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  02x13 - The First Secret
 Posted: 10/21/11 14:34
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This is how I heard the story.

The twins played so nicely while they waited for their parents to get home.

But they wouldn't get to go trick-or-treat that night or ever again.

Alison! He's gonna go home and tell his parents the story and I'm gonna get fired.

Come on, Hanna, he loves it.

Right? You've been warned.

She lifted the knife high into the air, and then plunged it deep into her sister's chest! A sick smile came across her face as she watched the blood ooze out of her sister's heart.

And they had no choice but to send her away to a home for the criminally insane.

And that's where she remained until yesterday when she escaped and vowed return to Rosewood and stab to death every child who dares to go trick-or-treating on Halloween! Aaaah! Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save.

♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave.

♪ If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said.

♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

♪ So what do you think, Em? Should Hanna be "Cute Britney" or "Bald Britney"? If she wants to be, Cute Britney.

Aria? She's not gonna shave her head.

Spencer, you're worse than my father.


But I did just procure nine votes from the debate team.

Wait, that's a good thing, right? Yeah.

And "procured" means to obtain with special effort.

And "obtain" means to Are you gonna recite the entire dictionary? I think that Hanna should be who she wants to be.


But you better wear the tightest skinny pants you can fit your big butt into.

Ben? He's all about me going as a sexy cop for Halloween.

But I'm thinking Indian girl.

What a shame.

All that testosterone and not a sheep in sight.

Careful, Alison.

I get your jokes, but someday you might meet a guy who doesn't.

So am I gonna see you at my party on Friday? Um, I didn't know we were invited.

Your Ali's friends, right? Come prepared to be scared.

Did we just get invited to Noel Kahn's Halloween bash? I'm a little embarrassed by how excited you girls are.

It's just a party.

Ali, it's not just a party.

It's the party.

You're right.

And I'm happy we'll be there together.

We should get ready together.

Spence, you've got the biggest bedroom.

Let's have it there.

Is that cool? - Yeah.


Hold up.

I think there's somebody in there.

Are you just trying to scare us? No, I swear, I just saw someone in the window.

Well, kids go in there all the time around Halloween.

It's like a rite passage in this town.

I wish they'd just tear this place down already.

Every time I walk by here I get the creeps.

It's just an ugly old house, Aria.

I can't explain it.

I just I feel like something really bad happened here.

There's nobody in there.

Come on.

Are you moving? My dad got married again.

They're moving in.

Are you okay with that? It hasn't been that long since your mom It was a year ago last week.

You said "they.

" Does she have any kids? A daughter.

What's she like? She gets what she wants.

Damnit! Noel! Admit it.

You were scared.

You need to bring that to Halloween.

I'll bring a lot more than that.


Lady G? I wasn't gonna dress up this year, but I got invited to some party, so Whose party? Uh, Noel somebody.

Noel Kahn.

I'll be there.

And I'm going as Lady G.


She's so new, I thought I was being original.

You still have time to pick something else.


You're right.

Maybe I'll see you there.

I know who you'll be.

And you'll surprise me.


I'm Alison.

I know.

I'm Jenna.

♪ Freak! You think I'm photogenic? My grandmother was a sweater model.

I look like her? Of course, she's old now and she smells terrible.

But I don't have to see her much 'cause she lives in Georgia.

My turn.


It's HD, so The image is perfect, right? I like what I see.

It's perfect, Spence, it's got humor, heart, it's inspiring I wish I could be there to hear it.

Wow, Spence, you got Melissa's stamp of approval.

Must be a good speech.

Well, it better be.

My parents are already planning my victory party.

I guess that's what happens when you've got a perfect older sister.

No, Alison, that's what happens when you're a Hastings.

I didn't make the rules.

Besides, Spencer deserves to win.

Her agenda is top-notch.

Thanks, Melissa.


It's comforting to know that Spencer can count on you.

So, Melissa, did you tell Spence what we decided on for Halloween? Bonnie and Clyde.




He's in a meeting.


Yeah, I was just leaving him a note.


Yes, I forgot my briefcase again.


Mom saw it in the kitchen.


Hey, Meredith.

Didn't realize you were here.

I needed a quite place to read.

Hope that's okay.


