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  03x01 - It Happened That Night
 Posted: 06/07/12 21:39
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Previously on "Pretty Little Liars".

Follow me, end up like me.

Do you know who's doing this? - No.

But I also know that "A" isn't playing around.

We have three hours to find out who "A" is before "A" finds us.

This is "A's" lair.

"A" is dressed like the black swan.

I don't want Aria with him any more than you do, but if you back him into a corner, nobody will end up happy.

You're connected to Jenna and Ian and Jason-- Almost like you guys were members of the same club.

You're under arrest.

For what? The murder of Alison Dilaurentis.

It's about revenge.

You deserved everything you got! Mona's "A.

" Mona! They think it's over.

Loser Mona's going to the nuthouse, and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked.

Don't they know that's what we want? They found a body.

They think it's Maya.

Em, you and I are the only ones who did anything worth talking about this summer.

Aria took some boring picture class and Spencer went to college.

I took a full load at Hollis, and Aria beat out a thousands applicants for a space in that photography class.

So, how many houses did you build? Uh, I think we finished about six.

And in poor countries, one house is like a home for fifty.

Okay, Miss Productive.

How much of your list did you actually do? Let's see Cooking class with Caleb.


Volunteer at the animal shelter for pocket dogs-- - Wait.

That exists? - Did not do.

Expand my vocabulary.


Interned for Vera Wang.

You got an internship for Vera Wang? Yeah, I changed my mind.

Turns out they want you to work for free.

Was that a car? No, it's just the wind.

Oh, careful, Em, they're already pretty strong.

Maybe for you, you're a pixie.

I've gotten really good at this.

"Show me your boobs.


" Does Mona have a ten-year-old brother? "A" for "Annoying.

" Are these ever gonna stop? Eventually we'll be old news.

Yeah, and then Garrett will go on trial and we'll be news again.

Or Mona will start talking and we'll be news again.

Or I'll show someone my boobs and we'll be news again.

Okay! Hey, I thought this was a party.

You know what? You're right, Em.

Welcome back.

And you're never allowed to leave for an entire summer again.

To making it to senior year.

Hear! Not all of us made it.

I'm sorry, Em.

I didn't mean it like that.

To Maya.

Em, you know that we're here for you.

To Maya.

To Maya.

To Maya.


Where's Emily and Spencer? I don't know.

I need an aspirin and a trough of water.

Emily? - She's gone.

What do you mean she's gone? I've looked everywhere.

How could she not remember anything? She's totally out of it.

She's still drunk.

You don't think that she had anything to do with this, do you? No! She-- she can hardly stand.

How did she get here? Hann, hand me Em's phone.

Em, you got a blocked call at eleven.

Who was it? Do you remember who you talked to? UmI think I remember leaving your house, and the next thing I know you guys are calling me and I'm here.

-What? That can't be right.

-What is it? It says that at midnight she got a call from my phone.

You were asleep, right? Oh, my god.

Somebody called Emily from my phone.

Somebody was in my house.

You guys, this is a set-up.

What was that? We need to get out of here.


Come on.

If I never see another shovel again, it'll be too soon.


Do we wipe it off or something? Do we wipe off the prints? Who would do this to Emily? Who would do it to Ali? Some twisted psycho.

The only twisted psycho we know is locked up at Radley.

Let's get out of here.

Everything? Everything.

The only person who benefits from the missing body is Ali's killer.

He killed maya, too.

I know, Em.

And Garrett's gonna rot in hell for it.

Jenna wouldn't help Garrett.

She put him in jail.

What about your sister? She's in Philadelphia, and as far as we know, the only thing she's guilty of is being in Ali's room the night that she died.

There has to be someone else Someone we don't know who's connected to Garrett.


Really? Get down! It's Lucas.

What is he doing out so late? Hanna, he can't hear us.

What's going on? We're leaving.

We're going to the lake house.

When my mom reads this note, she'll think that we've been up there since this afternoon.

Em? Hello? I'm sorry if I woke you up.

I don't know how to tell you this Were thereany witnesses? No, mom, I-- I understand.

Okay, bye.

The caretaker called it in this morning.

The place is crawling with reporters, but the police don't have any leads.

So we're okay.

Nobody saw us.


I'm so sorry, guys.

This is all my fault.

No one's blaming you.

Yeah, Em.

Somebody took you there to make it look like you dug up Ali's body.

And I made it so easy.

If I wasn't so wasted-- - Em.

Last night never happened.

Are we sure about that? We can still go to the cops.

We can tell them the truth.

We don't even know what the truth is.


We got up here yesterday afternoon.

We roasted some marshmallows, We talked about how much fun senior year is gonna be, and we went to bed early.

Em? I understand.

Last night never happened.

Are you okay? I thought the nightmares stopped.

