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  03x09 - The Khan Game
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars Is that for a club? Not a club so much as a party.

I used to see your friend there.

Maya? There's no more "A," so why are you lying to me now? No more silence.

I'm done, Hanna.

We were friends of Ali's.

Me too.

I'm Cece.

Come in and meet My mother.


The board has decided to delay any decision to transfer Mona.

I'm not gonna ask you to explain anything because you won't.

I'll find out for myself.

Tell your mom we need you to come in for a blood sample.

My blood is not on your evidence.

Why didn't you tell me Ted was a pastor? You really like him! There can be real-world compensations in your ending this.

Do you mind if we try and break into Maya's site? We have to.

I heard that Caleb was back from California.

I could ask him for some tips on how to get around a tough password.

Go ahead.

At least one of us might be able to be in the same room as him.

We're in.

Okay, I understand you're really upset right now, but can you please just look at this? It's a photo of Maya.

Yeah, I saw it.

I found it on her website last night, Spence.


There is a stamp on her wrist that matches the one Emily remembers from that night.

Holden really did see her there.


Why are you not all go-go-gadget about this? This is big! This is a real link between Maya and that night.

Look! Aria, I can't do this anymore, okay? I cannot keep running around looking for clues, I can't spend hours hacking into websites.

Five days ago I literally forgot to apply to college.

Do you get that? Thanks.


First I drive Toby out of town, and now this.

Hey, it was just the early admissions deadline.

You can still get in.

It's gonna be okay.

Upenn has been my dream school since I was eight, Aria, and yesterday I found my dream crumpled up in the bottom of a bag underneath my a.


French and my physics homework.

Which, by the way, I got a "b" on.


" So no, everything is not gonna be okay! I'm dropping my velma act.

From now on, I'm Daphne.

Because I have got a boyfriend to get back, and I have a college to get into.

I think you're confusing which Scooby-do character would have gotten into an Ivy league.

And both velma and Daphne solve crime.

Morning, ladies.

This belong to one of you? Yeah, that's mine.




Who's applying? Not me, 'cause I'm going to community college.

She just missed the early admissions deadline.

Hey, you don't need early admissions.

You're a Hastings.

If I can get in, you can get in.

You went to upenn? Okay, dial down the shock.


No, it's just that if you went, then maybe you know somebody that I n talk to about my application, like a Dean or a Professor a janitor, even.

Well, there is this party tonight, some people I haven't seen since high school.

This guy Steven is supposed to be there.

Last I heard, he got a job working for admissions after he graduated.

At upenn? Yeah.

That is great.

That is awesome! Can we please go talk to him? I could just bring my application I really wasn't planning on going.

It's not really my scene.


You're not gonna stop staring at me like a lost puppy until I say yes, are you? Fine.

We'll go.

Meet me at seven outside the boutique.

Thank you so much.


Bye, lovely.

Thank you! Bye.

Well, look who just got their wish, cinderella.

You're gonna come too, right? Hmm.


I have gotta go talk to Ezra after school.

Sorry to bother you this early, Mrs.




" That doesn't sound good.

Is Hanna home? She's getting ready for school.

What's going on? The judge signed the court order.

The department now has the legal authority to compel Hanna to provide a blood sample.

Barry the sample will be tested to see if it's a match with blood found on an anklet belonging to Alison DiLaurentis.

Lower your voice.

Hanna has five days to comply, Mrs.


You know how to reach us.

Mom, did you see my hairbrush? Check the bottom drawer.

Good morning, Hastings & reibman.

I need to speak to Veronica Hastings right away.

# Got a secret, can you keep it # # swear this one you'll save # better lock it in your pocket # # taking this one to the grave # # if I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said # # 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead # # keep me close when you go far away # # keep this light to see you through # # you close your eyes to find a better way # # buried ep Hey.

Have you seen Spencer? No.


Can you give her this when you do? It's the new log-in for Maya's website.

How's your mom doing? Better.

How are you? I'm fine.


Thanks for passing that along.


At closing time.

Grille go alone or Caleb pays.


" What's at the grille? I don't know "a's" takeout? When did you get this? This morning.

I talked to Caleb and then bam! The text.

Do you think it was because of Mona? "A" probably knows made her stay at radley.

Has wren said anything about how she's doing? Oh I-I don't know.

I haven't talked to him since then.

You can't go.

It's not safe.

Spencer, if it were Toby being threatened then I would hope that you would tell me the same thing.

Look, I've already lost one person this week, and when Toby come back to Rosewood, if he comes back, it is in one piece, okay? So please promise me that you will not go.


I promise.


I haven't seen her smile like that since Maya.

