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  03x15 - Mona Mania
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

Is this a bad time? What are you doing here? My doctors released me.

The cops still don't know who killed Garrett.

They can't even find the gun he was shot with.

Why do you obsess about this stuff? Does Mona have something on you, Lucas? Did you do something? Mona's up to something.

We need to bust into creepy's closet and see what else he saved for her.

This isn't Mona's.

This is Ali's.

Did you ever ask your dad about him meeting up with Ali that night? Garrett lied about a lot.

Why are we suddenly gonna believe anything he said? How's Meredith? Did you and your friends do this to her? "A" set us up.

That's why Meredith opened that shed.

"A" sent her over there and made it look we did it.

You've killed her.

I've never seen a dead body before.

You killed her.

I think I've seen this one before.

Why don't you say something? Why did you phone back? Listen, I wanted to talk to you about that explosion at school.

We've already talked.

No, wait, you talked, I got accused.

Meredith got a call from the principal.

He believes they found out who was behind it.

And I know that you are still upset at me for thinking that you were somehow involved.

And I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

Find you out.

This is why you've come back.

I have seen this one.

That guy keeps a severed head in a hatbox.

I had to find you out.

Now I have.

You've come back here to be alone with me, same as you was there in the kitchen the other night, didn't you? Either there's something in that journal that explains why Aria's dad would meet up with Ali the night she died, or we have to believe Garrett's story.

We couldn't do this at lunch tomorrow? Do you wanna run into Harold and his rusty bolt cutter again? The school basement is creepy at night.

How does this prove anything Garrett says? He was in Ali's room that night.

Maybe he just made that stuff up from reading her journal.

Why? To stop us from thinking he did it? Garrett was shot because he talked.

Kinda makes me believe he was telling the truth.

I really hope it's not true about Aria's dad.

I have enough daddy issues of my own.

I can't deal with having issues about hers, too.

All right, you guys go in.

I'll keep watch.

You hit the switch.

I can't find it.

There's somebody in here.

Hanna, look out! - Did you see anything? - I didn't get a good look.


Where's all of Harold's stuff? - It's like he was never here.

Look, there's Ali's journal.

Come on, let's go.

No, wait.

Soy? Unsweetened, no foam.

You deserve a medal.

You guys, I tossed and turned all night.

I'd wake up from a dream about keep secrets from Ezra, and then I'd fall asleep and I would dream about falsely accusing my dad.

Weirdly, both of them ended with my teeth falling out.

Anxiety dreams.

In mine, usually there's always a piece of gum in my hair, and I just keep pulling and pulling until I'm bald.

Academic decathlon.

I show up to state finals with my underwear on the outside.

Are you still gunning for team captain? Didn't you hear? Brad Langfield got into a bike accident.

He's gonna need physical therapy.

The very grim upside is that I'm running unopposed.

Are you the only one of us that got sleep? Are you kidding? After last night? - So everything's gone? - Everything but a fake diary.

We've gotta talk to my mom about where my dad was that night.

My teeth actually feel kinda loose right now.

Hey, ladies.

Losing sleep? Me, too.

What exactly are you talking about? Remember that creepy Harold guy, from the lost woods motel? What about him? He was at our school, stalking me.

He bribed the real custodian so he could have the job.

Why would he be stalking you? I used to talk to him once in a while, and he sort of ran with it.

When I told him it was inappropriate, he didn't take it so well.

And after what happened at the 10k, I told my parents, and we went to the school administration.

You think that he rigged that explosion in the shed just to hurt you? I guess the police are looking for him now, but Harold's gone completely off the grid.

I really hope they find him soon.

You sure it was him? - Who else would it be? Anyway, I just thought you guys should know.

Okay, please tell me no one else bought that.

I'm just glad it's over with.

Meredith thought that we did that.

So Mona did us a favor.

We did not ask for it.

We definitely don't owe her anything.

I wouldn't call anything that Mona does a favor.

You know her better than any of us, Hanna.

What do you think? I think there's more to the story.

Lucas, can I talk to you for a minute? Not now, Hanna.

Look, I know it was you last night in the basement.

I'm not gonna tell anyone.

I just why were you there? I was looking for something.

Listen, we shouldn't be seen together.

By who? Who do you think? Listen, if you wanna take the chance, and believe that Mona is cured, go ahead, drink the kool-aid.

No one is sipping her cuckoo juice.

I've seen you talk to her.

So what if I talk to her? I know better than to trust her.

Lucas, why are you so freaked out? The question is, why aren't you? Have you tried stopping her? I couldn't.

