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  03x02 - Blood is the New Black
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Previously on Pretty Little Liars For us making it to senior year.

Not all of us made it.

Can you see, or not? No.

The surgery didn't-- No, it didn't.

Garrett Reynolds, you're under arrest.

For what? The murder of Alison Dilaurentis.

Is miss Rivers available? How did you get my number? Hey.

Everything okay I need a lawyer, and your mom's one of the best in the state.

I'm not going to help you.

I think I remember leaving your house, and the next thing I know, I'm here.

You guys, this is a set-up.

It's not "A.

" Mona is drooling in her bed at a nut hospital.

We don't know that for sure.

I've been visiting her.

What?! "Mona played with dolls-- I play with body parts.

" "Game on, bitches.

" "A.

" The author goes to great lengths to establish Hedda Gabler as a strong, proud woman, someone who could never live with the threat of being blackmailed.

But Hedda was pushed to take a desperate action.

And while she may have seen it as brave, we see it as tragic.

What might really be tragic is if some of you don't start taking some notes.


Senior year is not all about skipping classes and dancing for the security cameras at Walmart.

That's what your weekends are for.

You might also want to research some of his other plays and see how they were received at that time Emily, is everything all right? C-can I be excused? Emily-- What's going on? No, no.

Just come on.

Em, what's the matter? Talk to us.

What is that? Are those teeth? Please just get rid of it.

Are they Alison's? My God, I can't breathe.

It wasn't enough to steal her bones, now we're gonna get pieces of her delivered to us? Guys, there probably aren't even human.

They're totally human! How do you know? Because I worked at a dentist's office.

For two days, answering phones.

Yeah, and there were teeth everywhere.

Even the friggin' bathroom key was shaped like a cuspid.

Guys, real or not, this "A" is working overtime to frame us.

First the call to Emily from Spencer's phone, then the cemetery photo, and now-- It's all my fault.

Em, stop.


That whole night is like a black hole.

I still can't figure out how I got to Ali's grave.

We need to give this to the police.

We can't.

We already lied to them about the lake house.


That was a huge mistake.

We keep digging ourselves in deeper.

Burning those photos was one thing-- These are teeth.

Okay? We should at least tell our parents.

Tell them what? We have no idea what this "A" knows.

Are you ready to explain every lie we've ever told since Ali died? You don't have to protect me, okay? I can take the blame for all of this.

Emily, stop.

You're not in this by yourself.

But if you could remember something else from that black hole besides an old car, that'd be nice.


I'm just saying, it'd be helpful.

Can we please just get rid of that? We can't toss this.

This is evidence.

I'll put it in my locker until we figure out what to do.

Like your locker is safe from "A"? Just give it to me.

I'll put it in my purse-- Hanna.

I will get it.

No, wait! You can't just dive in there.

These things have sensors.

Excuse me? You just have to be really careful.

Well, if you would like to.


# Got a secret, can you keep it # # swear this one you'll save # better lock it in your pocket # # takin' this one to the grave # # if I show you, then I know you won't tell what I said # # 'cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead # I can't believe we've lost it.

It wasn't like we were gonna hand it over to the cops.

I wanted to.

We could have found out who sent it to us.

There were fingerprints on that necklace.

Yeah, mine.

Hanna, you have to go back to Radley.

What? You need to make Mona talk.

Spencer's right.

Mona has never been working alone, and she's probably still giving people orders.

Find out who else has seen her.

You guys just ripped me a new one last week for visiting her.

Now you want me to go back there with cupcakes? If we want answers, focusing on Garrett.

I will go back to Garrett, if you will work on Mona.

Will you go today? After school? Has anyone spoken to her since school started? No.

I still think it's really shady that she didn't get back from Music Camp until the first day of school.

It's no shadier than Lucas strolling around on Saturday at four in the morning.

Well, maybe that's their witching house.

So now we think they're definitely connected? Jenna and Lucas? Em, you saw them talking to that Black Swan person at the masquerade party.

Mona could have an entire outfield playing for her.

Hey, watch it.

Here you go, man.

That's okay, Jenna, don't worry about it.

Is it just me or is she blinder than she was last year? Hey.

Still working on this? Yeah, but I can fix it.

The school should be paying you.

A lot.

What's up? You okay? Um, I do have to meet my mom after school.

