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  02x11 - I Must Confess
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" You're not allowed to tell anyone anything that we say in here, right? Unless you tell me something that leads me to believe that you're a danger to yourself or someone else.

I thought you were getting your own room? That was before the pipes went off behind the walls.

They didn't fix the pipes, so we're roomies till then.




Club? Jason DiLaurentis.





Gary Reynolds.




We see all.

Looking for someone? So which one is "A"? What is "A" is a group of people.

They know about us.

It's only a matter of time before they figure it out.

What is going on? - I said I don't wanna talk about it.

And I said we have to! If it weren't for "Isa-hell" the skank, My mom would be with my dad right now instead of home alone.

Training a horse, it's an art.

Bending its will till it knows your its master.

That's how you're gonna feel when I'm through with you.

There are things that I haven't told you.

And I need to.

Why don't we do this in my office? ♪ Is there something you wanna tell me about Mr.

Fitz? - Are Mr.

Fitz and Spencer involved? - What? No.

♪ Yeah, we weren't sure, we just thought that maybe she-- Yeah, thanks.

She's not at swim practice.

I told you.

She's not allowed near the pool.

Guys, all of her clothes are here.

You think she did something crazy? - Like what? Like jump in her car and burn rubber till she hits Texas.

And leave everything behind? She didn't even take her phone.

I wouldn't either if I were her.

"A" had his/her/its hands around her neck and keeps reminding her! - She hasn't slept in weeks.

Who has? Hanna, did you not see this? Is that you? Yeah, of course it's me.

Well, unless you're Aria's mom, just assume it's Spencer slutting it up.

When did she get that? "Clue Ella in and I'll let you out, "A.

" Give me this.

Aria, chill.

Emily would never send that to your mother.

Well, of course she wouldn't because she can't, 'cause we have her phone and she left in the middle of the night! Where the hell is she? Hi.

I'm ready to talk.


Come in and join us.

Your friends have been worried about you.

Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ Em why didn't you at least wake me? I was sleeping five feet away from you.

I can't keep asking my friends to take care of me.

Emily, look, if you were seriously thinking about goin to Texas I didn't have any plans.

I just knew that the longer I stayed here, the worse it was gonna get.

and I'm not gonna be used as a bowling ball to knock down my best friends.

Emily, we're sitting here because of you.

None of us think that you-- That I'm the weakest link.

Yeah, well, somebody else does.

Who? Who's using you to knock down your friends? Somebody that's been trying to hurt us.

For a long time.

When did these threats begin? Did the texts start coming after Alison's funeral? Before.

At first we thought they were coming from Alison, but then they found her, her body.

And you don't have any clue who this "A" person might be? We do, but We've been wrong before.

"A" is an expert at making other people look guilty.

Do we think this person goes to your school? Maybe, but it's not like we go home and we're suddenly safe.

"A" is everywhere, constantly on us Like a shadow.

And I'm the first person you've told about this? Why have you waited this long to say something? You don't think we should have mentioned her? How could we without spilling everything about that summer? It just kinda makes us look like we're making it all up.

Sullivan probably thinks we're insane.

Guys, after the fashion show, even her parents think there's somebody out there messing with us.

My dad still wants to sue.

Sue who? - Everyone.

Hey, did you bring them? - Bring what? I'm gifting Kate at the rehearsal dinner so she'll forget I talked smack about her and Isabel.

You're giving her a book of horse pictures? Yeah, it's classier than a calendar.

No, classy would be buying something new, Hanna.

She's gonna know that these are used.

No, she won't, and besides, you have a staff that dusts your books.

Oh, look, horse doing a wheelie.

Kate will love that.

Hanna, your step-sister was once entrampled by a horse.

Why do y - It's not about her, okay? It's about my dad.

We're finally getting along, and I'm not about to blow it the week he's getting married.

It's not what we agreed on.

Do we think that she sent me that picture of Aria and Fitz? Yeah, we think she had help from Garrett.

