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  02x08 - Save the Date
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars".

I spoke to Hanna's mom and she said that she could look after you.

Look at the card.

"What fun "Two little liars under one roof".

"You're making it so easy".


Sorry to interrupt, but it's about Mike.

How was the dinner party? - It was fine till the cops showed up to let us know that our son had been arrested for breaking and entering.

I see you doing sketchy stuff and I worry about you.

You already know more about me than anybody else.

So why can't we just keep it where it is? - A hockey stick? - Part of one.

And it was buried? I thought it was some old junk till your dad saw it.

You can't burn that.

I can do whatever I want with junk I find on my property.


Stop it! Look, from now on, I need to figure out how to be happy, and I'd like to do that here.

So who's Jason? - Ali's brother.

No, I know that, I just didn't know he was friends of the family.

Things are a little tense right now between me and Isabel.

No, you're staying here because you're still in love with mom.

We've turned a corner.

Stop using me as an excuse.

You took things from Emily.

You broke into Spencer's house.

You stole from a blind girl.

I got that from Garrett Reynolds' apartment.

Do the police know what kind of weapon the killer used on Alison? That would all be in the coroner's report.

So it would say what she was hit with? Ali's killer is dead.

Hanna: It was just the two of you, sitting in Garrett's car? I didn't know where else to meet him.

It wasn't like I could ask him that stuff down at the precinct.

How did you get away from him? When you sent me that text, I told him it was from my mom.

She wanted me home asap.

Am I still shaking? I'm still shaking.

Yeah, we're all shaking.

Can you turn on the heat? You could make a slushy back here.

Guys, why would Jenna give him that lantern? You don't know that she gave it to him.

What do you think, he bought it at the blind artists' crafts fair? Of course she gave it to him.

The question is, when did they become buddies? And why? Spencer, they grew up across the street from each other.

His parents still live in that house.

Maybe he's just bringing raw meat to Jenna's cat.

Toby lives there, too, and they don't have a cat.

Then maybe he was bringing over raw meat for Jenna.

Here comes Em.

Who's living in her house now? Some losers who can't figure out the alarm system.

They've tripped it like three times.

The security company keeps calling her mom in Texas.

Everything okay? Yeah, it's fine.

It's just so weird to walk in there and see other people's stuff.

Hey, why don't you tell 'em to lay off the alarm for a couple of days? - I'm guessing they don't feel safe.

Well, they will now.

I'm sure Aria's parents are gonna have Mike on lockdown till he turns 18.

You did not just say that, Hanna.

What? I'm not judging.

I'm just guessing that your little brother will find another hobby besides breaking and entering.

Still talking.

Guys, look, I don't know what's going on with my brother.

If I knew, you would know.

Emily? Isn't that Garrett's car? I think it is.

Where's he going? To his parents', I guess.

Oh, my God.

He's going into Jenna's house.

Is Toby home? No, he went to go get his parents from the airport, and I thought he said Jenna went with him.

He's going inside.

He just walked in.

Can you walk any softer? Please, Jenna can't hear us.

She's blind.

You You know what I mean.

( All gasp ) ( All gasp ) ( All gasp ) Got a secret, can you keep it? ♪ Swear this one you'll save.

♪ Better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave.

♪ If I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said.

♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead.

♪ + Jeez, give it a rest, Em.

I need to work on my core.

No, you don't.

You were doing sit-ups in your sleep last night.

I didn't sleep.

Yeah, me neither.

But why bother when you can have a nightmare just by parking in front of the Cavanaugh house? I still can't believe it's Garrett.

That's who Jenna was buying that lingerie for.

I don't wanna talk about it.

It's too early.

Here, hydrate.

Oh, not that much.

I have to watch my sugar intake.

Watch mine, 'cause I'm about to have a big-ass bowl of cocoa puffs.

Are you always like this before a meet? It's not just a meet.

The scout from Danby's coming.

This could be my last chance to turn this lie around before it gets worse.

Em, you only lied to your parents.

