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  03x14 - She's Better Now
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars.

Welcome to the Lost Woods resort.

Maybe you remember our friend, Vivian Darkbloom.

You check in at the Lost Woods because you don't want to be found.

What are you doing here? - I was curious.

He's the father of my son.

Yeah, he deserves to know that.

I didn't kill Alison, but Jenna thinks I did.

That's it? - I went back.

You're lying.

She was alive when I left.

Meredith got the job.

The job at Rosewood High.

Well, Aria, I forgot you're still a student here.

Change of plan.

I'll see you soon.

Is it a bad time? - What are you doing here? My doctors released me.

In the middle of the night? Hanna, I need your help.

My parents are forcing me to go back to school, - and I'm so scared.

Mona Everyone knows what I've done, and I have no one in my corner.

If you're expecting me and my friends to forgive you I don't expect them to, but, Hanna, you're different.

Wren said you were my guardian angel.

He said that you stood up for me.

You are not defenseless, Mona.

You spent the last two years majoring in torture.

You don't believe that a person can get better? Hanna, I had a breakdown, but I've turned a corner.

I'm on new meds, everything's changed.

I'm not proud of who I was.

Just try to see me for who I am.


I do see you, Mona.

You're freaking me out.

( Knocking on door ) - Hanna! Who's that? - Yeah, grandma? - Are you alone in there? I heard voices.

Uh, no, no.

It's just me.

I'm reading out loud.

Go back to sleep.

( Quietly ) Thank you.

( Tires screeching ) - ( Horn honking ) Got a secret, can you keep it ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪ ♪ He's here to install the new alarm.

Sorry, babe.

I didn't think they'd get to the second floor until after you left for school.

You're putting an alarm on my window? On every window.

Your mom wants the best system around.

There's an app where I can turn it on remote from my phone.

So how will I know when it's on? Well, considering what's been happening in this town for the past two years, think 24/7.

Did you eat? Yeah, I'll grab something.

Hilary Reynolds called.

She's so angry, she can barely speak.

Wait, Garrett's mother? What did she want? She wants her son back.

But she can't have that.

So she's going after the Rosewood police.

I told her I would be there tomorrow night at the community meeting.

Why would you go to that? - Why wouldn't I? She's right.

They let an innocent man out of jail, and provided no protection for him.

I don't think of the word "innocent" when I think of Garrett.

Evidently, you're not alone.

Looks like somebody else thought it was their right to take justice into their own hands.

Dad, Alison's murder has never been solved.

You still think Garrett did it? Do you? I'm gonna be late.

Are my sneakers downstairs? I'm not so sure you'll go on that run.

Your mom and I just aren't comfortable with you being out after dark.

Dad, I raised $274 in pledges.

I know.

You're welcome to have Paige over, but you are not going out.

Aria: So this is the new world order? We're gonna have to face off with Mona in school every day? She told Hanna that she's better now.

Better at what? I'll tell you what.

She sneaks in my house past midnight, I'm sleeping with a crowbar under my pillow.

The only question is, do we ignore her? Here's a hint.


Mona had serious insight into what happened to Maya.

What if she could tell us why Garrett was killed? So now you think Mona's the keeper of more secrets? She certainly knows all of ours.

What if she has some kind of connection to the N.



club? Spencer, that club ended while she was still loser Mona.

Pre-lasik and metal mouth.

If those pervs didn't even wanna peep in her window, why would they wanna hang out with her? Maybe she was peeping at them.

Look, two members of the N.



club are dead.

Okay, maybe the person who killed Ali is still freaked out that there's a tape floating around somewhere out there.

Did you Did you ever ask your dad? Ask him what? About what Garrett said.

You know, about him meeting up with Ali that night.

My dad and I are finally getting along.

I'm not gonna slap him with some whacked-out story garret made up so he could clear his own name.

I hear you, but - but what? Spence, Garrett lied about a lot.

Why are we suddenly gonna believe anything he ever said? What's that? Someone baked you some muffins and left 'em at the door.


Who's "M"? - Mona.

Mona? You don't have to eat these.

I've got huevos rancheros, pork sausage, and hash browns.

Please stop.

Are you sick? I could be.

Is this Mona the same Mona Yeah.

She wants a fresh start.

Are you ready to give it to her? It's complicated, grandma.

I hear you, honey.

When cousin Heshy came back, no one wanted to touch him with a ten-foot pole.

Who's cousin Heshy? Alberta's youngest.

He was always a little off, but in high school, he jumped the tracks.