Yeah, but why? It's not like torturing us is gonna give her back her sight.

Plus, the person she really wants to hurt is already dead.

Yeah, well, she probably had help with that, too.

No wonder I didn't recognize you.

Grandma! - You have a salad in front of you.

I've never seen you eat anything green before.

Howdy, girls.

Hey, Gran.

What are you doing here? Don't we have a dinner to go to? That's tomorrow night.

Yeah, well, I guess I just ran a couple stop signs, got here early.

I need your house keys.

They got a little girls' room near here? - Yeah, it's just inside to the left.

Oh, perfect.

Hanna, come with.

She'll be right back.

I just need to wipe the dew from my lily.

Okay, grandma, no.

Walking now.

What does that even mean? - It doesn't matter.

I'm now officially done eating forever.

No, I can't deal with this right now.

You figure it out.

It's not what we agreed.

Maybe we should've skipped Dr.

Sullivan and gone straight to the police.

Garrett is on the force, Em.

Jenna got there first.

How long are we gonna wait until we do something? We are doing something.

He's seeing someone who specializes in teen depression.

Give it some time.

That someone also suggested, given my family history, that he see a psychiatrist.

Someone who can write a prescription.

Again, Mike is not your brother.

No, he is related to him.

Okay, can we cross that bridge when we get there? If we get there? We're there now.

Something has happened to our kid, Ella, and I want him back.

And he will come back.

He just needs a little help finding his way.

And that may not come from a bottle of pills.

Here we go again.

Don't-- - He needs to talk about his feelings, not bury them under medication.

You are not a doctor.

I don't think that's your call.

I'm not saying that some kids don't need them, they do, but one size does not fit all.

I unders-- Hey, what's up? Nothing.

Dad, I thought you had a class? What's going on? Is this about Mike? No.

Grabbing a bite before I head off to campus.

Byron, what is happening to her brother is not a secret.

It affects her, too.

Your father and I have a difference of opinion on what to do about Mike.

And I'm not taking a poll.

Okay, we'll talk about this later.

So was the ocean freezing? Okay, Caleb, go back.

Whose wetsuit did you borrow? Not skeevy.

I'm just jealous of anything getting that close to you.

Uh, can I call you back? My dad's on the other line.

Hey, dad, what's up? Together? No, no, no, I'm totally into it.

It's just-- it'll be fun.

Love you, too.

What was that about? My dad wants me and Kate to toast tomorrow night at the dinner.

Neat trick.

Are you gonna do it? Well, sure, why not? What is your take on this? Why is he tying the knot with that woman? What do you mean? He loves Isabel.

And like my mom says, he deserves to be happy.

Happy? What's happy? Cows are happy, and they end up as sloppy joes.

Hey there, sweetie! Hello, Regina.

Ah, look at your pretty mama.

All dolled up like Condoleeza Rice.

Turn around.

Why are all the bowls out? I was just looking for a better place for them.

It just seemed silly that they're so far from the stove.

Um, dad wants me to give a toast tomorrow night.


With Kate.

I say skip it.

I vote for skipping everything.

What are you talking about? This child does not wanna see her daddy go through with this, and neither do you.

Regina - Tommy is just waiting for you to take him back.

That is not true.

Every time I mention your name, he turns to mush.

Tom thinks you hung the moon, Ashley, and I'll bet that there's someone else here who feels the same way.

Right, Hanna? So this is why you came here early? No, I should've come months ago.

You've gotta fight for your man.

I am not fighting for Tom, Regina.

Our marriage ended a long time ago, and Hanna and I have made peace with that.

I would appreciate if you would drop the subject.

Stop baiting your granddaughter, and put those mixing bowls back where you found them! Thank you very much! Are you lying to yourself, too? Hey.

Mom needs you to go downstairs and help get dinner ready.


Close the door! I said get out! No.

No, I'm not gonna get out.

Mike, you need to let somebody in, and not some stranger online.

Who are are you even talking to? What's going on in here? Nobody invited her in.

