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  02x02 - The Goodbye Look
 Posted: 06/23/11 15:19
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If you love my Sister you won't do it.

( grunts, screams ) ( bell tolls ) Is this some kind of a joke? What do you mean? There's nobody in there.

If we want ann to believe us, A picture's worth a thousand words.

Oh, I see you found the guest bedroom.

Would you like to take a look at the master? We got off the phone with your therapist.

She is recommending you spend some time apart.

Are you telling me that I can't see my friends? Are you? Samara.

I go to sheraton prep.

Did your friend tell you? Yeah.


They extended your dad's assignment.

He wants us to come to texas.

You mean for a visit? For a year.

Make sure she gets this.

I know about the letter.

You had no right to make that decision for me.

You know what, I barely remember jason.

We didn't know him, he was just ali's older brother down the hall.

( cell phone dings ) anyone could have sent that, spence.

It could just be some kook trying to mess with melissa.

It's not safe? I can't tell you? I can't tell you what? Where he is.

Ian is dead.

There's only one way to know for sure.

"how do I know this is you?" ( cell phone dings ) ( gasps ) it's him! Ian's alive.

( clatter ) ( clatter ) Did things just get incredibly worse? I can't believe this.

Ian's dead.

Zombie's don't text! He is alive somewhere.

Spence I have to get this phone home before melissa realizes that it's gone.

Okay, you put it back, and then what do we do? Do we call the cops? Oh, yeah, because that always works out so well for us.

Why is ian texting melissa? And why is melissa answering him? Is she? I mean, we don't know how long this has been going on.

Spencer, look, you've gotta find out what ian told melissa.

You're the only one who can find out what he wants.

And where he is.

( clatter ) Let's get out of here! Let's finish this in the morning, okay? I'm cold, damp and scared.

We can talk at school.

We can't talk at school, remember? The four of us are supposed to be having "separate time.

" Doctor's orders.

What are we supposed to do, not talk to each other? We're in the same classes.

We just have to play it cool.

( clatter ) It's jason.

Did he move back in? What is all that? That's all that stuff That those people left on my curb When ali went missing, those tributes.

Maya said her family kept those things when they moved in.

They didn't have the heart to throw them out.

Apparently jason's moved on.

What's he doing back in that house? got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ takin' this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ ?Rapy stuff, Because most of life consists of putting up with something.


What a positive outlook.

That's gonna have a terrific impact on my future development.

Could we not talk any more until we've had coffee? And why did you have to turn on the "hanna in trouble" bat-signal and call dad? I didn't.

When daughters show up in news stories About a vanishing corpse, fathers check in.

Well, he can check in, But why does he have to come here? He's worried about you.

He is.

I heard it when he called.

Last time he came He sprang a fiance and a step-daughter on us.

Wonder what we'll get this trip.

Well, he sent you you were in the hospital.

It died, remember.

You still have the pot.

You can't take away my phone.

I'm not taking it away.

You can use it all you want.

It's just when you get home from school You gotta leave it on the dining room table.

You want to call someone, call from downstairs.

So you'll know if I'm trying and hanna? Aria, spencer You know what? It's a project.

You get to experience life the way it was Before we had anything other than landlines.

Are we gonna start milking our own cows And using kerosene lamps, too? Look, emily, I know this is hard, But it's not mean.

I think this is a good idea.

You better start thinking about packing.

So the real estate people anyone living hereas When they tramp through our house? Actually, no more tramping.

We have a family who wants to lease the place for a year.

What do you mean, "gone"? I mean gone.


Zeroed out.

Somebody got in here and erased the whole drive.

Who? The real estate agent's Been bringing people in here all the time.

The laptop's been sitting on my desk.

Are you saying that "a" just walked in and wiped your drive? What am I talking about? Of course they did.

It's gone, spence.

All the videos of ian are gone.

Yeah, except for the one ian had when he fell.

( door opens ) look, we're gonna talk at school, okay? How? We'll figure it out.


You got out early this morning.

Where'd you go? Oh, wow.

Is everything okay? So far.

They want me to rest as much as I can.

You didn't have to go alone.

I would have gone with you.

Next time.

Um, any more appointments today? No.

I'm staying home.

Are you gonna be back before mom and dad leave? That's the plan.

You know, I could stay home if you wanted me to.

Answer your phone, take messages.

No, um I want my phone.

In case the police call about ian.




( school bell rings ) ( students chatter ) Aria, can I see you for a second? So Your last day is Friday.

Day after tomorrow.

Thanks for the warning.

