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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Dr.

Sullivan? She's not here.

Looks like she didn't come home last night, either.

I walked Toby outside and when I came back inside, it was here.

We have five hours to obey our Chucky dolls.

When my dad came back to Rosewood, - he hooked up with my mom.

Is this true? Toby: I thought we felt the same way about each other.

You deserved to be with somebody who can be honest with you.

So I'm sorry.

What do you want? - I think you need to leave Hollis.

What were you and Noel Kahn talking about today? The English teacher? The one you think is so great is having a thing with one of his students.

Aria, have you heard anything about this? I'm not leaving Hollis, but you are leaving Ezra.

If Spencer's parents find out about this, they will ruin you.

I've done everything you've asked me to do.

Those are a set of latitude and longitude coordinates.


Sullivan! There's something down there.

( All scream ) They set us up! Man: Evidence doesn't lie.

We've known all along what the murder weapon was.

Tonight we caught you with it.

I wish I could see those bitches right now.

It's over, Jen.

There's nothing left that can link us to that night.

She deserved to die like that.

( Children laughing, singing nursery rhyme ) Pretty little liar all by yourself ♪ sneak to the park, dig in the dark ♪ telling little lies to make their mark ♪ I think I'm in trouble, I'm in trouble again.

♪ I been a bad, bad girl and it's always the same.

♪ It's a bad situation and it's just gettin' worse ♪ Only an hour and thirty minutes to go.

I think it's more like two hours, but who's counting? How many hours you got left? Six months.

But your momma's not a big-shot lawyer getting you and your pals community service for tampering with evidence.

I thought you said they killed somebody.

That's what the cops think, but the cops can't prove it.

Cops are stupid.

We didn't do anything.

Don't talk to them.

I'll talk to anybody I want to.

No, you won't.

And who's gonna stop me? Both of you just shut up.

I don't want to hear it any more.

Did you at least think about my idea? It was a bad idea when they arrested us, it's a bad idea now.

We finally have something solid.

Why won't you use it? Because you can't make a deal with a rattlesnake.

You can if you have something the rattlesnake wants.

Can we stop talking about snakes? Listen to me.

We're not going to be making any kind of a deal with "A.

" - That's final.

Maybe for you.

The rest of us don't have lawyers for parents.

Meaning what? Meaning your mom may have gotten us a deal, but if they ever figure out a way to charge us for killing Ali, she'll throw the rest of us under the bus to save you And you'd let her.

Hey! You guys, stop! ( All shouting ) I'm in trouble ♪ Whoa! Spencer, stop! I think I'm in trouble ♪ trouble again ♪ Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save.

♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave.

♪ If I show you that I know you won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

♪ - Can you at least try to be civil to her? - I am civil.

Hanna, when you and Emily walk into the same room, the smoke alarms go off.

If Emily's parents had taken her back to Texas, the plea bargain would have fallen apart, you might have gone to jail.

Whatever it is that happened between the two of you Have you talked to dad since the big event? ( Sighs ) Yes.

He still seems mad when he talks to me.

Because he's angry.

He's angry, Isabel's angry I'm still trying to figure out why you did what you did.

I had to stop it.

You stopped the wedding but you didn't stop the marriage.

He went back to Baltimore and got married anyway.

Yeah, in some court justice's office.

Well, at least creepy Kate didn't get to show off at the reception.

Good morning.

Good morning, Emily.

( Sighs ) So, how does it feel to be done with community service? Almost done.

There was a problem in the park.

Spencer and I have to do an extra two weeks.

Well, maybe then things can get back to normal for all of you.

I don't really know what normal is any more.

Having you and Hanna under the same roof, I know how hard this has been for both of you.

I hate to see the four of you drifting apart.

I was really hoping there's be some kind of Thaw by now.

I don't think that's something Hanna and the other girls want.

( Fax machine rings ) Fax is for you.

So, you like this guy? He's okay.

I mean, he's really old, but he's not a jerk.

He doesn't make those listening noises like my first therapist.

He dialed down my meds, and he doesn't look at me like I'm a bobblehead the way I catch mom and dad sometimes.

They do not look at you like you're a bobblehead.

