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  02x06 - Never Letting Go
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Melissa! Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Ian didn't commit suicide.

That entire suicide letter is made up of "A" texts.

What? I don't remember a thing from the night Ali died.

You know what I do remember? Your pink hair.

I thought it was cool.

I know the funeral was today.

I just wanted to come check on you.


I wanted to see how you were doing after last night's near miss.

She was online this morning checking every college with an endowment and a pool.

So, be happy.

At least it gives us time for a second date.

I really needed a hug from you today, - Ezra! Not later at your apartment or tomorrow at Hollis.

Here, right now.

Things are a little tense right now between me and Isabel.

Does mom know that? - Your mom catches on pretty fast.

Sorry I'm late.

So, are you going out with Noel, or was that just a one-off? He's a major get.

Now he even has some bad-boy cred.

You know, there's bad, and then there's bad.

I caught him at the window.

Hanna He broke into your house? Thank you for not calling the police.

I've seen enough cops in my house for one year.

Guys, look.

I know you wanna kiss me.

Oh, my God! - She was still alive! Why would "A" show us that part of the video? To keep us distracted for when the next attack is launched.

Or to tell us there's more to what happened that night.

Guys, Ian tried to kill me in the bell tower to get back his perverted videos, and he went after Ali for the same reason.

Yeah, but "A" had us convinced that Ian killed Alison, and now it's, what, two miles from the kissing rock to Ali's house.

Did she turn off the camera and walk home in the dark, alone? Yeah, someone could've been waiting for her and surprised her when she got home.

Like who? - Like Ian.

Just because he didn't kill Alison at the kissing rock doesn't mean that he didn't do it an hour later.

If Ian didn't kill Ali, did "A"? So, uh, did you invite Ezra to the show? No, he's out of town presenting a paper at a conference.

Did you invite Caleb? Why would I do that? Because you kissed him.

How was it? Well, I wore the total wrong gloss.

You know the kind that looks wet, but it's really sticky? Oof, the wads of hair get stuck to your mouth.

It's all fun and sexy till somebody hacks up a hairball.

Hey, could we please keep folding? I needed these done yesterday, and I've already missed a million committee meetings.

Can I get it? It's just a text.

If it's from Ezra, then yes.


Toby has turned our boss into a romantic.

I was always a romantic! You know, under a thin veneer of pragmatism and a few shockingly bad choices.

Guys, uh, I'm gonna go deal with this.

Do you realize that we finally all have boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time? Okay, I do not have a boyfriend! Yeah, you do.

You just don't want to admit it.

Tell Ezra we say hi.

♪ ♪Got a secret ♪♪ can you keep it? swear this one you'll save.

Better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave.

If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said.

'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

Hey, what's up? Can I talk to you for a second? Look I said some things after the funeral that I probably should have kept to myself.

I thought that you felt better knowing that Ian had commit Well, so did I, but I don't want people getting the wrong idea, you know? I won't say a word.

And, plus, the way you handled things with my brother, I kind of owe you one.

I have to get back.

We're, uh, folding programs for the fashion show.


My mom gets in tomorrow.

One final speech before she steps down from the board.

I thought Jessica DeLaurentis was the board.

She only joined because of my sister.

Ali lived for that fashion show.

I should go.

Martini me.

Extra dry, extra olives, coming up.

Hey, Hanna.

Hey, sweetheart.


What's going on? Well, your father and I are cooking up a little farewell fling.

Mind setting the table? Are you still leaving in the morning? Yeah.

Thought it'd be nice to have one last dinner, just the three of us.

So, what's for dessert? Or are you saving that for your new family? Wow.

You sure know how to walk a girl home.

So, what time do you need me tomorrow? Um After schoolish? I'll know after the meeting.

You think you can build me some makeup tables? For you, I won't sleep until it's done.

Good night.

Good night.

You obviously have no control over the situation.

Then what the hell is Jason doing back here? Hey, champ.

Just get home? - Mm-hmm.

Hey, do we have any pretzels? Um, Melissa took them with her on the trip.

A week at a five-star resort, and your sister cuts corners by bringing her own snacks.

