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  03x23 - I'm Your Puppet
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

What happened in the woods? Toby Cavanaugh is dead.

Somebody killed him.

I saw his body.

Ahh! - Oh, God.

Maggie, I am so sorry.

Did pastor Ted hire somebody to work on the church? I put a five dollar bill in the church collection box, it had some dice drawn on it.

And later that day, Caleb's dad had it.

Do you really think he would steal from the place that just hired him? There was some trouble with the old badges.

People getting in? People getting out? Ezra Fitz has applied as a substitute teacher.

I have to ask, are you seeing Ezra Fitz? No, I'm not.

All I want from you and your mother is that car.

Look at all that's happened since you turned me down on our little drive up the mountain.

But I believe in second chances.

You need me.

You have visitors.

Spencer? I'll be in the hall if you need me.


You knew we were coming, right? We spoke with your mom.

We wanted to be here the first day.

But she said you were going to be home tomorrow, so She still believes that? She thinks that I'll be able to sleep through the night if I just take a nice bubble bath and lay in my own bed? - I think what she wants is - I know what she wants, but they don't make a loofa that scrapes out the inside of your head.

The park rangers found a body.

Hannah! - What? The sooner she knows, the sooner she checks out of this place.

What Hannah is trying to say is we have good news.

They found a body in the woods.

The police believe it was a camper.

It was Toby.

No, Spence, it wasn't.

This person, he'd been missing for awhile and he was nowhere near where you thought you saw I know what I saw.

It was Toby.

Hey, so, um, I was thinking tomorrow night when you get home, we could all I need to stay here.

I need more time.

Time for what? Hannah.

Shuffling around in Mona's old slippers isn't going to get her any better.

Hannah, chill.

You know what I would not dine here, if I were you, I had to sneak around in that kitchen, and I saw a roach big enough to wear an apron.



You are not crazy.

This place is.

I'm too tired to have this fight right now, guys.

I feel safe here.

Those bars don't just keep you from getting out, they keep other people from getting in.

Uh, need a minute.

Your friends are leaving.

Do you want to say good-bye? I already did.

got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I'll know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead ♪ Have you seen my make-up bag? No, but I think everything that was in it is on my pillow.

Okay, don't start.

I only slept for, like, 20 minutes.

Why do you keep looking out there? Because Wilden knows I'm staying here.

That's what you're thinking about? I'm having dreams about our friend having her head shaved, and you're looking I have lots of other things that are keeping me up at night, okay Emily? If that car I dunked suddenly learns how to float, then If Wilden's looking for his car, then he's not "A.

" Okay, besides cars don't float, if they did, pilgrims could have driven here.

Why is there a wet towel on my bed? Ladies, you better get hopping, or you're not going to have time for breakfast.

Oh, none for me, thanks.

You know I love her, but somebody's got to teach that girl the word "fold.

" It was a rough night.

Honey, look.

I know it's hard seeing a friend suffer, but if the doctors think she Doctors aren't helping Spencer.

Okay, she still believes that was Toby.

Well, you can't get caught up in that kind of thinking.

Don't take on a tragedy that has nothing to do with you.

Mom! Okay, you work at the precinct, can you at least tell me when you know more about the body? Look, if it'll help you move on from this, then yes.

You'll know when I know.

Sure if this is big enough to split? I think that we should go sit inside.

We could also eat this in my car and duck every time somebody walks by.

If I'm telling the principal that we're not involved, I don't think we should be seen splitting - a cruller on the sidewalk.

All right, we're not going backwards.

We'll figure it out.

Look Nothing between us needs to change.

It's Maggie.

Hey, what's up? What time? Tomorrow um, no, I just have a You know what, yeah.

I can pick him up.


What's going on? Malcolm's karate class gets out at the same time as my second interview.

Well, I'd offer to help, I just figured after the whole falling-off-the-bed incident Well, you know I don't blame you for that.

It's not about me.

So, Maggie blames me.