Isn't that enough? Look, I'm just saying, they're in Texas now.

Maybe the more time that goes by-- They'll forget? It's another Zip code Hanna, not a parallel universe.

Can you pass me my bag? Em, didn't you get that yesterday? You've used a lot.

It works.

Good morning.

Oh, hi.

Is there enough coffee for, uh Well, I would've made more if I knew that you The decision to stay over was spur of the moment.

Your mom and I stretched "Happy Hour" into a whole night, and she didn't want me to drive.

Yeah, dad, you don't have to explain.

You used to live here, remember? ( Sighs ) Morning.

Come join the party.

I thought you said you didn't have to be in your work till 10:00, and you were gonna sleep in.

Yeah, well, internal alarm clock.

Some things you just can't turn off.

What's this? Yesterday's mail.

Was in the mail When I came home last night.

Thanks, Emily.

This is yours.


Who lives in Baltimore? My dad.

I don't remember sending that.

You didn't.

It's from Isabel.

You're getting married in six weeks.

Save the date.

♪ ( Knock at door ) Hello, Spencer.


Uh, may I come in? Yeah, sure.

What are you doing here? I was hoping to see Melissa.

Is she here? No, she's back in Philadelphia.

She hasn't really been back much since the funeral.

Yeah, I was hoping to attend, but I hadn't seen your parents since they asked me to disappear.

So I figured my presence might be more inciting than comforting.

So you came all this way to drop off a plant? Wasn't actually out of my way.

I just started a rotation at Rosewood Community.

You're back here? - For six months.

I applied there as my number one choice when I was engaged to your sister.

It just came through.

Somebody up there has a divine sense of irony.

( Chuckles ) Are the parents home? They're not.

Um, have you ever done an autopsy? Sorry? It's just this project that I have to do for school.

I need to know if a doctor can look at a head wound and know exactly what the weapon was that caused it.

Who does the autopsies down at Rosewood Community? The hospital's pathologist.

Where would he keep his records? In the Morgue-- where I might nap today if I don't get a coffee.

Do you mind I have one? I'm knackered.

I'm sorry, I really need to get to school.

All right, well, let me take you.

We could stop for something on the way.

You didn't come all this way to see Melissa, did you? Why don't we continue this over coffee? Wren.

I have a boyfriend now.


How about tea? So what does your mom want? I mean, if your dad ditches Isabel, would she-- We'll figure it out.



They'll figure it out.

What time is your meet? Three-thirty.

But I'm practicing during lunch.

And if I can get out of sixth period early-- Em, easy.

You're already wearing more pain cream than clothes.

Just save some mojo for the race.

What's wrong? Who's he with? Another satisfied customer, I guess.

Why don't you go inside.

I'll catch up with you later.


Caleb? Hey, sorry to interrupt, but you might not wanna be doing this on the street.

Hey, Ryan.

Ryan, wait up.

No, let him go.

You cannot be doing business-- - Hey, you know what, Hanna? No more lectures on going legit.

I'm not trading up for a paper hat at Benny's Burgers.

This is how I make my money.

Get over it.

Hey there.

What's going on? Why are you here? It's my turn to teach the driver's ed class.

I'm hoping I can scare kids into watching the road instead of their cell phones.

Funny, right? Yeah, that's actually really funny.

I have to go to class.

Spencer, we never finished our conversation last night.

You ran off.

I just have a lot of drama going on at my house.

Is everything okay? - It's fine.

You had a lot of questions and some strong ideas about weapons and head wounds-- I know.

I can get like that.

I'm really sorry if I bothered you.

You seemed pretty distraught.


No, not really.

It was just, you know something that I read in biology got me thinking about Ali's autopsy, but like you said, the case is closed.

So there's really nothing to worry about.

I really have to go to class.

What's up, Mike? Hey.

So is it true? - What? Is smash-and-grab your new sport? What's the deal, man? What, are you trying on new personalities or something? This week you're gonna be gangster, and next week you're crackhead? - Bite me.

