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  02x01 - It's Alive
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Do you realize what these videos are? Ian's been watching us for years.

There's nothing wrong about us, Toby.

We're not really related.

Jenn: Alison's so cunning.

If this video gets out, we will lose everything.

I won't let that happen.

Hi, I'm Jackie Molina.

Is this the Montgomery house? - Excuse me.

Ezra: She was the first really serious girlfriend I ever had.

Not telling me about her was a lie.

I'm sorry.

You were spying on me the whole time.

Not the whole time.

Don't touch me.

Make sure she gets this.

They extended your dad's assignment.

He wants us to come to Texas.

You mean for a visit? For a year.

Look, I've never had a safe place to land, but now I feel like I do.

Melissa would want me to take care of this.

Gonna take care of me like you took care of Alison? Well, is that why you killed her, 'cause she found your home movies? ( Screaming ) Please.

If you love my sister, you won't do this.

I'm doing it because I love her.

Aah! Let go of me! What are you doing here? Aah! ( Bell tolling ) Cop: Is this some kind of a joke? There's nobody in there.

"Sleep tight while you still can, bitches.


'" Aria: He wasn't moving, okay, and he was not breathing.

Because he was dead.

Is dead.

Not was, is.

So, unless we're saying Ian's a zombie, someone moved the body.

It was probably stuffed in the trunk of "A's" car.

It's probably on its way to a meat grinder.

Oh, Em, come on, you gotta quit watching those horror films.

You guys, "A's" probably watching us right now.

Any one of these people could be "A.

" Half the town is here! They want to see you girls down at the station.

I'm here to drive you.

Uh, well, I saw my parents earlier.

They're going to want to know where we're going.

They'll meet us there.

Come on.

Let's go.

Hey, I thought we were going to the police station.

Why are we stopping? - Garrett - Let's go.

No, I'm not going anywhere.

Get out of the car.

It's not safe to talk in the car.

It doesn't really feel safe out here, either.

Look, I'm sorry if I scared you, but there's some things you guys need to know before you start answering questions.

We're listening.

All right, the police cannot know that you were blackmailing Ian, and that I was helping you.

It's a serious crime.

Well, what about the messenger? He doesn't want any trouble.

And the money? For now, I'm hiding it.

What about the videos? You still have them? Yeah, we made a copy.

Okay, look, I've never asked you guys how you got them, and I don't want to know.

But you'd better be prepared to tell the police how you did, because that that's the first question they're gonna ask you.

Officer Reynolds, what's your ETA? Uh, yeah, we're en route.

Roger that.

I hate asking you to lie like this, but are we all clear? We'll keep the videos a secret.

For now.

Okay, good.

Let's get back.

I'm sorry we got you into this.

Well, we'll be okay.

We just need to stick to our story, yeah? (The Pierces:) Got a secret ♪ can you keep it? ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead ♪ Hanna: Ugh, my brain is numb from all those cop questions.

Spencer: I don't think I'd be here if it wasn't for "A.

" "A" killed Ian to keep you here.

I'm sorry, but that is not a comforting thought.

"A" gives so she can take.

We know that.

So what's the bitch gonna ask for? Whatever it is, I don't think we can afford it.

Spence, you didn't You didn't see anything? I saw a black hoodie, black boots, and gloves.

Well, I think it's safe to say that "A's" not Jenna.

Are we sure? "A" sees everything, Hanna.

I'm starting to think about herâ€" himâ€" it.

What's the worst thing that can happen? "A" knows all of our secrets.

If people find out, we'll always be "Those girls who blinded Jenna Marshall.

" And now we're "Those girls who are afraid of 'A.

'" No, Em, I mean, you're right, but Look, we have so much to lose.

I feel like I have a hangover, and I never went to the party.

We need caffeine.

Oh! No offense, but can I make it? - Seriously? - I'm with Aria.


Sorry, Spence, but your coffee gives me the shakes.


What's going on? Mom? Veronica, since this is your idea The accusations you made about Ian have cast a bright spotlight on all of you.

