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  02x10 - Touched by an A-ngel
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Your panels came back with high levels of HGH.

Human growth hormone? Emily, if you're using a performance-enhancing drug, it's going to show up in your tests.

Can I just say how nice this is-- reaching for your hand and not worrying about who might be watching us.

( Doorbell rings ) - Sorry to interrupt, but it's about Mike.

How was the dinner party? It was fine, till the cops showed up to let us know that our son had been arrested for breaking and entering.

Save the date.

They're getting married in six weeks.

I just spoke to your father again.

He wants you to talk to Isabel.

I'm not gonna be a bridesmaid.

What do you want from me? - The truth.

What are you gonna give me? We'll make sure the video stays in a safe place.

Should I be worried about you and this Jason guy? No.

The truth is, I do care about you.

What is this place? It's Jason's darkroom.

Whose face is this? Oh, my God, it's Aria! They're all Aria! ( Indistinct chatter ) Why is your phone turned off? I was trying to reach you all night.

I'm sorry.

I was avoiding someone's call.

I need to talk to you about Jason.

Well, I need to talk to you about Jason.

He kissed me.

Aria! I know, it was a mistake.

Look, I was trying to figure out a way to tell you guys.

I totally don't know how to tell Ezra.

Do I even tell him? Aria, Jason had pictures of you.

Creepy pictures.

What? Spencer and I found a darkroom in his woodshed.

He developed photographs of you sleeping - Sleeping?! - Sleeping or drugged.

Okay, well, I'm officially terrified.


'Kay, it's about time.

And for the record, I never bought Jason's whole act-- Hanging around here, pretending to be concerned about at-risk youth, using your brother to get to you.

Hold on.

He really did help Mike.

So he could get in your house And kiss you! Wait, what? - You're kissing him now? - No he kissed me.

Thanks, Em, I really needed that, on top of everything else.

Aria, he's dangerous.



I gotta go.

Did you know about this? I knew that they were connecting, but I promised I wouldn't say anything.

It's okay.

Sometimes you have to hurt someone to help them.

[Man on PA:] The sign ups for the college fair will be held - all day in the cafeteria.

So Ready for the college fair? No, I'm not staying.

I promised that I would pack up the rest of Ian's stuff before Melissa gets home.

Toby's gonna help me.

So it's a table for one.


♪ ♪ Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save.

♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave.

♪ If I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said.

♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

♪ Morning, sweetie.

Where's Emily? She got up super early to go to swimming practice.

I thought she wasn't allowed to swim yet.

She's not.

She sits by the pool, hoping someone will push her in.

She is not going to get any better doing what she's doing.

Emily needs to heal, inside and out.

Yeah, tell me about it.

She grinds her teeth in her sleep now.

It's like lying next to a buzz saw.

Hanna, compassion.

I have it, just not in the morning.

If I could just find this thing.

Here it is.

Gift certificate, for a massage.

Emily needs it what do you think? All you ever gave me was the two-for-one at the Donut Hut.

Which I appreciated, and I will give this to Em, right when I see her at school.

So What did your father have to say? Nothing much.

May I? "Dear Hanna, "I'm so proud to call you my daughter.

"To have you standing up there with me is the best wedding gift I could imagine.

" Wow.


The ceremony will only be, like, 20 minutes, so it's not that big of a deal.

It is a big deal.

It clearly means a lot to him that you're going.

I just think people make too much out of weddings in general.

I mean, if it needs a tent, it's a circus.

Says the girl who got up at four in the morning to watch the royal wedding.

I had to pee.

For three hours? Look, I know that you are thinking about me and my feelings about all of this.

I love you for that.

But this is a day of happiness for your dad.

I want you to embrace that, in the same way that you would embrace it if I found someone.

Okay? I'll try.

Aren't you late for school? Oh, it's college fair day.

Attendance is optional.

Or not.

Can I talk to you? Hey, yeah, look.

I wanted to talk to you.

Why do you have those pictures of me? What? My friends said they found pictures that you took of me sleeping.

How did you even take them? Did you, like, climb a ladder up to my window? Hold up.

Your friends are the ones who broke into my darkroom? So what? The point is, they found the photos-- photos you didn't want found.

Man, I swear, this town never changes.

People would rather sneak behind your back than ask you a direct question.

I'm asking you a direct question right now-- Why did you take them, and when? I didn't.

Ali did.

Why would Ali take pictures of me sleeping? Got me.

I don't know what goes on at slumber parties.

Look, I found a roll of her film in the house, so I developed it.