She wants me to help pick out an outfit for this bank thingie, so can we do dinner tomorrow night instead? Yeah.

Tomorrow night's fine.


Well, see you later, sweetie.

Your mom thinks I'm a basket case.

My mom loves you, em.

She knows everything that you've been through.

Can she spread the love around the faculty lounge? I have to take four make-up exams or they're gonna make me repeat eleventh grade.

They can't hold you back.

Yes, they can.

I was absent all of April.

You're gonna get through this.


You just need a study partner.

A tutor.

Wait! Why don't you just call Ezra? If your first make-up test is an English he could be your tutor.


No, it's not.

Aria, I can't think of him as "Mr.

Fitz" anymore.

Okay? I've seen his underwear drawer.

Those were his socks.

Why would his socks have a flap in the middle? I'm texting you his number.

Aria, I don't-- He's not teaching right now, and it's killing him.

You'd be helping each other out.

Who is that? Meredith.


That's your dad's Meredith? That's the skank you and Ali caught lip-locking in the car? If my mom sees her here What's she doing here? Excuse me.

Are you looking for someone? Hello, Aria.

I forgot you were still a student here.

Yeah, I am.

What are you doing here? I'm applying for an open teaching position.

Oh, don't worry, hon.

I won't put you down as a reference.

I don't get it.

Why would she want to work at a school where she's gonna bump into my mother every single day? And why should my mom have to go through this? She's been divorced for, like, 20 minutes.

Aria, breathe.

Meredith applied for the job, it doesn't mean she got it.

There's no reason to tell your mom.

Seriously, though, who is giving that woman a reference--my dad? Ooh, yeah, I wouldn't tell him either.

Why? You think he has something to do with this? I didn't say that, I just think you're still walking on bit of scorched earth when it comes to us, and if you put him on the defensive-- He's not in that place anymore.

Then why am I dropping you off three blocks from your house? Because he's still in that place.

I hate this.

I hate having to sneak around and avoid saying your name It's like we're going backwards.

One battle at a time.

We just had a nice dinner-- with your mom.

Okay? Let's celebrate what is working.

It's Emily.

Has she called you yet? No.

Why haven't you called Ezra yet? Call him now.

He's free.

Emily's gonna be calling you.

I might not answer.

Ezra, she's sinking.

Please? So, um Did you talk to your mom? No.

I need you to give me a better reason.

Other than being innocent? Look, you said you knew who dug up Ali's grave.

How do I know that the person didn't just do that for you? I didn't touch your friend Maya, and I didn't kill Alison, and guess what, what was snatched from her grave that night would have actually proved it.

How? Is your mom defending me or not? Why would she or anyone else in this town believe that you're innocent? Spencer, somebody you know well has you completely fooled.

People lie, but Medical records don't.

Whose medical records? Who are you talking about? Alison? Jenna's? Wait.

Are you talking about Jenna? So it turns out *** that frizzy-haired girl who dates the quarterback.

You know, the one who transferred from Ohio? Well, Noel Kahn thinks this dude is a genius because he can burp the star-spangled banner.

Have you Heard from Noel? Does he ever come visit you? Has anyone Been to visit you besides me? You know what, Mona? If I told the police that you mowed me down with your car, you would not be here getting a slice of peach pie every day to wash down your meds.

You'd be sharing a jail cell with someone calling you "Peach Pie" while you braid her back hair! God, Mona, you owe me! All right? You have made my life a nightmare! You owe me! What's going on? This visit's over.


Hey there.


Can I get you a cup of coffee? No, I'm okay.

Thanks, Mr.


You can call me Ezra.

No, I can't.

But I can try.

Have a seat.

SoAria mentioned you're taking the English make-up exam this Thursday.

Yeah, and then chem and history next week, and Spanish after that.


Well, I'm glad we can start with a language I actually speakin.

But not always so well.

Did you like the novel? Yeah, it was okay.

Ending was kind of sad.

Emily, um I'm so sorry about Maya.

We don't have to talk about that.


I know.

But it's just, I-- I wanted you to know that.

I'm justSorry.

Your friend Mona deserves to be drawn and quartered.

And given what she's done, I understand you want to punish her.

That's not why I came here.

I just lost it.

I've done worse.

I once threw a bowl of soup across the room when visiting my dad.

In a place much like this.


Your dad was in the nut house? For years.

He checked out of my life when I was ten, traded our family room for the chaos inside his head.

