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Previously on Pretty Little Liars We're going to replace.

Garrett's note with a fake note that we wrote.

You sure this is it? She never took it off.

Told them I got an anonymous tip.

They seemed to believe me.

The anklet had trace amounts.

Of blood still on it Alison's and someone else's.

If only I could remember what happened that night, this would all be over.

I don't think it's that simple, em.

I met Jenna here yesterday afternoon.

I wanna know more.

No, you don't.

"Hot mama loves tango"? I'm going to kill Aria.

I can explain that.

Hey there, Ashley.


Detective wilden, right? That's right.

It's Ted.

You're getting them again, aren't you? The texts.

What texts are you talking about? Just be an act to keep her out of jail.

She can't hurt us anymore, okay? Bitch crazy.

No, mom, you don't have to go over the rules with me again.

No one is hanging out in my room except for me.

No, Caleb's not coming over.

He lost my number.

Can we change the subject? Yes, mom.

Hey, I'm up, I'm dressed, and I'm fed.

All right, enjoy your conference.

Love you.

Morning, Hanna.

Is your mom home? Why? 'Cause I'm not supposed to talk to you without a guardian present.

Like that's stopped you before.

Do me a favor Tell your mom we need you.

To come in for a blood sample.

Why do you need my blood? We have new evidence in the dilaurentis case, and the family wants answers.

And since the blood on that anklet doesn't match the guy who's locked up What, so you think it's my blood? O-negative, same type as yours.

Yeah, and probably a billion other people.

The billion other people weren't slipping notes.

Under a woman's hospital bracelet.

You have no proof that I did that.

Multiple witnesses saw you coming out of that room, Hanna.

Well, they're wrong.

My blood is not on your evidence.

Then why do you look so scared? got a secret, can you keep it? ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead ♪ That's why "A" wants Garrett out of jail, so I can take his place.

Okay, don't go there.

It's already past there, Emily.

He knows about the note, he caught me at church, and it's my blood type.

So what? You didn't kill anybody.

Wilden said that Ali's family's been slamming him.

Have you talked to Jason? No, I can't even look him in the eye, but I'm gonna talk to him today.

Han, don't worry, there's nothing they can do.

Until your mom gets back tomorrow.

So what? I have 48 hours left of freedom? Maybe Spencer's mom can block the court order.

You guys, what if it is my blood? How? Seriously, how could somebody take your blood.

And you wouldn't even know it? Emily has a whole night that she doesn't remember.

Han, wait, you need to I can't talk about this anymore.

I have to go to school.

Maybe one of us should call her mom.

I don't think her mom can have any more pull with wilden.

This isn't shoplifting.

Take it from me, you're always better off with a really good buy.

Is it just me, or did that sound a lot like Alison.

Something wrong? Oh, no.


Wow, you just sound a lot like one of our friends.

Hope she's brilliant.

What's her name? Alison dilaurentis.

You were friends of Ali's.

Me too.

I'm Cece.


Melissa hasting's little sister.

Ali talked about you.

She talked about all of you.

A lot.

How do you know Ali? Before I moved to L.


, our families rented summer homes in cape may.

We went through an intense couple weeks together.

I dated her brother, Jason.

She never mentioned me to you guys? No.

Well, it was intense for me.

She was going through such a rough time, like a broken doll.

So why did you move back to rosewood? Listen, I hate to make tracks, but I'm already late, and my boss is high-strung and aggressively sober.

Come visit me at the new boutique.

Across the street.

Oh, and if you ever feel like doing.

A little free shopping, I'll be happy to turn the other way.

I-I think you're thinking of Hanna.

She's not here.


Okay, that's not just me, right? I mean, that chick is freakishly like Ali.

Or was Ali freakishly like her? I mean, one hip out, the head tilt.

Looking straight through you, like she knew all your secrets.

Aria, hey.

What's that? Bills.

You forgot to tell vanity fair.

That you moved.

More importantly, what is that? Uh.



Impulse buy.

I kind of have a date tonight.

Excuse me? You heard me.

I met somebody, on that website that you made me join.

Oh, that's awesome! Well, why didn't you tell me? Because if I mention it beforehand, I may be more nervous than I already am.

You do not need to be nervous.

That is easy for you to say.

You have dated within this century.

So, who is he, where does he live, and what is the hair situation? Plenty, and it's on his head.


Nice eyes? Yes.

Kind of smiley.

Think, I don't know, like silver fox.

Ooh, nice.

That's that's what you're wearing? Well, I thought it was.

