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  02x03 - My Name is Trouble
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Pretty Little Liars.

He promised me a full schoolership, But [Emily] He said I couldn't get it for I'll moved If I'll end up in diffrent school, With a diffrent porgrem.

This family isn't doing anything, based on covrestion with one scout we need some [missing] from the [missing] Look, I know I made a bloody mess of it, And I'm sorry for putting you in the middle of it, But perhaps my real mistake was falling for the wrong sister.

Hi, I'm jackie molina.

Is this the montgomery house? Excuse me.

If she hadn't given you back that ring, you'd be married to her right now.


( gasps ) It's him.

Ian's alive.

Are you sure it was him? If anybody finds out about the jason thing You won't let that happen.

It's Jason.

What's he doing back in that house? We just got off the phone with your therapist.

Are you telling me that I can't see my friends? Did he say he killed her? That's what he meaea.


That's what you think.

Did ian say "I killed alison"? Not those words.

Not those words? No.

Spencer? ( screams ) Did you get outside today? Not in this weather.

She lied to you about being out? Who would she wanna show this to? I can only think of one person who would care.


♪ Seriously? You think jason's hiding him in that house? Why would he? Ian killed his sister.

That doesn't makes sense.

Look, I didn't say I was positive.

I'm just telling you guys melissa is sneaking out To meet ian On foot.

Okay, your sister needs one of those dog collars.

The ones that zap your ass whenever you leave the property.

Hanna It's not just that.

Her phone rings, and she has to leave the room to answer it.

What's up with that? I still don't buy jason would help him.

Didn't he call ian a "phony jerk"? Yeah, when did that change? It's jason, you guys.

Who knows what to believe? He was wasted the whole summer ali disappeared.

He'd probably take that guy in for a six-pack.

But I thought jason told you he was clean and sober now.

Emily, I've had, like, three conversations with him.

I never asked him for a urine sample.

Okay, gagging now.

So how are we supposed to keep When we're not even allowed inside your house? You guys What did you see? Hanna, let's go! No, I can't find my other shoe! Ian, is that you? ( all scream ) What's going on? What are you doing? Looking for my ring.

Would you mind getting up? What ring? My wedding ring.

Why would you take it off? It was cutting off my circulation.

One of the perks of pregnancy.

None of your shoes fit and your fingers turn into sausages.

( phone vibrating ) Do you want me to get that? Your phone is buzzing.

Do you want me to get it? Keep looking, would you? ( beeps ) Hey, I'm not alone.

Let me get upstairs, okay? ♪ ♪got a secret, can you keep it? ♪ ♪ ♪swear this one you'll save ♪ ♪ ♪better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave ♪ ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ + Synced by YesCool I love her.

( clears throat ) morning.


What's going on? Your father has a meeting on this side of town.

And I thought I'd drop by and give you a lift to school.

Oh, well, mona usually picks me up.

Yeah, that's what I hear.

Next time I'll call ahead.

Maybe Monday or another day next week.

So you're staying in rosewood? For a while.

I can get some business done at the hotel.

And I wanna be here for you.

Tom, you want some coffee to go? No, no, I'm good, thanks.

( clears throat ) Okay, then Uh, have a great day at school.


So what was so funny? What? When I came downstairs, you guys were laughing.

Oh, that.

Your dad reminded me dinner for his mother.

De While I cooking, your grandmother Re-arranged the living room furniture.

I came out my own house.

Cognize She is a piece of work.

Well, that's isabelle's problem now, right? I'm just saying, if he's marrying her, Why are you so jolly hazelnut creamer for his coffee? Because dairy makes him sick.

Hanna, your father and I have a long history, And believe it or not, We used to laugh A lot.

Hmm, I must've missed that part.

Hanna I'm sorry.

I just think it's weird team tom.

Re suddenly all I'm not.

I'm fully aware and what he's done,is But he has his moments.

Look, just because somebody hurt us once Doesn't mean we have from our phone book.

E them Things change.

People grow.

Whoo, we gotta find a better place to do this.

Somewhere preferably with a fan.

Good luck.

A tunnel under the school.

Uh, yeah, not with those hands.

You need some serious moisturizer.

This letter isn't that bad, emily.

It's bad.

Won't your mom be impressed to write? Even took the time Here, use this.

It cost more than my purse.

