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  01x22 - For Whom the Bell Tolls
 Posted: 03/23/11 16:55
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Ali: I see you! Who was it? It was that perv, toby cavanaugh.

And I'll make sure everybody knows.

The cops took hanna to the police station today.

You don't think she'd ever talk about The jenna thing? We made a promise.

Oh, my god.

It's jenna.

Whatever it is you're holding onto, it's got to stop.

( gasping ) I think he's dangerous.

And I think you need help.

You know what, melissa Spencer, we're pregnant.

I saw a photo on your website page Of you and jackie.

Why did you break it off? I didn't.

She did.

I feel like you're breaking up with me, But we were never really together.

I have a boyfriend.

And I think you deserve a better boyfriend.

You did this for money? Jenna offered me cash To make myself available to you.

You were spying on me.

Make sure she gets this.

Toby's a friend.

You need to be careful about who you associate with.

I thought you were on our side.

Being trailed is gonna help clear your name.

Better it's me than someone who thinks you're guilty.

Someone's been spying on us for years.

Why did alison have these videos? This is why she was killed.

Is that jenna? You're late.

Who's she talking to? Toby.

It's not right.

There's nothing wrong about us, toby.

We're not really related.

( chuckles ) Be so easy for me to convince your daddy and my mommy That you've been forcing yourself on me.

You have no idea who you're dealing with.

Turn it off.

Do you realize what these videos are? They're of us Allie, jenna.

We're young girls in our bedrooms Changing clothes.

We're naked! Exposed.

Do you think someone was watching us And getting it off on it? Well, we all know who had a thing for younger girls.

I feel sick.

In some of these, we were just kids.

Ian's been watching us for years.

And he killed alison to make sure nobody found out.

I wish ali would've told us about these videos.

You guys, it is not too late to help her.

We can use this to prove that ian killed alison.

How are we gonna do that? We start by finding out what jenna knows.

Are you on something? Jenna's at the top of our a-list.

Look, I get it, okay, but she knows that these videos existed.

She was looking for them.

That's why she hired caleb to find that key! Spence, how are we ever supposed to believe anything that bitch says? If that bitch is "a," this could be a trap.

You guys, ian was watching all of us.

For all we know, he still is.

Spencer's right.

We have to try.

We've been afraid of her since the jenna thing, And now we finally have something that she wants.

Alison gave it to us.

The pierces: got a secret, can you keep it? ♪ swear this one you'll save ♪ better lock it in your pocket ♪ taking this one to the grave ♪ if I show you then I know you ♪ won't tell what I said ♪ 'cause two can keep a secret ♪ if one of them is dead ♪ if you could pick mike up after practice Sure, um, and if it's okay with you, He can stay at my place.

Listen, thank you so much for coming over here.

It just makes it so much easier to do it in person.


And thanks for the coffee.

You still make the best cup in town.

I'm Having the faculty mixer tonight.


Everybody would love to see you.

Oh I don't know, byron.

Come on.

It'll be fun.

Well, it's just-- What are we saying, "welcome to our home?" I mean, I don't exactly live here anymore.

It's just a party, ella.

Dad? Hey, can I help? Bet we make a great team.


I'll take you up on that offer.




( cell phone ringing ) so, you heard us? This is about so many different things.

I hope you know that.

There's just no simple fix.

Look, dad cares too much to say this, But you either love him or you don't, So you should probably figure it out, Because it sucks for all of us.

Coffee's fresh.

No, thanks.

Just came down to get supplies.

Supplies? Yeah.

I'm spending the rest of my life in bed.



I tried that After your father left, And you convinced me I was pretty and smart And isabelle was fat and ugly? Yeah, well, I lied about the last part.

Well, I knew that, but I got out of bed.

I'm sorry you're hurting, hanna, But you're gonna go take a shower, Put on a beautiful dress, And know that I'm making you go to school because I love you.


What did the letter say? What letter? Caleb brought you a letter.

After he left here yesterday, He was on his way to give it to you.

Well, I guess he decided not to.

