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  03x03 - Kingdom of the Blind
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars".

You said you knew who dug up Ali's grave? I didn't kill Alison.

What was snatched from her grave would have proved it.

People lie.

Medical records don't.

Are those teeth? It wasn't enough to steal her bones, we're gonna get pieces of her delivered to us? You have made my life a nightmare! You owe me! I lost my accompanist for next week's assembly, and I thought of asking you to play with me.

Did you study for this? I did the best I could.

There's a lot riding on this for her.

Maybe if.

She could take it again.

There's no need for her to take it again.


What is he doing out so late? Shh! Real teeth or not, that was definitely stolen from Ali's grave.

I can't talk.

My new attorney made me promise.

I remembered.

She was driving that night.

Bitch can see! God, what a performance.

Can you imagine faking it for so long? What do you think she's planning? That's what you have to find out.

She trusts you.

Or at least she wants you to think that she does.


That That's awesome.

Hey, I'll trade you Mona for Jenna.

No, thanks.

I think I felt safer when Mona wasn't talking.

There she goes.

We should push a table in front of her and see what happens.

God, Hanna, you have all the subtlety of a hand grenade.

Thank you.

Has your mom said anything to you about taking Garrett's case? Not yet.

But Melissa's coming home tomorrow, so she'll probably tell both of us at the same time.

'Cause that's how it works in my family We keep the one-on-ones to a minimum.

You're not helping yourself, Mr.


This all goes on your permanent record! Lucas? Why is vice-principal hackett so mad at you? I'm supposed to give this to my parents.

It looks like I've lost my "positive attitude.

Negatively impacting my social interactions and grades.

" Impacting? "Impacting.

" That's not even a word.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Yeah I'm just fine.

No Lucas, what are you doing?! Stop! What the hell is going on?! Caleb, look, we've gotta get out of here.

# Got a secret, can you keep it # # swear this one you'll save # better lock it in your pocket # # takin' this one to the grave # # if you show you, then I know you won't tell what I said # # 'cause two can keep a secret if one othem is dead # Lucas used to he'll bebe so sweet.

Hanna, the last word a guy wants a girl to describe him with sweet.

Well, now he's a sour patch kid.

He's just making up for lost time.

Going through all the bad boy behavior he saved up for senior year.

You think so? You still talk to him? Not much since I moved out of his house.

Wiyou talk to him? For me? Please? I guess.

But I need you to do something for me.

Name it.

I want to make sure this other situation.

Caleb, Mona's not dangerous anymore.

She's under lock and key.

Keep it that way.

You don't owe her anything.

Okay! "Okay" meaning you won't go out there anymore? You're sweet.

So what made you about playing with me? Um, I guess I was just intimidated by.

The whole idea an audience.

N front of.


Stage fright.


There's only one way you face it.

That: You look it in the eye.

Uh, yeah.

Come over after school.

We'll practice.

Sounds good.

"Look it in the eye"? That's what she said.

That opens a whole new dimension of creepy.

Toby found her eye drops, and Garrett's in jail.

Maybe she's getting careless about hiding things.

Yeah, like that other earring.

If you find that, case closed.

Jenna is working with this "a.

" It's not just the earring that we have to worry about.

Whoever opened Ali's grave we put inside that coffin.


We're gonna sort it out, em.

I can snoop at the same time.

Maybe this is a trap.

I'm also pretty good at running.

Do you remember when she knocked over that beehive? It's your mom.

She posted the grades for that makeup test.

Might as well get that over with.

Wait a minute.

Yknocked over that beehive.

Yeah, but it's a better story if she did it.

No, this can't be right.

I got a 94 on the test.

Whoa! I wish was pulling nineties.

Em, don't go all Spencer on your grades.

Excuse me.

No, I couldnhave gotten that.

I didn't even finish the test.

So it was a mistake.

But you don't think it was a mistake.

The last thing I need right now is people thinking I cheated.

Wait, em.

You think that someone went into the school computer.