Spencer is still a person of interest in Alison's murder investigation, and now the police seem to think that you three are also involved.

Ian killed Alison, Okay, and last night, he tried to kill me.

We were all there.

We told you exactly what we saw.

And we heard you.

We don't need to rehash what we talked about last night.

This is about moving forward.

While the police sort through this, we want you girls to see a grief counselor.

She's a therapist who can help you deal with Alison's death And what appears to the police to be an obsession with trying to pin her death on Ian.

You think we're lying? Emily, I believe you, But it's the way it looks that concerns us.

This is a preemptive strike, and the goal is to garner both police and public sympathy.

I'm not going to no shrink.

That's what friends are for.

You can't be the only one who doesn't go.

Maybe you'll get more out of it than you think.

This is bull - Hanna! Do you believe us? What I know is that one of my daughters is in the hospital, and the other one's in trouble, and it's my job to protect you both.

You didn't answer the question.

You haven't heard from Ian for a reason.

He's dead.

Dead men don't get up and walk away.

We told you, someone moved the body! Who would do that? And why? ( Knocking ) Is Spencer home? You shouldn't be here, Toby.

Is she okay? - No, she isn't.

Spencer's in a lot of trouble, and you're not helping her.

Look, whether you've earned it or not, you have a reputation.

My daughter can't afford to be seen with you.

I would never do anything to hurt Spencer.


If you mean that, you'll stay away from her.

I'm sorry, Spencer.

Why would Jason move back into that house? Are you sure it was him? Maybe he's looking forâ€" Don't.


If anybody finds out about the Jason thing You won't let that happen.

Are you sure you wanna be here? I mean, you can stay home for another day.

Yeah? That'd be your home or mine? We haven't had a chance to talk, but, um, I heard what you said to me about your dad ( Sighs ) Mom I'm so sorry.

Iâ€" you didn't really deserve that.

Well, actually, maybe I did.

You said exactly what I needed to hear, and, um, your dad and I wanted to tell you and Mike this tonight, but I think you could use some good news.

I'm going to move back in.

Y-you're not just doing this for me, right? No.

I-I mean, I'd be lying if I said no, but I'm doing it for me, too.

I'm ready to come home.

( Chatter ) ( Chatter quiets ) ( Giggling ) ( Period bell rings ) ( Door opens ) You need some help with that, Mr.

Fitz? ( Gasping ) You can take your seat, Mr.


Boy: What's up, Noel? Hey, suspension over? Miss me? I think they made the whole thing up to get attention.

I heard Ian and Spencer were having an affair.

( Chatter continues ) You mean that he fell to his death and then disappeared? They just got used to everyone looking at them after Ali died.

I don't know what's more pathetic People who gossip, or people who listen to gossip.

( Scoffs ) Look at Suzy Lipton strutting her bony ass in those skinny jeans.

I heard she lost all that weight drinking rice milk.

What? - Bull milk you can buy it online.

( Chuckles ) I miss how easy things used to be.

You mean, before you reunited with the others? We had so much fun last summer.

And some of it was even legal.

( Sighs ) I'm tired of thinking about things.

( Sighs ) Me too.

Maybe I do need therapy As in retail.

( Chuckles ) I still don't trust him.

How does Noel Kahn get suspended, and then come back more popular than he was when he left? Maybe it has something to do with that winning smile.


Can I see you a minute? I'd like to speak with you about your essay.

You don't have to go.

I'll see you in a minute.

Are you okay? Yeah.

I'm fine.

D-do you want to talk about it? You wanna tell me what happened? Uh, not really.

Aria, don't shut me out.

I'm here for you.

I'm not shutting you out.

I just Don't really feel like talking to you about it.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Jackie, and I understand how it looks, but you'll seeâ€" she doesn't change anything.

Come over later.

I can't tonight.

Aria, please talk to me.

I don't know what to say.

Things just feel different.

But they're not different.

Nothing has changed.

I'm still in love with you.

I can't do this right now.

Areâ€" are we over? I don't know.


Um, is Toby here? My parents would like you to leave.

He's not allowed to see you anymore, so whatever you had with him it's over.


