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  03x08 - Stolen Kisses
 Posted: 08/02/12 22:35
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars We have new evidence in the DiLaurentis case, and we need you to come in for a blood sample.

My blood is not on your evidence.

Then why do you look so scared? I spoke to your father this morning.

You're seeing him? We made lunch plans.

I guess I have you to thank for that.


Move over! Why? Because this never happened.

We found your vehicle near the scene of an accident.

We've been here all night, detective.

I picked her up after work today.

Is this yours? There's still something in it.

I told the doctor how little I had to drink, and he wanted to do a tox screen there were traces of milizopam in my system.

A code? It's this stupid thing she made back when we were friends.

"Maya's away, sleeping sweet Until Garrett's all rosy, count on me.

" "Massugar"? I don't suppose crazy slipped you the password as well.

Mona's trying to help us.

Why else would she give us this? Emily's still on the phone.

She seemed to take it okay, didn't she? What, like we should be used to hearing from ghosts by now? Spencer, why can't you admit that she trying to help us? Hanna, did you ever stop to think why Mona would want to help us? Because she's afraid of something just like we were afraid of her.

I don't know.

Yeah, you donknow but the cops are still after my blood.

I told you, my mom will handle that.

I haneedles.

Okay, look whether this if fake or not, we've got to figure out what's on that site.

It was Nate.

What did he want? I promised to hike up with him to the old boat house.

Told him it was Maya's favorite spot in Rosewood.

You're not Gonna, like, tell him about this, are you? If I did that, I'd have to tell him how we know about it.

Em, what do you Want us to do about this? Do you mind if we try and break into Maya's site? We have to.


Um, well, - how do we get past the password? - It's just a password there are ways of cracking it.

Thought I had an idea of what it was.

Guess I don't know her as well as I thought I did.

# Got a secret, can you keep it # # swear this one you'll save # better lock it in your pocket # # taking this one to the grave # # if I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said # # 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead # It's okay.

Will you be home for dinner? Yeah.

Well, Mike's got a game, we'll be back by six.

If you could start the salad I can do that.


Meredith got the job.

The job at Rosewood high.


Are you gonna be okay with that? Well, who gets to tell mom? I will tell your mother.

I gotta go.

Home by six? I'll start the salad.

I taught her how to make these little origami boats.

We'd come out here at night with paper and birthday candles, make them by the dozens Then light the candles and watch them float away.

We used to do the same thing.

With Paper balloons.

Air, water, fire Maya liked all the elements.

You see her all the time, don't you? Almost.

In this place it's really strong.

Your friend Jenna stood me up.

I'm sorry.

Gave her a day to call and explain, then I called her.

What did she say? She said she was sorry, but a situation came up.

Sounded like she thought she was through with someone, but she wasn't.

That happens.

Weren't you scared to come out here at night? I wasn't alone I was with Maya.

I never understood how somebody could do that kill somebody.

Then I saw garret in the hospital And I realized Yeah I could kill that guy kill him with my bare hands.

It wouldn't change anything.

He'd be dead.

It's a pretty big change.

Don't talk like that, not here.

Okay? I didn't mean to scare you.

You didn't.


I wouldn't want you to be afraid of me.

Okay, marine, drop and give me twenty! Hello.


Aria, come in and meet my Mother.


It's such a pleasure to meet you, Mrs.



" Ezra likes to truncate the name for some reason, but call me Diane.


I'm Aria.

Yes, you are.

I'm so glad to finally meet the mysterious girl with the lyrical name.

Mysterious? Well, elusive.

Ezra's kept you to himself all this time, I didn't want to pass up this opportunity.

There's a benefit at the osgood museum, and my mother is honorary trail boss.

Oh, that's great.

Yes, it is.

There's a reception tomorrow night at the museum.

I'd love it if you both could come.

That's kind of short notice, mom.

Indulge me.

I lovethe osgood.

The women have you outnumbered.



I'll leave an invitation at the desk.

So glad I caught you.

Oh, do you have to go? We can have some coffee.

Actually, we've got that thing.

Do you remember? Right.

I completely forgot about that.

I don't want to disturb your Sunday.

We'll talk tomorrow night.

Well, it's nice to meet you.

You too.

I will syou tomorrow night.



"Fitzgerald," huh? If you want to be a writer, you don't want an albatross like that around your neck.


And what if your last name was Hemingway? Then I would be ezra hem.

Sounds like you're clearing your throat.

You know, you don't have to go to this thing tomorrow night if you don't want to.

Are you kidding? I do.