He seemed pretty determined to find you.

Oh, he found me, looked at me, And then got on the bus to bastardville.

He won't be alone there.


Hey, babe.

You, uh, sure you don't want me To give you a ride to the church? Don't be silly.

I can walk from the station, daddy.

( chuckles ) okay.

I'll see you later.


Church? We're planning the christening.

Isn't that a little premature, You know, if it's not born a human.

( door closes ) That's not funny.

Well, humor's subjective.

No, I know how you feel about ian, But I honestly thought you'd be happy about this baby.

That was cruel.

I'm sorry.

Well It doesn't help to tell me that.

I need to talk to you about something.

Is dad okay? Mom.

Yes, honey, he's fine.

He's fine.

They extended your dad's assignment, And he wants us to come to texas.

You-- you mean for a visit? For a year.

Look, honey, we've been separated too long.

It's not good for us.

Mom, I-I get it, but ( sighs ) you know, maybe this is what we need, You know, a fresh start.

I don't need a fresh start.

I felt like an outsider for so long.

I'm just starting to feel like I belong here.

You're 16, emily.

You belong with your family.

I've been calling you all morning.

Where are you? Ezra: I was talking to the principal.

What happened? ( sighs ) I I just gave my resignation.

Ezra Hollis offered me the job.

Uhh! You scared the hell out of me! That hurt.

I don't care! The cops, the ten messages you sent me doesn't ring a bell? I'm sorry.

I panicked last night Because the guy was standing in my doorway Asking questions about a student.

( period bell rings ) We're fine.

Wasn't about you.

It was about spencer and the trophy and Props, and I ( chuckles ) aria, I'm not gonna be your teacher anymore.

We can grab a cup of coffee, go to a reading.

We can live outside my apartment.

( chuckles ) I'm sorry I punched you.


Professor fitz! So, I'll be attending the faculty mixer at your house tonight.

Right, I'll give you the tour.

( whispers ) I'll show you my room.

Ahem! Okay then.

( sighs ) I know it hurts, hanna.

He was your first poor boy, And that's oh-so-romantic, But ( scoffs ) you deserve better.

Caleb told my mom he wrote me a letter.

He didn't leave anything for me, did he? Well, let's pretend he did.

It wouldn't change anything.

I mean, he was a jerk! You wanted him to go away, right? You know, I think I'm more mad at myself than him.

For what? For being stupid.

I actually believed he loved me.


You're not gonna be mad at me forever, are you? Probably.

Who's there? It's spencer.

Who else? Aria, emily And hanna.

Should I call security? We have what you hired caleb to find.

You didn't think it was wrong, but toby did.

So, you've seen it? Every frame.

What do you want from me? The truth.

Can you handle that? ♪ ( sighs ) look, when I said at the hospital,isit me I was telling you the truth.

She didn't come to talk about you, spencer.

That was a lie.

And how do we know that you're not lying to us now? You knew alison, okay? You knew what she was capable of.

We're listening.

It was the day before she went missing, And she was on her way home from georgia.

She had just found the video ( sighs ) she couldn't wait to play it for me.

It'll be so easy for me to convince your daddy and my mommy That you've been forcing yourself on me.

Where did you get that? The guy I like likes to make movies.

I thought they were just of me.

You think you know people And then they surprise you.

Turns out, the boy next door Gets off on watching all the girls next door.

And darling jenna isn't the victim.

Freak toby is.

I'm not proud of that.

I so don't care.

I'm gonna keep this under lock and key.

And if you keep our secret, it'll stay there.


I thought you'd see it my way.

Oh, and jenna If you ever come back to rosewood, I'll bury you.

She was on her way home from georgia? Th-that's what she said.

And then she made some joke About her Tan.

Too bad I couldn't see it.

Did she tell you anything else? It was a short visit.

Look, I-I have given you what you've asked for.

What are you gonna give me? We'll make sure the video stays in a safe place.


We've all made mistakes.

Remember, I'm still paying for yours.

( sighs ) sick.