Mike-- - Back off! - Hey! Don't you guys have a class to get to? Can I speak to you for a moment? Later.


I saw you race by my building.

I didn't even realize you were coming to campus today.

Oh, I had to.

If I don't finish this thing, it doesn't get fired till next Friday.


And here I was hoping you'd be at the Potter's wheel so I could wrap my arms around you and hum unchained melody.

( Chuckles ) I've seen that movie.

It ends sadly.

Well, we could give it a happy ending.

Can we do this later? Yeah.

Uh, how're things at home? Sucky.

Look, kids do stupid things.

Probably one of Mike's friends put him up to it.

He's broken into other houses, too.

Jason caught him breaking into his house a few weeks ago.

Jason? As in Ali's-brother- who-sat-next-to-me- at-the-dinner-that- never-happened-Jason? Is that what you two were talking about the other night? Yeah.

Is this yours, too? It's amazing.

Jenna made that.


She's talented.

So how're things shaping up between you guys? She dropped the class.

Yeah, but before she left, did you guys find a way No.

She left before I had the chance.

Aria, why didn't you tell me what was going on? With your brother.

I didn't tell anybody.

It's embarrassing.

I get it.

But you don't have to be embarrassed with me.

About anything.

Maybe you could stop by my place later Sure.

I will call you.


So Should I be worried about you and this Jason guy? What? No.


Dad? How? What? I wanted to surprise you after the meet.

Is mom with you? No, she's still in Texas.

I had to be in Delaware for a training seminar and they cancelled all the flights back.

Some huge storm down there.

So I figured I could either sit in the airport in Bethesda or in the stands in Rosewood.

You drove all the way up here? Well, your mom said it was an important meet.

She said that you told her that the scout from Danby College is coming.

I did? Oh, right, I did, yeah.

I'm looking forward to meeting him.

What's his name again? Rabin? Dad, I wish I'd known.

Don't worry, all right? I know you have your whole pre-race routine, so I'm not gonna hold you up.


But if you hear somebody screaming in the stands like a crazy person, that's me.

Go get 'em.

( Sighs ) ( Groaning ) ( Screaming ) Emily? Emily! Ow! Ow! L31 requesting a rescue ambulance unit at Rosewood high school! You're gonna be okay.

Oh, God! Oh! + How can I have an ulcer? I thought I just pulled a muscle.

They're caused by stress, hon.

All right, and let's face it-- you leaving home, your ma moving, well, you've had your fair share.

What am I supposed to do now? When can I swim again? That's off the table for the moment.

Em, Emmy, listen to me.

Listen to me.

If you're stressing about the Danby scholarship, I want you to let it go, okay? They're not going to withdraw the offer because you had a setback.

You don't know that.

I know that you need to rest.

You need to listen to the doctor.

I need to swim.

Hey, you will, babe.

You will When you're ready.

Listen, do you want me to talk to this scout? Do you have the number-- No, don't call him.

I'll do it.

I don't mind.

Or get your ma to do it.

No, I don't wanna say anything till I know when I can swim again, okay? Okay.


( Sighs ) Aren't ulcers something old people get? Get that look off your face.

You're gonna freak her out.

Her? What about me? I'm having deja vu.

I spent a week in this place.

If I see another bowl of green jello, I'm gonna puke on your shoes.

Oh, God.

I'm gonna walk behind you.

( Phone rings ) Is that Aria? Caleb.

I'll just call him back later.

What's going on? ( Elevator dings ) Han, are you and Caleb We're fine.

There's just stuff going on.

Like what? Like an undercover cop in a car following him.

Why? I don't wanna talk about it.

You have to.

You're in an elevator.

Where else are you gonna go? Does he know about the cop? No.

I haven't told him.

Why not? Because I'm still thinking things through.

What is there to think through? If I tell him, he might run, okay? I'm not ready to lose him again.

Han, if the cops are really after him, you're gonna lose him anyway.


Did you just get home? I thought you were gonna come by the hotel so we could grab some dinner.