What do you mean, stop her? Lucas, you didn't You almost blew up a teacher.

I just wanted to scare her.

I didn't want to hurt anybody.

So get a restraining order or a can of mace.

I should go.

No, look.

If you need help, let me help you.

You can't.

Just promise me you won't try another stunt like that again.

I had to do something.

As long as Mona is back here, we're not safe.


I have to get straight home.

Text you later? Can you walk me to work, at least? You know how it's been since Halloween.

My parents are just being cautious.

If I'm even a little late, I get blasted.

Tell me about it.

My dad almost made me quit my job.

You know why he's doing that, right? - Things have happened to you.

And to you.

Yeah, I get that he wants to keep me safe because of what happened, but I wanna keep moving forward.

How can you not think about what we went through? I'll never forget.

But looking back for me ended in that lighthouse.

We've both been cooped up.

Some of the girls from the swim team are having a party in the woods.

Don't you have a curfew? Yeah.

We'll go on the early side so I can get back on time.

I think it'll do both of us some good.

You in? - Yeah, I'm in.


I'll text them and let them know we're coming.




They were all out of the times, but I got you lots of copies of the observer.

Thank you for helping my freshmen to remember that TMZ is not the only source for current events.

If I think about this too much, it makes me want to run out in the middle of the street and scream.

Why, 'cause of what happened to Garrett? No.

That in the middle of all this, people are forgetting that a young girl was killed.

Yeah, and we still don't know who did it or why.

I've actually been thinking about what happened the night Ali went missing.

A lot.

You and dad, you went to a barbecue, right? After you dropped me off at Spencer's.

Yeah, it was some stuffy Hollis thing at the chancellor's with cocktail wieners and sliders and fancy dipping sauces.

You needed us that next morning, and we slept in, your father and I.

I don't think we or I ever apologized for that.

Mom, it's okay.

No, it's not.

But it's one of those moments as a parent you wish you could do over again.

We thought we had a night off from the kids.

A night off from the kids, huh? - So you were out pretty late.


We left early.

I snuck a bottle of wine home in my purse.

I thought we'd save it, but your father opened it as soon as we got home.

We sat on the porch.

It was lovely, warm.

I remember.

Till the storm rolled in.

I'm pretty sure we were dead to the world before that.

One too many glasses of red, and I can sleep through a stampede.

And we slept through your first call that morning.

It's so weird to think back to that night.

You were at a party with your friends.

I let Byron pour that extra glass of wine, and we were all just enjoying ourselves while something terrible was happening.

Brad's parents said he should be able to whisper in a week or so.

Guess he hit his trachea on the handlebars.

They figured out what happened? His front wheel fell off.

I guess there was a faulty nut.


Should we move on to new business? First things first.

We have to welcome a new member.

Mona Vanderwall will be joining us.

Wait, what? Word came down from the faculty advisor this afternoon.

Joining in school activities is part of her recovery.

I guess she has a note from her doctor.

You guys have history.

That's rough.

Yeah, if you're downplaying it.

Hey, sorry I'm late.

I had to get some signatures and a copy of my transcripts, and oh, and this.

Okay, second item.

Team Captain.

Running for position, Spencer Hastings And Mona Vanderwall.

Now that's rough.

Okay, why? I played dumb for a really long time, Spencer.

I'm not gonna do that anymore.

This is a chance to show people who I really am.

I see.

And when did you even I kept up with my schoolwork while I was away, and I memorized the study guide Last night.

All right.

Andrew, as secretary, you call the vote, right? Right.

All those in favor of Mona as team Captain.

I had so time to campaign.

And Spencer? A tie.


So I guess we have a quiz-off.

Back of the study guide in the by-laws.

You read the by-laws.

Of course.

Tomorrow then.

Good luck.

Andrew, anything else? No.

Meeting adjourned.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Hi, I'm Mona.



That was out of left field.

Come on.

Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that.

Honestly, I didn't.

Look, I know why you want this; Yale will be impressed.

But when it comes to Mona What she wants is anyone's guess.

Nobody asked Mona to play.

So put on your Hastings face and spank her tomorrow night like I know you can.

Good pep talk.

Maybe her phone was hidden or something.

If she's gonna dip bag into the "A" bag to scare me off the decathlon team, she's got another think coming.

Is being Captain brainiac really that important? Do you know something we don't? No.

I'm just saying, if Mona's back to her old tricks, then maybe we should stay away from her.

Like sabotaging Brad so she could run against me for team captain? That's so Ali.

She's coming over here.

Hi, Spencer.

Listen, I just wanted to thank you for being such a good sport.