What'd he do? One morning at breakfast, he served his mom and dad two bowls of rusty nails with milk poured over 'em.

And when they refused to eat, he snatched up a fistful, and just squeezed until blood came out.

I'm sorry.

How are we related to this person? Oh, no, my point is, they sent him away for about four months.

He's been fine ever since.

So you really think people can change? Heshy did.

I mean, the thing is, what's done is done.

And when the rink gets icy - Yeah, I'm exhausted.

I can't deal.

I'm taking a sick day.

Hanna, you go to school.

Maybe you need to let this girl have a chance to win you back.

You know, if I were her, I'd fight to the death to have you as my friend.

I'm basically under house arrest.

My mom's now using my dad to squeeze information outta me about Halloween, the lighthouse.

What have you told him? - Nothing.

If he knew half the crap we'd been through, he'd ship me off to Guam.


Thought you were playing Mona's bodyguard.

Okay, I said I'd be around for her.

I'm thinking maybe we all should be her friend.

I mean, if Mona knows why Garrett died, right after he told that story about Aria's dad stop.

What's going on? - Nothing.

We're not gonna talk about that.

No, go ahead.

Talk about it.

Just do it when I'm not here.

Aria - what's next? Are we all gonna start wondering - if my dad was on the Halloween train, too? - What? You actually believe that my own dad would drug me, and then lock me in a box.

Hello, Aria.

Girl: What are you doing here? Boy: Yeah, you shouldn't be here.

Welcome to Mona 2.


Aria, I'm sorry.

I wasn't trying - Don't worry about it.

None of really believe your dad - I know.

I overreacted.

The thing is, Garrett did say it, and it's really freakin' hard when you can't look at your boyfriend, and now your own dad, - without - Without what? Wait, what's with ezra? - I still haven't told him about - His son.


I plan on telling him every time we're together, but I just bail.

Where's Mrs.

Grizzuti? Uh, I'm guessing she had her baby.

And now Meredith's her replacement? Please stick a fork in my neck.

( Bell rings ) The check and balance system was established so that no branch could wield absolute power over another branch.

Why do we think this was so important to our founding fathers? Aria.

What? Look, guys, I don't know what Mrs.

Grazzuti's take was, but while I'm here, no phones in class.

I wasn't I wasn't on my phone.

Yeah, you were.

Tell you what.

Give it to me.

This way, you won't even be tempted.

It was important to our founding fathers because they wanted to be sure that no one had absolute power.

( Bell rings ) Aria.

Can you stay for a few minutes, please? I guess since you travel in a pack, you can all stay.

Just so we don't get off on the wrong foot, let's be clear.

I have a job to do, and if you ladies want to graduate, so do you.

Look, I saw what you were texting.

You're in this class to discuss American history, not mine.

Got it? Yeah.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Mona, wait.

Mona, I couldn't leave Aria.

No, that's okay.

I get it.

It must be really tough for her.

Mona, what is it? Is that a brain? Close your door.

Close your locker.

Come on, let's get out of here.

What are you doing? Lucas, what did she say to you? Who did that? So wait, wait.

Someone stole that from the bio lab? They have cow brains up there? - I didn't even think - That's because you got excused from dissection based on vegetarian grounds.

Guys, people are gonna think that we put that in her locker.

It wasn't vegetarian, it was humanitarian.

Are you still hating on me? - Possibly.

Guys, pay attention.

People are gonna think that was us.

How? When? We were all being held hostage by Meredith.

It wasn't in her locker before first period.

So now we're depending on Meredith to be our alibi? See you in jail.

I gotta say, Mona's a lot stronger than me.

I would've lost it.

I feel sorry for her.

Yeah, me, too.

Okay, are we done feeling sorry? Because she's done a lot worse to us, guys.

A lot.




Mona, you don't think we had anything to do with that, do you? Of course not.

Why would you dump on me after I helped you? Helped me? Figure out who the creep was that killed your girlfriend.

But I know that there's still bad blood between us, and I know that I have to earn your trust, and prove that I'm worthy.

But I will.

You'll see.

I'm better now.


Sure you wanna do this? Face it, Caleb.

We were never under the radar.

Did you hear about Mona? Yeah, I did.

Sorry I missed that.

Something weird is going on.

Do you think it's possible that Mona did that to herself? It's possible, but something's definitely going on between Mona and Lucas.

Why is he limping? - Maybe she kicked him.

You've gotta talk to him.

Find out if he hurt that leg on Halloween.

I'm lost.

When Aria was in that box, she stabbed someone who was trying to throw her off the train.