Is it too much for a coffee shop? Wait, why am I asking you? You wear forks as earrings.

No, no, no, I like it.

I do, and it's pretty daring for you.

And please, do not wear a scarf with it.

What makes you say I would wear a scarf? Because I have known you Bye.


What are you doing here? I didn't feel like leaving another message.

Why are you avoiding me? I'm not.

I know there wasn't anyone hounding Hanna at that church dance.

Why did you lie? I was with Jason.

Why is that a secret? Okay, you know that anklet that was turned in to the police? Well, he didn't find that on his own.

So, what? You needed something to keep me busy for the night? Look, he got a tip, and Jason wants to prove Garrett guilty.

Yeah, but he ended up doing the opposite.

Well, I'm not giving up.

I don't think that that anklet proves anything.

And you're sure of this? Why are you challenging me? Because there was a time when you thought i murdered Alison.

Remember? Evidence can get distorted, taken out of context.

It's made me a lot slower to pass judgment.

Better get to class.


How's my favorite barista? Busy, but they did take me off of cappuccino probation, so That's a thing? It is here.

What's up? What do you think? Got it for Jenna.

I knew it.

I suck at buying gifts.

They all smelled like hairspray, so I got the one with the nicest name.

Why are you buying her anything? Didn't bring a gift to her party, and we have a date.

Like, a date-date.

And I need you to help me shop.

The candle's great.

Jenna will love it.

She has a highly developed sense of smell.

Come on, Emily.

I need your help.

You guys are good friends.

We are? Who told you that? Jenna.

She had some nice things to say about Maya too.

She didn't even know Maya.

Not according to her.

Maya drove her home from school a couple of times.

Look, I'll let you get back to work, but, um, call me on your break.

I mean, don't you just find it a little bizarre.

That she never even mentioned her before? Hey, can you cheat on a blood test? Okay, stop.

That's not gonna happen.

What is that? Don't touch it! Ow! You okay? See how it easy it is for me to get your blood? Do you think "A" has a key? What is this thing? I don't know.

We have to go check upstairs.

Slow down! What is this thing? Does it mean something? I don't know what it means, Aria.

Well, then, why is it on your kitchen counter? We have to go.

Okay, Hanna, stop, okay? Talk to me.

What is this? Do you remember that earring "A" sent you? You buried this with Ali? Just the hand thing.

Why? Mona and I played it before they found Ali's body.

Seriously? I know.

I didn't believe in it either, but this summer, me and my cousin.

Contacted a ghost.

Who knew all kinds of impossible stuff.

It was way freaky.

I mean, if you're too scared Spirits, can you hear us? Whoa.

Okay, you did that.

No, I didn't.

Okay, what do you want to ask it? I don't know.

Does Sean still have his "v" card? Like we need the spirit world to tell us that? Let's ask if Alison's coming back.

Mona, don't.

Why? You know you want the answer.

No, I'm not playing this.

Oh, deep down You still think she's alive.

I don't want to talk about Just put your fingers down, for God's sake.

I will ask the questions.

Spirits, do you know what happened to Alison dilaurentis? Okay, you did that.

No, I didn't.



" "L.

" "I.

" Alison? "V.

" "E.

" Alive? Mona was already "A" by then.

She probably hired somebody to stand outside and scare you.

Yeah, well, it worked.


Did anyone besides Mona know that story? This could prove that she's in contact with "a.

" How else would they know that this keepsake was yours? There's no way to find out who else Mona told.

She's not allowed visitors.

I'm at the top of the not-allowed list.

Then I'll go.

I don't care if I have to scale the walls, I am talking to her today.

I'm sleeping at your house tonight.




What's up? I, uh, heard you were going to be on the basketball courts.

Yeah, I was.

Pulled myself out of the game.

Why? Figured I'd hurt less people running around the block.


Well, that answers my next question.

Which was? Are you okay? I'm so sorry that I dragged you into this.

It's not your fault, Spencer.

You didn't make me walk into that police station.

I know, but I thought that I know.

That this piece of jewelry would have ended this.

But it didn't, all right? Now, instead of being the big hero, I'm back to being the big screw-up.

Nobody thinks that.

Really? Maybe I should let you pick up my father from the airport.

Do your parents think that Garrett is still guilty, or do they think that now it's somebody else? I don't know what they think.

Never have.

Well, what do you think? I think that I'm done looking for answers around here, that's what I think.

I'm not a detective, and I'm not a lawyer.

Hey, I, uh, I met Cece Drake this morning.

Did you know that she's back in town? I heard.

I didn't even know that she and Ali were friends.