Okay, well, why were all the pictures missing when my friends went back there? Spencer said the whole darkroom was gone.

That equipment is expensive, so I moved it into the house until I could get a new lock.

And the prints were gone because I was having them framed.

As a gift.

For you.


So Anything else you want to accuse me of? ( Sighs ) Jason, you have to admit, this all looks really bad.


I can see that.

Ann? - Hi! What brings you here today? I have a meeting with your principal.

An upcoming presentation.

How's Aria? Better, I think.

Thank you.

Actually, I was wondering if I could talk to you about my son, Mike.

Oh, okay.

He goes to school here.

He's 14, and he's just become very withdrawn-- doesn't want to go to school, he doesn't really come out of his room.

And he was caught breaking into a house.

Did he talk to you about it? No, he won't talk to anybody, but I was hoping that he might talk to you.

Well, I don't usually recommend that siblings see the same therapist, but why don't I come up with a few people who might be right for him? Hey! Good to see you again.

I'll see you over there.

Shall we get the other box from your car? Actually, I was just thinking we could put one down here, let the kids scavenge through them like hungry pigeons.

Well, you know the student body better than I do.


I'll help you.



I wanted to give you this before I leave.

Leave? Aren't we checking out booths together? No, you know what? I just had to go to that stupid fitting for my bridesmaid's dress.

What's this? A free massage.

My mom says you need to relax.

I am relaxed.

You can't even turn your head.

Use it.

Anyways, I gotta go.

Mona's waiting for me outside.

( Laughter ) Oh, my God, that was hilarious! I know! Are we hanging out at my house before the meet? I'm there.

( Laughter ) Me too.

What time? Nine.

Bring breakfast.

Or cupcakes! Emily? Thank you.

No problem.

Everything all right? No.

Can I help? I know what you're thinking.

That I couldn't possibly understand the problems you're dealing with right now, but I might surprise you if you give me a chance.

Just because you stopped being my patient doesn't mean I stopped caring about you.

There are things that we I haven't told you.

And I need to.

Why don't we do this in my office? Do you have any time after school today? Yeah.

So, this is weird, huh? Boxing up someone's life.

This is Ian we're talking about.

I think this just became my fondest memory of him.

So, I know why I'm not going to the college fair.

Why aren't you there? - 'Cause I went last year.

You've probably been going since middle school, right? Well, you know the Hastings motto-- "Why enjoy today when you could be worrying about tomorrow?" Hey, check this out.

Ian's old yearbook.

Wait, stop.

There he is.

"Captain of the lacrosse team.

Honors society.

Drama club.

" Yeah, he was quite the actor.




Club"? What's that? Never heard of it.

Yeah, neither have I, and I know every club.

I came close to joining the Madrigals! Let-- let me see this.

It's not in the index of clubs.

So maybe it was some kind of mistake.

Okay, then, how do you explain that? "Ian-- N.





" DiLaurentis? "Jason DiLaurentis.





" Spenc-- Spencer, what is it? I just want to see if anyone else was a member.

Garrett Reynolds.





Ezra: Interested in writing? This pretty much lays everything out.

Please take a pen.

We have so many! Yeah.

We can't usually Use all these.

( Indistinct chatter continues ) I think that my friend Jackie also, uh I tell you what.

I'll be-- I'll be right back.

I'm just gonna-- Wha--? Ms.

Montgomery! Have you considered Hollis college? They have a wonderful arts program, and I think you'll find the teachers are very hands-on, and Aria? Aria, wait.

What's up? Are you mad at me? No, I'm not mad at you.

I'm worried about us.

I just feel like outside forces are kind of taking over.

Forces? - People.

Aria, I don't know what else to tell you to prove that Jackie's not a threat.

You know what? You wouldn't know a threat if it sat in your lap and made you a gin and tonic! What does that even mean? It means that Jackie is interested in you.

She flirts with you every single day.

I-I just saw.

Aria, I work with the woman.

Look, I'm not blaming her.

Okay, it's not her fault.

We've left ourselves open to that because she doesn't know that you're in a relationship-- the same way that no one knows that I am in a relationship.

Yeah, but it's not a problem as long as we know.

I meant it when I said I didn't have feelings for her.

Ok, well, I meant it when I said I didn't have feelings for Jason, but that didn't stop me from kissing him.


That-- that came out entirely wrong.

I didn't kiss him; He kissed me.

I just I didn't stop him.

Jackie: Hey, E-Z, can you get those last box of brochures out of the car? I don't want to leave the booth.



College will be a great experience for you.