Jennaâ€" You have no idea who you're dealing with, huh? Be so easy for me to convince your daddy and my mommy that you've been forcing yourself on me.

( Gasps ) Oh, no, I didn't mean to scare you.

What do you want? Um, Emily, this is Mr.

Mendez, and he's the realtor who's going to be showing the house.

Is it okay if I take a quick look at your room? - I guess.


Well, I like your photos, but for the showings you should put them away.

Renters like to imagine their own stuff in the house.


Small, but generous for a guest bedroom.

( Chuckles ) Of course, you'll need to paint over this.

Aw cute.

You thought of leasing the home furnished? ( Beep ) That was Ian's aunt.

If she hears anything, she'll call.

Any siblings? No, his parents are ne, and he's an only child.

Would he have gone to see a friend? We contacted everyone.

We figured he was in an accident.

We've contacted every hospital in the tri-county area.

He hasn't been treated for anything.

Honey, that's good news.

He's not hurt.

Mom, where is he? Melissa.

Hey, I'm glad you're home.

We've issued an APB on Ian's vehicle, and we're tracking his credit cards, so the second we find out anything, you'll be the first to know.

Thank you, officer.

Oh, uh, I almost forgot.

We found this in the church.

My phone.

Thank you.

We'll be in touch.

( Melissa crying ) Hey, listen.

As you can see, my daughter's in a very fragile state.

She's extremely worried.


Hastings, finding your son-in-law is a top priority for the Rosewood P.


I know you don't believe me, but what I said was the truth.

I don't know where he is, but when Ian comes home, we're leaving this place, because I don't want you anywhere near this baby! He's not coming home, Melissa, ever.

Spencer! If I'm lying, where is he? Huh? Why isn't he here? That's what we're trying to figure out, and right now, Spencer, you're just complicating things.

You know what? You were right about one thing yesterday.

You do have two daughters, but you're only protecting one.

I guess the other one's just a complication.

( Door opens ) Sorry I'm late, but have you been downtown? The sales are huge! You must be Hanna.

I'm Anne.

So, what'd I miss? Not a thing.

We waited for you.


Thanks for springing for the hotel.

Technically, I think it was a motel.

I owe you for this.

No, you don't owe me anything.

Hey, Caleb.

I don't know what you did to Hanna, but whatever it was, don't do it again.

It sounds like you credit Alison for the friendship.

We became friends because of her.

But she's gone, and the four of you still seem very close.

We weren't always.

We lost touch when Ali went missing.

What brought you back together? You don't all have to agree.

There are no right or wrong answers here.

Her death.

She means when theyâ€" when they found her.

When they found her body.

Do you think you were looking for closure? We were looking for answers.

The answer to who murdered Alison.

The four of you don't have to go through this alone.

This is a safe place to talk.

Nothing you say here goes beyond these walls.

Do weâ€"? Do we want to talk about that thing? ( Cell phones dinging and ringing ) Well, what is it? Um, I think our time is up.

Oh, it's not "A.

" It's just my mom.

Yeah, same here.

She wants me to come home.

"What really happened?" They found Ian's car by the train station and $10,000 that he took from his bank account.

They think he skipped town and we made up a story because we knew he left? ( Cell phones dinging and ringing ) "I spy a liar.


'" Okay, I know what you're thinking but when I tell you how much money I saved, you'll be very happy, and I'll share the Maddens with you if I can wear them first.

Hanna Okay, fine, you can have the Maddens, and I'll just take the Betsey Johnsons.



I'm going to excuse myself and go try on my new shoes.

You okay? Yeah.


Do you want to sit down, or No.

You're not allowed to do that.

What? You're not allowed to look at me like that.

And you're not allowed to do that, either.

I didn't leave without saying good-bye.

Was I unconscious during that exchange? I should've told you in person, I just I had never said the things that I was feeling, and I didn't feel that I could say those things without making a complete ass of myself, pretty much like I am doing right now.

So, I wrote you a letter, and in the letter I said I was sorry.

Most of my life, I have felt alone, even when I was with people.

That was until I met you.