I know that the two of us running for the same position could have caused some tension.

I didn't mean to make a big deal of that.

I would've called or texted, but Oh, no, Mona, I got your text.


I'm not allowed to have a cell phone.

No texting, no Internet.

Part of my release terms from Radley.

No Internet.

So how did you post that apology video? The vice-principal said that I could have limited access to the computer lab.

Homework only, supervised.

That was certainly calculating, but I wouldn't call it trig.

I thought it was the right thing to do, so I asked Jason and - He's helping you? - He supervised.

It was my idea.

We know you were sneaking out of Radley, Mona.

How are we supposed to believe anything you say? - Mona? - The doctor said that people might have some trouble.

It's just been a little more overwhelming than I thought, you know, to confront the past and work it out with all of you.

Can you excuse me? That was part of her act, right? Yeah, let's go.

It's my week to monitor detention, so I just need a minute.

I saw you and Aria talking yesterday after school.

Looked pretty intense.

Just mother-daughter stuff.

I assume it was about this.

I just want you to know that I won't be pursuing things.

Because the person who did that to you was identified.

I jumped to a conclusion.

Aria and I haven't had the easiest time.

And I hope I haven't made things harder for us.

I'm seeing someone now, and Byron has moved on.

I'm sure that we can keep things professional.

I would like that if we could.

I have to monitor detention.

Spencer says Jason checks out.

Apparently, he was working with Mona, but just her Internet nanny.


We still don't know who's helping Mona.

I talked to my mom yesterday.

You look a little green.

Yeah, I've been feeling queasy.

I think the stress is just getting to me.

What did she say? As far as my mom knows, my dad was with her the whole night.

But she slept through that storm.

She could've easily slept through him sneaking out of the house.

He knows how she gets after a couple of glasses of wine.

I just don't wanna believe that it was intentional.

So you're saying he wanted her to sleep through the night? But it still doesn't mean that he snuck out to meet Alison.

Maybe he met up with Meredith.

Were they still together then? No, they weren't seeing each other.

That's what he told me.

In the journal entry, he said he promised to meet Alison when she came back from her grandmother's.

At was the same night she died.

Maybe he agreed to meet her at a different time.

No, he didn't.

It said that I'll show you.

Guys, the pages aren't in here.

Check the other boot.

No, I put it in the left one.

You're sure it's this one? - Yes.

That's quite a mess you're making.

Did you lose something? No.


We're just looking for the other one of these.

Oh, here it is.

Crisis averted.

Um, I thought that you had a meeting tonight.

I canceled it.

I have to pack for a conference.

I have a colleague who had an emergency.

I'm filling in.


Remember when Mike used to raid your Halloween candy? You always used to stash it in your snow boots.

He never thought to look there.

I always thought that was pretty clever.

Well, I'll get out of your hair.

He knows.

Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Alphabetical order, you are good.


Okay, toss me some hard stuff.

We haven't touched anything from earth sciences.

I made these flash cards for the periodic tables that I wanna go over.

Have you seen those? I can come with you, and I can rub your shoulders between rounds, and wrap your knuckles, and hold your spit bucket.

This is not a prize fight, - but I would like to punch her.

Spencer No, I would love for you to be there, - but don't you have dinner with your boss? - I can cancel.

I've got this, and thanks to you, I'm gonna wipe the floor with her.

You know, this isn't about looking good on college applications anymore.

There are 42 clubs at rosewood high.

Mona could've picked any one of them.

She's baiting me.

And the only way to stop her is to beat her, fair and square.

I don't have time for flash cards anymore.

I have to get changed, and you're gonna be late for dinner.

My boss.



Sure, no problem.

I'll stop on the way.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Yeah, I'm just leaving right now.

Hey, your mom let me up.

Can I talk to you for a minute? Look, um I know you warned me about Mona, but we kind of poked the bear today, and I just wanna make sure she didn't take it out on you.

Mona's not my problem anymore.

I'm leaving rosewood high for good.

She can't get to me if I'm home-schooled.

So she was blackmailing you.

Try still blackmailing.

For how long? Since the masquerade ball.

I got an anonymous text to go to go distract Jenna.

And then, after that, when she was in Radley, she got a contact again.

I picked up an envelope from Jason DiLaurentis.

And brought it to her.

Then when I told her that I was out, that I was done, she tried to run me over.

Oh, my God.

Lucas, are you okay? This S.



just swerved at me out of nowhere.

I didn't see the driver, but it had to be Mona.

So when you were doing things for her, did you ever meet with anyone else? As far as I could tell, I was just the middleman.

She's completely protected.