Guys, it's a "maybe" letter.

My mom needs to see something real, Something that says "let her stay in rosewood.

We want her.

Don't take her to texas.

" Em, there are other colleges.

Yeah, other scouts will want you.

When? My mom's already packed up the whole kitchen.

She keeps telling me the rodeo.

'm gonna like ( people chattering ) Let's just do this later, okay? Um, what about after school? I can't today.

I've got field hockey.

I have swim practice.

I'm starting my class at hollis.

Is jackie gonna be teaching it? No, no, this is not about stalking.

If ezra says it's over between them, I believe him.

So, what, you're just gonna hang around campus with binoculars? I'm following our therapist's orders on having separate time, okay? It's an extension course.

If I happen to bump into ezra, that's just a bonus.

Oh, nice bonus.

Yeah, great.

Everyone's got a life except for me.

I thought you were gonna go to the mall with mona.

Stealing moisturizer is not a life.

It's a hobby.

It's getting really boring.

You stole this? No.

It's a sample.

Hey there.

I thought you were done with this place.

I am.

Just dropping off paperwork for the g.



Well I still have five minutes before the bell.

You wanna grab some coffee? I can't.

I'm starting a new job, supposed to be there by nine.

Really? That's great where? Can I walk you to class? Sure.

It is a carpentry job, right? Well, that's awesome.

Who's it for? Jason dilaurentis.

Yeah, I kinda thought you'd be surprised.

I was, too, but he needs help building a fence around his-- Toby, you can't work for him.

I have to.

I need cash to buy tools and a truck.

A truck? There's a cabinet maker in yardley Who wants to hire me, But he said I need my own wheels.

Still, you shouldn't go anywhere near that house.

Spencer, I need to get out of own house, And breaking out of there is gonna take major bucks.

Even a used getaway car is more than I've got saved up.

And the seller's already got another offer.

Just promise me that you won't go inside jason's house.

Why? Because I don't Totally trust him.

Please, promise me.



Hey, lucas.

What's the rush? Oh, hi.


I can't.

I promised I'd give caleb a ride To the hardware store during lunch.

You and caleb are tight now? He's Living at my house.

My parents are letting him crash until he figures things out.

So is he staying here for a while or is he going back to arizona? You should probably ask him that yourself.

I'll see you.

No, wait.

What about after school? You wanna do something fun? Or something not fun, like studying? I've got yearbook.

We're going to the printer on Monday.

Yeah, yeah, I get it.

So how come I don't see you Hanging around with your posse anymore? Oh, you know, just busy.

Figured we could use some separate time.

Okay, was that your parents' idea or was that yours? Guess.

Okay, we could probably use some help on layout.

Why don't you meet me after last period? Yeah.

If I say I lost it, they'll let me re-take the picture, right? Wait, why re-take it? It's perfect.

You look very Studious.

It looks like a mug shot.

Yeah, like a very studious young lady from a prison laundry.

That is what you're going for, right? Hey.

Actually, when I was taking this, I was thinking about being released from prison.

You remember that prison called "high school," right? Ah, yes, I do.

Do you miss it? Not it as much as you.

Can I just say how nice this is, Reaching for your hand and not worrying about who might be watching us? Uh, aria, your dad does teach here three days a week.

Yeah, I know, but Friday's not one of them.


Oh, hey there.

Just grab a smock.

There's a couple spots in back.


Just go ahead.

Take a seat.

Looking for someone.

Uh, no.

I'm I just thought maybe toby was-- He left About an hour ago.

Something wrong? No, I thought you were inside.

Why is that? Because I thought that you were the only one living here.

I am.

I'll let toby know you stopped by.

+ Elasticity and smoothness.

Emily: Maybe it was the wind.

Emily, the window was closed! There was somebody in that upstairs room! Okay, I'm just saying, you could've imagined it.

Sometimes when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Why are you talking to me like ben franklin? There's a murderer living next door, my parents are in new york, And all I have to defend myself is a hockey stick! Well, ask toby.

If he's working there, maybe he could-- No, I don't want toby to get hurt.

If I tell him, he's gonna barge in there and try to act like a hero.

You're right.

Don't tell toby.

Pam: Emily? I gotta go.

Is there any way that you can sleep over here tonight? Yeah, that's never gonna happen.

