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  03x13 - This is a Dark Ride
 Posted: 10/25/12 01:22
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Do you remember what Ali said about secrets keeping us close? She was wrong.

They tear us apart.

Just like Maya, you were playing me.

I want you to see this.


( Crying ) ( Gunshot ) Hanna: Caleb! Because of you, Garrett Reynolds is a free man.

Mom, he's out of jail? Change of plans.

I'll see you soon.

( Thunderclap ) If you go down in the woods today ♪ you're sure of a big surprise ♪ if you go down in the woods today ♪ you'd better go in disguise ♪ for everything that ever there was ♪ will gather there for certain because ♪ today's the day the Teddy bears have their picnic ♪ I told them I wanted to do an art project for Halloween.

They said, "art is fine, but we don't like to talk about Halloween in here.

" It's supposed to have bad connotations for some of the patients.

( Thunderclap ) ( Soft chuckle ) I guess I see the point.

But I love Halloween.

All the dressing up, being other people.

Tricks and treats.

Treats that turn into tricks.

It's better than Christmas.

More makeup.

And this is gonna be the best Halloween ever.

I'd bet somebody's life on that.

( Humming ) It's lovely down in the woods today ♪ but safer to stay at home ( humming ) Give me a hint.

I will not give you a hint.

We made a deal.

You'll see my costume tonight at the party.

But what if we end up wearing the same thing? We are not going to be wearing the same thing, I promise you.

Look, I'll give you a hint if you give me a hint.

No hints, okay? We said we're gonna pick somebody from a movie, and we're all gonna surprise each other.

Whose stupid idea was that? Yours.


Em, you sure you want to do this thing? I want to do this.

I need to do it.

I want something big and splashy to mark the whole "before" and "after" of everything.

Symbols and ceremonies? And plus there's mystery live entertainment.


( Sighs ) I have to get to the dentist.

How is Caleb? He's getting better.

He was easier when he was in the hospital, though.

Now he's got out, and we have to go under the radar.

You're sure you want to go on the ghost train? Yeah.

Otherwise I'm stuck with my mom and pastor Ted handing out candy to rug rats.

Your mom and pastor Ted? Yeah.

They're getting pretty domestic.

I'd tell her to go for it.

My mom moved on.

Oh, my God.

Okay, who would do that? It's Clifford Yerdley's house.

He's such an astonishing jerk.

Joke's over.

Aaahhh! ( Gasps ) ( Laughter ) You are such a tremendous loser! You know, this is why nobody will go out with you! Let's get outta here.

( Distant cackle ) ( Sinister chuckle ) Got a secret can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead uh, these these aren't for you.

They're they're for your mom.

She had to take a call.


The flowers are for your mom, Spencer, but I wanted to talk to you.

Like to keep my promises.

Okay, I'm listening.

It's nice not having a big slab of glass between us.

You said that you wanted to tell me something.


It's time for me to move on.

I-I gotta get outta here.

Gotta find closure.

So why don't you start the healing process by telling me what you know? You're leaving.

Am I? Later.

Don't wait too long.

What did he want? He said he would tell me what happened the night Alison was killed and who stole her body if he got off.

Well, did he? No.

He's not gonna tell me when we're not alone.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

I'm not gonna leave you alone with that guy.

You make it so hard to be a modern post-feminist when you get so Alpha-male.

Well, you want me to stop? No.

( Both chuckle ) ( Power tool whirring ) Man: Hold still! You kiss pretty good for a man without a spleen.

I still have it.

They just shot a hole through it.

Remind me again where that scar is.

Oh, yeah.

Right there.

Aw (lndistinct complaint ) All right, this, uh, hiding stuff is getting really old.

Yeah, tell me about it.

This is my third cleaning in the last two months.

Well, your gums look great.

I mean, seriously everything that's happened, and we're still in the same place.

No one has heard from "A" since Garrett got out of jail.

You know, maybe that was the end of it.

Do you want to risk it? If it was just us, yes, but we'd be taking chances for other people.

The ghost train isn't going to be as fun without you.

It better not be.


Then again, spooky atmosphere, hot music if the right mysterious stranger comes along, who knows what might happen? Maybe Something like this.