For all we know, she wrote that story.

And we still don't know how ali got the video.

Yes, we do.

That video was alison's insurance policy, And she cashed it in the day that she got it.

Which means she was with ian when she found it.

And she couldn't wait to play that video for jenna.

God, do you remember how happy ali was When she came back from that trip? I think it's because, for her, the jenna thing was over.

Nice of her to share the safety net with us.

"wait for it, girls.

Wait for it.

" Wait for what? That's what ali said when we met her at the taxi.

Maybe that's what we were waiting for.

Do you remember at alison's funeral, When we were all wondering why jenna was there? If she's telling the truth, Jenna came back because she could.

And ali's the one who got buried.

Aria: Well, if you want, my dad can call your mom And officially offer you the guestroom.

( sighs ) this is so not fair.

I mean, we lost each other for a year.

I can't imagine not being I got it.

Okay, you're sure ian can't trace this number back to us? It's a prepaid phone, I used cash, And the number isn't registered, so Service is anonymous.

How do you know this stuff? Don't you ever watch cnn? Not any chance of that.

Homeland security is trying to ban these things.

( ian and his team chatting ) He acts like he doesn't have a care in the world.

He thinks he got away with it.

Well, he hasn't.

Okay, so we convince ian that this isn't about anything but money.

Hopefully that'll throw him off of us.

If he wants his home movies, it's just gonna cost him.

And then when he shows up for the swap, we Make our own movie.

Right, and we take that, the flash drive, And the prepaid phone into the police.

The second he responds with a text, we know that he's guilty.

Send it already.

( cell phone chirps ) There must've been a part of me that didn't believe it, Because I just I-I feel Numb? Somehow I-I thought I'd feel better When we found out for sure.

Well, I know what they do to guys like him in prison, And that makes me feel a lot better.

( cell phone beeps ) ( sighs ) It's just my mom making sure I stayed out of bed.

( cell phone chirps ) He wants to know what we want.

Is this the "let's love on hanna" lunch committee? Feeling better, sweetie? I'm sorry, I have this thing that I have to do.

And then there were four.

I'll help.

Yeah, me too.

And then there were two.

Um, I'm really sorry, Mona, but spencer has this thing, And she really needs her friends right now.

And then there was mona.

( phone ringing ) Hanna! Caleb.

I'm glad you called.

Because she's already lost yours.

Yeah, bye-bye birdie.

Sayonara, sam.

Hello? What's that look about, hermie? Having your period? Hanna never got that letter, did she? She thinks he left without saying good-bye.

You know, you act like such a terrible person, But I always thought some of it was just an act.

I guess I was wrong.

I didn't give her the letter because caleb really hurt her.

You think we should let him do that to her again? I see no combination of "you" and "I" that forms "we.

" I know I've made a lot of jokes at your expense, But I was just having fun.

Is that your version of an apology? I am sorry.

And if you forget about the stupid letter, I'll make it up to you.

I'll help you transform from her-mie to her man.

She's not into me like that.

Not yet.

This is your chance, lucas.

Are you gonna man up or not? ( phone ringing ) They found the video.

And they've seen it.

You don't need to worry.

I'm taking care of it, And I'll be there soon.



Um, can we-- can we talk for a second? Are you watching me now, too? No, not at all.

It's forced family fun night with the reynolds.

Dancing with the stars is on and they vote, So they're all really Invested.

( chuckles ) When I realized you were a cop, I thought we had someone on our side.

Well, it might not look like it, But I am on your side.

I don't enjoy following spencer, But if she hasn't done anything wrong If? I didn't mean it like that.

Off the record, I know she wouldn't have done anything to hurt alison.

Here's my cell number.

Call me if you need anything.

Thanks, garrett.

I'm glad I ran into you.

Me too.

Hey, uh, if you want to join in on the fun, There's an extra laz-e-boy.

Thanks, but I should Really get That's cool.

I get it.


Hanna? I don't want to be alone.

I ran into lucas in the parking lot, And he asked me to give you this.

I think you left it in the cafeteria.