I mean, the osgood and your mom? Did you notice how she never sat down? I noticed her diamonds.

Well, in the divorce she got custody the jewelry.

What does she know about us? Well She knows that I love you.

That's a good start.

What else? I told her that we didn't start seeing each other until after I left Rosewood high.

You lied to your mother.

Wasn't the first time.

I thought you said you can crack it.

I can, okay? I just have not done it yet.

None of the regular work-arounds are working.

So when do you give up? That is completely the wrong attitude.

We have to know what's on this! Okay, but it's not a pi´┐Żata.

I can't just whack at it with a stick! Okay, I think that I need help.

What kind of help? Oh.

I-I heard that Caleb was back from California.

I haven't seen him, but Yeah, I know he's back.

He wouldn't even have to know what this was for.

I could just ask him for some tips on how to get around a tough password.


You know what, go ahead.

At least one of us might be able to be in the same room as him.


I'll talk to him tomorrow at school.

Do you know where he is? Hey, Toby.


Where Who is? Jason.

Um, can you Wait upstairs? We'll be finished in a couple minutes.


What do you mean, "where is he?" I mean, I was just at his house and he's gone.

The house is locked, his car isn't in the garage.

So maybe he's just out.

He's not driving around with a busted-up front end.

That car is evidence.

He's not out, he's gone.

Across the state line, paying cash to fix his car.

You covered for him, I covered for you, and you left us both lying to the cops.

I was just trying to protect him.

I think that you're the one that needs protection.

He's my brother, Toby.

And the people you really need protecting from are the ones you're related to.

Before you talk to him, you're gonna listen to me.

Toby, please I'm not gonna ask you to explain anything, because you won't you just say that I have to trust you.

Mona's locked up, Garrett is locked up but you still jump every time your phone rings.

It's I know, it's "complicated.

" So I'll make easy on you I'll find out for myself.

Toby, please Hey.

I rang the doorbell.

My folks are in Scranton.

Haven't seen you at school.

I missed a few days.

Are you okay? I felt pretty bad for a while, but I'm better now.

Okay, we have to talk about this.


We don't.

You got sick because you drank from my flask.

I have to explain who that happened, or at least try explain.

We can forget about the whole thing.

Honestly, em.

You deserve to know the truth.

Can we go someplace and talk? I can't today.

Tomorrow? After school? Please.



So what couldn't you tell me over the phone? Frankly, I shouldn't be telling you anything at all, you're not immediate family.

But I know how invested you are in Mona.

Did something happen to her? Not yet.

But they're gonna move her to a different facility.

Where? Near saratoga.

In New York.

No, they can't! Her attending physicians think she needs a more intense treatment program.

Frankly, I think they're worried about liability more than Mona's health.

They want her under high security.

Why? For one, Mona's outburst in the day room, and they realize she hasn't been taking all her meds.

They think she's been smuggling them out with a visitor.

What visitor? Not you.

But Mona's surprisingly popular.

They can't send her away.

What about her parents? They're still in denial.

They'll go along with whatever the board recommends.

Well, talk the board out of it! What? Talk them out of moving her.

Tell them in your expert opinion you think she's gonna get much better right here in Rosewood.

My expert opinion might not mean much.

These are the men who wrote the textbooks.

I don't care about the books.

I can't promise anything, but I'll talk to them.

You can do it.

Your confidence in me is bracing.

Essentially misplaced, but bracing.

Excuse me.

Wow! This is very impressive.

My mom doesn't use it much since the accident, so she let me take it.

You drove it back from California? I have a lot of thinking to do.

Driving helps.


I get it.

Um, listen, I have sort of an abstract computer question.

I was wondering if you could help me out with it.

What's the question? I was wondering what's the best way to get around really tough password protection.

That's about as abstract as a brick wall.

Yeah, okay.

Maybe we are talking about a real password.

"Maybe"? There's a particular site that I cannot get onto.

Whose site is it? What should I wear? I have to look insanely sophisticated for this.

How about a Hello kitty t-shirt? Help me, please.

This is Ezra's mom.

So what's she like? Diamonds and chanel on a Sunday morning.

I think you're in Spencer territory.

That's a good idea.

So, ezra's family has some money.

Yeah, his mom does.

What? You just said he's been scrambling for work.

I have been with the boy who gets a fat allowance.

It's like having the parent on the date with you.

Yeah, but if he really needed help, don't you think he'd ask her? If it is real, I have no idea how Mona got it.

But if it's fake, it's an insanely cruel thing to do to Emily.

I know that we've asked you to doomething like this before, so I get it if you don't no, I'll do it.