Hey! You almost got a preview of coming attractions.

Costume for tonight.

We have a problem with tonight.

Wh-what sort of problem? I can't go.

Ezra! I know.

I've got A meeting in Philadelphia about ghosting an autobiography.

Actually somebody worth writing about this time.

It will pay for all of next year.

It has to be tonight.

Oh, crap.

Crap, indeed.

But I will make it up to you.

I know you will.

I know.

I just Really wanted you to see my costume.

Well, I-I can see it tomorrow.

Playing dress-up for your man on Halloween is one thing.

You do it any other night, you end up on an afternoon talk show.

Depends on the costume.

And besides, I've got a little bit of time now.

( Knock on door ) Trick or treat! Great.

Early birds.

Night of the living preschoolers.

( Indistinct happy chatter ) ( Music playing ) Man on P.


: The shuttle for the ghost train is leaving in five minutes.

We have plenty of shuttles, so don't panic if the first one is full.

Ohh! Can't you see I'm incognito? Beautiful.

Thank you.

Hey! Oh, my God.

You look amazing.

Oh, no big.

I just put it together.

Barely took six hours.

Who are you again? Daisy.

From the great gatsby.

The movie? The book.


Where's your author? ( Sighs ) Ezra had to cancel on me.

Great! Well, I mean Now I'm not the only one without a date, so Hmm.

You guys on your own? What a shame.

What are you doing here? Well, it's nice to see you too.

I thought you always threw your own Halloween parties.

This year I decided to let someone else do the work so I could concentrate on what's really important.

Oh, you're so sweet.


It's just a costume.

It doesn't mean anything anymore.

Hanna: Yeah.


If you need me, just whistle.

You know how to whistle, don't you? Five minutes until the shuttle for the ghost train arrives.

How could you possibly think that we would be the same thing? Did Garrett ever come back? No.

Did you call his house? His phone's been disconnected.

Where is he? I don't know.

Not bad.

You gotta admit, I put out a better spread.

You should probably go into catering.

( Coughing ) Serves you right.

( Gasping ) Hey, Noel, what's wrong? Noel? Do something! Oh, my God.

Man: Noel, are you all right? Please breathe.

Calm down.

It's okay.

( Overlapping panicked chatter ) Noel, it's okay, it's okay.

Calm down, calm down.

( Canned laughter ) ( Startled shouts ) ( Laughter ) Must have been something I ate.

You're amazing.

( Laughter ) They look like a wedding cake from outer space.



You guys, look.

When did he get back? I don't know.

All aboard the shuttle for the ghost train! All aboard! Everyone, all aboard the shuttle! The shuttle is now leaving for the ghost train.

More patients.

Come in.

Thank you.

Doctor, your next appointment.


Take all you want, want all you take.

Ha ha ha! Eww.

Sorry, I must have taken some work home from the office.

Mmm! There you go.

I think you are enjoying this.

I am.

But it's not the sort of pastoral outreach I saw myself doing.

Just consider it therapeutic irresponsibility.

Yes, nurse.

All aboard the Halloween ghost train.

Please keep moving forward to the performance car.

There are lockers available for your personal belongings Okay, what's the point of dressing up if no one can see you? ( Beat-driven music playing ) You have got to be kidding me.

Feels like I'm having a meltdown ♪ it feels like I'm losing control ♪ they tell me I'm a danger to myself ♪ now the crazy train is ready to roll ♪ ohh walk that walk like you don't give a ♪ you gotta right to turn it up and get down ♪ electric shock no, I can't get enough 'cause tonight we're takin' over the town ♪ hey I wanna lose my mind like a maniac and cross the line never lookin' back we're on the loose gettin' crazy and we've gone cuckoo gonna party till they take us away ♪ gonna lose my mind I'm gonna lose my mind gonna party till they I'm swinging off of my hinges ♪ I'm cocked and I'm ready to go ♪ go home and pack up you things as ♪ the crazy train is ready to roll ♪ whoa walk that walk like you don't give a ♪ you got a right to turn it up and get down ♪ yeah electric shock, no, we can't get enough ♪ 'cause tonight we're takin' over the town ♪ hey I wanna lose my mind like a maniac and cross the line never lookin' back I'm on the loose gettin' crazy, and we've gone ♪ cuckoo gonna party till they take us away ♪ Creep.