I tried.

Mike, turn off the computer and come downstairs.

I'm not hungry.

Did you even eat lunch? Who cares? Just close the door, I'm in the middle of something.


You're done give me the-- What are you doing? Let go! Stop it! Aaah! Mom.

Are you okay? I'm okay.

Um When your father gets home, this did not happen.


Mom-- - I have to tell him that I tripped on the stairs, and you're gonna tell him the same thing.

Mom, you can't just let him-- No.

He cannot know about about this.

This did not happen.

I'll take care of it.

I'm gonna go get some ice, and you need to set the table.

I'm betting it was Gary on the phone, and they were probably having some kind of fight.

I'm still wondering why they were both at Jason's house.

Maybe the "we see everything club" is back in session.

So what's Jenna, then, their mascot? Maybe I could find out more.


Just leave it alone.

Please don't give her a fresh reason to break us up.

It's never gonna happen.

Toby, you say that now, but if she's joined that club-- Spencer It's never gonna happen.

The pressure you're under at this point can be overwhelming.

Choosing the right college, getting in, leaving home-- it can all be scary.

A few weeks ago your principal asked me to come and talk about some of the tough choices you're facing.

But how can you make any good choices When you're not in a safe place? Many of you don't feel safe.

You feel like you can't make a move without someone judging you or challenging you Or worse, threatening you.

Bullies have been around since the first caveman invented the club.

When I was in school the attitude was, kids are cruel, but being roughed up a little built character.

Today's bullies can cause a lot more damage.

They have better weapons.

They can keep hitting "send" over and over, and hide behind the anonymity of a text or an email, which is about as cowardly as it gets.

Would it be bad if we ran to the bathroom right now? - Way bad.

Why is she doing this? Shhh! These vicious attacks sent through electronic means may as well be carved in stone.

If you think a college admissions board, not to mention a jury, won't examine the evidence, you're sadly mistaken.

All it takes is for the victims to stop being afraid and decide to speak up And speak out.

Am I the only one who thinks she's made things worse? - Why would it be worse? - Because she just tore our clothes off, basically, in front of the entire school.

She wasn't betraying us, Han.

This is someone trying to help us take down the enemy.

Is your phone back on? - Yeah.

Why? Well, Sullivan finished ten minutes ago, and we haven't heard from the beast.

So that's progress.

Or the quiet before the storm.

What are you looking at? - Hmm? Nothing.

Look, Sullivan's right.

It was time to speak up.

I'll talk to you guys later.

Aria? Did you go to the assembly? Yeah, we all did, Jenna.

Why? Just curious.

What did you think of the shrink's speech? Too little too late, huh? What's that supposed to mean? It's just a shame St.

Sullivan wasn't around when your friend Alison was ruling these halls.

I guess it takes one bully to know another, Jenna.

Could you please move your stick? There are people trying to get past you.

Clare, Alex, I'd like you to meet my beautiful mother, Regina Marin.

She drove in from Cincinnati.

Clare and Alex are old friends of Isabel's from college.

I'm sure I've mentioned them to you.

If you did, I don't remember.

Sure you do, mom.

We traveled to Mexico last year.

Clare and Alex.

I Uhm I don't remember names.

Do you already have these? I can exchange them.

I know I have the receipt somewhere.


I like them.

I just felt really bad about what happened at the stables Some of the things that I said and how I treated your horse.

I thought he was the one who bit you.

Yeah, well, I had it coming.

I'm not exactly proud about what I said to you on the phone, either.

Is there any way that we can just start over? I mean, this whole situation is weird, any way you look at it.


Before it was just me and my mom, and now there's Tom And a seat always up on our toilet.

Should we put that in the toast? Don't feel bad.

She forgets my name too.

No, I don't, Tom.

I'm not senile.

I just already have too many people living in my head.

Hey, you two.

How's it goin'? - Um, we're comin' up with stuff.

That's great.