You know what, honestly, I would love it if you picked up Malcolm.

If I put off this interview, someone else is going to get that job.

Well, what are you going to tell Maggie? I can deal with her.

And what's even trippier is we both have scars below our left knee.

And, you know, granted, my dad got his in prison, but That was a joke.

Mmm, what's that smell? New perfume? No, it's air freshener.

Emily's mom sprayed it all over my clothes and then, when I wasn't looking, she sprayed it in my hair.

Ask her to spritz you tonight.

My dad wants to take us to a nice dinner.

Caleb, he does not have to do that.


Look, not only are you the person that brought him back into my life, but you're the reason he gets to stay in it.

And you got the man work.

Let him get you an entrée.

Can't you just ask your mom for a copy of the coroner's report? Aria, the report doesn't say not Toby, it says John Doe.

It's not going to change Spencer's mind.

Who's that? Um, Shana.

Why does she keep texting you while Paige is out of town? Is she into you? Sorry you guys, Caleb had a lot to share.

Why are you blushing? Why is she blushing? Shana's cruising her, and I think that she should shut it down before it turns into ex and the city.

Guys, I'm not thinking about Shana.

We need to help Spencer.

No, Em, you saw her face.

She's not getting out of there unless we kidnap her.

Or we actually take the body there and prove to her it isn't Toby.

Em, that's not a real option.

No, but, taking a picture of it is.

And we've been to that morgue before, what's stopping us from going back? Um, do we really have to answer that? Ever played this one? Um, no.

Looks like it's a bit before my time.

So is Duke Ellington.

If he walks in the door, are you going to ask him not to play the piano? Spencer? I just learned you're admitted.

I didn't know.

Eddie, uh, could you check on Mr.

Paterson? He may need assistance getting to physical therapy.

He had it this morning.

Then, perhaps you could do a follow-up, check on his pain management.

How're you feeling? Um Spencer, if there's anything I said or did that No, you're not the reason that I'm here.

Who chose this game? You or Eddie? Eddie.

Why? He played it with Mona, when she first arrived.

Yeah, she was a bit obsessed with it, until she eventually traded it for cards.

I'm afraid I've got to push on.

I'll check on you later.


I'll see you later.

Hannah? I've left your mom several messages and I haven't heard back.

Is there a better way that I can reach her? Uh, she's in New York right now for a training seminar.

Why, what's wrong? We just need her to weigh in on a delicate issue.

Who's we? Mrs.

Montgomery, what's going on? I'm on the church's restoration committee, and something's come up.

Wait, is this about Caleb's dad? How well did your mom know Jamie before she recommended him? Look, I'm trying to help.

It's just, it's really hard to defend the honor of someone you don't even know.

I'm hoping it's all just a big misunderstanding.

And what's the misunderstanding? Jamie removed the bronze bell from the tower to have it repaired, but the one that was returned is evidently of much lesser value.

Wait, that's what this is about? They miss their old, crusty bell? To the tune of $8,000.

Please, don't say anything to Caleb, just have your mom call me.

It's got great bones.

They built these churches to last.

When do they expect you to be done? I'm going to take my time.

I want to get this right.

Oh, before I forget.

What is this? It's for you.

Open it.

It's an angel.

It seemed appropriate.

I don't know what to say.

Oh, I hate these damn things.

Let me turn this off.

Actually, it's Pastor Ted.

I may have to get this, excuse me.

Hello? I thought this might make you feel better.

And then maybe on the way home, we can stop - I'm not coming home.

Just at least put on the blouse.

Mom, I told you I'm not ready.

Well, as soon as you're in your own bedroom, - surrounded by your - Look, mom, I can't just go back to dinners at the club.

You don't have to wear the blazer, just put on the I said I'm not ready! What happened between you and Toby? I'm not moving from this spot until I get a real answer.

The last time I saw someone in this state, clinging to a secret this hard, it was Alison.

A few weeks later she was dead.


Where were you? I thought you were asleep in Spencer's room.

I had to go out.