That was weeks ago.

And it was also a dirty old screwdriver.

Maybe it didn't heal.

Just please.

Talk to him, okay? Okay.

I couldn't pick up her call because my phone was turned off.

Dad, I have classes.

I can't step out every ten minutes just to report to mom that I'm still alive.

No, not straight from school.

I have work.

I'm supposed to give up my job now, too? What? Yes, yes.

I'll come home right after work.


Welcome to the Lost Woods resort.

It would've been nice to have had more warning, but we knew she couldn't stay in that place forever.

Do you still wanna run after school? Yeah, sure.

I missed you.

How come I didn't hear from you last night? I fell asleep early.

Didn't get your message.

Can I ask you something? Promise that you won't get upset.


Do you think that Jenna transferred schools because after Garrett, she was afraid that she might be next? Jason is the last member of the N.



club left.

I know that she wasn't an official why do you obsess about this stuff? How can I not obsess about it? The cops still don't know who killed Garrett.

They can't even find the gun he was shot with.


Look who she's cozying up to now.

Spencer, leave it alone.

No, I can't.

He's basically hugging a hand grenade.

He was cleaning up Mona's locker.

He looked right through me.

Maybe it wasn't him.

It was him.

Maybe creepy Harold has a creepy twin.

( Music playing faintly ) ( Country music playing on radio ) Why does he have Mona's stuff? - Maybe he's returning it.

Shh! You've worn this? Yeah, in every marathon I've ever run.


Wear it.

It'll bring you luck no.

I can't take that.

What if I lose it? - I'll have to lose you.

That was a joke.

What's goin' on? - Nothing.


I'm just Guess I'm just deciding if I really want to do this thing.

No, no, no.

You have to do this.

It's for a good cause, friends are counting on you, and I pledged half of last year's unemployment.

You'll be fine.

Just change your shoes.

( Cell phone rings ) - What's wrong? Nothing.

It just might be my mom.

She called in sick today, but I'm guessing it's 'cause it was Meredith's first day.

Is it your mom? - Yeah.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to Swing by her place and do a little hand holding.

She's pretty bugged out.

She's lucky to have you, since I can't.

Call me? I will.

Oh, under ten! Beat it.

I think we earned some hot tub.

Spence, you want me to fire it up? Yeah.

Just give me a second.

Hey, Jason.

Hey there, Spencer.

What's going on with you and Mona? Did you go to her or did she come up to you? Look, I know that her first day back wasn't exactly a bubble bath.

Okay, but You should be careful.

What am I missing here? Just that she's dangerous.

Ian and Garrett are both dead.

Jenna's awol.

I'm starting to think that Mona might have got it.

I'll keep that in mind.

Toby can hear this.

He knows her resume.

She once tried to kill him by unscrewing a piece of scaffolding.

She cannot be trusted.

People around here used to say the same thing about me.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt before I cut them off.


Thanks for the tip.

You sure you didn't tell her? Why would I tell Mona that ezra has a kid? If ezra would've opened that door he didn't, all right, so just breathe.

What'd you do with the basket? I trashed it.

Why? Did you want the jelly beans? Aria's right, Hanna.

Mona's up to something.

It's not a coincidence the first day she's back, Harold's also there, and somehow doesn't recognize us.

I'm not saying it wasn't weird.

I just think maybe he took the job because he wanted to see her.

Why would he want to see her? - She spent a lot of time there.

Maybe they were buddies.

The buddy-moon's over.

We need to bust into creepy's closet and see what else he saved for her.



Did you talk to Lucas? - He's not feeling very chatty.

But I did find something else.

What is that? It's a transcript from the meeting the principal had - with Mona and her parents last week.

How did you get this? There's perks to knowing the school's pass code.

What are we looking for? - Page two.

Turns out Mona's parents did not want her to come back to Rosewood High.

It was Mona who begged to come back in.


I thought she told you her parents were forcing her.

I'm guessing she lied.

Mona's back to take care of unfinished business.

I gotta go.

Hey, feed me.

I'm starving.

Did Mona sign that card on the muffin basket with "M" or "A"? - Could we just take a second before we - Before we what? - Let her destroy our lives again? - No.

If ezra finds out that he has a kid through "a" don't give "a" all the power, Aria.

Tell Fitz he has a son.

I can't.

Why not? Because that son has a mother, and she asked me not to.

Yeah, and every day that goes by is another day that kid goes without meeting his dad, and believe me, that kid might be dealing with it for a long time.

What are you thinking about? I'm not.