So, um, want to grab a coffee or something? I can't.

I promised mom I'd be home for dinner.


Well, see you in class.



What's her story? Students crash here all the time.

'Cause you're so cool.

Yeah, 'cause I'm down with that.

Come on, gimme a break.

He's out there! He's waiting for us! He's coming to kill us! We're gonna die! Don't answer it! Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello, is anybody there? Were you at the costume shop today? - Alison? - Did you send me a text? No.

Why? Ali, what's wrong? Forget it.

I've gotta go.

Everything's fine.

Your mom didn't do anything wrong, she did the right thing.

I had a few Martinis at the grill.

Then she wisely accepted my offer to drive her home.

So here's your keys.

Thank you, officer.


I'm glad I could help.

And it's Darren, by the way.


I'll take it from here.

Good night.

Good night.

I'm sorry, Hanna.

So what? You had too much to drink.

Who cares? No, not that.

About the mess we're in.

I should have seen it coming.

I'm not gonna let you feel bad for what dad did to us.

He's the one who should be rotting in hell.

Okay, stop.

He's still your father.

How bad is the mess we're in? I will take care of it, honey.

You remember what I told you, right? She's pretty ugly.

How ugly is pretty ugly? Hideous.

And don't even get me started on her big ass.

Don't forget to buy your Halloween festival tickets.

If you haven't cast your vote for sophomore class president, you have until fifth period to do so in the multi-purpose room.

Em, you need to go talk to Ben.

What's going on? - He's been telling all of his guy friends that you guys had sex last weekend.

What? Em, I will go over there with you.

Let's shut this thing down right now.

Aria, don't.

Emily, you can't just ignore this.

Em? Oh, my God.

Is it true? - Why didn't you tell us? - Tell us what? Hi, you guys.

If you ignore it, it will go away.

Ben's telling people we had sex.

What? And he's still breathing because? It's true.

I can't believe Emily lost her vee before any one of us did.

Why is that so hard to believe? I didn't mean anything by it, I just thought you were a prude.

Shy on the streets Sexy in the sheets.

I knew there was something different about you.

Alison! Do you hear Mona? Hey, Aria! Hey, guys! Is she ever gonna get a clue? What a dork.


Isn't that your dad's car? Ever heard of knocking? You want to keep me out, put a lock on it.

What are you and your stoner buddies doing behind your locked door? You really want to know? Gimme twenty bucks.

I'm buyin' the beer tonight.

Twenty bucks for a secret? You're so cheap.

We're making a movie.

What kind of movie? If I told you that I'd have to kill you.

This was on the porch.


"It's my turn to torture you.

" Did you find anything good? Well, I could be a maid for the Hacken family, or a nursemaid for a dirty old man.

This is interesting.

Mom, it's that cop.

Wait in the kitchen.


Ran into the mailman out here.


Thank you.

I patrol the neighborhood, so I thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing.

I'm fine.


And your daughter, she's all right? - We're both fine.

I'm sure it's not easy to adjust to living without a man in the house.

We're adjusting.

Well, listen, if you ever need anything, I'm available.

I think you might have misunderstood the situation last night.

I just needed a ride home.

This is just me, trying to be nice.

Thank you.

You should watch yourself on the roads out there.

What are you suggesting? People are unpredictable That's all.

Have a nice day.

What was that? That was a horny cop.

But I think he gets it.

I'm sure we won't see him again.

I thought you were hanging out with Aria.

She wasn't feeling that great after we stopped for yogurt.


Something happened.

What is it? I've got a friend on the election committee.

I thought for sure you were a shoo-in, but Did I lose? They're still counting But it's gonna come down to a handful of votes.

Ali, I wasn't kidding when I said that my parents have already planned this party.

They booked a room, they've invited like half the club.

I'm sure Melissa's made a few of those calls.

Wake up, Spencer.

The big sister act is just thatan act.

And she's such a martyr with the Hastings family crap.

She works so hard to be perfect because she doesn't want your parents looking beyond the glow of her halo.

She doesn't want them to see you.

Melissa's just trying to survive in this family, just like me.

Are you sure about that? Because it feels like she's winning, and you're not.

If I lose tomorrow, Ali Look, if you really want this I can make it happen.