You're speaking just before dessert, and if you don't, my mother will.

Do you think they have anything harder than this bubbly wine? Could we get two lemonades, please? Do you want to see the dress? The wedding dress? It's here? I'm its baby-sitter.


It's awesome.

It's, like, ridiculous.

Here, let's sit and work on the speech.

You can do most of the talking.

Seriously, I'm way better at nodding.

Oh, no, you don't.

We are so in this together.

What is that? Liquid courage.

Was that vodka? Want some? Ah, I don't think so.

I'm not crazy about speaking in front of strangers, but-- Seriously takes the edge off.

Hit me.

Oh, hi.

I didn't even realize you were home.

You hungry? - Are you sure you want company? - Absolutely.


And I'm the first person you've told about this And I'm the first person you've told about this And I'm the first person you've told about this And I'm-- - Hello? - told about this.

And I'm the first person you've told about this - Who is this? And I'm the first person you've told about this And I'm-- What about the windows? Most devices are planted in the interior walls.

If you're going to the trouble to bug someone, you don't want to be recording traffic.

Are you willing to open up these walls? If that's what it takes, yes.

What'd you find? - Nothing in the hall.

It's not in the hall.

This was taped in this room.

Is there any chance that the client you were treating could have done it? No.

This was not a normal session.

There were several people in the room, the visit wasn't even scheduled.

Maybe if you give us the people's names, we could investigate further-- I can't.

They're clients.

It's confidential.

They're not the ones who made this recording.

You're sure of that? This is the second police report I've filed.

This office was vandalized.

If you're not willing to furnish names, there's not a whole lot we can do.

You'll get a call from Detective Klein.

Sorry about this.

Good night.

Okay, how does this sound "They say that teenagers lose their minds when they fall in love, "and if you've ever been around Tom and my mom, you'd swear they never got out of 11th grade.

" Does that make you want to gag? No.

It's perfect.

And true.

You just left the planet.

Who's your screensaver? Yum.

What is his name, is he coming to the wedding, and does he have any brothers? Caleb, yes, two brothers, but they are five and seven.


I don't think I can wait for them.

Oh, crap.

What? What just happened? It's my Uncle Roy.

Don't-- don't turn.

Just drink up.

What?! Before he comes over, drink up.

False alarm.


We should probably get in there.

We're cool.

Can we get two more of these and some of that coconut shrimp? Okay.

Where would you put a measuring cup if you were a crazy woman from Oklahoma? Can I just ask, why is Mr.

Marin's mother staying with you if you guys aren't married anymore? Believe it or not, we like each other a lot.

I think she likes me more than her own son.

Okay, why would you put a spatula in the same drawer as a glue gun? This must be so weird for you.

Not really.

She gave us a lawn mower for a wedding gift.

No, I mean knowing that the person you were married to is now marrying someone else.



Yeah, it's new territory.

But I'm okay with it.

Why are you okay having frozen dinner with me on a Friday night? Where's Samara? That didn't work out.

Beyond repair? I don't know.

There's still a lot of questions.


I've had those.

I hate to admit it, but if Hanna's father hadn't come back into town, I wouldn't have gotten mine answered.

When the other person isn't there, sometime we tend to make up their side of the conversation.

Which really isn't fair to either one of you.


I've done that more than once.



I give up.

She's gonna have to make me a map in the morning.

Thanks, Emily.

Thanks for making a rough night a little less rough.

Good night.

Hey, there.


Where's your mom? In the shower.

So, has everyone eaten already? Well, define "everyone.

" Mom and I did.

Aria, don't be so unforgiving with your brother.

He may be doing the very best he can.

There's just a lot of stuff that you don't know.

And some stuff I wish I didn't.


You're home.

There's a plate for you in the fridge.

That's okay, I can wait.

So, how's the wrist? Still swollen? No, no, not much.

I think you should have that x-rayed.

No, that's not necessary.

I'm gonna go study upstairs.

Um, could you leave that, please? Hello, Maya.

