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  03x19 - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Is this what you're looking for? Sometimes things look bad, and they're really not.

Sometimes there's another explanation for what's going on.

And what if that explanation is even worse? How long has it been since you've seen your Uncle? I only saw him like once or twice a year when I was a kid.

That's you.

That ring.

Jamie had the same ring on.

As team Captain, I can't let your slip 'n' slide affect the whole team.

This is not a game to me.

So are we okay? We'll talk soon, okay? Ezra said I could use the place if he was away.

Do we have a problem? Me staying here for a couple of nights? What's wrong? Look who else was in cape may that summer.

Allie was pregnant.

Who would she Detective Wilden.

Do you think it was Alison in the red coat? All I know is that it was a woman, and she's the one in charge.

Did she show up to A.


English? Was she even here today? I think we would know if Spencer were here.

People would be running for cover.

What? Look, she's hurting, and when people hurt, they lash out.

Just give her some space.

We have.

But she's living on planet freefall.

Have you talked to Toby? Well, I left him a ton of messages.

Think we're going to have to find out what went down from Spencer.

Maybe I'll get some cupcakes and show up at her house.

She doesn't have the flu.

She doesn't need ragmags and junk food.

She needs to work through this pain, not cover it.


Okay, Dr.


Pretty sure when you and Caleb broke up, you locked yourself in your bedroom for two weeks, and all you ate was eskimo pies.

They were skinny cows, and it was four days.

Besides, I'm not Spencer.

I would ditch school for a hang nail.

Yeah, well, I'm going over there.

You need to tell her what you remember about the blonde in the red coat.

And give her a riddle, she needs to use that part of her brain again.

Yeah, and tell her I think I saw her too.

Back up, saw who? When I went into that fake interview, I could have swore I saw a blonde girl in a red coat staring at me across the street.

No, I practiced by myself! This is a team, Spencer.

And you weren't thinking about the team when you didn't show up for practice.

Were those her words? Look, am I on this team or not? Not.

We took a vote.

Well, you can't stop me from going to Lewisburg tonight.

Look, why don't you just reapply for the spring? Okay? Ben's graduating early.

Hey, Mona.

Is there anything else that you want to take away from me? I've got this.

Spencer, Mona's been on that team for like 15 minutes.

She can't get away with that.

She just did.

Listen, I have to go to work, but why don't I come over after and we can pick up where we left off.

No, I really I can't do this, please, not here.

What if we talked to the teacher who coaches the decathlon team? You had her for social studies, what's her name? Hannah? Hannah? Why are you mapquesting Amish Country? I'm looking for a stable.

Our best friend is at home chewing her elbows and you're horse shopping? No, I'm trying to find out where Caleb's Uncle Jamie works.

Hannah, please let that go.

People look like their uncles.

It doesn't mean it's his dad.

Look, there were other things, okay? So? Look, even if it is the truth, why would you want to know before Caleb? Hello, learn from my mistakes.

This is different.

Maggie didn't want Ezra to meet his kid.

Jamie wants to tell him.

He just doesn't know how.

And you know this because? I saw it in his eyes when he handed me that baby picture.

Are you going to come with me? No.

You're not going to go there either.

Horowitz! - What? The coach.

That's her name.

I'll just have my mom talk to her.

Is that your mom? No, it's Ezra's.

Oh, my God, why is she calling me? We're not friends.

Hello? Oh, hi.

No, I don't know.

I haven't been in Ezra's apartment.

Oh Yeah, well, I doubt that Wes has been hiding out there.

If I see him, I'll let Why does she think little Fitz is hiding out at big Fitz's? 'Cause he is.

Cece? OMG, I never texted you back.

No, that's okay.

Um, can I stop by later? I gotta run.

I'm meeting some photographer I hired for the store's website.

Everything okay? I, uh need to ask you something.

You know Darren Wilden, right? He was a couple years ahead of you in school.

He might be "the hottie" that Alison was talking about in that notebook.

And we think he might've been in Cape May the summer.

Yeah, him and about four million other Delta-Phi's.

And they all wanted to rush Ali.