I don't want it, Ali I need it.

I've been calling you all afternoon.

Where's mom? She took Mike to the movies.

Are you okay? What does she know? Nothing.

How could you do this to her? Listen What you saw was the end of something, not the beginning.

She's transferring out of my class.

I won't see her again.

And that's supposed to make it okay? NoNo.

But I'm hoping that it's enough for you to realize that you don't need to tell your mom about this.

Seriously? Then you're asking me to lie for you? I made a mistake.

But it doesn't have to be any bigger than it is right now.

Would you still think it was a mistake if I hadn't seen you with her today? Yes.

All I'm thinking about right now is your mom, and this family.

It's too late for that.

Aria, you have every right to be mad at me.

I'm just hoping that this can be less about that and more about protecting your mom.

I don't think I can ever forgive you for this.

I'm so sorry Well, I will respect whatever your decision is.

I know a doctor if you want to go on the pill.

He'll see you without telling your mom.

I don't need to go on the pill.

You can't be too careful, Emily.

I mean Juno was a cute movie, but I wouldn't want to live it.

It's not that.

I don't need to go on the pill because I'm not having sex.

It was that bad? It didn't happen.

Ben and I made out, but I didn't give it up.

Then why is he telling people he took the VIP tour to Neverland? I don't know.

What aren't you telling me? It's no big deal.

Eventually we'll do it, so people can think it now or they can think it later.

I can't figure you out.

Can we just keep this between us? I don't want to keep having this conversation.


Will you stop stressing? I took care of it.

Took care of what? I helped her with her acceptance speech.

Easy on the coffee, Spence.

Your hand's already shaking.

Are you kidding? Spencer bleeds caffeine.

You okay, sweetie? I'm fine.

What's wrong, Aria? How's your mom? Ali.

I-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Ali.

Don't touch me.

It was just an accident.

Is that what the doctors told your mom and dad at the hospital? What? I've heard the stories about you, Hermie.

My name is Lucas.

You'll always be Hermie to me.

Do you still have both? What are you talking about? Come on, girls.

Both what, Ali? - Parts Hanna.

He's half-guy, half-girl.

One day she'll get what's coming to her.

Students, the wait is over.

To say it was a tight race is an understatement.

Winning by two votes, please congratulate Spencer Hastings, your new class president! Hey.


Where's your costume? I'm just not really feeling like going to a party, but I wanted to see you guys all dressed up.

What's this about, Aria? Oh, my gosh! You guys! There's somebody out there.

He's watching us.

Oh, my God.

Who is that? I'm so creeped out.

Whoever it was, they're gone.

That was freaky.

It's Halloween, Hanna.

Don't you love a good scare? It's probably the pizza guy.

Hurry up before he leaves.

I don't want to go down alone.

I'll go.

Yeah, me too.

I'm hungry.

Can I talk to you, Aria? Yeah.

Nobody likes a downer, Aria And since you saw your dad kissing that tart, you're like an energy suck every time you walk into a room.

Ali, I'm kind of dealing with a lot right now.

Can you cut me some slack? - Are they getting a divorce? - No.

If I were your mom - She doesn't know.

I knew your dad would talk to you out of it.

I'm so overthinking about this.

I just want to go to a movie and bury my face in vat of popcorn.

You committed to this party, Aria.

There's gonna be a gazillion people there.

Nobody's gonna miss me.

I will.

Well, I appreciate that, but I just You know, it wasn't easy scoring you an invite.

A week ago Noel Kahn didn't even know your name.


Yeah, I get it, okay? I just I'm sorry.

I didn't tell the girls about what happened.

I'm sure you appreciate that.

I doThanks.

Are you sure we're the only ones who saw them? I'd hate for your mom to find out from someone else.

Would you actually do that? Trick or treat, Aria.

oh yeah yeah ♪ yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah ♪ yeah yeah ♪ oh yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ The band's gonna take a break, they'll be back in a few.

Is the doctor in? - Actually, I'm a gynecologist.


Care to make an appointment? Hot chick, Britney, hot witch, hot Indian chick - And, uh - Mary Queen of Scots.

He doesn't know who that is.

Does anybody? She was born to be queen, but her cousin stole the throne, and then she was accused of treason and her family had her executed.