How did things get so screwed up? ( sighs ) Now your mom's back there packing boxes.


Maybe we could pack her up.


I thought things were better between you guys.

They are.

Texas It's beauty queen capital of america.

Well, that could be a good thing If that's your type.

It's not.

So, you have a type? Okay, just promise me That y'all won't come back with big hair.

I promise.

Well, I'm glad you're here.

I don't want to be alone, either.

time to dream that love will last ♪ time to drive my car too fast ♪ time to walk before I run ♪ time to be ♪ oh, time to be 21 ♪ mm ♪ I don't believe in love and I ♪ I put it to the wall ♪ I tasted sweetness there and laughed so hard ♪ Are you sure this is how you want to spend the afternoon? I like having you here.

Because it makes a statement to your family? No.

Because I like having you here.

I like being here.

Do you want to talk about tonight, About what might happen? I think I'm Kind of all talked out, you know? Come here.

Come over here.

What? time to drive my car too fast ♪ time to walk before I run ♪ time to be ♪ time to be 21 ♪ it's gut wrenching sometimes ♪ it's life-threatening sometimes ♪ it seems like nothing can wash ♪ Alison's so cunning.

She's still taunting us from the grave.

If this video gets out, we will lose everything.

I won't let that happen.

Promise me? I promise you.

( music uh, yeah.

Chatter ) ( doorbell ringing ) Hi, I'm jackie molina.

Is this the montgomery house? What are you doing here? I teach at hollis.

This is the faculty mixer, right? Excuse me.

Uh, yeah.

far, far still to go ♪ ( cell phone beeps ) she was praying for something to happen to her ♪ every day she writes words and more words ♪ just to spit out the thoughts that keep floating inside ♪ Oh, it's from melissa.

Ian never showed up at the church.

She wants a ride.

I'll keep jenna busy like you asked me to, But I wish I was going with you tonight.

Hey, you're helping me by finding out if she's a part of this or not.

how can you stay outside ♪ Look, I've never had a safe place to land But now I feel like I do, so I want you to stay safe.

If you need anything tonight I'll be there for you.

I love knowing that.

far, far goes this little girl ♪ she was praying for something good to happen to her ♪ ( knocking ) What were you thinking? What, it didn't occur to you that she'd be here tonight? No, it didn't, aria.

I haven't seen her since last summer, and she was a t.



I can't help but think that you still have feelings for her.

There's no other reason for you to keep that from me.

She is not a part of my life anymore.

Yes, she is! She's downstairs having wine with my dad.

I screwed up.

( chuckles ) Not telling me about her was a lie.

I'm sorry.

Until today You were the one guy who had never lied to me.

this is how the story went ♪ I met someone by accident ♪ who blew me away ♪ who blew me away ♪ it was in the darkest of my days ♪ when you took my sorrow and you took my pain ♪ and buried them away ♪ and buried them away ♪ I wish I could lay down beside you ♪ when the day is done ♪ and wake up to your face against the morning sun ♪ but like everything I've ever known ♪ you disappear one day ♪ so I spend my whole life hiding my heart away ♪ away ♪ I woke up feeling heavy-hearted ♪ going back to where I started ♪ So, why are you doing this? Because hanna deserves to be happy.

Melissa: I talked to him this afternoon.

He was taking care of the contractor, Then heading straight for the church.

Something's wrong, I can feel it.

Calm down, okay? Ah, I can't find my phone.

Do you want me to call your number? Damn it! I left it at the church.

Melissa, you have to relax.

Please, this cannot be good for the baby.

Spoken like a sister who actually cares.

I-I care, okay? I wish I could believe you.

Do you want me to go back to the church? Yes.

( crash ) Spence, it's us again.

It's 7:30 and we're at the park.

Where are you? Maybe she's on her way and she just doesn't have a signal.

I don't know.

If she's not here in ten minutes, we're calling the cops.

Oh, spencer.

She's stable, but they're monitoring the baby.

Monitoring for what? They say it's too early to tell How significant the trauma was.

