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  03x21 - Out of Sight Out of Mind
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars I thought Wilden got Ali pregnant and killed her.

So is it true? - I don't know what's true.

Wilden's sure going out of his way to deny it.

Either you shut Hanna up, or I will! Aah! - Is everything okay? - My mom owns Maggie's condo, - and she's selling it.

What? Do you still have any friends, Spencer? You are not taking away any more of them.

Who's looking cray-cray now? Aah! Aah! Stop! Where is Wilden? I don't know.

What happened? - Can you call Hanna and Emily? - Why? I know who's helping Mona.

Oh, my God.

Are you all right? - Yeah.

Thank God Aria got here when she did.

Where's Hanna? I don't know.

She won't answer any of my texts or calls.

So, who is it? Who's helping Mona? - We should wait for Hanna.

No, this is too important to wait.

Okay, but you guys need to know that I've been warned not to tell you.

What else is new? Wait a minute.

You knew who it was before tonight? Yeah.

I've known for a few weeks.

Why didn't you tell us any sooner? I wanted to be sure.

I didn't want to believe that it could be true, but after tonight happened, I can't keep this to myself anymore.

Toby is "A.

" He must have been taken to a hospital.

Or he's in the woods somewhere and we just can't find him.

What are you doing? Calling Rosewood Hospital And then my lawyer.

No! You cannot do that! - Why not? Because if Wilden is still alive somewhere, we don't know what he'll say or do.

Hanna, I hit a man.

Not just any man I hit a cop.

He was threatening you.

I left the scene of an accident.

Which is why you can't admit to what you've done until we know exactly what we're dealing with.

I was scared.

He was reaching for his gun.

I-I thought he was reaching for his gun! I know.

But whatever he did or didn't do, you still hit him.

And once you tell the police or your lawyer, there's no going back.


Hanna Until we know what our next step is Not a word about this to your friends.

Understood? - Yes, of course.

Hanna, I mean it.


I promise.

So, what are we saying? That what Ali wrote in Emily's notebook was true? That Toby's secretly hated us ever since Ali threw that firecracker in his garage? - Yeah, I guess so.

And the whole time that you two were together, he was just pretending.

Okay, we all know how much Toby loves you.

This can't be true.

There has to be more to the story.

If he loved me, he would not have let me sit outside of his loft bawling my eyes out for hours.

Okay? He wouldn't have taken everything out of "A's" lair when he knew that I had the key.

He wouldn't be trying to hurt me us! I am so sorry, Spence.

Mona must have something over him.

Trust me, I have tried to come up with every possible explanation as to why he could be doing this, and it all leads back to the same conclusion.

Toby, I know, what would never do anything to hurt any of us.

What's so funny? You.

You trying to make sense of this.

You need to stop thinking about Toby as the person that you thought you knew and start looking at him for who he really is.

And how do I do that? You look at the facts, Emily! Okay.

Which are? Mona is with the decathlon team in New York City.

She couldn't have locked me in the steam room, and that leaves Toby.

The quicker you wrap your mind around this, the better.

Toby, it's Emily.

I really want to talk to you.

I need to talk to you.

Please call me back.

Hey, babe - Hello.

Hi there! I'm guessing you didn't get my voicemail.


I just called a seven-year-old "babe.

" So Malcolm.

This Is Aria.

Nice to meet you.

It is so nice to meet you too, Malcolm.

Tell you what.

Why don't you go sort out those cars? They're looking pretty jumbled over there.

So When did all this happen? I talked to you like ten hours ago.

Maggie and Malcolm came up this morning.

It was kind of a spur of the moment decision.

For how long? Ah, a few days.

Since they're getting displaced, Maggie thought she'd put some feelers out in the area for a job.

And then if she finds one, she thinks moving to Rosewood might be the best thing for everyone.

They're they're gonna be staying here? Oh, no, no.

Maggie's dropping her bags off at a hotel right now.

Oh, good.

IJust mean that your place is a little small for the three of you.


Malcolm and I were just about to put the last of the tracks down.

Oh, I can go.

I'm sure that you want to spend some alone-time with him.

Well, actually, I was I was hoping you could hang out for a little bit? Get to know Malcolm? ICan't imagine that Maggie would be too happy about that.

Aria, Maggie knows exactly who you are in my life.

Believe me, she's fine with you being here.

What do you say? Come on! You gotta check out my train set! Okay! Oh-and-one count Toby's clothes and books are still up there.

It's like he ran out and never looked back.

Did you find anything? Hello? Earth to Hanna! Since when do you watch the news? What? Oh.