It's my song, let's hit the dance floor! Oh, my God, another Lady Gaga? Who is that? Jenna.


Do I know you? No, but you will.

You guys are so nice, - I already feel like I belong here.

Rosewood's a friendly town.

I decided to wear my original costume.

You look great.

Maybe even better than me.



You say "froggy," they jump.

They're not as dumb as they look.

They know they need me.


I can make it really easy for you to fit in here.

If I accept you, everybody does.

I know how it works.

We're a tight group, but I think there's room for one more.

I really appreciate the offer But I like to pick my own friends.

You're definitely the best Gaga.

Better not tell Alison that.

She doesn't scare me.

I'm Jenna.

I'm Mona.


I saw you talking with that new girl.

What were you guys talking about? Nothing.

She's a slut.


You should get rid of the evidence.

I thought you'd look at them first.

You'd be surprised to know who your friends aren't.

I'll watch this for a minute ♪ it could change in seconds ♪ Why do we have to go to the woods to get a drink? Why can't he have a keg like a normal person? Because he's not just a normal person.

He's Noel Kahn.


Well I guess we made a wrong turn somewhere.

I'm not that thirsty anymore.

Okay, let's just go back.

Were you wishing you could taste her cherry chapstick? What? Don't worry, Em.

Your secret's safe with me.


Have you seen Ali? Not lately.

Okay I used to think that I was born in the wrong century, but now that I've actually gone to the bathroom in this thing Have you seen Ali? Last I saw her she was at the bonfire.

You don't think she'd bail on us, do you? That's weird.

Oh, it's from Ali.

"I'm in trouble.

Come alone.

" What's the address? It's 313 Mockingbird.

I am not going in there.


This is some kind of joke.

She's not in there.

What if it's not a joke? Ali? This isn't funny anymore, Ali.

Alison! It was just the wind.

Come on.

Ali? You guys.

It's locked.

Ali? Did you see him? Is he still here? - Who? - Come on.

Come on.

I don't know who it is.

Ali, what is going on? He grabbed me at the party.

I tried to scream, but he's got a knife.

For real? He said he brought me here to kill me.

I'm calling 911.

He locked me in a closet, and when he opened it, I just freaked on him.

I've been hiding up here ever since.

I'm not getting a signal.

There's nobody out there.

Ali, it's probably just somebody trying to scare you.

Look, I'm tellin you.

It's that guy that was watching us at Spencer's.

He's wearing the same costume.

No we have to get out of here now.

No! I'm not going anywhere until we know that freak's gone! Look, I called you from the hallway, I know I've got a signal there.

Lock the door behind me.


Are you sure? No, Ali, don't.

Don't open this door for anyone but me.

Lock the door.

Help! - Ali! It's jammed! You guys, it's jammed! Ali! Ali! No! Ali! Alison! Ali! - Oh, my God.

Ali! Ali! Ali! Emily, are you okay? Let's go! You guys, please! Move! You guys, come on! Come on! Ali? Ali? Alison.

Look at you four.

You're scared to death.

I totally got you.

It was a hoax.

The zombie was Noel.

Happy Halloween.


Want some, Hanna? Come on, you guys It was funny.

We're not laughing.

Well, you should be.

You guys passed the test.

What test? The way you guys came charging in here I know I can count on you now.

If I really need you, you'll be there for me.

Let's go.

We're missing a party.

♪ Pretty little neighbor ♪ I love you ♪ I feel like we came back to a different party.

I know, everyone's so much older.

What's your sister doing here? Oh, these must be Eric's friends.

He's Noel's older brother.

What that saying? "Boys play with toys and girls play with boys.

" I haven't heard that one.


Who's that guy dressed up as a cop? That's not a costume.

He's a real cop.

Do you know him? No.

Um, I've just Seen him directing traffic.


Who is that? Don't hate me, okay? Are you kidding? It was perfect.

You're not mad? No! The way you shoved me against that wall? You even scared me.

Uh, I'm not sure what you're talking about.


We know that it was you.

Alison told us.

If somebody messed with you guys, it wasn't me.

My brother took the car for a beer run.

I've been stuck here all night.

If you're lying to me - I'm not.

If it wasn't you ♪ Who is it? It's a secret.

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