So I take it we're still not gonna tell her about getting into Maya's website.

She deserves a moment of happiness before we drag her down the Maya wormhole.

Aria thinks it's a sign of them that nigigight-d like the universe just wants her to be happy.

The universe is a finicky little bastard.



Hi, Paige.


How's it going? Uh, it's Good.


It's great.



Um, okay.

See you later.

You can't pretend this isn't happening! No, but I can kick you out of my apartment.

It's great that you have principles, but you're only hurting yourself.

I'm serious.

Get out.

Dude, don't be an idiot.

Take the offer! I'm not gonna you Aria? Not now, wes.

Dude, introduce me.

Dude, keep walking.

And that was? That's Wesley.

My brother.

What offer was he talking about? Nothing.

Ezra, I could hear you two yelling from the stairwell.

Clearly you're upset I meant it.

It's nothing you need to worry about.

How much money is your mom gonna pay you to break up with me? Why would you ask that? Because she offered it to me first.

The other day at the museum my mother offered you money to break up with me? That's what I came here to tell you.

I'm sorry, I'm just Processing.

Well, can you please process out loud? Why was your brother here? He came to help buy back the car I sold.

Why? It's complicated I can keep up, Ezra.

Technically, the jag wasn't mine to sell.

My grandfather left it to me, but because I disowned my inheritance, it defaulted to my brother.

About a month ago I needed money, so I called wes and he said I could sell the car and keep the cash.

Okay, so? So My mother found out, and she's now claiming it's a sentimental family heirloom.

Oh, because she is just sentimental.

I have to buy the car back, and now the guy is asking for double.

Which means I have to borrow From her.

I have to meet somebody about the car.

Right now? Yeah.

Okay Han? Hey, wait up.


Where's Paige? Headed home.

We're gonna meet up later.

Look, I know you're not telling me something.

I haven't heard an update about Maya's website in a few days.

If it even is Maya's.

I mean, we always knew that Mona might be playing a trick, and if that's what you guys aren't telling me this isn't a trick.

Then what is it? Do you know? Caleb found a way around the password.

It's this site where Maya kept stuff.

Photos, blog entries, videos videos of what? Of Maya? And one she took of you.

How long have you a few days.

And you kept it from me? She was my girlfriend.

How could you keep this from me? Because we saw how happy you were with Paige, and we couldn't bring ourselves to ruin that.

Come on, em, at least one of us deserves to be happy.

Look, I know you're trying to protect me, but it's not up to you.

I don't appreciate being lied to.

You're right, and I'm sorry.

Here's the log-in info for Maya's website.

I can look at it with you, if you want.


I Want to do it on my own.




So, what brings you to my neck of the woods? Just a few errands.

Maybe we could grab coffee sometime.

I should get going.

We should.

Coffee would be great.



Well, it was nice seeing you.

You too.


He basically kicked me out.

He did not kick you out, okay? He had someplace to go.

I'm kind of lying here despondently right now, Spence.

Well, can you just sit despondently? I need the bed.


Lying is more despondent.

Please? Okay, fine.

Show me options.


Gray Or blue? Definitely neither.

These are my most collegiate-looking blazers.

You did not just say that.

Spencer, you're going to meet this upenn guy at a party on a Friday night, okay? So I really don't think that the attire is business formal.

Did I mention how happy I am that you're coming with me? You mean you don't want to go alone to some random party with a 22-year-old stranger? She is not a stranger.

She is Ali's older, gorgeous, very well-connected friend that Somehow we never knew anything about.


Ali would have dangled her in front of us like a pair of diamond earrings.

Why didn't she? I don't know.

Is that your mother's? No! Maybe.

Help! Please.


You can wear this.


You and Ezra are gonna be fine.

I promise.

If you say so.

His family is look, I get it, okay? My Nanna once offered me $200 to shave my father's sideburns in his sleep because apparently they were an affront to his upbringing.

And he still has a scar really close to his ear.

You actually did it? I was ten! That was like a million dollars back then! Are you kidding? Oh, my God.

I'd do it again.

So they're coming back to a party at Rosewood? You never know what you're gonna get.

People either love you or they don't remember your name.

Look at Jason he won't return my phone calls, and we dated for how long? Jason's just going through a really rough time right now.



I've been here before.

We both have.

This is Noel kahn's cabin.

Yeah, Eric does have a little brother, doesn't he? Tell me, does douchebaggery run in the family? Is Noel gonna be here? I'm betting he doesn't thiwe are.

Something wrong? No.


Just Weird history with Noel.

What kind of weird history? They used to date.

I wouldn't exactly call it it ended really badly.

Oh, so it does run in the family.