I guess they started again.

Hey you're still safe, Aria.

There's no more "A.

" You were far away from this mess last night.

Thank god you stayed at Spencer's lake house.

Did you read this? Apparently Maya found some things that belonged to Alison.

No, no.

She-- she gave everything to Jason.

Well, actually, they think she may have kept something, something that connected Garrett to Alison's murder.

That doesn't make sense.

She would have told Emily.

Well, maybe that's what she was on her way to do, but Garrett found her first.

Do you know what this weekend is? How could I forget? Labor Day is the anniversary of Alison's death.

Or I was about to start a teaching job, and you thought you might like to teach was that true, or were you just hitting on me? Did you really play B26, or were you just hitting on me? Can we make this our anniversary instead of hers? Meet me tomorrow night at the Rosewood Grille.

I will be the guy at the bar reading Ulysses.

You still haven't finished that book? No one has.

I'm just a hopeless romantic.

I thought we could recreate the date.

I wouldn't exactly call it date.

We ended the night in the bathroom.

I remember.

I think it went something likethis? And then I did something like this Hanna? You like this? Yeah, I love it for a pregnant woman.

Is there something I need to know? I'd need to have sex to get pregnant.

Ew! Mom, that's gross.

Well, since when did you become a prude? Since you intimated that you want to have sex.

Hanna-- all right, you're allowed to date, but you're not open for business.


Are you starting a business, Ashley? Go.


I was hoping a little retail therapy might take Hanna's mind off the headlines.

Yeah, one murder makes the news, but two dead girls and a missing body? How big is your closet? He did it, right? Garrett hired someone to dig up that grave? This hasn't made the papers, but the prosecution had petitioned to have the body exhumed, but it was gone before the judge could make his ruling.

I don't think it's a coincidence.

Can I just tell you, I am so relieved that the girls were out of town last night.

For once they were reading the news instead of making it.

It was just Toby.

I'll call him back.

Does he like the loft? Well, he comes over to shower every day because the plumbing is broken, so I really like the loft.

We are always going to be those girls who knew Alison.

And now Maya.

Hey! You know what? I could take a picture and send it to you.

Look, I keep on replaying last night in my head.

Hanna, there was somebody in my house.

While we were sound asleep, they were right there, they were in the same room as us.

Just as I was starting to feel safe again.

I just-- I really want to turn my brain off.

Can we ditch our moms and go catch a movie? - Ohh, I can't.

I have an appointment with Dr.



You're seeing her again? Yeah.

A little.

But you wouldn't tell her about-- No! Come on, I wouldn't do that to Emily.

Yeah, but it's not just Emily.

We were all there.

Hanna, we should get going.


You know what, I'll call you later.


Almost forgot.

You'll need to wear it while you're on this floor.

We still haven't seen any changes, But I'm sure she appreciates your visits.

Your friend is here.

Can you say hello? That was a reporter at the door.

Whoever took Ali's body gave him reason to start knocking again.

What did you say to him? Before I slammed the door in his face, or after? You know, you made a difference this summer, em.

And I think Maya would have been proud.

I know I am.

It was a lot easier to pound nails in Haiti than it would have been to stay here.

You know, when grandma died, I thought I would carry that grief with me forever.

But time really does help And eventually it stops hurting so much.

I'm okay, mom.


Birds, birds, birds.

You cannot find a top this season without feathers on it.

Are you gonna look right through me forever? Look, it's not easy for me to get here, okay? I have been lying to everyone I care about for weeks, And after what happened last night, I-- I need you to understand something.

I am not doing this for you.

I'm here for me.

I want to know what I did to make you hate me so much.

Hanna? Um, no.

No, you must have me confused with someone else.

Oh, Miss Rivers, I'm sorry.

Your resemblance to an old friend is uncanny.

Please don't tell anybody that you saw me here.

What are doing here? What are you doing here? I volunteer a few days a month.

Quid pro quo.

What? It's your turn.

Look, she owes me some answers.

I need it to make sense.

Sense is something rarely mined from mental illness.

Trust me, I've spent a lifetime trying.

I'm starting to figure that out.

I mean, I don't think I can keep coming back.

It's like she doesn't even know that I'm here.

Come here.

I promise I'll get plumbing fixed in the loft by the end of the week.

Oh, no.

It's no rush at all.


There's There's no rush.

Are your parents still out? Yes You know that's my shirt.

And you're never getting it back.

I don't want it back.

You look better in it than I do.

Okay, I know that it was my idea to wait But right now I'm just completely forgetting why.

You'll remember after I put some clothes on.

I am so happy you guys decided to go to the lake house yesterday.

Yeah, me too.

I can't imagine what went through your head when your mom called you.

Can we not talk about it? Just the thought of somebody doing that to Alison is really-- Of course.