He made your friend down the hall seem downright chatty.

She won't even apologize.

Then you have to accept that, Hanna.

You've lost someone whom you trusted.

And then you might be grieving for the Mona you didn't know as much as for the one you did.

I'm getting really tired of losing people.

And this is particularly hard because Mona's right in front of you.

In clinical terms, we call it "ambiguous loss.

" What? There's been a death, but it doesn't involve a body.

Like when a soldier goes missing, or a relative slips into dementia.

They're gone, but yet, still here.


Where did Jenna go when music camp ended? Did your parents pick her up? I have no idea.

Why? Well, that camp ended on August 23rd.

I looked it up online.

Did she just stay up in the Poconos? Honestly, I don't know.

I was packing up my stuff before she even went to camp.

Just eating breakfast there was weird.

How come? My parents were treating Jenna like one of her snow-globes.

After the surgery didn't work, it was like they thought she'd crack if they asked the wrong question.


Hmm? Come here.

You're a little tense.


I was born that way.

Maybe I can help.

# just a lie # but I found you out # and said my last goodbye # so what happened to you, darling.

# Spencer? Yeah! In here! Oh.

Hello, Toby.

Hey, Mrs.

Hastings, how's it goin'? I've had better days.

Did your sister call? I've left three messages for her.

Uh, no, is Melissa okay? I don't think "okay" really applies in her situation, does it? Will you be joining us for dinner, Toby? UhWell, I was-- Sure.

It was weird, but we got past it.

So you're calling him "Ezra," or "Mr.

Fitz"? Neither.

It's a lot easier not to call him anything.


That's what your dad does, right, Aria? Just about.

This whole "don't ask, don't tell" thing is not working.

I did that with my mom forever.

But she finally came around.

By the time I brought Tamara over, they were bonding over arts and crafts.

I don't think my dad is gonna be scrapbookin' with Ezra anytime soon.

What's that? Is that yours? What's going on? Whose is that? Do you want to save your parents' marriage, or not? I don't even know what we're looking for.

If my dad said that Meredith's history, I believe him.

Oh, grow up.

They probably do it on that couch.


Do you smell cheap perfume? Ali, there are other students that come in here, okay? Yeah, and how many of them like to roll around and sweat on his couch? Is that someone coming? Which student does this belong to? You found that in his couch? Honey, I'm sure she's shed a lot more than that.

Probably find her panties in the mini-fridge.


So they have been spending quality time together.

I hear break-up sex is the best.

Why would he lie? He told me that he ended it.

Maybe he did, sweetie.

But people make up.

They backslide.

Aria, if you really want to get rid of this bitch, you're gonna have to help daddy figure out what she really is-- a vindictive, homewrecking bunny-boiler.

Don't look now, but mere-death is having a meltdown.

How come you never told us about that? Why would I? I felt like complete crap by the time I got home, and I made Alison promise to never tell a soul.

So why is it in your locker? You've been hiding it this whole time? No.


It's just that you guys Don't you remember when Ali's mom called us before her funeral and she asked all of us if we each wanted to put something.

A keepsake in her casket? And that's what you put in there? So real teeth or not, that was definitely stolen from Ali's grave.

So next, cite an example of how the author uses symbolism.

Emily? I'm sorry, what was the question? Wharton's use of symbolism? The cat.

The broken dish.

Emily You know this material, and you've been in high-pressure situations before.

When you were swimming, you thrived on them, right? So how did you prepare for a race? What did you do minutes before you jumped in that pool? Um, I Listened to music.

Then that's what you'll do before you take these exams.

Everything you need to know is already in your head.

Aria? Is that you? Jenna.

I thought I recognized the ringtone.

I was going to call you tonight.

Why? I lost my accompanist for next week's assembly, and I thought of askingyou to play with me.


Uh I'm a little rusty.

Oh, it's an easy piece.

Just a couple of rehearsals and we'd be good to go.

So you want to come over tomorrow? Gee, uh--uh-- I'd really love to, Jenna, but I'm helping my dad with this project he's doing, and-- He's actually waving at me from across the street, so I really gotta go.

She invited you to that house? - What'd you say? - I said no freakin' way.

To myself.

But to her I just said that I was busy.

Did you ever find a note? Are we sure that earring came from "A"? I'd be a lot more sure if you could squeeze something out of Mona.