It really helps you grow up.

Really? You'll look back and realize just how naive you were.

So, what do you think? Hold on.

Let me stop dry-heaving first.

Okay, it's not that bad.

Kate Moss would look like a water buffalo in that.

All you're missing is cud.

I don't know.

I mean, if I tighten the waist and shorten it a bit, I think it would actually be really cute.

Seriously? Who is this hillbilly your dad is marrying? Her name is Isabel, and can you ease up? So her taste is a little more classic.

Yeah-- classic ugly.

And you know that.

So why are you channeling Pollyanna? Polly who? Okay, you know, it's important to my dad, and, I don't know, I wasn't exactly a charmer the first time I met Kate and Isabel, and I need to make it up to them.

So if that means I'm standing up there looking like Sasquatch, then so be it.

Fine, I get it.

Be nice to her if you have to, but let's face it-- your stepmom-to-be is a jug-blowing hayseed, and so is her daughter Kate.

Hanna? Kate! Oh, hi.

I wish I had known you were coming for a fitting.

My mom just left.

We all could have tried on our dresses together.

That's too bad.

That would have been really fun.

But actually-- - Oh, my God! Is that the new Rebecca Minkoff? I thought they were, like, totally sold out.

They are.

Um, Kate, this is my friend Mona.



So, what are the chances of me running into you today? Like, one in a million? Why aren't you at school? Exams.

All my classes are A.


, so I took mine early.

How 'bout you? Uh, college fair.

But I'm gonna pick out my college the same way I pick out my clothes-- From a catalog.

That's funny.

Uh, listen, um, my older cousins and I are meeting later at a club for some lunch.

Why don't both of you join us? - Oh, we can't.

Oh, I'm starved! Great.

I'm gonna go write down the directions, and I will be back in a sec.

What are you doing? You are not starved! You just had a whole bowl of jellybeans.

They were complimentary.

We're not going.

Yes, we are! You said you needed to make nice with her.

Now's your chance.

So, take your time and get comfortable.

You can lie facedown between the sheets when you're ready.


First time? That obvious, huh? Trust me, you'll love it.

You let me know if the pressure's right.

We'll start easy and see where you're tender.

I'll be back in a few minutes, okay? Okay.

( Door closes ) I just checked a bunch of old yearbooks.

That club isn't mentioned in any of them.

I checked too.

It must be some kind of prank.

What, like seniors get away with murder? There's got to be an answer in all of this stuff.

I mean, Jason, Ian, and Garrett? "N.



Club"? It's got to mean something! What's a nice way to say someone's obsessive? Wait a minute.

Check this out.

Nos Animadverto Totus.




" You took Latin, right? Yeah, and I got a five on my A.


, but I don't remember any of it.

"We see all.

" "We see all.

" "We see all.

" Wait.

We know that Ian liked to secretly videotape the girls of Rosewood, right? Uh yeah.

Well, what if "we see all" means that Jason and Garrett were in on his dirty little game? But what would that mean, other than that they were perverts? It means that maybe Jason killed Alison for the same reason we thought Ian did To get back those tapes.

( Indistinct chatter ) ♪ Mind if I sit down? Uh Oh, come on, you're not still scared of me, are you? ( Horse whinnying ) Okay, are we eating hay? Because I was promised lunch.

So the plan changed.

Yeah, because you had to open your big mouth and mention your amazing summer at equestrian camp-- which, by the way, was news to me.

Okay, how was I supposed to know that Kate would offer to take us riding? Anyways, this'll be fun! Plus, okay, how much are you loving these outfits? I don't know.

These jodhpurs are cutting off my circulation.

Oh Kate: Hey! I'm over here! Can you grab those helmets? Yeah.

Sure thing.

Who's Elizabeth? I am.

You can call her Bitsy.

So, you must be "Marg-ox.

" It's Margeaux.

The "x" is silent.

( Asks question in French ) ( Responds in French ) So, Hanna, have you ridden English before? Oh, no, I'm still learning American.

You mean Western.

What? ( Laughing ) Hanna, you're too much! - Oh.

Ready? - You bet.

( Hoofbeats approaching ) Whoa.

This thing is, uh Bigger than I thought.

Like, extinct animal big.

( Horse whinnying ) If you don't feel comfortable riding, we can always hang out another time.

Oh, she'll be fine.

Why don't you girls go on ahead and we'll join you.

I'll show Hanna the ropes.

All right.

Are you sure? Seriously, I'm like the horse whisperer.


( Sighs ) That feels great.

These are beautiful.

Jason: Yeah.