Listen, I understand the hex of the ex, believe me.

But Noel's gonna be one of two hundred people at this party, if he even shows.

And we drove all this way, so I say we go in, find Steven and give him your application, and if it's totally awkward we can bail, okay? Cece Drake.

And I brought friends.

Stamp me.


I cannot believe this is where the stamp was from.


Everybody here is Eric's age.

What would Maya be doing with this crowd? Yeah.

Who was that guy with the stamp at the diner the night that Ali's grave was dug up? Oh, my God.

Maybe I should have brought two.

Maybe you should have just left it in the car.

What? I'm sorry, but Hello? Ladies.

I know.

Did you find Steven? Hon, you gotta meet the guy before we shove your stuff in his face.

Don't worry.

I'll get it where it needs to go.

Game room.

Follow me.

This one's called "that night.

" Dire moments, last good-byes, your kisses dance like fireflies.

I'm gone tonight to a dark unseen a wish to take your light with me you were my first, but it won't be our last time travels till it's in the past you'd think our love was some thickening plot they don't know that it's all we've got Looks like Eric kahn's still playing truth or dare.

You were right about the blazers.

Cece Drake Back from the dead.

How the hell are you? Worse, now that I'm seeing you, Eric.

But thks for asking.

That's no way to treat the host.


But you've brought a virgin sacrifice, so all is forgiven.

These are my ducklings, so play nice.

You're mean when you're cute.

Only rule of the game room is you gotta play to stay.

Other than that, dad's finest is right here.

Help yourself.

Doesn't look like Steven's here yet.

Don't worry, he will be.

Relax, take a load off.

Can I make you a drink? Uh, no, thank you.

No one's gonna narc on you.

I've seen cops do way worse in this room.


Still no.



Girl in bra, boy in boxers.

Did we skip truth and head straight to dare, or? Stephanie was warm, Alex was being Alex.

Well, in that case, I challenge you to a round of truth.

All right, Cece.

We're playing one-on-one truth rounds.

You get caught in a lie, it's sayonara, sweetheart.

This ain't my first rodeo, Eric.

It's your last night on earth.

Who in this room do you sleep with? Suraci.

No one deserves to die a virgin.

Where are you going? I was just about to make dinner.

The grille.

Aria and I have plans.

I bought stuff for chicken parmesan.

You did? I wanted to make us dinner.

Okay, you only cook when you have to tell me something.

No I don't.

The police came by this morning with a court order.

But I don't you to worry.

Spencer's mom is on it, and she's assured me that you're gonna be fine.

But I just wanted to tell you.


Go ahead.

Say hi to Aria for me.


Thanks, mom.

Hi, Ted? It's Ashley.

I know it's late, but Have you eaten yet? Have you ever been arrested? Funny you ask that since you dared me to steal a car last time we played and then called the cops.

I did, didn't I? Yep.

Ever make a sex tape? I'm really starting to think it was a bad idea that we came here.

There is no way that I'm playing truth or dare with a bunch of drunk, horny college boys.

Okay, shall we go back upstairs? Yes o-kay.

Well, I guess that's to be expected.

Yeah, but she's not.

I think we just found a reason to stay and play.

Noel kahn.

Who invited you? Cece Drake.

You know her? Not as well as my brother does.

So, you guys back together now? So many questions.

I wouldn't mind a few answers.

Then how about a game of truth, Noel? We're up next.

Me and Montgomery.

Caleb, what are you doing? You have to leave.

Hanna, get in the car.


Listen to me.

You have to go now, Caleb.


Hanna, I sent the text.

What? I'm "A.

" Get in.

Hanna, look at me.

Look, I know that you're scared, but "A" isn't going to find us out here.

I'm not scared.

Okay, good.

I'm freaking out.

You think you know what's going on, but you don't! You showing up to the grille proves that I do.

Oh, right.

So you figured out there's another "A" out there.

Caleb, you don't even know what that means.

It means that you can stop lying to me.

We can be together.

Hanna! Look, it's not that easy, Caleb.

This person dug up a grave and stole a body.

This person might have killed Maya because she knew something she shouldn't have.

This person What, Hanna? "A" ran your mom off the road.

"A" flew to Montecito to scare the crap out of me, and it worked.

That's why I couldn't tell you what was going on.

I wanted to, but I couldn't.

You think I would have just let you walk out the door if I had the choice? Go.

Where did you meet your current boyfriend? At a bar.

Did you ever invite Maya St.

germain to any of these parties? Geez, you're morbid.

This is a party, Aria.

Ask me how many sexual partners I've had.

Just answer the question.

She came to a few.

She had an open invite.

You ever have sex with your teacher? No.