I haven't had a chance.

Hanna came by the bank to borrow my car.

Emily is in the hospital.

What? Why? What happened? She collapsed at school.

I just got an update-- it's an ulcer.

She's gonna be okay.

Her dad's there.


Poor kid.

Do you want me to run you down there? Or we could stay in, get some food.

Tom You should go home.

I don't want to have another meal like breakfast this morning.

This I don't know what this is.

But I probably shouldn't have let you stay last night.

It's confusing to Hanna, to you, to me.

It's not fair to anybody.

You're getting married, as the mailman so promptly reminded us this morning.

Ashley-- Tom, I need to be with a man who's sure of what he wants.

That was never you.

So all those muscle spasms and the pain-- that's all coming from your stomach? Yeah, but ulcers can heal.

It's not forever, Em.

Yeah, but she's got like a hole-- Yes, there's a hole in her stomach.

Moving on.

Where'd your dad go? He went to the house to talk to the new tenants.

Guys, I have to deal with this.

I can't keep lying to him.

I guess not, not if it's eating holes in your stomach.

Moving on! Hey, I'm sorry.

I got here as soon as I could.

I had to escape family court in my living room.

Mike on trial? Yeah, but the defendant didn't even show up.

I got your fav.

Oh, she can't drink coffee.

Yeah, she's got a hole in her stomach.

I'll trade it in for an herbal tea, unless you want us all here when your dad gets back.

She's not telling her dad.

If he finds out that the letter is fake, he's gonna move her to Texas.

If she doesn't tell him, she's not gonna get any better.

But she doesn't have to make up her mind right this second, okay? She already has.

I'm telling him the truth.

♪ It's the third floor.

You're looking for your friend Emily, right? Yeah.

How did you know that she was here? I saw her name on the admittance chart.

They rushed her into the E.


, but she's stabilized.

Looks like we're going for a ride.

( Chuckles ) So how is she? Have you seen Emily? I haven't, but she's in good hands.

I'll be popping in soon enough on rounds.

Spencer, you want the third floor.

What is down there? Kitchen, laundry, radiology, pathology, the morgue.

Emily has a much better view.

What makes you think they know? Last night, Spencer was hammering me with questions about the murder weapon.

Whether the coroner could tell if it was used by a man or a woman.

What did you say? - Nothing.

Didn't get a chance to say anything.

She cut me off and ran home.

But then when I saw her again this morning, suddenly it was off her radar.

She's playing you.

I don't think so.

Do they know about Jason? - I'm not sure.

But they're definitely questioning whether Ian killed her.

We need to take care of this.

+ Emily? Oh, hi.

I thought Spencer was up here.

She just went down to the cafeteria to get some soup.

What, our food? Willingly? How're you feeling? Hungry.



Are you my doctor now? - No.

Just checking in.

So the good news is, the meds are working and your stomach's on the road to recovery.

Although I probably wouldn't celebrate this weekend with take-out curry.

Is there bad news? There is bad news.

Look, Emily, I know you swim competitively.

And I know the pressure every athlete's under to perform at their best, to constantly break their own records.

Wait, I thought swimming didn't cause the ulcer.

It didn't, but your panels came back with high levels of HGH in your bloodstream.

Human growth hormone? I've never taken that.

Emily, if you're using a performance- enhancing drug or any kind of steroid, it's going to show up in your tests.

And you need to know the perils of what you're doing.

I'm not doing anything! This is insane! Your test is wrong! Emily, these tests don't lie.

And I did check twice.

I'm here as a friend.

I asked your attending if I could speak to you first.

Have you told my dad about this? I haven't.

But you're a minor so he will have to know.

No, you can't.


Don't tell him this.

I could get kicked off the team, it'd ruin any chance of a scholarship.

Slow down.


I'll take the test again.

Just don't tell my parents.

I'll speak to your attending.

See what I can do.

( Sighs ) ( Sighs ) - Caleb, get in! - What's going on? Just hurry up! Get in! - I thought you wanted to catch a movie.