You know what? Do that again, you'll leave with a bloody stump! Gonna get out of this strait ♪ jacket whoa cuckoo Hey.

Can I have one of those over there? Thanks.

So what do you think of my costume? It's very nice.

But you know, I liked you a lot better like this.

Are you following me? I saw you at the brew, and I didn't know that you were back.

I'm back.

Are you all right? Better.


I was gonna come by and see you this afternoon.

Why didn't you? You had company.

Garrett Reynolds.

I saw him leaving.

You know, I'll tell you seeing him walk around like that in the open gave me a chill.

Yeah, he's a free man.

Just because he's free doesn't make him innocent.

Excuse me.


Well, I was walkin' for some time ♪ when I came across this sign ♪ sayin' who are you and where are you from? ♪ we don't like when visitors come ♪ no trespassin', that's what it said ♪ at least that's what I could read ♪ no trespassers yeah, my ass ♪ wait till ya get a load of me ♪ one day I was trippin' and that's when I could see ♪ the ether that I tapped into ♪ could be reality it was great that's when I climbed that optimistic vine ♪ once I hit that Mountain peak ♪ I began to lose my mind there's no turnin' back let's go! Bye.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thanks for comin'.

Man: Very nice.

( Canned laughter ) Oh, hi.

( Nervous chuckle ) The candy's up front.

May I call my mother? I wanna go home.

Are you by yourself? I'm cold, and I wanna go home.

My mother said if I ever get scared or lost or tired, I should call her.

Of course you can call.


The phone's right here.

You can stay here till she comes.

Thank you.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

It's all just make-believe.

People shouldn't make scary things.

Scary things can sometimes just be fun.

I don't think so.

Not anymore.

Make your call, and when you're finished, you can help me with the candy, okay? Okay.

( Horn blares ) I don't need no sympathy I won't cry and whine Okay, no means no, opera boy.


Stop! Why did I ever think that you would need protection? came across this sign sayin' who are you and where are you from? ♪ we don't like when visitors come ♪ no trespassin', that's what it said ♪ at least that's what I could read ♪ no trespassers yeah, my ass ♪ wait till they get a load of me ♪ ( Horn blares ) ( Dance music playing ) I can't tell if you're having fun or not.

( Chuckles ) Hi.


No, no, no, no.

This is Incredible.

I is is this fun for you? This is absolutely fun.

So, did you come alone, or? Yeah, my my boyfriend couldn't make it tonight.

What's your name? ( Loud clanging sound ) ( Faint ) What? ( Faint ) Aria! ( Faint ) I can't hear you.

What? Aria.


That's great.

That that really suits you.



Well, listen, um, I have another set, so Okay.

Yeah, I won't miss it.

You're gonna be in the front.



Promise? Promise.

Okay, bye.

( Chuckles ) I like this.

Travel is so romantic.


We could just stay onboard Tell them to keep going Never stop.

( Sighs ) What? I'm just lookin' at you.

Sometimes, I'm still amazed that you're with me.

I'm amazed that you're with me.

You mean to tell me that some things actually work out all right? Sometimes, when nobody's looking, yeah, things work out.

Tell me about love on your planet.

( Both chuckle softly ) ( Humming ) ( Gasps, screams ) ( Bell clanging ) I'm sorry.

Honestly, I'm sorry.

Sorry for what? I liked you.

You were the one I really wanted to keep safe, but I wasn't strong enough.

I thought that I had everything under control, but I didn't.

I didn't even know what the game was truly about.

God, I was a police officer, and I wound up in a cell.

Did you kill Alison? I'm gonna tell you everything I know, and then I'm gone.

Don't try to find me.

I'm not coming back.

That's the deal.

Are we clear? Yes.

All right, the night of Alison's death, all of us were up in her room, with Ian.

Your sister shows up.

No, I know all this.

I've seen the tape.

But you don't know what you don't know.

I took Jenna outside to let Ian and Melissa talk things over.

Where did you go with Jenna? Behind the DiLaurentis house.