It's just easier if I bow out of school.

Maybe that way, I can protect myself.

Why would you want to protect yourself from school? What does she have on you? Test answers, to every course the school offers.

I was selling them.

To who? Anyone with cash.

After she tried to make me road kill, I shut everything down and covered my tracks.

Now I just have to disappear.

Why don't you tell me what you were doing in her room? I don't know why you just won't tell me.

Why would you question? It's my house, it's my daughter you're gonna walk away in the middle of this? I can't even look at you right now.

Meredith, listen.


I will not let you run away from me.

Byron, my arm.

Look, I didn't mn dad? What's going on? Everything's fine, Aria.

Are we even close? What does it say on the G.



? A few more Miles, then we're gonna make a left.

That's really far out of town.

Paige, are you okay? I just need to pull over for a sec.


Are you okay? - I couldn't breathe.

Hey - Don't.

I'm sorry.

I just can't go, okay? Hey, that's fine.

It's just a party.

It's not just a party! I can't do anything since Halloween.

I've been able to hide from you because your parents are protective.

I told you I had a restriction, too.

I don't.

I can barely leave my house to go to school.

Why didn't you tell me any of this? Because I didn't want you to know.

You like strong women, right? After Nate was gone, I thought everything would be okay again.

And then, Garrett died.

And now, all I can think about is when the next bad thing is gonna happen.

I know you're scared.

I'm scared.

And now, I've ruined your night.

No, you haven't ruined anything.

Why don't we go for a little walk.

Okay? Get some air.

Okay? What kind of person oh, hey.

I bought a "get well soon" card for Brad.

Did you wanna sign? The whole team already sent him flowers, so I know, but there's no such thing as too much encouragement when you're on the mend.

Three rounds.

Most correct answers wins.

You've got ten seconds after you ring the bell.

I'll read the questions.

Sam and Conrad will keep time and score.

We good? Let's do this.

Alexander Hamilton emigrated to the United States in 1772 from what Caribbean island? Nevis.



Mona's got the quick draw, but one goes to Spencer.

Next question.

Luciferin and luciferase are present in what biological phenomenon? Bioluminescence.

Next question.

I followed you.

You were really upset, and my da my dad, I have never seen him that angry before.

Is there something going on, something that I should know about? You can sit down, you know.

Did you hear? - Some of it.

It sounded like you caught my dad in my room.

Do you know what he was doing? Rifling through papers.

That wasn't the first time I caught him.

He was going through my purse yesterday.

What? Did he say why? He thought it was yours.

When I came across him in your room, I asked him what was going on.

He wouldn't tell me.

He seemed caught.


I couldn't shake the feeling that he was lying.

So later, he went to drop Mike off at a friend's.

And I went on my own search.

I found these In his dresser.

Those are mine.

Did you read this? Do you know what these mean? I knew what was going on back en.

Your friend Alison, blackmail.

That doesn't make sense.

You weren't together then.

Aria, he came to see me The night she disappeared.

He was with my mother the entire night.

Did he tell you that? Why would he come to you? He thought I had something to do with it.

He still believed I destroyed his office, and figured somehow, I was Pushing her to ask for more money.

Was he with you the entire night? He left my apartment to go meet her.

I tried to change his mind.

I begged him.

The next day, she was missing.

I'm pretty sure it's the maxilla and mandible.

Operation petticoat.

No, wait Operation Pegasus, The Battle of Khe Sanh.

Catherine of Aragon? Catherine of Braganza.

Charles Henry and The amish, the mennonites and "A lesson in vengeance," by Sylvia plath.

Plate tectonics.

A picaresque novel.

I think she meant a bildungsroman.

The first territorial legislature The rosetta stone established the divine cult o Pericles, beowulf and Three noble gases? Helium, argon and xenon.

I'm sorry.

I know you really wanted to go to that party tonight.

No, it's fine.

We'll stop and get frozen yogurt on the way home.

Anywhere with lights and people.

And you, of course.

Your car is funny.


A flat.

There's a light in the glove box.

Figures something like this would happen.

Can I get a little light down here? Little to the left, please.

Paige, just breathe.

Let me help you, okay? Somebody slashed it.

Okay, can we, like, walk or jog or sprint back to town? Em, where are you going? I think we lost him.

No, I swear I had him.

Let's get back to town, please.

Come on.

Let's go home.

Five seconds, Mona.

Four, three, two, one.

The hanseatic league.

That's what we were looking for.

End of round two, Spencer's up by three points.

Why don't we break? I'm good to keep going.

Mona? - Yep.

I guess so.

Are you sure? I think she could use a break.