Close the door! Or we can just be in one.

Why are you dressed like that? Psst.

Hey, in here.

Spencer, what the hell? Shh.

Talk later.

You need to change.

Why are you wearing-- - Come on! ( Knock at door ) I hope that's homework you're doing.

It is.

So you wanna tell me what happened at school today with your friend Chaz? He's not my friend.

Really? Since when? Since I don't wanna talk about it.

Okay, how about we talk about why you didn't show up this afternoon.

Ignoring this will not make it go away.

And the Pirellis may not be pressing charges, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook with us.

We have no idea why you would break in to their house.

What is this all about? What were you looking for? I wasn't looking for anything.

Well, then you went through an awful lot of trouble to get yourself in trouble.

Mike, what is going on? - I said I don't wanna talk about it! - And I said we have to! So once again we're back on your schedule? Should I hurry up and talk fast before you move out again? What is this place? It belongs to Spencer's family.

I'm guessing so does most of Pennsylvania.

Do they know we're here? Nope.

So we're breaking in.

We're borrowing it.

Is this kindling? Mm, not unless we wanna burn the couch.

Can I help? So are you gonna lose the scarf and shades at some point, or did you bring a costume for me, too? Caleb, there's someone following you.

What? I think it's a cop.

He drives a dark grey Camaro.

And I've seen him around town a lot lately.

He's definitely watching you.

You haven't noticed him? No.

But then again, I guess I kinda stopped looking.

Have you been followed before? Does this have to do with the stuff you did in Allentown? Maybe.

Look, I've already told you way more than you need to know.

What does he want? I mean, if he wants to arrest you, what's he waiting for? - What does he think you did? - I don't know.

But if he has a question to ask me, he needs to come up and ask me.

I'm not hiding.

Well, maybe you should be.

Your business isn't exactly in the yellow pages.

This is why you brought me here? I thought it might be safer here.

I don't wanna hide.

Hanna, I'll deal with this.

By leaving town again? This time? No, I won't.

You say that now, but you will.

Hanna I am not going anywhere.

But if you do, can I come with you? I'll pack really fast.

Seriously, you know that I'm good at camping.

Oh, uh, can you leave that? I haven't eaten yet.


Thank you.

♪ + Your pain cream? "A" is in our medicine cabinets too? This has to be a new record.

How long has this been in your system? Did it damage any organs? Forget my organs! It's on my medical chart! It's ruined my life! I can never swim again! Emily, medical records are private.

Not from your parents! What're you gonna tell your dad? I'm gonna tell him to get me out of here.

Take me to Texas.

I'm done.

It can't get worse than this.

Emily, remember, "A" tried to plow down Hanna with a car.

Is that supposed to make me feel better? I'm just saying that "A" tried to take one of us down and it didn't work.

Spencer, "A" taking us down.

One at a time.

Aria's probably next.

Can we all go to Texas? No! Stop it! We're not giving in to this freak! Look, we are this close to finding out what happened to Alison.

And if "A" is the one that killed her.

And Ian.

Yeah, and then "A" is gonna be the one to leave Rosewood, not us.

( Knock at door ) - Hi.

Sorry to interrupt.

No worries.

Uh, we actually just have to get back to work.

When did you two start volunteering for the hospital? Today's actually our first day.

We're still on hour one.

We'll take this for you.

See you later.


How's everything at the house? - Good.

I found the manual to the alarm system, changed the password.

But I told them, "you're in Rosewood, you can relax.

" It's mostly for show anyway.

You feel any better? Yeah, a little.

Dad, um, I've been thinking-- So have I.

And I called ma.

This whole scholarship thing-- it's not worth it, Emmy.

We don't want you driving yourself to more ulcers or worse.

The hell with Danby.

You swim because you love to.

Or don't.

Dad-- Baby, we can find another way to pay for college.

And I know that there are dozens of schools out there that would be thrilled to have you, in or out of the pool.

We just want you to be happy, baby.

( Crying ) That's it.

Oh, it's freezing in here.