I'll call you later.

Yes, please.

So let's meet up after and go to the store together.

I can't.

I have an appointment with Dr.


Can you do it? I though the point of cooking together was being together.

It is and I promise, when I get back we will make an unforgettable dong po.

Say it again.

No! - Please! - No.

Do you want me to go to the store? Dong po.

Gimme the list.

Even if I say his name we get sucked into this vortex of awkwardness.

And my dad pretends like he can't hear, but his neck gets all red and then his face pinches up like he's constipated.

So basically Ezra is like Lord Voldemort.

Hi, Lucas.

He knows something.

I thought you said he didn't see you guys.

He didn't.

It's no coincidence that he turned dark after the masquerade ball.

Jenna has that effect on people.

Yeah, but she's been gone all summer, And he's still Boo Radley.

Have you ever noticed how many skinny brunettes go to this school? She fits the costume.

Has anybody heard from Emily? No.

I left her a bunch of messages.

Yeah, me too.

Hope she's okay.

Hello? Help! Somebody help me! Aria,are you OK? I had a panic attack.

You guys, I think I saw "A.

" No, you didn't, okay? Mona is in a straitjacket at Radley.

Yeah, I heard that she's practically in a coma over there.

That girl interruptthing could just be an act to keep her out of jail.

You know what she's capable of, we all do.

Yeah, but she can't hurt us anymore, Okay? Bitch crazy.

Don't worry, Aria.

Someday we will all have jubilation.

That was a really good use of that word, Han.

Are you sure you don't want to come? Yeah, I just have one last test to study for.

Oh, it's a long weekend, honey.

You can put in hours tomorrow.

I know-- I really could use the extra day.

Come on, a girl's night out in the city might be fun.

Like old times.

Before your sister Mom, Melissa is a Hastings.

We bounce back like superballs.

Don't work too hard.



Have fun.

Aw, you gave this to me for mother's day.

This poor girl just can't get any peace.

Mom, I love you, but can we please just not talk about Alison? I need a break from that.

You know, I wouldn't take any of it back, And neither would your father.

Are you sure this is what you want? When your father and I met, we were so young.

But as life got more complicated It was just harder for us to find ways to compromise.

You're talking about me and Ezra.

We're the complication.


That is just one of the many issues we couldn't agree on.

Yeah, but it's-- it's the one that drove you two apart.

That is absolutely not true.

We're just too different now.

And that's okay.

I don't want to pretend to be somebody that I'm not, and your father shouldn't have to either.

Remember when I was thirteen and you took me to that grown-up lunch and you you made me a promise to allow me to be me.

Of course.

Mom, you're doing that.

By not shutting out Ezra, you're allowing me to be who I want to be.

Well, I haven't exactly welcomed him with open arms.


But you don't cringe when I say his name.

Or look constipated like your father does.

You noticed that too? - Yeah.

You look great, Em.

You really do.

You look happy.

I am.

I'm sorry if I took you away from Spencer.

It's a holiday weekend, I'm sure you guys had plans.

It's okay.

She's got one last test, so - She's studying.


Thanks, Angie.

So, when did you move upstairs? I started the remodel a few weeks ago.

I mean, it's still roughing it, but I get to live for free while I do the work.

And it feels really good to be out on my own.

How's Jenna? I haven't talked to her since she left town.

Are you okay, Emily? I don't-- I don't think I am.

It's all over the news.

What kind of a sick person would do something like that? There's something I need to talk to you about.

How was the shrink? It was fine.

What do you guys talk about? Stuff.

Do you talk about us? No.

How can you not talk about us? We're intimate.

We're what? Yeah, let's just forget that.

You just said the "I" Word.

You should get that.

I have never heard a guy say the "I" Word.


Well, you're saved.

It's Spencer.

We have to talk about this pool thing for tomorrow.

Hello? Is Miss Rivers available? How'd you get my number? I took a chance that Miss Rivers' emergency contact Harvey Marin might, in fact, be Hanna Marin.

Is something wrong with Mona? Other than the obvious? Is that brit humor? Because it's not funny.

I'm sorry, I have a very dry sense of humor.

Can you just cut to the chase? Mona's making progress, and her doctor thinks that your visits may be helping.

What kind of progress? You should come by tomorrow and see for yourself.


Everything okay? Spencer, I don't want to eat raw veggies if we're hanging out in bikinis all day.

But chips and salsa sounds great! Uh, pardon? Bye, spencer.

Good night.

I spent half the summer partying way too much.

I've just been so angry.

Em, that's understandable.

I can't imagine losing someone that way.

I was at this one party and I got so wasted I don't even remember being there.

You don't remember anything? I really let my friends down.

You know how Spencer and the girls feel about you.