Really? I still catch them looking.

And you too.

Well, we just want you to be okay.

That's tough to do with people waiting for you to turn into a zombie or something.


I always saw you as more of the cute werewolf type.


Hey, Mike.



Haven't seen you in a while.

Yeah, I, um, I don't really get over to Hollis any more.

Have things to do around here.

So, I still have that Ivy Dunbar book that you lent me.

The essays.

I know that you said it's pretty rare, - so you probably want that back.

No, it's okay.

No rush.

As long as I know you have it.

I do.

I really like her writing.


I knew you would.

Mike, would you would you go? Sure.

How are you? - Numb.

Look, I'm sorry.

Aria - No I can't handle it.

My mom thinking that you were with Spencer Don't worry, she hasn't told anybody.

The trouble with the police I can't let anything bad happen to you.

Aria, something bad has happened.

You won't let me see you.

Well We gotta go.

Yeah, I gotta go too.

It was great seeing you, Mike.





What do you mean you're not coming? I'm here.

I'm waiting for you.

Um, I should probably go.

We'll talk later.


Are you back for more drivers ed? Uh, actually I was hoping to see Jenna, but she's staying home today.

You two make an interesting couple.

Has anybody ever mentioned that? I mean, I liked it better when you guys were keeping it a big secret.

Now all the mystery's gone.

It was never secret.

It was private.

When the time was right, we let people know.

Yeah, well, timing is everything.

You keep saying things to me like they're supposed to mean something.

No, no, just that it's interesting, you know, the timing of things.

Like the shovel that killed Ali turns up, and all of a sudden you two are holding hands in the town square.

Look, just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean they're connected.

Well, you know all about things being connected, don't you? Again, is that supposed to mean something? You know all about connections.

Like you're connected to Jenna and Ian and Jason Almost like you guys are members of the same club.

Hey, where is Jason, anyways? Nobody's seen him since the night we were arrested.

He was at the police station, and then all of a sudden he's gone You were there that night.

Do you have any ideas? Maybe he got tired of you and your friends and he just went away like Dr.


All my blood levels are good, the ulcer's completely under control.

I'm totally okay to swim again.

See? No exercise restrictions.

That's really great, Emily.

I can be at practice tomorrow.

I hope we can work something out.

It's already worked out.

I've got a clean bill of health.

You've got it right in your hand.

It's not just about your health, Emily.

Being on a team is a privilege, not a right.

You know what I'm talking about, don't you? I'm almost finished with community service.

We have to think about what it means to the team the sort of signal it sends to the other schools if we let you back.

What exactly are you telling me? I'm telling you it's not my call.

I have to talk to the principal.

I'm sorry.

Um, this is my extra-credit report on Vonnegut.

Thank you.

So it's okay? I look forward to reading it.

Hey! - Sorry.

Stop it! I'm tired of making allowances for you guys.

You're supposed to be friends.

Now go sit down.

( Cell phone plinks ) ♪ ♪ The first time I see him in weeks, and I can't say anything.

Because of Mike? No, 'cause I just I can't.

There was nothing you could do.

You had to break up with him.

I know.

We've all got somebody we want to protect from "A.

" And on top of all that, you've got Jackie the ex to worry about.

What did he ever see in her, anyway? - I have no idea.

Maybe she was a late-onset psycho.

Well, we'll take care of Jackie, but right now we just have to do what Spencer said, just slay one dragon at a time.

Okay? Okay.

♪ Hey.

I found another one.

Oh, no.

What can I say, you were on the side of the road for a month and there are a lot of cellphones in the world.

People take pictures.

But why do they have to take pictures of me in an orange jumpsuit picking up beer cans? - This one wasn't so bad.

You looked at them?! I have to look at them if I'm gonna find them and get them taken down.

Show 'em to me.

No, no.

Don't show them to me.

Okay, let me look.

What's that? - Uh, nothing.

Oh, God, I look like a demented creamsicle.

It'll be down by tomorrow.

Look, you have been amazing, and I'm so, so grateful to you, but you're never gonna find all of these, are you? Look on the bright side.