She said that you guys spent an intense summer.

Everything with Cece's intense.

Did it end on a bad note? You could say that.

Look, I got to, uh, get home and take a shower.

I'm gonna be late for his plane.


These are everywhere in L.


right now.

Rachel Zoe practically gives them out as business cards.



No, that's good.

You're a lousy liar.

Listen, handsome, we just got in.

Some killer vera scarves.

Why don't you go pick out a couple in your price range, and we'll pick the best.

What's her name? It's obvious whoever he's buying this gift for, you don't like.


And she got to him before you did? Try again.

You like him, right? We're just friends.

And if you don't want to tap that, you're either blind or Ohh.

You're thonone.

The one what? With the giant crush on Ali.

She told you that? If you don't like him, then why do you care if he's with Jenna? Is she a bitch or something? She's something.

Then you should tell him.

You'd be doing him a favor.

Emily, could you come here for a second? Would you wear this? No.

But I'm not Jenna.


What about these? Maya had something like this.

Yeah, she did.

I got these a week before How do you know she had these? I don't know.

Must have been in a picture she sent or something.

What about this? How much are you wanting to spend? You just met her.

Would you quit busting my chops? I wouldn't even be buying her this gift.

If the hottest girl in rosewood was available, or interested in guys.

You totally picked my favorite.

Can I get you something? Uh, no.

I'm supposed to meet somebody here.

You want something while you wait? These just came out of the oven.

I can tell.

I should have skipped the perfume.

And just worn one of those.

What are they? These are vanilla custard and those are just butter.

Nothing is just butter.

I'll take a decaf, please.

Is Emily here? Uh, not at the moment, no.

Everyone abandoned me.

I'm not usually out here.

Emily's a sweet girl.

How do you know her? She's my daughter's best friend.

Oh, cool.


Yeah, she'll be back soon.

That's too bad.

I was hoping not to have a first date in front of her.


Ooh, yeah.

Those are never fun.

It's basically a job interview, without the forms.

There were forms.

Well, with any luck, he's not out of prison just for the night.

Thank you, 'cause I wasn't really nervous before.

Ella? Hi.



Oh, you ordered already.

Yeah, just a coffee.

I passed that ice cream cart.

The day's so nice, I thought Oh! Yeah.

Um, I just wanted a sip.

Just settle down.

I got you, Nicky.

Come on.

Can I help you? Yeah, um, I'm here to see someone.

Mona vanderwaal? Well, let's see.

Erer status has change, but I will need you to leave your purse, your cellphone, any lighters or matches you have Oh, and those earrings.

Your earrings.


Thank you.


You have a visitor.

Hello, Aria.

We need to talk.

Her visits need to be supervised, but you won't even know I'm here.

So Would you like to play a game? You can't block a court order in an afternoon.

She needs time.

But she'll do it? She's gonna try.

Try?! It's my mom.

With her, a try Is as good as a win.

Just calm down.

Did Aria get in to see Mona? I haven't heard anything yet.

When did Alison's father get back to rosewood? Today.

Do you want me to talk to him? No.

Well, maybe you should, han.

You're believing everything that wilden says.

Why don't you find out for yourself? 'Cause I can't.

And you know what? You're right.

Your mom's on it, so there's no reason for me to panic.

There are things you need to know About Jenna.


Before you got here, before a lot of things, Jenna dated Garrett.

Garrett Reynolds.

I wanted to tell you, but I wasn't sure how.

You seem so happy.

No, you did the right thing.

I really appreciate it.



I mean, she could have been his next victim.

That's not exactly what I meant.

You don't have to worry.

Jenna brings up Garrett, I won't let on that you told me.

But I'm glad you did.

You're a good friend.

I was there, so they asked me to officiate.


Sounds beautiful.

It was.

And soggy.

If you're ever in Phuket in September, bring an umbrella.

What? What's wrong? Too much church talk, right? No, no, not at all.

I'm I'm impressed.

I mean, I've never met a pastor who heard the call.

While boogie-boarding in Samoa.

This is really good, huh? Mm-hmm.




I thought about writing you a letter and I've gone over what to say in head the past year, and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

For what I did.

You and urur family were going through so much, and I didn't help.

But I swear to you, I had nothing to do with what's happening now.

I didn't touch her grave, and I would never.

I mean, believe me, no one wants to see Ali be at peace Don't you A friend would never do what you did.

At the time, it felt like a childish prank.

Seems like you've gotten crueler with age.

You need a good foundation.

Start with a good foundation, and you can build anything.

