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  03x06 - The Remains of the A
 Posted: 07/19/12 08:21
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars There was a hoodie watching us.

What if "A" put Garrett's mom in the hospital to get Garrett out of jail? I'm done, Hanna.

Are you breaking up with me? Spencer, you were right.

I'm withdrawing the reward.

The truth always comes out, Jason.

Meet me in the parking lot in 15 minutes.

We know that somewhere between being with us and getting to Alison's grave, you were with Jenna.

We just have to find out what happened that night.

My boss volunteered the bank staff to help out at a rummage sale at the church.

Em, I just found the gray jacket from that night.

It just came out of a donation box.

Are you here without an assistant? If you know anyone who's interested I'm interested.

He's writing a note for the flowers.

His mom is in a coma.

She's not doing a lot of reading.

Hanna, slow down.

You almost tripped over a catheter back there that was still attached to someone.

There it is.

We need to have a plan.

We have a plan.

Exposing "A.

" Inside voice.


What is the plan exactly? We're going to replace Garrett's note with a fake note that we wrote.

I know that part.

I came up with it, remember? I was wondering why you were asking me that.

But we still need a place to lead "A.

" Rosewood church, by the organ in the main sanctuary, tonight.

How did you come up with that? I have been living there since my mom signed me up to sort through spandex shorts and granny panties.

But won't the church be locked? That's the point.

It's deserted at night.

So when Lucas shows up it's not gonna be Lucas! Yes, it will, han, he had the pills.

Fine! Then I'll show up with a paddle and finish what I started at the lake.


What happened to the girl who wouldn't get out of her sweats? She traded them for fatigues.

I'll write that.

Are you sure you know how? Yes.

I've been forging my mom's signature since seventh grade in p.



This is really good.

Yell if you see anyone, all right? Are you sure that you want to do it? This "A" broke me and Caleb up, do you understand? They're gonna have to pay for that.


Reynolds? Blue team to I.



Blue team to I.



Go! Go! Go go go! Come on! Blue team to I.



Blue team to I.



# Got a secret, can you keep it # # swear this one you'll save # # better lock it in your pocket # # taking this one to the grave # # if I show you then I'll know you won't tell what I said # # 'cause two can keep a secret # # if one of them is dead # It's on the border it's the first exit.

Hmm? Oh.

Yeah, I found it.

Why aren't you going with Laurel? She's just weird about driving with strangers.

You're not a stranger, you're her assistant.

What's up? Laurel was just double-checking that I had the right address.

How bad do you think it would be if I canceled? Canceled on your first day of work? I don't think you'd get a second.


That's what I figured.

I don't understand.

Why would you want to do that? I thought you were excited about this job.

I am.

I really am.

It's just Hanna's still really torn up over Caleb, so we were all gonna get together tonight to try and cheer her up.

Your friends know it's a great opportunity for you.

Besides, we gotta pool our resources together.

I think we're on our last package of ramen.

What is this really about? Aria You wouldn't have been hired if she didn't think you were up to the task.

Hey, look up.



Ezra, seriously.

Okay, your turn.

What? I want to remind you that you know what you're doing.

So come on, take a picture of me.

Are you happy? No.

Keep going.

"The thinker.

" Gorgeous.

Okay, come on.

You gotta give me something else.

Running in place? You gotta give me more.

# Ba ba ba-dum, so happy # # you make me happy, happy # # ba ba ba-dum # # so happy # # so happy # you make me so happy # # LA LA LA LA-LA # So I went and showed her the place, and she said she loved it.

I think I did a good job.

Once I finish putting the beams in the loft, she said they'd be interested for them.

Ng some custom work that's great.

She even gave my name to an architect she knows.

That that's great.


Hmm? You're doing it again.

I'm sorry.

I know that I've been a little bit distracted recently.

I just I have so much on my plate.

I have this project that's due on Monday okay.


I'll let you work.

Thank you.

I'll just sit next to you and I'll watch you type.

I'll be very quiet.


I mm.

That's not Distracting at all.

Just do you know.

Hi! Dad! How was your run? It was fine.

I miss the days when you ran with me.

I guess I guess I'll take off.

I'll call you later, okay? Where's mom? She, uh, had to work today.

On what case? She got called in early.

Time-sensitive issue.