It is the Internet, you're up against talking dogs and people eating bits of sofa cushion it's way more interesting than a pretty girl in an orange baggie.

I do not look pretty in these pictures.

You do.

Sort of.

In a post-apocalyptic-rag-tag- band-of-survivors kind of way.

Okay, now you're just trying to make me feel better.

And how is that working? Surprisingly well.

I thought it was a good way to talk about architecture in context.

I mean, people lived in these buildings.

It was the real world for them.

Anything that gets people reading Henry James is fine by me.

Yeah, and we could combine classes.

We'll show 'em The Heiress.

Count me in.

( Cellphone rings ) Is everything okay? I never used to wince when my phone went off.

Now I've got judges and lawyers on my speed-dial.

It's a different world.

How are you holding up? One day at a time.

Families get through much worse than this.

Everybody's been very polite about what happened, very sympathetic And I hate it.

I know that underneath it they're just glad it wasn't their kid that got in trouble.

I guessI know Aria well enough to believe that she would never do anything to hurt you and Ella.

Well, nobody starts out to hurt anybody.


No, they don't.

You should come back over.

We'll finish that dinner.

And that scotch.

I would love it.

All right, I'll talk to Ella.




You okay? Yeah.

You stopped picking up your cell, and I didn't want to call the house.

Well, my folks are in Philadelphia with Melissa.

Something wrong? They wanted her to see a specialist.

There's something irregular about her heart rate, so she's having tests done.

You okay out here alone? Yeah.

You're finished with community service, right? Well, no.

They tacked on two more weeks.

Why? Because Emily and I had a fight.

Wh-what's going on? You're best friends.

I'm getting really tired of people telling me who my friends are.

Well Two weeks is close enough.

That's beautiful.

I made it for you.

I can't take it.

Why not? - We've been over this.

I told you the night they arrested you, I'm not walking away.

Do you hear what you just said? - The night that I was arrested? - I don't care.

Well, I do! Please, Toby, I do.

You have to stay away from me! I can handle your father.

This isn't about my father.

Then what is it? I don't want you "handling" my father.

I don't want to have to look over my shoulder and find you there.

What I want is for you to forget about me.

If you really want to worry about somebody, why don't you worry about your sister and that cop boyfriend of hers? ( Owl hooting ) "You were always my favorite.

Want to make a deal?" "A" took the bait.

We pulled it off.

"A" totally think we're not friends any more.

They think that we have real evidence.

Does it bother anybody that we don't actually have anything, - we're just making it up? - But Jenna and Garrett don't know that.

I just scares me that Emily's doing this alone.

She's not gonna be alone.

We'll be outside.

Yeah, but it's just the four of us.

Every time we ask someone for help, they end up collateral damage.

Like Dr.


Or a traitor, like Garrett.

It was so creepy to have to talk to him, but it was totally worth it to rattle the cage.

So tomorrow.

And everyone that's watching is going to believe that Emily totally went rogue and that she wants the box that Jason gave me.

The one with the evidence That doesn't really exist.

Are you sure that "A" is gonna follow Emily? Absolutely.

I'm the weakest link.

And the weakest link wants some payback.

So what's the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel? About 12.


Did you miss me? He follows her around like a trained monkey.

It's worse when he comes to the house.

I didn't see Jenna.

Is she here? Must be in the girls' room.

Still supporting the Sharks? They're swimming against Rollins High.

Thought I'd make some noise.

Can I ask you something? - Sure.

What the hell is going on with Spencer? You'll have to talk to her about that.

She's not talking.

I really can't help you with Spencer.



Don't you shut me out, too.

I'm not shutting you out.

It's just not good for any of us right now, Toby.

Jackie: What are you doing here? You've got a very short memory.

We had a deal.

You were going to stay away from him.

I did stay away from him.

We broke up.

I'm just returning a book.

Returning a book.

I saw.

Look, I didn't I didn't leave it.

I was taking it with me.

I can show this to your father too.

You think I won't do what I promised? This is your game.

You picked the rules.

She said she'd destroy you, she'd go to my dad and he'd have you fired.

At least I know why you broke up with me.

Before Jackie, I don't think I understood how How dangerous it was what we were doing.