I'm sorry I came alone, but Hanna couldn't make it.

Lisa, isn't it time for my medicine? You have about 25 seconds to tell me why you're really here.

Twenty-four, twenty-three What Hanna buried wh alali The planchette showed up on her kitchen counter today.

Are you sure it was? Yes.

How? It's not the only thing we've gotten back from Ali's grave.

Look, I know that you don't like me.

Trus m me, the feeling is mutual.

But think about Hanna.

She's the reason you did everything you did, right? She truly believed that at one time your friendship was real.

Our friendship was real.

Okay, then if you care about her if you ever did Please, Mona, please tell me who's trying to hurt her.

She's in trouble, and I swear to you I swear if you're behind this It isn't me.

Here we go.

Visiting hours are over.

Tell Hanna I'm sorry.

You didn't have to come all the way down here.

What'd she say? Hardly anything.

Her visits are supervised now, but she wanted me to tell you that she's sorry.

Is it possible that maybe she's not behind any of this? Either way, she knows who is.


Visiting hours are over.

The nurses change shifts in twenty minutes.

What? I've been here enough times to know.

That's not what the look is for.

You're sneaking in.

Hanna I know that you're freaked out about everything, but you could just come back tomorrow.

And do what? Have a nice chat about "A" in the day room? Okay, then I'm going with you.

No! Aria, this Hanna, friends don't let friends.

Sneak into insane asylums alone.



So you deliver now? Oh, no, this is for me.

Americano, straight.

Well, the coffee, at least.

So, did you talk to handsome? His name's Nate.

That's not an answer.

Yes, I did, but I don't think it worked.

In fact, I think he ended up liking Jenna more.

Well, at least you tried.

That reminds me, I should give you my number.


So, uh, do you see Ali's big brother around much? He's around.

Is he single? Yeah.

How long did you? Hi, is this Jenna? The better question is, who the hell are you, and why are you going out with my boyfriend? Whoa! Oh, you didn't? 'Cause I think that you did know, and just didn't care.

Please stop.

Here's what I know: If I ever see you anywhere near Nate, I will scratch your eyes out.

What are you doing? She used to be blind.

Ohh! Well, it needed to be done.

It's not like we shot a unicorn We're helping your friend out.

I know, but Do you want me to call her back, tell her that I was kidding? That's what I thought.

Problem solved.

See you around, americano.

Hey, you're back! Uh, yeah, actually this time I am looking for Emily.

I was trying to get in touch with my daughter.

And thought Emily might know where she is.

Just missed her.

How'd the date go? Uh it was fine.

But there's not gonna be another one.

We'll see.

Well Tell you what.

Just so the night ends on a sweet note, here.

We can't sell day-old pastry.

You can't sell pastries to people my age at all.

What's wrong with your age? Thank you.

Um and I will take these to go.

Your choice.

You can stay, if you want.

Mmm aren't you closing? Well, we close when I want to close.

Ownership has its privileges.

You own this place? Mm-hmm.

I'm Zack.

Apron fooled you, huh? Wait out here, all right? Make sure no one comes.

Hanna? What are you doing here? Is everything okay? Well, I'm being set up for killing a friend, Mona.

What do you think? God, you poor thing! You know what? Save it, Mona.

Alison's dad's back.


And you're the only person who knows.

Why he's never forgiven me.

Who else knows about the night I saw Alison? Nurse was coming.

What is she doing back here? She never left.

You need to give her some answers, so talk.

Can I? Does she know about that day? Know about what? Cut it out, all right? That's not why I'm here.

Is he really still mad at you? Who? What Hanna, what the hell is she talking about? I won't say anything if you don't want me to.

Say something about what? You just take.

The first letter of each word to spell out a new word.

So, like, "she lives under trees" equals "slut.

" What? It's a code So we can talk about people right in front of them.

Look, I'm sorry, Mona, I'm just really not in the mood right now.

I know, but I thought it might help you take your mind off things.

Do you have any idea? Dad, don't! Do you know what your little joke Did to my wife? She believed you! You gave her hope! Stay away from my family! Dad, dad, come on, let's go.

How could you? The night that I saw Alison on my patio, I called Mrs.


And I told her she was alive.

Then, three days later, they found her body.

Look, he still hates me.

I could just feel it.

He's never forgiven me.

Another stupid mistake "A" can use to ruin my life.

Where the hell is Mona? Please tell me you still have your keys.



Jason! Jason.

Hey, are you okay? Jason, are you drunk? Stop it.

The police are gonna be here any minute, okay? Maybe they'll lock me up with Garrett.