Hello, Emily.

What? I thought I saw something.

You keep your eyes open? No, it's all right.

I just -- I thought I saw a shadow in the upstairs window in Jason's house watching us.

Never mind.

Uh, my bad.

Here, come here.

No, no.


There are two shadows up there.

What? - Jason's not alone.

I just saw two shadows.

Garrett's probably up there watching with him.

Oh, Spencer.

I wouldn't even be surprised if Jenna was up there, too, holding the cord while they videotape us for their perverted little archives.

Let's just go somewhere else.

No! Dr.

Sullivan's right.

Okay, I'm done running.

They need to know that I'm not afraid of them.

No, no, no, Spencer! No, Spencer, wait! No, no, no, Spencer! Spencer, wait! Dad? Dad What are you doing here? Dad, what are you doing at Jason's house? We were talking about his fence.

No, you're done with that.

You set the town's zoning board's against him.

Let's not do this, all right? Dad, I can't leave this alone! Why are you having secret meetings with this family, first with Alison's mother and now with her brother? I don't have to answer your questions.

Yeah, you kind of do.

Another remark like that, and you'll be looking for a job.

Spencer deserves some answers.

Answers? And just who the hell are you, huh? Did you take this job at my house so you could stir up trouble? Dad, stop.

No, you couldn't wait to run to her and tell her about what you unearthed in our yard.

It was her hockey stick! - It was none of your damn business! None of this is! Now, why don't you get in that truck of yours and keep driving, you got me? Just don't listen to him, okay? - Spencer, don't get in the middle.

I am in the middle of this! Go to the house.

Now! Go to the house.

No, no, Spencer! Spencer! Get out of the car! So, you've been back since About two weeks.

My parents are renting this house in Bucks County.

That's so close! Forty-five minutes to get here? Yeah, close-ish.

So, your parents went to Texas, but you stayed here? Mommy must trust you these days.

Yeah, right.

She's probably got someone watching us right now.

Hey, Pam, how's it going? My mom's not like that anymore.

She's really come around to me being me.

A lot has gone down since I left.

Oh! You first.

No, my fault.

You go.

I guess I'm just wondering What made you decide to call.

When you were still here, I was not in a good place.

I mean, there were things people I was afraid of.

I know.

I was one of them.

You were, and I'm sorry for that, but I'm not afraid anymore, of you, of me, of anyone.

So many things were holding me back, but I'm ready now to move on and make real plans -- Whoa, Em! Slow down.

Now you're scaring me.

Am I? Relax.

I'm not leaving before I get my calamari.

Mike? Hey.

Is mom gonna be okay? Yeah.

Am I? Yes.


This is so pretty.

You know, I -- I want to live in here, don't you? I guess, if you like the sound of flushing.

Can I just say that I was so nervous about tonight, but I'm actually having a lot of fun.

I should've gotten you a real horse book Something big and fat and expensive with, I don't know, pictures of naked boys riding on Ugh.

I need to sit down.

Can you bring the sink over to me? This dress is fierce.

So fierce.

I just love that color.

I love, love, love, love it.

But it makes my skin look green.

It would look so much better on you.

That's not true.

It is true! Okay, yeah, you're right.

Hey, you know, do you want to order, like, a pizza or something? Yes, I will find us something nice and greasy.

I will be right back.

Don't go to sleep.



Still wanna talk? Dad, I'm sorry that I ran away.

I just You remember Alison's grandmother, the one who moved down South? I never met her, but, yeah, Alison talked about her.

Why? Well, she passed away a few months after Alison disappeared, and the DiLaurentises needed an attorney.

The old lady had money, a lot.

And apparently, a week before Alison went missing, her grandmother amended her will, cut Jason out of it.

What does this have to do with you? Jason's parents begged me to change the date on the former will, the one where the old lady left everything to both grandchildren.

Because? They didn't want their son to look like the number-one suspect.

They had a daughter who was presumed dead, and a son who suddenly looked like he had real motive.