And boosted your grade? Someone in particular? Wait.

Are we getting a little paranoid right now? You're not paranoid if someone's really out to get you.


Is there something I can help you with? Dude, you tried to set fire to my girlfriend.

Yeah, sorry about that.

I was being ground down by a trivial bureaucracy.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but is there something that you want to talk about? What I want is for you to mind your own business.

Something I'm usually pretty good at, but there are other people involved.

Hanna's worried about you.

Yeah, like you worry aboutpet.

Tell her to save her energy.

She's got bigger problems.

I know all about Mona being "a.

" Hanna told me.

It's the tip of the iceberg.

Lots more under the surface.

Ancient history.

More like current events.

You know, ripped from today's headlines? What headlines are we talking about? Icebergs turn over.

Did you know that? They just roll over and bring up all of that buried junk.

You don't want to get too close when that happens.

Is that a threat? It's an observation.


Montgomery? Can I talk to you? Of course.

I wanted to ask you about the makeup test.

I saw my grade, and I think there's something wrong.

I don't think it's Well, are you sure it's accurate? Very sure.

I got a 94.

I know.

How could I get a 94 on a test I didn't complete? I think somebody did something to the test paper before you graded it, and I just want you to know I had nothing to do with it.

Emily, it's all right.

The test was completed.


I don't think you understand.

If it was completed, it wasn't completed by me.

I do understand, and now I want to you to understand.

The grade is accurate.

Everything's all right, I promise.

Just keep working.


Sorry I'm late.

Not a problem.

Mom's not here yet.

Dad called.

How was Washington? Muggy.

You okay? Tired.

But you had a good time? Relatively.


Hi, honey.

Spencer, I need to talk to you.

Both of you.

This is gonna become public knowledge soon, but I wanted you to hear it from me first.

We've discussed this at the firm, and I've decided to defend Garrett Reynolds.

Why? I spoke to his mother.

I know what it's like to have a child accused of something they didn't do.

The police have evidence.

Maybe they do.

I'd like to see what it is.

So you're doing this out of curiosity? I'm doing this because everyone deserves a strong defense.

Mom, he has a lawyer.

I know his public defender.

Hector is competent to handle you for disturbing the peace, but he's out of his league with this.

He couldn't even get a change of venue.

Okay, then have somebody else do it.

There must be a hundred other lawyers who can.

I'm sure there are.

I don't know any that would take the case pro Bono.

You're doing this for free? That's very generous of you.

Okay, so you talked to his parents.

Have you spoken with Garrett? Yes.

I found his story to be credible.

What story is that?! All I can say is that.

He convinced me of his lack of guilt as pertains to the charges.

Mom What are you doing? Okay? This is the man who killed my best friend.

He killed the girl that Emily was in love with.

Accused of killing them.

Will you say something? What do you want me to say? This does involve you.

Any interest I had in any of this ended three months ago.


I'm pretty sure that's what she was telling me.

Why would she do that? I don't know.

She feels sorry for me? Everybody feels sorry for me? It's not just you.

My mom's protective instincts.

Have been in overdrive since the divorce.

She's She's compensating.

Well, I just wish she'd compensate on somebody else.

At least it's not "a" messing with your grades, right? No, but it's a secret, and "a" attracts secrets like a mean girl magnet.

And that mean girl is locked up at radley.

This is somebody else.

Somebody who digs up graves.

I can't believe that we are talking about "a.

" I thought we were done with this when they grabbed Mona.

We're right back in the same place.

No, we're not.

You're right.

It's different.

Listen, we did not go through all of that.

To crawl under somebody else's thumb.

I am way more angry than I am scared now.

Can I borrow some of that? Any time.

When you tell mom, be accurate.

This is my second, not including lunch.

That's none of my business.

That is correct.

I do want to ask you something, though.

How do you really feel about mom defending Garrett? How I feel? I'm completely indifferent.

Yeah, I don't really buy that.

I think that somehow you convinced her to do it.

Why would I do that? I don't know.