But if he knew her and now he's on her case, - don't you think that - I don't have time to think.

If I don't get this website up, I won't have a job.

I'll talk to you soon, hon.


Busy? Yeah.

I was just about to put out a new doormat that said "go away.

" Spencer, I know how valuable you are to the team, but there's a hundred-year war going on between you and Mona, and it's a distraction.

We need to be thinking of one thing: Winning this title.

You were the swing vote, weren't you? Look, we can't afford internal tension.

War's a game that has to be played with a smile.

Stop quoting Mona.

That's Winston Churchill.

Well, he sounds a lot like Mona.

And you know damn well that without me, you're going to be annihilated in world history.

Think we've got it covered.

By whom? By me.


Andrew, you want me to practice? Let's do it.

But if I win, you rescind your vote and you put me back on the team.

I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

Spencer, even if I could, how do I know you're not gonna flake on us again? Well, I guess that you don't know that for sure.

But everything in life is a risk, and you like to gamble.

New rules.

For every question that I get wrong, I will take off a piece of clothing.

Same thing goes for you.

And the match isn't over until one of us is butt naked.

You're out of control.

Not yet.

Jamie? Hannah? What are you doing back up here? Oh, I was looking for a farmer's market, and then I remembered you that worked nearby, and when I got there, they told me Hannah.

You didn't drive two hours for a shoo-fly pie.

What's up? You're his father.

Right? Does he know? I'm not sure.

When I floated the idea around, he kinda just shut me down.

Is there a reason that you can't tell him? Look I've got a long history of disappointing people.

I'd rather not pass on my problems No, he can deal with it.

Hanna, I've taken a lot of shortcuts.

My resume's not gonna put me in the running for daddy of the year.

Okay, well, what does that mean, "shortcuts"? Well, for starters, a police record.

You were in jail? It was a long time ago.

And I didn't kill anyone, so get that look off your face.

I served time for petty theft.

Caleb's better off thinking of me as the crazy-ass Uncle who climbed the fence at veterans stadium to grab him a baseball.

No, he's not.

He wants you in his life.

You're his father.

Caleb will meet you halfway.

This document, which formalized the end of World War I, - was originally known - Treaty of Versailles.

This proponent of establishing a nation to which former slaves could return to Africa Abraham Lincoln.


Marcus Garvey.

This bloody conflict between the Spartans and Athenians lasted for nearly three decades the Trojan War.



Is that? Holy crap, it's Emily Fields.


You're not her type.


Uhh should I have brought more cupcakes? No, thanks.

I'm leaving.

Hi, Emily.

What? Just trying to get my spot on the team back.

By doing what? Well, I was about to show Andrew my cupcakes.

Since when do you have to get naked to get what you want? Since politely discussing my intellectual prowess wasn't exactly swaying his vote.

Okay, Spencer, you're way too smart to play dumb.

First you drop that bomb on Jason, which, by the way, now I'm gonna have to un-drop.

And then you jump on the first guy that walks in here just to get back at Toby This has nothing to do with Toby.

Mona's the enemy, remember? That hasn't changed.

But you have.

And if you or Toby don't tell me what is going You spoke with him? - No! - Don't! Why not? He's my friend, too.

No, we are not his friends.

Why? What could he have possibly done that is so unforgivable? Y-y-you can't understand.

Really? Because I haven't lost someone who I deeply love? You don't have a monopoly on pain, Spencer.

Everybody has their fair share.

Okay, but we get through it because we have each other! And your friends are not gonna stand here and watch Watch me what? Not be Spencer Hastings anymore? Clearly, that's not working out for me.

So please just get good with this, Emily.

This is the new me! Whoa, are you moving in, or are you moving out? Out.

All right.

I don't think that pot's disposable.

There's very little pot left.

It's mostly black oatmeal.

Yeah, well, you might miss it.

Don't worry, my mother will go through the trash after I'm outta here.

Let her replace it.

Right She called me today.

She was looking for you.

Oh, she found me.

At 7 A.


Paid the super for a spare key and woke me up.