My mother pours wine in her chili.

I bet she does.

Where's the vinegar? How much of it do you need? Well, that depends.

Anybody here got a bun in the oven? What? Gram, gross enough? Well, I'm just saying, four tablespoons and you go into spontaneous labor.

How do you think I got your father to evacuate? It's no joke.

Tom was trouble from the start.

It was passing a frozen turkey.

Patrick was just the opposite.

He just fell out like a gumdrop.

Was Patrick your favorite? I don't have favorites, but if I did I wouldn't tell you.

Would you ever disown any of them? Your children? I don't own anybody.

There was a war that took care of that.

Read a book.

But I'm curious.

What would it take for you to really cut the cord? What if you found out that one of your grandkids was, like, plotting to sell a family heirloom and use the money to buy drugs? If anybody I was related to was that deranged, then, yes, our family tree would get some serious pruning.

Are you writing a story or something? Yeah.

Something like that.

That's why she went down to Georgia, to get her to change that will.

Who? Alison.

And then she must've rubbed it in Jason's face the night that she disappeared.

That's why he killed her.

What are you talking about? And be very careful what you say.

We should be going to the police right now.

Spencer, we're not going to the police about this ever.

Why are you protecting Jason? - I'm not.

Yes, you are.

No, I'm protecting myself.

I could be disbarred just for touching that will.

So why would you do it? Why would you break the law for them? It's complicated.

No, why? What does the DiLaurentis family have on us? I think I've answered enough questions for one night.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Oh, my God.

I know this person.


You all right? Dad, what are you doing in here? You can't come in here.

Yes, I can, if my daughter's not well.

Kate's worried about you.

She said you felt sick.

No, I'm fine, I just -- I ate a bad shrimp.

And we're concerned with what you've been drinking.

What have you got there? Is that Isabel's dress? Tom, I'll take care of this.

Let me see that, Hanna.

Dad, it was an accident.

Aw Hanna.

Please tell me you didn't do this.

Tom, go back -- - Mother, stay out of this.

Kate was drinking, too.

We didn't have that much to eat.

Kate is not drunk, Hanna.

Kate is poised and alert and just gave a very touching toast alone! Back off, Tom.

I thought we were past all this, but I guess we're not, are we? You would really do something like this just to make sure this wedding didn't happen.

You know, I would've waited and hurled on the bride.

You can both leave now.

I'll say good-bye for you.

For heaven's sake.

Sweetie, it's okay.

He'll get over it.

Mom, dad? If we're serious about helping Mike, - we need to talk about everything.

Aria Mike hasn't just broken into one house, and I've known about it for a while.

I just kept it to myself because I thought it would help him.

But it hasn't.

And I'm tired of keeping secrets.

I was asked to do it once, and it almost destroyed us.

I don't want to do it anymore.

Who are you calling? Trying to find a 24-hour cleaners.

Aw, honey, try to find an undertaker.

This thing needs to be buried.

I thought you were alone.

Tom said you were on your way out.

I am in a big way.

You feeling better? I brought you some ginger ale.

Is that what sobered you up so fast? Excuse me? Hey! what are you-- You can't do that! Give me that! Those are mine.

May I have my purse back, please? Listen, granny, if I wanted to play airport -- you think you're pretty sly, don't you? This one was guzzling water.

You had the bar all to yourself.

Congratulations, Kate, you settled the score.

But you know what? As soon as I get more than shrimp in my stomach, you are gonna be in a world of pain.

We'll see.

She shoved your head underwater, and you still dated her? Girl, I came back just in time.

Seriously, you did.

Um, I have to take this.

Be right back.


Sullivan? Emily, I'm sorry to be calling this late.

Can you get ahold of the other girls and come to my office now? What's going on? I know who "A" is.

Mm Dr.

Sullivan! Guys where is she? Okay, are you sure that she said to meet her here? I'm positive.

She said meet in her office.

So, where is she? She's not here.

"The doctor is out.


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