Dad, you didn't answer my question.

Don't needle me, Spencer.

I'm not the one working on it.

So it is Garrett's case.

I know how crazy you get about this stuff.

So what happened? I shouldn't have brought it up.

I brought it up.

You're gonna read about it in the papers anyway.

Turns out the physical evidence that the police had on Garrett Reynolds, well, it It can't be re-tested.

Why not? They either don't have enough of it or what they do have has been tainted.

Something along those lines.

Why do they even have to re-test it? If it tested positively the first time all I know is that your mother is pushing for the judge to rule the evidence inadmissible, and it looks like she's gonna get what she wants.

As usual.

But if they can't use it isn't the prosecution relying on this evidence? Without it they won't have a case! That's what your mother's hoping.

Where are you going? Out! Thanks.


Did you get my text? I haven't had time to sneeze.

How'd it go? Did Spence replace the note? No.

I did it.

But you're scared of old people.

Yeah, and apparently they're scared of me too.

I touch the woman and she nearly croaked.

What happened? Look, I came to give you this.

It's the pick-up location of the bag that your jacket came from.

Is this even in rosewood? No, but I thought we'd go tomorrow and check it out.

Why not today? Because after you're done working we're going straight to the church.

Meet me at home? Yeah, I'll see you later.


So what's up? I need to talk to you about Garrett.

His case.

Then you know about the evidence.

So it has been thrown out? Not yet, but it will be.

Look, I think I might have a way to make sure that Garrett's case doesn't fall apart.

But I'm at a dead end, and at this point the only person who might be able to help me is you.

What can I do? Do you know somebody named April rose? So you've never heard of her? Would you believe I used to wear a pair just like these? With a suede French vest.

Wanted to look like cat Stevens.

Well, if find a hat with a squirrel tail on it, I'll let you know.

Um, that's Davey Crockett, and I'd be wearing a raccoon cap.

Looks like you've got an interesting system going.


Yeah, I'm organizing them into seasons.

We have fall, winter, spring, summer Resort.


How innovative.

Is your mom coming today? No, she can't.

She had to take the car in.


Well, I guess I'll see you at the party tonight.

What party? I made an announcement about it like 15 minutes ago.

The council throws it for the volunteers as a way of saying thanks.


Well, thanks but no thanks.

I'm busy.

Too bad.

You haven't partied until you've partied in the church rec room.


The the party's tonight? Here? At the church? Wanna change your plans now, don't you? But to be honest, there were so many girls hanging around us at the time I could have met her and not even known it.

And by "us," you mean Garrett, Ian and I.


The n.




How'd you know about that? Do you think that she could have been one of the girls that you filmed? Well, I didn't film any of those videos.

Yeah, but you watched them.

Didn't you? How did you get that honor without doing any of the grunt work? It was my idea.

Look, like I said before, I was messed up.

High school was just one big blur.

Do you think she could have been in one of the videos? It's possible.

Or maybe she was just one of their "employees.

" What does that mean? I think Ian and Garrett were paying girls to set up their friends.

I don't know.

At that time I had kind of walked away from it all.

So were you guys the only members? Officially? Yeah.

But Ian had help.

There's no way he could have filmed it all on his own.

At times, I even thought maybe he was filming it for someone else.

I'll catch up with you later.


Hey, ezra, I'm gonna have to run.

Wait right this minute? Not so fast.

At least give me a proper goodbye.



I can't believe you asked him that.

We have to find this girl, and if anybody knows who she is, it's Jason.

Well, he doesn't.

He might not have recognized her name, but he could recognize her by a picture.

I wonder if April was the type of girl who pimped out her friends.

I don't know.

All I know is that the prosecution's case is crumbling, and we have to get to this girl before "A" does.

Whatever Garrett wants destroyed could be the only thing left that keeps him in jail.

Do you think Maya found those tapes with Ali's stuff? It's possible.

Maybe that's what Garrett was after all along.

Maybe April rose has a tape.

Maybe that's what Garrett wants "A" to destroy.

What I don't get is why would "A" take direction from Garrett? It might be the other way around.

Garrett might have done whatever "A" told him to and that's how he wound up behind bars.


Sorry I'm late.


I'm starving.

Me too.

Do you want to split some cheese fries? No, I want my own.

So, the plan's changed for tonight.