I didn't know Ali was so artistic.

I barely remember her even taking pictures.

It's strange.

Still getting to know someone after they're gone.

Nervous? Oh It's a bad habit.

Look, I know this isn't an excuse, but my friends broke in because they've been through a lot.

I think we're all looking for answers.

That's how I found this roll of film in the first place.

Where did you find it? I was doing renovations in Ali's room.

I pulled up her floorboard and found a box of her stuff.

What else was in the box? Nothing special.

Girl stuff.

Well then why would she hide it? I don't know.

Hiding things became such second nature for her, I don't think she even knew why she was doing it half the time.

Something becomes a habit, it's hard to stop, you know? So, um Have you found anything else of hers? No.

Just the box.

You can take a look at it, if you want.

It's back at the house.

Or you can just wait for the next break-in from your circle of friends and relatives.

( Indistinct chatter ) Shouldn't we go in there and talk to her? Aria won't listen to anything else that I have to say about Jason.

But I know who she will listen to.



Huh! Can't be much further.

How's your ankle? That was so weird.

I've never seen one bite before.

We lost Kate's horses! They'll find their way back! They're like big dogs.

I've told you this before.

Did you ever even go to riding camp? So I embellished a little bit.

Look, Hanna, the key to survival of any species is adaptability.

Whoa! When there's a nuclear war, I guess it's going to be Mona and a million cockroaches, because you even had me fooled.

Why are you mad? The only reason I'm even here is for you.

I've been working it all day to help you get in good with these girls.

Who are you trying to help here-- me or yourself? What is that supposed to mean? I just couldn't help but notice that once you found out Kate was more country club than hillbilly, you couldn't wait to spend the day with her and her crew.


I hope Caleb comes back soon 'cause ever since he left, you've been a total crank.

Masseuse: Ready to begin? What? My apologies.

Scheduling issue.

I'll tack on an extra 10 minutes.


Weren't you just in here? No.

Someone was in here.

( Emily gasping ) Spencer, do you Need a ride or something? I have to talk to you.

Okay, there's something that I need to tell you, but before I tell you that, there's There's something else that I need to tell you.


I know about you and Aria.

Excuse me? Ezra, you don't-- sorry.




Thank you.

Listen to me.

Aria's in danger.

Okay, she has been hanging out with Jason DiLaurentis ♪ Uh actually, the box is in the woodshed.

Follow me.

You coming? Um no, no.

I'll just wait out here for you.


I'll be back in a sec.

What a complete waste of time! ( Horse whinnying ) I'm sorry I snapped at you.

You didn't do anything wrong.

It's just Kate and her friends think I'm totally clueless.

That's not true.

Yes, it is.

Every time I looked back at them, I got the stink-eye from itsy.



They both hated me.

Hanna Maybe you're just not trying hard enough.

What? Mona, how could you say that? I practically killed myself today trying to make those girls like me.

Why should I even try at all? If it weren't for "Isa-hell" the skank, my mom would be with my dad right now instead of home alone, So Kate, her mom, and those little bitches can go to hell, for all I care.


Hanna Kate.

No, Kate, wait.

( Gasps ) What are you doing here? Your mother let me in.

I thought we had an agreement, but you don't seem to care about that anymore.

What are you talking about? Ian's dead.

Alison's murder has been solved, but you're still digging-- digging like the hungry terrier you always reminded me of.


I got it.

Now, why don't you leave? - I know Toby's helping you.

I know he was going through my room.

You need to stop.

What you're doing is dangerous for you and for Toby.

You expect me to believe that you care about Toby? I do care about him.


Well, I know all about that, remember? Well.

I guess I've said all I have to say.

Thanks for stopping by.

And tell Garrett I said hi.

What are you doing here? I came to get you.

Spencer thought after you left the grill Spencer? You talked to Spencer? She talked to me, and she admitted that she knew about us.

She told you about us? Why would she do that? Because your friends think this guy Jason is dangerous, and I do too.

They told me about the photos.

He had a legitimate explanation for the photos.

Look, you don't have to worry.

He's not a threat.

He is to me.

I don't want to lose you.

Look we started out hiding this relationship so we could have one, but if keeping it a secret is destroying it, then I don't want to keep it a secret anymore.

So, what are you saying? It's time to tell people about us, and I think we should start by telling your parents.

You want to start with my parents? Yeah.

I'd rather they heard it from us.

I'll be right back.




You're giving this to me? Yeah.


So, I should - Yeah.

I know.

You're unavailable.

She knows about us.