If she knew you were here this morning, why would she call me this afternoon? To test you.

Trap you.

Prove to Ezra that you're a liar.

God, she is so hateful.

Did I just say that out loud? Oh! So, you headed back to prep school? Nope, I was officially banished.

Where are you gonna finish your senior year? Who knows? Spain maybe.


Halifax? Why there? I have a friend who works up there at a marine center.

They save seals and track whales.

It's an awesome place.

I think I'd love to do something like that.

That's cool.

So Uh Why don't you just stay here till you figure things out? Can't afford to keep changing the locks.

I'll just crash on my buddy's couch in Philly tonight.

I'm just gonna leave that for Ezra.

Have you heard from him? No.

Have you? Yeah, mostly texts.

The last time I talked to him, he was at Malcolm's soccer game.

With Maggie.

Hey, I wouldn't read too much into that.

Tell her I'm in Canada.

Hey, Cece, what's up? Please tell me you're stilling working for that photographer.

I am.

Why? I hired some dork off a bogus website who showed up to shoot photos with his phone.


Any chance you could grab some decent equipment and help me with this tonight? I'll pay you.

I'll spring for dinner.

Please? Is there any chance I can bring an assistant? I never asked you for your help.

You know what, I just saw him last week.

If I wanted to get into this, I would've.

You didn't even question it until I brought it up.

Hannah, it's not like the possibility never crossed my mind.

Okay, and if it is true, it's even more reason for me not to meet him.

Why? Maybe I'm not ready, okay? Maybe I'm not in the place where you want me to be.

Maybe you should stop poking around in areas in my life where you weren't invited! Okay, I didn't invite you to go hunting down "A" behind my back.

Hannah, I did that out of love and concern for you.

And that's why I'm doing this! Look, he just wants to talk to you.

Okay, even as your Uncle, you should give him a chance.

It's just a cup of coffee, you can throw it on him if you want.

You know what, you go, okay? He had a lot of days where he could have made this choice, and he didn't.

Instead, he let me grow up on my own.

And that's where I am.

I'm grown up, and I'm on my own.

So I'm saying, "no.

" Well, he's really looking forward to this, so Guess I'll just be there without you.


Let me know how it works out.

What's he so angry about? His father.


What are you doing back here? I wanted to talk to you about what Spencer said at the cemetery.

You going to tell me she made that up Ali being pregnant.

Come on, Emily, that wasn't breaking news to any of you.

It doesn't mean it's true, just because Cece said it.

Cece? Is that who set her up with Wilden? No.

She doesn't even know him.

I asked.

I just thought it was weird seeing a picture of Wilden up in Cape May.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what picture? Where'd you see this? Police station.

Wilden and a few of his buddies holding up a fish.

On a boat? Uhh, it's more of a dock.

Why? Alison made my dad this collage, and there was a picture of her on a boat.

What if it was Wilden's? Jason, you can't ask him.

Okay, if he is trying to hide something, it could hurt you.

Don't bring up what Spencer said.

It's too late.

I already called him.

What? What did he say? Nothing.


I left a message.

Would sure help, though, if I were armed with more proof.

Where is that picture of Ali? Probably in some box in my dad's new office.

Can I see it? Do you want some lemon juice on your broccoli? Yeah, sure.

Oh, we have to call mom and dad before it gets too late.

They're five hours ahead in London.

Yeah, sure.

Why is Wren here? Did you call him? What? No.

Ahh, Melissa.



I didn't think you'd I'm sure you didn't.

I heard you were back in school, finishing your degree.

I am.

It's taking longer than I expected.

Right, well, you've been distracted, life and all that.

Hello, Spencer.


What are you doing here? I think I'll dine out back.

We should catch up sometime.


Really, what are you doing here? I got a call from someone who was concerned about your state of mind.

So you're making house calls now? I'm not here as a professional.

Damn it.

I was really hoping for some shock therapy, but maybe you could just wire me to a toaster and press "top brown only.

" Spencer, save it.

I've seen this sort of unraveling before and And I'm what? What is the crisis, really? That I took my bra off at four in the afternoon? Please tell Emily that I don't need supervision.