I never had sex with my teacher.


It's my turn.

How do you know Maya? Hot new girl and she likes the ladies and she moves into the DiLaurentis house.

Everyone knew Maya.

You ever frame anyone for, say, stealing answer sheets to the mid-terms? Maybe you had access to a certain teacher that wasn't me.

Where were you the night that Alison's grave was dug up? Seriously? You're really asking me that? I-I don't even know what night that was.

Friday right before labor day.

I don't know.

I guess I was here.

I can vouch for that.

He came, then Showed, and they left.

You know I can see you now.

Thanks, Eric.

Anytime, bro.

Why don't you tell us all who your boyfriend is And what he did for a living during the first few months of your relationship? It's okay, Aria.

We already know the answer.


You are so next.


Come on, talk to me.

Are you okay? I'm not going back in there.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

You do not have to.

I cannot believe I let Noel get to me in a freaking game of truth or dare.

What is this, sixth grade? Not the way they play it.

Listen, you did not say anything that could get Ezra into trouble.

Didn't I? What are you thinking? I'm thinking that I know you want to leave, but I have to stay and find out what else they know about that night.

What they know, or what they did? There you guys are.

Is everything okay, Aria? Things got a little vicious in there.


You are so much prettier than Jenna.

Honestly, I don't get what the fuss is about.


Oh Jenna just said she's about to leave, so if you want to get that round in, you better go quick.

I'll be fine, okay? Really.

I've got a boyfriend on speed-dial who can come and get me, so go.

Go talk to her.

Hello? - Ezra? Uh, no, sorry.

It's wes.

The brother.

Hi, it's it's Aria.


The girlfriend.

Yeah, that's me.

Um, sorry, where is where is Ezra? Oh, right.

Uh, he's sort of being detained at the moment.

Detained? The dude who bought the jag called, and Ezra left to meet him.

You want me to tell him you called? Tell him I was wondering if he could come and pick me up.

I'm like 30 minutes outside of Rosewood.

Uh, sure, yeah.

Um What's the address? Sure, you're not a Saint.

You just rescued a raccoon with a broken leg.

That was not about me being a Saint, that was about me being an idiot.

That raccoon had rabies.

More wine? Mm-hmm.

I'm gonna need to take that.

I'm sorry.


No, I am not fine.

I have had enough of you targeting my daughter.

Detective wilden.

If you so much as touch one hair on her head I am telling you, Noel, I am not gonna be bullied by Spencer Hastings again.

Come on.

There's gotta be a few things you're dying to ask her.

I heard you were leaving.

You heard wrong.

I think Emily has got a very old soul.

I feel it when I kiss her.

I can hear clocks all over the world running backwards.

If reincarnation exists, then Emily was once Cleopatra.

Actually, no, I think she proves reincarnation exists.

You can definitely trace her back to the pyramids I'm sorry.

Your mom let me in.

Why is your mother defending a murderer? Because she thinks that Garrett's innocent.

Maybe Maya's murderer is still at large.

You don't think it's because he started dating your sister? I think you're gonna have to wait your turn.

What you told us about Emily, you never mentioned that Noel was with you that night.

What else did you lie about? You know what mutually assured destruction is, right? You promised me something the day I told you about Emily.

Are you going to keep that promise? Where did you find Emily? It's funny.

I'm starting to wonder where she was when you found her.

We were trying to help your friend, okay? We saw her at some diner, drunk off her ass oh.

So you found her in a diner, not in the middle of the road.

Well, the "drunk off her ass" part is true.

You get her that way? No.

Did you? No.

So why did you lie? I lied because I was trying to protect someone.

Isn't that why you lied about your parents' lake house? Don't worry, that was rhetorical.

Where is the video? What video do you mean? There is more then one.

You know which one.

Where is it? It's safe.

Where?! I want to know where Ali's body is, and if you can tell me that, you can have all the damn videos you want.


Time's up.

What are you doing here? Well, Ezra's really busy.

So first you take his phone, then you take his car What's next? Actually, don't answer that.

You mind if we grab a bite on the way? What about Maya's website? Caleb if we figure out who killed Maya, then we can figure out who "A" is.

I'm not going down this road with you.

Hanna, this could be somebody that you were really close to.

Another Mona.

Are you prepared for that? Caleb! This isn't easy for me, either! All right? I have missed you so much, it's making me do stupid things, crazy things.

Hanna, you're talking to the guy who just kidnapped his own girlfriend.

And you know what? For the record I amgoing to help you stop "a.

" And I'm not asking for your permission.

Well, figured that out, finally.


I've been looking everywhere for you.



Good luck.

Okay, here I am.