Yeah, be thankful for that.

Aria-- - Hey, focus.

I can't do this.

No, you're not doing anything, okay? I am.

Just watch the door.

What is that? Cookies? How can anybody eat cookies in here? They stay fresh.

Okay, there's gotta be some kind of system.

Here, this is it.

They've got autopsies in here dating back to 2007.

Okay, D Dehaven Delmore DiLaurentis.


( Sighs ) Hi, honey.

How's Emily? She's good.

She's coming home tomorrow, I think.

What are you doing? Cleaning.

You're tossing everything you bought for dad.

Where is he? He went back home.

He's gonna call you.

Well, what happened? It was time for him to go.

Did you guys have a fight? - No.

Well, then why would he go back to Isabel? Because he loves her and he's going to marry her.

No, he doesn't.

He's been fighting with her.

He wants to be with you.

Hanna-- - No.

I saw the two of you act like you were on a honeymoon, sipping wine on the patio, slow dancing, laughing.

I heard you.

He slept over last night! Yes, he did.

And I realized this morning that my week of magical thinking is over.

Why? What did he do wrong? You were the one who said, "things change, people grow.

" They do.

I have.

I'm not sure that your father has.

I started to know what Isabel must've felt like when he was still married to me.

Who cares about Isabel? Honey, I'm not going to lie to you.

Your father and I were both Indulging in a fantasy.

But that's all it was.

He's made a commitment to somebody else.

Well, he can un-commit! Do you wanna be with him or not? Because I thought that's what you wanted! No, I don't.

I'm sorry.

I know that's not what you wanna hear.

Do you understand any of this? It's this part of your skull.

Look who I'm talking to.

Were you pre-med in pre-school? There's a lot in here that I don't understand.

Oh, wait, wait, wait, here is the summary page.

"The impact on the posterior of the victim's cranium" Back of her head.

"Indicates she was facing away from the assailant.

" They got her from behind.

She was ambushed.

Or running away.

Trying to escape.

"The cranium was displaced inward upon impact" What does that mean? It means she was hit so hard, they dented her skull.

"And the weapon was most likely a curved, blunt edge.

" Like a field hockey stick.

Yeah, like the one that Ali borrowed from me? The one that Jason most likely buried in my backyard.

Just keep reading.

( Gasps ) What? What does it say? There was dirt in her lungs.

What do you mean? It means that she was breathing in dirt when she died.

That the blow to her head isn't what killed her.

I don't understand.

Aria Alison was buried alive.

+ Hey! Stop! Is there a problem? Yeah, there's a problem.

You stalking Caleb is a problem.

He knows why you're here.

Really? Yeah, and he's not going back.

You know, he's finally got his life together and you're not gonna pull it apart.

I don't know who you are or what you want, but there are people in this town who love him and will protect him.

So I don't think you're gonna get what you want by spying on him.

So get lost.

You took this? We're gonna give it back.

Just look at the summary page.

( Phone vibrates ) That must be Hanna.

No, it's Ezra.

I was supposed to call him.

Oh, go ahead.

He's downstairs.

I'll be back.


"Displaced cranium"? "Curved blunt weapon"? That's a hockey stick, Em.

Aria doesn't want to hear this, but Jason is looking worse and worse.

( Sighs ) Is there anything I can do? No.

No, we're just here keeping her company.

So you think you're going straight home from here? I mean, if you're up for company, you could stop by my place.

( Phone rings ) You need to get that? What? No.

No, it's just my dad.

Ah, I should probably get home after this.

They're pretty worried.



Another night? Of course.

Just tell me when.

I'm telling you, he knows I'm tailing him.

I'm sorry, but it looks like he doesn't want to see you.

Maybe you should at least call your dad.

Why? We're never gonna be that.

Where's page five? Did you drop one of the pages? No.

We took the whole file.

Maybe it dropped in the elevator.

No, nothing dropped in the elevator.

Look, here's page 1, 2, 3, 4 Page 6.

Where the hell is page 5?

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