You could've gone, too, you know.

No way, I'm too busy.

Who was that on the phone? Oh, just some yahoo from the junior league board asking for donations.

You sounded angry.

Well, I told them I already bought a dozen tickets to the fashion show.

Don't we have anything salty? Dad, you're not supposed to have salt.

You're not supposed to watch me so closely.

I'll be in my study if you need me.

This is Jessica DeLaurentis.

Please leave a message after the beep.

Yeah, I took a business card, but I think I left it there in Texas.

Yeah, you'll probably find it under the bed.


Can I talk to him? Yeah, hang on.

Hang on one sec.

Emily wants to talk to you.


I wanna e-mail you my paper before I hand it in.

Next week.

Do you have time? Okay, perfect.

Thanks, dad.

I just miss him.

You were just in Texas three days ago.

I know, but it wasn't easy leaving.

What if you stayed with dad a little longer next time? You mean, like, for maybe a whole week? Maybe until summer vacation.

Honey, I can't leave you here by yourself.

Mom, I'm really busy right now.

I see you at breakfast, you hand me my lunchbag, and then I'm gone until dinner.

I do my homework until way after you're asleep.

When you say it like that, I sound like a vending machine.

You're not a vending machine, but you're also not my chauffeur or my baby-sitter anymore.

I could stay with a friend and then join you and dad in June.

You know what, I'll think about it.


Thank you.

Good night.

He was, like, yelling yelling.

Slow down, I haven't had coffee.

Kind of just wanted to drink it, not swim laps.


Your dad was yelling at Ali's mom? Why? Did you ask him about it? Yeah, but he, like, lied lied.

Why would he lie? The real question is what's really going on with Jason? He told me that he was in that creepy house alone, but there was somebody else in that upstairs window, and I was not just imagining it.

But it wasn't Ian.

Okay, so who? OrWhat? He's hiding something.

You don't paper over windows unless you're a vampire.

I don't know, okay? Maybe shutting out the world is just how he copes! Who knows what he's feeling right now.

Well, apparently you.

I'm just trying to be human, Spence, okay, he lost his sister.

What? Just got an e-mail from Ali's mom.

What does it say? I don't know.

I'm too scared to open it.

Do you think she knows that I called and hung up last night? No, no.

I just got the same e-mail.

Why does Ali's mom wanna have lunch with us? Oh, they've made some nice changes to the menu, haven't they? Hanna, what are you gonna order? Ahem, um, Chinese chicken salad.

Alison's favorite.

You must be really happy that Jason's moved back.

Happy? I don't even think of that as our house anymore.

Actually, we all thought Jason moving back was kind of odd.

Jason came into family money, and it's his choice what to do with it.

He definitely marches to his own drummer, both my kids do.


You know what? I was gonna wait until after lunch, but Now I'm thinking, "why wait?" Did Ali ever show you these? I know you like this one, Em.

Don't I look hot? Those feathers are really pretty.

This stretch-side is to die.

Can I try it on? There's not that much stretch.

It's a nice haul, right? All one-of-a-kind, and all mine Just like you guys.

She picked these out.

She did.

And It's a shame that she won't get to wear them.

You know, I gave so much away so fast.

Ali's father thought that it would help me, but there were certain things that I just couldn't And when I heard that the four of you were doing the show, I thought, "wouldn't it be nice if Ali's dream could be realized, at least, by her best friends?" Um, I don't really know what you're asking.


DeLaurentis, are you asking us to wear these? In the fashion show? Ali would've loved it.

It's the four of you that are keeping her memory alive.

Please say yes.

I won't.

I can't.

Why not? - Because it's freaky! And weird! We can't just march around in her clothes.

It feels like we just buried her.

Alison never wore them.

Well, she tried them on.

Freaky enough.

Hanna, it's a tribute.

Some pictures of Ali, a couple songs that she liked? You get where her mom is coming from.

Yeah, well, she needs to go back.

You don't need a degree to see that the woman's in pain.

She ordered a second Bloody Mary for her dessert.

Yeah, that was her dinner.

Well, she was sober enough to run it by the board, so we really don't have much of a choice.