Uh I was just I wanted to check the weather.

What the hell are you doing? You're supposed to be helping me! Look, I looked! I didn't find anything.

Really? 'Cause I coulda sworn you were sitting in that exact spot 20 minutes ago.

Okay, maybe I didn't try hard enough.

But the more I think about it, the more I think we should stop searching for him.

If Spencer's right, Toby is dangerous.

If he's so dangerous, then how come he's never hurt any of us? I've been alone with him how many times now? No more than I've been alone with Mona.


Did you forget that he tried to kill Spencer last night? She believes he tried to kill her.

She didn't see him.

She saw him in her kitchen dressed in a black hoodie.

That doesn't mean he's physically trying to harm any of us.

Lucas was blackmailed into doing things for Mona, remember? We still don't know what part Toby is playing in all this.

We told each other everything.

He gave me the courage to come out.

I gave this to him for his birthday last year.

What's that? Parking pass.

Who's "E.

Lamb"? Spencer said that's what Toby called himself to get in and out of Radley.

Look, if you really want to find him, why don't you just start by talking to his parents? Perfect.

All aboard! Next stop, union station.

Hi, sweetie! Hi, mommy! Oh! I missed you.

Are you having so much fun? Aria's the conductor! Well, I bet she's a good one.

Hey, Malcolm, why don't we wash up before we eat, yeah? Maggie.

Um How are you? I'm good, thanks.

You? - Good.


Look, I just wanted you to know that it wasn't me that told Ezra about Malcolm.

Aria, it's okay.

As much as I wanted Ezra to know about him, I would never do that.

Really, I'm not upset.

To be honest, seeing the way that Ezra and Malcolm have bonded over the past few weeks, I wish I had told him sooner.

All right, let's go get this.

Um, hey, I spoke to Janet, and she thinks that she might have a lead on a job.

I was gonna grab coffee with her at four.


Um, I'm tutoring then.

Can you push it back an hour? It's the only time she's free today.

I-I can try and find somebody to watch Malcolm, or I could I can watch him.

Uh I mean you don't have to do that.


No, it's no problem.

It'll be a lot of fun.

Thank you.

That's a big help.

If I ratted out "T," "A" was gonna take one of my three.

She's just trying to scare us.

Well, it's working.

You need to stop looking for Toby.

Just let it go.

You're looking for Toby? Why? It's not that I don't believe what you saw, okay? But he's my friend too, so I need to hear this from him.

Okay, I understand that, but I looked for him for weeks.

Trust me, he doesn't want to be found.

Thank you.

How long has she been standing there? Spencer, wait.

What are you doing? Hello.

You're not planning on choking me again, are you? No.

I just wanted to say thank you for the flowers.

The orchids are especially beautiful.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Might be time to visit your doctor friend again.

Listen to me, Mona.

I'm not playing around.

Do not hurt my friends.

If you so much as touch one hair on their heads, I will make you very sorry.

Am I clear? Looks like someone's been skipping their anger management class.

I think I'll take my pumpkin latte To go.

Oh But a little tip on the orchids.

Make sure not to leave them in direct sunlight.

I did once; They didn't make it through the night.


I can't believe your dad kept all that stuff.

Hi! What are you doing here? I was just picking up some old tax receipts.

What's with the trip down memory lane? Oh, this? I just Emily started baby-sitting, and so she was wondering if I had anything that would keep a little boy occupied.

Emily? I thought she was working at The Brew.

Did I say Emily? I-I meant Hanna.

Um, Ezra called and left me a message.

He wanted to know if I knew of any open teaching positions for his friend named Maggie.

Do you know her? No.

I've never met her.


Well, I'll call him and tell him I'll keep my ears open.

I can tell him.

Well, I'm I'm gonna see him later and he's busy now tutoring, so he won't pick up if you call.

Is everything okay? Yeah.

Yeah, everything's perfect.

All right, well, I'm gonna go.

I gotta get this stuff to Hanna.


You forgot your ball.



Hey Are you a friend of Toby's? I work with him.

Do you know where he is right now? I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks.

He had some sort of emergency, left me his truck and asked me to finish a job for him.

Did he say where he was going? Sorry.

I'm just here to pick up a table saw.

Yeah, there's nothing in the papers either.

I-I don't know what to think.

All right, Hanna, I need to get back to work.

I'll see you tonight.

What am I supposed to be looking at? Notice how all the letters are shiny except for the "E" and the "M"? I don't know how I missed it this morning, but I saw it when I got home.