For what? What happened to your mouth? It's bleeding.

I must've scratched myself on a tree branch on my way over to the house.

Can I go upstairs, please? Why did you have to go to your house at three in the morning? Mrs.

Hastings, please.

I can't talk about this.

Let me get some ice for your mouth.

Just stay there.

Please? Here.

Did you have a fight with someone? Mrs.

Hastings, if you tell my parents, it's only going to make it worse.

Promise me you won't say anything.

Come here.


I'm just being weird.

Overly sensitive.

I'm fine.

You never told this to the police? Of course I did.

But I made up my own mind about who went after her that night and I kept that to myself.

Well, who? Why? Mom, how could you not say anything? Because if Jason went after us, exposing your father as his, too, it'd be my family breaking down in the middle of the night.

So, you still believe Jason? No, I don't.

Not anymore.

But I'm starting to wonder about others.

I need to ask.

Is Toby not the person that we thought he was? Sorry, guys, I'm going to have to hit the road.

There's a problem at work I gotta deal with.

What, right now? I've just been fired.

What what are you talking about? It seems the wrong bell got hung up in the tower I'm gonna have to go down to the foundry myself and clear this up.

Do you want me to come with you? No, you guys finish your dinner, I'll sort this out.

I'll see you later.

Okay, who am I supposed to text if I see someone? Me.

Not Hannah.

We're using her phone to take the picture.

Hannah, pay attention.

What? I'm sorry.

My boyfriend's dad got nailed for stealing.

Where do you sell a hot bell, anyway? Hannah, focus.

I don't want to be in there any longer than we have to.

We find John Doe, we take the picture, and we get out of here.

If it's bronze, you probably melt it down first.

Melt it into what? Why are we still discussing bells? Because Caleb thinks his dad is a Saint, and I know he's selling pieces of our church online.

Okay, forget it.

I'll do this alone.

How are we gonna know which one is John Doe? We have to go through those racks.

Um, no.

You are going through those racks.

This isn't a clearance sale, Emily, and I'm freaking out.

All we've done is walk through those doors.

It doesn't matter! I smell dead people.

Fine, just get your phone ready, okay? I'll hold it, but you have to aim it.

I just want to close my eyes.

God, this is so wrong.

You spend your whole life doing crunches, getting rid of tan lines, not eating that second pudding.

And then in the end you're just a stale loaf of bread lying on a rack.

Um, maybe you can help me with this loaf, - I can't find the tag.


Em, what if it really is Toby in there? It's not.

And Spencer needs to know that.

Okay, but just in case I don't know if I can handle seeing his face.

So can we just look for his tattoo or something? It's not Toby.

Ahh! Em, someone's coming.

Come on, we have to go.

Em, come on! Hi, sunshine.


Good book? It's okay.

Can I ask you something? That game that you wanted to play yesterday? I heard it was one of Mona's favorites.

Who played it with her? I don't recall.

Mona liked to play a lot of games.

Yeah, but Wren Dr.

Kingston, he said she was "obsessed" with this one.

Well, he would know.

What is with you and him? What do you mean? Eddie, are you the person behind the trouble with the visitors' passes? Did you let somebody in who It wasn't me.

Was it Dr.

Kingston? Take your pill.

You may be sleeping, but you don't look like you're getting any rest.

I won't tell anybody.

Trust your instinct.

Mine told me, from the minute that guy got here, it wasn't for the right reasons.

Let's just leave it at that, okay? Hey.

Did you get my messages? Yeah, I've been cramming for algebra.

I have a make-up test in, like, ten minutes.

Well, my dad's screwed.

The foundry claims there is no mix-up, and they have the paper trail to prove it.

Well, maybe if your father spoke to the church committee, and told them that told them what? Why should he have to defend himself to a bunch of small-minded people who think someone is a thief just because they don't tuck in their shirt? Did I press mute or something? Why are you being so quiet? I'm just listening.

You did a lot of that last night, too.

I don't know what to say, Caleb.