What are you stewing about? Why doesn't Jason get it? He knows that Mona's dangerous.

Jason's a big boy.

He can take care of himself.

Yeah, but nobody's got his back.

I've got my friends, I've got you.

He's completely alone.

What was that? Did you hear that? Hello? Hey, is someone out there? Relax.

I wanna go inside.

I'm sorry.

I can't do this right now.

( Knocking on door ) - Come in.

Hi there.

I wasn't even sure anyone was home, it's so quiet.

Mike went to Wyatt's to study.

So how was school today? Did you talk to Meredith? I did.

I'd completely forgotten that you were in that class.

I can't drop it.

I need it to graduate.

Why should you? Sounds like you handled that situation like an adult.

Thank you for that.

What did Meredith tell you? Well, she said that you and your friends were cautiously welcoming.

That's the most that any new teacher can expect.

God knows, I have been there.

Kids can be very cruel.

Hey, dad.

Did you like Alison? What? Like, what did you think of her as a person? I like all of your friends.

Why do you ask that? I just know that mom had some issues with her.

She thought Ali was entitled.

I think most of that just comes from being at an awkward age.

You never spent any real time alone with her, though, did you? Why would I have? You still really miss her, huh? Yeah.

Ever since I was little, and all through junior high, I was considered a loser.

I was humiliated, picked on, and tortured.

And as hard as all that misery and torture was ( Crying ) She sent this to you? Yeah, and everyone else in cyber space.

It has 1,600 likes.

That child is more twisted than my toes.

She's trying way too hard.

You were the one who told me to give her a second chance.

That was before I saw her campaign.

Right now, I think Mona may be the best argument we got against human cloning.

Before you turn this off, or throw something at the screen, please just hear me out.

I've been in Radley for over seven months now.

( Knocking on door ) - And I wanna tell you about what I ( stops video ) Lucas? - Hi.

I know you're on your way out.

No, no.

Come in.

I don't wanna keep you.

Seriously, just come in.

Could you get this to Caleb? I tried to find him, but I guess he's not living in the same spot.

What is this? - It's the last of the money I owe him.

Took me a while to get it.

Do you want something to drink or anything? No, I'm good.

What happened to your leg? Oh, I had an accident skateboarding.

It's kind of hard to explain.

What happened between you and Mona? Nothing.


I haven't spoken to her in months.

Does Mona have something on you, Lucas? Did you do something that you really regret? Did someone stab you in that leg on Halloween? - We'll talk about this another time.

No, I need answers.

Why is she suddenly back at school? Why is she coming back? Hanna, yesterday wasn't her first day back.

She was sneaking out of there way before she had the doctor's permission.

Why? Where was she going? What was she doing? I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

That's the best that I can do.


I get it.

I miss you.

I miss you, too.

I know that you ultimately have to own up.

Own up to what you've done, and what's been done to you, and then you have to learn to forgive she shoots, she scores.


By Tuesday, that'll be playing in airports and doctor's offices.

We need more bottles.

I don't believe it.

What is she doing here? Spence.

Hey, Spencer, how are you? I'm good.

How are you? She's such a piece of work.


That's called greeting your converts.

Can I ask you something? Have you ever Thought about what your life would be like if your dad had been around when you were, like, six or seven? Dumb question.

I shouldn't have asked that.


No, it wasn't dumb.

When I was young, I I looked for him everywhere.

In the streets, in stores.

I even looked for him in my sleep.

But when I was about 13, I just stopped.

Why? I guess I was just tired of Using all that energy, ya know.

I just needed to focus on me.

And I'm totally fine with the way things turned out.


But I'd be lying if I said there weren't days that I wish I could replace the guy I made up in my head with a real person.

Woman on P.


: If you look at your maps, you'll see four checkpoint stations.

The run will end in front of the school, where you'll pick up your medal and a complimentary swag bag.

We will begin in three minutes.

Excuse me.

Who's singing the national anthem? - We really didn't plan on - I'll do that.

O, say can you see ♪ Look, you guys.

If we ditch the track right before checkpoint two, we can cut through the woods behind school.

How are we getting in? It's not locked.

They're keeping the bathrooms open for people that are working the finish line.

Are you sure that Emily can't meet us? Yeah, unless she can escape fort fields.

Why is your grandmother singing? Because she can.

Wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ I think Mona was on the Halloween train that night.

Say that again.

home of the ♪ brave ♪ on the shores dimly seen ♪ I don't think this'll last too long.

You okay here by yourself? Yeah.