But I know that you and he got awfully tight just before he was arrested.

You have a lurid imagination.

My imagination is nothing compared to the facts, Melissa.

You were on that video in Ali's bedroom, and when he walked out of that bedroom, he killed someone.

Will you just stop? For once in your life stop trying to be the smartest person in the room.

Climb out of spencerworld long enough to see.

Some people have lost everythineverything.

Melissa When you called back in June from the hospital, when you When you were there, I asked mom if I could come up and see you.


And she said no.

I didn't want to see anybody else.

I woke up in that room a hundred Miles from here And I knew something was wrong.

I just wanted mom.

I'm sorry you lost your baby.

You know, I hope she does get him off Guilty or not.

Why? Because of all the men I've had to deal with, he is the only one who's always told me the truth.

I figured it out too late, but I figured it out.

Am I putting you to sleep? No! No, no, no.

I I'm just a little rusty on this part.

We can take a break.


So, how's Emily? When I hear her, she sounds strong, but, um, it's hard to tell when you can't see her face.

She's fine.

Like you said, she's strong.

But the heart can only take so much the heart and the mind.

Poor little Mona.

It's a little hard to think of her as "poor little Mona" under the circumstances.

Yeah, I suppose.

The circumstances worked out well for you, didn't they? It's not that tidy.

Somebody did open Alison's grave.

But no one thinks that you had anything to do with that.

Do they? I bet those cookies are cool enough now.

You need any help? No, I can manage.

Earplugs? That's what it said.

Okay, tomorrow's Wednesday.

If it means this week.

I wish people would be more specific with their clues.

I'll put it in the suggestion box.

What do we do about this? I want to know where Jenna is tomorrow at 4:15.

She asked about you, em.

What did she want to know? How you were holding up.

She wants to know if you can remember being in the car with her.

She just can't come out and say it.

This is crazy.

It's like trying to read a book and someone keeps ripping out the pages.

Em, we'll put it together, all right? Yeah.

We know that somewhere between being with us.

And getting to Alison's grave, you were with Jenna.

We just have to find out how you got in the car and where you went, and we'll be that much closer to figuring out what happened that night.



Have you spoken to your mom? Yeah.

She gave a prepared statement.

And then she declined to answer any questions.

Why is she doing this? Melissa made her do it.


I just I don't know why.

Is she afraid of something Garrett could say? I had a thought about Garrett and Melissa.

What kind of thought? A pretty nasty one.

Okay, now you have to say it.

What if Garrett and Melissa got together? I mean, he went to the hospital with her to get her ultrasound.

Where are you going with this? I'm saying, what if Ian's not the father of Melissa's baby? Okay, next stop twilight zone.


If Garrett got Melissa pregnant, why wouldn't she marhim? Well My parents might not have liked Ian, but he still had it over a civil servant.

Garrett was talking about medical records We thoughhe was talking about Jenna's.

Jenna's medical records wouldn't have changed your mother's mind, but Melissa's So, my mom can't drive me to Philadelphia tomorrow.

He has to speak with the vice-principal.

About what? I-I don't know.

She didn't say.

There was a time when a man would have wait weeks.

For a rejection to come by mail.

Now the Internet delivers big, concentrated blobs of disappointment.

With the click of a mouse.

So there's no point in me coming over there.

And trying to make you feel better? No, but It's important to keep up appearances.

What? Have you ever helped out a student? Is that a trick question? Well, like, they underperformed on a test or something, but you knew that they knew the information, so you helped out their grade a little bit.

I get the feeling this isn't a hypothetical discussion.

Emily thinks that my mom helped her Changed her grade on a test.

Did Emily talk to your mother about this? Yes.

And my mom basically said that that's what she did.

Well, what you think? II think that my mom's been through a lot.

My stuff and you-and-me stuff, and all that on top of a divorce? I can see why she'd want to help out Emily.

You don't look surprised.

Surprised that your mother would want to help a student? No.

The vice-principal wants to talk to my mom about this.