It's not a plan, it's a suicide mission.

The church is gonna be crawling with people, so we're not gonna be able to figure out who "A" is.

Emily and I are gonna hide behind the organ and just see who shows up.

I don't think that you should Spencer, it's not about confronting, okay? I just want to see who it is so I'll know how to plan a real attack.


" When we attack.

Just be careful.

And wear sensible shoes.

Hey, I wear three inches or I wear nothing.

Oh, and order me a side salad.

To soak up the cheese.

What's with you? You're acting like a pod person.

Hmm? Oh.

I I was just trying to remember how much reward money Jason offered.


Why? And that was cash, right? Yeah.

Did he just have all that money lying around his house? Well, I doubt it.

But if someone did, would that be weird? If you had that much cash lying around, you'd probably also have a bomb shelter and like five years' worth of dehydrated meat.

Or you're a criminal.

I do want my own cheese fries.


Need to talk to you.

It's about Spencer.


Please, leave her out of this.

I need her energy focused on her future, not this trial.

Maybe you should tell your wife that.

Jason, you're wrong about Veronica.

She didn't take this case out of spite.

She doesn't hate you.

Well, no, I don't think she hates me.

I think she hates you.

Look I don't want my daughter's life derailed any further.

She needs to find a way to, you know, put this behind her.

The trial, your sister which sister exactly are you talking about? Because as it turns out, I had more than one.



Let's go.

Uh hey, let me introduce you to the art of conversation.

"Hi! How was your day?" "My day was fine.

How was yours?" I'm sorry.

I just want to leave.

I should say hi to Ted.

Uh, can we not? That goober is literally trying to be my best friend.

Hanna, being kind and decent doesn't make Ted a "goober.

" I know.

It's the fact that he says "howdy" and wears clothes made of roadkill.

What is up with you? Well, now that you mention it, I'm goober's date tonight.

What? When did this happen? He called this morning.

And you said yes?! No.


I I'm sorry, you can't go.

Why not? Because I'm going to be there, and that'll be weird.

Hanna, you're not ten years old, we don't need to hold hands.

But I thought it might be nice if we could drive together.

No, we can't, because.

Toby's picking me up.

He's taking me to the dance.

Why is Spencer's boyfriend taking you to the dance? Is this about you wanting to hurt Caleb? No, it's there's this Guy, another volunteer, and he just won't take no for an answer, so I thought if I take Toby, then maybe he'll finally leave me alone.

Is this something I should be concerned about? No.

He's just some do-gooder creep.

He's harmless.

It's actually called "the thank you dance"? Who cares what it's called, Spencer.

Can you get Toby to come with me or not? Han, it's bad enough that I canceled a date with him without forcing him to go on one with you.

I don't want him involved.

Involved? He just has to stand there and eat chips.

I don't understand though.

Why couldn't you just come up with a better lie? I'm sorry.

I panicked, all right? It was like my mouth was talking before my brain could catch up.

You can make fun of me all you want, but this whole plan is falling apart! You don't think that I'm taking this seriously? I've spent every waking moment searching for this April girl.

I've been in the library so much I am on a first-name basis with the homeless guy that sleeps next to the microfiche.

What is this? Police academy rosters.

I thought maybe April and Garrett went through training together.

You think that another cop could help him get away with murder? Like wilden? I don't know.

Han, I thought that we were done with all this.

Yeah, me too.

You know, last year When things got really bad I used to fantasize about what my life would be like if I had never met Ali.

My biggest concern right now would be where I wanted to go to college.

I've had that fantasy too.

Yeah, but every time I go down that road, I have to remind myself that if I hadn't met her, then I wouldn't be friends with you.

So what time should Toby pick you up? Seven-thirty.


Now go, so I can keep looking through all this.

Oh, and Spence hmm? We'll get there, okay? We've stopped Mona, and we can stop this person.

It's now or never.

I know.

It's the "never" part that I'm afraid of.

More coffee? I'm done, thanks.

She don't look so good.

Better get her home before she passes out.


Found April rose.

Did you talk to her? It's not a "her.

" It's an "it.

" You're driving.

You want some punch? Um Oh, no thank you.

I don't drink anything that's not shrink-wrapped.

So who am I here to scare off? What? The creep that's been bothering you? Oh! Right.