So, what happened to this letter? I gave it to Mona.

She said she would give it to you.

Um, I appreciate that you Came back here to tell me that, but doesn't change what you did.

If youâ€" if you let me, Iâ€" I know I can make it up to you.

Because I love you.

I'll never be able to forget that you were using me.

I'm sorry.

I believe you.

But You should probably go.

( Sighs ) Good-bye, Hanna.

Oh, Hanna! Ooh, loving that scarf.

Did you get that today? How could you do that to me? - Do what, sweetie? - I know about the letter.

The letter? The letter Caleb left for me.

The one you never gave me, sweetie? I thought you were my friend.

I am your friend.

That's why I did it.

No one has ever hurt you the way that he did, and I couldn't give him a chance to do it again.

You had no right to make that decision for me.


I screwed up, okay? I thought I was doing the right thing.

I thought I was protecting you.

You were right about one thing.

Caleb really did hurt me But this hurts more.

I'm sorry, Hanna.

If I could take it back, I would.

Well, you can't.

Sorry I'm late.

Are you okay? No.

When your world ♪ trembles and quakes ♪ and your footing ♪ suddenly shifts and shakes ♪ take my hand ♪ ( Cell phone dings ) We'll hide in the corner, hide in the corner ♪ take my hand ♪ we'll hide till it's over, till it's all over ♪ till it's all over ♪ I was hoping we could talk.

Emily's waiting for me.

It's important.

Well, I'm playing catch-up in trig.

That's your Russian history book.

Cute outfit.

Are you wearing it for Emily? If you're going to see Toby, I won't say anything to mom and dad.

What do you want? I'm sorry about what I said, about not wanting you around the baby.

We picked a name.


It works for a boy or a girl.

I like it.

I don't believe what the police think, that Ian took that money and left town.

He wanted this baby as much as I do.

So, what are you saying? I don't know where Ian is, and I've run out of places to look.

Tell me again what happened at the church.

I've told you everything, Melissa.

No, I wasn't listening, but now I am.

So, you believe me? I don't know what to believe, but I know Ian would never leave me.

You can't paint over this.

When we leave, it'll be like I was never here.

You know ♪ Are you serious? My mom is gonna kill me.

No, I promise, I'll make it look like new.

( Cell phone dings ) It's Spencer.

She can't make it.

I'm sorry.

There's nothing you should be sorry about.

Actually, there is.

I let you down when I thought you hurt Alison.

You didn't deserve that.

It's history, okay? I never told anyone, but I always knew that I was different.

You are.

That's what's so great about you.

I got so good at hiding it, but you saw it.

I saw the way you looked at Maya.

You loved her.

I miss talking to you.

I feel like I'm leaving four friends now.

Emily, did you see how easy it was for us to get back to this place? It'll always be like that.

( Knocking ) Hey.

You're early.

Come in.

Really glad you called.

I read yesterday's paper.

We didn't lie to the police.

I don't know what happened to his body, but Ian's dead.

I believe you.

I'm sorry you have to go through this alone.

I'm not alone.

I understand, you have your friends, but you have me, too.

You just don't realize it.

You said yesterday that things hadn't changed.

It feels like they have.

Ask me anything, I will tell you the truth.

Why did she end it? She, uh, thought she was ready for the commitment, but she wasn't.

Am I your rebound? No.

No, but You did help me to get over her.

Were you Still in love with her when you met me? Uh I wish I would've known that.

Aria, there was not one moment when we were together that I was thinking about anybody but you.

Thank you for being honest.

You know what I love about Saturdays? It's that feeling I get when I look up at you and I realize that we have the whole day to be together.

Yeah, I know that feeling.

So, will you stay? Hey, can I call you tomorrow? Um, I'm spending the day with my family.


I'll see you on Monday.

( Cell phone dinging ) ♪ "A" had to have followed me to Ezra's, And he, she, "shim," must've seen me get that key from under the doormat.

Let me see that.

Okay, I see books, photographs, magazines What? Is that a Playboy? - What? - No, right there, under that black thing on the cabinet.

That black thing is called a typewriter.