So what? So Mona is trying to tell us in her cryptic way that she's targeting you next.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

There are no coincidences with "A.

" Spence, you've been through a lot in the past few weeks.

No, Emily, this makes sense.

Mona knows that you're searching for Toby.

I saw her stare at you in the brew this morning, and now this.

Okay, I'll keep my eyes open.


She made it seem like something bad was gonna happen to you tonight.

Look, I'm gonna stay with you for the rest of the day.

I gotta get to swim practice.

Do not ignore this! I'm ignoring it, but we don't know for sure what this means.

Okay? Let me hang on to this.

You don't need to be staring at it for the rest of the day.

At least promise me that you'll stop looking for Toby.


I'll stop looking for him.

Look, I'll call you when I get home, okay? Okay.

How long has he been like that for? He's been on a raid for the past hour.

I still cannot believe that you're baby-sitting your boyfriend's kid.

Well, I still can't believe that my boyfriend has a kid.

So what's gonna happen if Malcolm and Maggie move here? What do you mean? Well, when they were in Delaware, that was one thing, but if they come here, where does that leave you and Ezra? I don't know.

But we'll figure it out.

We always do.

And you're sure that Maggie's okay with you being part of the equation? She seems to be.

I guess she's not who I thought she was.

There's a lot of that going around.

You know, I was thinking.

If Toby is working with Mona, there had to have been some signs that we missed.

I always wondered how Toby found Dr.

Sullivan after Mona ran her out of town.

And then he brought her back the exact night that Mona was caught.

You think that it was planned? Well, I think that Mona knew we were getting close to where the lair was.

And bringing Dr.

Sullivan back helped Mona because? She diagnosed her with a mental disorder.

And that helped ensure that she went to Radley, not to jail.

Everything okay? What? Oh.

Um Yeah.

No, I-I just completely forgot, I'm gonna be late to meet my mom, so I'll call you later, okay? Yeah, okay.

Are you sure there's nothing you can do? Honey, I'm sure if Toby were really missing his family would have filed a report by now.

His family is away.

Maybe he's with them.

I don't think so.

I'm assuming that you have called him and tried to text him.

Yeah, he's not responding.

I'm worried.

I don't think he took his break with Spencer very well.

Honey, you have such a big heart, and you always see the best in everyone.

But honestly, I wish that you would just let this go.

I don't trust Toby.

I haven't since he caused that fire.

Rosewood police.

Yes, Miss Maloney, let me check on the status of that.

All right, please hold.

Mom, can I use your computer to check my email? Yeah, just be quick about it.

Hey, Spence, it's me.

I'm just calling to check on you.

Call me back.

Hey, I'm gonna grab some juice boxes for us to take to the park, okay? Oh, my God.

What happened? Hey, come here.

Oh, my God.


You all right? Yeah.

Almost done.


Yeah, it's all here.

I'm on my way.

I should be banned from ever being around kids.

No, Aria, it's it's okay.

No, it's not! You have every right to be angry with me.

I-I'm not angry.

These things happen.

He cut his chin.

That's what happens when you're a boy.

So you were talking with Spencer when he fell? No.

Like I said, I left her a quick message, and then I hung up the phone.

You didn't see him jumping on the bed? Ezra, by the time I turned around, it was too late.

So you weren't watching him the whole time.

It sure sounds like you're angry at me.

I just want to be clear on what happened so I know what to tell Maggie.

Tell her that I feel like crap, that he son got hurt while I was watching him.

Tell her that it was my fault, I should have been paying closer attention, and tell her that I am so sorry But I don't know the first thing about being a parent.

Neither do I.

Mom, where are you? Call me when you get this.

Compared to what I'll do if Hanna talks.

I wonder how your lieutenant will respond when he hears you're threatening a child.

He's not going to.

Think this through, Ashley.

How do you live with yourself? Hey, we're not done here! Get out of my way! I can't let you go! Get out of my way! Either you shut Hanna up, or I will! You have arrived at your destination.

Hey, you'll be back in action in no time.


And Ezra says that when you're feeling all better, he's gonna take you on a trampoline for some real fun.

I am? Yeah, Malcolm, we're gonna be kings of that trampoline.


Maggie, I am so sorry.

Mommy's here.

Are you feeling okay? He's fine.

Just worn out.

How bad was the cut? It wasn't bad.

Just a few stitches.

The doctor's gonna be back in in a second to check on him.

Are you immediate family? Um, no.

Then you need to wait outside.

He's dead.

Mona! Mona! I'm sorry I lied to you.