Lock your door.

You think your neighbors will call the cops? Everyone's used to it.

That place turns into party central Whenever ali's parents go out of town.

Do you want anything else? I'm good.

( knock on door ) Ali? What's going on? Can I crash here tonight? There's no friggin' way I'm sleeping there.

There's not enough locks on my bedroom door.

Are jason's friends hassling you? Jason doesn't have friends.

He has idiots who use him to get wasted and act like animal planet.

Were you the only girl? Of course.

What I should do is call my grandma.

What are you talking about? He's been counting on the money.

All I have to do is say one word about him and his loser friends, And she'll write him out of her will so fast God, he makes me sick.

Can I get a soda? Sure.

Ali, you're welcome to stay here.


( sniffles ) Are you okay? Yeah, I was just Thinking about my grandma.

Your family has the worst apples.

Emily, have you tackled your closet yet? ( phone rings ) Uh, I'm still sorting.

Just figuring out what I want to give away.

Honey, we're not moving to the moon.

Just put that stuff in storage.

Would you answer the phone? It's paige.

I'll call her back.

Okay, you can take that call, but just come downstairs when you're done, all right? ( phone rings ) Hello? Do you remember the night that ali came over and crashed our sleepover? I think something really ugly was going down between her and jason.

Okay, spencer, you've gotta stop playiharriet the spy, Otherwise you're gonna lose your mind.

No, what if ian was over there that night? What if she was blackmailing both of them? Spencer Where was jason the night ali was killed? Hey, how many photos can I fit on this page? Lucas? Uh, four.

Four max.

Who's that? Who? Her? Uh, she's doing the appendix.

Does the appendix have a name? Danielle.

Danielle something.

Well, does she know you're crushing on her? She just joined, like, a week ago.

We've barely said more than two words to each other.

Well, if the two words were "you're cute" -- Stop.


She's not interested.

She doesn't even know that I'm in the room.

Of course she knows who you are, lucas.

You're the whole photo department.

Can we not have this conversation? Well, she seems sweet.

So what's stopping you from asking her out? Knowing where I sit on the totem pole in this high school.

According to your pal mona, I'm right below the kid who blows his nose on notebook paper.

Well, we're not in 7th grade anymore.

So if you like her, go for it.

Okay, we got too many pictures of the marching band.

Toss that.

Seriously, just make a move.

You, of all people, know my batting average, hanna.


Put that with the drama club.



Still can't find it? You should call mom or dad.

Maybe one of them found it and they put it somewhere so it'd be safe.

They didn't.

I already spoke to mom.

Maybe you should sleep in here tonight, instead of the barn.


It's just that I don't like being by myself, And I don't sleep well when I'm alone.

( sighs ) Melissa? You get why I'm scared, right? Somebody broke in here last week, And I know about stuff that I wish that I didn't.

What are you trying to say? I guess I'm just hoping that if it came down to it, That you would protect me Over someone who's not me.

Do remember kendra santoni, that bully that made me Her punching bag in elementary school? Remember the day that I came home with that red mark on my neck And I was afraid to tell mom that kendra smacked me with a jump-rope? Then the next day on the playground, you cornered her And you said that if she ever touched me again, You'd make her eat that jump-rope.

I knew that you had my back.

( sniffles ) Remember? You don't remember pushing her up against a wall? No, I don't, and honestly, I'm kind of dealing with major stuff right now.

My husband has been missing for nearly a week.

I'm not looking to stroll down memory lane.

Don't make me choose between you and my husband, spencer.

Did she know that I was taking that class? She was there first.

Why can't I just escape high school? Probably 'cause you're still in it.

Not helping.

Aria, maybe the universe is telling you something.

Maybe you're in the class with jenna so you guys can move on.

You're both talented artists.

You probably have a lot more in common than you think.

I just don't believe that jenna's a very forgiving kind of person.

Maybe I'll just take a painting class.

Look, do what you want.

I'm just saying, you can run, but you can't hide.

If you're able to make things right with jenna, Why not do it? Melissa: Spencer, don't touch that coconut water! It's mine! + No, no, no, I know that That's not why I came here okay? That has nothing to do with it.

I'll call you back.

I'll call you back.

Morning, sleepy.

Your mom asked if I'd come look at the water heater.

Where is she? Your mom? She's gone to the store to grab some things.