They know about us, and she's looking at yearbooks.

It's only a matter of time before they figure it out, if they haven't already.

What do you want me to do? It's time to talk to Jason.


( Sighs ) Hey.

Did dad call? I don't think so, but I just got home.

How was the college fair? I left early to try on the bridesmaid's dress.

Oh, yeah? How was it? Not a great fit.

( Telephone rings ) ( Ring ) Hello? Hey, tom.

( Mouths silently ) Oh? No I didn't know that.

I'm glad it went well.

I'm sure she would love to talk to her.

Kate's coming to the phone.

Kate: Hanna? Hey.

Thank you so much for not saying anything.

I am so sorry Don't apologize.

We're practically family now.

I-I just - Actually I'm sorry about what happened to your horse.


Yeah, that's okay.

You know, training a horse is an art.

You have to work with the animal, bending its will until it knows you're its master, taking all the fight out of it until it truly is broken.

Um That's how you're going to feel when I'm through with you.

Welcome to the family Sis.



What's that? It's a box of Ali's things.

Jason found it.

He gave it to me.

What's in it? Oh, as it turns out, it's just A whole bunch of nothing.

( Objects clatter ) What's up? Oh, I talked to Dr.

Sullivan today, about Mike, and I made an appointment for him to see somebody she suggested.



You liked going to see someone, right? - Yeah.

Obviously, I wasn't very thrilled about going in the first place, but yeah, I actually started to look forward to it.

Can you tell Mike that? 'Cause he does not want to go.


I'll talk to him.

I don't really know if he'll listen to me.

Well, don't let that stop you.

I never do.

And could you maybe possibly tell him how seeing a therapist doesn't make him a total loser? Mom.

I'm on it.


I just I think he needs this.


Actually, there was, um, one other thing.

I feel kind of strange even bringing it up, but, um Earlier this year, there were some rumors about Mr.

Fitz being involved with a student.


And I just assumed it was gossip because he was young, and clearly a lot of students were nursing a crush on him.

But maybe I shouldn't have.

Shouldn't have what? Assumed it wasn't true.

Is there something you want to tell me about Mr.

Fitz and Spencer? What? Are Mr.

Fitz and Spencer Involved? What? No! Why would you even think that? Because I saw them talking in his car, and it seemed intimate.

Well, they're not Intimate.

But would it be so bad if they were, though? You said so yourself-- there's barely any age difference.

Yeah, but, I mean, that 's not the point.

He was her teacher, and if I found out he abused his power like that, I'd be Really disappointed.


Well There's-- there's nothing going on between them, so Good.

You know, I take that back.

I'd feel more than disappointed.

I'd feel betrayed.

( Objects clatter ) ( Door opens ) Here.

Small sips.

You know what the worst part is? If I had just looked up during that massage, we'd know who "A" is.

What did the hands feel like, a guy or a girl? I-I thought like a girl, but Now I don't know.

Do you need to take another shower? No, I think five is enough.

I could use one.

I've felt gross ever since I discovered.

Ian's video's might have had more than one cameraman! That is so creepy.

What's even creepier is that one of those guys has a gun, and a badge.

And a relationship to Jenna, who hates us, and hated Ali even more.

So, which one is "A"? That 's the thing-- ever since we realized "A" made Ian's death look like a suicide, we've been thinking that "A" and the killer are the same person.

What if "A" is a group of people, all playing together for the same team? Or the same club.

( Doorbell rings ) Spencer: That's probably Aria, and my guess is she has something that she wants to say to me.

If I'm not back in five minutes, send a rescue team.

( Cellphone vibrates ) ( Vibrates ) ( Vibrates ) It's nothing.


How is she? She's shaken, but she's still standing.

( Overlapping ) - What was I supposed to do? - I'm not mad at you.

Really? Yeah.

Good, 'cause I just did it because I was nervous, and you're-- you're really tiny, and I love you.

I love you too.

And besides, you going to Fitz, it actually turned out to be a good thing.

Made him step up.

Really? - I'm so glad to hear that.

Don't be too happy.

My mom thinks that you're the one that's hooking up with him.

Wait, what? ( Crickets chirping ) I was wondering how long it'd be before you showed.

In Rosewood, all roads seem to lead back to this house.


I forgot.

So what's on your mind? I just want to make sure we're still cool, Jason.

What does it matter anymore? It's over, right? I'm a cop now.

Matters more than ever.

( Distant siren wails ) Sorry to keep you waiting.

I was trying to reach another patient.

Got a little cold in here.

All right.


What would you like to talk about?

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