It'sNot a warning.

All of a sudden I feel like you're picking apart Everything I say with a pair of tweezers.

No, I just Want to make sure That I'm not misunderstanding anything.

Such as? Such as what I can really expect Once you pack up that desk.

I think I've been very clear about that.


I know that's what you think.

I'm just not so sure.

( hallway chatter ) Well, we're not gonna figure this out before the next bell.

You need to come by the apartment so we can talk.

I can't tonight.


( sighs ) Okay.

Hey, big a! Wait up.

So, that was a bombshell, wasn't it? Did you see it coming about him leaving? No.

Listen, If I bend some arms, we could get him a gift.

And I thought you could pick it out.

Why me? Well, you know him better.

From the play.


Uh, sure.

I'll pick something up.


I'll shake people down.

I love doin' that.

Um, there is this one other really small thing I wanted to talk to you about.

Anything between you and hanna You're gonna have to work out on your own.

Can't you just say something to her? Mona, Hanna and I aren't really hanging out right now.

Why? Did something happen? Did something happen? Don't you read the papers or listen to the news? No.

Ali's killer? Oh.


You lying to the cops.

Oh, we didn't lie to the cops.

People think that we did, but we didn't.

So now our parents are thinking that we just shouldn't hang out as much.


That's so unfair.

So I'll get the gift for mr.

Fitz, But I can't help you with hanna.

That's okay.

I'll come up with something.

Aria: So the videos are gone? Totally gone.

That was our only evidence.

Well, we don't have it anymore.

Has ian sent melissa any more messages? I don't know.

She's not leaving her phone sitting around.

What about jason? Why is he back? And what is he doing in that house? Maybe he's just looking for closure or something.

Okay, new rule: No one can say the word "closure.

" Ever.


Sullivan says it all the time.

I rest my case.


What? I don't think we should sit together.

We always sit together.

We have to make it look like We're going along with this.

Looking like we're doing it is the same thing as doing it.

It means we're wrong.

And we're not wrong; we're right.

Are we? We don't even really know what happened.

How can we be sure if we're even right? That's even more reason to stick together.

( chatter ) ( cell phones dings ) You're here.

I had to get some papers from the office.

You're coming back to school? I haven't changed my mind.

This is about getting a g.



On my own.

Look, I'm the one who looks guilty, not you.

You can come back if you want to.

The thing is, don't want to.

You're the one looking forward to class reunions, not me.

Besides, I got a job.

Hmm? Check it out.

They needed somebody full-time, and I'll be learning from the best.

I mean, sweeney put up half the houses in this town.

How are your parents about this? My family is the reason why I'm doing it.

The sooner I've got some money the sooner I'm out of there.

For good.

Out of rosewood? Well, that depends.

On what? Different things.

Well, name three.

I can only think of one right now.

( female vocalist singing alternative pop ) ♪ ( chatter ) Wow, you were at one with the water.

That was amazing.

I did okay.

Okay enough to win.

Yeah, but I was off my personal time.

So, you want to grab something to eat? I would, but I promised my mom I'd help her pack.

Okay, how about tomorrow night? Tomorrow? Yeah.

Something to eat, maybe see a movie.

What, you don't like movies? No, I even like the black and white ones.

But I'm moving, samara.

I don't want to start anything that I can't finish.

Okay, well, um It is just a movie, So if you don't a big commitment, we won't get the large popcorn.

( both laugh ) Or am I misreading things? No.

You're not.

Let's do tomorrow.

Excuse me, emily.

Yes? Hi.

Coach fulton said I could say hello.

My name's ken raymond, I'm out here from danby.

Danby u? Yeah.

We like to check in with the talent that's getting ready for college And make sure that they're thinking about us.

I don't know a swimmer who isnthinking about danby.


Well, I'd like to talk to you about our program.

So call me.

Maybe we can sit down tomorrow.



Looking forward to it.

Somebody just got scouted.

No, heJust wants to talk.

Yeah, first a little talk, and then a scholarship.

You okay? I shouldn't read that.

They don't know anything, but they keep writing.

You want to split one of these? Yes, I do.

( sighs ) Who are these for? What makes you think they'for anybody? You're moving them from the box to a plate So you can pass them off as homemade.

Don't worry.

I know how to keep a secret.

Uh, they're for jason dilaurentis.

Why? Well, he's back, you know? He's just down the lane.

I thought I'd be neighborly.

They were friends, weren't they? Jason and ian? JasonWasn't somebody you could depend on.

Did ian say that? I'm--just making conversation.

