" secret headquarters.

Please just go upstairs, look at that wallpaper-- That wallpaper has been up there for 200 years.

It can wait another day.

♪ Hey.

Did you just get here? Check out this cake.

Hanna really went all out.

When she loves somebody, she doesn't hold back.


I know.

Caleb's a really lucky guy.

So are you.

When you're Hanna's friend, she forgives a lot.

Please don't do something you're gonna regret, Lucas.

Finally! You're here! You have to come up to the attic with me.


I think I just made things worse with Lucas.

I think he knows that I knew it was him on the phone.

Okay, we've got to get him out of here.

Will you please speak to Hanna? She's not listening to me.

Where is she? Mona.


Have you seen Hanna? Do you know where she is? Yeah, she and Lucas just went to set up the fireworks.

What? Where? At the pier across the lake.

They took the boat.

Did they need permission? You know, we're running out of time.

Maybe we should just hang the sign and forget the fireworks.


What? Lucas.

What are you looking at? Why did you stop? What's going on? Do your arms hurt? Here, switch with me.

I'll row.

Sit down.

Hanna! Where are you? Do you think Caleb's here? Come on, let's just go back.

We are not going anywhere.

Let's just forget the sign.

Okay, I'm getting really cold.

I just want to go back.

Can you please turn this around? - Hanna, answer me! - Don't answer that.

Hanna! - Hanna! Lucas, will you please just turn this around? Damn it, Hanna, this is hard enough for me to do, and I need to do this right now.

Forget the fireworks, forget the sign, forget everything.

Okay, if I asked too much, if I took advantage of you, I'm sorry! This is not about the stupid fireworks, Hanna! Aah! I can't see anything.

Can you see anything? No, I can hear things, and that's enough.

Hanna! Answer us! Let's get in the car.

They're probably at the pier.

No, Emily, it's a winding road.

By the time that we get around-- Well, we have to do something, okay? Aah! Hanna! Hanna, answer us! I'm calling the police.

Go inside.

Go! Hanna! Hanna! Hanna! Hey, there, it's Ezra.

Can't talk, but you can, soon as you hear the Hi, it's me.

So, I still don't know what to say about my dad, but I think that my mom might be coming around.

She stopped my dad from calling the cops.

That's-- that's a good sign, right? This is not a goodbye call, this is just a please be patient call.

I miss-- Hey.

What's up? Well, your father and I invited Holden and his family over for dinner Sunday.



I was actually just on the phone with Holden.

Really? - Yep.

Did he call you? No.

I called him.

We were just thinking about maybe getting together and seeing a movie or something.

But if I'm still grounded Well, let me talk to your dad about it.

It it's Holden, you know, it might be okay.

A couple were missing, they said.

Oh, look! - Who's out there? Oh, my God! Han, what happened? Hanna, come here.

Are you okay? Where's Lucas? Where's Lucas? Somebody get a blanket! Hurry! - I've got you.

Is she okay? She swam back! What's going on? Why is everybody out here? Where were you? We took a dip.

What?! Nice night for it.

Is Lucas still out there? Hanna.

What's going on? Surprise.

Oh, my gosh.

No, look, look, look.

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