Um yeah, it's that guy over there.

Hi, sweetie.


Hi, Toby.

Hi, Ms.


Toby, this is Ted.


Nice to meet you.

You too.

You're a very lucky man.

What?! No.

No, we're we're not um, yeah.

We're just friends.

What do you say we try to find the grown-up beverages? Don't kill the messenger, but they're not serving alcohol.




Maybe we should find someone with a beard who can do that whole turning-water-into-wine thing.

If not, would you settle for a root beer? Do you think it will ferment if we let it stand long enough? Toby, come on.



Good evening.

Good evening, folks.

I'm getting ready to close.

Uh How can I help you? We just came in to pick up something that might have been set aside? Uh-huh.

Were you asked to hold anything? Half this shop.

But I'm not holding my breath anybody's coming back.

Well, you see, a friend of ours dropped something off and asked us to pick it up.

But we don't know exactly what it is, and our friend can't be reached.

Okay, so we can go classic with "when Harry met Sally," we can watch "the notebook" for, like, the millionth time.

I don't care.

You can decide.

That's really pretty.

Don't you love finding new places to wear jewelry? I'm never taking it off.

Who gave it to you? No one special.

Just another one of the nameless, faceless revolving door of boyfriends who adore you? No.

Just a friend.

IAm going out.

Are you kidding? My friend has a guy who can get us I.



I'm going to a party to pick him up, and then I'll be back.

This is so typical.

Every time we make plans, if something better comes along, you totally ditch me.

Why are you spazzing? I'm making sure we have the best summer ever.

Instead of languishing at the kiddie table, we'll be mixing up on futons with frat boys.

I gotta go.

My friend's here.

Which friend? You don't know her.

You're sure this is it? I'm positive.

She never took it off.

Uh, how much do you want for this? I don't know.

I've never seen that before.

I just found it on this mannequin.

Must have been brought in here in the past couple of days.

And you don't happen to know who dropped it off? It's there's no code, no tags.

I can't sell it to you folks.

It's a display piece.

How about if I give you a hundred dollars? It's not my decision to make.

Will two hundred make it your decision? Four hundred.


Where are you? I'm sorry, I got held up.

Well, get here.

I can't face "A" alone.

Toby's getting suspicious, and wilden is hovering.

Wilden's there? Okay, I'm leaving in five.

Here you are.



Do you want to dance? No, thanks.

All right, then.



When you reach the summit, all you can hear is the wind whistling through the rocks.

Sounds Incredible.

I'd love to take you.

If You're interested.

How about next Sunday? Well, Sunday's kind of a busy day for me.


Sunday after that? Ah, the thing is, I'm busy every Sunday.


I thought Hanna must have told you.

I'm a pastor? Well, an associate pastor.


She didn't.

More root beer? Yeah.

Hanna Why am I here? I told you.

That guy I know, you told me.

But that kid is scared of his own shadow, and he's definitely scared of yours.

So why am I here? Why are you? I told you.

I wanted to go to a party.

Hanna, I have had naps more exciting than this party, and so have you.

Does this have to do with Caleb? No.

In a way.


I need to talk to you for a second.


I'm really sorry, Toby.

I'll be right back, okay? Hey.

Can you call me? I'm about to leave this church Thing.

And I need to know why you and Hanna lied to me.

Why didn't you tell me Ted was a pastor? He is? Hanna, I have just replayed the last hour in my head, and I am this close to crawling under a pew.

Oh, my gosh.

You really like him.

It's too late.

I blew it.

No, you didn't.

I made that joke about them not serving booze.

You like your wine.

I wore a dress with cleavage! Mom, that is practically a turtleneck.

Hanna, all it takes is one glance at my resume to know that I am no angel.

Who is? Hey.


Hey, holden.

So, uh, is your whole crew coming tonight? No.

Just me and Hanna.

Have you seen her? Yeah, she's, uh Around here somewhere.

Hey, relax.

Have a cupcake.

When did you get that tattoo? Oh, it's not a Is that for a club? Not a club so much as a party.

It changes venues.

You know, I actually, I used to see your friend there sometimes.

W-what friend? Your girlfriend? Maya? Hey, I gotta go.

Oh, there you are.


Just wanted to check on Hanna.

And how is she? She's good.