Look, whatever happened, Hanna's important to me.

So if I have a chance to crush the Mona monster, I'm in.

After school? Yeah, after school.

"Mona's almost gone"? Gone where? The doctors at radley want to send her to another hospital one with thicker bars.

How do you know that? Wren told me.

He did? What does he have to do with any of this? He thought I should know, and he said that Mona's been passing her meds to a visitor.

Lucas? You're saying that the pills that Aria found in his bag might be for Mona? I don't know.

Wren didn't tell me, so I didn't ask.

And "Hanna's next.

" I don't want to give anyone any of my blood.

I need all I got.

My mom is handling it.

Wait a second.

If they send Mona away, we're not gonna find out why she gave us Maya's site.

If it really is Maya's site.

You're sure your mom can stop this court order on Hanna's blood? My mom picks her teeth with court orders.

What did you want to borrow? I want something classy but not frumpy.

Not that you have frumpy.

Mom? Spencer, she's gonna know you went through there.

I can get in and out without leaving a trace.

Ooh, jackpot.

Garrett's file? Yeah.

The works.

Get out your phone.

We're taking pictures.

Paige! That drug that made you sick it didn't come from anybody at the party.

It was in my flask.

You know that, don't you? I guess I figured that out.

When I gave it to you, I didn't know it.

I swear, I would never do that to you.

But somebody did that you.

Yeah, somebody did it to me.

Who? I don't know.

Do you know when it happened? It was the night that somebody dug up Ali's grave.

I drank from the flask and I.


Lost time.

I was at Spencer's, and then I wasn't at Spencer's, and I'm trying to find out what happened to me.

You were with me.

Part of that night You were with me.

Maya wasn't just strangled.

by a pipe or a metal bar.

Or a policeman's nightstick.

"Lividity indicates the victim was killed at the scene.

" Lividity? It's the way blood settles in the body when the heart stops.

It means that Maya was killed right there in Emily's backyard.

Look at this.

Maya was killed the same night that Garrett was arrested at my house.

Between 10 P.


and 2 A.


Which means that he had plenty of time to kill Maya and meet with Melissa.

Poor Maya.

She was just out there in the backyard the whole time? Well, the tenants had moved out, and Emily hadn't moved back in.

The house was empty.

Says that there was no personal property found at the scene.

So if she had a bag, somebody took it with them.

What's this? The prosecution witness list.

Look at that.

Bart comstock? "Break him and it falls apart.

" My mom is gonna go after this guy.

He must know something or have seen something.

Yeah, something bad about Garrett.

And she thinks that if she can break him, she could win.

The address is in Rosewood.

Do you want to go there? Caleb's gonna be here any minute.

I'll go on my way home.

Are you sure? Mm-hmm.

I'm just gonna see what's there.

You're not gonna tell Caleb about these, are you? No.

It's strictly "need to know.

" Okay, bye.

It was about eleven o'clock, I think.

My folks were out.

I heard something on the front porch.

You were sitting on my steps.

You were drunk.

I thought you were drunk.

Do you remember me taking you into the house? I don't remember.

I was holding you up.

Then I wasn't holding you you were holding me.

You kissed me.

Maybe you thought I was someone else, I think I knew that, but I didn't stop you.

I didn't wato stop you.

It was Like a dream.

And then what happened? The dream ended.

I went into the kitchen to get you a glass of water, and when I came back you were gone.

I tried to call your phone, but you didn't answer.

Somebody called me at eleven.

Then at school, I could tell you didn't remember.

Or you didn't want to remember.

No, I didn't remember.

I don't remember! Why wouldn't you have told me this sooner? I convinced myself that what I did was okay.

It wasn't.

You were there, and I just got Greedy.

It was bad enough when I thought you were drunk, but when I found out about the flask, I felt Worse than awful.

Please, Emily, you have to understand, I didn't I'm afraid you're much more impressed with my opinion than the board.

I couldn't say anything to change their minds.

When do they send her away? It's just a matter of paperwork now.

Look, Hanna, we may have been going about this the wrong way.

I'm not the person to speak to them on Mona's behalf.

You are.

Me? Yeah.

You've been visiting her for months.

You're her friend.

You want me to talk to a bunch of doctors? Not the whole board, just her primary physicians.

There's an advocacy hearing tonight.

Explain it to them the way you explained it to me.


I can't talk to them the way I talk to you.

Then you better be prepared to say good-bye to Mona.


We're not open.

First show's at six-thirty.


I was just coming by for a schedule for the film festival.



Some Great stuff comin' up.

Lot of that's not on DVD.