What's wrong? What's wrong? Aria left, I don't know anybody at this party, you're my ride, and I couldn't find you anywhere.

I was a little preoccupied.


Why did you really bring me here? There's no upenn guy who works at admissions anywhere in this cabin.

Was this just some excuse so you could hook upith Eric? Can I please just have my application back? No, you can't.

Steven has it.

What? You left the game room after your round with Jenna.

Steven showed up for all of two minutes, slipped out.

I gave him your application, I told him how smart you are.

We had a lovely chat.

It's probably in the "on time" pile as we speak right now.

You had a lovely chat with Steven about how smart I am.


Okay, can we please just get out of here? What? We both got what we came for, right? So can we please just go? Yeah.

Let's go.

I can't thank you enough, Veronica.


Okay, you too.


So I guess it's too late to open the red.

Um, I'm sorry.

It's just Idle hands.

You're apologizing for cleaning up my kitchen.

Please, don't.

I'm the one who's sorry.

I've ruined the evening.

I guess you may have gathered that wasn't my divorce lawyer.

I've got one of those.

They usually don't call at nine at night asking about blood tests.

This deranged cop wants to get Hanna in trouble for something she couldn't possibly have done.

But he's already decided she's a criminal, so who cares about probable cause? Sounds like Hanna's gonna be okay, though.


Thank God.

When you left the church social that night, was it because you thought I might judge you for, I don't know, being Human? I'm not a Saint.

You know, police officers aren't the only ones who make assumptions about people.

Just because a man has been ordained It's really was wonderful seeing you.

I think we got off on the wrong foot.

I'm really a nice person.

You didn't give Ezra the message, did you? If you were gonna wait for him to get to you, you'd have been waiting all night.

I was just trying to help.

Yeah, like you were trying to help him out with the car? And now you're trying to help your mom get him to buy it back? I know my family must seem really weird and dysfunctional no, I get dysfunctional.

I havedysfunctional.

You people are hostile.

You're throwing money around I mean, these are people's real lives.

You know that, right? So he told you about Maggie.

I didn't even find out until recently.

I was pretty young when it happened.

Ezra gets her pregnant, wants to do the right thing, and then my mom shows up with her magic purse strings.

Whoosh! There goes thproblem.

What do you mean, "there goes that problem"? Mom made sure, you know, she took care of it.

Ezra didn't tell you about that, did he? No, he did not.

Is there any way you can just drive this thing a little bit faster, please? I'm sorry.

I just found out about the website, and this was the first time hearing her voice.

My grandfather passed away when I was fifteen.

He had this outrageous sense of humor.

I mean, he would do anything for a laugh.

Last spring my mom was cleaning out the basement, and she found this old home video.

My dad had bought her a camcorder for Christmas, and everyone was passing it around and being silly, and by the time it got to my grandpa Allan He just mooned the camera.

We're talking and there was a tattoo.

Oh, my God, stop.

It was a tulip.

That's amazing.


And then he just burst out laughing.

The sound It was like he was in the room.

It was spooky, actually.

But Also really good.

I don't want it to keep hurting.

Good, you're back.

Hey! I left my phone inside.

Yeah, I know, I Called you for a ride and wes picked up.

He told me about Maggie.

Come inside.

I can't.

You can't? I need to know what happened.

Well, I can't believe that wes would tell you that in the first he thought that I knew, Ezra.

He thought we were the kind of people who told each other things, and so did I.

So I need to hear the truth from you, right now.

Wait no.


Aria, wait.

You got somebody pregnant in high school? It was the summer after graduation.


What happened? My mom happened.

She and I always saw things differently for as long as I can remember.

But I was scared.

Maggie was scared.

We thought she could help.

I told her about Maggie, and she said that she'd She'd handle it.

Eighteen years old and pregnant, and here's this woman telling you how it's gonna be.

Your mom offered her money? She was determined to keep me on track, and that didn't include me becoming a father at eighteen.


That's one word for it.

I was going to go to vassar, but then that suddenly became too close to home, so I transferred to Hollis and I became a Fitz.

And Maggie? There were terms involved with the money.

They included never talking to me again.

Please come inside.



# The stars are shining in your eyes # # well, all the wreckage lays to burn # # could we find a place beyond the light # # I'll be here, when you return # Hey.

Um I just called to say I miss you I'm worried about you, and I just really miss you.

# so please don't turn away # # I'll find a way # I'll find a way to you # I'll find a way # I'll find a way to you # I'll keep your heart # I know that you'll come through # # I'll find a way # I'll find a way to you just a moment, dear.

It should be right here.

I think you'll be very happy with the unit.

As long as you pay on time, you won't be hearing from the landlord much, either.

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