Are they gonna fire her? I drink a lot of water.

My mouth is always really dry.

It's the pills.

Really dry.

So I drink a lot of water.

Sort of like a cleanse.

Do you want some water? Um, no.

No, I'm fine, thank you.

Me too.

You seem really different from the last time I was here.

They changed what I was taking.

What I'm taking now is different.

But it makes my mouth really dry.

And they won't let you have gum.

What is the deal with that? So, do you have many visitors? My parents.

Mostly they just sit and look at me like they don't quite know who I am.


But even when I was quiet, I knew you were here.

It helped.


I mean, let's be honest, we've had our ups and downs, and I've had to forgive myself for a lot of that.

But how are you, Hanna banana? What's the news of the boulevard? I'm not here to talk about the boulevard.

Or the water, or the gum, all right? We thought you being in here was the end of it, and it's not.

And you know that.

The question is, how do you know? Oh I'm sorry somebody's giving you such a hard time.

You have to be so careful these days.

It's like you can't trust anybody.

Not even family.

But don't worry.

You'll always have me.

I'm not gonna forget any of you.

So, tell me, did they ever find what's left of Alison? Hello.


So you've discovered my other office.

This is where I see some of the students that I've started tutoring.

Are we going to have a turf war? No, no, I don't think so.

I want to talk to you about Emily.

Emily talks to Aria, and Aria talks to you.

That's our brave new world.

Why does hackett want to talk to you? It's nothing for you to be concerned about.

I'm not just a spectator here.

He wants to ask me about my grading practice.


Why? The office received a note from a student.

Who thinks I might be showing favoritism Altering test scores.

Which student? It was anonymous.

I've done a very foolish.

And shortsighted thing.

You did a very human thing.

How are you gonna handle it? I'm going to handle it the way that Emily handled it when she found out I'm going to tell the truth.

Or I could blame you.

Maybe if you'd come into the classroom a little bit earlier, I wouldn't have done it.

That's an interesting approach, but if it works for you, go for it.

You know, with everything else going on in my life, I thought I was okay at work That I had perspective.

I was wrong.

It's not easy to keep things separate.

No, it's not.

Are you following me? No.

That would mean I didn't know where you were going, and I was pretty sure of that.

Do you want a ride back to town? I thought that we had a deal about you not coming out here.

Why can't you just trust me on this? I dotrust you, okay? I just don't want you.

Coming out here to visit madhouse Mona.

Do not call her that.

I call 'em like I see 'em.

There is another Mona in there The one I grew up with, the one who stuck with me, not the one who tore up your letter or tortured my friends.

And ran me over with a car.

Whoa, whoa, spool back.

When did she hit you with a car? She is the one that ran you over? No.

You know what, I went over the car, not under it.

Why didn't you say something? What was I supposed to tell you? The truth? You make it sound like it's so easy.

You want to know the truth, well, boom! Here it is.

It's like a big bowl of spaghetti that's all tangled.

Have you ever untangled spaghetti? No.

Well, there you go.

Hey, you know what, I need to talk to you.

About what? You were visiting Mona.


I could have a lot of emotionally disturbed friends.

I saw you go in the day room.

Okay, fine.

I was visiting Mona.

So what? Why? Same reason you've been visiting her To see if she's really mental.

That's not why I'm here.

No? You didn't even consider that she might be faking? That was pretty stupid, Hanna.

Why would she be faking it? Better than going to jail.

And safer.

Safer for who? It's better for a lot of people if Mona stays crazy.

Right? What time is it? Uh, four o'clock.

Do you think h.

Cobb is coming to her, or is she going to him, her, whatever.

I couldn't tell from the note.

It just said "Cobb, 415," and "earplugs.

" Earplugs? I do not need things to get any weirder.


My name is Melissa Hastings, and I was an emergency room patient there back in June.

I was just wondering if I could get a copy of my records.

For the insurance company.

Mai'll connect you to patient services.

Thank you.

Ezra knows what your mom did? We danced around it a bit, but he finally came out and said it.