Did you stop because of Jackie? Or because you were afraid? I was afraid for you.

I didn't want to see you get hurt.

I should have told your mother the truth about us at the police station.

You tried.

I should have tried harder.

But I saw that look in her eye, that steely "I know what you've done" look, and I folded.

I know that look.

I have to go.


I'm not gonna let Jackie destroy anything or anybody.

She means what she said.

You still trust me? Yeah, I do.

Then there's something you and I need to do this afternoon.

( All cheering ) ( Cheers in distance ) Hey.

You're missing all the action.

Too much chlorine.

You allergic? - Intolerant.

There's supposed to be a difference.

Hey, listen, I wanted to say thank you for keeping an eye on Hanna while I was away.

How's California? Different.

And the new family? I still sort of feel like a foreign exchange student, but I like them.

And they seem to like me, so What's not to like? So, are you going back for good? Hmm.

It's complicated.

My mom gave up her parental rights.

You can't just change that.

Well, that's what lawyers are for.

I thought I would stay here and finish out the school year.

And then what? - Figure it out when I finish.

But hey, if you can't put me up, I'll totally figure something out.

No, you're more than welcome to stay with me.

I was just wondering how long you'd be around.

So, have you thought about the future? Lucas, I owe you a lot, but right now you're talking like a guidance counselor.

You don't owe me anything.

What do you mean? If you hadn't talked me into coming back to town, - none of this would have happened.

That thought did occur to me.

If I make plans, you'll know about them.

I'm not the one you need to keep in your plans.

Don't worry about Hanna, okay? ( Cheers from swim meet ) Hey, it's last event, the last heat.

Where is Aria? We said that we were gonna do this together.

I'm sorry.

It's complicated.

So is this.

I'm here, okay? ( Chatter ) Okay, it's every man for himself.

I want the box that Jason gave Aria.

Well, you're not gonna get it.

Guys, Spencer's only looking out for herself.

We have to cut a deal with - Shut up, Emily.

Where is it? - It's safe.

Where? - Don't tell her.

It's hidden, and it stays hidden until I want it found.

You forget, we all learned how to keep secrets from the same person.

I bet I know where it is.

Good luck.


Let's get out of here.

( Cellphone plinks ) ♪ I wanted to clarify something.

We wanted to tell you something important.

I'm in love with your daughter.

I love Aria.

( Clears throat ) We met before school started this year.

Mike, you should go back upstairs.

I wanted you to know that this started before Aria was - assigned to my class.

What started? What do you mean, before she was "assigned" to your class? She wasn't my studentThen.

She wasn't your student then? This can't be true.

It is.


I love him.

This was going on This happened while you were her teacher? - Yes.

Do you understand what your staying? - Yes, I do.

No, I don't think you do, because if you did, you wouldn't be standing here.

You wouldn't dare! Aria, go upstairs.

Take Mike with you.


No, I'm staying here.

If this is true, what you're telling us It is.

No! What I'm hoping can happen is that No.

What is gonna happen is, you are gonna leave this house right now.


Montgomery - End of conversation.

Dad, just - Aria, no.

Byron - I am not asking you.

I am telling you.

Mike! Maybe you should go.

And you knew about this? I did not know about this.

I thought I knew about Spencer Hastings.



I saw them together, and you heard the same rumors I did.

And you talked to him about Spencer? - Yes.

And he lied to your face.

Well, maybe I didn't give him a chance to tell me the truth.

Well, this is not about telling the truth.

This is about what he did.

He's finished.

The man is finished.

Well, I suppose he is.

You suppose? You were here, you heard what he said.

Of course I did.

When what's left to suppose? It's just I realize that this happened when we came home.

That has nothing to do with this.

I'm just trying to understand what she was thinking by getting involved with a teacher.

Well, this is not about what she was thinking; This is about what he did.

We're talking about someone who should have known better.

It shouldn't have started, but it was his responsibility to stop it.

Can I say something, please? Of course you can.

Don't make up your minds right now.

You can't figure out in one night what I'm still trying to understand myself.

I love you So much.

I love him too.

So please, just just imagine for one minute that this is real, because it is, I swear that it is.