And are you okay? The car came out of nowhere.

Oh, honey, it wasn't your fault.

( crying ) ( message tone ringing ) What? It's not spencer.

It's from "a.

" it's for all of us.

( reading ) Does "a" know we're here? "a" knows everything.

We have to find ian.

I've left him three messages.

She's not gonna relax until we find him.

Maybe he went to the church.

She left her phone there, anyway.

It's just a couple of blocks.

I'll go look.

Spencer, about what I said this morning.

Melissa knows that you love her.

Spencer hastings? Yeah? We recovered this from your vehicle.

Thank you.

He's here.

( phone ringing ) spencer, where are you? No! Stay with melissa.

We're safe.



Thanks for coming.

Trust me, I'm glad you called.


So, no one else knows you're here but me, right? Well, I left a note for my mom In case anything happened to us.

All right, well, this looks like the only way in, So if ian shows, I'll see him coming.

Hello? He's got a gun.

He does? Guys, he's a cop.

Did you really leave a note for your mom? Yeah.

"dear mommy, I went to the woods to trap a killer.

" ( owl hooting ) Hello? Reverend acker? Someone's coming.

I want the three of you to stay out of sight.

Stop right there.

( clicks ) Put your hands where I can see them and turn around.

It's not ian.

( phone buzzing ) ( slam ) ( gasps ) lose something? Look, someone paid me to drop off this bag And pick up a package.

He found me online.

My name is logan reed.

I'm telling you the truth.

Spence, um, ian didn't show.

He sent a messenger.

We're on our way to the hospital, okay? Melissa left her phone here.

We've been trying to call you.

You know, I got the strangest text message today.

The number was blocked, but I could reply to it.

( beep ) ( phone ringing ) ( chuckles ) Yeah, asking for money.

That was clever.

Are your friends waiting for me? Look, there's been an accident.

Yeah, I know.

I got the messages.

I've just been waiting for you to leave the hospital.

You know, melissa Would want me to take care of this.

She'll understand.

You gonna take care of me like you took care of alison? Well, is that why you killed her? 'cause she found your home movies? Do you want some popcorn to go with that? ( rattling ) No.

Come on, come on.

( screaming ) ( phone ringing ) Spence? I can't give you the videos more than once! Spencer? My mom knows I'm here.

She knows I'm in the church.

Picked a perfect place for your suicide.

( spencer struggling ) It's ian.

Call 911.

( grunting ) Oh, you didn't mean to hurt alison, huh? It was an accident.

You pushed her, and she fell.

Is that what happened? Uhh! She just hit her head and she never woke up.

Alison died of suffocation.

Yeah, the letter that I wrote on your computer Won't answer all the questions, but it will answer enough.

The guilt was just too much for you.

Aah! No! No! ( gasping ) Please, if you love my sister, you won't do this.

I'm doing it because I love her.

( screaming ) Uhh! Oh! Oh! Let go of me! Please don't! No! Please! What are you doing here? Aah! ( bell tolling ) ( crying, panting ) Spencer! Spencer! Spence! Oh, my god.


Spencer! Spencer! Spence! Spencer! Spence! Where is she? Spencer! Spencer! Are you okay? ( quivering ) Oh, my god.

Hey, look, you did what you had to do, okay? No, I didn't.

Someone else did.

No, spence, there was nobody else here.

Maybe he fell.

All I saw was a black hoodie.

"a"? Ian killed alison, and he tried to kill me.

No, hey, spence.


He's dead, okay? It's over.

It's over.

Okay? It's okay.

It's okay.

Cop: Stop right there.

Is this some kind of a joke? What do you mean? There's nobody in there.

Come with me.

Byron: Ella! I got a text from aria.

I heard ian thomas is dead.

She's all right.

I'm so sorry, byron.

No, it's okay.

We're okay.

I'm not calling you a liar ♪ just don't lie to me ♪ Those girls knew alison.

Are they lying? Why would they lie? just don't steal from me ♪ I'm not calling you a ghost ♪

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