Then ask me about the weather.

Or the deficit.

Or gas prices.

You want to help? Then don't ask me about ian.

Tom: Do you UhYou like this therapist? Would it make any difference if I didn't? What do you think? I've only talked to her on the phone.

Spencer's mother put the whole thing together.

And you're okay with that? I don't think it's doing any harm, And right now I don't have a plan b.


Well, I have a plan b-- Why don't we just tell everyone to mind their own business? Let's just play this out and see what happens.

These are my friends, The most important people in my life right now, And they're trying to break us apart.

Tell him! Don't put your mother on the spot like that.

Hanna, this is not a good cop/bad cop situation.

We'll take it a step at a time, And if we have to make adjustments along the way, Then we can do that.

You want us to email you about that? How about we do it face-to-face? I thought I'd stay around for a couple of days.

Can I go now? Yes.

It's good to see you again, hanna.

( hanna stomping ) That sound brings back memories.

Were you planning to stay in town before she said that? Yes.

Yes, I was.

Is that gonna cause any problems for you withOther people? Nothin' I can't handle.

Well Thanks for backing me up.

I'm gonna take my lead from you on this.

I came here to help.

You want a glass of wine? Unless you want me to make you a martini? I think wine tonight.

Hey, emily, have you been into your dad's side of the garage lately? The lockers? No.

Because one of them was open And we're missing some winter gear, The camp stove No, I haven't been in there.

Jean watson said that they had some stuff missing in their garage as well.

Somebody broke into our garage? Did they get into the house? Was anything else missing? You know what, don't-- don't worry.

I'll call the police.

And did you forget something after school? Thank you.

( rings doorbell ) ( dog growling in distance ) Hey.

What you doin', buddy? Get out of here! ( dog whimpering ) Hello, spencer.



I saw that you were back, I thought I'd try to beat the welcome wagon.

Ah, thanks.

That's great.

Are your parents coming back? No.

It's just gonna be me for the time being.

I heard what happened.

Are you okay? I'm working on it.

So you know what's been going on? Just what I get from the news.

The cops in this town don't really talk to me.

I'm the brother of a murder victim, But mostly they see me as a big pain in the ass.

I ask too many questions.

Is that why you're back? The questions? Maybe I can help.


The bell tower.

What about it? I heard that you told the police That ian confessed to killing ali.

Is that what happened? That's being referred to as my "version" of events.

The police think ian ran away, But not because of your sister.

Did he confess? Yeah, I think he did.

You think he did? Well, he wanted people to believe that I killed her.

And how did you do it, according to ian? I pushed her.

She fell.

And it was an accident.

Jason, I'm sorry.

I know that you and ian were once close-- Did he say he killed her? That's what he meant.

That's what he meant, that's what ythink--- Did ian say, "I killed alison"? Not those words.

Not those words? No! It's getting late, and I've got a lot to do inside.

Can I help? You already have.

Good night.

Good night.

( door closes ) Jason: Alison! Alison, hey! Damnit, alison, come here! Come here! Hey! Stop messin' with my stuff! You and the powerpuff girls just stay out of my room! What are you afraid I'd find in there? Look, just stop messin' with people.

No challenge with you and your little stoner buddies.

All you need is something shiny on a piece of string.

( girls snickering ) Watch him, ladies.

He's got trouble with door knobs.

What's wrong with jason? He just thinks I stole one of his japanese cartoon porn books.

Did you? Of course I did.

Aren't you afraid he's gonna rip apart your room? Wouldn't do him any good.

I have hiding places all over the house.

In the yard, too.

When I hide something, it stays hid Until I want it found.

That's why your secrets are all so safe with me.

( loud clatter from inside house ) even we, even so ♪ hey, here we go ♪ Ken: Emily, you're the kind of student danby would love to have.

You also fit the profile for scholarship help.

So you think I could get a scholarship? I think you're in good shape.

But your coach said that you were leaving the district.

That worries me.

I mean, rosewood's rated so high, Anywhere else you go is gonna be a step down.

That could be a problem.

Do you know when you're moving? That's not definite.

Oh, the coach said that-- There was some talk about it, But I'm gonna finish school here.

Glad to hear it.

Continuity's important to you right now.

I know.

( male vocalist sings pop song ) ♪ Toby? Mr.

Sweeney let me go.

It was your first day.

The owner of the house saw me on the crew And told mr.

Sweeney they'd cancel the job if he didn't get rid of me.

Why? They've got a daughter.

They didn't want me in the house, So mr.

Sweeney paid me off for the week.