I never spoke to Emily, and I didn't hear anything about a bra.

So what, she told Hannah? - Aria? - I didn't speak to any of them.

Who did you speak with? Mona? Mona sent you here, didn't she? Spencer, she recognizes self-destructive, aggressive behavior.

If someone had intervened on her behalf, she might not have ended up in Radley.


Yeah, you're right.

It was actually really thoughtful of her to send you.


It was indeed.

And if want, I can refer you to someone What I really want is just to get out of the house.

Do you think that maybe we could just Go to, like, dinner and a movie? A date wasn't exactly No, it's not a date! It's a mental health outing.

But I am not going to go with my doctor.

Oh, let's go to that film festival up in Bucknell.

Where is that? It's up near Lewisburg.

It's really not that far.

Just give me a second to change.

Hey, Jamie.

It's Hannah.

Um I was just wondering if maybe you were, um You know what, never mind.

You're probably already on your way down there.

So, um, I'll see you soon.



Um, if you're still heading to The Brew, can I join? I don't know if I'm going to be able to deal with this But I know it's going to be a lot easier if you're with me.

I'm with you.

Do you want me to call him again? No.

Maybe he misunderstood.

Maybe he thought I meant tomorrow.

Or next Friday.

Hannah, he had a hard enough time being there for me as an Uncle.

Okay, when I was six, he left me with a babysitter.

I had babysitters.

My mom was out all the time.

Right, but she came back.

Eventually the sitter called the police.

That was such a treat.

Answering questions, in my pajamas, about Uncle Jamie in a squad car.

He's not the same person.

Really? Well, you tell that to the empty chair.

Let's go.

Just wait.

Five more minutes.

Please? It would be great if you had something round, a little tarnished, like a old teapot.

There might be something in the basement.

You want me to go check? Would you? Thanks, love.

I'm good.

Is big brother as yummy as little brother? Ah, lucky girl! You got two for one.

I've got one.

He's out of town.

He's dealing with some family stuff.

Are you and your man good? Fine.

Why do you ask that? Well, I mean, you shouldn't be free on a Friday night.

You know what they say, you can't be with the one you love I, uh, couldn't find a teapot, but I found some other cool stuff.

That's even better.

I'm going to go hunt down some dinner.

Can we just get this to go? Yeah.

I'll get a box.

Where have you been? The trip was longer than I thought.

What do you want? Anything decaf.

We were just about to leave.

I wouldn't blame you if you had.

Can you stick around for a few more minutes? Mmm, that looks good! They give you a discount on used cake? It was ours.

We had to eat something to soak up all this tea.


Um, I'd get you a fresh piece, but if I stand up again, it's to pee.

And I would rather do that in my pants than leave you two alone.

Classy girl.

I'm so proud.

It'll take me a sec.

I know where the keys are.

What is all this? Looks like someone's offering me a drink.

Is this some kind of sick joke? Yeah, or how Wilden returns phone calls.

Who would do all this? Unbelievable.

Would you mind grabbing that other trashcan? This is freaking crazy.

I don't believe this.

You sure we haven't gone too far? We're fine.

I saw a sign back there.

What, to New Hampshire? Trust me.

It'll be worth it.

Oh, I love this song.

Well, I hope she wasn't planning on drinking this for dinner.

Where is dinner? She's been gone a long time.

Probably wants us to finish this by the time that she gets back.

You know what, I need some more overhead light.

Uh, what about this? Looks pretty heavy.

Hey, I've lifted things way heavier than this.

Once had to carry my prom date over my shoulder.

Nice! Okay, this is way heavier than Amber Tarsen.

When did that happen? No, don't use that.

Get some paper towels and some spot remover.

Whoa, how'd it get bigger? It likes water.

I know I packed that picture myself.

When did your dad move here? It's been a while.

I think the move was more about leaving Rosewood than anything else.

I'm pretty sure it's in one of these boxes.

That must've been hard.

Back there.

Who do you think would do something like that? Honestly? Alison.