It's funny, I've been coming to this theater my whole life, and I never thought of it as having an address or a number.

You just say, "I'm going to the movies," and everybody knew what you meant.


Like when you say you're going to church.

Yeah, I guess so.

Anything else I can help you with? I'm usually pretty good figuring out passwords.

That's because most people don't want good passwords they want password.

Passwords keep you from going in the front door.

I like to look for an open window, something that allows you to get into the system and unlock things from the other side.

Like a burglar.

That's the idea.

That's a nice machine.

Your folks? My mom.


New car, new computer She just lent me the car.

Okay, she didn't lend you that sweater.

No, it's a rental.

What? Do you just want me to admit that my mom bought me new clothes? That not just clothing.

That is $400 worth of sweater you have there.

So I should probably wash it on "gentle" then, right? No! You should dry clean it! If you wash this, you will end up with a sweater for a shih tzu.

I have never been a dry cleaning kind of guy.

That was then, and this is now.

Yeah, I know who you're talking about.

I remember those two girls.

That is a couple you don't forget.

How's your friend doing? It's hard.

And the roughest part was that we all had to talk to the police.


I know.

Listen, they talked to me.

Why would they talk to you? Well, like I said, I remembered her, so that's how I recognized her.

Recognized her where? Well, it was late, I was up on the marquee changing the bill, and I saw her get in the cop car with the guy who killed her.

Maya got into a police car with Garrett Reynolds? Yeah, right up the block.

The night he killed her.

She probably thought she was safe.

I mean, how could she know that the cop was crazy? Just can't trust anybody.

Yeah, that's for sure.

These are so deadly.

Put the pretzel down and cross your fingers.

We're in.

You're kidding.

"But at my back I always hear time's winged chariot hurrying near.

" Andy marvel what a marvel talking to his coy mistress about how they shouldn't waste any time.

Like you're doing listening to me.

Oh, my God.

I cannot believe that you got us in! This is where I'm going to put things to keep from losing them.

I'm always losing things.

So this really is Maya's site.


It is.

If you're looking at me, beware this site is cursed.

It is completely real.

Did you find anything? Yeah, that guy Bart comstock, he saw Maya get into a police car with Garrett the night he killed her.

H-he told you that? That's why your mom wants to squash him.

I'm gonna try Emily again.

Okay, just Please let me know when you get ahold of her.



Look, it's not too late to ditch this and find a miniature golf course.

Lyle and frances springer.


My grandparents.

As in springer preservation fund? Springer endowment for the arts? Guilty.



All of this stuff belongs to your family? Yeah.

Your family doesn't have money, your family hmoney.

Look I should have figured out a way to tell you about this, but it's kind of hard to work into a conversation.

You were cutting off a lot more than a name when you went from Fitzgerald to Fitz.

All this stuff, it used to be in my grandparents' house, and the only people that ever saw it were my faly and people they paid to clean up after them.

And they were fine with that.

But I'm not.

I just always thought that you ever talked about your family because you didn't want them knowing about me.

I wasn't keep you away from my family.

I was keeping my family away from you.

Are you angry? No No, I don't think so.

But I think that you owe me something for all those ramen noodles.

I think we can negotiate that.


It's okay.


I didn't think there was anyone here.

I wanted to see what it was like at night.

Yesterday was your first time back here since she died Wasn't it? Yeah.

I upset you Making you come out here.


It's not that.

You sure? Yeah.

I'm I'm glad you made me come back.

"Made me come back.

" That doesn't sound so good.

I wanted to.

You just helped me make up my mind.

All right.

That was yesterday.

How about tonight? Do you think it's possible to do something without knowing you're doing it? I mean, without knowiwhy you're doing it? No.

I think we're always who we are.

Okay, but suppose you were drunk.

People drink to cover up what they want.

It's like when you do things in a dream and it frightens you because you didn't think that's who you are.

But it's you.

Even in a dream, it's still you.

You cold? Yeah, a little.


You looked lonely over here.

Oh, I'm fine.

These aamazing.

Ezra said that they belonged to your mom and dad.

That's right.

He hasn't told you very much about himself, has he? Well, we're still learning.


Well, you certainly know about the dedicated teacher, the struggling writer.

You fit right into that world you get to be the muse.

Oh, no, I wouldn't pretend to be that.

Don't diminish yourself.

You have a very important role in this.

I just I don't think of myself as playing any role with ezra.

No, I don't suppose you do.

What do your parents think about ezra? Well, my mom likes him a lot more than my dad.

Fathers and daughters that can be tricky.


New man coming along to take away daddy's little girl.