Where the ground was dug up? We shouldn't leave those two together, Garrett.

We can't trust them.

There's nothing they can do to us without screwing everything up for themselves.

I thought I heard animal noises.

You've got a really bad memory.

I told you what would happen if you came back.

( Thunderclap ) ( Chuckles ) Hey, stop that.

Just go back to your camera club.

( Audibly struggling ) You're gonna pay for that! Alison! Alison, get the hell outta here! This is my back yard! Shut her up! You shut up! Aah! Hey! ( Chuckles ) ( Indistinct remark ) Jenna, Jenna.

What's the matter? Didn't find what you were looking for in my bedroom? Do something! Aah! Aah! ( Thunderclap ) Is she dead? Garrett? Garrett, is she dead? I took care of it.

Let's go.

Come on, let's go.

I didn't kill Alison, but Jenna thinks I did.

That's it?! You just wanted to tell me that you didn't do it? No, there's more.

I went back.

Ali: I'm not the one who makes people do these things.

If you don't pay for your mistakes, how can you become a better person? You say all of these grown-up things But you're still a child.

Don't kid yourself.

You know what I'm capable of.

( Twig snaps ) No! You're lying! Why would I lie? No, if you saw that, why didn't you tell anybody when you were arrested, when you were charged? I would have said something if your mom hadn't had me cleared, but she did.

What else did you see? I didn't stick around.

After he heard me, I left.

She was alive when I left.

I'm gonna go get Aria, and you're gonna say this to her face, do you understand? Stay here.

Where do I have to go? ( Dance music playing ) Hey, have you seen Aria? Guess what? Look, I'm gonna guess later.

Where's Aria? I don't know.

I think back there.

( Text indicator rings ) "Guess who's not gonna make it to the end of the line?" "A.

" ( Labored breathing ) ( Muffled ) Help! Help! ( Panting ) - I couldn't find her anywhere.

She's gone? No, Aria's not gone, you guys.

She has to be on the train.

Unless she's not, anymore.



Okay, she's still here.

We just have to find her.

Okay, what about all that crazy stuff Garrett told you? What crazy stuff? Garrett said that he saw Aria's dad with Ali the night that she was killed.

We have to find her.

And we believe him? Why would he lie to us now? To mess with us.

Everyone's messing with us.

You can get a varsity letter messing with us.

Okay, but he says that he has to leave town, and this is what we needed to know.

Why does he have to get out of town? 'Cause he's afraid of something, or someone.

Look, nobody can get off the train while it's moving.

We have to find Aria before we get to the end of the line.

You guys, "A's" on this train.

We need to find Paige and Toby.

Caleb's on board too.

He surprised me.

Okay, well, you'd better warn him.

I'm gonna keep on looking for Aria and work my way back to Garrett.

( Wood creaking ) ( Muffled cries ) ( Groans ) ( Music playing ) Hey, come here.

We need to talk for a second.

No, seriously.

Look, Garrett's on the train and we can't find Aria.

Caleb, come on.

Are you listening to me? We have a situation here.

( Hanna gasps ) ( Gasps ) Ugh! Let go! Stop! Good night.

Girl: Thank you! Bye.

Ted, have you seen a little blonde girl? Yeah, I've seen a lot of 'em.

No, she was in the kitchen.

She wanted to call home.

Uh nobody came looking for anybody.


( Clattering sound ) ( Ashley gasps ) Did you make your call? I called my mother.

She answered the phone, but when I asked her to come and get me, she got really upset and started to cry.

Why is she mad at me? Maybe you dialed the wrong number.

Bet my sister told her I ran away.

My sister's always telling lies, getting me in trouble.

We're sisters, but we fight all the time, over everything, even our dolls.

I think she just likes to fight.

Do you think she told my mom something bad about me? Um ( Sharp gasp ) Wait here, okay? Okay.

Ted can I see you up here for a moment? Sure.

What is it? ( Spencer gasps ) ( Audibly resisting ) Unh! Stop! Please, stop! ( Gasping ) Stop! ( Gasping ) Aah! Aah! ( Coughing ) No.

Oh, God.