I wish I had a teacher like that.


This is a bad thing.

My mom needs this job.

Sorry! She was just trying to help out poor em.

Yeah, I think poor em is getting a little tired of being called "poor em.

" Are you sure? It would have been June tenth.

I was staying at the Hanover, and then I came in through the E.


It was a miscarriage.

I'm sorry, miss Hastings, we have no record of you being in this facility.

Well, I was.

I-I might have given you my husband's name, Thomas.

Could you look that up? It's the same social security number.

Just a moment.

I should have just come out and asked him.

"Lucas, you were at the masquerade with Jenna.

Who were you talking to? Who was the black swan?" You would have asked him that in front of Caleb? I couldn't make things worse with Caleb if I tried.

Well, has he asked you anything else about Mona? About the hit-and-run or anything? No.

He didn't say a word the whole drive back to town.

Honestly, I think he's scared to ask me anything.

No Hastings, no Thomas I'm sorry, there's no record of you being here.

Well, I suppose I might have gone to another hospital.

If you were staying at the Hanover, this is where they would have sent you.

The next closest emergency room is three towns over.

Thank you.

I guess we're going for a ride.

Hanover resort.

Good afternoon.


My name is Melissa Hastings, and I was a guest at your resort this summer.

I have a question about my bill.

I can help you with that.

Let me pull it up.

So my credit card statement shows me leaving on June tenth.

Does that match your records? Miss Hastings, I show you staying three days beyond the tenth.

Are you sure? I have restaurant and spa charges.

As well as the additional room.

Additional room? For Veronica Hastings, arriving June tenth.

You used the same credit card for both rooms.

And check out together on the thirteenth.

The thirteenth.

Emily What are you doing here? I'm gonna talk to the vice-principal with you.


No, you're not.

This was my misjudgment, not yours.

Tell me you would have done this for anybody else.

That's not the point.


Montgomery, I'm really grateful that you did this, but you don't know what you've done.


Montgomery, look who came back for a visit.







Uh, Mr.

hackett, you wanted to see me.

I did, but the matter has been resolved.

It has? I told Mr.

hackett about my going to your class.

After Emily's makeup test.

I guess I just got a little overinvested in being your tutor.

Happens to the best of us.

I also confessed to getting you to grade her test in front of me.

To see how she did, and I realized that might look like I was trying to get her preferential treatment.


Just a little professional courtesy.

To help the system work better.

Well, anyway, I feel better getting it off my conscience.

A medical building? All this for a crummy doctor's appointment? Seriously? What a rip.

Let's just go over there, look at the directory, and see what kind of doctor Dr.

Cobb is.

Give her a minute to get out of the lobby, then we'll go.


Oh, my God, it's Jenna! Call Spencer and em! Spence, call Emily, tell her we're following Jenna.

You know, you'd think I would have remembered.

This thing owes me a lot of quarters.

When did you become friends with Arthur hackett? I'm not, but I know how much he hates conflict.

Almost as much as he hates making a decision, so I thought if I offered him a way out, he'd take it.

And he did.



So now we've both lied for Emily.


Some role models we are.

And why did you do this? This has nothing to do with Aria and me, if that's what you're thinking.

Then why? Because I knew why you did what you did.

I'm a teacher.

And we used to be friends.

Thank you for the soda.

She went in there.

A gunstore? What is she doing at a frickin' gun store?! Duh.

Can you say "target practice"? That's the car, isn't it? That's the one.

Spence, did you call the hospital? Yeah, I called.

Are they are they sending the records? There aren't any records.

What's that supposed to mean? It means that Melissa didn't lose her baby in June.

There she is.


Hanna, stop.


No, Spencer, I'm sick of this.

We're lying to everybody, everybody's lying to us no mas.

Han you Let her go.

Wow, Jenna.

What a sight for sore eyes.

My Uncle ned taught me solitaire.

He said as long as I had a deck of cards, I'd never be bored.