She's fine.

Just ask the questions.


Here we go.

Round three.

The house of Habsburg, the house of Burgundy, the crowns of Castile and Aragon.

Spencer, right again.

Oh The ogallala aquifer.

Madame C.


Walker in 1910.

Spencer, you have ten seconds to begin your answer.

Get it right, and you win.

Too easy.

Fifteen countries that became independent with the dissolution of the Soviet union, in alphabetical order.

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia Spencer.

Yeah, sorry.

Just one second.

Uh, Georgia.

Uh, Kurdistan sorry.

Kazakhstan, then Kurdistan.

Um, Lithuania.

You forgot Latvia.


You forgot Moldova.

Spencer, that's time.

Let's see, what's left? Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Mona, if you want the win, I need to hear the entire correct answer from you.

By population or gross domestic product? Aria, is that you? I'm glad you came back.

I just need to get a few things.

I'd like to talk.


Listen, about earlier, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Tough loss.

We can still shut this down.

Go to the faculty advisor, plead special circumstances.

After everything, they'll have to hear you out.

Would you wanna win that way? Hey, I just got your text.

You okay? Um, I lost.

Did she cheat? Yeah.

I don't know.

Um, I just really blew it, and I need to get outta here.

Toby's not home? No, he's still out at dinner with his boss.

Okay, we'll go.


Thank you.

In one second.

What are you doing? - Just hang on.

Mona, can I talk to you for a minute? Sure.

Oh, there's still more cupcakes if you wanna join.

I'm on to you.

Okay, nothing's changed.

You are still pulling strings and pushing buttons.

Manipulating lives, using people's secrets.

I wasted months visiting you, defending you, feeling guilty for everything you did to me.

And I kept thinking, maybe if I was a better friend.

You almost reeled me in.

"I'm scared, Hanna.

I need you.

" Bull crap.

I know you're still "a," and I know what you're doing to Lucas.

Whatever Lucas said - no, I'm done.

I don't wanna see you, I don't wanna hear from you, and I don't wanna know you.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

We have a competition in, like, a month.

Overnight travel.

I'm not gonna be able to survive a weekend with Mona.

Maybe we should throw her under a bus, literally.

Here's more ice.

This isn't working.

I'd actually need to remove my brain, and soak it in an ice bath.

"cut Mona off? Big mistake.

You're not the only one who can slice and dice.


" It's not Lucas? - 100% not Lucas.

Mona just used him like an evil personal assistant.

I think there's more people out there who are way worse.

You shouldn't have yelled at her like that.

Spence, she had it coming.

I know, but if she's up to her old tricks, that text won't be the end of it.

So what? We know her tricks.

I'm not gonna live my life in fear.

Mona can't hide from us anymore.

Do you remember when she started to unravel the other day in the courtyard? I saw her crack like that tonight.

I thought I could rattle her cage and send her running.

That's what made me lose.

How? - 'Cause I got cocky, and competitive.

I saw this soft underbelly, and I lunged.

So you think she showed you a weak spot on purpose? That's what I'm worried about.

She doesn't have to hide behind "A" anymore.

She can take us on right in the open.

Did your parents say it was okay? I told them I was sleeping downstairs on the couch.

My dad's gonna call the auto club in the morning.

Maybe by then, we'll have an excuse for why the tire was slashed.

I feel like this is all my fault.

I told you about "a.

" It makes sense that you're worried all the time.


Em, I don't blame you.

I just wonder how you can do it.

You chased somebody through the woods tonight.

You refuse to be scared, even after everything that's happened.

I still get scared.

Mostly, I get angry.

I don't deserve to live like this.

Neither do you.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I feel safer with you here.

Paige, I think that maybe you should see somebody.

Just promise me you'll at least think about it.



Get some sleep.

Where is he? Your father went to campus for a little while.

He had some work to get done.

Feeling any better? No.

Um, I thought it was all the stuff with my dad that was tying me up in knots.

Now I think I have the actual flu.


It's my powerhouse potion.

All herbal.

I make a big pot at the first sign of anything.

Trust me, it works wonders.

I don't think Byron knows we have those pages.

So if you want, I can take them no, don't worry.

I hid them.

Is there any way this was some horrible accident? Your father would never intentionally hurt that girl Would he? Well, he'll be gone for a few days, so that gives us time to figure it out.

Meredith, he's my dad, and I obviously love him, but you don't think that we should keep this a secret, do you? We both love Byron.

Whatever happens next, it's gonna be tough, Aria.

Get some sleep.



For the tea.

He's leaving.

I'll call you back.

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