So, do you want to dance? I'd love to, but word of warning, my dance moves start at "the running man" and end at the "Roger rabbit.

" Hey, there, Ashley.


Detective wilden, right? That's right, but I'm off the clock.

So am I.

It's Ted.

I'm happy to see you here, if a little surprised.

That's funny, I was just about to say the same thing to Ms.


You two know each other? Sure.

We haven't seen each other in a while.

Detective wilden was an important part of the Alison dilaurentis case.

Hanna was a good friend of hers.

So our paths have crossed.

And they'll probably cross again.

Anyway, have a good evening.

Now, where were we? Oh, that's right.

I was just about to humiliate myself on the dance floor.

I'm sorry, Ted.

I just got hit with a searing headache.

Can I get you some aspirin? No.

Then maybe we should sit down for a little thank you I think I should just go home.

Uh, sure.

Let me walk you to the car.

Hey, can you call me? I'm about to leave this church Thing.

And I need to know why you and Hanna lied to me.


How did it go? As well as it could, I guess.

I told 'em I got an anonymous tip and they seemed to believe me.

So when will we know when he didn't say.

What do we do now? Now we wait.

Um Do you still have those letters? The ones that helped you figure out that my dad is our dad.


May I see them? Oh, Spencer.

You don't want to do that.

It'll just.



What? Uh Nothing.

I was Just thinking about how different you are from Ali.

I mean, the reason that you don't want me to see them is the very reason that she would want me to.

I wonder what kind of person she would have turned into.

I mean, I see it with the kids I work with, and at first they're all attitude, but you peel back the layers and you usually find a person underneath.

Yeah, but with Ali, I'd keep peeling, I just Always seemed to find new layers.


Where have you been? I just had the weirdest conversation with holden.

What? When were you with I remembered something from that night, and it might have something to do with Maya.

Holden seemed to know, but he walked away.

Well, let's find him.

I don't know where he went.

Just go wait by the side door, okay? I want to get there before "A" does.

Don't lie to me, Hanna.

A nurse found this, and wisely handed it over to the police.

I don't know what that is.

Don't tell me you're here for some peace and quiet.

I was looking for someone.

Who? Why are you helping him? I don't know who you're talking about yeah, you do, but I'll play along.

All that fuss you girls made, pointing the finger at Ian.

Was that all for Garrett's sake? I have nothing to do with that.

I don't get it, Hanna.

Why are you in his corner? My mom's downstairs.

Your mom left.

You know, I bet when she was your age she caused a lot of problems.

But She knows how to get rid of problems.

All you do is create 'em.

I've gotta go.

There's people he has to answer to.

You always stand up for him, don't ya? Hey! Hey.

Did everything go okay at work today? Yeah.


Not at all, actually.

I dropped two light meters, I switched out a wrong lens and I punctured her mounts.

Really? Yeah.

What happened? Well, I was a little distracted By what I found in your sock drawer.


It that why you ran out of here today? I didn't know what to say.

I can see how that might look Pretty bad.

Ezra, where did that money come from? I sold a car my grandfather left me.

A sixty-seven jag.

I was hoping to restore it one day, but now someone else has it and I have a sock drawer with no socks.

And they paid you in cash? Yeah, I let the guy pay me in cash so he could have a break on taxes.

Um, o-okay.

Why didn't you just tell me that? Well, I didn't think you'd be going through my sock drawer.

I wasn't going through your sock drawer because it's embarrassing.

Okay? Six months ago I was a Professor, and now I'm answering want ads for webzines and and reusing coffee filters.

Can I join you? When you're loyal to a man, hewie, you're loyal to everything about him Even his faults Even his son.

Good morning.

Is it? I wanted to talk to you.


I figured you and mom would want to have a chat.

Your mom's already left.

An important piece of evidence in the Reynolds case was turned in last night.

But I imagine you already knew that.

Now, Spence, the police have been looking for that anklet for two years.

I didn't know that.

They didn't tell the family, and they kept it out of the press.

But you and Jason managed to find it.

I don't know how, but there it is.

The anklet had trace amounts of blood still on it Alison's and someone else's.

That blood has been ruled out as belonging to Garrett Reynolds.

What what do you mean? They don't know whose it is, but they know it's not his.

That's that's not possible.

Spencer, the judge threw out the case.

I'll take you to school.


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