Is there an app to let me crack open a window? Don't need to.

I'll adjust the thermostat downstairs.

Okay, I'll be back in a couple of hours.

Emily? Em, how did you get here? Long story.

Just do me a favor.

Don't call or text me until tomorrow.

This isn't working.

That's because it's a paper clip.

You have to use a Bobby pin.

Have I taught you nothing? The bag was right here, wasn't it? That's the book he was writing in.

What does it say? Looks like he was writing a long letter to Mona, 'cause he thinks that this is her diary.

Is it? Was this in the motel room? Yeah, it was, but, you guys, this isn't Mona's.

This is Ali's.

Is this the same one you saw in Mona's lair? - I'm positive.

Let me see this.

Aria, is this about your dad? So you're department chair now.

You're a powerful man, Mr.


We're not having this conversation again.


I'd rather not talk.

That's gonna cost you.

Same amount works for me.

Oh, does it? Well, you're out of luck.

That person's not in my life anymore.

It ended months ago.


Will that make it any easier for Mrs.

Montgomery? I mean, it did happen.

It's time for you to go, Alison.

If a student called the Dean and told him that Meredith was flipping out because one of her professors wiped his feet on her after he you make that call, you'll be very sorry.

You're right.

I'll just start with your wife.

Maybe I'll call when I'm alone.

I cannot give you that kind of money again.

Ella will know it's missing.

You can take some time to figure it out.

I'm leaving town to visit my Nana.

I'll be back labor day weekend.

Does that work for you? Excellent.

I'll see you then.

Have a nice week, Mr.


Aria - don't.

( Door slamming ) - Emily, put this in your jacket.

Maybe we should leave it here.

If he knows that it's missing, he'll think it was one of us.

Us? He doesn't even know who you are.

Just take it.

Give it to me.

What are you doing down here? Um, all of the bathrooms upstairs were full, so we came down here, but we can use the ones on the second floor.

We're sorry.

You guys, come on.

What have you got there? - Give it to me! Spencer? - What's going on? Are you guys okay? - Yeah, we're fine.

We just had to get something I accidentally threw away.

Thank God you came down there.

How did you know we were there? I got to the finish line early, and then, I saw the three of you go in that back door.

It doesn't even matter.

We're just so lucky you were here.

( Explosion, woman screaming ) Oh, my God! Woman: Mona! - Man: Get back! - Mona! No, I didn't get any messages.

Only my daughter's.

We accidentally switched phones.

That's right.

Thanks for the update, sir.

Good night.

That was your principal.

It was that new teacher, miss Sorenson, - who got hurt by that stunt.

Meredith? You call her by her first name? No, I just she's Never mind.

All right.

Maybe we should stop fighting about why I won't let you out, and start talking about why you're not letting me in.

Have I been gone that long? Emmy, I know that I don't fully understand everything that you've been going through.

But I know what it's like to lose people.

And the only thing that gets me through that is knowing that I'm coming home to my family.

I don't wanna be your gate keeper, Emma.

I wanna be your dad.

Ever since I was little, and all through junior high Baby.

I think you've seen enough of her for one day, don't you? ( Knocking at door ) How's Meredith? I just took her home from the E.


Doctors dressed her burn, gave her some painkillers, kept her calm.

I didn't think she should be home alone, so I invited her to stay over.

She's here? - No.

No, she didn't see that as a very tempting offer, based on what happened earlier tonight.

What is it? It was put on Meredith's clipboard, sending her over to the storage shed.

Did one of your friends write that? - My friends? I know what they're capable of.

What are you saying? - Does Meredith think that we sent this to her? - Yeah, she sure does.

Now that she's told me the truth about what happened on that first day, I don't think it's such a crazy thought.

Dad, we would never - Did you and your friends do this to her? Yes or no? No.


Speak up now, Aria, while you can.

These kind of secrets come back to haunt us.

What about yours? What does that mean? Nothing.


Will you close my door, please? ( Zapping noise ) Hey.

Heard I missed some fireworks at the finish line.


But Mona walked away without a scratch.

Look, I won't say this again.

You don't have to.

I hear you this time.

Good night.

( Cell phone rings ) Hey, Aria, what's up? "A" set us up.

What? That's why Meredith opened that shed.

"A" sent her over there, and made it look like we did.

Does "a" go by the name of Mona? Is this her way of proving to us that she's worthy? - Hey, I gotta go.

Wait, Aria.

Is it your dad? Do you wanna come over and stay at my place? He's never gonna let that happen.

I think this bandage will cover it.


( Screaming )

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