Han, that's not a Playboy.

That's a Playbill.

I don't think what's missing matters.

"A" wants us to know that she can come and go through Ezra's apartment.

When's it gonna stop? Remember where we were a few months ago? Visiting me in the hospital.

"A" hit Hanna and kept on going.

"A" didn't even hesitate before pushing Ian.

It's almost like it was no big deal.

I don't want to be sitting next to you guys at another funeral.

You think we should tell the therapist? We were really close to telling her yesterday.

It felt so good.

Telling Anne wouldn't be like telling our parents.

I mean, she has to keep it a secret, right? Look, okay, I know we promised Garrett that we wouldn't show the video to the cops, but, I mean, if we want Anne to believe us A picture's worth a thousand words.

You know, she was wearing a gorgeous pair of Khloes.

Who? The shrink.

And this is relevant to this conversation because? You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.

I really heard her when she said that we don't have to go through this alone.

Do we all agree? Thank you for seeing us today.

It sounded like there was something you really wanted to tell me.

There's also something we wanted to show you.

Um, I just want to get one thing straight here.

You're not allowed to tell anyone anything that we say in here, right? Unless you tell me something that leads me to believe that you're a danger to yourself or to someone else.


Hanna? I didn't know Tori made those boots in brown.

Are you satisfied? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm good.

Go ahead, Emily.

I think we should tell her first, and then Yeah, sure.

Aria? We did drift apart after Alison went missing And it's true that herâ€" her death brought us back together.

But I don't know if we'd be as close as we are nowâ€" This talk is premature.

Um, I'm sorry we wasted your time.

What just happened here? Um, you know, we need to figure out what we want to say so that we can communicate more, um, effectively, andâ€" and that's what we'll do.

So, we're gonna reschedule.

You girls called me, remember? Yeah.

I-I'm really sorry about this.

Well, if she didn't think we were crazy before, - she does now.

What was that? Where did you get this? On the bookshelf behind the shrink.

This is what "A" took from Ezra's.

"A" knows we're coming here.

And that we were gonna tell.

How is "A" always one step ahead of us? I'm starting to think that bitch has superpowers.

We've gotta tell Ezra to change his locks.

( Knocking ) Come in.

Do you have a minute? Yeah.

What's wrong? Well, we just got off the phone with your therapist.

And she didn't tell us what happened today, but she did tell us she didn't think it's gonna be helpful to continue seeing you girls as a group.

( Scoffs ) Yeah.

Don't really blame her.

And based on your sessions, she's making a recommendation that, uh, we're gonna have to back her up on.

For now.

A recommendation for what? She doesn't believe you girls are capable of maintaining a healthy friendship at the moment, so she's recommending that you spend some time apart.

Yeah, and Dr.

Sullivan said she's seen this before.

After a traumatic loss, it's not uncommon for a close-knit group of friends to disconnect from the outside world.

But that's not what's happening.

We're not saying this is forever.

Are you telling me that I can't see my friends? no, I can't take one more step towards you ♪ 'cause all that's waiting is regret ♪ and don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore ♪ you lost the love I loved the most ♪ I learned to live half a life ♪ and now you want me one more time ♪ who do you think you are ♪ who do you think you are ♪ ( Rustling ) ( Knife clatters ) ( Sobbing ) I had to see you.

( Alarm chirps ) Lock the door.

Yes, sir.

( Cell phone beeps ) ♪ ( Cell phone ringing ) Anyone could've sent that, Spence.

Yeah, and it could just be some kook trying to mess with Melissa.

Maybe, but it doesn't seem random.

"It's not safe.

I can't tell you"? Can't tell you what? Where he is.

Guys, Ian is dead.

We all saw him.

There's only one way to know for sure.

Send a reply.

How do I know this is you? ( Cell phone dings ) ♪ Um, what's something that only Ian would be able to answer? Hold on.

I know.

What are we naming our baby? - What is the name? - Taylor.

( Gasps ) It's him! Ian's alive.

( Banging ) I see you found the guest bedroom.

Would you like to take a look at the master? ♪

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