Since when? Hannah you have an opinion about everything, from honey boo-boo's hair cut to the weird look the lunch lady gave you when you asked for butter on your corn.

Look, I just don't think that your dad has changed as much as much as you think he has.

Look, the night that he got the job at the church, I put money in the church collection box, and when he paid for the pizza, he used that same bill.

How could you possibly know that? Because there was a pair of lucky dice drawn on it.

It was the same bill, Caleb.


Excuse me, yeah, I'm here to pick up Malcolm.

Oh, he was already picked up about ten minutes ago.

He was? Oh, so Maggie must have Oh, no, his mom didn't come today, it was a friend.

Uh, Aria Montgomery.

Something wrong? No.

No, everything's fine, thanks.

Knock them down and win a prize! Aria? I didn't know you were coming here tonight.

Yeah, I'm came to meet up with Ezra and Malcolm.

Are you all right? Is Maggie here, too? I don't know, maybe.

Honey, we talked about this.

And I know you want to make it work, but - Okay, mom, I can't do this right now.

Aria! You're going to be the one that gets hurt.

Not to mention a confused little boy who's still wondering how this stranger is suddenly his father.

He needs help working through it, but not with you.

Malcolm already has somebody looking out for him.

I have to go.

Be right back, I'm going to drop this off to room 217.

What is that? A book.

One of the patients was asking for it earlier, so Yes, well, our patient needs her rest.

You can give it to Spencer tomorrow.

I'm off tomorrow.

All right, then I'll give it to her for you.

We're not having the same problem again, are we, Eddie? Have you heard anything yet? Nope.

For all I know, he's already skipped town.

Well, I spoke to my mom Hannah, it's not up to your mom or you, or me to dig him out of this.

Is this everything? Yeah, almost.

Just to find my English book.

All right, I'll be out front.


I was on my way to your place, and I saw your car out front.

Where were you? Oh, making phone calls hey.

Was trying to track down a guy who helped me with the dry wall.

And see if he can help Help with what? Back up your story? What's his cut? What? Caleb, don't do this right now.

Hey, you should listen to your girlfriend.

I am.

And I believe her when she says this isn't the first time that you've stolen from that church.

What are we talking about here? We aren't talking.

We are done.

Last night, you were my defender.

What happened? - I woke up, and I realized that this isn't the first time that you've screwed me over.

Oh, I see.

I'm still that person, huh? Somehow you managed to forgive your mother's sins.

Don't suppose it's got anything to do with that fancy car she tossed at you.

That has nothing to do with this.

Maybe not, but it's got to be easier to point a finger at someone with a rusty pick-up and no permanent address.

Isn't that all the proof you needed? All the proof that I needed were the ratty hand-me-downs that I had as a kid.

Remember the winter coat that ended at my elbow? And the unsigned permission slips? And the social workers, and the foster families who slammed doors in my face when they were tired of looking at me? That is my proof! Yeah.

Wow, when you put it that way I guess I wouldn't believe me, either.

Should I call the police? Yes.


Unless you think it will make it worse.

What's worse? "A's" got Ezra's kid.

I'm just saying, you saw them, Malcolm wasn't hurt.

But if you call the cops, "A" might Don't.

Just don't.

Okay, I swear, if something happens to that little boy because of me, I don't know what I'm going to do.


Walk over to the police station, and report it.

I'll meet you there in ten.

Malcolm? There's gonna be another show.

The man outside said so.

I'm early.

You know, I was supposed to pick you up from your karate class, right? But your friend picked me up instead.

She said her name was Alison.

Come on, we should go.

Your dad's probably wondering where we are.

_ Emily? Um, mom, I figured you'd be home by now.

I thought I was clear this morning.

Look, I know you want answers, but you can't be doing this.

Go home.

We'll talk about this later.

What's going on? This is not the time.

Why are they making you stay late? Emily, go.

I'll call you when I'm on my way.

One, two, three, four Didn't your mother have this? Your mother.