Are you mad? Mad? No.

Sad, a little, because I don't know how to help you with this situation.

Am I just crazy to think that this could work? It's definitely not gonna be easy.

It was one thing when I thought that Ezra's son lived in Delaware, but if Malcolm and Maggie move here It's gonna be even more complicated.

Ezra seems really happy to have him in his life.

Well, having a child is great, but it completely changes your life.

It stops being about what you want, and it starts being about what you can do to make your child's life better.

I know that Things are gonna change between us, obviously.

I think the question is: How much? Well, what does Ezra say about this? Um He thinks it can work if we both try.

Maybe it can.

But it's also okay if you don't want it to.

I love him.

I know you do.

But not every relationship is meant to last forever.

And sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step back and give yourself a chance to breathe.

Excuse me.

You again.



Is this your workshop? - Yep.

I'm sorry, what are you doing here? I'm supposed to meet Toby.

I told you he's out of town.

I know, but I just got a text from him, and then he told me to meet him here two hours ago.

I don't know what to tell you.

I haven't seen him.

Did you see a blond come through here? Nobody's come through here in the last few hours.

I just saw her.

She was wearing a red coat.

Look, no Toby, no girl in a red coat, and no unicorns, either.

Sorry, Emily.

How do you know my name? Because you told me earlier.

No, I didn't.

I gotta get back to work.

I don't understand.

I hit that black box like a hundred times, and it didn't even crack.

The video just kept playing over and over.

I don't think that it really matters, because whoever put that car in your garage has probably made copies.

Well, it has to be "A.

" Why would Wilden put his car in there? Okay, so if "A" did this, and nobody's seen Wilden, does that mean that Wilden's dead and that "A" has his body? I don't know.

I think that maybe you should tell your mom.

What?! - She can handle a lot more than you think.

Aria, our moms are totally different.

Mine hit the accelerator, remember? And besides, I don't want to involve her until we know what we're dealing with.

She already is involved, Hanna! She is on that video, and it really doesn't look good for her.

Well, if "A" drove it here, who knows what's next? The cops could be on their way.

You know what, just get in your car.

Follow me.

Where are we going? I really don't think this is a good idea.

Just keep pushing.

There's gotta be a better solution! Well, there isn't! I'm serious, Hanna.

We really, really need to rethink this.

Too late.

I thought it would sink faster.

Yeah, me too.

Well, what if it just stays there like that? It'll sink.

They're gonna be looking for his car.

I know.

Look, if they find it and they trace it back to us, we are totally screwed.


Told you it would sink.

Where have you been? I've been calling you for the last hour.


I had to help Aria out with something.

Have you eaten? Are you all right? Yeah.

Are you? Uh, no.

But I'm Getting there.

What does that mean? I think I saw Detective Wilden today.

What? Where? In town.

But I wasn't sure, so I drove by the accident on my way home.

Guess what? His car was gone.

Of course, I panicked at first, but then it occurred to me if he had been really injured, we would have heard about it by now, right? And if he was gonna press charges, we would have heard about it by now.

Uh, so that means? Maybe I didn't hit him As hard as I thought, and maybe Maybe he woke up and realized he was in the wrong.

And maybe this whole thing is just gonna.

Go away.


Uh, I'm gonna go to sleep.

I'll see you in the morning.

You can also put It's almost like the accident didn't happen.

He's doing just fine.

That's good to hear.

Do you want to come over? We're about to build a castle.

I'd love to, but, um I'm I'm helping my mom paint her kitchen, so I'll call you later, okay? All right.

I love you.

I love you too.

No name? - Yep.

Jane Doe.

No I.


, no cell phone, no keys, nothing.

Who found her? - A hiker.

About an hour ago.

Said he saw her wandering around looking lost and confused.

I'm bringing her in.

Better put in a request for a psych evaluation.

Roger that.


You dumped his car in a lake? - I panicked.

You're supposed to stop her from doing stupid things like this, - not help.

I tried! I didn't know if it was Wilden or "A" messing with us, so I just I had to get rid of it.

Well, my money's on "A.

" Or Wilden could still be alive and part of the "A" team.

Okay, so what does this mean? Is Toby dead? Did I do this? Is this my fault? Don't go there.

All right? Because we don't even know if this is true.

We do know that Toby was wearing a black hoodie in Spencer's kitchen.

So? So either "A" could have killed him because she knew he was gonna help us maybe he never was gonna help us And for some reason he just wants us to think that he's dead.

Either way, Spencer needs to know about this.

Where is Spencer?

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