He can not do that! Forget it, spencer.

It's just how this town works.

Get in.

Tell you what, let's Let's talk later.

This was your idea.

I know.

And I promise I will be there.

But-- This is the head of the department.

But you knew that you had to talk to him when you asked me to come over.

Yes, but I didn't know that they only spoke in paragraphs.

Look, I will get out of here, I will be there, we will talk.

( knocking ) one second.


Wait for me.


Aria? Okay.

I'll wait.

Be there soon.

( exhales ) Emily: Mr.

Raymond said I was the kind of student they want.

I mean, he just about promised me a full scholarship.

But he said he couldn't do it if I moved, If I ended up at another school in a different program.

If I stay here and graduate from rosewood, I could have everything I want at danby.

But if we move, it's all gonna fall apart.

This is a lot to think about, emily.

But you are thinking about it? Well, we gotta talk to your dad, But I think he'd agree this would be a reason to stay.

ButThis family's not doing anything Based on one conversation with one scout, okay? We can't just do this on promises.

We need some kind of a commitment from the university.

No problem.

I'll talk to mr.


How did it go with ezra? Oh, he's not here yet.

He's at hollis, stuck in a meeting.

How long have you been waiting? Over an hour.

( sighs ) Look, that's why I was calling, spence.

How long should I wait? Why are you asking me? Because you've got this great internal clock.

Like you always know exactly how long to wait for a boy to call you, When to ask your parents for something, How quickly you should make up with somebody You are the master of time.

( knocking ) Um, can I call you back later? Sure.



( sighs ) Hey.

Can you get out? UmYeah.

Let me just get my coat.

now you do it on your own ♪ but you find you're all alone ♪ what can you do ♪ you and me ♪ walk on, walk on, walk on ♪ 'cause you can't go back now ♪ ( sighs angrily ) ( cell phone rings ) you know there will be days ♪ when you're so tired that you can't take another step ♪ Voicemail: Hey, hanna, it's mona.

I've been trying your phone a lot.

Call me.

Please, I miss you.


Something wrong with your phone? No.

You want some help with that? Nope.

Look, I know it's tough not seeing your friends.

But it's a good idea, under the circumstances.

Do you notice how I never see you except when I'm in trouble? Do you think that's significant? I mean, should I bring it up in therapy? I'm sorry it seems that way.

No, don't apologize, Because it doesn't mean anything.

So don't.

Does mean something.

Maybe to you, but not to me.

Why not? When you and mom broke up, You told me that Even though you were getting a divorce It didn't mean I wasn't always going to be your daughter.


And now You're getting a whole new family.

You lied to me, so I don't trust you.

Nobody ever made a mistake on purpose, hanna.

You always think you're doing what's best At least that's what you tell yourself after the fact.

The thing I can't explain, the thing I can't forgive, Is talking myself into leaving you behind.

It's amazing how much damage can be done When you have nothing but good intentions.

how am I supposed to feel ♪ you strike at my achilles heel ♪ with everything that's wrong, I can't regret ♪ if I wait another hundred years ♪ and whisper against the tears ♪ I'm never gonna be that shiny knight ♪ I find it hard ♪ to be down in this hole ♪ and I find myself trying to make a hard call ♪ if I can't say it ♪ if I can't say goodbye ♪ and I never will ♪ Emily: Just something in writing, And I won't have to move.

I can finish at rosewood.

And you think you can get that from the scout? Absolutely.

That's great.

It's beyond great.

I feel like I can breathe again.

What is it? You went somewhere just now.

What was it? Nothing.

I'm fine.

Did you come here with someone? Maya.

Do you want to go someplace else? No.

No, I'm fine, really.

If you're okay.

I don't know.

Ghosts of first girlfriends make tough competition.

WhatSort of competition would I be looking at? I mean, for the sake of argument.

Well, I don't kiss and tell, but I had a maya.

Everybody has a maya.

If they're lucky.

Who was she? Her name was marianne ginari.

Sophomore english, One row over, two seats down.

She always wore her hair up, And I kept looking at the back of her neck.

What happened? We had a study date one night, And she let her hair down.

( movie starts ) Hi.


Are you alone, Or is noel kahn lurking around here somewhere? All by my lonesome.

So, are you going out with noel, or was that just a one-off? Well, he's a major get.

Now he even has some bad boy cred.

Well, you know, there's bad, and then there's bad.

I would just be careful around him.

So, you want me to be careful? Like it would make a difference to you? Look, I guess I understand why you did what you did.