Finally get some justice.

Just move over.

What? I said move over! Why? Because this never happened.

Come on.

Oh, I'm going to twist Mona's head off.

I know, but first we have to find her.

You don't think she's still "A", do you? That that door, it's always closed.

Children's ward.

Dedicated 1931.

Do you think she went in there? Those are mine.

You gave tweezers to a mental patient? Of course not! She probably stole them.

Come on.



What what took you so long? Can you give me a ride to my car? It's not here? No, we need to hurry, please.

What? What's going on? I-I had to give Jason a ride.

You're chasing down another tip.

No, it's not like that.

Well, then tell me what it is like Because you're not being Spencer, what's happening? So you are home.

What are you doing here? We found your vehicle near the scene of an accident.

Your door was wide open.

Well, I'm fine, if that's what you mean.

But you didn't report your car stolen.

We've been here all night, detective.

I picked her up after work today.

How many times do I have to tell you.

To lock your doors, Spence? It's not the 1950s.


He's right.

It's such a terrible habit.

We'll talk later.

What was that about? I told you, I needed to give Jason a ride.

And you just happened to leave your car at the scene of a hit-and-run? I just lied to the police.

There was an accident, that's all.

Accidents don't need to be kept from the cops.

Jason was drunk, okay? Spencer, I felt like I was finally done with the police.

That lie It's a felony.

I understand that, okay? And I'm sorry.

But if jasonetets caught, he could lose everything.

You can't tell anybody.

Please promise me.

Do you hear that? They used to put kids down here? Wait over there.

What is she doing? Miss Aria, you're a killer, not ezra's wife.

Miss Aria, you're a killer, not ezra's wife.

Cut it out, Mona.

Where were we? Maya's away, sleeping sweet.

Until Garrett's all rosy, count on me.

Where were we? - Mona? Somebody's coming.

Look, Mona, I am begging you, if you know anything about what's happening to us, can you just tell me, please? No one to save Ali from evil.

No one to save Ali from evil.

Mona, is that you? Hanna, we have to get out of here now.

Mona? There you are.

It's time to go now, honey.



I missed my dolls.

They're not going anywhere.

Come now.

Where were we? Maya's away, sleeping sweet.

Until Garrett's all rosy, count on me.

Where were we? Did you get my message? Where were you? Uh, I had to help Hanna with something.

Where are you? At the brew.

You're still on your date? No, not that one, but, um I think I may be on a second one.

Hold on.

What happened to the first one? It ended.

I mean, it was nice, but He ate ice cream like your father.

He scraped the sides.

And left a big mound in theididdle? Yes! Mom! Come on, that's not a reason to end a date.

I know, it's not.

You're right.

And he's perfectly lovely, and I can totally see.

Why the website linked us up.

'Kay, what's the problem, then? Problem is, there is no problem.

He's the right choice.

He's the choice I would have made at 19, but I think I maybe should be open to more Possibilities.

I don't believe this.

Mom, two dates in one night? Yeah, you are definitely wearing a scarf next time.

I'm done with scarves.

Do you want them? Mom, can we just Can we talk about this tomorrow? I'm exhausted.

God! You used to be so much more fun.

And then I grew up.

Go to bed, mom.

What's up with your mom? She's a slut.

Let's just go to sleep.

Where were we? Maya's away, sleeping sweet.

Until Garrett's all rosy, count on me.

A code? It's a stupid thing she made up back when we were friends.

Why wouldn't she just come out and say it? Because Aria was there.

She doesn't trust her.

So it's my fault? You gave the girl a pair of tweezers.

Look, Mona pushed me to remember that day with Ali's dad.

Because that's when she gave me the code.

Okay, I have a French exam at eight A.


Could we just skip ahead to the actual message? "No one to save Ali from evil.

" That's what she kept saying.

If you take the first letter of each word, you get "Not safe.

" It's not, like, that complicated.

Yeah, but there's more.

Oh, my God, what's that other poem? Something about Garrett and Maya.

"Where were we? Maya's away, sleeping sweet.

" Www.


She gave you a website.

What was the stst? "Until Garrett's all rosy, count on me.

" "Mas sugar"? What does that mean? M-a-s, that's Maya's initials.

Anne was her middle name.

I don't suppose crazy slipped you the password as well? Did Mona mean she's not safe, or we're not? Somebody's coming.

Look, Mona, i am begging you.

If you know anything about what's happening to you, could you just tell me, please? No one to save Ali from evil.

No one to save Ali from evil.

No one to save Ali from evil.

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