I'll let the student committee know.

Do you want to take charge of photos? Do we have to pass the pictures by her mom, make sure she's okay with the ones we choose? I could run them past Jason.

I mean, it just might be easier for him, emotionally.

But are you sure you want to go to that house? I'll just ask him to meet me after school.

I don't know.

You might not want to get him involved.

It's his sister.

He already is.

Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late.

Um, what's in the box? Oh, the programs.

The programs, right! Um, can we sidebar? Yeah.

Um, we revamped the programs.

The glossy paper gives it a high-end touch, don't you think? Mm! Why didn't anybody tell me about this? I just folded, like, You were gone, Spencer.




Okay, people thought you were going to jail.

Was there anything else that I need to know? We finished stuffing swag bags, I arranged a piece on the show in the Rosewood Observer style section.

Oh! And I got us a D.



Oh, it's okay if I play favorites, right? After all, I'm committee chair! Oh! Sorry, since when? Since you weren't here to vote.

Listen, Spencer, decisions had to be made.

I made them.

Hold still.

Okay, take it off.

Don't you wanna see me flaunt what I got.

Don't you don't you wanna, wanna don't you don't you wanna, wanna You should come.

See your handiwork on the runway.

Can you pass me that hanger? Thanks.

I would love to come, but, I, uh, I have plans with somebody tomorrow night.

You should bring your friend.

I have an extra ticket.


Let's do it.


You know, I can call Jessica if this makes you uncomfortable.

Let me know if it's just all too much.

I'm fine.

It's just Lot of memories.

Mom, do you think it's possible for somebody to black out, where they don't remember a whole chunk of time? Um, there may be a few nights in college I don't remember all that clearly.

Why do you ask? There's this guy Kind of a friend.

He's missing a whole night when a lot happened.

My friends think it's convenient that he can't remember where he was or what he did.

Well, sometimes people file things away until they're ready to deal with them.

Time can heal, and something shakes a memory loose.

I like this one.


Thanks, mom.

♪♪ Dad! What are you doing here? You scared me.

I could ask you the same thing.

I'm sorry, kid.

Your mom gave me a spare key in case you weren't here when I came by.

She's got a late meeting and I offered to pick up dinner.

Hungry? Yeah, but what are you doing here? Delivering thai.

Thought you loved thai.

And I thought you left this morning to go to your house where your fiancée lives.

I decided to stay for the weekend so I could see your fashion show.

What's the point? You're still leaving.

The point is that we always fight before I leave, and I'm tired of ending every visit on a sour note, and when you got mad at dinner the other night, I thought maybe we should talk.




I miss being around for these kind of things, and I was kind of hoping you would be a little more excited that I was here.

No, you're staying here because you're still in love with mom.

It's her you're hanging around here for, not me.

Your mom and I are getting along better.

Yeah, what's with the whole "pals who drink Martinis" act? Cooking dinner together, long talks on the patio? You're here more than you're at your hotel, and now you have a spare key? We've turned a corner.

No! I see the way you look at her! Stop using me as an excuse.

Hanna, there's nothing going on between us.

You can't even admit it, can you? - Hanna -- - You know what? I've got homework.

Where was this one taken? I'm not sure.

Maybe at the Hastings lake house? Cool.

Um Did my mother ask you to do this? What? No.

Yeah, kind of.

Why? Just seems like something she would do.

This was, um Taken the day she got back from your grandma's in Georgia.

She came straight to Emily's.

Use it.

She looks happy there.

She went straight home after Emily's to get dinner and then change clothes before Spencer's party in the barn.


I-I was just worried that if we used any pictures from the day she disappeared that I don't think anyone but you guys will know that.

Really? What about your mom or you? I don't remember anything from that day.

No! I know that you said that, but I guess I just figured, since it was your last meal as a family that Aria, why am I here? I just thought you'd be sensitive to anything that might be a little difficult for your mom.

My mother and I live on different planets.

No, I get it.

But you must have some memory of that day.

I don't, okay? Only the next day, when I was questioned by the police, and this is starting to feel a lot like that.

Why are you accusing me all of a sudden? No, I'm not! What exactly is it you're looking for here? I'm sorry.