You must have thought you were doing me a favor.

Really, truly I did.

Could we just forget about it? Okay.

So, does this mean that you, like, forgive me? Yeah I forgive you.


No one's ever forgiven me before.

It feels all, I don't know, spiritual or something.

Sit with me? So, have you, like, talked to caleb? You don't ask me about caleb and I won't ask you about noel.


Toby: Why didn't you tell me? I'm telling you now.

You should have told me The minute you found out he was texting her.

Why? What could you have done? I'd have done something.

What? I don't know.

Well, welcome to my world.

It's not so bad from up here.

Just looks like a town.

That's all it is.

More than that.

It's like one of those collective mind creatures in the movies.

One with a really long memory.

It's not a monster.

It's got monsters in it.

You know that.

So do I.

I'll do what you want me to.

You want me to tell the police that ian's been texting melissa? Remind me-- When was the last time the cops did either of us any good? So? So Spence? Spence! Spencer, are you here? Spencer! Aaaah! Everything looks all right I've called tupstairs.


Are you sure you're okay? Yeah.

My dignity broke the fall.

Aria Hey.

Are ysure that you're okay? Yeah.

Yeah, I-I'm fine.

The fact that "a" can just Break into our houses Sometimes I think that's the worst part of this.

Emily said that somebody broke into their garage And stole some camping gear.

And her mom said that there's been a whole bunch of break-ins around town.

What would "a" want with camping gear? You tell me.

What if it's not "a"? Who else would it be? Somebody who knew what was on emily's computer.

Somebody who needs camping gear and survival stuff, Somebody who's on the run.

Ian? We though that "a" wiped emily's hard drive Because that's the kind of thing that "a" would do, But ian is the only other person who would want those videos destroyed.

Do you think that that was ian upstairs? I don't know.

Melissa's out in the barn.

What would he want in the house? You? ( tea kettle whistling ) ( thunder rumbles ) That's great.

My mom's really excited.

She just wants a letter to show my dad.

A letter.

You know, explaining the whole offer.

I'd be happy to talk to your mom and dad, But we were discussing what could happen-- I can't offer you anything in writing.

You said if I kept up my grades and times and graduated rosewood I could get into danby on a scholarship.

You're a very strong contender.

I'd need more than that for my parents.

I need some sort of commitment.

I can write down something saying that we're interested in you, But I can't make promises.

So all I can get is a "maybe" letter? That's what I can do now.


Thank you.

We'll talk soon.

Aw Thank you.

Wasn't expecting this.

To be honest, most of what's happened to me here I didn'tExpect.

I didn't expect to connect with you the way that I have.

I never expected to feel this kind of loss over leaving you.

Um Stop me when this gets too maudlin, But I'm not going to forget you.

I will remember your voices, Your questions, yourFaces.

I cherish the time that I've spent here, And I'm more grateful than I even know how to say.

There's a quote by joseph campbell, And it goes "you must give up the life you had planned In order to have the life that is waiting for you.

" I thought I knew what that meant.

I didn't.

Till I met you.

( bell rings ) Well, there it is.

Oh! Oh.

Always read.

Have a good life.

We love you, mr.


Good luck.

Thanks, mr.



Thanks, mr.


run us down ♪ run us down ♪ run us down ♪ and all I want is to get better ♪ I swear I'll work to make it better ♪ so please don't leave crying ♪ so please don't leave crying ♪ oh, please don't leave crying ♪ Ezra.

please don't leave crying ♪ don't leave ♪ don't leave ♪ please don't leave crying ♪ Hey.

Sorry I'm late.

Didn't notice.

You want something to eat? I'm okay.

Did you get outside today? Not in this weather.

I never left the house.

It was in the pocket of her raincoat.

And her raincoat was wet.

So were her boots.

She lied to you about being out? Well, she didn't go far.

I checked the driveway And it was dry under her car, so it hadn't been moved all day.

Who would she want to show this to? I can only think of one person who would care.


If she didn't take the car, that means he must be close.

You guy's hanna's right.

This is the worst time for us to be splitting up.

We have got to stay together.

Yeah, no matter how much lying it takes.

What is that? Jason? Jason: Oh.

It's you.

Yeah, it'sOnly us.

Um, what are you doing? I've been replanting all day, and I'm putting up a fence.

A fence? Why? For what? Privacy.


There's a lot of curious creeps in the world, And one way or another, people are gonna mind their own business.

You girls better go home.

Who's he trying to keep out with that fence? Keep out orKeep in? ( dog whimpering ) ( whistling )

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