Just go to your room, Aria.



Go upstairs.

Don't be angry.

Angry doesn't begin to describe how I feel about you right now.

Who said you could come in? Ezra, you were making a terrible mistake.

I had to do something to wake you up to what was happening.

Bad idea to wake a sleepwalker.

What happened to your lip? You told her parents.

Did Professor Montgomery hit you? No, that's what her brother brought to the party.

What did you expect was gonna happen? Go away, Jackie.

She's a teenager And you were her teacher.

Get out.

There's nothing I want from you.

And I will not let you do anything to her.

So get out.

Emily left ten minutes ago.

I'm almost at the door.

I'm going now.

I'm trying to think of what we're forgetting to bring.

I think we're all set.

I'll see you soon.


Hanna You can't go anywhere right now.

Your father's on his way over.

He wants to talk to us together.

You want to give me a hard time, that's one thing, but you can't treat Emily like that.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

What is going on is between Emily and me, - so just forget it.

Forget it? I'm just gonna watch two people I care about rip into each other? Right.

I'm gonna do that.

For everybody's sake, just stay out of it! Stay out of what, Spencer? After everything that's happened, how can you just stand there and tell me there's something I'm not supposed to know about? What do I have to do to make you leave me alone? Tell me about the night you found the shovel.

I told you! I told you what hap Yeah, you said somebody tricked you into finding it, and I believe you, but ever since that night, - the four of you have been acting like - Acting like what?! Like Ali is still running things, playing you against each other.

Today at school, you sounded just like Ali when you talked to Emily.

Jenna always said that you wanted to take Ali down, replace her.

I didn't think that was true until today.

It's not like that.

Then what is it like? I can't do this! Don't ask me! Spencer No! Don't ask me now! Ask me after tonight.

What difference is one night gonna make? It could change everything, but I need you to let me go.

And I need you to promise that you won't follow me.

Congratulations again on getting married.

Thank you.

Well, at least now you won't have to send back all your gifts.



You're not the only one that's angry here, Hanna.

There's plenty of that to go around.

That's something we're gonna deal with, and we're gonna deal with it as a family.

Which family? That's one of the things we're gonna work on.

Which is why I wanted to talk to you at the same time, in person.

I made some arrangements, we're moving back to Rosewood.

"We"? Me, Isabel, Kate.

Kate's going to be in Rosewood? - Mm-hmm.

Is she going to school here? - Yes, she is.

Dad, how could you do that to me? Because he loves you And this way he can be near you.

Isn't that right, tom? Oh, my God.

He told your parents? - Yeah.

What happened? They sent me to my room.


No, this is not good.

I'll get out somehow.

Where's Hanna? On her way, I hope.

( Cellphone plinks ) ♪ ( Byron, Ella talking in distance ) - Are you going to see him? - No.

But I have to get out.

You better go this way.

There's handholds.

You're gonna have to drop the last four feet, though.

Is this how you sneak out of the house? It's been my escape route for years.

Look, Mike, what's going on with me and Ezra, - it's really - Stop.

Look, I'm sorry I hit him.

But when I saw dad's face, I figured better I do it than him.

I knew you'd be here.

I knew I could depend on you.

You listen to us.

You're always listening.

You know you made a mistake, don't you? It must be driving you crazy.

You're afraid we found something, something in this box.

Something about you.

Do you want to know what we found? Do you want to see what you're afraid of? Nothing.

We found nothing.

We lied to you, and you believed us.

That was your mistake.

( Emily whimpering, shouting ) Aaaah! No! No! Emily! Are you okay? ( Shouting ) You guys, come on! Hanna! My God, I don't believe this! Hey.

You okay? - Yeah, I think so.

Did I just hit what I think I did? - Yes! And now they're gone! We've got nothing! We've got nothing! - Was it Garrett or Jenna? - How could it be Jenna? - I couldn't tell.

Well, was it a boy or a girl? - I don't know! - Any sense of boobs? - Hanna.

What? It could be a clue.

That's not mine.

It's not mine.

It's none of ours.

Do you think when "A" bounced off the car That's "A"'s cellphone.

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