Please tell me that you're going back there.

Are you? Uh, I don't know.

I'll call you back.


Took long enough.

They messed up.

Gave our order to someone else.

Didn't you get my text? Uh, no.

I was on the phone with Aria.

I'm starving.

Me too.

You got somewhere else you need to be? No.


Of course not.

Ask whoever that is to call you back, please.

I-- I won't answer it.

Everything okay? No.

Clearly it's not if my daughter's making secret trips to the county jail.

There's still a lot of things that I don't understand.

Yeah, me too, like why would you have anything to do with a man who's accused of murdering two teenage girls? Mom, Emily is really hurting, and I just wanted some answers.

Did this happen to Maya because she knew too much? Did the D.


's office send you there to ask that question? I didn't think so.

I'm guessing it'll be answered at his trial.

Why are you talking to me like I'm a hostile witness? Maya was my friend, too.

This is a dangerous man, Spencer.

He wouldn't be locked up if there weren't damaging evidence against him.

Don't you ever go there again.

So is rosewood safe now that one dangerous man is locked up? Because garret was already in jail when Ali's grave was dug up.

If you're implying that he's got helpful friends on the outside, that's even more of a reason not to see him.

People might think that's you.

Don't you ever go there again.

Am I clear? I thought you were starved.

Guess I'm not.

Okay, where do you need to be right now? Hanna, we stopped lying to each other a long time ago, didn't we? I was thinking of visiting Mona at Radley.

Why now? Just curious.

It's complicated.

No, it's more than complicated.

It is completely whacked.

Look, she was my best friend in tenth grade.

Yeah, and she threw you a few poisoned apples in the eleventh.

I don't expect you to understand, all right? I know you hate her.

I feel sorry for her, okay? But not enough to send her a get well card.

Caleb-- - I don't care if she spends the rest of her life in a paper gown making ash trays and pooping in a stall without a door as long as she can't get anywhere near you, or hurt you-- It hurt me to see her like this, okay? I'm having an ambiguous loss.

You're what? That's what it's called.

Someone dies but they're still here.

Where did you pick that up? I googled it, okay? I'm not gonna have this fight.


I'll go with you.

What? To Radley.

I'll drive you there.

By the time we get there visiting hours will be over.

Then we'll go tomorrow.

Why would you do that? Because I love you.

And I don't want us sneaking around each other.

Dad? Can I talk to you? Yeah.

What's wrong? Will you sit down? I-- I need to tell you something.

Um I know that your office was trashed a couple years ago.

And I know that I'm not supposed to know that because you thought that it was Meredith who did it.

But it wasn't her, it was me.

Why are you telling me this now? Did seeing Meredith yesterday bring this on? I guess.


Do you have any idea how close I came to calling the police? I thought she wanted to hurt my family.

She already had.

So I did it.

I said a lot of harsh things to her at the time.

And now you're telling me that I accused her of something that You did.

We both owe her an apology.

And I'm not doing that for you.

# yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # jump in, floating like a feather-- # You ready? Okay, guys, you have 45 minutes.

I'll give you a five-minute warning before I collect the tests.

Good luck.

So This won't be long.

If you need me, I'll be right here, okay? Hey, Mona.

I'm back.

I didn't come here to throw any more chairs.

I just Wanted to return the favor.

I brought the good stuff.

How did you get your hands on these? Nobody was home.

I found them in Jenna's bathroom.

So what are they? They're eye drops? The doctor prescribed the first bottle to Jenna last spring after the surgery.

So? Thank you.


You're welcome.

Check out the expiration date on the other bottle.

If the surgery didn't work, why is she still renewing that prescription? Wait.

What are you saying? You think Jenna can see? Emily? Are you okay? Five minutes, guys.

Okay, time is up.

Emily It's not a take-home test.

Oh, right.


Did you need more time? No, I'm done.

Emily, wait.

Did you study for this? Yeah, I did.

But I-- I did the best I could.

I really have to go.



Do you want to sit? I'dreally rather not do this here, if that's okay.

Well, here is where we are.


Look, I-- I know that this is ancient history, but I just needed to clarify something.

After I found out about you and my dad, I was really upset.

And I broke into his office-- You don't have to recount all the gory details.

I spoke to your father this morning.

I remember his threats on my voicemail like it was yesterday.


Well, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Maybe I'll hear that from your father tomorrow, too.