Look, hanna, I'm don't know how much of that you overheard-- So was that mom on the phone? No.


We have some different ideas about the, Uh, scale of this wedding.

If she had her way, we'd be renting out veterans' stadium.

Dad, you don't have to share this.

It's just things are a little tense right now Between me and isabelle.

Does mom know that? Your mom catches on pretty fast.

Usually faster than I do.

Aria: You gotta stay out of it.

Hanna: No, but if he ends up huring her-- Hanna, I tried protecting my mom And it completely blew up in my face.

You just gotta let them work it out for themselves.

What is that? Read it.

" If you continue as rosewood's m.



And anchor Until the end of swim season, we can offer you a full schol--" No way! Em, the scout changed his mind? This is amazing! That means you don't have to move! Wait, let me see this.

So what'd your mom say? She hasn't seen it.

Why? 'cause I haven't mailed it yet.

What? Wait, did you write this letter? Oh, my god! You are a total rock star, emily fields! You are totally getting me into harvard! Emily, I would not mail this.

Oh, I love it.

Here, let me see if I have an extra stamp.

This just feels really wrong.

Oh, really? And taking an art class with jenna isn't? I hope your first assignment is how to make a weapon.

Okay, I never said that I was actually staying in the class.


I'm still working that out.

Okay, once your parents read this-- Oh, big deal.

She changed a few words.

It's like alison used to say, "you're not lying.

You're just pre-telling the truth.

" Hey, does it matter if it looks a little used? There's got to be another way.

There isn't.

( sighs ) Wanna take a break? Nah.

Dude, you've been working non-stop.

It doesn't have to be built in a day.

You got another job to go to or what? No.

I'm guessing people around here Are still giving you a hard time, huh? Just for the record, toby, I never believed you were guilty of anything Except maybe being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I've been there.

( twig snaps ) Who's that? Melissa? Uh, no.


It's spencer.


Why would you think that I was melissa? Has she been coming over a lot? Uh, a couple times.

Mailman keeps giving you guys my stuff.

I'm gonna grab a drink.

You want something, toby? I'm okay.

You? No, thanks.

What's wrong? Is there any way I can convince you to quit right now for good? Spencer, I just started, And he gave me a huge cash advance.

Enough to buy your truck? I'm sure that truck's already sold.

Well, did you call? Spencer, that job in yardley's going to someone else.

They're not gonna wait for me.

Yeah, but there'll be others.

Maybe, but right now, this is all I've got.

( sighs ) I'd invite you guys inside, but the place is kinda crazy.

Cut myself.

I'm sorry, what is your name? Me? Anita.

Do you mind giving jenna a little help, please? I can do it.

Oh, thanks, bryce.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I hide And I dream to be then free ♪ So I have a question How many times has the choir been listed in the appendix? Um, they're listed by individual names.

Do you think I missed someone? I'll have to check.

Lucas took so many great pictures.


It sucks that we can't use all of them.

But I'm sure he'll just frame the rest and sell 'em on ebay.

Why would anybody buy a picture of a choir that they're not in? Could be a collector's item someday.

Lucas has already sold a lot of his work.

Who's lucas? My friend over there.

It's weird calling him my friend.

I mean, that's what he is, Even if I wanted it to be more at one point.

I didn't just have the energy to compete.

Compete with who? With every other girl in the 11th grade.

He's got that quiet nerd thing going on, But it's just a cover.

He totally has a wild side.

It's a real diamond.

I'll be back for it on Monday.

As soon as the banks open, I'll have the cash.

So you said.

Is anyone gonna be missing this ring over the weekend? What? No, of course not.

I don't want no trouble.

Like I said, it's mine.

I just need some cash till Monday.

All right.

Thank you.

See you Monday.


You meant this Monday, right? Like in two days? Yeah, yeah.

+ Hanna, wait up! I thought we were done.

What did you say to danielle? Why? She came over to me as we were packing up And asked to see more of my photos.

You told her I sold my pictures online? Yeah, so? You've sold other things.

Okay, maybe it was a mistake, But at least now she knows your name.

She wants to grab coffee with me sometime next week.

Ooh, congrats.

Why did you speak to her? Because I'm your friend, lucas.

It was painful watching you drool.