( Struggling and screaming ) ( Heavy blow lands ) ( Spencer gasping ) Aah! ( Spencer gasping ) Oh, are you okay? Who was that? I don't know.

You know what? Stay put, stay put.

It's okay.

No, no, no.

( Muffled gasps ) ( Gasping ) ( Screaming ) ( Horn blares ) ( Sighs ) So do you think it's a good idea, Em telling Paige? She pretty much knows everything already.

Where's Caleb now? He's at the front of the train with Toby.

They're gonna work their way back looking for Aria.


You okay? What do you think? You know what that devil costume means, don't you? Yeah, that we weren't fooling anyone.

( Sighs ) They knew Caleb and I were sneaking around the whole time.

What Garrett said, do you think that's true? I don't wait a minute.

It's a big girl.

Maybe it's not for a girl at all.

Are we good? Yeah, we're good.

Okay, so you go to the front of the train, meet up with Caleb and Toby.

We're gonna go back to where I last saw Garrett and look from there.




Thank you.

It was a pleasure.

( Audibly struggling ) ( Crate shifts ) ( Gasping ) ( Aria gasping ) ( Dance music playing ) You lost your girlfriend? You oughta keep better track of people around here.

I'm looking for Aria.

Have you seen her? No, but she has a thing for authority figures, so she's probably up with the engineer.

( Soft chuckle ) ( Loud scraping ) ( Suppressed cries ) Male voice: ( Indistinct ) Lied to me.

Can't do this! ( Crying ) It's a dead end.

Well, then, we'll move forward to find Paige and the boys.


It's Aria's necklace! ( Audibly struggling ) Come on! Aaahhh! Female voice: Push, damn it! Male voice: No! ( Audibly struggling ) Male voice: I can't! Female voice: Shut up! Come back here! ( Aria crying out ) Female voice: Push! ( Gasping and crying ) ( Male voice groans ) ( Gasping ) ( Aria screams ) ( Screaming ) No! No! ( Crying ) Aria? Aria! No! Help! ( Aria crying ) Get a hammer.

Hold on, hold on! ( Aria crying ) Come on, come on, it's okay, it's okay.

( Aria crying ) Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! ( All gasping ) ( Sighs ) Well, there's nobody outside.

Went all the way around the block.

Did you recognize her? Was she from the neighborhood? No, I don't think she was from around here.

Well, she probably just went home.

She was in Hanna's bedroom.

How did she get past us and out of the house? ( Sighs ) Well, she's not in the house now, so she must have gotten out.

She was so cold.

I can still feel how cold she was.

Do you believe in ghosts? ( Sighs ) I'm not supposed to.

Mmm about four minutes.

Maybe a little The trooper says they're calling parents.

They want to take statements before they let us go home.

When my mom gets here, nobody will be talking to anybody.

Hey, are you okay? Relatively.

Are you all right? Yeah.

Yeah, they wanted to take me to the hospital, but I wouldn't let 'em.

And, look, I don't care what Garrett said about my dad, he had nothing to do with Ali.

Why would we believe Garrett for a minute? Okay, straight answer "A" killed Garrett, yes or no? Yes.

Yeah, but why? That was the whole point.

Wh-what point? That was why "A" pushed us to do things that would get Garrett cleared.

Yeah, so he could get out of that jail and "A" could kill him? Two members of the N.



Club, dead.

Two people who were in that room the night Ali was killed.

What do we tell the cops? As little as possible.

They've already figured something out.

What do you mean? Look at everyone in this train.

They didn't just place us anywhere.

Everyone in this car has something to do with Garrett Reynolds.

( Door opens, closes ) ( Indistinct remarks ) Ezra.



You're okay.

You're okay.

What are you doing here? I-I-I went to the end of the line to meet the train, surprise you, and they said somebody was hurt, there was trouble, so I-I drove beside the tracks until I found you.

You found me.


Yeah, I found you.

Why don't you tell the cops you did it so the rest of us can go home.

You know what? Can it, Noel.

Oh, shut up, Hanna.

No, you shut up.

Stop trying to pull everybody into every mess you bitches make for yourselves.

Back off.

Or what? You don't wanna know, Noel! ( Audible struggle ) ( All gasping ) ( Gasps ) ( Thunderclap )

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