But I don't think she's visiting us from beyond the grave, so I have no idea.

I do.

Jason, I know you think of Mona as a friend, but she spent two years pulling stunts like that on us.

Mona is not a friend, Emily.

She's a link.

To what? I'm pretty sure she knows who dug up my sister's remains.

And you think she'll tell you? Well, she hasn't yet But I'm getting warmer.

You're back.

Where's Caleb? With his dad.

They probably didn't even notice that I left.

So, it went well? Very well.

Hey, did Pastor Ted hire someone to work on the church? I don't know.

Although this time, I think he'll probably look for someone who doesn't list his mother as a reference.

Why? Well, he should use Jamie.

Mom, he's building a stable from scratch.

He can fix a bell tower.

Let's just give him a reason to stay in Rosewood for a while - Slow down.

Look, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Okay, just ask.

Please, Caleb really wants this.

Caleb or you? Well, this is about Caleb.

Is this it? Yeah.

Why would Ali give this to your dad? Typical Ali move.

Strolled in one day at dawn.

Father went ballistic.

This was her apology.

That's the one.

Whose hand is that on Ali's shoulder? Wilden.

You check the other side? Cece told you she didn't know? Why did she lie? Is she protecting him? Might be protecting herself.

Why? Maybe they had their own thing going on.

Maybe she planned on meeting up with him that night.

What night? The last night my sister was alive.

Ali? Ali! Jason, when police were questioning you about that night, why wouldn't you just tell them? I never trusted that's what I really saw.

Besides, if I had told them, that would have meant I was awake, even for a minute.

And that would have made me a suspect.

Melissa give you a curfew? She probably wishes that she could.

Uh, no, I just have to email my parents.

It's too late to call them.

But will you go in and get us a table, and I'll be right in? - Yeah.

Thank you.

Umm Hello.

Hi! What are you doing here? Oh, Andrew, I didn't recognize you in clothes.

You know you can't be here.

Relax, moose.

I'm not here to see you.

Uh, Spencer, what a surprise! You know, the match isn't until tomorrow.

I know, I just wanted to get up here super early, so I could get a V.




I promise I will not eat into your practice.

I just wanted to wish the team Captain good luck.

Hello, Spencer.

Did I hear you came all this way just to get a good seat? Two seats, actually.

I'm, uh, here with Wren.

We booked a room.

I really want to thank you for sending the good doctor to my rescue.

I only called him because you Oh, no, Mona, we know why you called him.

He gives really good intervention.

Actually part of my treatment plan requires me to read a case study all about a deeply disturbed teenager.

Wren seems to refer to her as "M," but we both know that this sociopath goes by other initials as well.

Sounds riveting.

But if you'll excuse me I do wonder, though, how anonymous this patient can stay once I upload the entire case study on the Internet with your photo attached.

And whose looking cray-cray now, Spencer? Have you completely lost it? Is that why Toby left you? According to your records, Toby was never with me.

But my friends still are, Mona, and you're not taking away any more of them.

And yet I don't see any of them here with you now.

Do you still have any friends, Spencer? - Die! - Aah! Aah! Just stop! Oh, my God, look at that.

Spencer! Get off her! Fine! It's okay.

It's fine, she just She snapped.

I'm okay.

She is definitely gonna know that we moved this.

We'll tell her we did it for a great shot.

Wes, wait, there's There's gotta be a better solution.

There is, I'll just sleep on the stain instead of the back seat of my car.

Oh, what happened to the guy in Philly? There is no guy in Philly.

You don't have a place to stay tonight.

Aria, I'm fine.

No, you're not.

Stay at my place.

No, I Yes.

Okay, you'll sleep on our couch.

Hey, Cece, where are you? Don't ask.

I went to the bar to wait for the food, I had one glass of wine, maybe two, and I come out and they towed my friggin' car.

Where are you? Do you need us to come get you? No, I'm okay.

I found a credit card that won't bounce.

I'm sure I'll get my car back at some point.

How are you guys? Oh, we're great! A little starved, but we're finished.

And I'll e-mail you the JPEGs.