This was probably a bad idea.

You're right.

It was.

Jason! Don't sweat it, okay? We all learn from our mistakes.

I just won't make this one again.

Hold! I said no flats, Becky.

I need to be 100% sure you can walk in heels.

Mona, take it easy.

Reset! I think I feel a migraine coming on, so I'm just gonna take a quick break.

Do any of you guys have an extra ticket for tonight? Did you change your mind about Caleb? - It's for my dad.

He's still in town? Yep, and he's in no rush to get home to Isabel.

What does that even mean? There's no way your mom and dad are getting back together.

Aria Montgomery! Less talking, more walking.

Um! Are your legs always that short? Mona is five feet of insidious snark with a side ponytail, and I just -- I wanna grab it, and I wanna yank it really, really hard.

Spence, she stepped up while you dealt with some pretty big things, things that were way out of your control, but, look, maybe we should both enjoy the fact that those pretty big things are over.

We can both take a breath.

Yeah, you're right.

Oh, did you figure out what's going on with your dad yet? It's not even worth a recap.

Where's your dress? Being delivered as we speak.

Will you try it on? - I trust you.

Way too much.

I need to see how it falls.

She's not gonna let up until she knows that it's perfect.

Hey, I'm Quinn.

Hey, nice to meet you.

Same here.

Why don't you guys go take a seat while I get dressed? Looks like a big crowd out there.

May end up sitting on your lap.

Wouldn't be the first time, right? We'll be back in a few.

Did they seem a little touchy-feely to you? A little.

How come I have no date, and you have a date who brought a date? You have a date.

You just didn't ask him to come.

Donations are over here, and enjoy your evening.

Hi, welcome.

You look amazing.

Thank you.

Where's your headset? Here, just take mine.

I need you to track down the tribute slideshow disc and give it to Noel, okay? - I want to -- - Take a breath.


How can I just leave her? I think that's what I'm struggling with.

I would feel like I'm just quitting my job.

I think Emily can handle it if you let her.

Well, I'd really like to reconnect with Wayne.

He's been gone for so long.

You'd be surprised how quickly you can settle back into your groove.

Oh, look, there's Jessica DeLaurentis.

This must be so hard for her.


Do you want to take a final look? No, I'm sure it's fine.

Peter - You need to have control.

Em? Do you need help getting into your dress? I bet Samara's gonna be here in a little bit.

I've got it.

We need some bubbly.

I'm gonna go hijack some champagne.

Are you -- are you sure that's a good idea? I'll be right back.

Tom? Hi.

Don't beat yourself up.

Hanna's sorting through a lot right now.

No no, that's my fault.

I keep crashing in and out of her life, unexpected.

Can't patch a hole like that with ginger stir-fry.

You look great tonight.

Thank you.

I never complimented you enough.

Well, I wouldn't say it's the worst thing you ever did.

Fair enough.

I feel like we're beyond that.

You do? Yes.

I really do.

♪♪ Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.

The Eighth Annual Rosewood High Charity Fashion Show is about to begin.

Each year, local leaders they choose a charity, and plan their very own fundraising fashion show.

And each year, the city of Rosewood turns out to support our youth as they give us their time, energy, and enthusiasm.

Here to welcome you I thought you were stealing champagne.

They were out.

sharing lessons in generosity with the students at Rosewood High.

Please give a warm welcome to Mrs.

Jessica DeLaurentis.

Do I look okay? That is one lucky dress.

Emily, what's wrong? You and Quinn are just friends, right? Since the second grade.

We used to play dress-up.

I was missus, and she was always mister.

Would it bother you if I were seeing someone? Not that I am, but if I were? I was just starting to feel like we may have something.

Me too.

But we've only been out a few times, and You didn't want to get too serious too fast.


I did say that.

I'm gonna go get ready.

See you out there.

You okay? Yeah, everything's fine.

Okay, last looks, people! Ladies, I need my first three models lined up! I'll get your dress.


I'll do touch-ups.

I think I saw Caleb out there.

Caleb? Did you change your mind? I didn't ask him to come.