No, I mean, what's behind it? Last time you were this nice to me, I was just a body-shield to help you break up with sean.

Lucas, can't you trust that I was just doing you a solid because I care about you? Look, I apologized for what happened that night with sean.

It was a mistake, but I don't want to be judged For the rest of my life by my biggest mistake.

People change, okay? They grow.

Well, then Thank you.

Pam: Emily.

I found this in the attic.

You want me to give that stuff away? Oh, god, no, honey.

I wouldn't even trust this with the movers.

I think you and I will just take care of this box, okay? Mom, are you okay? Yeah.

What's going on? Nothing.

I'm just ( sighs ) Emily, it must've been so hard for you To hide who you are, To think that if you told me the truth, I wouldn't still love you no matter what.

Mom, I don't feel that way anymore.

I know you don't.

( sighs ) But it wasn't easy getting here, right? Okay, I've got a lot of packing to do.

Why don't you go ahead and finish up your studying, And then we'll just go out to dinner.


All right.

( sighs ) Spencer.

Take it.

It's yours.

Are you crazy? Do you know how long it'll take me to pay you back? Well, you have a job to get to tomorrow.

In yardley, right? I love you so much.

I wanted to say that first.

we didn't know how good we had it ♪ but now we're ready ♪ ( laughter ) the sun keeps shining ♪ ( phone vibrates ) though we pray for rain ♪ and our hearts keep beating ♪ through the pain ♪ and we're still hoping ♪ to find a way ♪ we're still hoping ♪ to be the ones to change ♪ we didn't know how good we had it ♪ we didn't know ♪ Anita? Could you do me a favor? Would you mind putting this on the turntable against the wall? Sure.

And if you wouldn't mind cleaning everything else off, That would be perfect.

I finally get a chance to see how it turned out.

I mean, I can't really see anything.

Maybe just some shadows.

Light it for me, would you? Please.

I would love to know if it looked like what I saw in my head.

And can you turn the lights off, too? What do you see? I used to swim a lot.

There was this lake that we would go to.

It wasn't very deep, But I loved to glide along the bottom, Then turn around and look up.

The sunlight on the surface Would break into a million pieces Like beads.

And as you got closer, The light would bounce and it would dance and That's sort of what I was going for, But I I can't see Anything.

( sniffles ) It's beautiful.

It's kinda like what you said, like being underwater.

The light's soft and it's-- Aria? Is that aria? Please answer me.


Yeah, it's me.

Blow out the candle.

Jenna-- blow it out! + ( footsteps approaching ) Melissa: No, not here.

Stay down the road.

I wanna make sure she's asleep.


I'll see you then.

( phone rings ) Emily, I found this on the doormat.

It must've been delivered when we were out at dinner.

What is it? It's a letter from danby university.

It's addressed to you.

Don't you want to open it? Well, do you mind if I open it? Okay.

( sighs ) Oh, honey You did it.

They want you on their team.


Rabin says if "you continue as rosewood's m.



And anchor "until the end of swim season, we can offer you A full scholarship for freshman year.

" Look at this! Read it! Honey, it's fantastic! Congratulations! Everything you wanted.

You know what? We've gotta skype your dad! And we can actually hold this right up to the computer so he can read it himself! Okay? He's going to be so proud of you! Pam: Emily, where are you, honey? Your dad wants to talk to you! So wait, who's anita? No one.


I was, okay.

I only said that because I didn't want jenna to know I was there.

Well, yeah, but she did know.

Only after I said something.

I had to.

( sighs ) I thought it was safe.

No, anita was safe.

Aria is not.

I feel like I just made things worse.

If jenna is "a," I totally rattled her cage.

( gasps ) She's on the move.

I'm ready.

Let's do it.

Is it him? Is it ian? I can't tell.

Of course it's him, But whose car is that? Wait, that's not ian.

Is that wren? Wren? He's in on this, too? What's he giving her? Probably painkillers.

Melissa does drugs? No, not for her.

For ian.

You fall from a bell tower, you're gonna need more than an ice-pack.


Only melissa would ask the guy she dumped To help the murderer she married.


( gasps ) Yeah, I've seen a lot of these come through here.

This one was a real beauty.

Put everything else in that case to shame.

( chuckles ) yeah, figured I wouldn't see her again.

There you go.

I had a hunch it wasn't hers.


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