Your parents are divorced, aren't they? Yeah.

Yeah, they are.

Recently? Guess you could say that.

As recently as when you started seeing ezra? Seeing him Romantically, I mean.

You ask questions like you already know the answers.

It's really very easy to find out what you need to know about people.


All all due respect, but my family's not really any of your business.

Oh, but it's such an interesting family.

Your brother's arrest record, your romance with a former teacher, the way your mother moved out over your father's infidelity.

You can literally chart all the cracks and strains.

Excuse me.


You act as if I've hurt your feelings.

It was unintentional.

I just want to make sure that I'm being clear.

I may not agree with the way ezra lives his life, but I'm not gonna stand by and let you ruin him.

I love him.

Oh, yes.

It's all romance and sacrifice in your little Paris garret.

Except you determine what gets sacrificed, not him.

You're the one that made it impossible for him to stay at your little high school.

You're the one who got him tossed out of Hollis.

I want to make sure you understand your own motives.

I-I don't have any motives.

Everyone has motives.

Maybe in your world.

It's not too late for us to have a practical discussion.

There can be real-world compensations in your ending this.

Compensations? I've got your attention at last.

I thought I might.

What did you say to her? What did I say to whom? I can't find Aria.


Is she gone? She was talking to you the last time I saw her.

Maybe it's past your bedtime? It's astounding that you can do things like this and still not understand why I want nothing to do with this family.

I really don't know what you think I've done.

I had a lovely chat with the girl.

I don't know, maybe she just felt out of place.

You can endow all the museums you want, but you're not fooling anybody.

There's not a generous bone in your body.

I believe it would be very therapeutic for Mona to stay at radley.

She needs the continuity of clinical environment so important to fully integrate the socially challenged teen back into the peer community.

Look, Mona did some terrible things.

She did some of them to me, and I'm her best friend.

I-I don't know how she could, but I think I understand how angry she was.

Mona and I are very, very close, I mean, we're like the same person.

We started out at the same place.

And we were so close to becoming those girls who would sit at a table and guard purses while the hot girls were on the floor dancing.

But Mona made sure we didn't disappear And I owe her for that.

Look, I see her in that robe and those slippers, and I realize that could be me in there.

And if it was me, Mona would be sitting here asking all of you to not send me away.

So please don't.

Don't send her to saratoga.

She doesnknow anyone in saratoga.

There will be no one there to hold her hand.

And no one will care a brown rat's ass for her in saratoga.

So please.

I'm sorry.

It wasn't your fault.

I shouldn't have let it happen.

It was wrong.

If I ever find out who put that stuff in your flask, I swear I'll kill them.

Don't say that.

I mean it.

I don't want you to say it, I don't want you to mean it.

I want you to listen.

I haven't been with anyone since Maya.

I haven't even thought about it.

Or at least I didn't think I was thinking about it.

I was drunk that night, and I got lost.

Only I didn't really get lost.

I was looking for something.

I was looking for somebody And I came here.

Don't look away.

I heard you come in.

Yeah, I got home a little while ago.

Are you okay? Aria? Did I ruin ezra's life? What are you talking about? I know that you think he's wrecking mine, but am I just really screwing things up for him? Am I responsible? Am I am I just destroying everything that I touch? No.

You couldn't.

You would never hurt anyone.

And no one could ever be harmed by having you in their life.

I screwed up, didn't I? They're probably gonna send her to Mars now.

You did the opposite of screwing up.

Based on your testimony, the board has decided to delay any decision to transfer Mona.

She gets to stay? She gets to stay.

Oh, my God! I thought you'd be pleased.

I am.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You're making me laugh.

I'm trying to eat.

We should not be watching this.

Stop it.

There are hundreds of videos, and you don't know what they are until you open them.

Everything's jumbled up.

Yeah, it's more of a junk drawer than a journal.

Yeah, but this is real.

Mona gave us the genuine article.

How? Why? To help us.

How much of this did Caleb see? He didn't want to see any of it once he realized what it was, but he got us in there.

I think Emily's got a very old soul.

I feel it when I kiss her.

I can hear clocks all over the world running backwards.

I'm so out of my comfort zone.

Hanna, don't just one more.

I'm such a coward.

I know that.

I have to face my fears.

I can't hide forever.

I can't keep being afraid.

Call her.

Her phone is off.

Well, call her again.


We can't watch this without her.

At least it's on this time.

# Let me float all day # just be there till I know # till I, I know that # the riot's gone # the riot's gone away Just looking at you in that hoodie makes me shiver.

I guess summer's really over.

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