Yeah, but they're like my family.

That's why I can't stand to disappoint them.

That's what's so great about friends-- they'not your family.

They accept you for who you are.

I'm listening.

Aria, the police are here.

They want to talk to you.

We went to Spencer's lake house.

We made a fire and Emily showed us the picture from her trip.

We spent the evening catching up.

It was a pretty low-key night.

I'll call you when we get home.


Are they charging them? No, it's just routine.

The girls were at your lake house last night.

I don't understand why they're being questioned.

They said it was part of the ongoing investigation.

And you believe that? Uh, excuse me.

Have you seen her? Is she okay? She hasn't come out yet.

Look, I get why you're here, and I'm sure she'd appreciate it, but I think the last thing she needs right now is the police questioning her relationship with a former teacher.

I thought we were past this.

Are you okay? Do I need to talk to them? No, I'm fine.

I just want to get out of here.

We could still make our reservation.

Or maybe we could do this another time? I'm sure we could all use a bite, right? Yes.

Um, let's go.

They've had you on a lot of medication, so I don't know if you remember, but I've been visiting you for a couple of weeks now.

Remember that cute doctor from Rosewood memorial? The one who was engaged to Spencer's sister? Of course you do.

You're "A.

" Well, he thinks my visits have been helping you So if you want, I can keep coming back.

Is it something you want? Could have been you behind this glass.

The cops were so close to pinning it on you.

I'm sorry I had to keep calling you like that.

I know what you think of me But I swear to you, I didn't do it.

All of the evidence they have against me, it's bogus.

You said that you would tell me the truth.

So what is it? There's a lot you don't know, Spencer.

Some of it you don't want to know.

Do you think there's any chance I'm gonna get a fair trial in this town? Everybody already thinks I'm guilty.

I don't know anything about Maya, but I may know who killed Alison.

I'm listening.

I need a lawyer, and your mom's one of the best in the state.


I'm not going to help you.

You're not safe, Spencer, and your friends aren't either.

You're just trying to scare me.

It's not over! Do you hear me? I know who took the body! I'll try one more time.

Why wasn't she at the police station? Do you think she told 'em the truth? If she told 'em the truth, we wouldn't be standing here.

Em, that was me calling you.

Where have you been? It's okay.

If you told them the truth, we'll figure something out.

No, I would never do that to you guys.

They called all three of us into the station.

Where were you? We were so worried.

I didn't have my phone with me yesterday.

And when I got home last night, the cops were waiting for me.

But I told them everything that we agreed on.


Then why are you so upset? Because if it wasn't for me, we wouldn't be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and it could haunt us forever.

Em, it's fine.

Okay? We've dealt with it.

I saw you guys at school yesterday, and all I could think about was because of me-- No because of you, nothing.

Okay? Nobody saw us, and if we just stick to our story, we are in the clear.

I remembered something about that night.

That's it? That's all you remember? I found out online that some people forget things because they don't want to remember.

And if this is selective, then anything can trigger it-- sights, smells, sounds.

So the car that you saw, it just looked like the car from that night, or was the car? I don't know.

I started to walk towards it because I wanted to look inside, butI got a text.

And the person that sent it to me knows i don't remember what happened.

"I bet you remember me.

" Guys, is it starting again? No.

You guys, that's not "A.

" Mona is "A," and she's drooling in her bed at a nut hospital.

We don't know that for sure.

Yeah, we do.

I've been visiting her.

What? I didn't tell you guys because I knew you'd think I'm crazy.


She tried to kill you, Hanna.

She's locked up in a room with bars over her windows.

Trust me, she doesn't know anything that happened that night.

Yeah, well, someone does.

There's something I need to show you guys.

Ali's shrine is right over there and then over here she had a row of black hoodies all just perfectly hanging, ready for "A" to grab one and run.


Ready for Mona.


And there was a zombie costume hanging on the back of that door.

Just like the one that attacked ali on halloween.

O-okay, so you've been coming here all summer trying to remember what was in this room.

Why? We have to tell Emily the truth.

The morning after they found Mona's body, we came back here.

Yeah, to get rid of everything.

I know.

You told me.

We lied to you.

We didn't want it to be another thing you had to worry about.

When we came back here, it was empty.

The file cabinets, the maps, pictures, Ali's diaries-- everything was gone.

Maybe the police took it.

If the police found out what Mona knows about us, my mom would be in jail.

Yeah, Ezra too.

So who took it? There are things that don't really add up.

Like Mona was with you when "A" gave Emily that massage.

And there's no way that she could have gotten Ian's body out of the bell tower by herself.


You're saying that you think someone was helping her? If the black swan wasn't guilty of something, why would she run from you guys? "Mona played with dolls.

I play with body parts.

" "Game on, bitches.

" "A.


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