He taught me eight sages, twelve sleeping maidens, blonds and brunettes.

But I like klondike the best.

I like the way it looks.

Don't you? Yeah.

You're big on games.

It helps pass the time.

Till what? Maybe I believe this, and maybe I don't But get this straight Do not mess with Hanna.

That is the one thing that I came here to say, and I've said it.

You two make a lovely couple.

You're laughing at all of us in there, in your head.

Aren't you? Well, here's the real joke.

I get to walk out of that door.

But you Aren't going anywhere.

You are a lousy kisser.

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! All this time you could see.

From the very first operation.


How could you lie about this? It was the only protection I had.

Protection from what? Someone tried to burn down our house with me in it, remember? If people think that you're blind, they get careless.

You see what they don't think you can see.

And you never told Toby.

He was safer if he didn't know.

God, you are so twisted.

I wonder how I got that way? I was in your car that night.

Yes, you were.

Where were you going? I was just driving.

You think I enjoyed carrying that cane? At least at night I could get out of town, get out of rosewood, and not worry about anybody seeing me.

Yeah, but somebody did see you.

Dead of night, edge of town, and Emily was just standing there In the middle of the road.

I almost hit her.

You were drunk and crying, talking about Maya.

I couldn't just leave you there.

Yeah, she might tell someone she saw you.

Witnesses can be a bitch.

She was so messed up that I thought that she wouldn't remember, and if she did, who would believe her? So I put you in the car and I was going to take you home, at least to the end of your street, but you freaked out when I stopped at the light and jumped out of the I couldn't take any more chances.

What time was this? About twelve, twelve-thirty.

You have to promise not to tell.

That you can see? Are you kidding? I am still a target.

For who? If I knew that, then I wouldn't have to hide.

You have to do this for me! I mean, you owe it to me, right? All of you.


Oh, hello, honey.

What's all this? Hector sent everything over from the public defender's office.

I was right.

Once they had Garrett in custody, they went through every open case they had looking for a hook.

And they found some.

Yeah, enough to charge him with arson and with killing Maya.

It's mostly circumstantial.

And knowing the way the rosewood police handle evidence, I'm sure I can get everything thrown out.

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself.

He's innocent until proven guilty.

That is so good, mom.

Did you come up with that yourself? You can't speak to me like that, Spencer.

I'm sorry.

No matter how we feel, we can't let this man be railroaded by a sloppy investigation.

You know what, mom? I've been doing some investigating of my own, and do you know what I found? When Melissa was alone in Hanover.

And she got sick and she lost her baby, she didn't go to a hospital.

There were no records.

She just stayed at the resort.

Which is where you went to go meet her.

Did Melissa tell you this? No! Mom, Melissa wouldn't tell me if my hair was on fire! She went up there looking pregnant, and you brought her back down not pregnant.

She wfaking.

So did you know that before you went up to see her? Is that why I wasn't allowed to come? I didn't know before I got there.

I had some suspicions, but I didn't know.

You had some suspicions? Mom, when did Melissa lose her baby? You'll have to ask your sister.

No, mom, I am asking you.


I was just about to get something to drink.

How about you? In a minute.

I need to talk to you.

It was bad enough when Mrs.

Montgomery finished that test for me, but now she has you lying about it.


Montgomery had nothing to do with that.

That was completely my idea.

Why? No.

Don't tell me.

I know.

You felt sorry for me.

That's not what I need from my teachers.

You're right.

And I don't think you would have done it if you weren't with Aria.

I've been thinking a lot about that, and honestly, I don't know if I would have.

I do know you got caught in the middle of something, and I'm sorry if Ella and I made things worse instead of better.


I hate to sound ungrateful, but I am really getting tired of everybody treating me like I was made out of glass.

Same course, different test.

Pass it now.

I'll get your usual.

# Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm # in the eye abides the heart # # mmm-mmm-mmm and tender feeling # # all emotions worth revealing # # through the eyes their charm impart # # mmm-mmm-mmm # mmm-mmm # mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm

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