Really, I must have left it at your house and didn't get it back.

I left a lot of stuff there.

Is it just me, or was sixth grade the best year ever? I didn't even know you then.

Oh, honey, you didn't even know me when you knew me.

Come on, give it up, Spence.

Let's pretend that you're getting ready for your first boy-girl dance party.

No one ever tells you that the practice is so much more fun than the real thing.

Was it Toby? Was he the one that gave you that bloody lip? Toby? Oh, sweetie, girls fight much dirtier than boys.

I'm lucky she didn't leave a scar.

She? Who? You stopped dancing.

I don't I don't want to dance.

I'll change the song.

No, I can't.

I haven't slept in three days.

Come on.

I'm looking for something.

The star on Mona's game board.

Oh, that.

It's in there.

♪ Spencer.

What are you doing? ♪ So You're Malcolm's new hero.

He had a blast tonight.

What did he say? Ah, not much.

Maggie said he mumbled something about puppets, and then fell right to sleep.


Oh, she asked me to pass along her thanks.

You know, if you keep spoiling him like this, he's not going to want to go with anyone else.

Ezra? I don't think that I can do this anymore.

Aria, I was kidding.

You won't have to.

No, I'm saying I don't think that I can do this anymore.

What? What do you mean? It isn't just the two of us now, and eventually somebody's going to wind up hurt.

And I'd rather it be me.

I just need to go home.

Now? Okay, well then, just let me get a waitress - No.

You finish, I'm I'm going to walk.

I think that the air will be good for me.


I've had these days.

I promise you things will look different in the morning.

How many times did she visit her? What is that? Mona kept souvenirs.

How many times did Cece visit her? - I wouldn't know.

Yes, you would, Wren.

You authorized it.

And I was almost suspended for it.

Mona was under restriction at that time, no visitors.

And you broke the rules for her because? Cece called me and was desperate to see her.

She thought she could help her.

Help her with what? Recover from the psychic wounds inflicted by your late friend, Alison.

You sure it wasn't the other way around? Quite sure.

Alison pulled some stunt at a frat party that got Cece kicked out of university.

Ali got Cece kicked out of school? Yeah, Cece came out the other side, and she thought she could serve as a role model for Mona.

And I agreed.

How did she even know that Mona was even in here? Melissa called her.

Emily? Is Hannah home? No.

She's out with Caleb, why? Mom? What's going on? Why were you carrying that missing persons file? I promised I wouldn't keep anything from you.

But I have to make sure that you keep this from your friends.

Can I have your phone, please? What? This is very sensitive information, - if it got out before the police - Mom.

Please, what is it? They found another body early this evening.

A young man.

Late teens, early 20s.

No identification.

What are you saying? It could be Toby? I don't know.

How can they not know? There was significant trauma to the body, Emily.

It's gonna take some time before they're certain.

We'll know more tomorrow morning.

Do you want to take a walk or something? It was stupid.

You gave someone a second chance.

That's never stupid.

We talked about this road trip we were gonna take.

Ride bikes, go out west.

I was already mapping it out.

We can take a trip sometime.

I know it's not the same, but - It would be better.

Because I'll be with someone who I know is looking out for me.

I'll get us refills.

So, basically "A" was framing Jamie the whole time? Do you think that bill from the collection box was Don't you? Caleb is never going to forgive me.

Where is he now? He went to go find Jamie.

But even if he does, what is he supposed to tell him? He may just have to find a way to tell him the truth.

Caleb's familiar with the workings of "A.

" So is Ezra.

Do you plan on telling him who bought his kid a big, fat balloon today? Em? It was the wrong body.

What? The John Doe, the one in the mask.

It was the wrong one.

Emily, you're not making sense.

They just found a body tonight.

In a shallow grave out in the woods.

Where? Exactly where Spencer said it was.

They found her purse close by.

Look at all that's happened since you turned me down on our little drive up the mountain.

But I believe in second chances.

You don't have to ask me again, Mona.

I'm in.

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