Excellent! I'm sorry tonight was such a bust.

I owe you big time.



Okay, we're all done.

Let's pack up and get out of here.

We can eat at my place.

Aria, I'm I'm fine in my car, all right? I've slept in the backseat before.

Wes, I've seen your car.

You can't even find your backseat.

Come on.

They've been up there a long time.

That's a good thing.

Means that Pastor Ted likes his ideas.

Or he's freaked that Jamie got paid at his last job in weed.

Was this too much in one day? I don't know, I just thought that you guys - were down the street, and - No.

No, it's smart.

And who knows when he would have Made it back down here.

He probably thinks I'm the pushiest person ever.

Actually, he thinks that you're remarkable.

He thinks I'm the luckiest person ever.

You're welcome.


I see the spirit has moved you.

How would you guys like to take this to a more secular setting? Why, what's going on? Ted and Jamie are finalizing some numbers.

He got the job? Yep.

I suggested we celebrate.

Pizza and beer, back at the house? Well, we'll have the beer, no pizza.

Come on, they'll meet us at home.

Are we going up? What just happened? I don't know.

Should I? I'm not sure whose gonna answer on a Friday night, but go for it.

Oh, come on try your phone.

You should probably get that.

Hello, Melissa.

It's Wren.

You're on speaker.

Why are you answering Spencer's phone? Is she with you? She is indeed.

We went to a restaurant a little off the grid.

She's a bit of a gyppy tummy.

Gyppy what? Food poisoning.

What did she eat? Something we probably ran over on the way up there.

We'll be home soon, Melissa.



I'm going to have a hard time taking money from Cece.

I mean, how much do you think a rug like that costs? More than she's paying us.

Look, don't worry about it.

I'm guessing that Cece's made a few stains herself.

Okay, that came out all wrong.

You mind if I borrow something? I, uh, can't fall asleep unless I read.

Yeah, me too.

Your class studied the Provincetown group in the '20s? Yep.

I, uh, did a paper on Millay.


I did mine on O'Neill.

She was, like, a major inspiration for him.

"I cannot say what loves have come and gone, "I only know that summer sang in me a little while That in me sings no more.

" I had a poetry teacher who wouldn't let me sit down until I recited something.

Yo, sorry, I'm tardy.

I like to party.

Yeah, no, that did not cut it.

It was really fun tonight.

I'm glad you stuck around.

Yeah, me too.

We can't do this.

No, no, we can't.

Good night.

Good night.

You all right? - Yeah.

I got it.

Just give me a sec.

We can make that jump.

Just push off, keep your knees bent.

Have you done this before? Hell no.


Oh, my gosh! Hey, hey, you'll be fine.

You can make it.

Come on, Em.

Hey, hey, look at me.

You can make that.

Who's going to hold the doors open for you? Is somebody up there? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - Emily, let's go, right now.

I can't do this.

I can't do this! Emily, yes, you can.

You can do it.

You can do it, all right.

Come on.

Emily, you can do this.

You gotta go now.

Come on.

Emily, let's go, now! Okay.

I'll hold the door open for you.

No! Jason! Jason! Jason! Hi.

Uh, sorry, I'm not allowed to carry that much.

Ted, do you have a 20 on you? I got this.

No, no, no.

This was my idea.


It's the least I can do.



Thanks for not giving up.

Keep the change.


Did they give something for the pain? Yeah, but it's making me thirsty.


You're really lucky, Jason.

It's amazing you survived.


This time.

You and Spencer were right about the N.




Someone wants me gone.

I don't have the picture anymore.

It's gone.

Hey, can you get me some more water? Y-y-yeah, sure.

Emily, what happened? Where's Jason? Why were you even with him? There's a photo of Ali and Cece and Wilden.

It was taken on Wilden's boat that summer in cape may.

Well, show it to us.

I can't.

It disappeared in the accident.

What? - Is Jason okay? Can we see him? Uh yeah, he's over there.

He asked me to get him some more water.

I'll do it.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

Excuse me! Where's your friend? What? The patient in bed 3, Jason DiLaurentis.

Where'd he go?

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