You're seeing him? We made lunch plans.

And I guess I have you to thank for that.

Is there something else you want to say? Yeah.

I didn't go to his office with the intention of stealing anything, I just took the earrings because-- Wait.

Go back.

Earrings? I don't have the other one, but as soon as I find it I'll make sure that you get it.

What made you think this belonged to me? That's not my earring.

Can I help you? Yeah, I'm just here to visit Garrett Reynolds.

He's meeting with his lawyer.

It could be a while.


May I wait? Suit yourself.

Thank you.

Can you give me a list of all previous visitors, please? Thanks.

No, no, no.

I want something compiled for the last five months.

I'll need a little time to put that together.


Tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow works.

Okay, thanks.

Pardon me.

You're with Hanna? I'm Dr.


Hanna knows me as wren.

And you are? Caleb.

Her boyfriend.

Very good.

So you decided to join her this time.


Yeah, Hanna pretty much does whatever she wants, so I figured I would get onboard.


Well, from what I've gathered, coming here has been a great source of conflict for her.

She's spoken to you about this? She has.

We talked about patience and compassion.

It seems like the other day was a bit of a turning point for her.

She's just starting to come to terms with all the anger that's tied to ambiguous loss.

Well, then, best press on.

But please give Hanna my best.

Nice meeting you.


Same here.

What was my mother doing here? Sorry.

I can't talk.

My new attorney made me promise.

What-- what are you saying? Is my mother your lawyer now? No.

There's-- there's no way-- I never even asked her to help you.

I couldn't, she still thinks you're guilty.

What did you say that made her change her mind? I gotta go.


What about Jenna, though? Could you at least tell me-- - I'm done.

Okay, so the lighting in here sucks.

But at least you're starting to look like someone I recognize.

Look, Mona, I didn't come here to play beauty shop.

I came here because I know there is a person still in there.

I know you've been hurt, but so have I.

And I still am.

Trust me, you're not the first person to hurt me, Mona.

And you're certainly not the last.

You're getting them again, aren't you? The texts.

Hey, Hanna.

The nurse said that visiting hours are over.

Um, yeah, can you, uh, can you give me a minute? Just tell the nurse that I have to pack up.

Mona, what texts are you talking about? What texts are you talking about? Mona.

Hanna, come on.

We're not done with this.

Okay? Do you hear me? I'm coming back, Mona.

Sorry to disturb you.

Do you have a minute? Sure.

But if this is about Aria-- It's Emily.

What about her? Well, I saw her after the makeup exam yesterday, and she wasdistraught.

She thought she did poorly.

I don't know if Aria's motioned it, but I've been helping her prep for these exams, and-- What is your question? I just wanted to know how she did.

She didfine.

There's a lot riding on this for her.

Now, maybe if she could take it again-- There's no need for her to take it again, Ezra.

I understand what she's gone through.

Emily did very well.

We're all rooting for her to succeed.


That's all she said? Isn't that enough? No.

That is not enough.

You have to go back to Radley, Han.


It's not so easy.

Caleb is all over me.

I don't need to know that.

Well, Caleb's not finding dug-up jewelry in his locker.

Whose earring did Ali find in my dad's couch? One question at a time.

You're not gonna ask your mom why she's suddenly defending Garrett? I mean, seriously, Spencer, what is that? He probably told her it's time to lock Jenna up.

She was driving that night, guys.

I remembered.


We believe you, okay? But honestly, I don't think that you remember anything clearly from that night.

When we picked you up you kept calling me "Arlene.

" Guys, she can see.

She's probably on Mona's payroll.

Mona does not have any cash.

They won't even let her have floss.

Okay, let's just do this at lunch.

I can't be late again.

I'll be right back.

I just need to rinse my water bottle.

Jenna's coming in here.

Where's the earring? What? Give me the earring.

I have an idea.

What are we doing? Do I get to slap her again? No! Okay, get in the stalls.

Go! Go! I knew it.

That is it.

I'm going for way more than a slap.

Hanna, stop.

Stop why?! Don't look at me.

I'm ready to hang a sign-- "Bitch can see.

" She doesn't know that we know.

She will in a minute.


We don't let her know that we know.

Not yet.

We can use this And we will.

This is all we got.

Season hasn't really started yet.

We usually don't get our shipment till next month.

You want all these hoodies too? You got it.

So You buy all these for a team?

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