So he just showed up? Looking really hot.

Hmm, didn't notice.


Hanna, he wants you back.

You want him back.

What's the problem? We are not gonna be angry at you if you give him a second chance.

You need more mascara.

Spencer! How do you not strangle her? Oh! ♪♪ Hanna! You look great, Aria! Do it, Hanna! And Aria! Spence, looking good! There you go, Spence! Nice, baby! Let's go, Emily! All right, Spencer! Looking gorgeous, Emily! I love you, Aria! Work it, Hanna! Ladies and gentlemen, the Rosewood High student committee would like to take a moment to pay tribute to one of their own, Alison DeLaurentis.

Wake up, everybody, because the bitch is back! ♪ ♪ - Turn it off.

I can't.

Did you speak to her? No Jason picked up her cell phone.

Said she was too upset to talk.

Just when we were in the spotlight doing something decent.

Yeah, he makes the spotlight extra harsh.

I+m just gonna I'm glad you came.

Hey, what was that on stage? I don't want to talk about it.

Can I walk you home? Wait for me? Maybe we should just send Mrs.

DeLaurentis a note or something? I don't think there's a section for "I'm sorry you got traumatized" cards.

Maybe flowers.

♪ - Can we get out of here? - I'm right behind you.

I just gotta grab my stuff.

Did you want this back? I'd hate to leave something lying around that could get you and your friends in trouble.

I assumed that was yours.

What's that? The unplanned finale.

Hand it over.

I was worried you didn't eat, so I brought you something.

Honey, I'm so sorry about what happened tonight.

I can't believe anyone would be that cruel.

They probably think that -- No, no one thinks you girls are responsible for that.

You could see it in your faces.

You guys were as stunned as the rest of us.


Mom, when you and dad were dating, did you see other people? Well, we had that conversation very early on, but I made it clear that if it was gonna be me, it could only be me.


You know, Emily, when you mentioned my leaving and you joining us in the summer, well, I've been thinking a lot about that, and maybe it could work.

What? Well, I spoke to Hanna's mom, and she said that she could look after you.

You mean I could stay with them? If you want to.

To be honest, your dad and me being apart so much, it's really, really hard on us.

So you're saying I could stay in Rosewood until I finish the semester? But only if you're comfortable, honey.

Only if you're comfortable, and if you have second thoughts -- No, I'm fine.

You should go.

You and dad need each other.

I took a lot of pictures.

You looked beautiful.

Whoever hijacked that -- Aren't you supposed to be at your hotel Packing? No.

No, I'm supposed to be right here making sure you got home safely from what happened tonight.

Mom's upstairs.

Had to talk her down from forming up a posse on the way home.

So, what did happen tonight? I saw you with mom.

You were right.

I guess it took you yelling at me before I could see it myself.

What does that mean? Well It means no more excuses.

It means I'm not ready to go home yet.

There's some things I have to work out with your mom, and I can only do that if I stay here.

Then I'll see you tomorrow.



See you tomorrow.

Salty? Sweet.

But don't tell your mother, okay? Whoa, you look beat.

Why don't you go get some rest? Dad? Yeah? What's going on between you and Mrs.

DeLaurentis? I saw you two together tonight, and you looked upset.

Why do you care that Jason's moved back? Look, this isn't something for you to worry about, Spencer, but for the time being, you stay away from Jason DeLaurentis, all right? Pretty sure your mom doesn't want this back.

How many times do we have to put her away? It's like burying Alison all over again.

Every time we start to make peace with it, someone has to go and say something ugly about her death, about her life.

When are people gonna move on to gawk at the next tragedy? Well, if I was a stranger, I'd be fascinated with the dark details.

That's us.

Brother, her friends.

We're the dark details.

Why come back? Why live in that house all by yourself? Wanted to try and put the pieces together.

I was looking for something.

You still don't know who wrote that note.

What if it has to do with what happened that night? I have my answer.

Ian - I mean, what if he -- - There are no ifs.

Ian confessed.

Look, from now I, I need to figure out how to be happy, and I'd like to do that here.

Um can I drop you somewhere? Yeah.

Yeah, I could use a ride home.

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